01x08 - Pie

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Reacher". Aired: February 4, 2022 to present.
Jack Reacher has recently entered back into civilian life when he is falsely accused of m*rder.
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01x08 - Pie

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Try anything smart,

gonna put a hole
right in your pal's back.

I thought you were my friend.

I was. That's why I told you
not to take the job down here.

What kind of cop are you?

The kind that goes
where the money is.

Old partner offered up
a cash gig:

protect a counterfeiting ring.

But then you make me
a babysitter. I was hoping

you'd just get run off course,

this whole thing
would blow over, but no.

You and this f*ck' ape
couldn't let things go.

- Where's Roscoe?
- Oh, my girl's doing just fine.

Reacher, they want me
to tell you to do what they say,

or me, Charlie and the kids...
they're gonna do to us

what they did to Morrison.

Whatever you want,
I won't do it.

No way you're letting them
walk away from this.

- They know too much.
- You're smart.

You, Finlay, Roscoe;
you're all d*ad.

But I'd prefer to spare
Charlie and the kids.

When civilian women
and children get k*lled,

people get really worked up,

more questions get asked.

Yeah, I'm not worried
about 'em talking.

Pretty sure they'll keep quiet

after they watch
what I do to their dad.

Hubble? You k*lled him already.

He's on the run.

Thought getting lost
would protect his family.

He was wrong, but I want him.

Last loose end.

Let me guess why
loose ends concern you.

Your father promised
some real bad guys overseas

a hefty amount
of counterfeit cash.

But thanks
to the Coast Guard blockade,

those boys haven't gotten
what they paid for in a while.

So they sent some Venezuelan
hitters to help you get...

back on track.

But things got real messy,
and pretty soon,

those Venezuelans are gonna
give you the same necktie

they gave your daddy.

I k*lled my father.

And I cut his throat, just like
I saw the Venezuelans do.

See, the old man,
he had the brains

to create this whole operation,
but he never had the guts

to do what needed
to be done to protect it.

And so, I hired Picard's partner

to go k*ll that agent
in Memphis,

and I sent Dawson down there
to make sure it was done right.

I k*lled Jobling.

I had that b*tch k*lled
in the subway.

And I...

I k*lled your brother.

You sh*t Joe.

Dawson kicked him
after he was d*ad,

and Morrison covered him up.

You know, after I bodied
Morrison, my old man lost it.

He started talking about

how he's gonna send me away
to an institution

for a while for rest.

He tried that once when I was
a kid, but it didn't take.

- No shit.
- We'll make it look

like the two crooked
Reacher brothers

were working
with an out-of-town cop,

running dr*gs or g*n
or something nefarious

through the virgin streets
of our Margrave.

Roped in a banker
to finance it all,

paid off some unscrupulous
local cops,

and then, you all turned
on each other.

You're gonna take Picard
to wherever

Hubble's holed up, and
you're gonna bring him to me.

How do you expect me to do that?

You're a tracker, ain't ya?

Go f*cking find him.

Then I'll trade Mommy
and the girls for Daddy.

Picard's got
my number memorized.

If I don't get a call from you

by 6:00 a.m. saying
Hubble's in custody,

ah, those four ladies
I'm holding die

in ways you can't even imagine.

I don't know how you think
I'm gonna find Hubble.

Well, you have
till sunrise tomorrow,

so I suggest you figure it out.

We're just gonna be
driving aimlessly

unless you let me
stop somewhere.

I need a map
and a place to think.

Okay, but try anything,
and this thing goes off.


What can I get you fellas?

Black coffee, peach pie.

Nothing for me.


Been trying to get my hands
on that pie for a while.

- Give me a pen.
- You expect me

to hand you something
you can use as a w*apon?

Hey, the food's ready.
Here you go.

This scare you?

All right.

He's in Augusta.

Oh. Just like that?

I chased down AWOLs for a
living, know how they think.

If I were Hubble,
I'd go to Augusta.


