01x01 - Episode 1

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sponsor". Aired: February 23, 2022 - present.
South Korean series follows four people who look for a sponsor to satisfy their desires.
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01x01 - Episode 1

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(This drama is for viewers 15 and up. People below
15 years old needs to seek parental guidance.)

(Episode 1)

Why would you want to give meaning to life?

Life is all about desire.

No, it's not.

My desire started here.

[Judge Kang Hyeon Cheol]

[Judge David]

[Judge Han Chae Rin]
[Judge Ju Yeong Hun]

What's the matter with this person?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

[Runway Homme Fatale]

You're usually so punctual. I was worried that something happened.

Because I'm acquiring a company there are lots of documents to review.

It seems you have swallowed another company.

What's that? No way. Sehan Beauty?

That Sehan Beauty which is so noisy?

Well, it just turned out that way.

I was forced to take it over.

You really swallowed it.

You coveted that company.

What do you call something like that? Well, the raven–

There. Stop the small talk.

Let's start.

You've been waiting a long time, right?

Among today's applicants, only the ones chosen by a mentor will advance to the finals.

Runway Homme Fatale


Since your major is practical music, you must be a talented singer.

Yes. It was once suggested that I become an idol trainee.

Ju Yeong Chan, what do you think your strength is?

First, my youth

I'm full of spirit to match it.

I can accomplish whatever look you want.

I've had acting lessons so I'm confident in all types of entertainment.

Okay, for now, step out.


Isn't he fresh? He's young and has a star-like quality. He can multi-task in entertainment.

He should move up to the finals.

He's too superficial. He lacks depth.

He's the type that If I saw him just twice, I would get sick of him. Shall we look at the next?

But I think he's good.

Is your company's sponsorship of the program the reason

the rest of us mentors are going to be bridesmaids?

Shall we look at the next?


Your profile says you used to be a promising soccer player.

Why did you suddenly quit? You jumped into modeling.

I have a painful memory of becoming injured right before the national team selection.

That time was very painful and difficult

but I thought it could be a turning point in my life.

If you are thirty years old,

you are the oldest applicant.

As you may know, the lifespan of a model's career is shorter than you might think.

Are you saying that if I'm thirty,

I can't be a model?

Hey. It's not impossible, but realistically,

there are lots of difficulties in starting.

Even if I'm thirty, I can dream.

Is it wrong to think that?

If I am over thirty, should I not start anything?

Can't you figure out

whether your dream will come true or remain a dream?

The winner's prize money is million won.

Even if you win,

more time and more support are required to become a proper model.

Who would invest so much in someone

who would only be active for a few years?

To become a striker, I practiced while others slept.

Each and every day I ran ten kilometers. Because I did that,

I won the Most Valuable Player Award in college.

If you invest in my passion and determination, won't it work?

All right. We will contact you later. Please step out.

It is not how long you have been breathing which matters in life.

It is how many breathtaking moments you have had in life which matters.

That's what I am having right now.

In any case, thank you for the opportunity.

Both his eyes and body are good, but he is old.

He's perfect for a fitness model, but he is too old.

He is raw and unsophisticated.

I'm going to cast him.


You expressed your lack of interest earlier with your whole body.

Why did you suddenly change your mind?

It's true, I am not interested. He has no time too

Don't say you are thinking this guy will win, are you?

Especially since you are so busy now.

Will you be investing your time in the acquisition business?

At times like this, you are very smart.

Be smart.

Who will win the million won ($ , ) prize?

Super model survival competition

The lifespan of a model's career is shorter than you think.

Who would invest so much in someone who would only be active for a few years?

Who will win the million won ($ , ) prize?

Phone calls


I'll leave right now.

Did you get hurt badly?


What did the doctor say?

It'll be hard to make a full recovery.

So, is getting the loan

impossible now?

Most likely.

I have to go film.

I'm headed out.

I'll call you the season femme fatale. I like female models much more!

Do you want to ruin the show by causing a scandal?

I've moved past doing that.

Isn't it natural for a man to like a woman?

Are you getting divorced again?

It just turned out that way.

We weren't a good fit from the start.

What about the Chairman. Didn't he say something?

My father usually doesn't get involved with this side of things.

Is getting married your hobby?

My advice is not to get married in the first place.

Just enjoy your freedom by yourself.

Don't ruin a perfectly fine woman's life.

Why? As someone who has never been married are you jealous of me having been married three times?

Should I put in some legwork for you?

My father has some friends who are lonely.

They have good personalities and own well-known companies.

Forget it. Just send me the filming plan on time.

I'm in a good mood. You should at least buy me a drink or something.

I thought you didn't drink with women over ?

