03x19 & 03x20 - Return to the Pridelands

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Lion Guard". Aired: January 2016 to November 2019.
Kion leads his friends - Bunga, a honey badger, Fuli, a cheetah, Beshte, a hippopotamus and Ono, an egret - known as the Lion Guard to protect the Pride Lands.
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03x19 & 03x20 - Return to the Pridelands

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"Journey to the pride lands."

It is a difficult decision.

It is.

I have a duty to
the pride lands.

My whole family is there.

But I still have more
to learn about the roar.

And the night pride
could use our help.

And rani... I mean, queen rani.

She wants me to stay.

And what do you want to do?

- What do I want?
- Yes, Kion.

The decision is yours to make.

You must choose the
path that is right for you.

The path that's right for me...

Thank you, grandfather.

- Kion?
- Rani?

Uh, hi.

Have you thought
about what I said?

You mean about never being
welcome at the tree of life?

That was a while ago.

Funny how things can change
once you get to know someone.

Yeah, it's true.

We really do make
a good team, Kion.

I know.

The Lion Guard and the night
pride work really well together.

Well, yeah.

But, I also mean you and me.

Yeah. We do.

How are we so different

and still so much the same?

Why do I start smiling

when I hear your name?

At times I think
you could be

a reflection of me

still there's
something deeper

more than what we see

there's a feeling
of belonging

that's deep down inside

a feeling that's
been growing

now we just can't hide

it's a feeling
somehow knowing

there's nothing to decide

'cause when I'm
with you it's clear

we're of the same pride

seems like I have grown up

so much since I met you

like it's been forever

but every day is new

we had some great adventures

we also had some fun

shame to think it's ending

or has it just g*n?

There's a feeling
of belonging

that's deep down inside

a feeling that's
been growing

now we just can't hide

it's a feeling
somehow knowing

there's nothing to decide

'cause when I'm
with you it's clear

we're of the same pride

you have the energy
and drive to take command

you have the Patience
I always wish I had

working together I
finally understand

having you here by my side

will help me rule this land

there's a feeling
of belonging

that's deep down inside

a feeling that's
been growing

now we just can't hide

it's a feeling
somehow knowing

there's nothing to decide

'cause when I'm
with you it's clear

'cause when I'm
with you it's clear

we're of the same pride

Being queen has been
more work than I expected.

I really could use your help

keeping the tree
of life at peace.

If I've learned anything
about you, rani,

it's that you don't
need my help.

You don't need anyone's help.

You're a great leader, rani.

Thank you, Kion.

I want to be a great
queen someday, too.

And a great queen
could use a great king.

- Like you.
- King?


Hey, Kion.

Uh, hey, Bunga.

What's going on?

That's what we've
been wondering.

You are all healed now.

And the bad guys are gone.

Time to go home?

I've told Kion
you're all welcome

to stay at the tree of life.

That I'd like you to stay.


Kion, are you seriously
thinking about staying here

and not going back
to the pride lands?

Well, there's peace
in the pride lands.

The night pride
could use our help.

And rani has
become a good friend.

So has binga.

I've made lots of
friends here too.

It is tempting to stay.

The tree of life
has so much to see.


I don't know.

Queen rani, Lion Guard.

I've spotted a cheetah
making his way up the pass.

- A cheetah?
- Mibinamet!


- Wha...
- Huh?

Fuli. Queen rani.


You two know each other?

Azaad's been to
the tree of life before.

Yes. Queen janna
herself healed azaad

after an unexpected fall.

She will be missed.

Thank you, azaad.

So what brings you here now?

Another unexpected fall?

No, no.

Two travelers
asked for directions,

and azaad has shown them here.

Swift as a cheetah.

It seems they couldn't keep up.

- Azaad.
- Wait for us.


Janja? I'll stop him!

Zuka zama!

Oh, Bunga, get off of me.

I'm on your side now.

Oh, yeah. I forgot.



What are you doing here?

It's Zira.

She and her pride
of evil lions are back.

What? Zira?

Oh, no.


She's the leader of
some very bad lions.

My dad banished them
for betraying the pride lands.

But you roared those lions
all the way outta the outlands.

Yes, but they're back now.

And now Zira's son, kovu, and
daughter, vitari, are fully grown.

Hate to admit it, but us hyenas don't
stand a chance against those lions.

The hyenas told me all of this.

It is why I brought them
here as fast as I could.

And faster than they could.


It's up to the Lion Guard

to stop Zira and her pride.

