01x03 - Tour of Duty

Episode transcripts for the 2017 TV miniseries "SIX". Aired: January 2017 to August 2018.*
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"SIX" chronicles the operations of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) - more commonly known as SEAL Team Six - which is one of the U.S. Armed Forces primary counter-terrorism units and the daily lives of its operators.
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01x03 - Tour of Duty

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Previously on "Six"...

24 hours ago, armed men assaulted a girls' school.

Hostages were taken.

They also captured Richard Taggart, former troop chief of this command.

HVT is Ebo Buhari.

He knows where Rip is.

We get in, we get out, we ask for forgiveness later.

Don't sh**t.

Who's this man?

That's the man who k*lled my brother.

No. No. No!

I want him.

It's taken care of. I'm going to get the SEAL.

Muttaqi: He's a distraction from your mission.

This is Boko Haram we're talking about.

They're gonna wrap this guy in Goodyears and torch him.

Special soldier!

Those men outside... They saw you on TV.

They said you had special skills.

I can't help you.


You are Navy SEAL. Special Forces.

Navy... SEAL.

I'm a Navy mother... SEAL.


Woman: No, no!


Get off of me!


Help! Please! Please don't!


[Screaming loudly]

[Men shouting in Kanuri]

[Woman screaming]

Stop. Stop.

[Speaking Kanuri]

[Speaking Kanuri] _



[Girls whimpering]

[Speaks Kanuri]

[Girls screaming]

[Screaming continues]

This way! Put her in the truck!


[Screaming continues]


[Woman screams]

Come with me, Navy SEAL.

[Clicks tongue]

Look, America.

Your crusader warriors are weak.

They believe in false gods.

We will fight to death until only the Qur'an rules the world.

You will see our strength.

You will feel the steel of our blades.

If we do not get $10 million in one week, I will cut his head off.

[Clicks tongue]


Rip: Redline! Redline!

Come on. Come on.



Get up on all fours.


Mind over body.



Mind over body.

[Vehicle approaching]

He needs a doctor.

Shh, shh, shh. Be quiet.

It's just a truck.

With an oil t*nk, which means there's a refinery somewhere nearby.

They have private guards, communication.

I'm gonna die here.

You're not gonna die.

Just focus on your breathing.

Just focus on your breathing.

What's the gouge today?

Spooks are here, so whatever it is, it's gonna suck.

Did you give it a name yet, Ghetto?

Yeah. Buckley.

[Laughs] Good one.

Buckley: "Ghetto"? Is that the best you come up with is Ghetto?

It's better than "Fishbait."

Yeah, yeah.

They think I'm an Eskimo.

From Alaska?

Really? Afghanistan, bro.

Sit down.

What's going on with Rip, sir?

Have a seat.

Atkins: Dubai first, Lieutenant.

The death toll from the Dubai bombings is now 210.

The flag design appears to be from the Umayyad Caliphate.

All signs indicate this is the new Jihadi group that carried out the Tanzania embassy attack.

The expl*sives match, so does the M.O.

What about Rip?

We get anything out of the courier from the ship?

We're working on it.

What he's told us points to this region.

There are some small refineries in the area, which is a new zone of BH activity.

Atkins: Show them the video, Lieutenant.

Aabid: Look, America.

Your crusader warriors are weak.

They believe in false gods.

We will fight to death until only the Qur'an rules the world.

You will see our strength.

You will feel the steel of our blades.

We need to get in there, sir.

Joe, take it easy.

We have every available intelligence asset on it.

Now, we'll get one swing at this, so we let the intel above us develop it.

Yes, sir.

Take that down.

[Insects chirping]

What are you drawing?

My bird.

Would you draw something for me?


[Coughing, whimpers]

[Grunts, cries]

Chido: Cover your head.



Okay, the next evolution is gear exchange.

There will be one air source for two people.

You will swap equipment in a precise order with your mask blacked out.

So stay in physical contact.

You panic, if you lose touch, your buddy might die.


Jesus, Graves! Forget someone?

Where'd you go? Huh?

You panicked. You flipped the thing the wrong way.

[Arguing indistinctly]

Shut up!

Hey. Hey!

Doesn't matter whose fault it is.

Just work the problem that's in front of you.

Deal with your fear by focusing on the here and now.

We are.

Yeah, instead of focusing on your body floating up in an estu...


Graves, you good?

Easy day.

Every day is an easy day.



Not you.

Pull that shit one more time.

Put doubt in a teammate's mind, and see if I don't ride you out of this g*dd*mn program.

Yes, Instructor.

You understand me?

Yes, Instructor Taggart.



[Indistinct talking in distance]

Hey, Esther.

Esther, come here. Come here.

When they take you to the bathroom, where do they take you?

A hole in the ground. It's dirty.

Can you see a road?

I want you to ask to go again.

Leave the girl alone.

You want to go home, right?

You want to feed your bird? What's her name?

His... Sama.

It means "sky" in Hausa.

It's beautiful. Sama.

Well, if you will help me, I promise you'll see Sama again, okay?

