01x04 - The Master Beta

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pam & Tommy". Aired: February 2022.
Mini-series that depicts the marriage between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and the release of their infamous unauthorized sex tape.
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01x04 - The Master Beta

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I am karma...

and I'm a b*tch.


♪ ♪

Can you play Hi- ?


[MILTIE] [GASPS] I want in.

I can really help you
go big with this thing.

You do wanna go big
with this thing, right?

Yes, I do.

[MILTIE] You just worry
about getting the tapes out.

All right? Leave the rest up to me.

My monologue... it's cut?

We just thought it
was stronger wordless.

A drop more wedgie, please, Katie.

That's great.

Bless us with the
body and soul of a child.

Ahh, honey!

care how big his d*ck is.

I can't show it to everybody
without releases, so f*ck off.

Nobody is ever getting rich

off a celebrity sex tape, okay?

What if we sold it somewhere
that nobody could ever find us?

A what site?


This thing on the computer

people will go to, and
they will order the tape

directly from us.





♪ ♪


♪ ♪

SINGER: ♪ Waiting for the break of day ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Searching for something to say ♪


SINGER: ♪ Dancing
lights against the sky ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Giving up I close my eyes ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Sitting cross-legged on the floor ♪

♪ or to ♪

♪ ♪

TOMMY (via TV): Oh, my God.

PAM (via TV): Oh, oh, f*ck me, baby.


[DR. KLOKE] That's a gestational sac.

That's the yolk sac.

[PAM] Oh, my God. What is that?

That? That's the embryo.

That's your baby.


Uh... oh, my God.

Oh, hey, little peanut.

Oh, it's me, Mommy.

Oh, my God. That's
in... that is in here!

- Nice to meet you.
- This is...

[DR. KLOKE] See that flicker?

No way.

Is that...

[DR. KLOKE] The heartbeat.

It's a nice steady b*at.

Is it healthy? It sounds...
it sounds healthy.

[DR. KLOKE] It's perfect.

It's like a little / , you know,

like "Kickstart My Heart." Whoo!

Oh, he's perfect.

SINGER: ♪ One, two, three ♪

Guess what, f*ck?

I'm gonna be a dad... on purpose!

Anybody thirsty? [ALL CHEERING]


SINGER: ♪ Wake up, kids ♪

♪ We got the dreamer's disease ♪

♪ Age , they got you down
on your knees ♪

♪ So polite, we're busy
still saying please ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Frenemies, who when
you're down ain't your friend ♪

♪ Every night we smash
a Mercedes-Benz ♪

[RAND] Excuse me. Is Erica around?

Oh, I don't know. Kitchen maybe.


♪ ♪

SINGER: ♪ But when
the night is falling ♪

♪ You cannot find the light ♪

♪ Light ♪

- [RAND] Erica around here?
- [STAFF] Yeah, she's out there.

- She's out the back.
- [RAND] Thank you.

SINGER: ♪ Hold tight ♪

♪ You got the music in you ♪

♪ Don't let go ♪

♪ You got the music in you ♪

♪ One dance left ♪

♪ This world is gonna
pull through ♪

♪ Don't give up... ♪

That the new one?

Ohh. What are you doing here?

[RAND] I actually came
here lookin' for you.

What is that?

It's the bucks I owe you.

For what?

For Thanksgiving, ' .

The carving Kn*fe, remember?
The urgent care visit?

Oh, shit. Yes, wow.

Right. Oh, you don't have to do that.

I know, but I can, so I did.

You can? You can?

[RAND] Yeah. Do you remember the thing

I was alluding to at
dinner the other night?

I do.

[RAND] It's going well.

That's great, Rand.

Like, very well.

Oh, that's great.

So does that mean that
we can finally get divorced?


I... I don't have enough for that yet.

I have $ , not , .

You enjoying it so far?


- The book.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh.

I'm only, like, pages in.

Second favorite after Lestat.

