03x06 - Little Gidding

Episode transcripts for the Australian TV show "Glitch". Aired: October 2016 to September 2019.
"Glitch" is set in the fictional country town of Yoorana, where Senior Constable James Hayes is called out to the local cemetery in the middle of the night. Six people have inexplicably risen from the d*ad in perfect health and with no memory of their identities, they are determined to discover who they are and what has happened to them.
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03x06 - Little Gidding

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What have you done with Vic?

We buried him in the bush.

I'll have to talk to the others.
If I go, I'm not doing it on my own.

You know where I am.

But it's very important
that whatever happens next,

they don't fall into
the wrong hands.

I'm bringing some mates.

Did you k*ll Kirstie Darrow?

That slut was gonna blab.

I wish he'd been a better person.

The blood of Jesus redeems me
from the devil's hands

and all my sins are forgiven!

This is the police statement
about your death.

Anne Donohue lied to the police
and covered up your death.

I'll pray for you, Belle,
and then we can be together soon,

as sisters.

I need to make you understand.

It brings chaos.


For Elishia.


Don't let me die alone.



And then Phil said, "You're right,
they've all gotta die,"

and then William stabbed him
in the back.

That's just f*cking insane.

Wait, why would James kiss Phil?

I have no f*cking idea.


That's just crazy.

It is just what Phil said.

He said it'd be
the ones closest to us.

Like Pete.

You know what?
We have to stop James.


I don't know.

William! William!

Can you hear me? William!


Hold that, hold that. Hold it.
Keep the pressure down.

Don't let them leave.

Find them.

This is our best option.

Yeah, but can we even do that?
Yeah. Yeah, we can.

And then I'm driving to Adelaide,

so whoever wants to come
with me can.

We could still take Sam up
on his offer, but we have to go now.

OK, how do you even know
that it is Sweden?

How do you know
it's not some lab somewhere

and then you're trapped forever?

How do you know that your ex-husband
isn't gonna follow us to Adelaide

and try and k*ll us all?

Well, he won't if we fight back.

I'm tired of fighting.

Aren't you?

Come on, Charlie, let's go.

I'm gonna stay and fight
with Kate and Chris.

I owe them that.
You owe yourself.

We could have whole new lives.
This is our chance.

Then you should take it
if that's what you want,

but I'm...I'm gonna stay.

I can't do this without you.

Yes, you can.

You're coming with me!
No, I'm not.

No, they're my mates, too,
and I'm not gonna run.

You're too afraid to live.

Kirstie, if you leave,
I can't protect you.

I don't need you.

I don't need any of you.


Close the door.

If you've come here to hurt anyone,
I will stop you.

Kate, listen...
Step back.

So you're one of them now?

No, I'm still me.

I am still James.

And I need you all to understand
there is a catastrophe approaching.

What catastrophe?

It's one that is going to end

When did it happen to you?

In Tasmania?
Listen to what I just said.

Have you been this way
this whole time, since you got back?


Kate, listen to me...

One more step
and I'll blow your head off.

What were you doing to Phil
before you k*lled him?

I was trying to make him understand

and I need you all to understand
what is...

James Hayes, I am arresting you

for the m*rder
of Police Sergeant Vic Eastley.


Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law

There isn't even a body, Chris!
There's evidence of foul play.

If you resist arrest,

I will be required to use force
to bring you into custody.

Do you understand?

Do you want me to come?
No, look after them.

Meet me at the Lake House
and we'll go from there.

Someone I need to see first.

Alright, you do that.

I need to go into town for a bit.

Do you think you could use this?

Yes. Like spear.


Alright then.

Be careful.

I've made an arrest

in the suspected m*rder
of Senior Sergeant Vic Eastley.

There's a wounded accomplice.

Send an ambulance to the Lake House
off Carey Drive.

Suspect may be dangerous.

(OVER TV) And reports are coming in
of catastrophic bushfire conditions

moving towards Echuca,
Shepparton and Yoorana.

Firefighters have been called out
to the area.

Residents are encouraged
to implement their bushfire plans.

We'll bring you further updates
as they occur.