Ask to go to the bathroom, and I want you to look for a fire on the horizon, a black smoke.

I want you to remember where that is when you walk back here, okay?

Na'omi: Esther. Come here.

Na'omi, what happened to you doesn't matter.

Nobody's gonna think less of you.

I don't need your pity.

She'll never marry now. No man will touch her.

She wasn't modest. They defiled her because of...

Because I am a woman, and I won't cover my face for any man or god.

You should not have taught Western pollution.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

As soon as I find out where this refinery is, I'll slip out at night.

I'll come back for all of you before they even know that I'm gone.

Oh, you're full of shit.

You won't come back for us. You'll just leave us here to rot.


What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey!

Hakeem: Hey!

Hey, man, what are you doing?!

Hey, sir, hey!

What are you doing? Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Navy SEAL wants to bring help, yes?

[Snaps fingers]

This is the help you bring.


[g*n cocks]

[Gasps, cries]

[Insects chirping]

[Cell door closes]



I saw black smoke.


Good job.

Good job, Esther. Loosen my hands.

Na'omi, I-I need your help.

I need you to make eye contact with that guard.

I need you to make him think that you like him.


Think of the girls.

Esther could be next, trust me.

Why trust you?

You're a mercenary.

[g*nf*re in distance]


Roger that, Viper Three Three.

Moving to secondary extract point now.




[g*nf*re continues]

On me!

Man: Delta One, Viper Three Three.

You have four to six hostiles moving north IVO Buildings 1 and 2.

Caulder, move. Move.

Move, move.

[g*nf*re continues]


Delta One, hostiles continue to push your direction from the north.

Banshee Two Two, request fire mission.

Troops in the open 200 meters north, marked by IR laser. Over.

Delta One, this is Banshee Two Two.

Tally your mark. Rolling in from the south.

Get your heads down.

Banshee Two Two, roger.

[g*nf*re continues]


Isn't this beautiful, boys?

[Helicopter blades whirring]


You lost your cherry, Caulder. How does it feel?


Like Old Testament amazing.


Yeah, we get to break all Ten Commandments and get away with it.

Well, that's because God's on our side.

Amen, brother.

You know, at first, it's like a video game...

"Call of Duty" shit.

Then you realize those Hajjis sh**t back.

You get even better at pulling that trigger.

Hard part is learning when not to sh**t, like that unarmed kid back there.

Just be careful of guys who can't... or won't tell the difference.


[Insects chirping]
[Door opens]

Eat, SEAL.

[Cell door closes]

Save it for them.

Thank you.


Tell me about your family.

My mother was a teacher in Lagos for the Lycée.

My father worked for the Foreign Office.

They sent me to London for school.

They wanted me to stay, but...

I wanted to help my people.

They will say I brought shame on my family, just like the girls.

You were r*ped by Boko Haram, Na'omi.

My father will say I should've married...

Been under a man's protection.

You don't understand.

No, I don't understand.

I could never understand that.

What is your name?


Richard... Taggart.


Do you have a wife, children?

I had a wife.

What happened?


Three places I could bone her, right?

A passenger.

That was so bad!

Maybe an airplane.

[Indistinct conversation]

Ah, ah, ah. That's on me.

♪ I gotta keep my body moving, moving, moving ♪


You okay?

Oh, man.

Oh, look at him. He's going for it.



♪ All I wanna do is celebrate ♪
♪ I just wanna... ♪




♪ What a world, what a world ♪
♪ What a world in which we live ♪

[Indistinct conversation]

♪ When someone who tries as hard as you just did ♪
♪ Nothing left to give ♪
♪ What a name, what a name ♪

[Camera shutter clicks]

Graves: It's... It's a back brace.

Rip: Bear, let's go.

All right, bye. Later.

[Indistinct conversations]



What's up?

Woman on that last target.

What about her?

Well, uh... she wasn't wearing a su1c1de vest.

How are we supposed to know that?

She ran towards us.

We're aliens to these people, Joe.

You don't run towards aliens with four eyes and an exoskeleton that drop out of the sky, okay?

Some day, you'll have responsibility for your own team.

Err on the side of bringing them home.


You just bury it.

Bury it.

Bury all of it.

[Insects chirping]

[Door opens]

[Girls whimpering]


[Whispering] Esther, Esther, Esther, come here.

Come here. Untie me.


Come on. Come on. Come on.


[Neck snaps]

Get back inside.

Take the girls with you.

I can't. They'll slow me down.

We are not going back inside that cell.


[Whispering] Are you crazy? They're gonna k*ll us.

I'm worth $10 million. They'll k*ll you.

[Spits] Are you serious?


Lena's [Laughs] Lena's home.

She's praying to the porcelain goddess.


Oh, yeah, she is.

Lena's sick?


Why do pretty people got to be so stupid?

No, dumbass.

Bear is going to be a daddy.


All right, Bear.


I tried to talk him out of it.

Big Bear, big daddy.

There goes your sex life.



Hey, equipment check. Now.


Rip: Did you name him yet? Don't leave home without him.

Mr. Wonderful.

Oh, how original.

