01x03 - Long Distance

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Party of Five". Aired: January 8 –; March 4, 2020.
Five children suddenly find themselves without their parents in this remake of the '90s original.
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01x03 - Long Distance

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Previously on Party of Five...

JAVIER: It's the Pizzeria
della Posta across the street.

Let me check.

You know the drill! Move!

- Okay, please turn around, sir.
- GLORIA: No, we have a baby.

- Don't take them!
- GLORIA: We have a baby! Please, no!

VAL: What do we do?

BETO: It's Val. She has nightmares.

She wants to talk so, we talk.

And then she falls back
to sleep and I can't.

VANESSA: At , you're doing the
job of a mother and a father.

I think you're incredible.

This is Matthew. Matthew, Lucía.

Nice to meet you.

Do your parents know where you are?

Let's just say I'm on my own.

EMILIO: If you guy are worried
about your jobs, don't be.

I'll be here. Running things,
every day, just like my father did.

VANESSA: Look at you.
You're running a restaurant.

Taking care of four kids.

Who has time for girls, right?


WOMAN: Hey, Beto.



LOUIE: Yo, Beto!

Hey, hey, Uncle Louie!

So, whaddya hear from the folks?

Uh, they're good. Ya know.

They're adjusting.

They got email down there?

I'll send 'em a note.

Let them know I'm keeping
an eye on their brood.

Although you're lookin' skinny.

I'm gonna have Tino set aside
another lasagna for you and the kids.

Listen, whatever you don't
eat, you freeze.

- Thanks, man.
- Mm-hmm!

So this...

This is uh... wow! This is yours?

Yeah. Ya like?

- Like? Are you for real? I love it.
- Uh-uh!

In another week I'll be okay with
people's fingerprints, just not yet.

Totally feel you.

Although, uh...

Could you do me a favor?

You see that car right there?

I got about four months
left on the lease.

You think you could maybe, I dunno,

take it out once a week?

Make sure there's air in the tires.

Seriously? I could use it?

Yo, Vin.

Make sure Beto here

gets the keys to the convertible
whenever he wants 'em.

Pssh, jeez, I don't know what to say!

Thank you so much, Louie.

Haven't had a lot go my way lately so...

Okay! Ya leanin'.

Just rather you didn't lean.

[LAUGHS] My bad!


Table 's still waiting on appetizers.

The papadzules
are too many steps, man.

We don't got those down.

No, no, I took those off
the menu the other day.

Yeah, well, Javier said the Rubalcabas

always ask for 'em, so we left them on.

How did my dad know they were coming in?

Yeah, well, I think he made Oscar
read him the reservation book.

Hey Oscar, did my father...?

Wait, why are you washing dishes?

Hey! It's us. Trying you again.

We're all here at the restaurant.

So now would be a good time
for you guys to call us back.

Uh, Lucía is right here and she says hi!

Stop bugging them, Val.
They'll call when they can.

So, a car traveling
at . miles per hour

- skids to a stop in . seconds.
- Okay. I love you.

I can't wait to hear from you...

Determine the skidding distance...

Are you writing this down?

Beto! Hello?

Sorry, I'm just texting my boys,

Jesse and Doug, about the car.

Can you focus here for like three secs?

Let me be excited! It's my own ride!


Do you think everything's okay?

Um, well. The dishwasher
hasn't shown up.

VAL: I mean with Mami and Papi.

I at least talk to one of them

when I come home from school.

Hey, Beto,
I got your dinners coming out,

- I could use a hand.
- What happened to Alonzo?

- Oscar says he got picked up.
- VAL: Picked up?

- By immigration?
- Mm-hmm.

LUCÍA: So you're gonna
need a dishwasher?

EMILIO: Yeah, why? You know someone?

Yeah, actually. I think I might.

- Um, this kid Val and I met...
- It's seven o'clock.

Even if Mami had a job interview
today, she'd be home by now.

Or she'd at least answer her phone.
And Papi...

You know Papi's hours at
his restaurant are crazy, Val.

Yeah, not so crazy he hasn't
called everyone in my kitchen

and told them what to do.