- Body Thief.
- Oh, no.

Body Thief, Queen of the Damned

- close second.
- Damned I will give you.

- Damned is up there.
- You know,

I have you to blame for this obsession.

Do you remember that day

you showed up with that huge stack?

- Yeah.
- All of them.

How could I forget?

Well, I should go.

- Yeah.
- [ERICA] Thank you for this.

No problem.

[SETH] I'm down here in the Valley

for a few days on
a little scouting trip.

Krystal, let me ask you something.

How would you like to do p*rn

and not have to f*ck
disgusting, sweaty men?

H-how would you like to do p*rn

and not have to f*ck anyone at all?


[SETH] There's my card.

[KRYSTAL] Internet Entertainment Group?

[SETH] We're a technology
slash entertainment company.

Excuse me.

Did I hear you just
mention the internet?

I did.

Rand Gauthier.

[SETH] Ah, Seth Warshavsky.

Seattle. Let me guess... Webcams.

Uh, very good, yeah.

[RAND] They say it's the future of p*rn.

And I would agree with them.

[RAND] Yeah, personally
I'm not a believer.


[RAND] No, the image quality is awful.

They take forever to load.

Mm, well, I see.

Yeah, you know,

If I'm a guy looking to rub one out

am I gonna wait a half an hour

for some choppy, grainy video to load

when I can just pop
"Backseat Bangers "...

which is a classic... in the VCR?

I'm going to jack off in seconds.

Also, if they ever actually invent

these K modems
they keep talking about,

the image quality, it's not
going to be nearly as good

as a good old-fashioned VHS.

Well, you clearly know
a lot about this stuff, so...

Yeah, you know,

as a technophile and former p*rn star,

I am uniquely positioned
to talk about this.

Well, I'm sorry to hear

you think p*rn's bullshit.

No, see, I don't.

I actually think
technology has the power

to revolutionize p*rn,

but I think you have
to be smart about it.

Look, I can't get into specifics,

but I am currently harnessing
the power of the web

in a way that has
never been done before.

Wow. Good for you, Dan.


Good luck with your brilliant,

world-changing idea.


- d*ck.

[PERFORMER] Ahh! Harder!

[TOMMY] Breakfast time.

[PAM] Mmm, baby, it smells amazing.

- I like that.
- [TOMMY] Follow the smell.

- Ooh!

[TOMMY] You ready?

[PAM] Ahh.

Can you tell what that is?

f*cking Mickey Mouse.


Pop a squat.

All right, I used the
special whole-grain batter,

a little extra nutrish for the peanut.

- Baby.
- Let me get you some OJ.

- [PAM] Mmm, it's delicious.
- Pure Premium, baby.

Only the finest.




- Ohh.
- [TOMMY] You know what?

This is way too precious to leave out.

- I'll be back.
- What? Where are you going?


♪ ♪

What the f*ck?


♪ ♪

[TOMMY] Uh, an AK- , FNC as*ault r*fle,

nickel-plated Colt Commander
. , mother of pearl grips,

a Rolex, a, uh, uh, Cartier watch,

pair of gold cufflinks

and this, like, big-ass
ruby and diamond cross.

Um, what else? Um... a wedding bikini.

Yeah, white.

God damn it.

A wedding bikini?


[OFFICER JARVIS] Anything else?

- [TOMMY] Um...
- Oh... Tommy.


Hold on a second.

We'll be right outside.

What's up?

The tape.

What tape?

You know... the tape.


Wait, wasn't it in there?

Yes. Yes, I-I, um,

I-I told you I was nervous,

and then you said... you
said you put it in the safe.


Think it was.

[EXHALES] Ohh...

It was.

- Oh, God.
- You know what?

Don't worry about it, baby.

They're gonna get it all back.


They're gonna get it all back.



Actually, there was
this one other thing.


Like a tape.

A tape?

Like a videotape.

Like a movie?

Kinda... home movies.

