01x10 - Last Lesson

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Passage". Aired: January 2019 to March 2019.
Series loosely based on author Justin Cronin's trilogy of the same name, `The Passage'. Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists experiment with a dangerous virus on death row inmates that could lead to the cure for all disease -- turning them into highly infectious vampires and Amy and orphaned girl might be the only one who can save the world.
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01x10 - Last Lesson

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Go with God.

AMY: When the new world began, everyone had to live with the choices they had made and their terrible consequences.

But there were moments of grace.


Who are you?

I'm Dr.

Jonas Lear.

You the one responsible for this mess?


LACEY: Sir, you want to tell me what the plan is for that g*n in your hand?

I was gonna k*ll myself.

It's all over anyway.

You sure about that?

Have you seen how fast these monsters can k*ll?

There are 12 virals.

Telluride has a population of 2,500 people.

They can tear through that town in less than a day, and they're gonna multiply.

Durango will be next, then Grand Junction and Denver.

You see where I'm going.

This is how our world ends.

"For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of his dear Son whom he loves, in whom we have redemption, forgiveness of sin.

" Colossians?

You know your New Testament.

My name is Lacey Antoine, and I'm here to tell you you don't get to die today.

Dying is for the innocent.

You have work to do.

The sin has been committed.

Now your redemption can begin.


AMY: For me, this was the best time.

We were a family.

There it is.

You got something.

Come on, keep going.

It's all you.

- AMY: Oh, my gosh.

- There it is, keep going.

- Ooh, it's a big one.

- Really?

Look at that.

Yeah, there it is.

Let me see.

Come on, bring it up.

Oh, man, look at that.

AMY [LAUGHS]: Oh, my gosh!

- WOLGAST: Pick it up.

- Okay.

'Cause I [GASPS]

It's still alive.


WOLGAST: Not for long.


That's mean.

Nature's a b*tch.

Now you know how to fish.


Does she have a name?


Her name is Breakfast.

Don't leave 'Cause I It's not working.

Don't come in until it's lit.

We were meant to see In the dirt.


I see you got your appetite back.

I like that.

LILA: Well, that - was delicious.

- WOLGAST: You always say that.

LILA: Well, I appreciate it.

WOLGAST: And you also just like not cooking.

LILA: That's true.

I'll take the dishes this time.

It's good.

I'll take it.

Aw, thanks, honey.

Uh, we're running low on supplies.

Anybody want to take a trip into town?

Actually, I'm kind of tired.

LILA: You have had her up since dawn.



You know the rules.

We'll be back way before dark.


- Yeah.

- All right.


NEWSWOMAN: We're hearing now that another great American city has been lost.

The president has ordered U.


m*llitary forces to abandon the Houston perimeter after a night of heavy losses, when Army and National Guard units were overwhelmed by a large force of infected persons moving into the city.

This is the fourth major city to fall since the outbreak began.

- Gasoline remains scarce - [LILA SIGHS]

How long are we staying here?

Until the CDC helicopter gets here.

It's been three weeks.

Where are they?

We should be a priority.

We have the only known cure to this virus sitting on the shelf in our house.

I mean, maybe we should just bring it to them.

No, no.

Lila, the whole country's in chaos.

We wouldn't even make it out of Oregon.

You saw how jammed up it was heading east out of Colorado.

We are committed to bringing you updates as long as we are able.

Please be safe.

Oh, there's Bob.

- Morning, Bob.

- Morning.

You get any chatter on your radio about incoming flights?

Plane or chopper?



I don't know who you're expecting, but they might have been detained by current events.

You hear about Houston?

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

We're heading into town for supplies.

You need anything?


I could always use b*ll*ts.

Will do.

Hey, babe, I'm gonna go check around here and see if it's open.





I thought they only moved at night.

Why won't these bloodsuckers stick to the rules?

Want to get your blink on this, Agent.

I moderate a little chat group that's been tabulating casualties.

I can't thank you enough for sh**ting that thing d*ad.

Well, he's a federal agent, Ma.

He's probably had a lot of practice.

I thought I knew everyone left in these parts.

You must be squirreled away real good.

We stick close to the cabin.

Why didn't you evacuate?

Well, nowhere to go, so we just took our chances.