It's not your kitchen, Emilio.

It's Papi's.

Clearly he'd agree.

- You're better.
- Better than who?

Oh, you mean, seem better than before.

Yeah maybe. A little.

Um, anyways.
I happen to have a car at my disposal.

And I thought I could save you
from having to take the bus home.

Oh, aren't you the sweetest.

But, I'm covered tonight. Thanks.

Oh. Okay. Maybe next time.

'Cause did I mention, I got my ride?

I'd love to take you home...
Drive, drive you home!

Drive you home.
Not like, go home with you.

I wouldn't have to come in, well...

If you invited me in, of course...

- Food's here!
- MAN: Two combos...

- Right.
- ... taquitos.

- Thank you.
- MAN: Y otro combo dos.

So wait, when you say that
you, you know,

are covered do you mean you have
plans or you, like, have a ride?

Kinda both.


Could we maybe turn on
a light or something?

Yeah, I'd advise against that.

It's sort of a mood k*ller. Come here.

Mmm. Come on, come on.
How bad could it be?

Okay, in my defense,
I really prioritized

not having a roommate over like,

livability. You know, so...

EMILIO: Wow. It's, uh...

- h*t the lights.
- Okay.

- EMILIO: Mmm. Mmm.

- I think I'm gonna...
- Already?




What'd you think I was gonna say?




Okay, something definitely
is happening here.

Yeah, you know I feel it.

- You do?
- Mm-hmm.

Is your throat closing up too?

You wouldn't happen to have
a cat, do you?


Cookie. Cookie, get over here!



- Cookie!

Ugh, God.

- Come here! No, no, no. Cookie.
- Hey.

- Hey
- BETO: Hey, you on your way?

Nope. Nope. Still at the restaurant.

- BETO: How much longer?
- Uh...

I don't know. A few hours. Why?

Is there a problem?

Val wants to know the
name of the restaurant

- that Papi works at.
- EMILIO: Why?

- 'Cause she wants to call him.
- EMILIO: Why?

- 'Cause they haven't checked in...
- In nine hours.

EMILIO: Well, I dunno. I dunno.
It's the golden something.

BETO: Golden Arches?

No. Not the golden arches, Bey.
That's McDonald's.

VANESSA: There we go. Gotcha!

Hi, cutie.

Look, just tell Val it's too late

and she needs to go to bed. Okay?

How 'bout I put him in the bathroom

and I can run a little vacuum

and then we can get back to it?

We good?



He didn't know either.

Why do you look so weird?

Is there something he's not telling us?


It's late. What are you doing up?




I can't believe you're
hooking up with her.

Yeah, well... believe it.

I'm going to bed.

You assh*le!

Why am I an assh*le?

Why, because I hooked up with a girl?

A girl I saw first!

What are you, six?

- You don't get to call dibs here.
- I hired her.

I interviewed a lot of people
and she's the one I picked.

Yeah. To work at the restaurant.

- Not to be your girlfriend.
- Well, that was the subtext.

You know, last week
she told me I was incredible.

You're a kid. Alright?

- You'd be dreaming if...
- So what if I am?!

What's the harm in letting me have that?

Something to look forward to seeing
every time I go to that restaurant

instead of the giant hole
that Mami and Papi left.

And I'm not entitled to the same thing?

You could have any girl!

You pretty much have had every girl.

In the end, none of them
means anything to you.

This one's not gonna be any different.

But she could have
meant something to me.


VAL: Admit it!

You're worried now too.

Eighteen hours.

[SIGHS] I'm trying to think
of every perfectly reasonable

explanation why they
wouldn't have called us.

I mean, maybe they didn't
pay their phone bill in time.

BETO: Hey you guys, check this.

There's an earthquake
in Mexico yesterday.

Oh my God, no! A big one?!

- Was anyone hurt?
- No, doesn't say.

Just says the epicenter was in
San Luis Potosi which is about

a hundred miles north of them.
It h*t at : a.m.

h*t? h*t sounds really bad.

Papi would have already been
on his way to work by then, right?

Mami would have been at a
job interview or en route to one.

