01x10 - Day of the d*ad

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels". Aired: April 2020 to June 2020.
A spin-off from the original series Penny Dreadful set 50 years later when a m*rder shocks LA in 1938, Detective Tiago and his partner Lewis become entangled in an epic story of all time.
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01x10 - Day of the d*ad

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Previously, on "Penny Dreadful: City of Angels"...

We will be a happy family like all the others.

We will all go out to the movies.

That's what we'll do.

Tonight is for Robin Hood, ja?

- Ja!

- Ja!

- Ja!


Minter, I take it.

Miss Minter.

Brian, shake a leg!

Where are we going?

I told you, somewhere safe.

My Lord, what palace of vice are you taking me to?

Don't worry.

Place is a mob scene.

No one will even notice us.

Officer Vega.

You got nerve showing up here.

No, no, no!


City of Angels Penny Dreadful *Penny Dreadful City of Angels* Season 01 Episode 10 Episode Title : "Day of bthe d*ad" Aired on: June 28, 2020 Dia de los Muertos.

Day of the d*ad.

That's what we call it.

We all go to the cemetery and toast our relatives.

My father, my brother Tomas, and my sister Gina, who both d*ed before Mateo was born.

We light candles and drink and tell stories.

In an actual cemetery?

But it's not sad.


more like a celebration.

We reach out to the d*ad and tell them that we love them, and maybe they reach out to us.

- Mm.

- Since my mother is so devoted to Santa Muerte, it was kind of like our Christmas, with lots of tequila.

You can come, see for yourself.

It's next weekend.


You think your family's ready for that?


Do you think you're ready for that?

I love you, Tiago Vega.

Diego Lopez is d*ad.

Cops lynched him in Belvedere Heights.

He's hanging from a f*cking street lamp.

When news gets out, this place is gonna go ape.

Get her out of here and then get to the station.

My family's here.

I'll take her to your apartment.

Get them home right now.

Go with Lewis.

I'll be there soon as I can.


This way.

Take Mama and Josefina home.

Don't ask.

Just do it.

What's going on?

Raul's gonna take you guys home.

- Mateo, come here.

- Tiago?

Come on, Mama.

Let's go.

Take care of your brother.

I need you now, ese.

- What?

- Just come outside.

I'll explain there.

Listen to me, everyone.

Our brother Diego Lopez...

He's d*ad.

The cops k*lled him, strung him up in Belvedere Heights like a dog.

Now, hold on.

Calm down, everyone.

Listen to me.

Speaking Spanish...



How much more do you need?

They sh**t you down.

They put you in prison.

Now they lynch you on the roads where you live?

You gonna wait until it happens to you, to your mother, to your sister?

Because it will, unless we fight back...

...tonight, right now!

We make them see us for who we are.

You are Pachuco now, every one of you!

Just stay with me, please.

Hold on, amigos.

Speaking Spanish Listen.

You know me.

I don't turn my back to any f*ck on the planet.

But we fight back now, what happens?

You end up d*ad or in a cell for the rest of your life.

Use your brains.

This is not the way.

We go crazy now, and we are exactly who they say we are: a bunch of animals.

That's not me, and it's not you.

Maybe the time comes we go to w*r against the whole f*cking world, but tonight...

we got something more important to do, so you come with me.

We walk.

We walk with dignity.

We take down our brother Diego, and we bury him.

We show this city exactly who we are.


Speaking Spanish...

Get out of the street.

What's going on?

That was the most exciting movie I've ever seen in my whole life.

I loved Errol Flynn so much.

He was the best.

Errol Flynn?

He's just like I imagined Robin Hood.

No, Sir Guy.

The swordfight?

That was the neatest.

He was so scary.

But he only worked for King John.

King John was the real bad guy.

Quit it.

He was not.

Shut up, squirt.

He was too.


I don't know.

What is it?

Uh, be still.

- Dad?

- Sit back.