BRIAN: Once we started getting into the thousands, I started marking them.

I have a digital version for my followers.

But everything's gonna go dark soon, so hard copies.

WOLGAST: So it's ten hot spots?


The, uh, Pacific Northwest is very quiet.

What about Vegas?

Nothing in Nevada?



Is Nevada important?

Is that where the government bunkers are?

No, no.

Just We have friends there.

LILA: We have a ten-year-old girl at home.

We should get back.

CARLA: Well, it is hard enough to be a parent, but with all this WOLGAST: They all went home.

The virals.

The hot spots are places they're originally from.

Remember, I picked them up.

I learned their stories.

They all went home.

Yeah, but wasn't Shauna Babcock from Las Vegas?

So why isn't Nevada a hot spot?

- WOMAN: Please!


- MAN: She can't stay here.

WOMAN: She's not infected!

- We need to take her.

- Stop!

She's only five!

- Don't touch her!



She's not infected!

OFFICER: Let us do our job!


- Lower your w*apon.

- Get out of the way!

- Hey!

- What's going on?

OFFICER: She's infected.

[CRYING]: She's not.

RICHARDS: It's all right.

- It's okay.

- MAN: Get her out.

You're not feeling so great, huh?

Can you open up for me?

WOMAN: She's not infected.

She's sick.

She had any, uh, scratches or bites?

Anything like that, ma'am?



Not a scratch.

She just has a sore throat.

That's-that's all.

All right, just give us a minute.

- The kid looked pretty bad.

- Just get them checked in.

- Find them some cots.

The kid's just got a cold.

- It's okay, honey.

I want the doors locked down an hour before sunset.





Shut it down!

I'm not gonna tell you again!

RICHARDS: Sheriff.

What's the story with, uh, Belushi in there?


Well, he's got warrants for his arrest.

RICHARDS: What are we talking?

Robbery, as*ault, r*pe.

- Triple thr*at.

- Yeah, he's from Wyoming.

Trying to get someone out here to pick him up, but infrastructure out there is gone.

I don't know what to do with him.

- I'll take him to county.

- You sure?


I don't know.

It's getting dark.

Curfew's in effect.

I'm gonna be fine.

Besides, he can't stay here.

All right.



I'm amazed you made it here.

The last three convoys didn't.

We got lucky.

Found the National Guard.

A lot of people are asking why you're not rotting in jail.

LACEY: He knows what he's done.

But he's the one who can fix it.

The only known cure was put into a car headed for the CDC in Atlanta.

Well, that could be anywhere by now.

Everything below South Carolina is getting pretty nasty.

Can you replicate the cure?

Well, I can reverse engineer the virus, but I need a blood and tissue sample from a viral subject.

We have one in the morgue.

How long will it take?

- I don't know.

Depends on the resources.

- I'm sorry.

Maybe I didn't make it clear.

We're facing a diplomatic crisis.

The virus started here in the U.


The rest of the world is terrified.

They're having meetings and we're not invited.

It's bad.

Do I make myself clear?

Loud and clear.

No one leaves till we find a solution.



Hello, friend.

It's good to hear your voice.


You safe?

I'm at the, uh, Global Health Federation.

We're, uh, we're trying to replicate Nichole's cure.

Obviously, it'd be easier if I had the original.

Have you heard from Wolgast?

Not a thing.



You think he and Amy made it?

I don't play that game, Jonas.


Uh, I hear Nevada's, uh, quiet.

We have you to thank for that?

I'm doing my best.

You okay?


I'm not.

So if you could just hurry up and figure out a cure, I'd greatly appreciate that.

Take care.


You, too.

To the ground They took the shoes right off his feet And threw the poor boy Right out in the street And this is what he said Oh, sweet nuthin' She ain't got nothing at all [MUFFLED GROANING]

Oh, sweet nuthin'


She ain't got nothing at all Say a word For Polly May She can't tell the night from the day [TRUNK CLOSES, ENGINE STARTS]

They threw her out in the street


Just like a cat, she landed on her feet And say a word For Joana Love.

The CDC's not coming.

You don't know that.

They'd be here by now.

Carla said there were some people in the area.


Why didn't she tell me this?

They're a group from Doctors Without Borders.

You met them already?

I want to travel with them to the CDC.