What if her bus was going over a bridge?

Or under an overpass?

- That's a Mexico number.

I don't recognize it.
It's neither of theirs.

It could be a hospital or a neighbor

or somebody who found
their bodies in rubble.

- Answer it, Bey.
- VAL: No, wait!

We say prayers first.


All of us!

- Hello?
- Put it on speaker.

- GLORIA: Beto?
- Mami?

You're okay? Papi too?

JAVIER: Right here. We're fine, mijos.

What happened?
We heard there was an earthquake.

GLORIA: But not so big. It's just...

big enough to cause an outage,

eh, what do they call it, Javi?

- JAVIER: The grid went down.
- GLORIA: Mm-hmm.

JAVIER: No phone service.
No way to charge our cells.

GLORIA: But a nice policeman
who live in our building

is letting us use his special phone.


There's other people waiting
to talk to their families so..

We were so worried.

- I was the most worried.
- GLORIA: I know, mi amor.

But we're fine. And we'll talk
to you as soon as we can. Okay?




Hey, Val.

It's good news.

I know, I just... need a minute.

Hey, you talk to your parents?

Yeah, Bey got the sense
that they'd be back in touch

in a day or two once the grid is up.

Javi's phone is workin'.

He called me on my way over to tell me

what kind of ceviche to make

with last night's leftover tilapia.

Hey man, what's LMV Enterprises?

That's Louie. Uncle Louie.

- Down the street.
- We owe him money?

We owe him...

Holy shit!

Is this right?

- A lot of money.
- Our liquor license.

It's in his name.

How do you think your
folks manage to sell booze?

You gotta have papers.
So he did them a solid way back when.

Yeah, but that was years ago. Right?

Wh-What, we're still paying him?

Well the deal was % of the bar.

In perpetuity?

- What's perpetuity?
- Meaning we pay him forever?

Oh. Yeah. Perpetuity.



♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, I was born to be the greatest ♪

Thank you.

♪ Yeah, I was born to be your favorite ♪


♪ That's what I dream
every day so I say it ♪

♪ Yeah, I used to be... ♪

Were you waiting for me?

- Me?
- Yeah.

Nah, I was actually at the drugstore

picking up, you know...


♪ 'Cause anything is possible ♪

Oh. Whose car is this?

I told you. I got wheels.

On loan but, still.

Jump in, I'll give you a lift.


♪ Try and take my crown ♪

♪ But look at me now ♪

♪ Yeah, look at me now ♪

♪ Yeah, go! ♪


LUCÍA: Matthew doesn't
have any experience

in the restaurant industry per se.

But, he helps out at the kitchen

at St. Florentina.

Dozens of people every weekend.

You're available to work
nights and weekends?

He's available all the time.

I'm sorry, who's being interviewed here?

It's a minimum wage job.

You alright with that?

Yeah, that's fine. That's good.

Great. And I'm assuming you
fulfill the other requirement.

Having a pulse.



You're hired!

Just let me photocopy
your driver's license

and we'll get the paperwork started.

I don't have a driver's license.

Any kind of I.D. is fine.

I-I-I don't have I.D.

♪ My life, my life, my life, my life

♪ I ain't got no worries,
my vision isn't blurry ♪


Only exam I ever got a perfect score on,

my driver's test.

I believe it. You're very good.

You know actually,
Emilio dated his driving instructor.

- He was, uh, . She was .
- Mm-hmm.


He liked to say the woman
really taught him how to merge.

But, um, I guess you'd probably
know if that was true or not, huh?

[QUIETLY]: Yeah.

Is there something
you'd like to ask me, Beto?

Is there something
you want to tell me, Vanessa?

Your brother and I are...

spending some time together.

We're just trying to keep it quiet.

Yeah, so smart! So smart!

See, you don't want people
weighing in their opinions.

Or, you know, laying out the odds

when you guys are gonna break up.

- Exactly. Mm-hmm.
- Exactly. Yeah.

Figured I'd oughta let you
know to prepare yourself.

Not let you get in too deep.

And you could always pre-dump him.