I also don't drink with men over .

What is all of this talk of men and women? We're just colleagues.

That's the second funny thing I've heard today.

What was the first?

A model over the age of asking me to invest based on his passion and determination.

That's hilarious.

But what we were talking about before,

let's just have one drink.

I won't drink too much.

Did you change your mind?

Drink by yourself.

By myself!

I'll drink by myself!

Her condition has gotten a lot worse.

She's become more sensitive and can't remember anything.

I'm here.

From now on

I'll take care of you.

It's cold. Let's go inside.

Let's go inside.

Seon Woo.

Lee Seon Woo.

Can you recognize me?

Come and visit me once.

Is everything alright at work?

The cosmetics business is booming,

so things have expanded overseas.

Things have progressed after we started from the Asian branch.

I like that you have ambition.

I like that you work hard without getting tired.

That's why I gave you the stock too.

All right then. Try to develop the business as much as you can.

I also want to see how far you'll go.

You should try this.

This is what you like.

I'm not hungry.

Chairman. You suddenly contacting me catches me off guard.

I abandoned a lot of things to have you.

It's also why David turned out that way.

The result of abandoning the family doesn't look great.

I also don't have an appetite.

Let's eat what you want next time.

Okay, sir.


Move out today.

Isn't this too sudden?

I've given you more than enough time.

After paying your rent for years, haven't I done more than enough?

Da Som. Let's think about both of us.

Where are we going to go if you suddenly say to leave?

Do I need to find your next house for you too?

Okay. Then, just give me today. I'll leave tomorrow.

Please do us this favor.

Sure. Then I'll give you until tomorrow.


If you get the money to pay off the debt, you can contact me here.

What is this?

My lawyer's contact information.

I would like it if you could pay me back as soon as possible.

I don't have the luxury to wait anymore.

Did Da Som do this?

Because she said to leave so suddenly.

Seriously, when are we going to clean all of this up?

Noona, you should clean up later.

Seung Hoon.

Where should we go now?

For now, we should go to a motel and figure it out from there.

But do you have some money?

I don't have anything.

All the money I made from my last part-time job went to paying off debt.

I'm sorry, Nuna.

I'll work harder and earn some money.

No, Seung Hoon. Don't overwork yourself.

I have to wash up and go to work. What do you want to do about dinner? Should I order something for you?

What do you mean order in? I can take care of it.

What do you want to eat? Should I make soybean paste stew for you since it's been a while?

When did you come?

Not too many days ago.

Okay. Did something happen?

I'm sure you know very well.

I see you still haven't been able to get over that.

You don't know the world.

The reason was that it was also the best for Chairman Lee.

Are you saying that was the best?

He was someone who worked only for you all his life.

Was that really the only decision you could make for him?

You're telling me that was the best you could do?

- I–
- I'll see you again.

Who are the people I have to destroy with all my might?

The person who pushed Father into a pit of despair...

What if it wasn't just Chairman Park?

What if it were you, Han Chae Rin?

Striving to rise endlessly,

you'll shatter into more pieces if you fall from a higher place.

Okay, that's it for today.

- Good job.
- Thank you.

- Do one more set before you go, okay?
- Okay.

Trainer Hyeon Seung Hoon.
Trainer Baek Sang Jin.

Seung Hoon, what are you doing after work today?

Do you want to drink soju and eat gopchang (intestines) with me?

I'm buying.

I have to work.

Substitute driving?

Hey, how many bodies do you have?

Just deduct one day today.

When a deduction of ten thousand won is a sad incident, deduct something?


Yes, PD Kang. It's Hyeon Seung Hoon.

What? Is that true?

Yes, thank you.

Yes. Thank you very much. I will work hard.

What was that call about?

Hyeong, I've done it.

I'm going to the finals of the Runway Homme Fatale.

What, hey, Hyeon Seung Hoon. Congratulations.

Seriously, congratulations!

Hey, you have to have soju and gopchang today.

Hey, finish it.

By the way, did you tell Da Som?

I'm no longer going to live as actress Park Da Som's husband. I'm going to live as Hyeon Seung Hoon.

The people won't really know that I'm Park Da Som's husband anyway and there's no information out there.

You seem like you changed a little.

I'll go to my part-time job now.

Thanks for the drink.

Our coffee is good here.

I don't know how you found us but you made a great decision.

Please investigate everything that went down during the acquisition of Sehan Beauty.

This here...

has files about Sehan Beauty.

Are you asking about the company's corruption?

The price for something at this scale...

And this here is your deposit.

You're as easygoing as you look! I love it.

I'll make sure to make no mistakes.

Okay. Please investigate thoroughly.


