01x04 - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't d*ad

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Station Eleven". Aired: December 16, 2021 to present.
Mini-series based on the 2014 novel of the same name tells a story a group of survivors 20 years after a flu pandemic resulted in the collapse of civilization.
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01x04 - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Aren't d*ad

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[eerie music]

♪ ♪

I remember damage...

[sharpening Kn*fe]

Then escape.

Both: Then adrift in
a stranger's galaxy

for a long time.

But I'm safe now.

I found it again...

- My home.
- My home.

It's been a week.

Can you stop worrying about David?

You should be more worried.

He was so sad about his wife.

I wonder what happened to him.

What did he say his
wife's name was, again?


By any other name.

There probably was no "Rose."

I know that.

Well, so what if people
make up who they are?

It's what you all do all the time.

- All of who? Actors?
- Pre-Pans.


What did he say to you when
you were alone with him?

Why do you care so much?

Well, I care,

because if something happens
to you, it's my fault.

The world's still a very
dangerous f*cking place, Alex.


Just... don't talk to strangers!

Welcome to the fork in the road,

the beautiful Petoskey Station!

I finished reading it!

It's inspired. Inspired!

- Really.
- What is it?

Wendy adapted "Hamlet."

Takes place in Portland, Oregon.

Told in the vernacular
of ' s indie rock.

- It's wild.
- All right.

Circle the wagons.

Four watch points.

Swap every four hours.

That's our route.

Learn to love it, Dan.
We don't go off-wheel.

Why is Pingtree crossed off?

That way's Pingtree.

Golf course where a bunch
of professors live now.

Gil, our second founding
member, he retired there.

And that way's Nuevo Santiago.

Whew, they love music.

We used to split up every year.

Actors went that way, and
musicians went that way,

and we'd rally here afterwards
and all head to Traverse City.

So why don't we do that anymore?

Gil had a second-marriage
thing going on at Pingtree.

Some professor named Katrina.

Conductor found out,
like, three years now,

and she sh*t Gil.

She k*lled our director?

Nah, she winged him. He quit.

Haven't split the troupe since.

- Go dig the shitter.
- Right.

We don't go to Pingtree.

[keytar playing]

[bike bell chimes]


- Stranger.
- Stranger.

Hi! Hello! Hello.

- No danger.
- I finally caught you!

No danger.

I'm very much looking forward
to your next performance...


Dieter, here's a suspicious man

I didn't bother to tell you
about from the other day.


Perhaps this is the perfect time

to invite you once more

into the Museum of Civilization.

To the east.

It's only a week away, and
I will personally guide you.

Personally guide you.

We're fans of yours, Ms. Larson.

I listen to it all the time.

- How?
- Uh...

Well, we will not be
coming to your town,

but I will be taking this.

Thank you.

I used to be on NPR.

Well, um...

perhaps I'll... I'll try you again
in Nuevo Santiago.

The answer's still gonna be no!

Third... third time is a charm!

Remember what you love.

We don't leave the wheel.

[unsettling music]

♪ ♪

"Beware the Prophet.
If you see this man,

"cover your ears and run for your lives.

"Beware the terrible
prophet in these parts

and the cult of the
children who follow him."

Oh, f*ck.

That should clear it up.


He asked me what it was like

to be the only Post-Pan in the troupe.

I said I didn't think about it that way,

but he said that I should...

That Post-Pans were special...

the first human generation
to be rid from trauma...

and that the survivors
were the only liars left.

That's what the Undersea thought.

It's from "Station Eleven."

- Maybe he read it.
- No.

There's only one copy, and I hid it.


It's at Pingtree...

in Gil's office.

We should go tonight. Just us.

Check on Gil and...

and make sure everyone's okay.

I'll talk to Sarah.

[thunder rumbles]

Let's unload.

[Pearl Dowell's "It's All Over"]

♪ ♪

♪ You don't move me ♪

♪ Like you did once before ♪

♪ Don't care for you anymore ♪

- Ready? Are you ready?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Are you ready?
- Go. Yeah, yeah.

- Yeah, there you go.
- Oh! f*ck!

What's wrong with you? [laughter]

You're so bad at cards.

We should do this
more, though, for real.

I mean, it's not like we
have lives or anything.

Yeah, but you've been writing.

Don't attempt to score "Hamlet."

It will k*ll you.

"The winds of chaos,"
as my mama used to say.

I saw you...


Something had you...

just for a second.

What happened?

Tell me.

Is this what you were
playing when I met you?

I was attempting to play that.

You can't play "La campanella"
on the keytar.

That's not the reason I can't play it.

I still fantasize, though...

About that harlot being forced
to hear me play it for Gil.

- Maybe we should go back.
- No!

f*ck her, and f*ck him.

I did hear something, actually, um...