Tammi and I had a threesome with him the other night.

Oh, you better be careful with that.

She might leave you for him.

Not a chance.

Every woman wants a man who doesn't talk back.

I can see that.

Why do you think I'm still married, bro?

I wouldn't talk back to Jackie.


Together: You never talk back to Jackie!


To Lena.

And Joe.

To Lena and Joe!

To Lena and Joe!

Now, how come you and Rip never had kids, Gloria.

Are you kidding me?

He's got teenage boys already.

It's all d*ck jokes and barhopping.

So the camel says to the elephant, "What are you laughing at? You're the one with a d*ck on your face!"



Whoa, whoa.

You okay there, amigo?


Yeah, I'm fine.

I just need another beer, Amigo.

His... His strings are vibrating, man.

His st... His strings are vibrating, man.

All right, I'll speak to him, all right?

Hey, hey, no, no, no, hey. Come on, now.

Let me talk to him.

Leave him alone.

Hey, I've seen this a hundred times.

Once we get in-country, his static will go away.

All right? All right.

All right.

He's good. He's good.

Rip: Okay, so, next joke.

[Waves crashing]


It's time.

You know, the rules... say no booze over there, but...

I let my men drink.

[Bottle clatters]

I figure...

[Bottle clatters]

...what's it matter?

Live and let live.

That's what I say.

Live and let live.


[Exhales deeply]

The courier gave up Rip's and the other hostages' location.

And how solid is that?

Just let her do the briefing.

Look, all I'm saying is you t*rture Santa Claus long enough, he'd admit to being Al-Qaeda.

Do we have any imagery?


Fung: All we know is that the hostages are approximately 120 kilometers east of Lagos, just north of Okomu National Park.

A Predator just checked on station over the area.

Problem is the canopy is thick.

How big is that search area?

800 square miles.

Damn, he's screwed.

All heavily forested.

It's like finding flea shit in a bag of pepper.

Size of the whole damn park.

[Terry panting]

Hold up. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Hang on, hang on.

[Breathing heavily]


On your feet.

Esther, stand up.

Stand up now.

Everybody, stand up.

Stand up.

Raise your hands.

All right, everybody, raise your hands.



[Indistinct shouting]

[Speaks Kanuri]

Let's get to the road! Now!

What if there's more of them?

Girls, come on.

Come on!

Come on.

Nick: We don't stand a chance!

They won't sh**t us if we give up!

We don't have choice. We don't have a choice! Come on!

[Indistinct shouting]


You could have just used the game.

Save some aviation fuel.

Sometimes it's important to look the men under your command in the eye... to build trust and respect.

Of course, Emir Muttaqi.


Michael... we've all lost loved ones to the Americans in this w*r.

We're all burning with the holy fire of vengeance, but I don't want this SEAL to distract you from our goal.

We can use him for the cause.

It's risky.

Remember, Michael, the words of the prophet, "Alayhi as-salam"...

"The world is just a moment, so make it a moment of obedience."

Of course.

I owe everything to you.

Take the plane.

There are some Saudis here I need to see.

Thank you.

I'll be careful.

I know.

[Scoffs] I'm clean.

I told you, I've been clean for six months.

The Prince insists.

Leave the sample with Sahid.

As-salaam alaikum.

Wa'alaikum salaam.

[Speaking Arabic] _

Erase that shit.

We need it for the sh**t statements.

I said erase it.

Hey, yo!

Buckley, Fishbait, out.

Get out now!

[Door opens]

Give me the camera, Caulder.

[Door closes]

Give me that g*dd*mn camera.

All the shit you said to us, everything, you betrayed it all.

He was a traitor. He was a t*rror1st.

He'd be back in one week. He'd k*ll more of us.

He was an unarmed American who surrendered.

Just deal with it, Caulder. This is w*r.

And we are warriors!


Not savages!


We have rules.

If we didn't have rules...

We're done here.

...we'd be no better than the... ragheads!

We're done here.


Hey, wait.

Who the f*ck are you, man?

Do you even remember what you said to me... about k*lling?

"The hardest lesson to learn is when not to pull the trigger."

You said watch out for the guy who can't tell the difference.

I made the call.

And I'd make the call again.

Can you tell the difference anymore?


I don't have a problem.


Maybe you shouldn't have shot that guy.

But we're a team, and no one is saying shit.

That's right.


I won't do another Op with you ever.


f*ck it.

Erase it.


Come on.

Come on. This way. Come on.

Come on. Come on, everybody.

Come on. Come on. Come on.

[All panting]


Hurry! Hide!

Come on!


Come on, run. Run! Come on!

Come on. Come on.

[Brakes squeal]

[Indistinct shouting]


Come on.

[g*nf*re, girls screaming]

Let's go, let's go!


[Screaming] Ow, ow!

Save the girls. Go!



Come on!

[g*nf*re, girls screaming]

[Indistinct shouting]



[Indistinct shouting]



Esther! Esther!

No, no! [Whimpering]

[Indistinct shouting]




[Shouting continues]

Put the w*apon down.

[r*fle, handgun clatter]

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