01x03 - Off with a Bang

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cruel Summer". Aired: April 2021 to present.
A Chilling Tale of a girl who mysteriously vanishes and another one who takes over her life.
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01x03 - Off with a Bang

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We should make a list of all the things we wanna do this summer.

Ooh, we have to do them all.

Previously on "Cruel Summer"...

- Jeanette.

- Jeanette.


But you should probably call me Mr. Harris.

I'm the new assistant principal there.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mr. Harris.

- She discarded us.

- She didn't do that.

We all changed.

We went our separate ways.

Why can't that be good enough?

- Cool necklace.

- Thanks.

I-I got it for my birthday.

When I saw you, uh...

They found Kate.

- She's alive.

- Oh, my God.

- b*tch!

- (screams)

- Get her out of here, go!

- (sobbing)

VINCENT (on phone): Jamie's parked outside your house again.

I know.

You know I didn't do the things Kate's saying I did, right?

I just don't know what to think.

You know I would never lie to you.

I would never lie to you, okay?

Jeanette Turner saw me while I was held c*ptive.

Greg and Cindy's little girl.

If she wasn't there, then how would I have this?

We want the jury to root for you.

I have nothing, and you want me to be more likable?

REPORTER: A strange twist in the shocking story of Jeanette Turner, the young Texas woman accused of failing to report Kate Wallis missing last year, is that these two will now face off in a legal battle.

Vindictive, lying little worm is gonna sue us?


(modem beeping, buzzing)

(rock music playing)

♪ It's not what I can see ♪ ♪ It's not what I can hear ♪ ♪ It doesn't trouble me ♪ ♪ But still it's around ♪ ♪ You know what I'm thinking ♪ ♪ And when I'm celebrating ♪ ♪ I feel your eyes on me... ♪



Thanks, Mom.


I just love seeing your whole face, honey.

What do you say we give contact lenses another try?


You know how much I hate touching my eyes.

NEWS ANCHOR: Let's go live to Molly Green.

Locals will be gathering for Skylin's Annual Fourth of July celebration and city officials are saying, "Get ready for lots of fireworks."

- Reporting live from...

- (bottle rocket whistles)

- Holy shit!

- Jeanette!

Reporting live from Skylin, I'm Molly Green, and the Fourth is starting off with a bang.

The police would only say that Kate Wallis has, at this point, been interviewed and an investigation into her abduction is underway.

Her parents have released a statement suggesting that Kate will likely come forward and share her story publicly in the near future.

Meanwhile, this once sleepy town prepares for its annual Fourth of July celebration.


They're saying...

They're saying that Kate Wallis is gonna share her story.

The things she's saying about Jeanette...

if she, if she shares those things publicly, then more people are gonna find out and then...

Well, half the town already knows.

- Don't say that!

- Mom, it's true.

I've gotten uninvited from two parties already.

Dad said Hank Stevenson had... a "change of heart"

- about Dad listing his house...

- No, no, no, stop, stop.

This is crazy!

These are...

these are rumors.

These are ridiculous,

- baseless teenage rumors.

- Yeah.

Jeanette would never do anything like what Kate is accusing her of!

- I know.

- Okay, well, then you should tell your friends that.

That's a good idea.

Well, then tell their parents.

(door closes)

(hard rock playing on radio)

♪ Hello, come here ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ You know I love... ♪

(discordant soundtrack echoing)


Shit, shit.

How dare you?

Get out of the car.

Get out!

Come on, light, turn green.

You stole my life because yours was pathetic.

- Come on.

- But you're seriously

- gonna come after my family's money - Turn green, turn green.

Come on!

with this lawsuit?

What other sloppy seconds of mine do you want, huh?


Get out of the car, you chickenshit coward!

Get out!

- (tires screeching, horn blaring)

- Where are you going?!


Get back here!

(horn honks)

You are actual trash, Jeanette Turner.

(discordant soundtrack playing)

- Hey, Dad.

- Good news.

- The problem's not the connector cables...

- Yeah, we got another problem.

I just heard some guys at the gym say Jamie gave Jeanette her black eye.

- Why would Jamie...

- Because of the Kate Wallis thing.

People are really taking that seriously, huh?

I keep telling you and Mom, this is not going away.

Jamie h*t your daughter.

My sister.


- Greg.

- I need to talk to Jamie, Paola.

Is something wrong?

(speaking Spanish)

Did you h*t my sister?

I'm gonna need an answer.

Look, sir, I know what I did was wrong, but what Jeanette...