At St. Deb's.

I don't know. It might
have been a rumor.


That Katrina d*ed, actually.

What? How?



I don't know.

You know what? It was secondhand.

And I don't know if...


Oh, Sarah.

Listen up!

We're splitting the troupe.

The actors and I are
going back to Pingtree.

The rest of you, take the wagons

and go on to Nuevo Santiago.

We just make up the rules as we go.


[pensive music]

♪ ♪

- _
- [thud]


Now the road's open,

maybe we can go scavenging again.

We don't need anything.

How about a new book?

I like this one.

Why, though?

Really, I mean, I played the main guy,

and I still don't even know.

Is it actually any good,

or is it just what was in your backpack?

Read me a line.

"To the monsters, we're the monsters."

What does that mean?

You m*rder Big Daddy's entire family.


The wolves think you're scary
like you think they're scary.

- We're the same.
- Hmm.

We're not the same.


I don't know. Everything looks safe.

Everything looks normal.

Still the fake minefield.
No sign of the Prophet.

I should have seen what he was doing.

No, it's hard to see dangerous people.

You knew it, though.

Yeah, I knew it, but I was dangerous

when I was little.

And people really put their guard down

when you play vulnerable.

I mean, the leg, the d*ad wife.

What's the situation?

We're not sure.

Does that sign say "minefield"?

- Let's go.
- Yeah.

There used to be a minefield.

Why are there mines on a golf course?

- Just out of curiosity.
- Oh, back in Year One,

a whole bunch of Red Bs
took this place over.

In the First One Hundred.

- And what are Red Bs?
- Red Bandanas.

A bunch of militias
of crystal meth morons.

Called them Kevins back in Virginia.

I thought this place was
all, like, nice people,

college professors and the old director.

Professor from Purdue moved in

after the Red Bandanas
all k*lled each other.

Not all of them.

There's still some pockets in the woods.

Yeah. To the east.

And you know Vlad was
a Red Bandana, right?

Really. You could ask him.


- Oh.
- It's Gil.

- Hey!
- Gil!

- Gil!
- Yeah!

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Gil!
- Hey!

- Gil!
- Gil!

Hey, will you have us back to play?

- Over here!
- It's been too long.

Stop moving!

- We put the mines back in.
- What's he saying?

Gil, it's us from
the Traveling Symphony!

Stop! There's mines!

- Who is that?
- It's Katrina.

My God, I hate Katrina.

Stop moving!

We put the mines back in!

Well, hello to you, too!

You're already in the middle
of the minefield!

It starts back there
at the f*cking green!

Oh, my God.

You are surrounded!

Hello, Sarah.

- Stay still.
- Okay.

So do you know where they are?

Uh, well, we just sort of

scattered them everywhere out here.

What happened?

Why did you put the mines back in?

'Cause he f*cking took everything!

The Prophet!

The cult came here
last fall, and they...

They stole your children!

- No!
- No, Allie!

- No, Allie!
- Don't move!

Stay there! Stay there!

Stay there!

Oh, my God.

- I'm sorry, Gil. Gil.
- It's okay.

- f*cking... oh, my God.
- She's okay.

Gil, I'm scared. I mean,
they're your kids.

- It's okay. It's okay.
- It's all right.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

Okay. Did anyone see where she stepped?

- Kind of a straight line.
- Oh, my God.


Okay. I think...


we could really use your light
and life more than ever now.



It's an even year!
What comedy are you doing?


Well, we said we'd never do "Hamlet."

Well, that was back when we
made decisions together, so...

I see.

So what are you planning for score?

- "Tubthumping"?
- Gil!

We all just almost d*ed.

Could you not be an
assh*le for a second?

- Sorry.
- You're not an assh*le.

Hi, Kirsten. Welcome back.

- Hi.
- Don't talk to him.

What did he do, though, specifically?

Why did you let him in?

One day, a man and a boy
appear at our front door.

They're on a journey.

They are traveling for the first time.

He even has crutches.

I mean, anyone who would
be disarmed by that story

in Year Twenty...

There's something about him, though...

The Prophet.

You've met him?

We both did,

uh, at St. Deborah's last week.

Yeah, we talked to him.

I'm not saying I trusted
him. The opposite.

It was like he knew I knew
he was pretending.

- It was a game.
- To me, he just felt honest.

Most Pre-Pans don't.

Maybe if you're young
enough, he can be compelling.

But he's not innocent or kind.

Anyway, we gave them some food

and sent them on their way.

He comes back the very next day.

No crutches.

Different name, different
story, different kid.

And we ask him why.

And he just smiles and nods

and says, "There's no before.

The survivors are the problem."

That psychopath stole my grandkids.

We let them have a campfire.

He told a ghost story,
and two weeks later,

the only four children
of Pingtree were gone.