- Okay.
- [TOMMY] Yeah.

I, um...

I trust that this is gonna be

a top-priority case
for, uh, for you guys.

Uh, we'll keep our ears
open if anything pops up,

but burglaries don't
get solved that often.

Hmm. Wait. So-so what...
so what you're saying is

you're not even gonna
try to get our stuff back?

[OFFICER BARNES] Sir, we're just
trying to manage your expectations.

Well, somebody broke into our home

and took our shit, our
own personal, private shit.

look, the number of burglaries

- per day, it's up there.
- Yeah.

I don't care about other robberies.

- I care about mine.

I pay more f*cking taxes

that I could own your f*cking precinct.

Mr. Lee, we're done here.

We'll let you know if we find anything.

- Really, dude?

[SCOFFS] Whatever.

Babe, there's f*cking
g*n in there, jewelry.

I mean, who's gonna bother
with some stupid unmarked tape?

I know, but if somebody
plays that thing, Tommy...

Nobody's gonna play it.

And... and they couldn't,
even if they wanted.

It's Hi- . Who the f*ck has Hi- ?

[PAM] Yeah.

God, but I feel... f*ck' violated.


Don't you?


Yeah. You don't?

I mean, I feel more... pissed.

We'll get it back.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

I promise.

- We're gonna get it.
- Mm-hmm.

- All right?
- Mm-hmm.

f*ck the police.

f*ck the po-lice.

f*ck the police!

We'll get our own guy.

Wait. What do you mean?

What, like, um...

we get like a private...
private investigator?

A PI. Exactly.

[PAM] Yes, that's great. Who?

[ANTHONY] There's only
two reasons to steal a safe...

Money and revenge.

Money, that's tough.

That could be anybody,
so let's start with revenge.

Is there anybody you
had beef with lately?

- [PAM] [EXHALES] Beef?
- [ANTHONY] Anybody who hates you?

Maybe had a reason to get back at you?

Um... no. No, I don't think so.

What about you, Tommy?

Who's got beef with me?


Bret Michaels... [LAUGHS]

Axl Rose,

um, Blackie Lawless, Lou Adler,

Gene Simmons, f*cking David Geffen.


Mickey Rourke. Yeah.

Richie Sambora, Jan Wenner, Bob Rock.

- Got it.
- C.C. DeVille, John Stamos.

John Stamos?

f*ck' assh*le.


The police report says
the surveillance footage

was destroyed.

Is there anybody who had
access to your security system,

where it is?

[PAM] Well, just us.

[TOMMY] Just me and Pamela.

[PAM] Right.

Who installed it?

Some dude, this
f*ck' dipshit carpenter.

Dipshit carpenter?

Oh, yes, he was working on our house.

Yeah, I canned his ass.

For what reason?

For the reason he was
doing a shitty-ass job,

so shitty I didn't even pay him.

What? You never paid him?


When was the last
time you saw this guy?

A couple of days after I fired him.

And what were the circumstances?

He showed up trying
to get his tools back.

[LAUGHS] Did you give them back?

Of course.

After coming to my
house without permission?

f*ck no. I almost smoked his ass.

- What?
- [ANTHONY] Smoked his ass?

[TOMMY] Yeah, I put a
shottie in his face and said,

"Get the f*ck off my property."


Let me do some digging here.

♪ Rusted chains of prison moons ♪

♪ Are shattered by the sun ♪

SINGER: ♪ I walk a road ♪

♪ Horizons change the tournament's ♪


SINGER: ♪ g*n ♪

♪ The purple piper plays his tune ♪

♪ The choir ♪

♪ Softly sings ♪

SINGER: ♪ For the
court of the crimson king ♪

- [RAND] Hello?

Ow! f*ck me!

- Where's the tape?

Where the f*ck is the tape?

[RAND] What tape?

Oh, f*ck.

Augh! Ahh!

You know what f*cking tape.

[RAND] What are you talking about, man?

