01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sponsor". Aired: February 23, 2022 - present.
South Korean series follows four people who look for a sponsor to satisfy their desires.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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What if...


What if you succeed in crushing my pride?

what do you think about living with me?

Why are you so surprised?

Let's go in.

This is how rich people live.

Do you like what you see?

I bought it on an impulse.

I was smitten at first sight.

Don't you just see splashes? I was going to throw it away but if you like it...

It's too expensive and it would not match my house.

But are you living alone in this huge house?

Yes, I am comfortable living alone.

Seung Hoon, do you live with someone?

Ah, with my sister.

Is this the first time you are seeing a black card?

Oh yes.

Don't worry about the money. From now on just focus on the competition.

Seung Hoon, you do know the situation isn't good, right?

The people who made it to the finals aren't pushovers.

Especially, Ju Yeong Chan is already known for his commercials and his fan base is solid.

Accept this. Because I am certain of my selection of you, I'm going to support you as much as I can.

CEO, are you really certain about your decision?

I don't reverse my decisions.

I saw your potential.

Thank you very much, CEO.

I promise to never let you down.

I want another promise from you.

Don't lie. Money is not an issue for me.

But I can not forgive lies.

I want you to be honest with me about everything.

I can forgive someone who tries to k*ll me for no reason.

But I can not forgive anyone

who wants to s*ab me in the back.

Even if I am on the brink of death.

Because I am certain of my selection of you, I'm going to support you as much as I can.

[Ram Jang Inn]

-I'm home.
- You are home.

What's that?

Your favorite, chicken.

-Have you had dinner?
- No I haven't.

Chicken~ It must be delicious.

-Ah, it's so delicious.
- I know right.

It's really delicious. Ah, wait a minute...

Look at this, Nuna.

- What is this?
- It's a black card.

I know this is a decent room and all but I can not continue to live in a motel.

A black card?

How did you get this valuable thing?

The CEO gave it to me. She said that because she chose me, she would support me fully.

Really! That's really good.

Your CEO must have recognized your potential.

Of course.

Then we can move out of the motel now.

But Seung Hoon, can we just

pay Da Som back the whole lease deposit and return to our original house?

Let's think about a bit more.

Eat more.

What about Jin Yeong?

It's still the same. Nuna, please take care of him.

You're having a hard time.

But since we have a black card now, can he have the surgery too?

That's right.

- It will succeed, Nuna.
- Yes, it will.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

"I'll ask you directly. What do you want?"

" I can't wait for very long "

" Tell me like you don't want it, you greedy person "

" It's obvious in your eyes "

" Something I couldn't get "

All in.

Eonni! Eonni!

I see you still haven't fixed this habit of yours.

What are you doing? I was winning!

I told you this is going to ruin you and the family, didn't I?

I'm just doing it for fun.

You're really going to be like this when I haven't seen you in so long?

What''s going on?

Ji Na keeps appearing in my dreams.

I'm feeling restless.

Why are you suddenly talking about Ji Na?

You two were close.

Yes, we were close but...

Have a seat.

Look into someone for me. His name is Hyeon Seung Hoon.

Hyeon Seung Hoon?

That's right.

It seems like he was a soccer player in the past.

I happen to be working with him and need some background information.

- There won't be a problem will there?
- Of course not.

Actually, his name seems really familiar.

Ah! Ah! I remember now. He was my junior in college.

He was your junior at college? Were you friendly with each other?

We were like brothers! He would come running if I called him now.

As it turns out, I wanted to get in touch with him again! Should I call him right now?

That's good. Let's start from a family-like relationship

and look into his background more.

Leave it to me. I can get started right now.

But, I've been struggling a bit nowadays.

If you take care of this well, you'll be well taken care of.

Of course! I'll take care of it within a month.

I'll look forward to your report.

You definitely have a good eye.

"Don't just look at the outside, but the inside too."

"There's no substance if the outside is flashy."

It seems like teaching you was worth my while.

You being able to live like this is all thanks to me.

Of course. If I hadn't met you

You wouldn't have met Chairman Park

Your greed and ambition

There's no way that you're only serving Chairman Park.

Chairman Park alone is a lot to handle.

Isn't it a waste?

Your youth.

