01x03 - The Twins

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x03 - The Twins

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[lightsaber ignites]

[controls beep]

[controls beep]

[droid] Master Am, we have completed
all of the final adjustments

on the Gemini-class Star Destroyer.

We are ready to deploy
and are awaiting your command.

[Am] At last. The moment arrives.

[droid sighs] Ever since you and
your brother were delivered to our care,

I have watched you grow,

and now I will finally be able
to witness you complete your mission.

Oh, I must admit,
it has been quite the journey. [cries]

[Am] The journey has only just g*n,
B- ON.

With this new power, my brother
and I will bring order to the galaxy.

Something no one else
has been able to accomplish.

This is our mission, as twins created
through the power of the dark side.

Master Am, Central Control is reporting
that final adjustments to the hyper cannon

have been completed,
and it will soon be operational.

[Am] Will the w*apon's firepower be
at full strength?

[B- ON] Yes. It is charging now.

High-purity energy must be extracted
from our power source in the central core.

It is the same power
that is transferred into the dark armor

that you and your brother,
Master Karre, wear.

Once the refined dark energy is unleashed
through the ship's hyper cannon,

it will easily be capable of destroying
a planet or any resistant star systems.

- [Am] Hmm.
- [B- ON] However,

I am concerned about the effect
this prototype dark armor could have

on your physical body,
as well as that of your brother.

[Am] There's no need to worry.

From the moment I was born,

I was prepared to sacrifice everything
for the dark side.

Oh, Master Am,
your allegiance is inspiring.

I will be forever the humble servant
to you and your brother

until the day my functions cease.

[Am] I will hold you to that.

Now let's surprise
those peace-loving Republic fools.

Ready the hyper cannon.

[B- ON] Hyper cannon, prepare to f*re.

- [alarm blaring]
- [B- ON] Huh?

I have just received an incoming alert
from Central Block B- .

The power source from the reactor core
appears to have been stolen!

We cannot charge the hyper cannon.


But only Master Am and Master Karre
can access the reactor core chamber...

Master Karre is gone.
Where could he be at a time like this?

[Am] Karre…

[droid beeping]

Don't worry, R-DUO.
Everything's gonna be fine.

They won't find us.

- [R-DUO beeping]
- [door chimes]

[stormtrooper] Freeze!

[R-DUO beeping]

[Karre] Okay, you told me so.

[stormtrooper] Lord Karre,
please return the power core.

This is your last warning.

Set for stun and open f*re!

What? [grunts]

Don't give up. Keep f*ring!

[Karre] So sorry.

[stormtroopers groan]

[Karre] Come on, R-DUO.
Let's get out of here.

[R-DUO beeping]

[R-DUO beeps]

[Karre] The ship is right
where we left it.

- R-DUO.
- [R-DUO beeps]

[Am] Karre.
Where are you planning on going with that?

[Karre] To a galaxy far, far away.

[Am] Don't be a fool.

Hand me the power core,
and I'll forget this ever happened.

Master Karre, this is quite disappointing.

[Am] Now hand it over.

I refuse!

[Am] What do you want to do
with the power core?

Are you planning to turn it over
to the Republic?

The Galactic Empire or the Republic,

I couldn't care less
about either one of them!

[Am] You really don't care?

Yeah. Even if I explained it to you,
you'd never understand.

[Am] Are you out of your mind?

As you wish, you fool.

If you won't hand it over,
then I'll take it by force!

[R-DUO beeping]

[X-wing powering up]

[Am shouts]

[Am] What?

[stormtroopers scream]

[R-DUO beeping]

[grunts] Nice work, R-DUO!
Now keep f*ring!

[R-DUO beeps]

Great. Now get ready to punch it!

- [R-DUO beeping]
- Really?

So, you have a bad feeling about this?

R-DUO, what's happening?

[R-DUO beeping]

You're wrong!
It's no tractor beam! It's Am!


I can't! She's too strong in the Force!

She's going for the power core.

[Am] I found it. Come to me.

[R-DUO beeping]

Am, no!



[R-DUO shrieking]

[R-DUO beeping]



[Am] Not bad, Karre.

- I'm impressed.
- [Karre groans]

[Am] Kyber crystal.
What beauty. Such power.

This energy will be the beacon of hope
for the galaxy!

Now come to me!

I won't let you have it!

This power it holds is anything but hope!

The only thing that this crystal
can possibly bring is despair! [grunts]


[crystal resonating]

- [Am shouts]
- [resonating continues]


[crystal cracking]

[crystal shatters]



What is that? Is that me?

That's right. It is you, Am.

It was through the Force that I was able
to see the future that awaits you, Sister.

[Am] My future? I don't believe you.

How come you can see it and not I?

I don't have the answer.

But the one thing I do know is that
if you use the power of the kyber crystal,

as I have foreseen in the vision,
then you will…

I will die?

Surely that's not the reason
you stole it? To save me.

Yes, that's correct.

even if I had told you about this,

you would have never listened to me.

I know you, and you are stubborn, Am.

I wasn't about to just let you die.

And so that's why I...

- [laughing]
- [Karre gasps]

Do you think I fear death?

No, don't!

[Am] Did you forget, Karre?

We are twins born
from the dark side of the Force.

We were made to bring back order

with this power
that transcends even death itself!

Must I remind you
of the purpose of your birth?

[Karre] Don't do this!

If you use that crystal, its power
will end up completely engulfing you.

Listen to me, Am.

You have to stop this
or it will destroy you!

I will prove you wrong, brother.

Don't you worry. Just watch.

I will make death yield to me!

And I'll do it with the power
of the dark side flowing through my body!




[Am] Karre, if you really want to save me,
then go ahead!

Try and take it from me!


I need to act.

[gasps] That's it!

I can use this!

You won't be able to hide from me forever!


What is this? [gasps]






Save me? You can't even save yourself.

Do you know what your weakness is?

It's that you're too afraid of death!

I shall send you back
to the galaxy as dust!

[Karre screaming]

[X-wing approaches]

- R-DUO!
- [R-DUO beeping]

Where's Am?


[groans, screams]

[R-DUO beeping]

Am has released too much power
from the crystal.

She can no longer control it,
and now her armor is overloading.

- [screaming continues]
- [R-DUO beeping]

[Karre] If we don't destroy that thing
as quickly as possible, it will k*ll her.

However, it would take a massive amount
of power to do that.

What if I'm not strong enough
to save her? What do I do?

[R-DUO beeping]

The hyperdrive? Maybe.

If I use the power of the ship's
propulsion system, then it just might…

[R-DUO beeping]

And my lightsaber!

I'm just not sure if I'll be able
to try something so reckless...

- [screams] R-DUO!
- [R-DUO beeping]

[R-DUO beeping]

[Karre] You're right, R-DUO.
It's just like you said.

There is no try, only do.

I can make this work!


[screaming stops]

[Am] If this crystal is destroyed,
our entire life's mission will be lost!

No, that isn't true!

How so?

Don't live for someone else!

As long as you're alive,
then you are free.

And you're free
to choose your own destiny!

- Punch it!
- [R-DUO beeps]


Oh, Master Am…

[R-DUO beeping]


[R-DUO beeping]

[Jawas chattering in Jawaese]

[R-DUO beeping]

Yeah, that's right, R-DUO. We did it.

[R-DUO beeping]

It's fine. Don't worry. We'll find her.

She's somewhere out there.

The key to understanding our purpose,
the reason why she and I were created.

[R-DUO beeping]

[grunts] She's out there.

Yeah, she's alive.

I can feel it.

After all, she is my twin sister.
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