This is what
James was talking about,

the catastrophe, the end of days.

You mean f*re?

I have to warn Judith.
You cannot go home.

No, I have to.
My family don't listen to the news.

They're not gonna know
what's coming.

Judith has to protect Grace.

Stay there.

Take his belt off for me.

I'm gonna call Homicide
in Melbourne, get him transferred.

I didn't want to lie to you...

..but how could I tell you?

I'm not the enemy, Kate.

Yes, you are.
No, I'm not.

You don't understand
what's really happening here

and you need to.

Go for it.

I cannot be transferred
to Melbourne.

You're a cop-k*ller.

You're going to prison.

You might get 20 years,
and that's 20 years

where I don't have to see
your face again.

There's not gonna be 20 years.

There might not even be 20 days.

What are you talking about?

When Elishia brought William back,

she broke the rules
that keep everything stable,

and she released
a huge amount of energy,

and then when more of you came back,
more energy was released.

More? You're a physicist now?

And then it started accelerating...
Come on!

..and it started breaking
every rule.

Now it's tearing everything apart
and soon everybody is gonna die.

And you expect me to believe
all that?

I don't fully understand it myself,
but you've seen it.

We've all seen it.
It's happening now.

What is happening now proves nothing,

Well, what will it take
for you to believe me?

How many deaths?
How many more disasters?

There were earthquakes and floods
before I came back, James.

None of this is my fault.

But you are the cause
of what is happening now.

You need to understand.

Vic, Phil, Sarah...

They were right.

What, right to k*ll people?

You were already d*ad, Kate.

And if I hadn't loved you so much,

if I hadn't yearned for you
so much...

So this is your fault.
Yes, it is.

But it should never have happened.
It's wrong.

And you're wrong.

Well, I'm so sorry that I'm alive,

That's not what I'm saying.

I guess you wish I still had cancer.

You are the cancer.

How could you f*cking say that to me?

Only you can make this right.

Only you can fix this.

What do you want me to do, huh?

k*ll myself?


You call that love, huh?

It's the truth.


WOMAN: Noregard Pharmaceuticals.

Ah, Julie-Ann Hellstrom,
here to see Sam Avart-Chandragard.

So thrilled that you came.

There's an executive apartment

where you can wait comfortably
until the flight.

I'm sure you'll find it
well appointed.

Is there anything that you need?

Ah, guess I'll need some warm shit
for Sweden, eh?

It's all been taken care of.

What about your friends?

Can we expect any of them?

Kate, Charlie, Belle, Chi?

Nah, just little old me.

Hope that's OK.
Of course.

Absolutely perfect.

Please, eat, drink.

There are some fresh clothes.
Just relax.

You got my size right.

Well, good tailoring
requires keen observation.

Well, you sure know
how to spoil a girl.

Better get used to it.


WOMAN: He's still alive.
Ambo's 40 Ks away. Let's take him.

MARK: (OVER RADIO) Have you got him?
Is he alive?

Ambo's on another job.
We're taking him to hospital.

I'm going to have to keep
Sergeant Hayes here.

Yep, roger that.


I'll get a trolley!


Charlie Thompson.

You're in one piece.

Thanks for coming.
Thanks for inviting me.

I love the country.

I dressed for it.

Yeah, you look great.
I know.

I could totally pass.

It's good to see you.

So, you survived
your abduction intact?

Yeah, I'm...I'm sorry about that.

What was that?

Some weird gay conversion thing
they do in Yoorana?

No, these people want to make a deal
with Kirstie and me.

I told them no.

So they're just gonna leave you
alone now?

Yeah, they won't bother me again.

Or you.

Well, good on you, Charlie.

Yeah, good on me, eh?

You know I used to live
in this hotel.

For a while.


I wonder if it's the same room
I'm staying in.

You got a room booked?

Well, I'm not gonna camp
by a f*cking billabong.

Which room?

I'll show you.

This is me.

This isn't the room
I used to live in.


It's nice.

Really nice.

Why don't you just sit down?

I'll make us some tea.


And a biscuit.


You OK?

Yeah, course.

You seem a little nervous.


A bit.