There's still some left, so what do you mean by waste?

You aren't at that age anymore.

Even so, just once

I really want to try falling in love.

Before it gets any later.

I'll ask you directly, what do you want?

- Open up more towards the camera.
- Okay.

CEO! I thought you had an appointment and wouldn't be able to come.

I had to come. My pride depends on this after all.

Hello. I'm Han Chae Rin.

Hello. I'm Lee Seon Woo.

My friend is a bit awkward, isn't he?

I'll skip saying something tacky like please take care of him.


Stay tense. That way you won't think of anything trivial.

- Secretary Yoo?
- Yes, President?

- What is this?
- It's the Homme Fatale concept that the company set for Seung Hoon's runway show.

The main point we would like to emphasize is his friendly and cute appearance.

- The unexpected charm hidden inside—
- I'm sorry.

I can not swallow an unexpected charm concept for Seung Hoon.

What are your thoughts?

To offset his lack of experience, we should go with a style that is a strong contrast

so that it will force you to imagine the mystery encapsulated in the strength of a well-trained body.

The mystery of his strength?

Isn't it a bit too cliché?

What can I do if you don't want to win? I guess we just can't work on this together.

Hold on.

Of course, your opinion is the most important thing.

Just pretend that you didn't hear what I just said.

- Excuse me
- Get ready for the next cut.

- Change your outfit too.
- Okay.

CEO ...

Umm. You aren't angry, are you?

Because of me, you went through unnecessary things.

Do I look like someone who would get angry about this?

- Right?
- Seung Hoon,

the pride you throw away for the sake of success

you can just get it back later once you get the money. Remember that in the future.

I know how miserable it is to have pride without skills.

So, I'll start off by gaining some skills.

I can show some pride once I become the best.

Of course.

I'll become a jackpot for you.

So that you'll never have to give anything up for success again.

If you keep all of your promises, you'll be a very busy man.

That's not a promise. It's my duty.

Go ahead. They must be waiting for you.


What I couldn't have

Not this one. Scroll down a little more.

Move this over a little more from here.

We're all ready now.

- Next sh**t?
- Yes.

Make me want you who is shining

- I'll start sh**ting.
- Okay.

What do you want, girl

Everything is yours

Tell me even if it's tough. Be the star of my dreams

What do you want, girl. I'm going to try

I will always be behind you

Look at the camera.

It turned out well.

You've worked hard. You really worked hard today.

I almost fell for you. How are you this cool?

- Thank you.
- But, wait a sec.

Your skin. How is it this soft?

Eonni! Seung Hoon must be tired.

Seung Hoon, you should change, take off your makeup, and rest.


Thank you.

Am I going to eat him up?

- I'll help you change!
- Why are you being like this?

Restrain yourself. You're being silly.

You really know how to pick them.

- Who?
- Who else? Seung Hoon.

- You pretended not to be interested, but that wasn't the case.
- Did I do that?

- Should I show you the CCTV footage?
- No thanks.

In any case, you really chose well.

- I'm grateful that you see it that way.
- It's true.

I mean, surprisingly, he looks a little older. How did you find him?

You never know, he could still be eliminated early in the competition.

Even so, didn't you pick him because he had potential?

He needs to at least make it to the finals.

Then we can go up together. If not, we won't.

No, no. Wait and see.

The more you polish his shape, the more brilliant a diamond he will become.

It'll be hard.

Anyway, I'll leave his styling to you.

What are you doing after work today?

You're pretty so all of the clothes suit you.

It's so pretty.

- I like it a lot.
- Yes.

Why do your legs look so good?

That's right. Those clothes were meant for you.

That one's really nice.

♪ I'm waiting for you ♪

Do you have anything else?

♪ What should I do for you? Tell me what you want. ♪

Thank you.

-I'm so happy!
-Do you really like it that much?

- We have to go to the party!
- Thank you.

It's a deposit. Since I haven't left the house yet.

Where did this come from?

I don't know where you dug this up from, but do you really think you'll be able to become successful?

I got a mentor, so there's nothing that's impossible.

Wow. You really. You really haven't grasped reality yet. Have you?

Since I'm doing well, does it look easy to you?

I know how fierce and terrifying this arena can be too.

