01x07 - The Elder

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x07 - The Elder

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[lightsaber ignites]

[door slides open]

[footsteps approaching]

[man] You're distant, Dan.
Is everything okay?

- Yeah.
- Well, okay then.

We'll be making the jump
to hyperspace soon.


You know, I've never been
to this sector. Can't wait.

- Hmm. Is that so?
- It is.

Master, I have been meaning to ask you…

Do you have any idea
how many planets you've visited so far?

Oh, let me think.

I really couldn't say
off the top of my head.

[Dan] Well, you must hold the Jedi record
for most planets visited,

based on all the stories
I've heard anyway.

[Master chuckles]
Well, I really doubt that.

patrolling this area was postponed.

That is, until you decided to go
and volunteer us to do it.

You seemed obsessed
about getting back out here.


Actually, I thought it would be good
for you if we visited the Outer Rim.

It's a little different
than what I expected.

Oh, really? How so?

For one, I was hoping for something
a little more stimulating.

Like, maybe more action.

It's a lot more peaceful
than I thought it would be.

[chuckles] The seeds of misfortune, when
in peaceful soil, can be easy to overlook.

Do you sense something?

Hmm. I sense a disturbance in the Force.

[controls beeping]

Master, can you still sense it?

Not anymore.

Did you not feel anything earlier?

Not a thing.

If you had to guess,
what do you think it was,

this disturbance that you felt?

I sensed a darkness,
something ancient and sinister.

Could it possibly be Sith?

If so, you know I'm ready to fight!

No, it cannot be Sith.

It's been hundreds of years
since they were destroyed.

But whatever it is,
we need to investigate.

If it's that dark,
fighting would be the only way to do that.

There's much eagerness from you, Dan.

But no matter how confident,
a Jedi does not seek out aggression.

[both] A Jedi must find balance
and stillness.

[chuckling] I know.
So, then, what should we do?

The only inhabited planet
around here is Habo, right?

- Have you been there?
- Yeah, quite a few times actually.

[Dan] That's my master!

Always the only Jedi who knows it all
when it comes to the Outer Rim.

I'm so lucky to be your Padawan.

- [Master] Thank you.
- I was being sarcastic.

[Master] I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

We should get going.


Besides, I had a feeling
patrolling the Outer Rim

had to be more exciting than this.

[Master] Hmm.

[Dan] The view from above was great,
but it's even more beautiful planetside.

I think I'm going to like it here.

[Master] Then you should try
the local dish called Oon-Doon.

You'll like it even more.

[Dan] Sage wisdom, as always.

[Dan] Hmm?

The people of this planet
are known to be quite shy.

Why don't I go try to talk to them first?
It's best if you wait here.


[thunder rumbling]


[children murmuring]


[children gasp]




[children giggling]

I'm impressed.

You've already broken through
the Habo kids' shells.

So, did you find anything out?

A couple of days ago,
an elder from an unknown tribe visited.

When he arrived on his ship, he was alone.

An elderly man? And from an unknown tribe?

There are not that many visitors
to this planet in the first place.

So for the Habo, there are
far more unknown tribes than not.

Then where did this old man go?

[Master] Apparently,
he went into the mountains by himself.

Do you think this man is the same presence
you felt earlier?

I wonder.

I haven't felt the disturbance at all
since we arrived on this planet.

[Dan] Were we misdirected?

No. I think the opposite.

What's that mean?

If it's this elder, he could be hiding
his presence, which means that he's close.

You think so?

But it also means he's noticed us.

So then he's felt our presence as well.

Not only that, but...

and there's a chance
I may be overthinking this...

there are a lot of things troubling me.

No matter.
We need to look into who this elder is.

Mmm. I agree.

Should we head to the mountains then?

If we do that,
we run the risk of missing him.

It's safer to stay here
and watch over his ship.

Then we'll be here when he returns.

Better idea. Why don't we split up?

I can head to the mountains,
and, Master, you watch the ship.

Did you pick the mountain because
you're more likely to encounter him there?

No, that isn't it.