Just tell me where it is.
It'll make this a lot easier.

Am I getting warm? Am I
warm? Am I warm? Am I warm?

[RAND] I don't know, man!

- Is it over here?

[SIGHS] f*ck is this shit?

[RAND] It's King Crimson, man.

Oh, that's a first pressing.

- What I did to that record

I will do to your fat, stupid face.

Oh, God, no. Dude, dude, please, please.

- I'm going to ask you again.

[NEIGHBOR] Knock it
off or I'm calling the cops.

I'll do it, Rand. I'm
calling the cops right now.


- Good, call them... f*ck you.
- Shut your f*ck'...

[MAN] Okay. I'm calling the cops now.


I'll be back,

and you better have that f*cking tape.


Oh, f*ck.



- [MILTIE] Hello.
- [RAND] Hey, Miltie.

Thank God you picked up.

MILTIE (recording): I can't
get to the phone right now.

Please leave a message,
and I'll get back to you.

- [BEEP]
- Um a-are you there?

Are you there, man?

Are you there?

If you're there, please pick up, dude.

Please, I need to talk to you, man.




♪ ♪


- [RAND] Hey, man.
- [CHAD] Hey.

- [RAND] How's it going?
- [CHAD] Good. And you?

[RAND] Good.

of them there?

[CHAD] Yeppers.

f*ck. I got that shit.

[RAND] You do?

Well, mine ain't got the nice packaging.

It's just the tape.

It showed up in the
mail without the box?

[CHAD] It didn't get mailed.

How did you get it?

No refunds now. No refunds.

Hey, check out the tape right here.

Everybody, Pamela Anderson right here.

Triple-X. I got you.

The sequel next time, huh?

That's what's up.


- [RAND] Hey, yo.
- Hey, what up, homie?

How much these puppies for?

Hey, for you,
for , for .


Mind if I check 'em out?

Yeah, go ahead, bro. It's nice, huh?

Good stocking-stuffer.

What you're doing is wrong.

Excuse me.

These do not belong to you.

All right, look, dude.

No, no, no. You look, dude.

You have no right to be selling these.

You are profiting off of somebody else's

considerable risk and labor,

which is probably illegal
but is definitely unethical.

So unless you want a
major problem on your hands,

you're going to pack
up the bootleg shit,

and you're going to get out of
the Tower Records' parking lot.

Ha ha, oh, shit.

You're f*cking with me, right, dawg?

Oh, what are you, the p*rn police?

Maybe I am.

Mr. Ethical. Ha.

Get the f*ck out of here, dawg.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

This whole operation's
getting shut down, man.

[KENNY] f*ck your
mom, sir. Have a good day.

Hey, check out the tapes
right here, everybody.


It's him without a doubt.

[TOMMY] f*cking knew it.

[PAM] Oh, my God. Are
you sure? How do you know?

One can tell these things.

[PAM] Oh, my God.

You're gonna get it back, right?

I'll pop in tomorrow.

You'll probably have it
back by the weekend.

- [PAM] Oh, my God.
- [TOMMY] Yes! Yes!

[PAM] Thank you so much, Mr. Pellicano.

We really f*cking appreciate it.

You have no idea.

It's fun.

[TOMMY] Ahh, come here.

Whoo! Yeah! Yeah!

- Oh, what did I tell you?
- I know.

- Yes.
- Yes.

I got to bounce.

I got a session with the boys.
I'll be back home around : .

[PAM] Yeah, but I'm
sh**ting late tonight.

- Aw, f*ck, that's right.
- Yeah.

I gonna miss you.

Oh, my God. Not as
much as I'll miss you.

Eskimo kiss.

- Mwah!
- Ohh.


♪ ♪




They're ready for you.




Whoo! Let's do this.

- Hey, Evander!
- [BEN] Hey.

- [PAM] How's it going?
- [BEN] Everything's good.

- [PAM] Good weekend?
- [BEN] Yes, ma'am.