Lila, this is the only place I can keep us safe.

If the government gets ahold of Amy, it's 4B all over again.

I'm not talking about bringing Amy or you.

You want to go alone?


Look, I don't know how Nichole healed me, but she did.

And maybe there's a chance that my blood can be useful

- in helping to find that cure.

- You said it yourself that you're different than Amy.

Lila, you've heard the news reports.

It's not safe out there.

That viral at the gas station, - it didn't att*ck me.

- One I don't think it saw me as food.

We're better together than apart.

I just don't know how much that matters when the world is burning.


Look, I have thought this through.

Amy is definitely safest here with you.

And the time we had together has been such a gift.

It was such a gift.

[CRYING]: But I have to do this.

You have to let me go.


Come here.

Take care of him and you.

Everything in me is telling me not to let you go.

I know.

If you change your mind, if you get even the slightest bad feeling AMY: Then we were a family of two instead of three.

FANNING: Her name was Susan.

Believed in God.

You're not really here.

Poor Susan was awfully hungry by the time the paramedics got to her.

She drank one, she bit the other.

He made a stop at Children's Hospital before he knew he was infected You see where this is going?

So it really doesn't matter if I'm here or if I'm not 'cause pretty soon I'll be everywhere.

More virals depletes the human blood supply you need to survive.

It doesn't make sense.

Why do it?

Why make more?

I don't know.

Why does anyone have kids?

What are you doing here, Tim?

Are you lonely?

The brilliant neuroscientist doesn't have all that much to say to his pack of degenerate m*rder, does he?

I have work to do.

Need I remind you what happened to Dr.

Sykes when she found the cure?

Do you think I care if I die?

Oh, go ahead.

Roll this boulder up this mountain again.

I'll be waiting at the top to knock it back down.

So, what, you're toying with me, is that it?

For what?

She's gone, Tim!

And that's on you, Jonas!

When Elizabeth d*ed, I felt it.

Yeah, you were holding her in your arms, but I was with her.

And she blamed you for everything.

You're a lying bastard.

So go ahead.

You spend your last few days on Earth looking down every microscope in this building.

It won't absolve you, and it won't stop what I've unleashed on this world.

I have work to do.

Can you quit staring at me?

How about you stop noticing me staring at you and you focus on the target?

Come on, let it fly.

You're letting yourself get distracted.

'Cause you're think I mean, just block out the wind.

Block out your thoughts.

Block out all the noise.

You're the only one making noise out here.

Amy, I'm serious.


Go again.




What am I doing?

- What am I practicing for?

- I need you to be prepared.

- For what?

What am I supposed to do?

- I don't know.

Amy, I don't I don't have the answer, okay?

All I know is that this is on you.

You have a job to do.

I don't even know what the job is, but I just know that I have to teach you everything I can.

I'm not gonna be around as long as you are, you know.

And the, and the world I'm sorry But it's-it's a hell of a lot scarier.

And I just, I just want you to be okay.

Can you understand that?

Love you, too, Agent.

AMY: Ow.

You're pulling.

WOLGAST: I'm sorry.

I got to pull to keep it tight.

You've never done this before.


I've never done this before, but I can learn a new skill, too.

Pop quiz.

How do you find the North Star?

AMY: Um, you use the Big Dipper and draw a straight line to Polaris.


AMY: Pop quiz.

What if I told you I saw the future?

I'd say keep talking.

AMY: When Fanning grabbed me, I saw something.

I saw the future.

It was bad.

Fanning was dying, and I saved him, and I don't know why.

I think that's why he didn't k*ll me.

WOLGAST: Are you worried that you'll become like him?


I'm scared Agent.

When I get scared, I gather facts.

So fact: you have a good heart.

Fanning does not.

Fact: you're the bravest person I know.

He is not.

And all the training we've done is to help you feel prepared for whatever comes next.

That's what we've been doing.

That and braiding hair.


How do I look?

Like a badass.




Son of a b*tch.



Your dinner's ready.

This isn't working for me.

It's all right if you love me I don't have time for this.

Yes, you do.

All we have is time.

You and me We are linked forever.

- Do you understand that?

- It doesn't mean I have to like it, or spend a moment that is longer than absolutely necessary to keep you in check.

You're keeping me in check?