As long as we have
the Mark of the guard,

we have a duty to
defend the pride lands.

I know.

You can't stay here if the
pride lands are in danger.

Yes. And we have to go now.


I think I have to stay.

I'm queen rani's
royal mjuzi now.

This is my place
in the circle of life.

I understand.

I'm sure you'll be a
great royal mjuzi, makini.

Thanks, Kion.

Bye, makini.

We'll miss you.

Affirmative. Yep.

Say hi to all the
pride landers for me?

We will.

So, Lion Guard, this is goodbye.

Thank you for helping
me defend the tree of life.

I consider each of you
a member of my pride.

Fuli, Bunga,


Ono, Anga.

Kion, I know you need
to protect the pride lands...

But I meant what I said before.

I know.

You, and your friends,

will always be welcome
at the tree of life.

Thank you, queen rani.

Come on, Lion Guard, time to go.

Till the pride lands end...

Lion Guard defend!

Maybe the roar
will return again.


Thanks for coming
to get us, Jasiri.

You've saved my family
and home more than once.

Just returning the favor.

Fuli, I understand
that you have friends,

but having hyenas for friends?


That seems very unlikely.

It's a long story, but
they've earned our trust.


Still remember all the moja
kwa moja
stones on Rafiki's map?


The first landmark back to
the pride lands is a giant lake.

- Ooh, I remember that.
- Me too.

Got it!

The lake's this way.

We'll need to move fast.

It'll take us a long time
to go around that lake.

And even longer to get
back to the pride lands.

It is a shame that your
friends are not cheetahs.

We could go this way.

It would be much faster.

Wait, you know a faster
way to get to the pride lands?

But of course.

I have traveled much

and know the fastest routes
to all of the great lands.

Alas, I do not think your hippo friend
would fit on the path we'd need to take.

Kion, if you need to leave
me behind, I understand.

Before we decide anything,
I want to take a look and see.

Azaad, show us the way.

Follow me.

The fastest way is
through this canyon.


That is a narrow path.



Yeah, I don't think you're
gonna fit through there, big b.

Is this the only way, azaad?

It is the fastest way.

The way of the cheetah!

Not the way of the hippo. Sorry.

So, guess we go back
and take the slower way?


If this is the fastest way, then
this is the way we're going.

Get behind me.

I know what that means.

But you cannot all fit.

- How...
- Just wait. It's UN-Bunga-lievable!

Gotta love the roar.

Very well. The fast way it is.

We will need to
cross this ravine.

That's deep and wide.

Deep and wide!

Deep and wide.

A cheetah could
just leap across.

But the nearest land bridge
may take days to reach.

We need to get back to the
pride lands as fast as we can.

We just need to get
across this ravine?


The path to the pride lands
continues on the other side.

- But...
- That's all I needed to hear.

Ooh, ooh! Me first! Me first!

Okay, Bunga, you first.


- First for what?
- You'll see.


That's what I'm talking about!

So, who's next?

Next? Whoa, no way I'm
going across the ravine like that!

Don't worry, Janja.

Kion's learned lots of
new ways to use the roar.

Indeed. It's perfectly safe.

Easy for you to
say. You can fly.

Don't tell me you're scared.

What? Me? Scared? No way!

Good. Go ahead, Kion.

Wait, wait, wait!

It's just that I
don't wanna fly!

See? That wasn't so bad, was it?

- It was fun.
- Yeah.

Better than all the other
times Kion's roared at me.


Fuli? Azaad?

We can cross the
ravine like cheetahs.

- Yes, Fuli?
- Yes.

- Mibinamet.
- huwezi!

So, Kion, how will
you get across?

Like this.


Okay, azaad, we're across.

Now which way do we go?

This way.

Fuli sure seems happy to
see that azaad guy again.

It's like Kion and queen rani.

They're really good
friends, you know?


Really good friends.

Here we turn

and follow the
riverbed to its mouth.

Is it far?

Farther than even I can see.

If you were all cheetahs, we
could make it before the sun sets.

Oh, I think I can get us
there way before sunset.

First, we need to get this
d*ad tree into the riverbed.

Okay! Twende ki...
Don't worry, Beshte,

I got it.

Poa. guess you didn't
need my help after all.

Oh, yeah!

Kion's new roars make
him a one-lion Lion Guard.

Guess they kinda do.

Okay, now, we're going to
ride that tree down the river.

But, there is no river.

Not yet.

Hope you two don't
mind getting wet.

Hmm, afraid of thunder, hyena?

