01x09 - Akakiri

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Wars: Visions". Aired September 22, 2021 - present.
Collection of nine animated anime episodes.
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01x09 - Akakiri

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[lightsaber ignites]


[warriors shouting]

[warrior screams]


[Jedi shouts]

- [groaning]
- [ringing]

[female voice groans, echoing]

[Jedi] No, not again.

[grunting, groaning]

[creature screeches]


[warriors whooping]

[groans] Stop! Don't att*ck
the people trying to help you.

Ah. You're finally awake, Tsubaki.

- [exclaims]
- Misa?

[both] You know each other?

When I heard about what happened
to your father, I just had to come.

[Misa scoffs]

[sighs] Who would have thought there'd be
a Sith hidden among the royal family?

- Why is the princess carrying a bow?
- [gasps]

Surely, you don't plan to fight?

Tsubaki, why did you come?

Masago is a Sith Lord.
It's impossible to defeat her alone.

Allow me to go with you.

Hmm. I'm not sure.
Well, we'll just go this way.

Lady Misa, who is your strange friend?

He's a Jedi.

He helped us five years ago
when we were att*cked by Orochi.

Eh? A Jedi traveled all the way here
by himself?

Seems kind of suspicious.

Misa, do they really need to be here?

[scoffs] 'Scuse me?

From what I can tell,
you can't seem to fight.

I see. Jedi judge by appearances, do they?

If you must know,
we're not strong fighters.


[chuckles] We can't even fend off
wild tooka-cats!

[both laughing]

Why do we need guides
to lead us back to your palace?

Things have changed.
There are checkpoints everywhere.

I am in exile and now cannot even
get close to the palace.

Kamahachi knows
all the back roads in and out,

and Senshuu has all the connections.

- They are both essential to this journey.
- [both murmuring]

[chuckles] Well, they're searching
for you. [laughs]

Understood, but they better not
get in the way.

[Kamahachi, Senshuu]
♪ The night the nue that cries creep in… ♪

[Tsubaki] Shh. Shh. Stop!
They'll hear you!

[chuckles] You're not scared,
are you, Jedi?

It's a protection song
against evil spirits.

♪ The night the nue that cries creep in… ♪

[Tsubaki] Hey, stop singing!

[Misa] Be quiet!

[Kamahachi, Senshuu laughing]

[Kamahachi grunts]

[bird squawking]

[groans] We're surrounded.
There's no way out of here.

- [Tsubaki] Hey. Up here.
- [Misa gasps]

- There's a path across the mountain.
- Eh? No! We can't do that!

There's a reason why they call the area
the "place of the gods,"

because no one who has entered
has ever returned.

We... We can't. Impossible.

We've no choice. Let's go.

[gasps] Stop!

[exclaims] You'll be cursed!
No, I won't go!

Fine. I'll add credits.

[Senshuu] Hmm.

That is... Watch out! !

[chuckles] Deal.

[both gasp, laugh]


- [creature grunts]
- Huh?

Kamahachi? We have to go back!

No! If we do, we lose you too.

Let me go!

It's hopeless.

It's his destiny to die.

This is divine punishment.


Nothing is predestined!

- Go on. I'll find you later.
- Tsubaki!


[villagers chanting]

[villager] Stop! No! [groans]
I don't have any more money.

[Senshuu] No, Lady Misa.

♪ The night the nue that cries creep in ♪

[Kamahachi] ♪ The night the nue… ♪


♪ …That cries creep in ♪

- Kamahachi!
- [shouts, laughs]

[both laughing, sobbing]

[Senshuu] You made it.

[Misa] As promised.

- Take care of yourself, my Lady.
- [Tsubaki grunts]

- Tsubaki?
- [groans]

- [female voice groans, echoing]
- [ringing]

- [Tsubaki grunts]
- Are you okay?

- [ringing stops]
- [Tsubaki] I'm fine.

- [Kamahachi] Hmm?
- [Senshuu] Eh?

[warriors whooping]

[speaks alien language]

[whistle echoes]

[both screaming]



Your father is making a fuss
that his princess has disappeared.

[chuckles] He's just overreacting.

You should get some rest.

[chuckles] I'd love to if I could,
but I'm still working.

You call this working? Like Jedi work?

Unfortunately, yes.

Why are you out here, really?

Just thinking… about bringing stability
and peace to this world

and what it would take to do it.

I've thought about it too.

About what I can do.

Also about what I can't.

What was your conclusion?

Well, well, Princess.

[both gasp]

Did you think that by bringing a Jedi

you'd be able to avenge
your pitiful father?

- [Misa gasps]
- [Masago grunts]

You are the king's sister.

- How could you?
- [scoffs]

It was the right time. I was waiting
for the perfect opportunity to come along.

Masago, you are to leave this planet
right now and never return.

Is this a taste of that Jedi benevolence?

You have talent, but you lack technique.


He was always going to die

- because it was written.
- [grunts]

There is nothing that has not been fated.

- [groans]
- [ringing]


[grunting] Let go!

Tsubaki! [grunts]

Calm down, Tsubaki.

Consider the facts.

What could you possibly have done
to save your friends?



Now you're finally able to see
the limitations of the Jedi's power.


If you allow it,

the dark side will awaken the true power
that lies within you.


[Masago] You will join me.
It is written. It is your destiny.

[female voice groans, echoing]

I have to go back.

You've been having a nightmare recently.

What did you see?

I'm not sure.

The vision of someone
being k*lled repeatedly.

Someone else should go in your stead.

If you go, you will be tempted,
and it will cloud your judgment.

If it comes to that,
understand I won't be able to save you.

It's destiny.

[Tsubaki] No, it's not!


- [Tsubaki growls]
- [Misa screams, groans]

[Tsubaki gasps, panting]

[Tsubaki crying]

[Masago] Without power,
you can change nothing.

You can gain it though
by becoming my right hand.

With you by my side,
we will be able to rule together,

and we will bring order to the galaxy.

We can then protect the planet.

We can protect your precious Misa as well.

[Tsubaki] Protect her? [cries]

She's d*ad!

- [Masago] Are you sure?
- [gasps]

Why don't we try to save Misa together?



[Tsubaki] Please, help me save her,
my Master.




What did you do, Tsubaki?

I did what had to be done.

[Masago] Shall we go, my apprentice?


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