Get out of the way of the
inevitable heartbreak.

- I'll take that under advisement.
- Okay.

You know I hate to say it,
you're not even his first Vanessa.

Or the second. You're his third!

It was a very popular name in the ' s.

No! No. It's... It's not a problem.

Alonzo didn't have papers.

Lots of people who work
here don't have papers.

- Right, Emilio?
- Yeah. Right.

People who have worked
here longer than I have.

I mean, I'd be crazy
to bring on somebody

who's undocumented when
I can find somebody who is.

I get it, sir.
Thank you for taking the time...

Don't call him "sir."

You can't make an exception?
This is a friend of mine.

- It's okay, Lucía.
- It is not okay!

If I get in trouble for
looking the other way,

it could affect my DACA status.

Are you really asking me to risk that?

Matthew, where are you going?

Matthew! Wait!


Can you just stop?!

Why didn't you tell me?

I told you the stuff that matters most.

That I left home. That I'm on my own.

My list of problems goes:

Where am I gonna sleep?

Where's my next meal coming from?

Are my parents gonna come after me?

And then all the way down at the bottom,

what does the government say
about my citizenship status?

Okay, well,
maybe that's something we can fix.

- Pfft...
- Hey!

I'm trying to help you.

Can't you see that?

Or maybe you've never had
anyone on your side before?

Is that it?

- Just sign here at the bottom?
- EMILIO: Mm-hmm.

You got a pen? [LAUGHS]


When they send you the official
license with your name on it,

I'm gonna throw you a dinner.

- That's not necessary.
- The hell it ain't!

This is a big deal.

Your dad'd be so glad to
see you step up like this.

He never thought you would.

Yeah, well, you do
what you gotta do, right?


You know, it meant a lot to me
to be able to help out this way.

I always thought it was terrible

how this country
treated people like him.

So if we could just clear out my
share of the bar this quarter?

Why don't we just call ourselves even?


Oh... don't do that.

You're gonna renegotiate with me

after years of our two families...

Don't give me "two families" bullshit,
Uncle Louie.

You took advantage of
us the entire time.

Because my father had no choice

but to say yes and thank you.

And keep it to himself.

That's not how your father saw it.

- He knew we were friends.
- Yeah... friends.

My father apparently thought
everyone was his friend.

Friends don't charge % of
a bar receipt for years!


I risked my own neck to help
your dad build the business.

That's worth something. Right?

Now you wanna put a stop to the
arrangement, I got no problem.

But I do got a problem with you
reneging on what I'm owed to date.

- Really?
- Really.

Well, what are you gonna do, Louie?

Sue me?

For not paying the money
you're owed for illegally

fronting a liquor license?

Yep. Now you know how my father felt.

Look, consider yourself lucky.

They're not processing new applications.

But since your parents got you DACA
status when you first came here,

- all you need to do is...
- I'm not giving them my information.

It doesn't feel safe.

Matt. Come on, please.

That's what they do.

They prepare DACA renewals all the time.

They're on your side.
They're here to help.

How do you know?

How do you know there isn't some
ICE officers waiting inside?

Disguised as someone?

Like, waiting for someone like
me to come out of the woodwork.

To reveal himself.

How do you know there isn't
someone out here right now?

If I were them,
this is where I would be.

- I have to... we have to go.
- Matt, Matt!

Excuse me? Sorry, I just...

Um, I don't know how
much change I have...

WOMAN: Keep your money!

I have something for him.


VAL: It could have
just been a foreshock.

GLORIA: Now, don't you go getting
all jumpy like your brother.

The garbage truck rumbles by and

Beto runs to stand in the doorway.

[LAUGHS] You know not to do that, right?

Now they say that you're
supposed to go under a desk

or a table...

- Val?

You've been gone minutes.

How's your stomach ache?

- You know. Worse.
- Open the door, Val.

I actually looked up my symptoms online

and it turns out that I have
of life-threatening diseases.


Please. Don't take it.

I promise, I won't use it during school.

And here's how I know you won't.

LUCÍA: How is this a better answer?

It's breaking the law.

It's solving a problem
without risking being exposed.

