01x07 - Happy Birthday, Kate Wallis

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cruel Summer". Aired: April 2021 to present.
A Chilling Tale of a girl who mysteriously vanishes and another one who takes over her life.
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01x07 - Happy Birthday, Kate Wallis

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Previously on "Cruel Summer"...

I used to really... dislike you.

I don't hear that very often.

Yeah, I'm starting to get why.

- This was taped to the front door.

- What the hell is this?

JOY: It's pretty self-explanatory.

- You believe your sister?

- I just know Jeanette wouldn't lie about something this serious.

I wish I knew Kate like that.

Have you ever heard of Berenice IV?

A therapist is not a sister.

- KATE: Neither are you.

- ASHLEY: I'm trying to be.

JOY: We have to be careful.

She's starting to nose around.

I guess my advice would be, family stuff?

Just choose your battles.

Step right up, Miss Wallis, for the chance to win a grand prize.

Sylvia says listening to your own tapes can be really scary.

My own memory of my time down there is the only reference I got.

- SYLVIA: Who is Annabelle?

- KATE: I don't...

I can't remember.

(modem beeping, buzzing)

(Gabrielle playing "Dreams")

♪ They can come true ♪

♪ They ♪

♪ They can come true ♪

Happy birthday, Kate Wallis.

(pensive music playing)

(computer chimes)

ROD: ♪ Happy birthday, sweet girl ♪

We have just the best birthday present for you!

The Marsha Bailey Show has invited you to be a guest!

If you want to...

- I don't.

- Kate...

Since the police have the audacity to not charge Jeanette, people may question your side of the story.

But if Marsha Bailey interviews you, with her trustworthy nods...

everyone will be cemented on your side.

I don't care what people think.

I know what happened.

Well, of course, but...

I'm going back to bed.

Okay, uh, the birthday girl's done talking.


Oh, did I say happy birthday?

Happy birthday, baby.

(door closes)

(energetic rock music playing)




Eyes hurt.

That's the sun.

Mouth's dry.

That's the weed.

- I'm still sleeping!

- No, come on, please.

Please, get up.

Please, please, please.

- Please, can you please get up?

- Okay.

Happy birthday!

Happy friend-a-versary!

MARTIN: I'm not going to force myself in.

You force me to live down here!

MARTIN: I roasted you a chicken.

KATE: Go away, I don't want it.

MARTIN: You can't survive on protein bars and vegetable juice.

You need something real to eat, and someone to talk to.

I'll do plenty of talking when I get the heck out of here and tell everyone what a sicko you are.

MARTIN: I wasn't gonna tell you this, out of kindness...

People have given up on looking for you.

Your family, your friends, the police.

Even Jamie.

You know, he's... he's dating Jeanette Turner now?

Skylin has moved on from Kate Wallis.

Get comfortable.

This is your world now.

Uh, looking forward to the replay of the Endeavour launch later.


Any interest in outer space?

I don't know much about it.

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!

You are missing out!


I'm planning on giving Kate a promise ring for her birthday.

That's a pretty big commitment at .


You know, at home, it's just me and my mom and...

You know, she's Superwoman, but, hey...

I want to build a big family one day.

I do see my future with Kate.

JOY: Darlin', if you don't save Jamie, Daddy'll drown him in NASA trivia.

I'm almost ready.

God, it looks like you're already Belle of the Ball, and dinner's not even until : .

: sharp, by the way, so don't keep our family friends waiting by dawdling with your little pals at the mall.

(doorbell rings)

Oh, that must be Scott with the flowers.

You know, to a casual observer, it looks like you're trying to impress a specific someone.

Surely you remember what happened last time you snooped your way into forming a hollow hunch.

So.. why don't you finish getting ready instead of ruining your own birthday by picking a fight?

(doorbell rings)

Happy sweet !

Whatever you're sellin', we're not interested, honey, okay?

You came.

Come in!

MALLORY: Wow, so this is how the other half lives?

With lace bed skirts?

I guess so, yeah.


What are you thinking for a birthday snack?

Oh, hey there.

Uh, I'm Rod Wallis.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the whole country knows who you are.

I'm Kate's dad.

I'm Mallory.

Hardly anyone knows who I am and I love snacks.

I'll whip up a surprise.


It's your birthday?

And I'm who you invited over?



Well, if the snacks are on the same level as the decor, then I expect a feast.

I haven't really had much of an appetite these days.

I may have a remedy for that particular ailment.