Lock the doors.

Stay inside!

Whoa, whoa!

They're running us down!

They're running us down!

Come on!

Come on!

No, no, no!


They're k*lling us!


- Dad?

- They're k*lling us!

They're k*lling us!

They're k*lling us!

- Stay calm.

- k*ll them all!

String them up for Diego!

String them up!

String them...

What the f*ck are you doing?

Stay calm!

No, you don't!

Yelling in Spanish - Dad?

- Stay calm!

You okay?

You okay, ja?

You okay?

Dad, what's happening?

Mein Gott.



Got you now, you...

Just look at me, huh?

Look at me.

Look at me.

I'll only be one second.

One, two, three.




What the hell have you done?

I didn't want to start a...

This isn't the time for peacemakers, mi amor.

The king is d*ad.

Long live the king.


Go get that w*tback!

Come on, b*at him up.

Where you going?

Get him!

Come on.

Good-bye, brother.

You should let me take care of your hand.


Your family was very kind to me.

I didn't know what to expect.

I've not been around large families.

I never had a big Christmas or a...

...Dia de los Muertos.

Did I get that right?


It was always just Mother and me, just we two.

This is gonna smart a little.

My mother had four children before me.

None of them survived.

She wouldn't even tell me their names.

Oh, God, how I longed for a sister and a bunk bed.

I used to look at pictures of bunk beds in the Montgomery Ward catalog and dream about what that would be like.

You know, would I want the top bunk or the bottom?

I decided I would let my sister choose.

They would've k*lled me.

They would've kicked me to death right there on the street.

Didn't matter if I was a cop or a criminal.

You know what I was?

Just another f*cking spic.

Don't say that.

Why not?

It's the truth.

It's in your eyes too.

You can't hide it.


Well, maybe I don't want to be your exotic Latin lover.

Why don't you find a white man to f*ck?

This has nothing to do with me.

You know how I feel.

How you feel is impossible.

You want to know how impossible it is, Molly?

Why don't we go outside right now and just hold hands, here, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Inglewood, Pomona?

Let's go to the beach.

Let's go to your Temple.

Let's go to my station and just hold hands and see what happens.

Jesus Christ.

We can't pretend anymore.

This town...

...will never leave us alone.

Then let's go somewhere else...

...somewhere we can be together.

New York, maybe, or Mexico, some little village somewhere really far away, up in the mountains, away from people somewhere.

We can disappear.

This isn't like dreaming about a bunk bed, Molly.

This is our lives.

And I want to live that life with you.

And what about Sister Molly?

Last night was the first time that I felt I'd banished her, and I was happy.

And the soup kitchens and the ministry and the shelters?

All the people who believe in you, all the good you do, Molly, all that's gonna go away if you do.

My calling doesn't have to be to save the world.

Maybe saving one person is enough, if it's the right person.

Not for me, Molly.

You can't let all that go just for me.

It's not for you.

Look at me.

You can see the...

cracks, can't you?

I can feel them all the time.

Trying to hold myself together, but I simply can't endure being both Molly and Sister Molly anymore.

They hate each other now.

And as much Nembutal as I take to sleep, I can't stop the dreams.

So we disappear?

We disappear.

- Hello.

- Meet me downstairs in ten, partner.

Lewis, this really isn't a good time.

Have you talked to your family?


Look, everything's all right, but you gotta come with me.

Be there soon.

I'm sorry, Molly.


Don't worry about me.

We'll take you home.

Uh, do you mind if I stay for a few minutes?

I can find my own way home.

- You sure?

- Mm-hmm.

Can I see you later?

I have a service tonight.

After that?

Of course.

Now, go to work.

Martial f*cking law.

This can't get any better.

The Mexicans did it, Alex.

The city council's gotta vote my way now.

We get the motorway, and good-bye, Belvedere Heights.

Glorious morning, sir.


I get sausage today.

Gonna make me fat.