[PAM] Oh, yeah? How
are those kids of yours?

[BEN] Putting them up for adoption.

yeah. Well, give them to me.

Give them to me.

TOMMY (via TV): I love you, Pamela!

PAM (via TV): I love you, Tommy!

TOMMY (via TV): Wow.
f*ck, you are so hot.


Tommy, when are you
gonna get me preggo?

TOMMY (via TV): I'm trying right now.

PAM (via TV): Oh, look at
my beautiful f*cking husband.

You're so f*cking hot.



♪ ♪


Baby, get in.

TOMMY (via TV):
f*ck! I love you so much.

PAM (via TV): I love you, lover.

TOMMY (via TV): God damn you rip...

♪ ♪

[NIKKI] And then right on the
drop, that's where you come in.

[MICK] Oh, okay. Three, four.



- [WHISPERS] f*ck!
- [NIKKI] Yeah, up to eight.


That's a big-ass guitar.

[MAN] What do you
think, Nik, Vince, yeah?

♪ ♪

[PAM] Sorry, guys, could
you just give us a second?

[WOMAN] Yeah, come on.

- [PAM] Now, please.
- [WOMAN] Sorry.

[TOMMY] Hey, what's up?

He's selling it.


He's f*cking selling it, Tommy.

One second.

It's our tape.

What the f*ck?

Where'd you get this?

They were watching it on set.

Just a bunch of camera
guys sitting around

watching us have sex.

Holy shit.


Do you have any idea
how humiliating it was?

- f*ck.

I mean, how many
copies of this are out there?

I mean, there could be dozens, hundreds.

What is this?

What is what?

This... http wha...

Well, that's a website.

They're making one for Barb Wire.

This is how he's selling this?

I don't know. I really don't get it.

Do we have a computer?

We have a computer.
It's in the downstairs den,

but we don't have the Web.

You need this thing
you plug your phone into.

Okay. So who has it?

Where do we get the Web?


♪ ♪

[TOMMY] Sex tape...

and period-dot-com.

O, M.


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

What the hell is this?

I have no f*cking idea.

- Oh my God, shit.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on.

[PAM] What are you doing?

[TOMMY] I wanna see if
there's a phone number.

[PAM] There's not.

I don't see any. There's
no way to reach them.

Wait, look. Purchase.

Should we click on it?

- Enter.
- Wait...

Oh, f*ck.


Canada? What?

[TOMMY] He's in LA.

[PAM] Yeah.

Well, maybe he's
running it through Canada

- to avoid getting caught.

It's like a whole operation.

It really is.

There's no way this
guy's doing it by himself.

Dumbass couldn't
mastermind ordering a pizza.

So who's helping him then?

[ANTHONY] Milton Ingley.

Low-level p*rn producer out of Van Nuys.

Rand did some features
for him back in the day.

a**l specialist.

[TOMMY] Jesus.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

How did you find this out?

I asked around.

Apparently, they pitched
it to half the Valley.

- Oh...
- Hey.

[PAM] Oh, my f*cking God.

Jesus Christ! [CRYING]



Where the f*ck do I find this guy?

The phone book.


♪ ♪

Hey, Tommy.

Ha ha ha.



♪ ♪

[RAND] Miltie.

Miltie, where the f*ck
are you, man? Miltie?

[STEVE] Oh, he just left.

Where did he go?

I don't know, man.


♪ ♪

What are you doing?

Miltie asked me to help out.

You f*cking... you-you-you know?


- Oh, about the tape?
- Yeah.


I told him not to tell anybody.

- Oh, I don't know, man.
- [PERSON] What's the guy's name,

- Randy?
- [TINY] No, it's Rand.

[RAND] Could you
please get the door for me?

- Thank you.
- [TINY] Miltie, Rand...



[STEVE] Whoa!

Yo, what the f*ck? Yo.

Let's go have a little chat.

The f*ck...

Get in here. Take a seat.