You sure you want to do this,


Yeah, I'm sure.

Are you?

MARK: Righto, careful with him.

He's a big bastard.

Bring him inside.

What is End of Days?

Well, it's pretty bad because of
the terrible things that'll happen.

A lot of people will die

but it also means that
the Prophet's coming back,

and the righteous and holy
will survive

and be taken up into heaven.

We will get to heaven, Belle.


Yeah, I hope so.

But we need to get my sister
and my niece to safety first.


Demon! Be gone!

Get away, both of you! Go on!

Mum, I need to talk to Judith.


What's going on?

Belle, you've gotta go
before Luke comes home.

He will k*ll you.

You have to take Grace.
You need to listen to me.

The television said that there are
horrible fires coming, catastrophic.

Television is full of lies
and sinful acts.

This is what I told you.
This is the demon talking.

You and Grace need to leave
as quickly as possible.

You are such a liar.

Full to the brim,

packed fat with lies.

Well, you lied to the police!

Shut your mouth.

Why did all those
other families leave?

All those police complaints?

That was just a...

..awful rumour.

We go now.

I'm sorry, but she bad mother.

Yeah, go on, get out

and take your filthy Chink with you!

You told the police I ran away
and had an epileptic fit

and that's how I d*ed.

Did you?

The police showed me your statement.

Well, you had a fit.

There was always something wrong
with you.

You couldn't be saved then
and you can't now.

You know what you did to me.

I did nothing wrong.

You hurt me.

You m*rder me.

All of you.

It's true.

I saw it.

That night...

..I looked into the barn.

I saw it.

Judith, you need...you need to leave.
You need to take Grace.

Children aren't safe here.
I wasn't safe here.

Come on, Belle.

Hey, darling. Come here. Come here.

Good girl. Good girl. Come on.


Come on.


(RADIO) The authorities warn

that the winds are becoming
wildly unpredictable

and experienced firefighters say

they have never seen
anything like this.

Where can we go?

I remember the address
of one of the families,

the Freemans.

They live in Bendigo.

I remember them.

I was right when I said
that you were the prophet.

The prophet speaks the truth
and that's what you did.

That's why you came back.



They've gone mad. They're going
to burn down the whole camp.

Get the troopers. Save your friends!

Whoa! Where's my little errand boy
off to?

Must get troopers!

What do you want to go bothering
the authorities for?

Miners angry. Going to burn camp.

Ah, they're just bl*wing off
a bit of steam.

No, drunk on bad rum you sell.

But I have a reputation to uphold.

One day, I'm gonna be
the f*cking mayor.






I know how I die.

I did not deliver message.

What message?

I did not save camp.


Go with good sister.

Wait, where are you going?


Know why spirit stuck.

Wait, I'm going to come with you. OK?

Wait there.

I'm gonna go with Chi.


You take Grace and go.
I'll meet up with you later.

But, Belle, we...

I have to.

He has to free his spirit.


Take care.

Take care.


I love you.

Love you too.

Thank you, sister.

MARK: We've got a bunch of targets
to collect and bag.

I need 'em pacified.

No injuries, no telltale signs -

pristine and packaged.

No worries, boss.


Let's move.

My car's just out the front.
Sure thing.

The flight's about 18 hours all up,

so we'll have plenty of time
to get to know each other better.

I have so many questions for you.

I've got a question for you too.

How come you don't seem to care
that I was the only one

that took you up on the deal?
What about the others?

If you're the only one smart enough
to see what I'm offering,

then you're the only one
I want to be in business with.

Professor Heysen wanted everyone.

Professor Heysen
no long works for us.

So nothing bad's gonna happen
to the others?

You have my word, Julie-Ann.

My name's Kirstie, not Julie-Ann.

Not anymore.

Oh, God, I feel sick.

That smoked salmon was...

Put your head between your legs.

Jesus Christ! Stop the car!


Come back here!

Thanks, mate.
I'm not your f*cking mate.

What'd you say?

I said I'm not your mate, alright?
Don't call me that.


I'm so sorry...


No, you do not get to apologise
for this.

This is...this is completely f*cked.

I know.

I know it is.