He knew to protect his family
he had to get away from 'em,

but not too far in case
he felt the need to go back.

So he ran off to Atlanta,
about an hour from Margrave.

Figured, big city, lots of
people makes it easy to hide.

Then he realized more people
means more chances

of being spotted, especially
in a town where his old bank

has a branch in it.

- So he left.
- To Augusta?

Athens. Just over two hours
from Margrave.

It's hard for a man,
if he's halfway decent,

to leave his family behind.

It's done in stages.

But Athens is home
to University of Georgia,

where Paul and Charlie
went to college.

It's a place directly
linked to Hubble,

and one of the first places
they'd look.

He'd move on after a day.

So Augusta is next?

Over three hours away,
but still close enough

he feels connected
to his wife and kids.

Plus, Hubble's a golfer.

He's played Augusta.
It means nice memories

in a city he's been to before.

It soothes him
in a time of stress,

like when his mom used
to sing him "Rocky Raccoon."


You can't just
stare into something

and get inside a man's head
like that.

I didn't offer my help.
You assholes demanded it.

Right now you're wondering

what's the best time
and place to k*ll me.

You know you'll need
to take me by surprise

'cause you're not sure
if you can take me

if I know it's coming.

Let me save you the trouble.

You can't.

So if I were you,

I'd take me by surprise.

Coffee, black,

and a slice of peach.

Thank you.

- Oh. Ugh.
- Oh. - Oh.

- That's my fault.
- Why don't y'all take another booth

- while I clean this up?
- No, no.

Actually, we got to go.

You better be right
about Augusta.

Got to say, you're a little
tougher than I thought you were.

And you're exactly
what I thought you were.


Low tire pressure.

We should check it out.

Keep driving.

Got a flat.

No way we make it to Augusta.

You being cute?

You've been with me
the whole time.

Fine. Just... pull over.

You think I'm gonna
leave you alone here

while I go and change
the damn thing? Get to work.

And if you're thinking
about throwing a tire iron

in my direction, think again.

Not my plan.

KJ's waiting on my call.

My voice is the only thing

that's keeping Charlie
and those kids alive.

You sh**t me, I ain't
the only person you're k*lling.

Guess I didn't
think that through.

But if you sh**t me,
you're never finding Hubble.

I guess
we need each other, then.

Okay, fine.

I'm not gonna k*ll you.

You gonna k*ll me?


You have my word.

Your word doesn't mean shit,

but I don't have
many options right now.

So on "one,"

we raise our g*n up
over our heads.

On "two,"

- we lay 'em on the trunk.
- I know what

a g*n hitting metal sounds like,
so don't you f*ck with me!

And on "three,"

we stand up
and face each other, hands up.

Then I take two steps back,

and you come get my piece.

Got it?

Yeah, I got it.






Find motels within three miles
of Augusta bus station.

Your input
is being processed.

Hello, Hubble.


Here's where we are.

Your boyfriend is out looking
for her coward of a husband.

Might be a while,
so stay comfortable.

Your daddy's caused us
a lot of problems.

Did you know that?


Please. No.

It's okay. No, it's okay.

You go with him. Go with him.

It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.

- Come on! Don't do this!
- But I have to.

'Cause you and your friends
are troublemakers.

Get down and stay quiet.

Just like your old
pal, Gray, was a troublemaker.

Sure had good taste
in g*n, though.

We'll keep them some place safe

as insurance,
things goes smoothly.

Things don't, they might fall
into one of those chemical tubs.

That's how you guessed

what city I was in.
How'd you find my motel?

Use credit cards, and Kliner
finds you, so you use cash,

which means travel by bus.

Needed the money to last,

so low-rent motels
were your only option.

Found a cluster of motels

within walking distance
of the bus depot.

You'd use
a pay-by-the-hour joint

which looks the other way
on ID requirements.

Well, how'd you guess my alias?

People use the names
of things they like.

You love the Beatles.