Because I think you're starving me, because that's what makes you comfortable with what I am.

What do you want to do, huh?

Should we have a date night?

I'll sit over here, I'll ask you about your day, and then you're gonna ask me about mine?

Yeah, I'll start.

How was your day?

Do you feel as lonely as I do?

You're delusional.

I saved your life.

And not a moment passes that I don't regret asking you to do that.

We may be blood linked, but that doesn't mean you own me.

Maybe your buddy Fanning didn't explain that part to you.

Yeah, I could fill a book with the things Fanning didn't explain to me, starting with the totally unfair part where you get to live forever, minus the sun allergy, and you get to eat food.

You get to eat, like, real actual food.

I walk around all day delighted about my life.

There's a man in my trunk that you're about to eat.


Give me the keys.

You're still telling yourself the same story That you're some Boy Scout who's following all the rules, and you're better than everyone else, and I'm just a train wreck that ruined your life.

But you know what?

You ruined mine first.

I was human before I met you.

Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me I'm gonna eat that guy in the trunk, but it's the last time.

The deal's off.

I'm gonna feed myself from now on.

Breakdown, now I'm standin' here, can't you see?

- Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh- Breakdown, it's all right.



You wanted to see me?

I want to ask you a question.

Well, ask me.

How many people have you k*lled?


Maybe a thousand.

I went a little crazy in Nebraska.

So you didn't k*ll anybody before?

You were a scientist.

Yeah, it just came naturally.

What was done to us changed us.

Now we're something else.

I still feel like me.

Do you?

'Cause I know you pretend to eat in front of the agent.

I know you're hungry for something besides trout.

Aren't you disgusted with what you are?


You won't be either once you take your place at the top of the food chain.

And by the way, you won't need to know how to fish or build a f*re, either.

I'm just getting ready, Fanning.

For our big fight?


Well, I got news for you, kid.

I'm not your enemy.

I would never k*ll anyone.

Let's test that thesis.


- What are you doing?

I'm lighting a fuse.



No, please don't do that.


Bob's infected.

Events have been set into motion.

Let's see how this plays out.

Go away!


Bye, Amy.


You know there's more room down the hall, right?

I mean, if you want some some privacy.

I'm sorry, princess.

Am I crowding you?


Just saying.

You still want to k*ll yourself?

- Yup.


Then you and I are like Bert and Ernie.

Oh, great.

Then I get to be Bert.

And you know what?

- How about a little gratitude?

- Gratitude?

You think it's easy cheering up your mopey ass all day?

- Oh, thank you.

- You're welcome.

Any progress today?

I mean, even if I cr*ck Nichole's formula, I'm not gonna put it through human trials, so we won't even know what the side effects are.

Bagosian wants to start giving it to people.

What does that sound like to you?

Project Noah.

Obviously, you're not gonna do that.


Now he wants to get me on a conference call with a special UN council, try to convince them that the anti-viral's ready.

What countries?

Find the common denominator.

Russia, China, France, - India - Everybody with nukes?


Fanning's getting everything he wanted.

"And God said to Cain, 'Where is Abel, thy brother?

' And he said,

- 'I know not.

'" - You got to

- stop with the Bible.

- You and Fanning are tied.

I'm just saying.

It's not over until it's over.


- Hey.

- Hey.

Hey, Agent.

- What's going on?

- Have you seen Bob?

We saw his truck on the side of the road.


- Maybe he ran out of gas.


The t*nk was three-quarters full.

CARLA: That's not like him.

He's here.

He's outside.

And he's bleeding.

- How do you know?

- I just know.

Excuse me.

Hey, Bob.

How you feeling?

Turns out, I could use a little help.

Should we do this in the woods?

I mean, everybody doesn't need to see this, right?

Sure, Bob.

Let's take a walk.

- No.

Please, stop.

Please, no.

- Amy, go inside.

- No, please don't go

- Take her, please.

It'll be okay.

BOB: I don't even know when I was att*cked.

You know the part they don't tell you?

It feels really good.


Oh, it's amazing.






- Who do we have?

- We have India, Russia and China.


Under no circumstances are you to mention Project Noah or anything that occurred there.

Okay, this call is about your anti-viral and its imminent delivery.

I mean, I'm close, but it hasn't been tested yet.