That's why I need your help
to fix it.

This is your fault.

You dragged me into this.

People coming back from the d*ad?


And...and Kirstie Darrow.

And now...

Now my brother?

My brother.

And then...

..my best friend dies,

and f*cking you, whatever you are...

..come back in his place.

I'm still me.
You're not.

You are not you.

I don't know what you are.

So I'm...I'm... That's it.
I'm done. I'm done.

Chris, I came back here
for one reason,

and only one reason -

for Nia.

Please let me out.

She must have a future.

You were right.

Noregard's still evil.

They've got something f*cked up
in store for everyone.

But I got away.
What? How?

That guy Sam.

I chundered on him.

Let's go.

Get out of here.


Don't you f*cking leave me here!



The cemetery.

I saw us there.

That's where it will end.

And can I pick it up from Yoorana?

Yeah, I mean, when the road opens.

OK, great.

Hello? Kate?
Oh, can I call you back?




Who's this?

I'm Raf.
Sorry, Kate, this is Raf.

He's alright.

I've heard a lot about you.

Well, come in, come in.

I'm, ah...I'm booking the van for us.

Oh, ah, I'm not coming to Adelaide.

I just wanted to come
and say goodbye.

Where are you going?

Well, I'm thinking of going back
to Melbourne, with Raf,

for a little while.



If that's what you wanna do.

Good luck, you guys.

Oh, I'm gonna miss you. Come here.




Charlie Thompson.

This has to be Kate Willis.

Who the hell is this one, though?
I don't know.

Jesus, he's still going.

You alright, mate?
Something's wrong.


You know there's some pretty fierce
bushfires burning around here?

Yeah, it's alright. We know.

You need a lift somewhere?


We go now.

Yeah, sure thing. It's on the way.

Thank you.
Jump on in.

Whose van is that?
It's probably them.

The ones from Noregard.

Stop right there.

(MUFFLED) Chris, look out!

(OVER RADIO) This is Mark.
Have you got 'em, over?

We've got one identified male,
two of the females

and two extras, over.

Yeah, I've got the girl
and the Chinese one.

Meet me at the cemetery, over.



Oh, what the f*ck?

Police. Step out of the van, please.

What's the problem, officer?
Ah, there are fires approaching.

We're evacuating the area.
We are evacuating.

This vehicle is a Noregard van,
isn't it?

Step out of the van, please,
both of you.

Do you work for Noregard?

I do, actually, yes...

Carl! Carl!


MAN: Stop. Roadblock.

One coming through!

Are you gonna untie us?


f*cking untie us!

James, mate, what are you doing?

We've got to get to the cemetery.

Because he wants us all to die.
He just rescued us.

Raf, you alright?

James, please stop. Just let us out.

(OVER RADIO) It's Mark.
Where are you guys?

I can't wait here much longer, over.

James, you're heading
directly toward the fires.

I know what I'm doing, Chris.

You're gonna k*ll everybody!
Yeah, exactly.

Jesus, look at that moon.

Anne? Anne, we have to leave.

No, you...you have
such little faith.

We were given a warning.

The Lord will protect us.

No! No!

We should have got rid of it!
We never got rid of her things!

It's the End of Days!


Come on.

(WIND bl*ws)


Have mercy upon me, God.

Wash me thoroughly from mine

cleanse me from my sins

Purge me...

..and I shall be clean.

Wash me...

Stay where you are!
Leave me alone! Get off me!

The other two, Belle and Chi,
they're in your van.

Where are my mates?
We left them at the Lake House.

Are they OK?
No, they're not.

They might need your help.

I have no idea
what or who you people are,

but this is way above
my f*cking pay grade.

Get out. Get out of the car.

Stay there.

Stand, walk. Walk, walk, walk.


I hand them over to you,

then I walk away, OK?

You have my word.

Go. Go.

You people can't stay here.

We have to.

Give me the keys.

Well, how're you going to
keep us here?

You gonna sh**t us all?

I need you all to listen to me.

Why should we f*ck' listen to you?

I know that you think
that I'm your enemy,

that we're
just cold-blooded K*llers.

Because you are.
No, we're not!