You like punching people?

Let's go.

- Stop.

You're gonna make things worse!

- Try me, huh?

What's going on out here?

Jamie, care to answer?

You will not h*t my daughter.

PAOLA: Who h*t Jeanette...


You don't talk to her, you don't even look at her.

(speaking Spanish)

Do you understand?

You need to leave, Greg.

Jeanette's not who you think she is.

- What was that, huh?

- Get in the car.

Touch her again...

and you and I are gonna have a very serious problem.


Thank you for bringing him home.

We talked about loitering...

"Stalking" is the actual term, at least that's what Greg Turner's calling it.

It's a public street.

Pick another one.

I don't wanna get another call about you, Jamie.

- Do you understand?

- Yes, sir.

Lookie what I got!



What are we supposed to do with that?

We're gonna get high.

List item number nine.

Swipe contraband from our respective homes.

From Janis's not-so-secret stash in the tampon box under the bathroom sink.

I snagged my grandma's cooking sherry.

But it kinda tastes like salt and ass.

- Huh.

- I swiped my brother's dirty magazine.

It has boobs in it, and you brought dr*gs?

Well, if this were a contest, I guess I would be declared the winner then, right?


Mallory, have you ever smoked pot?


But my Uncle Rick did take me to a Hole concert last summer and I got a contact high.

It was mad crazy.

Wait, have you? Me?

- No way.

- We're not smoking it.

- Would you chill, please?

- No.

The list item was swipe contraband, not consume it.

Look, I'm gonna have to agree with Jeanette on this one, okay?

- It just feels wrong.

- Yeah.

Since when are you guys the arbiters of what's right and wrong in this world?

This list is filled with "wrong" things, that's the point.

(knock on door)

(door opens)

Hey, guys, sorry to spoil the fun, but, Mallory, your mom called.

She wants you home.


Oh, um, okay.


Totally cool.

I will be right back.

(door closes)



Oh, my God, that was too close.

I'm sweating.

The pot is over the line, right?

It's pushing it, for sure.

What are we supposed to do?

Give it away?

Pretty sure that's drug dealing.

We can bury it in the yard?

What if it takes root and pot plants start to grow?

Good point.

Wait, I know.

I can tear it into little pieces and flush it down the toilet.

No evidence, no crime.

She's gonna be super pissed at you.

It's for her own good, Vincent.


I got this.

♪ Respect yourself ♪

(hip-hop music playing)

- ♪ To stay with the livin' ♪

- ♪ You got to be forgivin' ♪

- ♪ You got to be forgivin' ♪

- ♪ To stay with the livin' ♪

- ♪ To stay with the livin' ♪

- ♪ You got to be forgivin' ♪


Jeanette Turner is suing Kate Wallis?

Now that's a b*mb.

You know, as someone who's covered this story for over a year, I'll say that some people have little to no moral compass.

They're able to blur the lines between right and wrong to suit their needs.

It's not that they're evil.

They're just simply wired differently, in a way that can be detrimental to those around them.

At every turn, Jeanette Turner seems to be one of those people.

- (doorbell rings)

- Well, thank you so much...

Jeanette Turner, I'm Detective Anderson.

This is my...

Officer William.

Jeanette, this is serious.

- Hey, Will.

What's going on?

- It's, uh, Officer Kingsley.

Sure, Officer Kingsley.

Is this about Henson?

I didn't touch him.


What about him?

- This is not about Jamie Henson.

- Then what's it about?

We have some questions about Kate Wallis.

We'd like for Jeanette to come down to the station.

Is she obligated to?

No... but it would be helpful if she did.


Anything to help.


Let me get my wife.

ANDERSON: You'll be joining us?

You're questioning my underage daughter.

You bet your ass I'll be joining you.

See ya.

(doorbell chimes)

(dramatic video soundtrack playing in background)

(dialing phone)

(line ringing)

BEN: Hello?


It's me.


BEN: This is why I need my dad to invest in Caller ID.

I'm being deposed tomorrow and...

I'm kinda freakin' about it.

And I know you already talked to Jeanette's lawyer, so...

BEN: We've been over this.

You gotta stop calling me.

I don't want to.

How did we get here?

BEN: Hey, Vince? Yeah.

BEN: I need you to understand that...

every time you call me, it brings me pain.

Please stop.

(dial tone buzzing)

(hard rock music playing)

♪ Cruel love ♪

♪ You can't fight back ♪

♪ What in hell is a "slam pig"?