Started with the first
alphabetically: "Harrison."

You really think
they'll let my family go?


They said that just
to get me to cooperate.

Their plan is to k*ll all of us,

just like
they k*lled my brother.

Your treasury contact.

Mark Salas?

That's just the name
he gave you.

Real name's Joe.

Mark Salas played for
the Yankees in the late '80s.

I'm sorry... about Joe.

I'd heard rumors the Coast Guard
blockade was being lifted.

Venezuelans were breathing
down Kliner's neck

'cause production had
ground to a halt.

But I knew,
with the blockade ending,

I had to try to get out before
business was underway again.

So I-I left a message
on a federal tip line.

- And Joe called you back.
- At first it was just me

helping in exchange
for immunity.

But then I noticed
cash was going missing.

And I tied it to a truck driver.

- Pete Jobling.
- He tried to deny it, but

when I told him I'd seen
Kliner's guys k*ll someone

right in front of me,
he-he... went white.

So I put him in touch with Joe.

Kliner must've already
had eyes on Jobling.

I'm sorry, Reacher.
I... got your brother k*lled.

No, you didn't.

KJ k*lled Joe.

The kid?

k*lled Joe and Morrison,
Stevenson and his wife,

even k*lled his own father.

Holy shit.

If you want
to keep your family alive,

you need to listen
to me carefully

and do everything I say.


Can I ask you one question?


Why are two
of my windows tinted?

Keys to Dawson's truck are
inside. I'll be right back.

Oh, I'll come with you.

You don't want to see in there.

Lots of blood and mud
and busted-up shit.

Guess my cleaning lady's
gonna be pissed.

Not as pissed as your pool guy.

I'm bored.

Maybe I'll uncuff you
for a while.

Make the fight
more interesting.


Hey, somebody's
texting you, buddy.

Oh, I'll get it.

"Duck and cover"?

What the hell does that mean?

You okay?

I'll live.

I can't help
but see you're alone.

If they don't get
Picard's call by 6:00...

Won't need till 6:00.

- Hubble?
- Yup.

I got Finlay.

I noticed.

Well, it's good
to see you alive.

All right.

Let's h*t the g*n locker,
the a*mo safe.

Grab anything useful.

This place have a hose out back?

Yeah. Why?

We're gonna need it.

It's okay. She's with me.

- Boss.
- Neagley, this is Finlay and Hubble.

Finlay and Hubble, Neagley.


How is she here?

Our last phone call,
I asked Reacher

how he knew Picard was involved.

He said, "Lucky guess."

Reacher believes in facts
and statistics, not luck.

Might as well have
shouted "Mayday."

Where's your lady friend?

Oh. f*ck.

Let's get to work.

Thanks for letting us
set up here.

Sorry for the late hour.

I'm just glad
Kliner's gonna get his.

I'm gonna go upstairs
and put on some coffee.

All right. I've been
in here a million times.

This is the layout.

Probably holding Roscoe

and Charlie
somewhere around here.

Out of the way
and cornered, but where

they can still
keep an eye on 'em.

What about my kids?

They're being held
some place else.

Psych tactic to make sure
Charlie and Roscoe behave.

Probably up here.

Lock 'em up in there,
you don't have

to waste a man watching 'em.

Two by the door,

one around the corner
by the exterior staircase.

Lot of firepower
for a guy

who doesn't believe
in security cameras.

It's for me.

They think you're with Picard.
You're not a thr*at.

Ah, they know me by now.

Their ideal world?
Hubble and I get marched

through the front door,
and they k*ll all of us.

They suspect I won't
go down lightly

so they put g*n outside,
and probably a dozen men inside

armed to the teeth in case
I somehow go in g*n blazing.

So what do we do?

We go in blazing.

Neagley, we need to take out
those two guards facing us

quietly, without one of them

setting off an a*t*matic w*apon.

They won't make a sound.

Good. Double-check your w*apon,
ready your sh*t.