Me? Afraid? No way.

Kion roared up a river!

Now, everyone hop on
the tree and hold on tight.

We're gonna ride the
tree down the river.

Must we?

What? Afraid of water, cheetah?

Azaad is never afraid.

It is simply that cheetahs
and water do not get along.

See? It's not just me.

Here comes the water.

Everybody, get on!

Zuka zama!

Here we go.

Hang on, everybody.


This is UN-Bunga-lievable!

They look like
they're having fun.

Most of them.

You okay, Janja?

I think I liked it better
when Kion just used his roar

to blast us back
to the... Outlands.

Thanks for helping
us find our way, azaad.

I'm sure this part
isn't much fun for you.

I do prefer my adventures
to be less soggy,

but I am pleased to be
having this adventure with you.

Isn't this great?

And look at all the
waves up ahead!

Must we?

Looks like this is
as far as we go.

Aw, too bad. That was fun.

What do you think, azaad?

Fast enough for you?

Almost as fast as a cheetah.


Now let's keep going.

Life has a way
of circling around

starting your day
on different ground

as you move on

you don't slow down

as you move on

there's still new ways to go

there you go oh, oh, oh, oh

there you go oh, oh, oh, oh

yeah, you can push
yourself try something new

go ahead and
find your limits

see what you can do

as you move on

you don't slow down

as you move on

there's still new ways to go

as you move on
you don't slow down

as you move on

there's still new ways to go

there you go oh, oh, oh, oh

there you go oh, oh, oh, oh

This is the great stone wall.

We are not far from
the pride lands now.

But the wall is
too large to climb.

The cheetah way
is to run around it.

I think I can find
us another way.

Or make one.

Ooh, what are you
gonna do, Kion?

Blast a hole through it?


Yes! The roar can do anything.

The roar can't solve
everything, Bunga.

We don't even know what's
on the other side of that wall.

Pfft, doesn't matter.

The roar can handle it.

- Right, Kion?
- Probably.

Fuli, Zira and her lionesses
may have already att*cked.

We need to get to the
pride lands as fast as we can.

So, stand back.


Take a look?


The great stone wall is
holding back a great big lake!

Stop roaring! Stop roaring!


Hevi kabisa.

Everyone, stay behind me.

I can handle this.

Oh, good one, Kion.
Now what do we do?

Not sure. But I
don't think I can...


The klipspringers.

They're right in the
path of the water!

And hyraxes?

They'll all be in danger if
that water floods the valley!

Fuli? I'm on it.

Keep roaring. Ono, Beshte,
see if you can fix the rock wall.

On it. Affirmative.

We need to clear the valley
in case the wall can't be saved.

Bunga, Anga, hyrax duty.

You got it.

Anga, gimme a lift?

All right. Anga lenga!

That leaves the
klipspringers to us.

Follow me! Huwezi!


But, uh, shouldn't we
be saving ourselves?

Janja, you're one of
the good guys now.

Come on.

All right, all right.

How's it look, Ono?

Not good. Kion's roar smashed
a big hole in the great stone wall.

Fixing it won't be easy.

Nawaza, nawaza, nawaza...

Yes, I've got it.

Beshte, we'll need
to gather all the rocks

the roar made when
it smashed the wall.

I can do that. What's the plan?

We're going to use the
roar to fix what it broke.

Zuka zama.

Hold still, hyraxes.

Coming up! Hup! Hup! Hup!

Coming down.


Go, go, go!

Come on. Move it!

Keep them all running
in one direction!

Sure thing, Jasiri.

Hey, being a good guy is
just like being a bad guy.

Except you don't try
eating everything you chase.

Ono, any luck?

Yes, we have a plan, but
we need you to keep roaring.

Beshte, now!

Start pushing the rocks
into the roar's path!

It's working! Keep
pushing, Beshte.

We need enough
to cover the hole.

The hyraxes are safe and sound.

The klipspringers too.

Looks like Kion, Beshte, and
Ono could use some help though.

Right, come on.

Can't keep it up

much longer.

Hang on, Kion.
Help's on the way.

Okay, Kion, the
rocks are in place.


It worked!

Thanks, everyone.

I thought I could solve
all our problems myself,

but I was wrong.

Nothing can replace the Lion
Guard working together as a team.

Not even the roar.

We make a great team.

All of us.

Being a good guy ain't so bad.

Guess we need to take
the long way around after all.

Do not worry, Kion.

As I said, the pride lands
are not far from here.

We will be there soon.

Hey, this place looks familiar.