♪ ♪

Tiny, this him?

[TINY] Nice to meet you, Rand.

Rand? No, no, that's... that's not me.

- Rand just ran...
- [DIRTY d*ck] Shut up.

♪ ♪

[SOFTLY] Come on. Come on!

- Hey, Miltie.
- Rand?

- Thank God.
- What the f*ck are...

Where the f*ck have you been, dude?

Oh, I've been... I've
been working from home.

- What's up?
- Well, there... there's a lot.

Um, okay, Tommy Lee, he's onto us, man.

Some f*cking goombah PI just showed up.

He showed up... he
showed up at my apartment.

He b*at the f*ck out of me.

He told me that if I
didn't give him the tape,

he's gonna f*cking k*ll me.

And then a biker g*ng
shows up at the studio

looking for us, man.

And I get away, but... well,
there's a guy at the studio.

He's working on the operation.

You hired him. You didn't tell me.

You told me not to... not
to f*cking tell anyone, man.

And there's a guy who's
selling the f*cking tape

in the Tower Records' parking lot, dude.

Two for bucks, man.
It's a good f*cking deal.

That's it. [PANTING]

- Us?
- What?

You said... you said looking for us.


Did you f*cking rat me out, Rand?

No. No, of course not, dude.

No, no.

But they mentioned me.
Did they say my name?

Yes, of course. They showed
up at your studio, dude.

Do you think they followed you?

I don't f*cking know. Can I come inside?

No, no, no. It's very messy.

I'd really rather you not.

My place is gross. I don't...

How do they know I'm involved?

I have no idea. I don't know, man.

I don't know anything. I don't know.

Okay, okay, let's just...
why don't you chill out?

Okay, okay.

Take it easy. Take it easy.

I'm going to need you
to go back to the studio.



The location is compromised.

Okay, baby?


You're going to need
to clean everything out.

Clean out every last
copy of that movie tape.


Why me?

You're operations.

Everything's operations.


♪ ♪

SINGER: ♪ Sunset's
come to paint the sky ♪

♪ A new life begins with a baby's cry ♪


He's gone!


Bunnies, come to the bunny patch.

♪ ♪

I'm so sorry. Where were we?

I am not your bunny.


What's up?

He's not here. Don't worry.

- He'll turn up eventually.
- Baby, is that him?

[ANTHONY] I'm planning
to stop by the studio later...

- It's not there.
- [ANTHONY] To see what I find.

Come on. That's not good enough.

Come on, let me talk to him.
Put him on speaker.

Baby, he's on it. Relax.

No, I will not relax.

Mr. Pellicano, hi, this is Pamela.

- [ANTHONY] Hi, Pamela.
- [PAM] Huh, yeah.

You need to stop this guy
from selling the tape now.

- This is urgent.
- Baby, you're being crazy.

What? I'm not being crazy.

You're being chill.
You're being way too chill.

Every second that passes,
this tape could be spreading.

Baby, we will get it back, all right?

Every last copy... it's mail order.

They know exactly who they ship to.

But what about the people
that they shipped it to?

What if they made copies? Come on.

Just... we got this, okay?

Let me handle it.

[PAM] Yeah.

Okay, but you don't seem to understand

what a big deal this is to me.

Like it's not a big deal to me?

I'm on that tape just the same as you.

But this is worse for me.

I mean, this is way worse.

How's this worse for you? Why?

- 'Cause of your big career?
- No.

[TOMMY] It's so much bigger than mine?

What? Tommy, it's not
because of my big career.

It's because I'm a woman.

gonna let you guys talk this...



[PAM] f*ck.

[SIGHS] Listen to me, okay?

People are gonna think
you're cool for this, all right?

They'll be high-fiving
you in the street.

Me, I'm going to get looked at
like a slut by the whole world.

- That's ridiculous.
- [PAM] It's not ridiculous.

It's true. You don't
know. You have no idea.

You never have to
f*cking deal with this stuff.

