01x08 - Lop and Ocho

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
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01x08 - Lop and Ocho

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[lightsaber ignites]

[woman narrating]
Despite their rich natural resources,

the world of Tao struggles to modernize.

In exchange for industrial advancement,

Tao has welcomed the Galactic Empire,

who in turn plan to capitalize
on everything this planet has to offer.

However, Imperial industry has proven
to be detrimental

to Tao's natural environment.

Richly steeped in nature and tradition,

the people of Tao grow increasingly
frustrated by Imperial oppression.

[panting, groaning]


[droid whirs]

[gulps, sighs]

[droid beeps]

[crowd chattering]


So, you're one of the Empire's laborers…

who managed to escape.

Where are your mother and father?

My mother and father
aren't around anymore.

- [stomach growls]
- [gasps]

- [sighs]
- [droid beeps]

[girl giggles]

Oh, hey! You can join our family.

We have lots of food.
You can eat as much as you want.

Ochô! You cannot say these things out loud

and certainly not to a strange child
from another planet.

- Leave the poor thing alone.
- Oh, yeah?

And here I thought
that everyone likes to go on

about how Boss Yasaburô
always does the right thing.

Besides, I can tell by looking at her
that she's a good kid, right?

Let's go. Come on!

[giggling] Hey, this way!

Look! Isn't it beautiful?

[droid beeps]

Dank farrik. Look what you've done!

It would be disgraceful
for me not to invite her now.

- Okay, it's decided.
- [Ochô giggling]

I'll take her in as your protégée.

Now we're going to make sure
you're cleaned up and well-fed, so smile.

[Ochô cheers]


- [Ochô] What's the matter?
- [gasps]

Are you still worried?


With a little time…

we're going to become a proper family.

[droid beeping]


[gasps] TD!

[TD beeps]

Where is my sister?

[TD beeps]

[Ochô groans] What happened?

Papa! What did you do?
The town's destroyed!

So, this expl*si*n was Father's doing?

No way!

Come on, TD!

I can't believe
you att*cked the Imperial base!

It is the Empire who polluted our sea
and pillaged our land.

I've watched the planet of my youth
be stripped and exploited,

and it has to stop right now!

We need to show them
we will not accept this!

Please, Boss, stop arguing!
You too, my lady!

We need to flee
before the Imperial troops arrive.

Oh, Miss Lop! You're here.
Can you please help us make them stop?

People have gotten injured,
including our own family!

Ochô! And you too, Father! Please stop!

- There's no reason for you both to fight.
- Enough!

This is a problem for the head
of the family. You should remain silent.

Then allow me to make myself clear
as the next head of family.

Papa, your stubborn opposition
to development is just wrong.

We need the Empire to provide growth
and prosperity for our future!

We've lived a long time
without any assistance from the Republic.

Why would we need to change things now?
Why throw ourselves at their feet?

They continue their m*llitary buildup,

but what happens if they turn this planet
into a w*r zone?

You want to lead this family?
Then you should want to drive them out!

You're not looking at the bigger picture!

Without the help of the Empire,
whether there's w*r or no w*r,

we will have no chance
to make any progress.

The Empire provides for us
and offers support.

We should be grateful.

What they're providing isn't support.

It's just a diplomatic way
of saying they're taking over.

[Ochô] Why can't you
at least try to understand?

Sorry, Boss! Gotta run!

[Yasaburô] Hey! Why are you running away?

Those fools!

We have a duty that's been passed down
for generations.

We need not capitulate
to the Empire and their kind.

You need to open your eyes.

You should really try
and understand how Father's feeling.

How are feelings
supposed to save our family?

He probably wouldn't understand
these kinds of things anyway.

It's just that. We are family.
I want us to all stop fighting.

Even though I'm originally
from a different planet,

I've come to feel at home here.

So I kinda understand
what Father is saying.

I get it, you know?

I love this planet, and I love Papa too.

And as his heir, that's exactly why
I have to turn to the Empire.

For the sake of our future.

Papa doesn't get it, but leave it to me.

I know how to take care of the household.

I've been waiting for you, Ochô.
There you are.

An Imperial officer?
Ochô, do you know this guy?

[Imperial officer]
Oh, we know each other well.

I asked Ochô if she would negotiate
with her father on our behalf.

Negotiate? What are you talking about?

We were aware
of Yasaburô's t*rror1st plans,

but we wanted to avoid escalation,
so we called on Ochô here to help us out.

She's sensible enough to understand
the many benefits the Empire can offer.

And she promised us
that she could put a stop

to this foolish little insurrection,

but it turns out that she was mistaken.

[Lop] Is this true?

You tried to stop him
without even talking to Father first?

Of course.
I can't leave it up to Papa anymore.

He's blinded by his idealism.

[Imperial officer] I'm sorry, Ochô, but if
you're unable to get them under control,

we're going to have to make life
even rougher for the Yasaburô clan.

But I'm sure
you of all people understand that.

I apologize for what happened.
I take full responsibility.

As his successor, I will persuade him.