Penelope, Michael, Brett Olson, Annie.

What was the story?

I don't know.

Okay, I can forgive these
two... they're actors...

But one would think that
the grandkids of professors

would have basic thinking skills.

Enough, Sarah!

We need your joy right now.

Okay, let's... let's
talk about the play.

Now, honestly, "Hamlet" is easily

the most overrated play of all time,

and, yes, I'm including
"August Osage County."

I love that play.

Oh, of course you do, Dieter.

I'm not a great actor. I know that, Gil.

Well, we all know that, Dieter.

I know that.

What's embarrassing
is that you don't know

you're a bad director.

You're not missed.

I knew this would just
become a resentment festival.

Is there an expression of basic joy?

It's fine. We do this.
This is what we do.

Golf with w*apon?

The w*apon were already here.

Doesn't that sound a little
close-minded to you people?

Do you know what I
think is close-minded?

Performing Shakespeare
without updating it.

Oh, that's one of the reasons
that you left, wasn't it, Gil?

It's one of the reasons, yes.

You don't like risk.

We're artists.

Everything is dangerous.

We have completely
deconstructed "Hamlet"

this season.

It's set in Poland.

- Portland.
- Whatever.


Wendy is our writer.

Alex is the lead.

Hey, that's awesome.


Well, this sounds interesting.

- Is this your first lead?
- Mm-hmm.

Congratulations. That's great.

Afterwards, maybe I'll play
a little on that baby grand.

We should go rehearse, right?

[person coughing]

I'm looking forward to this.

Hardly finished here.

Dan! Now!

Thank you so much. Dinner was wonderful.

Wait, what's a camcorder?

A camera that takes videos.

But phones make videos.

I'm not saying that.

- You are gonna say it.
- I'm not saying that.

- I'm the writer.
- I'm the actor.

Wen, I'm sorry,

this just doesn't feel
like the same play.

- It's not holding me.
- It makes sense, you guys.

This is actually...
It's so powerful, Wen.

Hamlet's the same.

He doesn't see that
Ophelia's faking everything.

He's obsessed with his own emotions.

No, that's Ophelia.

Forget it. This is gonna work.

Come on! Let's put it on its feet.

You heard Gil. They need us right now.

They need our light and our life.

Come on, come on!
Oh, yes, it is gonna work.

- Hey.
- Sorry.

Is she directing now, too?

Just... just be more positive, okay?

It's your job to help, no matter what,

even if you're not a lead.



- Just try. Just once.
- Okay.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

Where's my book?

I don't know. Side pocket?

What did you do?

Did you take it?

[footsteps approaching]

[doors open]



What are you doing here behind my desk?

I was just looking
at your big book of...

I was thinking of
adding the word "great."

"The Great Book of Joy and Despair."


f*ck books.

You wanna putt?

I have b*lls.

Uh, I'm good.

I don't know why I leave
that thing out there anyway.

Never try to write an
oral history of the world

after it ends.

We miss you, for what it's worth.

I mean, the actors,
'cause we have no director.

And Dieter's wrong.

You were really good at it.


Gil, can I ask you something?

Is this what you thought it would be?

Like, living off the wheel?

Oh, retirement.

Ah, not really.

No, no.

"Our revels are now ended.

"Yea, all which it
inherit... Shall dissolve.

"We are such stuff
as dreams are made on,

a little life rounded with a sleep."



Come back.

Leave with us.

What? You can.

Katrina just lost everything.

So did everyone, years ago.

You sound like him, you know?

The Prophet.

"There's no before," right?

I'm just saying you should come home...

if that's what you want.

This is what I want.

[melancholic music]

♪ ♪

"Station Eleven" is the story

of a stranger named Dr. Eleven,

who we first meet floating
unconscious in space

and who then gets stuck
aboard a broken space station.

Captain Lonegan is in
charge, but he has no crew

and is locked inside the bridge

and just drinks scotch
and talks about the past.

An expl*si*n destroyed
the "guyroscope"...

- Gyroscope.
- Gyroscope.

And spilled half an ocean

into the workstations of the crew.

This drowned every grown-up.

The survivors are kids
called the Undersea.

They want to go home
and build a future Earth

by using time travel.

Dr. Eleven talks to both
sides and doesn't care

- what happens or what they do.
- Hey, Jee.

He scares everyone.

You still scared of the dark?



It's gonna get cold.

[Luli meows]

Hey, Luli.

[Luli meows]

- Hi.
- Hi.

Nice to meet you, Kiki.

I don't wanna live
the wrong life and die.

What did the Prophet say to you?

What was so amazing?

I wanna know. Really.

He asked me to leave the Symphony.

And I said yes...

Because that's how I felt that day.

And then after the bonfire,

I went to go meet him,
and he didn't show.