It does.

Yes. We have
reached the outlands.

Yep. And look.

- I see it too!
- Pride rock.

- We made it.
- We're almost home.

Yes. The pride lands.

But we can't stop now.

We need to find
Zira and stop her.

Till the pride lands end...

Lion Guard defend!

The power of the roar

the power of the roar

it dwells inside you
and all around you

in ways you've
never seen before

the power of the roar

the power of the roar

once you think
you've found it all

you'll find there's
still much more


"Return to the pride lands."

No time to slow down.

We need to stop
Zira and her evil lions

before they can
harm the pride lands.

We're all with you, Kion.



We thought we'd
never see you again.

Oh, come on, fur brains.
We wasn't gone that long.

Madoa, do you know
where Zira and her lions are?

They went into the pride lands,

not long after Jasiri
and Janja left to find you.

We don't know what
happened after that.

We promised Jasiri
we'd stay away from Zira,

so we've been hiding.

It's okay. You
did the right thing.

But if Zira's lions are
still in the pride lands,

something's up.

Yeah, we need to return to the
pride lands and see what's happened.

And we'll need as
much help as we can get.

My hyenas will be happy to help.

I do say.

Is that you, prime minister?

- Prime what?
- Prime minister Jasiri.

Welcome back.

Your presence in the outlands
has been greatly missed.


Kion needs our help to
ensure peace in the pride lands.

Would you and
the vultures join us?

All in favor of rendering
assistance to Kion

as per prime minister
Jasiri's request.

- Aye.
- Aye.

The ayes have it.

We vultures would
be hOnored to help.

Thank you, mzingo.
Everyone, let's go.

Till the pride lands end...

Lion Guard defend!

Kind of weird leading an army
of outlanders into the pride lands.

Yeah, I hadn't
thought of it like that.

What if Zira's
pride is still... Kion!

I see a strange
lion on pride rock.

Dark fur, green eyes.

That's kovu, Zira's son.

Anga, is kovu alone?

Yes. No sign of
the royal family.

You think we're too late?

No, we can't be.

But if kovu is at
pride rock, it means...

It means you outlanders
don't stand a chance.

It's Zira's daughter,
vitani, and her lionesses.

That's right, hyena.

And we won't let you
inv*de the pride lands.

Shabaha, hyenas. Kazi, cheetahs.

Imara, hippo.
Tazama, keep watch.

The lion with the
Mark of evil is mine.

Till the pride lands end...

Lion Guard defend!

Lion Guard?

What in the pride...

Twende kiboko.


Ha! Got you now.

That's what you think.

Bila hofu!

Run, Cheezi, run!

Wow, kinda like her style.

Yeah, she reminds me of you.

Ha! Too slow.

I'm not.

Kazi, tree.

Haraka, haraka!

Thanks for keeping
watch, tazama.

- You see that?
- Indeed.

Vitani's so-called Lion Guard

has the same strengths
as the real Lion Guard.

And it gives me an idea.

Vultures, try to distract
the lioness keeping watch

while Anga and I help Kion.

Capital idea. All in favor?


Vultures, att*ck.

Hiyo Kali!

Anga lenga!

Okay, I've had enough.

Everyone, get behind me.

Kion, no, stop!


Kiara, look out. Behind you.

Wait, Kion, don't.

Get out of the way, Kiara.

No, Kion. You don't understand.

Kovu has joined our pride.

So has vitani and
the rest of Zira's pride.

They... they have?


Kion? It's been a long time.

You look different
with that scar,

and surrounded by outlanders.

Vitani, what's going on here?

Yeah, what's going on here?

We heard Zira was gonna
att*ck the pride lands.

Where is she?

Zira has completed her
journey on the circle of life.

- Huh?
- What?

She has?

Come to pride rock, Kion.

We'll explain everything there.



Asante. thanks again.

Anytime, Kion.

If you ever need help,
you know where to find us.

Leading the outlands, as
you were always meant to.

Mom! Dad!


Welcome home, son.

But your scar.

I'll always have it.

But the venom is
gone. I'm healed.

So, the journey was worth it?

Indeed. I got my sight back.

The tree of life
was Bing-credible.

I mean, UN-Bunga-lievable.

And we met lots
of amazing animals.

Yeah, we did.

And who is this?

I am azaad.

Azaad helped us get
back to the pride lands.

Thank you, azaad.

It was my hOnor, your majesty.

But not everyone has returned.

Makini is not with you.

No. She decided to stay.

Queen janna...
Queen janna was right.