And if I can't,
I will force Papa to stop this.

Determination is an admirable trait, Ochô…

In fact,
since you're an ally to the Empire,

why not come with us to help
with our redevelopment initiative?

It's all in the best interests
of the planet.

And I know that you care about its future.

Together, we can bring an end
to this bloodshed.

No, wait! Think about this, Ochô.

You know it would break Father's heart.

This isn't the way to do this!



[TD beeps]

[Lop sobs]

[Imperial officer chuckles]


[grunts, yelps]


[grunts, panting]

[footsteps approaching]

Father! Wh...

W-Where did everybody go?

Most of them up and ran away.
What you see is what's left.

Bunch of cowards,
every single one of them.

They asked for leave before they left.

- Where's Ochô?
- [Lop gasps]

She's gone too.
She's taken the Empire's side.

They asked her to try to talk you out of
what they called "t*rror1st plans."

And they said, if she couldn't stop you,

they were gonna make life hard
for our clan.

The thing is,
I care about this planet, Father,

and I want to protect it
just as much as you.

It's my home.
You and Ochô were good to me.

I want the three of us
to live together again.

I mean, I want to put a stop
to the Empire's oppression.

And I want Ochô to come home too.

So, Father, lend me your strength.

[Yasaburô] Come with me.

You have a good heart, Lop.

I'm sorry. I never meant
to look down on you, but I think I did.

So, if I ever seemed
to favor Ochô over you, I apologize.

You can confirm what's happening
with your own eyes.

This ritual has been passed down
in our family for generations.

Hundreds of years ago now,
there was a great warrior called a Jedi,

who came to this planet and d*ed here.

But first, he entrusted
this treasured sword to our ancestor.

Through his teachings, this ancestor
was taught how to wield the blade,

and ever since,

both it and those techniques
have been passed down for generations.

We're a proud family.

This sword is both a symbol and proof
of our unwavering resolve.

I want you to understand that.

All right. Now do exactly what I tell you.

This ancient w*apon represents the bond
between parent and child in our family.

As it is bestowed upon you,

remember that,
even though we are not bound by blood,

you and I share a strong connection.

I am your father,
and that bond cannot be broken.

We'll support each other
for as long as we are able to.

Bear this in mind
and keep this sword close to your heart.

Whenever you're ready.

Now take it.

Say you'll respectfully accept.

I respectfully accept.

And with that, the sword belongs to you.

This might be the end of our family,
but I'm glad you're part of it.

Thank you.

[Lop] Father! I don't like this.

What will happen
to the Yasaburô household?

What about Ochô?

There is no household.

You mustn't worry about this place now.

That treasured saber of yours is
all that matters.

Just remember, both you and Ochô,

no matter what,
you will always be my daughters.

Okay. Now stay here.

Everything will be all right.

I'm just going to meet her.

Wait for us here. I won't be long.

I know that Ochô loves you, Father.
She told me so herself.

[Yasaburô sighs] I'm glad to hear that.

- [expl*si*n]
- [Lop gasps]

- [TD beeps]
- [old man grunts]

I have a feeling
that means the boss is in trouble.

[panting, grunts]

[old man] Lop, wait!

[alarm blaring]



Stop, Ochô! I can't bear fighting you.
I am your father!

I'm sorry, but you don't understand!

Yes, I do, and I have since the first time
I looked into your eyes.

I'm your father,
and you're my little girl. [grunts]

Now, please, just come home.




[grunts] I'm sorry, Papa.
This isn't how I wanted this to happen.

I had to. You left me no choice,

and I'll do what I must
to protect our home,

even if that means
I have to hurt you, Papa.

Oh, no. Father!

Are you okay? Say something!

[chuckles] It's no good.

I think I just lost my one good eye.

Now I won't be able to see your faces.

[Lop gasps]

[Yasaburô] Lop, you have to do it.

You have to stop your sister.

Please save her.

That's what a family does for each other
in difficult times. Isn't that right?

This has nothing to do with her!
I'm your daughter.

She's not even a part of this family.

[Yasaburô] If you truly believe that,
then I failed you as a father.

- [Ochô grunts]
- [Yasaburô] I'm so sorry, Ochô.

I really am. But please understand.

You and Lop can join hands,

and if you're together,
we can protect our homeland.

What are you talking about?

You know I can't turn back now!

It's too late!


[gasps] That's the family sword.

What are you doing with that?

I'm the successor!

[Yasaburô] I passed it on to Lop.

Inheritance has nothing to do with blood.

There is so much that matters more.

[Ochô groans]

[Ochô] Don't be ridiculous!
I won't allow it!

- [Lop groans]
- [TD beeps]

Ochô, you and I are sisters.

Why don't we go home?

With the three of us together,
we can rebuild this family.

- [Ochô] What is… family?
- TD!

[Ochô grunts]


I'll bring you back!

My real sister! I won't give up!



[Lop gasps]


With a little time…

[TD beeps]

[Lop, Ochô] …we're gonna
become a proper family.
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