I'll take care of it.

What about Jin Yeong? How is he?

Don't make me out to be a cold mother.

You aren't the only one who's been paying Jin Yeong's hospital bills up until now.

Stop daydreaming and work hard instead.

I'll take this with me.

The patient's brain is so damaged it has lost almost all of its functions.

General Ward A

Are you okay? Let me see if you are okay.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

You shouldn't run so fast in the hallway.

- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.

- What's your name?
- Hyeon Jin Yeong.

Jin Yeong. Be careful, okay?

The pictorial came out and preparations are complete.

- Are you confident?
- Yes.

And this is something I tell my juniors when they first get on the stage.

Just enjoy your performance.

Are you afraid they'll freeze because of greed?

I'm not.

- And also—
- Bella!

Yu Min?

Seung Hoon, you can go now. Stay in shape.

Oh, yes.

When did you arrive?

I told you not to call me that in front of others.

Why? I like it. Oh, Bella.

Your trip was six months long after you finished your study abroad.

Do you know I waited just as long?

- Well.
- Tomorrow you will start learning.

We have to increase the number of subsidiaries. We're going to China too, and I can't do it by myself.

Then, my office will be ...

- next to yours?
- Nope.

You have to start at the bottom carrying boxes.


Did you wake up?

I missed you.

I'm sorry that I was too busy with work.

- Dad.
- Hmm?

I want to get better quickly.

I want to become a soccer player like you.

I am going to learn a lot about soccer from you and after I become a famous player,

I'm going to give a lot of money to you and Mom.

I'll buy you a huge house too.

You will become healthy.

Jin Yeong,

work hard at soccer

and become a national soccer team player.

In that case, let's practice soccer together Dad.

CEO, do you know an actor named Park Da Som?

I think I've heard of her.

There were some rumors that she was married to Hyeon Seung Hoon.

Someone saw them in person and confirmed that it was true.


You had no idea, right?

They were living together.

I'll do a more thorough investigation and give a formal report.

Ok. Look into it more.

Hyeon Seung Hoon

I'll show you

what happens to people who deceive me.

Yes, Chairman.

It's just like it was before.

It's all because of you.

You aren't one to ever forget where your loyalty lies.

It's nice to feel your touch after such a long time.

I took care of Sehan Beauty as you wanted.

I knew you would do well.

Soon there will be a branch in China

and the company will become the best in the industry.

You're the first person who taught me how to drink wine.

After my parents d*ed,

I met you at the age of .

If I hadn't met you back then

I wouldn't be on this planet anymore.

And I don't know what would have happened to my younger brother.

Thank you.

For your sake ...

I could put my life on the line.

What a surprise.

You were definitely a child who deserved it.

But, Chairman.

You have a request.

This is my last request to you.


You already forgot.

You're not the one who gets to decide what the last is.

Please set me free.

I always leave the lock open.

I guarantee

today won't be the last day you come to see me.

You're so handsome.

You're handsome.

Who do you resemble, to be so handsome?

You could really end up winning.

They don't pick based only on looks.

Hurry up and give me my jacket.

Even so, I know that you'll do your best so that you will succeed.

I'll vote online, via text and phone today.

I'll tell others to vote too.

I'm grateful if even you alone do it.

More than that, please look after Jin Young.

I'm anxious to just leave him by himself.

Don't worry. I was going to head over to him soon.

Don't worry about anything else and focus on the competition.

Thank you, Nuna!

Do well!

I'll be back.

Where are you?

Come to the cafe quickly.

Did you bring Jin Yeong?

That's what I decided to do.

Did the doctor say it would be difficult?

What did I say in the first place?

For someone who doesn't even have a future, the situation is no joke.

Can they really save Jin Yeong?

Can you really get in touch with Dr. Brown?

Dr. Brown.

Then treat me well.

I'm your sponsor right?

I understand.

Just save Jin Yeng.

I give you anything you want.


Why did you come suddenly without contacting us?

Where is Jin Yeong?

Jin Yeong went for a quick test.

I need to take him.

Why? Suddenly?

Are you just going to leave the situation alone?

To become worse and worse until it can't be handled?

Seung Hoon said he's going to make money now.