- Tommy, you don't.
- I'm on your side, Pamela.

I want to get rid of the
tapes just as much as you do,

and we will end this
whole thing, all right?

I'm telling you. This'll all be fine.

Besides it's not like they're seeing
anything they haven't seen before.

What did you say?

I-I just...

What the f*ck did you just say?

I'm sorry. That came out wrong.

Oh, my God.

- Leave.
- [TOMMY] What?

Leave this f*cking room right now.

[TOMMY] Pamela.

[PAM] Leave this f*cking room right now.

- Come on, Pamela.
- [PAM] Get the f*ck out.


♪ ♪


Oh, f*ck.

♪ ♪







Hey, Tommy.

Yeah, I feel fine now, Tommy.

I wanna check it out. I
want just to make sure.

I'm telling you I feel good.

I feel fine.

Oh, shit.

No shit. Okay?

Oh, God. Yeah, I know.

Fine. Everything's f*cking fine.

- [PAMELA] [GROANS] Ohh...
- Yep, yep, yep.




♪ ♪

You did the right thing by coming in.

I feel... I feel much
better now actually.

- I'm sure it's nothing.
- Yeah.

Most likely everything's fine.

SINGER: ♪ For a destination ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I realized quickly
when I knew I should ♪

♪ That the world was made up
of this brotherhood of man ♪

♪ For whatever that means ♪

♪ And so I cry sometimes
when I'm lying in bed ♪

♪ Just to get it all out
what's in my head ♪

♪ And I, I am feeling a little peculiar ♪

♪ And so I wake in the
morning and I step outside ♪

♪ And I take a deep
breath and I get real high ♪

- Should we call my mom?
- SINGER: ♪ "What's going on?" ♪

I'm going to as soon as we get home.

- [PAPARAZZO] Pamela.
- f*ck off.

[PAPARAZZO] How are you feeling?

[PAPARAZZO] Are you okay?

[PAPARAZZO] Is there
something wrong, Pamela?

- Are you okay?

[TOMMY] Get the f*ck out of here.

Come on. Get the
f*ck out of here... hey!

- f*ck off!
- SINGER: ♪ What's going on? ♪

♪ And I say hey-ey-ey-ey ♪


♪ Hey-ey-ey ♪

RAND (recording): Hi,
this is Rand Gauthier.

Please leave your
number. I'll call you back.

- Thank you.

[MILTIE] Hi, Rand, it's me, Miltie.

Uh, listen, just wanted to let you know

I'm gonna pop on over to
Amsterdam for a few days.

Nothing to worry about.

Just wanna make a few
tweaks to the banking,

keep the IR you know
what off the scent.

- Smart.

[MILTIE] Anyway, I have no doubt

you will hold down
the fort in my absence.

Great job clearing out the studio.

All right. Anyway, I will check...

SINGER: ♪ And now the
purple dusk of twilight time ♪

♪ Steals across the
meadows of my heart ♪


♪ High up in the sky
the little stars climb ♪

♪ Always reminding me that we're apart ♪

f*ck, he's not here.

SINGER: ♪ You wandered down
the lane and far away ♪

Would you like to see the cocktail menu?

I would love to.

SINGER: ♪ Leaving me
a song that will not die ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Love is now the
stardust of yesterday ♪


♪ The music of the years gone by ♪

[RAND] Hey, uh, can I come in?

- Yeah.
- [RAND] Okay, thank you.

SINGER: ♪ Refrain ♪


♪ ♪

Tommy, give me a big smile.

God f*cking damn it!

You want this f*cking picture?

I'll give you a f*cking picture.


- f*cking...


- SINGER: ♪ The lonely night ♪
- Die!

You f*ck!

♪ ♪

SINGER: ♪ The melody ♪

♪ Haunts my reverie ♪

♪ And I am once again ♪


SINGER: ♪ When our love
was new ♪

♪ And each kiss an inspiration ♪

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