I get this, I don't have to hide.

I can get a job. A phone.
Maybe a place to live.

- It opens every door for me.
- So could a DACA renewal.

Until the law changes!

It's all the money you have.

- She's doing me a favor...
- But she's ripping you off!

Both maybe.

She has something I want.

That's worth a lot of money.

And maybe the only thing in
her life she has to sell.

It can change all three of our lives.

It'll be years before that little
baby needs a social security number.

I need one now.

Hey, you mind if Lupita gets off early?

She didn't ask, but you know she's due

next month and we're kinda slow so...

You okay?

Oscar told me about Louie.

I don't understand.

We used to go to this
guy's house for Easter.

He hooked me up with a
stretch limo for prom night.

Always figured if we got arrested,

Uncle Louie would be
the first phone call.


You can always call me.

Hmm. Right.

You fixed for bail money?

- You can call me for support.
- Mm-hmm.

Moral support.
Unless of course you did something...

Horribly immoral.

- Immoral, huh?
- Mm-hmm...

Like what?


- Go to bed!


I'm serious, Val.
We have to be up in a couple hours.



Um, we couldn't...

I have this, uh, cat.

At my place, and your brother, he's...

Yeah. He's highly allergic.

To, you know, cats, strawberries...


Um, so, Val?

She's still keeping you up at night?

That's still a thing?

I got it covered.


You might wanna...




Gimme one good reason
why you can't hire him

now that he has a
social security number.

That he bought off a baby.

Whoa. Wait, wait, wait.

A baby sold your friend
his social security number?

How's that even possible?

Look. I did research.

An employer has no obligation
to become an expert

in authenticating documents.

That's the truth!

All you need is plausible deniability

that you believe his papers are legit.

Even if he gets caught,
there's no legal risk to you.

How do you even pay a baby?

I don't think I can go to school today.

I have a really bad stomach ache.

Oh. Then so much for your lunch.

Also, I think I have a fever.

Come here.

EMILIO: I mean, why do you even
care about this kid so much anyway?

You met him, what, a week ago?

Now all of a sudden
he's your pet project?

Nope. You feel fine.

LUCÍA: I wanna do for him what
people did for Papi.

Give him a leg up.

Well not everyone was
so good to Papi.

Well, isn't that a reason to be better?

I mean, isn't it, Emilio?

I guess I can stay home with you.

You're on academic probation, remember?

I'll stay.

Um, never mind.

I don't want anyone missing
school on account of me.

I've already talked to Mami.

Is it okay if she
keeps me company today?

She said she wanted to.


Sidewalks get swept every morning,
hosed down every night.

Uh, oh! Nothing goes in the gutter.

Alright, whatever you sweep up,

you take around the corner
to the bin in the back.

Got it.


♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah... ♪





Yeah, I'll meet you inside.

Don't walk away from me.

I'm telling you, Bey,
you can't drive it.

The hell I can't!

I didn't even ask. He volunteered it.

He milked our family for years!

- Papi signed the checks.
- He didn't know any better.

Maybe he knew exactly what he was doing.

And that's what it was worth to him.

Why do you assume the
worst about people?

That nobody can be on our side.

Not everyone's out to screw us.

Not the guy that's trying
to make my sucky life

slightly better by
letting me drive his car.

That's exactly what
he wants you to think.

Are you really that paranoid?!

Our parents were deported, Bey!

Alright, so I'm allowed
to see the world as, yeah,

full of people who are not on our side.

No, that's you!

You can think however you want.

See enemies lurking around every corner.

But I don't need your permission
to keep using that car.

And you can't, like, forbid me.

You're not my father.


It was really nice of
you to get him a job.

You sound surprised.

I'm a nice person!



Yeah. Louie...

If you're wantin' Emilio,
I don't think he's too keen.

Got it.

Take-out order from across the street.

Take-out order from
Pizzeria della Posta.

Got it? Take-out order
from Pizzeria della Posta.

Take care of the customers.
I'll get everyone out. Go!

You too, Luce. Vamo, vamo!


What's going on?

Ah, ICE is down the block.