It's a term designed to disparage women, and in this case, falsely equate lying with loose sexual and romantic choices.

It's slang for "slut."


(music continues through headphones)

- Look.




- VINCENT: No way!

- Yes!

- MALLORY: Thanks, Mr. Turner.

- (door opens)

- Hey.

- Janis seriously called me home because she couldn't find the remote.

And now she's watching old movies, which means she is for sure going to need her stash, so, uh...

can I have some of it back?

It's too late.


What do you mean...

Did you smoke it?!









I flushed it.

All of it?

- Yeah.

- Let me get this straight.

I complete a list item, which is supposed to be fun, and you repay me by flushing my mom's bag of joints!

Sounds pretty bad when you put it that way.

Yeah, because it is bad!

Why didn't you just talk to me?

I did, but, but you weren't listening.

I was trying to help.

Help me get grounded.

Thanks a lot.


Mallory, wait!


I told you.

What are the charges, exactly?

We're not charging anyone, ma'am.

'Cause you can't just hold a minor here for no reason.

We're not holding anyone, ma'am.


In here?

This looks like the place where you chop off people's fingers.

It smells like blood and sweat

- and urine.

- JEANETTE: It doesn't smell...

- Calm down, Mrs. Turner.

- Excuse me?

- Mom.

- You know, in my experience, telling someone to "calm down" usually has the opposite effect.

We're just gonna ask questions with Jeanette's consent.


It's fine.

I'm sure it's no big deal, right?

WOMAN ON TV: A lot of women struggle with the push and pull of...

ANNOUNCER: Come and try our mouthwatering cheeseburger.

ANNOUNCER : When the migraine headache just won't stop and you want relief, reach for the proven choice.

- (audience jeering)

- Hmm.

Yes, and then Jeanette announced that she's suing the kidnapping victim.

But, honestly, I think we can all relate to Jeanette Turner.

- I'm kidding, no one can relate.

- (audience laughing)

- (gavel rapping)

- JUDGE: Order, order!

WOMAN: You don't understand.

Everything this boy said about me are lies.

I am not the villain here.

I am the victim!


It isn't fair.

JEANETTE: So that's likeable.

You don't understand.

Everything Kate Wallis said about me is a lie.

I'm not the villain here, I'm the victim.

This isn't fair!

Okay, you are very adamant that you did not see Kate Wallis at Martin Harris's house.

Because she didn't.

But here's where we're confused.

How then did she end up with this?

This is yours, correct?


I had one like it.

- Let me see.

- No touching the evidence.

"Had," meaning no longer in possession of?

Um, yeah.

I threw it away.

ANDERSON: You threw it away?

If Jeanette said she threw it away, she threw it away.

May I ask why you did that?

It was given to me by an ex-friend.

Uh, we had a falling out.

It's probably one of the bajillion others that they sell at the mall.

It's not mine.

Jeanette, why would Kate Wallis lie about something so serious?

I don't wanna be mean, I'm sorry, but...

I think it might be because I'm dating her ex.

Or I was.

We had a fight, but couples fight, you know?

Jamie Henson I presume you're talking about?

- Yeah.

- Is the fight about Kate Wallis?



Will you excuse us for a moment?

Everything Kate Wallis said about me is a lie.

I promise.

That's what this lawsuit is about.

I'm not the villain, I'm the victim.

I'm the victim.

You might both know that necklace belongs to Jeanette.

I don't know, she said it was a similar one.

It is the exact same necklace, and our daughter just lied about it!

To the police!

Which makes me wonder what else has she been lying about?

Stop, stop, stop.

You're letting these rumors get to you.

They're not getting to you? No, because they're just rumors.

Spread by a bunch of people who are bored with their own lives.


I hope so.

I really do, but...

You ready for the fireworks?

Yeah, let me just go get my purse.


Hey, Dad.

Take a seat.

I wanna talk to you for a second.

What's wrong?

I went by Jamie's house today.


Please say you didn't embarrass me.

I had to make him understand that no one puts hands on my daughter.

What are you talking about?


I told you it was a volleyball accident.

Honey, I know you're...

you're becoming a young woman.

Oh, Dad, can we not?

But you're still trying to figure out the world, kiddo.

And it can be confusing.

But this...

it is never okay for anyone to lay a finger on you like that.

What Jamie did was wrong.

He didn't...

Jeanette, it's me you're talking to.

Come on, we don't lie to each other in this house.

And I know you don't wanna hear this, but I don't want you anywhere near Jamie.

You understand?