- Copy.
- Hubble, come with me.

Safe to say
you never sh*t anyone before?

- I've never fired a g*n.
- Okay.

All you got to do is
extend, aim, f*re.

No point in having a w*apon

unless it's ready
for instant use.

You hesitate, you die. Uh...

Only point it at the bad guys.

Love the smell of gasoline.

The tweed comes off.

Feel like we should all
bow our heads or something.

I don't want to get any
of their blood on it.

Good attitude.

- Are you Catholic?
- Yeah.

Listen, I know
we've spent most of our time

together fighting,

but I bet your soldiers
really enjoyed working with you.

I enjoyed working with you, too.

You know, it's hard
to tell with the suit on,

but you're kind of
jacked, Finlay.




f*cking shit.


You've got
to get your shit together.

They're gonna... k*ll us.

- They're gonna k*ll my children.
- No.

Hey, listen to me, okay?

I know Reacher.

There's no way in hell
that he is just gonna

roll over
and take this loss, okay?

Sometime before 6:00,

he is gonna come knocking,

and KJ's gonna wish
he never started this fight.

Reacher and Hubble
should be in place by now.

Really think I should
take one of the sh*ts.

Two sh**t, better odds.

You have experience
with long-range k*ll sh*ts?


I do.

Put the biscuit in the basket.

Our friend around the corner
heard 'em fall.

Go, go, go, go, go.

Soon as it's lit, you move.

Got it.

Your only job is
to get your kids out of there.

Don't let anyone stop you
from doing your job.

All right. Time to shine.


I got this.

If I'm gonna die,

I'm goin' to flavor country
one last time.


Are we gonna die?

Let's find out.

- What the hell was that?
- That's Reacher knocking.

What the hell
is going on?

Get over there!
Put out the f*re!

Move your ass! Move it!

Everybody in here now!


Paul! Paul, go!
They're in there.

Oh, f*ck!

Oh. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Okay.

f*ck. Give me your hands!
Give me your hands!


Come on. Come on.

I got them!

- Mom!
- Run! Go!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Go, go. Go!

- Go.
- It's okay. Just...

Go! Go! No, you're good. You're good.

Down. Get down.
Down, down, down. Stay down.

He's over here!

I see him!

Yes. Okay. Okay.

I'm gonna take you out of here.

You good?

- Go get your kids.
- Thank you.

- Come on!
- Paul!

Come on.

- Oh, get down. Get down.
- Yeah.

Finlay, is that you?

I know you're here.

I thought you were d*ad.

Not yet.



No! No!


Don't f*ck' do that.


There's too much
smoke. We gotta go!

Roscoe! Over here.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Let's go!
- Let's go.

Where is he?

- We've got to go get Reacher.
- He'll be okay.

How do you know that?

Because he's Reacher.

- Roscoe, let's go.
- What are you doing?


I think it might be just
you and me now, Reacher!

Let me tell you a story, Jack.

So, a couple years ago,

I'm on safari in the savanna.

There's a dawn fog as thick
as my d*ad daddy's bankroll.

It made the smoke in here
look like mist.

But through all that soup,

I spot this big old rhinoceros.

Six thousand pounds
if he's an ounce,

and he's just sitting there

chewing grass.

Now, the rhino knew
I was out there.

He could sense me.

Feel me.

But it was foggy,

the light's bad,

and rhinos are nearsighted
as hell.

And so I just walked

right up to his big, dumb ass

and k*lled him.

You see, that stupid rhino

wasn't smart enough to realize

he was overmatched.

He thought he could just
lumber through life,

go wherever he wanted...

...do whatever he wanted,

f*ck whoever he wanted,

all without consequence.

But in life,

there's always consequences.

There was one for that rhino.

That's why his head's up
in my daddy's hallway.

Right next to
where yours will go.

It's over.

Hello, Reacher.

You're okay?

I'm okay, Joe.

Remember what I taught you.

No matter what, you don't cry.