Do you know how much is Jin Yeong's surgery will cost? It's million!!

How could he find that much money?

Seung Hoon's boss gave him a black card.

What black card?

What illness does he have?

Eisenmenger's is a rare disease and can only be treated in the US.

Money doesn't fix everything. Don't you agree?

Eisenmenger syndrome is a condition arising from an unrepaired congenital heart defect.

Have a seat.

I heard you are Park Da Som's husband.

You look surprised so it's true.

We're currently separated.

We'll get divorced soon.

I don't need a long story. What's your plan?

Today is the last day.

If you give me a chance I will make it happen.

That's a given.

Did you remember that I said if you lie to me, I will never forgive you?

Yes, CEO.

I don't think I lied to you.

What? I don't want to go out into the world as Park Da Som's husband.

I want to live under my name as Hyeon Seung Hoon.

You're still strong spirited.

I have real feelings for you.

You won't hide anything from me anymore, right?

Yes, I won't.

Who is it?

Lee Seon Woo. Should I be happy for you or console you?

I don't need that.

You weren't bad but not as great as me.

- Please go ahead.
- Yes.

Go ahead.

- Let's go.
- Yes.

Do you need to go on losing to me all the time?

That won't happen.

You need to be on my level to lose to me.

I'm glad you know.

I have something to tell you.



Always get what they deserve.

That day will come.

You do tarot readings now?

It feels like a thr*at.

A thr*at? So it is.

Can you even see anything with these on?

You should remember it.

I can see just fine.

They're for astigmatism.

Rude assh*le.

You look nervous.

Don't fall.

Don't be so nervous.

No matter how lucky you were to advance to the preliminary round,

you know that's not how the finals work.

It's all about experience. Experience.


Having a lot of experience doesn't always make you skilled.

That's right. Experience isn't everything!

But look at it this way.

From the judge's view, would they pick someone with neither skill nor experience?

over someone with a lot of experience?

It would have been good

If you started a little earlier, right?

Oh right.

It's the Homme Fatale Runway day.

I better go vote!

TV: The first model survival program.

TV: We will announce the runway Homme Fatale finalists.

After , , real-time votes cast

with , , and , , votes respectively. The top two.

Hyeon Seung Hoon and Joo Yeong Chan!

Congratulations! You will advance to the finals!

Dad is the best!

Dad is the best!


Thank you.

You all did a great job.

All of your hard work paid off.

You still have to make it to the finals so stay on your toes.


Thank you everyone. I-

Hold on. We didn't make a proper toast.

That's right.

Seung Hoon, you're the star of today. You should make a toast.


Don't go on and on about this member and that member, okay?


Please repeat after me.


- With intention
- With intention

- No matter what
- No matter what

- Let's accomplish it
- Let's accomplish it


- Let's wrap up!
- All right!

You're a perfect actor.

I'm not good at these things.

You did great!

- Eat a lot.
- Okay, you too.

This is good.


I have a call. I'll be right back.

Were you waiting?

No, Ma'am. I just got here too.

Ah, and I was watching TV. Congratulations on your protogé's advancement to the finals.

I just came out of the celebration. Hurry and tell me

I didn't think of that. I'm sorry.

Did you complete the report?

Yes. Here it is.

If I summarize it briefly, his mother d*ed when she was young. He lives with his sister.

Since they separated, his wife Da Som isn't seeing anyone now.

Actually, the situation is that they are not divorced.

- And...
- And?

There is a six year old child.

It's a boy. He is hospitalized.

You say there is a child?

Yes. His condition is serious.

Right now Seung Hoon is taking care of him.

That's everything important. All the insignificant stuff is in the report.

When you have time later, you can look it over at your leisure.

Good work.

I'll deposit the money right away.

Please call me anytime.

I totally knew it would happen.

- Let me pour you a glass.
- Yes.

Congratulations, Seung Hoon.

Thank you.

But when I heard the text message voting results earlier, there was a difference of , votes.

It was , . That was too big.

I knew you were going to be the champion.


Well, then, I had to leave.

No way.

What are you saying?

Then ...

You're here? What happened?

Some personal business. Nothing important.

Seung Hoon, are you enjoying the drinks?

Terribly expensive.

One sh*t.