Did you tell Mom?

Are you kidding me?

I better wait till after the fireworks.

Otherwise I'm afraid she'll sh**t a Roman candle straight at the Hensons.

(muted screaming on video)

(doorbell chimes)

We're gonna be closing soon for Fourth of July.

I'll be quick.

Yeah, no, take your time.

Dude, I need a bad movie in the worst possible way.

All set?



(Vincent raps counter)

Silence of the Lambs.


Oh, and Groundhog Day.

Yeah, that one's for my dad.


(punching register)

That'll be $ . .


(door bell chimes)

I'm no expert, but shouldn't she be renting like Care Bears or Sleepless in Seattle, and not terrifying movies where people are kidnapped and tortured?

I don't know.

Maybe, um...

Maybe it's comforting.

Like looking under the bed, seeing the monsters or...

staring them down or something?

I, I...


What, no mocking whatsoever?

She went through something.

I'm not heartless.

Yeah, but you're you.

Look, I find her movie selection to be creepy.

Speaking of creepy, my mom is going on a date with that Edgar guy.

So, wanna come over, watch something terrible and stuff our faces?

I can't.

Um... helping a friend.

Please do not tell me that friend is Jeanette.

Don't worry about it.

All right, come on, I'm closing up.

MALLORY: Fine, more pizza rolls for me.

Flushing those illegal dr*gs was being a good friend.

But now Mallory hates me.

Sometimes... even best friends grow apart.

We're not growing apart.

I'm just saying that it would be normal if you were.

Maybe it's time to... branch out.

It's not like there's a line of people waiting to be my new friend.

I don't believe that for a second.


Kate Wallis was complimenting your style after step class.

Y'all could be really close, like her mom and I used to be.

You were?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, back in high school, she used to follow me around like a puppy.

She was a little awkward back then.

And you were homecoming queen.

And cheerleading captain.

I had a line of boys begging your grandma and grandpa to take me out.

Including Kate's daddy, just between you and me.

May he rest in peace.

I even think Rod Wallis had his eye on me when he moved to town.

Of course I wasn't available.

But you were pretty and popular in high school.


I'm not.


I was.

And that means that you have those good genes.

You know?

And pretty soon those braces will be off and everybody's gonna see that gorgeous smile.

You are gonna be dynamite, kiddo.




Look, honey, if you're still worried about Mallory...

- I am.

- I don't think you should be.

Best way to make peace is a peace offering.

Everybody likes presents.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

Now, come on.

We're gonna be late for the fireworks.

Wait, do you think...

maybe I can skip this year?

- But everyone will be there, honey.

- Please.

I, I don't really feel like going out.

- Later.

- See ya.



You ready?


You think she knows?

Your friend.


Knows what?

Where we're going.

What we're gonna do there.


No way.

Let's roll.

(starts engine)

(knocks on door)

What up?

You're home.

You're never home.

Well, free laundry, you know?

I saw Kate today.

In traffic.



And even worse, she saw me.

She looked like she wanted me d*ad.

Jeanie, I'm sorry.


Oh, I miss the days when no one wanted me d*ad.

Well, at least you have a devastatingly handsome older bother who does not want you d*ad.


I have a delusional older brother.


DEREK: I'm gonna go get the wash going.

Oh, um...

some girl called for you from, from physics class.

Claire, I think.

Got it.


And, hey, speaking of phone calls...

maybe take Mom's call once in a while.

COMMENTATOR: Paxton, a good hitter.

Left-hand-hitting shortstop...

Where are you going?


You really think that's a good idea?


A good idea like leaking the lawsuit to the press before we even serve Kate?


that didn't go too well, now, did it?

Everyone's gonna be at the fireworks, okay?

Not everyone.

- (attendees laughing)

- (country music playing)

♪ I'm on my way back home again... ♪

Oh, come on, Hilmore.

You're not gonna let him b*at you, are ya?

(mysterious soundtrack echoing)

Yeah, I heard that she...

(crowd murmuring)

Ben, I've known Jeanette my entire life, and there's no way she'd ever do something like that.

But you're sure?

You have zero doubts?

I mean, you would never like lie for her or anything, right?

I mean I don't have to.


I believe her.

Okay, then.

If you believe her, then so do I.

No matter what.

(fireworks bursting)

(skyrockets whistling)

Mr. Harris?

(muffled rhythmic music playing)


I can't believe we're doing this.

That one forum said that this is the place.

It's now or never.

You ready?

With you?


I'm ready.