(switch clicks)

SYLVIA: Do you wanna try and revisit Annabelle?

Good, are you done?

Because therapy tapes aren't exactly a birthday treat.

I found it.

More Annabelle info?

Listen with me?

SYLVIA: Do you wanna try and revisit Annabelle?

You mentioned her a few sessions ago.

KATE: I'm sorry, uh... who is Annabelle?

SYLVIA: You said you met her.

Before your rescue.

KATE: Uh... no.

But, um...

I don't want to...
I don't remember.

(Kate breathing unsteadily)

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths.

In and out, try to breathe through.

I wanna stop!

How can an entire memory just fall out of my head?

You know, why else can I not remember it?

And who the hell is Annabelle?

You need to give yourself a break.


Jeanette's lawyers won't.

Jeanette doesn't matter today.

It's your one-day vacation from all things shitty.

I have a surprise planned.

Is it a good one?

Oh, happy birthday, Katie Kat.

Just real quick, the lawyers are looking for a little bit more meat on the bones for your defense, especially after Tanya Peterson's deposition amounted to nothing.

Ms. Wallis has employed me as the keeper of her birthday today.

- The what?

- And as her birthday keeper, I am here to inform you that Ms. Wallis will not engage today in any discussion about court or lawyers or anything legal or unpleasant.

Okay, well, time is of the essence because court is right around the corner, so...


That sounds distinctly legal and very unpleasant.



Are you ready for your present?




Jamie, what are you doing?

Oh, no.

No, relax.

It's just a promise ring.

Just a promise ring?



And it means I am all in on us.

- (girls giggle, shriek)

- RENÉE: Oh, my God!

Happy birthday, baby.

KATE: This is a magical... magical gift. (girls chuckle)

Are nachos like the perfect food?

These nachos are, yeah.

(girls laugh)

I haven't loved food this much or...

- (door opens)

- ...eaten this much since...


Happy birthday!

You're eating!


Do you want some nachos?

Or a nacho?

Uh, are you two high?

What, are you gonna narc on me?


I dabble myself.

You wanna dabble and watch a movie with us?

You don't have to invite me.

It's just a movie.

- (bell rings)

- Welcome to Rent- -Night.

Oh, classics.

I'm sorry, what is happening right now?

You also have other friends...

including Jeanette.


I've always been friends with Jeanette.

Okay, but you and Kate Wallis?

Mallory, that's like pure Twilight Zone. What about this one?

It looks oldey-timey and...

weird and cool.

I'm in.

Are you just saying that because it's my birthday?

Do you know me to be full of shit?

(melodramatic piano music playing)

- I'm a fan of the Wallis girls.

- (chuckles)

(melodramatic piano music continues)

Hopefully not all Wallis girls...


My mom wants me to go on TV to talk about me getting kidnapped.

Kate, she's being really insensitive.

Maybe you had the right idea about who she really is.

Or... maybe we both had unrealistic versions of her in our heads?

Why isn't she running faster?

'Cause she's running in heels.

- No, she's not...

- (gasping)

Run faster!

He's gaining on you!

He's gaining on you!

Go, run!

He's gonna get you!



Uh, do you want water or anything?

No, no, I'm fine.

Stoned paranoia is very real.

Yeah, so is PTSD.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

It's just the truth.

I'm good with the truth.

Is everything all right?

I heard screamin'.

Just a movie.


I actually have to go.

I'm starting a new gig at the roller rink.

Happy birthday, Kate.



Kate, I wanna talk to you about The Marsha Bailey Show. I said no.

(door closes)

I'm gonna go check my email.

Baby, this is an opportunity.

It's an honor.

She's interviewed presidents!

And Whoopi Goldberg!


and Miss Piggy that one time.


She did.


it sure is nice to see you smiling.


Are you high right now?

This is not a good look.

To who?

To everyone that matters.

Going on The Marsha Bailey Show, on the other hand, is a very good look.

It's a chance for you to...

Can you please leave me alone so you don't make my birthday suck as much as it did last year?

TENNILLE: Happy birthday, beotch.

We're celebrating, right?

TENNILLE: Exactly.

(girls giggle)


What's with the food parade?


I took up cooking after you went missing.

I needed something to do with my hands.

And my mind.


I baked a mess of muffins and then I realized no one in this house had an appetite.

Anyway, your mom gave away the muffins at church.

What a saint.

Just like she wants me to go on The Marsha Bailey Show like it's for my benefit.

Her heart is in the right place this time, Kate.