We got a tip.


You have your papers. Go back to work.

Matthew. Go back to work.

Deep breaths, okay?

Hey, hey! It's gonna be okay, Val.

Hey, listen to me. Look at me.

It's gonna be okay.

- Val, I got it. Now look...
- No, please!

If no one's working, they'll
know the staff went out the back.

Look, I promise I'll be back. Okay?

- Just stay right there. I promise.
- Don't. Don't!

I'm calling Mami then.

Hey, Val!

How about you be my assistant, huh?

Help me pass out the menus.

Come on.


Okay. Come on.


Get her out of here, you two. Now!

Take her home.

Get the baby.

Hey, come on, Val, pack up your stuff.

No. I'm not leaving without Emilio.

Those officers could still show
up and they can take him away.

Hey. Hey, I'm not going anywhere. Okay?


Hey. Look at me.

I have status.

I'm safe.

You're safe.

We're all safe.

It was a false alarm.

There were never any ICE agents coming.

- How do you know?
- How do I know?!


You sure it was Louie who called, right?

Yeah. It was Louie.

That's how I know.

EMILIO: Papi, are you listening
to anything I'm saying?

Okay, what do you mean
that's not the man you know?

Haven't you heard a word I've said?

Explain why Louie calling to
warn you of the authorities

is some kind of thr*at?

It's what we do for each other.

He did it the night they
came for your mother and me.

If he wanted to hurt you,

he should have let those
men show up unannounced.

Yeah, well,
maybe he'll do that next, okay?

But tonight, there were no agents.

Okay, I-I guarantee you he made them up!

Maybe your paranoia is
covering up your guilt.

What guilt?!

Going back on a deal he
and I made years ago.

Papi. This man was exploiting you!

I came to him for his help

with that license.
Not the other way around.

He did me a favor!

Thirty percent of a bar tab for
years is not a favor. Okay?

You just don't want to see it.

Okay, because to see it means
that he's been playing you

for a sucker all those years.

suddenly you know everything?!

You're suddenly an
expert on my failings?!

I'm just trying to protect
the family. That's all.

That is my job, Emilio!

Clearly not anymore!

Hey, stop it!

- Lay off him.
- Get out of here, Beto.

No. What are you doing?!

Tearing him down?

Don't you know it's
already hard enough as is?

Leave him with some dignity.

JAVIER: Beto, Beto, Beto.
It's alright,

You're trying to steal
everything from everyone.

JAVIER: Your brother doesn't
know what he doesn't know.

He thinks in one month

he can understand the business I built

and see all my mistakes.

Well, you know what, Papi?
What slack have you cut me?

Really, what slack have you cut me

calling the restaurant
three times a day?

Talking to everyone behind my back.

I should let you make mistakes?!

You made plenty.

You could have transferred
the license to me

the day I turned .

don't turn this around on me.

Excuse me, with all due respect...

Mr. Acosta, sir you're
not here to see this, but

your son is doing an excellent job.

- It's okay, Vanessa.
- Vanessa?

This is the hostess you hired?

In our bedroom?

At o'clock at night?

- Sorry, I didn't mean...
- No...

No. Don't be sorry. Yeah, Papi. Yeah!

She's in my bedroom. Not yours. Mine.

JAVIER: She's sleeping there?

With my children in the house?

Your mother and I will not
allow it. Do you hear me?


Can't sleep?

Emilio is tossing and turning.


Sorry about what my dad said earlier.

It's not you he doesn't want here.

It's any girlfriend of Emilio's.

Don't take it personally.



And you?

Val's still in your bed?

I gotta work on that.

Start weening her off me.

Doesn't that make sense?


I shouldn't?

I mean, I'm asking.

You told me you'd help me make a plan.

[SIGHS] It's all those
phone calls to your parents.

Okay, when she can't reach them,
her anxiety spikes.

And she crawls into bed with you.

And then the next day,

you're exhausted.


It's that much easier for you
to pawn her off to them again.

Wha... I don't do that.

Okay maybe, sometimes.

You know, without meaning to,
when you send her off...