Mes fils. Venez.

Embrassez votre mère.

- Bonjour, maman.
- Mmm.

C'est bon. Bien.

Bonjour, maman. Ca va?

Ca va?

I'm dying, silly boy.

But I am so happy...

...to see my sons.

I have connections
through my job.

I can get you to the States

- to see experts.
- My dearest Joseph,

what did I always tell you? Hmm.

I want to hear it.

I don't need to solve
all the world's problems.

Solving some is more
than enough.

And Reacher.

You have the strength
of three men.

What will you do will
all that strength?

I'm going to do
the right thing, Mom.

I know you will.

You always have.

Even when what was right
was unpleasant.

Ever since you were
a young boy in Okinawa.


You knew...

that I b*at up Curtis Bishop
in Okinawa.

You never believed it was Joe.

He wanted to tell you
the truth, Mom.

I wouldn't let him.

You were saving him.

That is who you are.

And you protected
a special boy from torment.

Your father and I never
saw any need

to prevent either of you
from following your natures.

Your natures are pure,

like your hearts.

I need to make a quick call.
I'll be right back.

Your grandfather's w*r medal.

For bravery
in the face of danger.

It takes bravery
to do what's right.

Now you can cry, Reacher.

So the staties and the Feds
are gonna come knocking.

They're gonna want you
to stick around for a few days

and answer their questions.

I don't like answering

And you don't like
sticking around.

A hundred thousand years ago
there were people

who stayed by the campfire
and people who wandered.

I'm pretty sure
I'm a direct descendent

of the wandering type.

It's just who I am.

If there was anyone
who could make me

stay close to the flame,
it would be you.



...if you ever find yourself
wandering by here again...

give me a call.

I will.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna rebuild the town
my family built.

You should run for mayor.

Hear there's an opening.


That's not a half-bad idea.

Hey, boy.

Finlay got you watching his car?

Making you listen to shit music?

He got you a tweed collar.

Oh, excuse me.


I knew you'd stop here
before leaving town.

I'm getting predictable.

Later than I thought, though.

Roscoe's not easy
to walk away from, huh?

Thank you.

So the Feds are freaking out
because of

Picard's involvement and all.

They want to interview you.

- What'd you tell 'em?
- That they'll never find you.

But they're still in town
down by the warehouse,

and you kind of stand out, so...

I'll be gone as soon as
we're done here.

Good. Smart.

Listen, I'm not big
on goodbyes and all,

and I'm sure
you're not either, but...

if you hadn't come to Margrave,
I would have never

figured out what was going on,

or I would have wound up d*ad.

You would have figured it out

I appreciate that.

And then you would have
wound up d*ad.

You may be an animal,
but deep down you're all right.

You may be an uptight
pain in the ass,

but you're all right, too.

And a hell of a cop.

Well, not for long.

I'm done with police work.

- Boston?
- Mm-hmm.

Gonna stay here a few weeks,
help Roscoe get things in order,

and then I'm going home.

Time to stop spinning,
stop running away, you know?

Sharon would want me
to live a life.

And not live it alone.


Think I'm ready
to take care of someone again.

Besides, I couldn't leave Jack
in the shelter.


Yeah, he needed a name,
and you weren't using it,

Reacher, so Jack it is.

You know, I shouldn't be
the only one

shaking up his snow globe.

There are more people out there

like Roscoe and I
than you think.

You should try
letting them in sometime.

- Noted.
- Okay, well,

as one of my last official acts

- as Chief Detective...
- You were fired.

By a d*ad man,
so it didn't stick.

So as one of my last official
acts as Chief Detective,

I need to right a wrong
that took place

at this very spot about
a week and a half ago.

Slice of peach.
Best in Georgia.

Thank you.

You're gonna eat that?

It's got sugar and fat,
you know?

Shut up and eat your damn pie.


So, worth the wait?

I've had better.

It takes bravery to solve
the world's problems, too, Joe.
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