I promise.

You always take her side.


I did, last year.

I thought...

you know, let Joy call the sh*ts with her daughter.

But, Kate...


You're my daughter, too.

Since the day I met you.

And I will never forgive myself for not making that clear last year.


How did you forgive her?

Losing you was an earthquake.

Everything else felt like a speed bump.

Do you think I should go on the stupid Marsha Bailey Show? I think you shouldn't discount it just because it's Mom's idea.

JOY: Kate, Rod, turn on the news.

ANCHOR: Kate Wallis was not the first minor Martin Harris had his eye on. How is this pervert still getting air time from beyond the grave?

An unnamed teen from Widow Falls, Texas, is alleging she had a close call with the now-d*ad assistant principal long before his move to Skylin, Texas. Oh, but I loved that skirt that you got at Contempo.

Oh, it was such a cute one.

I think I'm gonna wear it on the first day of school.

- (Jamie chuckles)

- I'm gonna take that back.

- Uh, no.

- (chuckles)

Can I see the ring on your finger?

It is so pretty.

Are you drunk?




He's a little drunk.

- Drunk!

- I swear!

- (girls gasp)

- Oh, my!

- KATE: Jamie!

- JAMIE: I am so, so sorry!


I-I-I will get you a napkin.

- Can you hurry?

I have to get home!

- Nap...

Yes, yes!

Oh, my go...

Oh, my gosh!

JOY: (sighs)

I need an aspirin.

How many lives did that monster damage?

This other girl shouldn't just equate what happened to her with what happened with me.

The way the news is framing it, it's a wild exaggeration.

And what makes you think that?

Martin told me...

about the other girl from Widow Falls.

JOY: The other girl he abused?

No, it was nothing like that.

He just helped her after class.

Uh, Kate, um...

No, he literally was just her tutor.

And this other girl shouldn't come out of the woodwork for just minutes of fame.

Honey, take a breath.

No, it's wrong!

Then right the wrong.

Go on Marsha Bailey and tell the truth to everyone.

I'm not gonna give this girl any more attention.

You don't have to talk about her.

That girl might be lying and Jeanette Turner is absolutely lying, but you know the truth.

JAMIE: ♪ ...day to you ♪

Jamie, come on, can you please walk faster?

It's already past : and my mom's gonna flip.

Well, we can drive my car.

You're drunk, and you dropped your keys in the fountain.

I'm so sorry, okay?



Whatever was in that flask was like strong.

Come on.

But it's your birthday, Kate.

We're gonna celebrate you.

So, what is your favorite present?

- Um...

- Hmm?

I don't know, probably an original print that my dad gave me of The Talented Mr. Ripley? Oh.

- Hey.

- Oh, um...

No, no, uh...

I thought that you meant my second favorite gift, after... the promise ring.

- Really?

- Yeah.

So, what's The Talented Ripples about?

The Talented Mr. Ripley? Uh-huh.

It's about a con artist who lived a lie.

It's creepy stuff, but it takes place on this beautiful island in Italy.

I always wanted to go to Italy.

What about you?

What do you really want in the future?


I really wanna buy you a big old house...

and have a big old family.

Just like your parents.

That's the dream, right?


Yeah, come on.

Let's go.

(girls giggling)

You know, you're the only person I would trust to ever blindfold me.

Mal, come on, where are we?


(circuits clang)

Oh, shit, you think it's lame?


No, I...

After my last two birthdays, I'd pretty much given up on ever having a good one ever again.

I honestly don't know how I'd still be standing without you, Mal.

But how did you manage to do this?

Because this place is always packed.

Well, you happen to be looking at the new assistant manager.

KATE: (laughing)


Hell yeah!

Thank you, thank you.

The perks are extremely limited, but it does include a set of keys and the ability to close for maintenance.

Oh, well, let's roll!

♪ Today is the greatest ♪

♪ Day I've ever known ♪

♪ Can't live for tomorrow ♪

♪ Tomorrow's much too long ♪

♪ I'll burn my eyes out ♪

♪ Before I get out ♪

♪ I wanted more ♪

♪ Than life could ever ♪

♪ Grant me ♪

♪ Bored by the chore ♪

♪ Of saving face ♪

♪ Today is the greatest ♪

♪ Day I've ever known ♪

♪ Can't wait... ♪

Come on, let's go!

♪ I might not have that long... ♪


Be patient!


One for you.

- Thank you.

- One for me.



MALLORY: I'm not actually very good at this.