Welcome, Chae Rin.

Why has it been so long?

I've been busy.

- Here.
- Oh my.

Is this a new product?

I like it a lot.

Will I be younger after using this item?

You'll be in your 's.

How will I?

It's nice.

In return, I prepared wine in advance.

Our wine for today.

You must have been really busy. Oh my, oh my.

Your face has gotten so rough.

It's been crazy because of the acquisition of Sehan Beauty.

It's in the final stages but there's still a lot of work to be done.

RH's broadcasting station asked me to be a program mentor–

It's been a long time since I saw you. Are you only going to talk about work?

There are too many old things. I have to change everything to something new.

Eonni, can you take charge of styling and coordinating a person?

Of course, anytime.

Who is it? A program model?

Well. But you don't have to put too much effort into it because I don't expect much.

Relax, relax, huh?

Do you even have time to sleep?

Eonni, is sleep important?

There is still a long way to go to develop my company.

I'm going to develop it well and give it to my Yu Min.

Hey. Anyone will think Yu Min is your kid.

Saying you had to make your younger brother study, did you really forget to sleep

after working part-time without any sleep?

Stop thinking about your brother and think about yourself now.

After you meet a nice guy, live a normal life and be happy.

Don't be like me.

That's why

I stopped you when you said you were going to marry Writer Park.

I should have listened to you then.

My life was ruined because I met that scum.

Saying you loved him, didn't you get married?

At the time, I did love him.

Should I say an agent of justice rescued me from the den of iniquity?

That image makes my heart race.

Whatever, whatever.

Enjoy your coffee, Father-in-law.

How is your blood pressure?

It's under control.

It must have been deposited.


Your spending money. I just mailed it.


Tens, hundreds, thousands, ...


Father-in-law. I don't have a husband's good luck, but I've been blessed with a father-in-law's good luck.

I am so grateful.

I enjoy watching you be cute.

Such a blessing ... yes.

I want to see you like this for the rest of my life.

You know, once a father-in-law, a father-in-law forever?

Right. That is right.


What are your glasses there for?

Also, if you're that busy, you punk...

Use the stairs! The emergency stairs, you hear?

I'm in a huge rush, darn it.


But, Joo Ah.

Yes, Father-in-law.

How is Han Chae Rin doing these days?

She's going out of her mind. This time CEO Han has grabbed a new product.

She's so busy taking care of it now, she's out of her mind.

Do you know that there is no benefit without a price in this world?

Of course, I do.

Give me an update on CEO Han every day.

Yes, Father-in-law. Don't worry.

Because you're like this, I adore you.

You never ask the reason.


Hey, aren't you going to cut that out?

Why? He's my father-in-law.

Father, she's not my wife. Stop it. This is not allowed.

Don't come.

- Father!
- What's the matter with you today?

Father-in-law, I'll leave first.

- Bye.
- Yes.

My purse.

Father, do you understand why I can't settle down after I was divorced.

After the age of twenty, you should not blame others.

Speaking of which, lay low for a while.

Don't create useless gossip.

Before I was twenty, the biggest influence on my life was my father.


There were two legal stepmothers who came in as soon as my mother passed away.

I'm sure there were more non-legal ones.

One would laugh in my face and the other h*t me from the back.

- And as those who came from Gangneung–
- What are you here for today?

I'm old now. I should have a good business.

Until when am I going to be pushed aside for CEO Han?

CEO Han acquired another business this time. My body keeps getting swollen with rage.

Be patient a little longer.

Do you mean it?

Is there anything you want to eat? Should I go down and buy something?

I'm tired.

Let's eat dinner together. Father?

I want to rest. Just go.

I'll be back.

One hundred thousand? Did you say the prize money is one hundred thousand won?

Yes, if I win, the prize is one hundred thousand won.

Wait a sec, wait a sec. Let's see if I have it right.

So you're in the model survival program and you made it to the finals.

If you win there, the prize money is one hundred thousand won.

That's what I said.

Hey. That is great!

Why didn't you tell me before?

If you told me, I would have cheered for you.

I thought I would fail.

I'm old and I didn't want to raise your expectations for nothing.

I see.

Well, honestly, because you didn't pass every audition,

I wanted you to stop now.

This time I really have a good feeling.

My mentor is the CEO of the program sponsor.

You will really do well.

If you win this time, let's throw a big party.

We will do that.

I'm going.

I hope your favorite flower will bloom soon.

Are you cold?

Shall we go in?

You might catch a cold.

Let's go in.

You were here.

Who ...

Are you Ji Na's guardian?

Yes. Who are you?

Hello. I'm Ji Na's new caregiver.


The person who was here last time?