Don't drink. There's an appointment after this.


Congratulations Seung Hoon. I knew you would win.

Jin Yeong and I aren't going to sleep now and will wait.

When are you coming?


We're having a celebration party. I'll call you later.

Jin Yeong said he'll wait for you. What should I do?

I think it's going to be hard tonight. I'll stop by tomorrow.

Jin Yeong, Dad can't come today

Shall we have a party tomorrow?

Then, what about the cake?

You can blow out the candles instead of Dad.

Congratulations, Dad! My dad is the best!

Shall we do that?

- Have a drink.
- I'm fine.

My father

was truly a perfect man.

However he made just one mistake.

He trusted you.

Han Chae Rin was the one who took care of the Multi-National Account for my father's company,

but I know the actual source of the fund is you.

I just invested based on the potential of the company.

It wasn't potential. It was an investment in CEO Han's greed.

CEO Han's greed?


You will soon know where the end of that endless greed is.

Both that endless greed was born in my hands

and the end will be in my hands.


It's a human hand.

Will it be enough to cut it off?

- Let's go for another round!
- Karaoke?

How about karaoke?

Let's go.

It's me!

We can clean it up tomorrow.

- Hurry up!
- Where are we going?

- What should we do?
- Do well! Hurry,

Come quickly.

Seung Hoon.

Yes, CEO.

I have something to think about.

Do you want to drive for a while?



Dad, are you listening?

I have something to tell you.

You told me not to live with revenge.

That it'll poison my heart.

But Dad,

I'm going to get my revenge...

even if poison spreads throughout my entire body.

Please hang on until I accomplish it.

Please start.

It's quiet and the view is lovely.

Starting tomorrow, you have to run hard to win again.

- Take it easy until then.
- Of course.

I wonder about something.

What is it?

Why isn't a perfect person

who is as beautiful, talented, and determined as you...

-Not married?


There isn't anyone whom I love.

There are two types of men I've met up to now.

One type is rich, socially successful

and owns many possessions.

But I'm not what they want.

They just want an accessory that matches and complements them.

What's the other?

The type who wants something from me.

To make their own business succeed,

they need my connections or my property.

I can't marry either the guy who wants an accessory or a bank, right?

So that's why I'm not.

What about you Seung Hoon? What's your marital situation?

It wasn't easy.

Isn't your marriage similar to what I said?

That's right.

Perhaps Da Som also may have regarded me as an accessory

which complemented her.

How is your child?

What? About that, how—

No way. Didn't you think I would at least investigate the person I was employing?

And as to that, hiding something doesn't mean it is hidden.

If you did a little, everything comes out.

I-I am sorry.

- For what?
- I didn't tell you I had a child.

Seung Hoon.

Do you think I'm angry now?

Actually, I had mixed thoughts
when I found out you had a child.

Even so, I wasn't angry.

In any case,

even if you didn't say anything, it wasn't a lie, was it?

If that's the case, that's that.

As I said before, rather than trying to lie, don't say anything.

If it is just not that, I can forgive anything.

I will bear that in mind. I will never lie.


Because I have seen so many people who speak out of both sides of their mouths,

I can only feel at ease if I install a safety device.

Safety device?

For once

try doing something that you will feel guilty about.

That I will feel guilty about? What sort of ...

Shall we

sleep together?

♪ Warm as a spring day ♪

♪ The scenery then ♪

♪ That splendid dream, above that dream ♪

♪ Petals fluttering ♪

♪ Will I be able to return again when I want? ♪

♪ At the end of the world where I am stumbling, I pray. ♪

[Sponsor] ♪ Even though I try to break away I'm in the same place ♪

You asked what I could do for you, right? I'll do whatever I can.

So please, let me save my Jin Young.

I learned firsthand that money is the best.

Do you have five billion won? Don't you think you have to give up at least one thing too, Seung Hoon?

I'm thinking of introducing you to a nice madam.

Why can't you answer me?

- David is saying...
- What the heck?

he'll do everything for you with no conditions? Do you believe that?

I think that there should be minimum kindness at the very least.

You are resenting me I see.

CEO Han.

Did you approach Han Chae Rin also because of money?

My friend went to school in New York too.

Her name is Ji Na.
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