But you work here.


Let's try.


KATE: You got it.

- Yeah.

- Hey!


- Very good.

- Good?




Best birthday ever?

Best birthday...




Jamie, hurry up, somebody's coming.

(door opens)


Who's there?

- Jamie?

- Hi.

Are you okay?


My bad.

- MARTIN: Kate?

- I'm just gonna...

MARTIN: Kate, is he okay?

- KATE: Uh...

- (Jamie groans)

Yeah, he's...

he's just a little drunk.

- I'm so sorry.

- Do you wanna come inside?

Call your parents to pick you guys up?

Oh, no, no, no.

It's okay.

I'm just a few blocks away and I gotta get going.

I'm already late.

I don't think he's walking anywhere.

And I can give you a ride if you'd like.

Thank you, it's very cool of you.

Let me get my keys.

My mom is gonna be so pissed.

I've kept an entire dinner party of guests waiting.

We're only human, right?

She has pretty high expectations when it comes to rules.

Even if she breaks them herself.

Remember when I said that I had a big family secret that's been eating at me?


Has it gotten any better?


And I know that you said that I should choose my battles, but...

if I don't unload this, I think I'm gonna explode.

Sounds like it's time to shed some light on the situation.

KATE: That's exactly what I needed to hear.

Any time.

Well, look who decided to finally show up.

Reekin' of cheap booze.

What has gotten into you lately?

Where is everybody?

Everybody was here at : .

While your bony little butt was off doing Lord knows what.

I sent them all home, told them you had food poisoning and that you were puking your guts out.

From the smell of it, that still might be true.

Kate, this is a very dangerous pattern.

Mama, I wasn't the one drinking.

And why should I even believe you?

I'm not the one in this family with a honesty problem.

What on earth are you referring to?

Hey, everything okay here?

The night after the garden club party...

you thought I was sleeping and I came down for some water.

And I saw you.

Saw her doing what?

Katie Kat...

you know, you and I have never fought before so we're just no good at it.

Let's stop this before we say things we don't mean.

What did she see you doing?


I have no idea.

KATE: I'm so sorry.

I saw Mom kissing Scott Jones.

JOY: Oh, my...


- What?

- I'm as shocked as you are!

I mean, she's lying for attention, clearly.

WOMAN ON TV: Plenty of sun catchers out there the rest of the day.

Our normal high in the mid to high...

NARRATOR: As you can see, it takes patience and much perseverance in order to...

REPORTER: Protestors lined the streets today in connection with the Rodney King b*ating.

I'm glad Kate didn't dismiss Marsha Bailey just because it was Mom's idea.

Like I'm the Wicked Witch.

I'm sorry you heard that.

And if you were the Wicked Witch, we wouldn't be married.


Go ahead.

Say whatever it is you're holding in.

Well, it's just...

I'm her mother.

And I'm her father.

I didn't say you aren't.

I love you, Joy Wallis.

I do.

You have an affair, you lie to me about it, and we fight tooth and nail to survive it.

Lower your voice or you'll open the whole thing again.

If you ever so much as imply that I'm not our daughter's father, just because blood doesn't relate us, ever again...

baby, we will not survive that.

Somebody start talking to me.

She was accusing you of having an affair only a few weeks back, so don't get on your high horse.

Kate, is that true?

- Well, I...

- JOY: See?

Her imagination is just really running wild.

I did misunderstand something.

I'm so sorry.

JOY: Your father and I are going to discuss your punishment for these baseless accusations.

No, Daddy, please listen to me.

I've been keeping this secret in all summer and I can't anymore.


You stop running your mouth.

I hardly recognize you anymore.

You are being such a little brat!

And you're being a b*tch!

- Joy!

- Rod!

My daughter is lying and calling me names.

And I will discipline her as I see fit!



I am starving.

My calves are k*lling me.

Roller skating is so much more cardio than step class.



this was in the donations box, and if you're giving it away, I could really use a printer.


Yeah, that was just our backup.

I don't even...

know if it's broken.

It's just jammed.

What do you think that we should do for your birthday?


I vote the same thing because that was bad.

Holy shit.

I know, I'm a genius.

No, um...

I have to violate my own rule for your birthday.

I just found something very unpleasant.

This is what was jamming the printer.

Holy shit.

Not too cool for your mama on your birthday after all?

Do you hate me...

or something?

Why would you even ask me something like that?

Did you print this and concoct a story that someone sent it to me?