We are part of a system,

a system that self-regulates,

that maintains the conditions
for all life.

The Earth, the universe, all of it.

We protect life.

What's that got to do with us?

Because when you came back,
you put that all at risk.

I've heard this shit before.

Come on!

If we wet some clothes down
and breathe through the smoke,

maybe we can make it out on foot.

There's some old clothes in the van.

We've all seen the signs.

The failed electricity,
the d*ad animals, the moon...

What the f*ck have I got to do
with the moon?

Look, when Elishia brought you back,
that wasn't your fault,

but what happens now is
your responsibility.

So we're supposed to what?

Sacrifice ourselves?

Or stand by as everyone
is sacrificed.

That is just bloody blackmail.

Cover your mouths.

Come on Raf, let's go.

Why not?

James is right.

About everything.

What are you talking about?
You can't leave.

None of you can.
What do you mean?

I don't understand.

I do, now.

The taser.

I had a heart att*ck.

I d*ed.
Oh, Christ!

It's alright, Charlie.

No, it's not.


You did this. You did this!
It's not his fault.

So are you the prophet?

I'm just a messenger.

This is gonna keep happening
to all of those closest to you,

to all who love you.

I can't deal with this.

Just stop!

It's not going to stop!

It's why I d*ed!

You must accept what you have to do.

I must do
what I have returned to do.

I must free other spirits.

Belle! (COUGHS)

Give me the keys, James.


If you can't k*ll us,

don't you condemn us.

Give me the f*cking keys!

We just wanna live! (COUGHS)

But you have.

All of you.

And you had a second chance.

And you've done
what you needed to do,

but now it has to end.

(SOBS) Come on, James.

It's gonna be OK.

It will be OK.

I'm scared!

What's gonna happen to us?


Life and death are not opposites.

And the thin line
that separates them is so frail.

And though you cannot see it,

you can hear it.

Give me the keys.

No, give me the keys, James.

Come on, get in the car! Kate!



You can't stay here!

Chris, you should go.

You don't need to be here.

No, James.


RAF: Goodbye, Charlie.

I'm just so glad we met.

Are you ready?

Is anyone, ever?

We'll do it together.

I'll be with you.

Charlie Thompson,
you're my f*cking hero.

I f*cking love you, Kirstie Darrow.



I'm frightened.

It's alright.

I see you in heaven, teapot.

I'm coming with you.

This is not like before.

This time I'm choosing.

Kate, please.

I was born alone...

..and I'll die alone.

I know what I had.

I'm grateful.

I can't say goodbye to you.

You don't have to.

Wherever I go, you'll be there.


How was your flight?

Oh, it was fine.

It's Uni holidays
so it's not like I'm missing much.

How's that going?
Yeah, it's great. I love it.

I'll, um, graduate in a year,
then start looking for a job.

Then hopefully I can move out.

Oh, not much fun
with the grandparents?

Oh, no, no they're great.

It's just, you know,
I don't have a lot of privacy.

Sure, I understand.

How's your family?
Oh, good, good.

Emily's back at work now,

so, you know, I'm looking after
the property on my own.

Ah, Nathan's nine,

and Katey's just about to turn 13.


It's, ah...

It's not what I expected.

No? What do... What do you mean?

It's just so green.


Well, the fires were
20 years ago now.

You know, the bush regenerates.


..this, ah, this is it.

This is your Dad's grave.

Your Mum's buried
a bit further up there.

"In my end is my beginning

"We shall not cease from exploration

"And the end of all our exploring

"Will be to arrive where we started

"And know the place
for the first time..."

Oh, you OK, Nia?

Yeah, yeah, I'm alright.


You know,
never having been here before.


The inscription's lovely.

Yeah, well, it's what he wanted.

Were you here that day?

Of the fires?


Yeah, I was.

Must have been terrifying.

It was. It was a lot of things.

Can you tell me about it?

I can.

It's a long story...

..if I tell you everything.

It's OK, I've got time.

And I really wanna hear it.

All of it.


I want to give you this first.

What is it?

It's the only thing
that survived the fires.

I... I kept it, all this time.

For you.
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