Hell with it.

We're celebrating.

Huey Long was fat.

That didn't stop him.

And Jesus Christ, f*cking Mussolini, right?

Even h*tler.

He's no f*cking Clark Gable.

The future belongs to big, fat men, honey.

As you say, sir.

And this is just the first, you know.

After the Arroyo Seco, we begin working on the next motorway, right through Bunker Hill.

Let the spades riot next.

It only gets me more white votes.

And do you know what all of this is going to do?

It's gonna make me mayor.

Yes, sir.

That's exactly what it'll do.

Let me tell you.

When I'm in power, heads are gonna roll.

All those folks who looked down on me, who made fun of me.

Oh, and things are gonna change in this city, believe you me.

Put the animals behind walls, for one.

Newspapers we don't like?

We'll freeze them out or close them down.

The radio, the public airwaves?

Like hell.

We'll cancel their licenses if they don't get in line.

And we'll start doing some sweetheart trade deals with countries who feel the same way we do about things.

Germany, to start.

And we'll redraw the voting districts so we'll have a firm majority that will last...

for a thousand years.

Our own Thousand-Year Reich.

And if I want to f*ck that little n*zi, I will.

I'll f*ck them all.

No, no.

Oh, it'll perhaps leave a little scar on your forehead.

Not bad.

It'll make you look like Robin Hood.

Robin Hood doesn't have a scar.


All those swordfights, I'm sure he does.

Oh, where I grew up, having a dueling scar was a great honor.

- All the boys...

- Why did they hurt me?

I didn't do anything to them.

It hurt so bad.

I hate them!

Shh, shh, shh.

Tom, Tom.



Shh, shh.


You don't hate them.

You don't hate anybody.


You let hatred into your heart, and it is like a hungry rat.

It devours everything else...

...until there is no love for anything or anyone.

And then...

...then you are lost.

Can I stay here?

I'm scared.

Yeah, of course.

And the mayor's office has imposed a citywide curfew from sunset to sunrise.

The following streets are closed or limited to local traffic until further notice: Olympic Boulevard, Pico Boulevard, Wilshire Boulevard, and First through 12th Street.

The Los Angeles City School District and the Los Angeles City High School District have suspended all classes until further notice.

How is he?

The Department of Water and Power has also...


He's scared.

And now he will never know what it is not to be scared.

He goes outside, and what is the world to him?

Is it his friend anymore?

Eleven stitches in that little head.

My poor boys.

Children are strong.

They will be happy again tomorrow.

You'll see.

- Mm.

- You will...

...have to make a statement, you know, from the Bund.



The city is under martial law.


This is a political event.

The German-American Bund must make a statement as to its intentions.

What intentions are those, then?

Don't play the ingénue.

This is a racial w*r that has g*n.

You were there.

We stand on the side of the Aryans, or we stand on the side of the mongrels.

Stop it.

For God's sake, they tried to m*rder your son.

Speaking German...

Speaking German...

I teach my sons not to hate.

I have seen what hatred does to children.

You see it on the newsreels now, the h*tler Youth marching in Germany, all the eyes the same: so much hatred.

Is that what you want?

I want the boys to be proud of who they are.


I want them to have faith in the better world that is coming, a world that we must fight for sometimes.

We have enemies who want to hurt us.

They did last night, and only by a miracle are we still alive.

You know this to be true, Peter.

I don't say we teach them to hate.

I say we teach them to be strong.

After the w*r...

...when I let the American soldiers use my body so I could have food for my baby sister and they spit on me as they took me...

...and slapped my face and laughed...

...I thought that I would never be proud again, that I would live always in this... shame.

And then you...


taught me to raise my head and love and be proud.

Peter Krupp, your country needs you, your family needs you, I need you to be who you truly are.

Heil h*tler.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.




All right.

Let him through.

g*dd*mn checkpoints.

What's next?