Well, thank God.

I didn't wanna be with
him. You get that, right?

I wanted to be the lead, just once.

Well, I'm glad you get to.

It's weird that you do that.

It's weird that I do what?

Take w*apon to a play.

Not to me, it's not.

We all bow to you!

You're wonderful!

I love you, Ophelia.

Can't you see that?

No, you can't.

You're fake.

My love is real.

You're just inside of it.

- I knit you out of it.
- [mouths] Hi.

My entire family lived
and d*ed before we met.

That's true of everyone here.

f*ck you, Hamlet.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Brava! Bravo! [cheers and applause]

It was inventive, it was unlike anything

I've ever seen, and
she, Alexandra, my God...

Absolutely wonderful.

You did bring us new life.

Well, we've been too
scared to be out here

since he came.

The Traveling Symphony
isn't afraid of anything.

We're artists. We are terrified.


you don't seem to be.

Sometimes I think we should
be out there looking for them.

Well, maybe they'll just
come back on their own.

Sorry. Really important play thing.

- [squeals]
- Come on, girl. This way.

The way they held
you when you said it,

and there's just something
about being Hamlet, you know,

and just, like, devouring people.

[imitates expl*si*n]

You were really great, Allie.

I should say that more
often, but you were.

Come ride with me. We'll celebrate!

- Come, come, come. Come on!
- No. No, no, no, no, no.

- Come on. Come on.
- Stop.

We'll ride the minefield.
There's no before.


Don't say that. That guy's a psychopath.

He probably does the same thing
in every town he goes through.

No. That's you...

all of you.

Oh, you never deviate.

Rules. Routines.

"We never split the troupe.
We never go off-wheel."

"Ah, wow! Hooray! They're here.

"It's... it's the...

"the terrified carnival of trauma!

It's the Traveling Symphony!"

Hey! Just... stop it.

The Traveling Symphony raised you.

- Watch your mouth.
- I'm going for a ride.

- No!
- No?

- Both: You are not going!
- God damn it!

- Why not?
- Because he's still out there!

He didn't die when I s*ab him!

Yes, I tried to protect
you at the bonfire, Alex!

That's why he didn't meet up with you.

You're welcome.

- Why are you so mad at me?
- I'm not...

Both: Whatever happens
to you is my fault.

I haven't made a single
choice for myself

since I met you. I was just
supposed to walk you.

You made us leave Frank's.

Yeah, but we waited too long.

We stayed for your f*cking play.

Why are you being like this?

Because you can't just say

you felt like leaving
the Traveling Symphony one day.


I can't.

I'm sorry.

I'll just be downstairs.

Don't worry. It's still in the Ziploc.

Alex, it's getting dark.

Just make sure everyone comes inside.



[distant chatter]

Found this onstage. On the ground.

I never liked this recording.

Why not?

I recorded it two months
before my father passed away.

That's all I think about
every time I play it.

The whole thing just dies
when you try to capture it.

It's like it happened,
and then it ended,

and then, that's it.

Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

What's wrong?

Well, I moved into a country club.

[chuckles] You did do that.

Yes, I did.

- These people respect you.
- Yeah.

Katrina there loves you.

I never treated you very well.

Yes, you did.

You wrote a brand-new
f*cking symphony every year.

You actually got better
after the world ended.

So what?

You heard me.

You organized me.


You do know

that I love everything we made together.

I feel the same way.

But I didn't leave.

[solemn music]

♪ ♪

[horse whinnies]

[tense music]

♪ ♪

Alex, you can't.
There are mines out there.

- Alex!
- Alex.

[thunder rumbles]

[unsettling music]

♪ ♪

You're in our room.


What are you wearing?

What is that?

Is that a mine?

They're beacons for the Prophet.


Well, maybe you can show me.

Your friends are gonna
start to disappear.

♪ ♪

First, Alex.

The Conductor maybe?


Who knows?

♪ ♪



I'm not Penelope.


He's wearing a b*mb!


You know, I seem to remember

a little girl

who loved miniature golf.

She loved it.

♪ ♪

Gil, the kids have b*mb!

Do you wanna try?

Show me.

♪ ♪

[cheers and applause]

[glasses cr*ck]

♪ ♪

Stop! No, no, no.

♪ ♪

Gil, he's got a b*mb!

- You came back.
- Gil!

- There is no...
- There is no before.

[eerie music]

♪ ♪

Captain's log. Star date . .

Starship "Enterprise"
diverted the schedule

for the purpose of a confirmed discovery

by Dr. Thomas Leighton.

An extraordinary new synthetic flu,

which would totally end
the thr*at of famine.

You mean to tell me, you called me

three light-years off my course

just to accuse an actor of being bogus?


- Jeevan!
- [mouths] Guys!

[lighter clicking]
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