(bluesy ballad playing)

♪ I wanna hold the hand ♪ ♪ Inside you ♪ ♪ I wanna take a breath ♪ ♪ That's true ♪ ♪ I look to you ♪ ♪ And I see nothing ♪ ♪ I look to you ♪ ♪ To see the truth ♪

I feel like anything I say is gonna sound like a bad line from a teen movie.

You don't have to say anything.


♪ You'll come apart ♪ ♪ And you'll go black ♪ ♪ Some kind of night ♪ ♪ Into your darkness... ♪

You know those kids are underage, right?

You want me to...?


This is a safe space.

For us, for them.

And there ain't too many of those.

Let 'em dance.

I just won't serve 'em.

♪ Fade ♪ ♪ Into you ♪ ♪ Strange ♪ ♪ You never knew... ♪ ♪ Fade ♪ ♪ Into you... ♪

(fireworks bursting, skyrockets whistling)


If your dad sees us talk, he's gonna throw me through a wall.

I can handle him.

I don't want you to.

Please don't make this harder than it already is.


I got questioned by the police.


Welcome to the festivities.

I got questioned too, but...

it wasn't any sweat because I don't have anything to hide.

Neither do I.

Come on.

You have to believe me.

Even if I did...

Kate's back now.

I can't abandon her, I won't.

Can you at least ask her to talk to me?

You know I can't do that.

What about our kiss last week?

Look, Kate can't ever find out about what happened.

Jeanette, I'm serious, please...

If Kate does find out...

Haven't you heard?

I'm really good at keeping secrets.


You were the one who told me that Kate went missing, remember?

How it seemed like at the time you were the only person who knew before anybody else did.

How was that?

Screw you.

JEANETTE: Mr. Harris?

Are you home?

Of course not.

You're at the fireworks like everyone else.

Widow Falls.


So, that's where you're from.

(banging noise)

(fireworks popping)

(skyrockets whistling)

(ringing doorbell)


I'm still pissed.

I'm sorry about your mom's joints.

I brought you something.

What's this?

Um, list item number .

"Steal something." It's, the, um... the yearbook from Martin Harris's old school.

How did you...

- You went back?

- Mm-hmm.

- No way.

- (Jeanette giggles)

I wanted to show you that I take the list seriously.

I really do.


trying to pretend that I'm not impressed.


Can we not be in a fight anymore?

I really, I really hate it.

I mean...

yeah, of course.

Fight over.




Uh, Janis isn't home.

- You wanna hang?

I have pizza rolls.

- (Jeanette giggles)


- JEANETTE: Pizza rolls?

- Yeah.

- Hello?

- Hello?



What the hell are you doing here?

I'm just...

Can you just go with me on this?

The first time we were ever in this house...

when we were playing hide-and-seek...

I came down here.

And I got this sort of weird sensation.

You know, not that something bad had happened, but...

maybe that something bad was going to happen.

VINCENT: That's not an explanation for why we're in this t*rture chamber.

I thought that...

maybe I unleashed something down here.

Something bad.

Something really bad.


And if I did set into motion some evil forces, then...

don't I have the responsibility to undo that?

Or try?

By coming back here?

I thought that maybe...

I could reverse things.

Make them go back to the way they used to be.

Before people wanted me d*ad.

Well, is it working?


It was all just magical thinking.

I called Ben today.

I thought you quit that.

Guess I was hoping that time heals all wounds.

Does it?

No, I guess that was, um...

magical thinking, too.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Mr. Fuller, could you tell us for the record how long you've known Jeanette Turner?


We lived next-door since we were born.


my whole life.

And what is the nature of your current relationship?

You're not in trouble here.

She just...

mostly keeps to herself these days.


From the moment you met Jeanette to the last time you spoke, have you ever known her to lie?

Not that I can recall.

No further questions.



Jeanette Turner is George Washington, huh?

She cannot tell a lie?

I mean, I don't know if she cannot...

And you and Mallory Higgins were with Jeanette the first time she entered Martin Harris's home in June of , isn't that correct?


Yes, it's correct.

And to your knowledge, has Jeanette ever gone back into that house?

D-Did Mallory say something?

We ask the questions here.

I need to ask you something.

And you need to tell me the truth.

Jeanette, how many times have you been in this house?

A lot.

I got addicted to the rush of it.

And to your knowledge, has Jeanette ever gone back into that house?


To my knowledge, she did not.

(bluesy rock band playing)

Is there something else you wanna ask me?

♪ (discordant soundtrack playing)
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