Soldiers patrolling the streets and the train stations with machine g*n.

That's what's next.

People start getting scared, they'll allow anything.

Good-bye, freedom.

Hello, Third Reich.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

I didn't know where else to bring him.

My family's house?

Who's gonna look for a bunch of Jews in the barrio?

You see the brilliance of it?

The hell happened to your face?


I'm fine.

Watch out for him.

He's a hustler.


He's too small.

Santiago Vega, Benny Berman.

Ah, the pleasure's all mine.

No kidding.

And may I say, you have a lovely family, and I have capaciously enjoyed the...

Can I talk to you two?

In private, how about?

Don't be long.

This is when the mole comes to life, mm?

Sí, Mamacita.

Start talking.

Dottie's house isn't safe.

The n*zi know about her.

So Benny obliged.

And are you planning to live here now, cooking with my mama?

Just for today.


The kid's too important now.

He's figured out the rocket, and we gotta get him somewhere far away from the Germans.

They're looking for him.

We're gonna take him down to Baja.

We have a private airfield there that we use for...

shall we say, various business enterprises.

Jesus Christ.

They fly him secretly to New York, where Mr.

Lansky will take care of him.



And his associates.

They'll keep him safe.

No one f*ck with those mean Jews.

This kid is that important?

Yeah, he is.

What's more, he's dangerous.

He's like a kid with a hand grenade, and sooner or later, he's gonna pull the pin.

Then let's get going.

We can head down to Baja now.

Plane won't be in until tonight, and besides, your mother is showing me her famous mole recipe, so if you'll excuse me, gentlemen.

Who doesn't like mole?

People don't just disappear.

He's gotta be somewhere.

The cars took him and the old Jewess.

We've had men looking everywhere.

Think like a Jew.

They're a tribal race.

They're only safe with family, or so they think.

We've been following Michener's son and searched his apartment; he's not there.

Nor is he at Michener's place.

This is singularly vexing.

Where is he hiding him?

The Mexican.

His partner.

Maybe with him.

Or his family, ja.

See to it.

Yes, sir.

And, Kurt...

when you find the boy, bring him to me alive.

You understand?

And the others?

Enjoy yourself.

I don't know if it's appropriate, dear.

We have always done well to stay out of politics.

Republicans and Democrats both pray, after all.

- And contribute.

- Meaning?

Sometimes I think you'd take donations from the devil himself.

If it kept you on the radio, I certainly would.

But really, Molly, this sermon...

I have a responsibility to say something.

You know what I saw today?

A t*nk on Ventura Boulevard.

That's not right.

People are scared.

If I can bring any comfort, I must.

Well, I see I won't convince you, but do try to remember to say something about God at some point.

I'll meet you downstairs.

Oh, and you only have about a half an hour, so don't dawdle.

Mother, I need to talk to you.

After the show tonight, I'm leaving.

I'm going away for a while.

I don't know where, so don't ask.

Because if I don't...

...this is what happens.

If this is about that Mexican...

It's not, not entirely.

Have your damn lover.

I don't care.

But you can't leave the church.

You can find someone to fill in, get another pastor.

It's your ministry!

It's yours!

It always has been.

What choice did you give me?

I was four years old when you threw me in the revival tent.

So you blame me.

- Yes.

- Oh, you blame me for all the souls that you have saved, all the good that you have done, for soup kitchens and poverty shelters and the word of God that reaches across this land.

You have a sacred calling, and I will not let you shirk it.

I'd like to see you stop me!

It's over, Mother.

Let me go.

Oh, my poor child, my only, I have tried so hard to be strong for you.

So much I've done to protect you.

And now I've lost you.


You are so special to me.

You know that?

I wrestled four children out of my womb before you, and the Lord took them all...

...so I could have you.

I loved those babies.

But I would crush their skulls under my heel right now if that was the only way I could have you...

...my only, my lamb of God, my blessed child saint.