We're nowhere near mass production.

Imminent delivery, nothing less.


Thank you for joining us.

Director Bagosian, let me begin by saying we're extremely worried.

Current projections say this could cross our borders at any time now despite travel bans.

We're holding Americans in quarantine at our embassy.

Where can we send them?

Well, Dr.

Lear is working on the anti-viral.

Distribution's getting worked out right now.

Russia is not interested in empty American promises.

We want you to stop the spread of the disease.

Well, that's our primary concern.

Um, we're working round the clock.

Why isn't your government being transparent about this?

The purpose of this call is to move forward with a plan to distribute an anti-viral that Dr.

Lear has created.

BRITISH OFFICIAL: When can Great Britain expect delivery of your vaccine, Dr.


LEAR: Soon.

Uh, very soon.

Uh CHINESE OFFICIAL: We've learned the United States Center for Disease Control is gone.

- What?

- MAN: That can't be.

LEAR: Is that true?

CHINESE OFFICIAL: They were the only U. S.

agency with a proven track record for mass vaccine distribution.

Without them, you simply cannot help Chinese citizens, can you?

Now is not the time to hypothesize what cannot be done.

- We need to work together and - [LINES DISCONNECTING]

BRITISH OFFICIAL: Your allies are growing impatient, and your enemies are discussing m*llitary solutions.

Good luck, gentlemen.

Get back to work.

They're gonna b*mb us.


- Sheriff.

What's going on?

- Hey.

They're here.

They made it to Vegas.

It's a bloodbath.

If we can't lock it down, we're done Hey.

- Hey, hey, get back here!

Are you crazy?

- Let him go.


Are you crazy?


Let him go.

Let him go.

SHERIFF: You're gonna get yourself k*lled.

Do it.

sh**t me.

Come on.

Put it right in my sweet spot.

You k*lled all those people.

No, that was Martinez.

I haven't had a drop to drink since our fight, but go ahead.

sh**t me.

Take us both out.

Our ghosts can have a fight on the way down to hell.

- I just want

- You want what?

What do you want?

I didn't know it was gonna be like this.

One part of me lives out there in the world, and the other part is always here with you.

Why is that such a bad thing?

I didn't choose today I don't know.

I didn't choose today I don't know anymore.

Pull you apart I don't know how to make this right.

Leaving your little sting Leaving your little sting And I pulled you apart When the day was done Leaving your little sting Leaving your little sting

BRIAN: Get away from him.


CARLA [DISTORTED]: Amy, dear God, honey.

Oh, God.


Step back.

Step back.

- Get back, honey.

- BRIAN: I need you to get back.

sh**t him, Brian.

sh**t him!

- Help me.

- Come on!

You're gonna get yours!


- Get away from him.

- CARLA: Get away from him.

- We got to sh**t him.

I really need you to get back.

Please, come on.

- Get away from him.

- CARLA: Amy, step away - from him.

- Amy, listen to me.

Last lesson.

Sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing in the world to do.


- AMY: No.

- I'm sorry.

- Come on.

- [CRYING]: No.

BRIAN: You're gonna get yourself k*lled.

[ECHOES]: I'm sorry, Agent.




Jonas, we got to go.

They've evacuated the president and the cabinet.

That is nuclear protocol.

- This is happening.

- All right.

- Hang on.

- Is that the cure?

I'm not exactly sure.

The only way of knowing is testing it on myself.

LACEY: What is that gonna do to you?

I don't know.

But dying's for the innocent, right?

If Fanning's gonna survive this, then I'm gonna survive it, too.

I'm not gonna let him win.

AMY: I don't regret what I did.

I can live with my choice.

The CDC wasn't coming.

Whose life was more important than yours?

No one's.

I only regret running away.

I thought you would look at me and see a monster, but I should have thanked you, at least.

You taught me everything, Agent.

You taught me what it meant to have a family.

You taught me how to take care of myself.

How to pay attention.


How to be ready.


You taught me how to not panic.


Be free.

I've been alone for so long.

I have searched for you everywhere.

I think if you were d*ad, I would know it.

So I choose to believe you're alive.

It's their world now.

Humanity is almost gone, but there is a place where people have managed to stay alive.

Maybe I'll find you here.

Maybe then I'll be home.
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