03x01 - The Perfect Carrot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Curious George". Aired 2006 to present.
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03x01 - The Perfect Carrot

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Nothing makes a weekend in the country better than a chance to help feed Bill's bunnies.

Here you go.

George, do you have a carrot for Herbert Nenninger?


None left?


We better get more!

George wanted to rush to Renkins' farm for emergency carrots.

We don't need to go anywhere!


I grew all this myself.

It's easy.

Even a city kid like you can grow carrots!

Come here, I have a few seeds left.


Just plant 'em in the dirt, water em' and watch 'em grow!

George couldn't wait.



Is that you making that sound?

It kind of sounds like Oh!

Oh, boy.

Um, George, if you're digging a basement, we already have one!


What are you You wouldn't be planting those seeds, would you?


Yeah, uh, okay, time out!

George, that's not how you plant seeds.

Well, you have to take them out of the package.

The instructions are written here, see?

On the back.


Well, let's see.

First off, that hole's a little too deep.

There we go.


Planting carrots was easier than George expected.

George was so excited, he dreamed of carrots all night.

Something wrong?

But, carrots don't grow overnight!

It takes time and watering.


Bill watered the seeds when George was in the city.

But George took good care of them every weekend.

Too bitter!

This one better go back in the ground.

George explained that this was his garden, not a squirrel nut spot.


Back in the city, George couldn't stop thinking about his carrots.

Finally, after what felt like 66 days, because it was George had three full-grown carrots.

Those look ready to pull, George.

George wished he hadn't bitten this one when it was small.

Wow, that's a perfect carrot!

George showed his carrot to Mrs.


Now, this looks like a prize winner!

Let's find out if it tastes as good as it looks, eh?

I'll go get a Kn*fe.

His carrot was too perfect to eat.

He planned to keep it forever.

Mmm, boy, that sure looks delicious.

George needed something he could put the carrot in for safekeeping.

A perfect carrot deserved something better than an old shoe.

Um, George, is that my telescope?





George wanted to show his carrot to Bill.

Hey, George, Bill's not here, his bunnies got loose two days ago and he hasn't been able to find them!

If you seem them, tell Bill right away, they won't stay in one place for very long.

Brownie, Spotty, Herbert Nenninger!



Those looked like bunny tracks.

George found them.

They were cold, afraid, and very hungry.

He had to tell Bill.


But bunnies won't stay in one place.

What if they weren't here when he got back?


He couldn't carry them all.


But he could carry them home in this.

But it wasn't a five bunny case.




They needed to eat.

And if they were eating, they might stay put.

But it wasn't going to be easy to part with his carrot.

This was the hardest decision he ever had to make.

Um But it was for bunnies.

He had to get Bill before they finished eating.

They're all here!

If you hadn't got them to stay still, I don't think I ever would've found them.

The perfect carrot was gone, but it was a carroty hero.




Something new is growing.

Maybe a bird dropped some seeds there.

Um, if it's more carrots, can we eat one this time?

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