She was taking a short break because of family issues,

but it turned out longer than expected, so she couldn't do anything else but retire.

I'm her replacement.

You don't have to worry because I've been through the internal screening by the hospital.

She is the new caretaker.

You'll be fine.

Please take good care of my Ji Na.

I'll take care of her with all my heart.

Rest easy.


- Call the anesthetist.
- Okay.

Ji Na!

Runway Homme Fatale

Who will win the million won ($ , ) prize?
Super Model Survival Program
Runway Homme Fatale

CEO Han Chae Rin

CEO, Hyeon Seung Hoon is here.

Send him in.


Thank you for being my mentor.

Can you do well?

Yes, I will do my best.

Do you know why I chose you, Seung Hoon?

Is it because I am so passionate?

Everyone has passion.

The reason why I chose you is simple.

It could become a moderately hot topic.

However, I don't think you can win the grand prize.

Do you think that what I said is wrong?

Yes. I think it's wrong.

Then, can you prove what I said is wrong?

I will definitely prove it.


You may leave. Today my schedule is full.

- Here.
- Huh?

- This style is fine.
- Cool.

This is also fine.

We'll do the hair after we figure out the outfit.

Sounds good.

Bravo! How was it?

I bet it was fine.

Are you all right?

It will be his stuff.

Let's try styling him a little younger.

The viewers are young women, so we'll have to tailor it to that.

Okay. That's in my expertise then.

What do you think?

I...I don't think this is it.

This is the beginning...

Stand upright and look straight ahead.

Are you going to prove me wrong?

Right, do it well.


I am here.

Yes, this is Lee Seon Woo.

Hello, I've contacted you because we wanted to ask for a sh**t

for the Runway Homme Fatal program that is sponsored by our company

Where is it located?

[Dance Academy Special Movement]

How is it?

Omg! You scared me.

Boss, don't scare me like that.

It's not my first time.

So, what do you think?

He definitely learns very quickly. Probably because he exercises.

He's got a knack for it too I think.

I think you'll see big results if you train him well.

Is that so?

How is it going?

It's much more difficult than I thought. I still do my best...

Good job, let's end it here today.

I'll leave after practicing a little more.

No, it's time to close.


Do you have a license?

Now you know you've barely tied your shoelaces?

How could the person who is proving I am wrong

sometimes be shaky and mess up from the first step?

I was years old when I first saw you.

I think you were a tower from the beginning.

That's what I am saying.

I was the only one who didn't know.

I know I am the most unhappy person in the world.

I think it is the hardest thing in the world.

Well, at that age, everyone thinks so.

But you ended up a tower.


Let me see...

I don't know if others see it.

I saw an opportunity to rise up more.

But I just left it.

Why do you think I did that?

When you get to the top,

you will want to climb even higher.

That's right.


I'm seeing you often.

Yes, you'll be seeing me often from now on.

What else would you like to resent me about?

I'll give you three minutes.

You turned my father into a conman who made two sets of financial books.

My father would never do that.

You still have a long ways to go. Seeing that you're using the word "never" rashly like that.

Then I'll reveal it for you.

That my father would never do that.

This is the problem with children.

They always see their fathers as a father, not a businessman.

Your father not only made two sets of financial books but his debt was a lie too.

He was careless in how he operated the company too.

Chairman. In my father's shoe closet...

there's only one pair of shoes.

He wore the same shoes by replacing the soles multiple times.

You're saying that a man that frugal made two sets of financial books?

Not everyone who is frugal is honest!

I'll get going now, Ma'am.

It'll take some time for your ride to come. Step inside for a bit.

I have something to give you too.

Ah, yes.

Wait a moment.

Who is it?

It's nothing urgent.


What if...


If you succeed in crushing my pride...

what do you think about living with me?

♪ The lives we play behind the mask ♪

♪ A constant rain of pain ♪

♪ Our minds belong to those who ask ♪

♪ To those who seek to change ♪

♪ I can say anything that I want ♪

♪ When I want ♪

♪ I believe in things that I see ♪

♪ I pray ♪

Are you certain about that decision?

I don't regret the decision I made because I've seen your potential.

Don't betray me. I'll show you what happens if you trick me.

Look into a person for me.

Do you think you can succeed as a model?

What is your opinion?

I'm sorry but Hyeon Seung Hoon can't pull off this concept.

If you don't wish to win...

then I can't work with you.

Hold on.

What's your name?

Hyeon Jin Yeong.

You have to be careful.

I heard you're Park Da Som's husband? That's not something you can hide.

Isn't it a waste? Your youth.

It's the last favor I'll be asking from you.

Let me fly away, Chairman.
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