What you're telling her is that,

that's where she'll find her comfort.

And what she gets from your parents,
over the phone,

a country away...

It'll never be enough
to fully sustain her.

It's not you she needs less of, Beto.

So, what?

Supposed to tell her she
can't call them so much?

I can't.

Maybe you don't put it on Val.


I feel like no one really
eats sliced turkey.

Salami? That's good.

Oh yeah, if Bey and I get stuff
to make sloppy joes, Mami,

will you teach me how to make 'em?

String cheese?
How many yogurts do you think?

BETO: Hey, Mami. You have a minute?

I'm with your sister on the other line.

Uh, could you maybe tell her
you'll call her back later?

EMILIO: Hey, Papi.

Listen, I...

I said some things last night,
and, I just...

I wanna apologize.

For everything.

You, Emilio, you expect me to have made

decisions like an educated business man.

I spoke words of English
when I came to the States.

I know. And, uh,
whatever mistakes you made

they were yours to make.

I mean, now it's...

Now it's my turn.

To make my own.

But you need to let me.

What does that mean?

You remember Val and
that dumb binky of hers?

How she couldn't even be
without it for a few seconds?

That she'd drop it somewhere
and she'd start to scream?

Oh yes. And those
endless searches for it.

EMILIO: Papi, you shouldn't know
the meat order to begin with.

Alright? Or-or be booking
the window washer.

Or changing the specials.

Or telling me who can sleep in my bed.

BETO: And you swore with Rafa...

that you'd teach him
not to need anything

so badly that if he lost it,
he'd be beside himself.

You talking about the girl now?

EMILIO: Look, you can't expect
me to live in your house,

run your restaurant,
raise your children...

Leave me no room to have anything.


Of my own.

Well, um...

Val's beside herself, Mami.


she lost her parents and
she's beside herself.

And I need you to find a way
to make her need you less.

VAL: Is everything alright?
Your voice sounds funny.

Can we Skype?

GLORIA: No, mi amor.
Let's talk like this. Okay?


Are you crying?

No, no. Everything is fine.

[SNIFFLES] It's fine when I'm
talking to you anyway. Hmm?

Mi amor, um...

I'm having a hard time with something.

And I think you can help me.

You see...

I'm just living for the times we speak.

And the times in between, I'm...

I'm just waiting.

And it's very lonely.

You and Lucía and Beto, Emilio,

you have each other and those...

big, full life that you have.

And I'm so glad for that. I'm so glad.

But Papi's and my life...

it's so much smaller.

And all our goodbyes...

so many times a day.

They take every inch of space.

Can you help me with that, do you think?



Can you help me so I'm not just
living to hear you and see you?

Maybe that will make me strong enough

to be in the world a little more.

Are we not gonna talk anymore?

GLORIA: Oh no, no, no.

Of course we're gonna talk.

We're gonna talk all the time.

But just,

maybe not every time that
we think of each other.

Because if we do that...

that's all we have.

Are you crying, mi amor?

No. I'm fine.

I'll be strong for you, Mami.

You are strong, baby.

And brave.

Oh, I love you so much.

So, so much.

You don't know how much I love you!

Oh, but I do.

BETO: Hey.

You know, I was,

thinking about what
Saturdays used to be like.

Sleeping in until noon.

Never. [SCOFFS]

Maybe a little hungover from
partying the night before.

Hmm. Not me. I was probably studying.

Well, definitely.

Then a day full of nothing.

No plans, no worries.

No responsibilities.

Just an open road ahead.

Is this freezer or fridge?

Hey, Bey.

Uh, did you give the car back yet?

Well, it's still in the lot.

Haven't told Louie that I'm
not gonna be able to use it.

I need to.

Pssh. Not a conversation
I'm looking forward to.

Maybe talk to him tomorrow?

♪ Oh 'cause I keep diggin'
myself down deeper

♪ I won't stop
'til I get where you are

♪ I keep running when
both my feet hurt ♪

♪ I won't stop
'til I get where you are

♪ Oh, when you go

♪ Down all your darkest roads

♪ I would've followed all the way

♪ To the graveyard
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