She was certain makini's rightful
place would be at the tree of life.

Just as I was certain
makini's role would be here,

in the pride lands.

I think we all found something
special at the tree of life.

But when we heard Zira was
headed for the pride lands,

we came back as
fast as we could.

So, what happened?


Yes, yes, this way.

You will see.

After Kion roared Zira's pride

out of the outlands,

Zira devised a new plan
to take over the pride lands.

Zira raised me to believe
that Simba was our enemy.

But after I got to
know Simba and Kiara,

I realized she was wrong.

So Zira led an att*ck
on the pride lands herself.

But kovu and I
tried to stop her.

We said we didn't need to fight

because, as lions, we are one.

Vitani and the other
lions saw it was true,

but Zira refused, and in
the end, it destroyed her.

After Zira was gone, Simba
welcomed us into his pride.

And one day, Kiara and kovu will
be queen and king of the pride lands.

We really did miss a lot.

You did, and we have
missed you. All of you.

And we are not the only ones.


Bunga, you're back!

Uncle Timon! Uncle Pumbaa!


My baby.

It always feels good to
return to the pride lands.

- Eh, Simba?
- Yes, Rafiki.

- Looking at stars, Kion?
- Yeah.

Those four stars helped us
find our way to the tree of life.

Seeing you with kovu reminded
me of a friend I made there.

A friend?

Ooh. What's her name?

Rani. Queen rani.

Oh, a queen.

She's smart,
brave, but also kind.

A great leader.

You'd like her.

Sounds like you do, too.

You miss her, don't you?

Yeah, I do.

Maybe you can go back
to the tree of life someday.


I think mom and dad
would understand.


So you think the lair's changed
much since we've been gone?

Why would it?

Ooh, I wonder if the grubs
that I hid are still there.

Come on, Lion Guard.


Kion, what are you doing here?

What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?

I'm the future king's sister.

It's my duty to lead
the Lion Guard.

Vitani, I'm the future
queen's brother.

We have the Mark of the
guard, and I have the roar.

We're the Lion Guard.

Yeah, that's right.

We'll see about that.

- Seriously?
- Yes, seriously.

Lion Guard! Lion Guard!

- Yes?
- Yes?

There's an emergency at
mbali fields. We need your help.

- Sure, Laini.
- No problem. We'll...

Perhaps you all should go.

Yes, all of you. Come right now.

We'll all go, then
we'll figure this out.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Laini, show us the way.

Follow me.

Till the pride lands end...

Lion Guard defend!

Right over here, see.
It's an emergency.

There's an emergency?

How dreadful.

We're back in the
pride lands, all right.

Okay, guys, you know what to do.

That's right. Lion
Guard to the rescue.

Except we're the Lion Guard.

Oh, no, you're not.

Oh, yes, we are.

- Are not.
- Are too.

- Are not.
- Are too.

Zebra, have you
tried backing up?

Hmm. Oh.

Why, thank you. I
hadn't thought of that.

- Oh.
- He's out.

No thanks to us.

We can't help anyone
if we keep arguing.

You're right. So why don't you and
your friends leave things to us now?

We're not gonna do that.

Our team is the
pride lands' best.

Our team is the best.

Excuse me.

If you really want
to see who's best,

you should do it the zebra way.

And what's that?

You have a competition.

We zebras find the best zebra

by seeing who can
panic and run the best.

As weird as it sounds,
he might be right.

Yeah, we can do the big test

of the original Lion
Guard setup in the lair.

Bunga, that wouldn't be fair.

Our Lion Guard
already took that test.

But both guards could compete
in a series of new challenges

to see which team is the best.

Seems fair.

The pride lands
does deserve the best.

- Yup.
- She's right.

- Sure.
- Okay.

- I'm in.
- Right.

Okay. Let's do it.

Lion Guard versus Lion Guard.

Huzzah. I'll spread the word.

The battle of the Lion Guards.

Pride landers!

Welcome to the battle
of the Lion Guards.

Kion's guard will
compete with vitani's

to see which team is the best.

There will be one test for
each traditional Lion Guard role,

the fiercest, bravest, fastest,

strongest, and keenest of sight.

And as the pride
lands' smartest...

I'll be the judge.

Whichever guard
loses their challenge

will get to set the
rules for the next one.

Vitani, as leader of
the challenging team,

your guard will
have first choice.

Okay, strongest first. Imara?

To prove who is strongest,

Beshte and I will
have to push a rock

across Chakula plains.