So much I have sacrificed for you so you could be pure and walk with the Lord.

When you were thr*at, I became God's righteous minister of death.

How could you know all I've done to take care of you?

When James Hazlett fell in love and thr*at your reputation and your church, I took care of it.

I've always minded you, child.


what did you do?

Oh, child, I made him go away.

I had help, though.

An old lady like me needs help.

The Lord will always provide a strong right arm.

What have you done?

And his children.

That was sure sad, but it had to be done for you.

For you.

For you.

I will always protect you like that, my sweet child.

No one will ever be allowed to thr*at you or your holy work.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are mine.

Sing us a pretty song tonight.

And we'll hear no more talk about you going away.

I tried to write it down, but I probably left some things out.

Ah, much appreciated, Señora Vega, and next time, I'll make you my rugelach.

There won't be a next time.

Come on.

Some Yoo-Hoo for the trip.

You're not coming?

So you could cheat me at Mahjong the rest of my life?

Take care, kid.

We gotta go now, Brian.

Shake a leg.

They break your heart, don't they, these kids?

Every day.

Where are we going?


Then you're gonna get on a plane.

An airplane?

That's right.


Where's the airplane going?

New York.

Some gentlemen there will take care of you.

You'll be able to work in peace there, like you always wanted.

Isn't that great?


Just so I get to keep thinking about the b*mb.



What b*mb is this, Brian?

After I figured out the engine for the rocket, which wasn't that hard, really, I had a new idea, something pretty slick.

What idea is this?

Nuclear fission.

There's a way, I'm pretty sure, to control the atomic reaction and focus its yield.

Sorry, that's science talk for how it explodes.

You get it right, well, it would be like a thousand suns exploding all at once.

What could this b*mb do?

Depends on the payload, really, but...

almost limitless.

Probably destroy a whole city pretty fast.

The radiation would do a lot of that.

It would spread on the air and in the water and such.

It might set the atmosphere on f*re.

Not really sure.

The atmosphere around the Earth?

Could be.

I haven't figured that out yet.

I still need some time to work out the details.

And you think you know how to make this b*mb?

I know I do.


...this is what you want to give the world?


This and so much more.


You're late.

The crowd is getting...

For God's sake, find her.

Thank you.

Will you stay tonight?


And after tonight?

I thought...

I thought when I was at the Temple, part of that community, it would all be different.

I would be different.

Come, sit with me.

You remember when you were a little girl and you got scared and I told you you would always be safe?



That's not true.

I know.

Singing softly in Spanish I gotta take a leak.

Anyone else?


I'm fine.

Why don't you come with me?

I'm fine.

Come on.

Stretch your legs.

Do you good.

Wanna talk about something.


Singing in Spanish...

Look at all the stars, kid.

Isn't that beautiful?

Go on, take a look.



Continues singing in Spanish Continues singing in Spanish Continues singing in Spanish Sister.


Do you want the top bunk or the bottom?

You choose.

Continues singing in Spanish We interrupt our regular broadcast for an urgent news flash.

Dateline Los Angeles, California.

Sister Molly Finnister has d*ed.

The popular radio evangelist was pronounced d*ad by the LA County Coroner's Office at 9:57 tonight.

All set, Lewis.

Speaking Spanish Amen.

Speaking Spanish There will come a time when the world is ready for me, when nation will battle nation, when race will devour race, when brother...

will k*ll brother, until not a soul is left.

Are you ready, Tiago Vega?

Take it down, boys!

So what about them?

They'll be coming for us.

Not before we come after them.

f*ck it.

City of Angels needs us, pal.

Amen, brother.

All of this was about a damn freeway.

It's not just a freeway.

It's population control.

You cut off the Chicanos with a barrier of concrete and steel.

You put them in the ghetto.

And then you put up another freeway around the coloreds and then the Jews and then the Chinese.

They're not building roads.

They're building walls.

This is not the United States of America.
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