It just so happens that you're the one
who's better with ships,

while I'm the one who's better
with mountain terrain.

Best person for the job.

If I were you though, I wouldn't
count me out on those mountains just yet.

But that's okay.


[Master] There are wild animals
called Vamga up there, so be careful.

If you leave them alone,
they rarely att*ck.

So if you run into one, don't provoke it.

But if a Vamga is attacking the old man,
it's lightsabers out, right?

Well, let's just hope, for your sake,
that doesn't happen.

The mountains are tricky.
You should get a guide.

Again, so wise.


I wouldn't think an old man
could manage a path like this.

- Hmm?
- [children laughing, chattering]

Well, I should be one to talk.

[comlink beeps]

- Dan, you there?
- Yes, Master.

I've located the old man's starship.

It isn't a model I recognize,

but it resembles the old Sith ships
I've seen in holos.

Are you serious? The Sith?

- That's right.
- So, then this elder is one of them?

I'm really hoping that isn't true.

- But I've got a bad feeling about this.
- Huh?

- Wait a second.
- What is it?

There's a Vamga's carcass.


I'm going to check it out.

- Be safe, Dan.
- [comlink beeps]

- [thunder rumbling]
- [wind howling]

- [comlink beeps]
- [Dan] Master.

What is it, Dan?

It appears the Vamga has been cut down.

Its throat's been slashed. A clean cut.

Whoever it is that did this
must be extremely skilled.

Clean cut?

A lightsaber is the only w*apon I know
that can cut a Vamga's throat like that.

[Dan] Looking at the wound,
this was definitely done by a lightsaber.

You should head back, Dan.

Whoever the elder turns out to be,
he's sure to be a dangerous opponent.

- Yes, Master.
- [comlink beeps]

- [gasps]
- [thunderclap]

A Jedi.

So then, are you a Sith?


The Sith became far too obsessed
with trying to outwit each other.

It resulted in them
completely neglecting their destiny.

And so, they are now extinct.

Are you saying you're not a Sith?

[elder] Let's not speak with our mouths…

[bones cr*ck]


…But with our blades.

Run. Get away, Dan.



[Dan groans]

[Dan pants]


- I guess you are not him after all.
- [grunts]

I sensed someone strong in the Force,
but it's not you. Must be the other.

- [breathes deeply]
- No matter.

Hunting the Vamga, it was not a challenge.

But if I k*ll you,
your master will surely show himself.

I won't be as easily defeated as a Vamga.

I certainly hope not.

[grunts, panting]

You're only delaying the inevitable
with such futile defense.

How incredibly boring you are.


[Dan groans]




It's been a while since I've come across
an opponent so strong in the Force.

- [grunts]
- [bones cr*ck]

[laughs] Yes! A worthy challenge.

How I do wish I had met you long ago
when I was much stronger.


That technique…

[elder] Huh?

[elder groans]





It's been completely destroyed.


Well, so much for trying to find a clue
in what's left of that.

So, what do you think he was?

I mean, he couldn't have been Sith, right?

It's speculation.

However, based on some of the things
he said to you,

perhaps he was once part of the Sith
but then somehow broke away.

It's the first time
I've confronted such darkness.

It was a terrible power he had.

If I had fought him
when he was in his prime,

the results may have been much different.

However, you did defeat him, Master.

No. What defeated the elder
in the end was not me, but time.

He couldn't win against the weakness
that comes with age.

No matter how powerful you become,
know it will not last forever.

So, then, are you saying
that power is meaningless?

Not at all.

With power,
you can protect those without it.

However, like everything else,
it is impermanent.

You're right.

I am also becoming weaker,
and you shall continue to get stronger.

For that is the way of the galaxy.

You think I'll get stronger?

Quite possibly.

So long as you remember this:

Do not forget your training
and your kindness.


- [children shouting]
- Huh?

- [Dan chuckles]
- [children giggle]

- [Dan chuckles]
- Go on and say goodbye to your friends.

You know, they were very worried about you
when you were recovering from your injury.

Thank you, Master.
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