Kate, let me tell you...

Oh, my God.

It was you.

How could you do this to me?

So that, um, happened.


These are, like...

I think the softest sheets I've ever experienced.

And in a dorm room?

- (laughs)

- I mean, I got...

I got sandpaper, basically.


I'm gonna go take a shower before you get all mushy.

Whoa... me?



Hey, can I check my email?

(shower running)


A mother will go to great lengths to protect...


How about manipulate?


You know that my therapist said that Martin Harris basically was grooming me from the moment that he met me?

And I keep thinking, why me?

But the answer is so obvious.

My whole life, you have been toting me around like one of your purses.

We were close.

What is wrong with that?

I believed everything you said.

I did everything you asked.

And the moment that I questioned you, you tore into me!

You raised me to be blindly obedient, trusting and open, and he took that!

I know he did!

But you teed him up!


And The Marsha Bailey Show.

Whose brilliant idea was that?

You agreed to it!

At your urging, and it got me sued.

Because you went off script!

Because I'm not a puppet!

How come Daddy gets that and you won't?

Do you know what it's been like for me, to watch you two joke and smile and enjoy movies like you and I used to?

So that's why you made this letter, because you're jealous of me spending time with Daddy?

Lord, Kate, do you think I'm evil?

I'm jealous of him!

Of the fact that you forgave him but you're still punishing me.

I miss you!

Then why would you send this letter?!

Because you need a bad guy!

That is what motivates you since the time you were a little thing, and I needed you to take this lawsuit seriously!

I didn't protect you from Martin Harris and I'm sorry.

But I will die trying to protect you from everything else.

Even if you hate me for it.

I miss you too.

Oh, perfect.

Packing to run away?

God, Kate, how tacky.

Funny, that didn't sound like an apology for child abuse.

How did you become an obnoxious teenager just overnight?

You're the only one that's changed.

You're right, you're the same old Kate and I know you very well, because you're me years ago.

Naive, simple, boring.

♪ Today's gonna be the day ♪

♪ That they're gonna throw it back to you ♪

♪ By now you should have somehow ♪

♪ Realized what you gotta do ♪

I can predict your every move.

Go ahead.

Run away.

Go to Renée's or Tennille's, until you come crawling back with your tail between your legs.

♪ Backbeat, the word is on the street ♪

♪ That the f*re in your heart is out ♪

♪ I'm sure you've heard it all before... ♪

Go on!

♪ I don't believe that anybody ♪

♪ Feels the way I do about you now ♪

♪ And all the roads we have to walk ♪

♪ Are winding ♪

♪ And all the lights that lead us there ♪

♪ Are blinding ♪

MARTIN: I was thinking about what you said earlier.

That I was a "sicko."



the person who keeps you clothed and as comfortable as possible.

The person who prepares your food.

Before you go calling me names...

and making me out to be the bad guy...

I want you to remember exactly how you ended up here.

♪ ...but they'll never throw it back to you ♪

♪ By now you should have somehow ♪

♪ Realized what you're not to do ♪

♪ And I don't believe that anybody ♪

♪ Feels the way I do about you now ♪

♪ And all the roads that lead you there ♪

♪ Are winding ♪


♪ And all the lights that light the way ♪

♪ Are blinding ♪

What are you doing here?

Being a big brother.

- Read this.

- What?

What is this?

It's Kate Wallis, chatting with her sister.

- Okay.

- Just read it.

♪ Today's gonna be the day ♪

♪ But they'll never throw it back to you ♪



♪ By now you should have somehow ♪

♪ Realized what you're not to do ♪

♪ And I don't believe that anybody... ♪

Wait, what?

♪ Feels the way I do ♪

- Oh, my God.

- ♪ About you now ♪

♪ And all the roads that you lead you there ♪

♪ Are winding ♪

♪ And all the lights that light the way are blinding ♪

(doorbell rings)

♪ There are many things that I would... ♪

Kate, what's wrong?

It's ten o'clock.

I did what you said.

I unloaded the secret that I've been holding.

What happened?

My mom h*t me.

Kate, I'm so sorry.

I only meant to help.

No, I just, um...

I just don't know where to go.

And I don't want to stay there.

I can't go to Jamie's or a friend's house, because if I do, then she'll find me, drag me home.

Martin, I'm scared.

Come inside.

I'll make you some tea.

JEANETTE: Kate went to Martin Harris's willingly.

♪ You're my wonderwall ♪

This changes everything.

(door lock clicks)
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