Pfft. Beshte could
do that in his sleep.

A rock with an elephant on it.


I'm not sure how I let you
talk me into this, ma tembo.

Oh, zito, hush.

The contest is about to begin.


Imara, Beshte, first one to
push their rock to that tree wins.

On your marks, get set, push!


Twende kiboko!

You'll need to do better than
that if you want to best Beshte.

Let's go, Beshte.

You can do it.

Beshte, are you all right?

I'm okay.

Just a little hot.

Beshte, you're
getting sunburned.

You need to protect your skin.

Oh, you're right. Be right back.


Ha-ha. We're winning.

Twende kiboko!


All right, imara.

Vitani's guard
wins the first event.

Sorry, everybody.

I started to get
sunburned, and...

Don't worry, Beshte.
We're just glad you're okay.

Yeah. Besides, fastest is next,

and I get to pick the challenge.


No matter how fast they may be,

they cannot defeat
the f*re of a cheetah.

Fuli has chosen the
challenge for the fastest.

She and kazi will race
through the canyon,

loop around, and
return here to finish.

On your marks, get set, run!

- Huwezi!
- haraka, haraka!

Go, Fuli.

You had your chance.
Now, I've got you. Huwezi!

Here they come.

And Fuli wins.

All right.

Great job, Fuli.

There was never a doubt.

Keenest of sight is next.

And with Fuli's win,
it's tazama's choice.

On your marks, get set...


Anga lenga!

Tazama will find where that
galago's hiding in no time.

She can see in total darkness.

Oh, yeah? Well, Anga can
see in total not... dark... ness.

Which way?

Hiyo Kali!

Anyone see them?


Too bad Anga's not here.

She could see if she was coming.


Tazama found me. She wins.

Now we're back in the lead.

Too dark. Sorry, everyone.

It's okay, Anga.

Yeah. 'Cause now,
it's time for the bravest.

Now, for the most
UN-Bunga-lievable test of all.

First, we run through
maumivu Thorn patch.

Then we cross Urembo river.

And then, we go
up makundu cliffs.

First one to grab the Baobab
fruit at the top of the tree wins.

- Scared?
- Pfft. Never.

- Looks like fun.
- Okay, then.

Ono, call it.

On your marks, get set, go!

Go, Bunga, go!

You can do it!

Gotta be braver
than that, shabaha.

Zuka zama.

Bila hofu!

Mmm, she is brave.



I still win.

After four tests, it's a tie.

It all comes down
to the fiercest.

And, vitani, it's your choice.

I call for a mashindano.

Oh, yeah. Kion will
win that one for sure.



Vitani, you don't
stand a chance.

You haven't seen
everything the roar can do.

I don't need the roar, Kion.

I'm fierce enough to lead
the Lion Guard without it.

Lead without the roar?

Only one who
is willing to let go

of the roar completely...

Can truly master it.

You're right, vitani.


By choosing to face
me even without the roar,

vitani has proven to be
the pride lands' fiercest.

Vitani and her team have won.

They are the pride
lands' new Lion Guard.

- Yes.
- Cool.

Vitani, as leader
of the Lion Guard,

you'll need the
Mark of the guard.

And the roar.

The roar?

- Oh.
- Ah.





Yes, Kion. You have done well.


He was the leader
of the first Lion Guard.

- Anga, you seeing this, too?
- Shh.

By letting the roar go,
you have truly mastered it.

Yes, askari.

But I'm not leader of
the Lion Guard anymore.

Why would I need the roar?

There is another place

that could use the roar's help.

The tree of life.

Everyone, want to join me helping
queen rani and the night pride?

- Yes.
- Affirmative.

- Poa.
- Yeah.

- Yup.
- Tree of life, here we come.

But Kion, what does it mean
to have mastered the roar?


Hevi kabisa.

Queen rani?

Kion. I'm glad the roar has
returned to the tree of life again.

This time, to stay.

I'm looking forward to
ruling the tree of life with you.

We'll rule it together.

Animals of the tree of life,

friends from near and far,

it is my hOnor to
present... King Kion!

Yay, Kion!

King Kion! Whoo!

My best friend is a king.


You know, king Kion,
he's as fierce as a penguin.

Yeah, I taught him all he knows.

We're gonna make a great team.

We already do.


Yes, I am.

Long live, long live
long live the king

the power of the roar

the power of the roar

it dwells inside you
and all around you

in ways you've
never seen before

the power of the roar

the power of the roar

once you think
you found it all

you find there's
still much more
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