04x22 - Back to the Future

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Felicity". Aired: September 29, 1998 –; May 22, 2002.
Follows Felicity to NYC after high school as she navigates life and discovers who she really is.
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04x22 - Back to the Future

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Previously on felicity...

I told him I came from the
future. Now he thinks I'm crazy.

I wouldn't go around
blabbing that to everybody.

- I need to get back.
- Not this again.

Korsakoff cannot be the only guy
who's written a time travel spell.

- What are you doing
in my room, ben?
- Felicity was right.

She said this would happen,
that dad would have liver failure.

- You think
she traveled back in time?
- Yeah, I guess I do.

- What?
- Noel's d*ad.

We have some release
forms for you to sign.


- This is all my fault.
- No, it's not.

If I wouldn't have
come back here...

Thank you.

Come on. Let's go.

- I can't believe it.
- I know.

I can't. I mean, i-i...

I saw all these f*re trucks
blocking university place today.

I walked right by there.

We need to talk...
Okay, who d*ed?

- Noel.
- Sean, you're not funny.

Meghan, it's true.

Noel was in a f*re in the
administration building.

Oh, my god.

Hey, you know...
Maybe you can undo it.

- What do you mean?
- I found korsakoff.

- Oh, my god.
- - The guy that wrote that book?

- He's the one
whose spell we used.
- This is the address.

Hi. I'm looking for
paul korsakoff.

Sorry, not interested.

- I'm not buying anything.
- I'm not selling anything.

My name is felicity porter
and I need your help.

There's a book that you wrote.
Mystical incantations, part two.

- Who told you about that?
- My friend did
the time travel spell.

Did fleming send you?
This isn't funny any more!

- Tell him I b*rned
the manuscript.
- Wait! You b*rned it?

Tell him I admit the spells don't work,
so he can stop with the harassment.

The time travel spell does
work. That's why I'm here.

I've already done all of this. I've
been a senior. I've already graduated.

All of this happened because I
found out my boyfriend cheated on me.

My friend meghan did your
spell so I could come back

And be with this other really great
guy who I'd always wanted to be with.

But now he's d*ad. You're the
only one who can undo this.

So fleming didn't send you.

No. I mean, I don't know who
that is. I just came to see you.

♪ Can you become

♪ Can you become

♪ A new version of you

♪ New wallpaper

♪ New shoe leather

♪ A new way home

♪ I don't remember

♪ New version of you

♪ I need a new version of me

♪ New version of you

♪ I need a new version of me

- What's he gonna
do with this stuff?
- I don't know.

He said it's the only way he can
get a sense of who everyone is.

- Can I get your watch?
- Why?

Javier gave it to you
and it might be helpful.

The spell only worked for meghan
because she already knew everything.

How do you know this
guy's not just conning you?

I don't. But I have
to do something.

The worst that can happen
is the guy gets your watch.

I like this watch.

- All right. I'll give you the watch.
- Thank you.

But I'm coming with you.

I think I should do this alone.

- I'll call you
when I get back. Okay?
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I wasn't sure what to bring so I
brought something from everyone.

I'm sure whatever
you brought is fine.

You can put your
box over on the couch.

So what do we do?

You start talking.

Uh... Well, I don't
know where to begin.

It's been five years.

Or three and a half years.

Oh, god, I'm not
even sure any more.

- Why don't you start
at the beginning?
- Okay.

Uh... I guess that would be...

The day I graduated high school.

Excuse me. I'm felicity porter.

- Yeah, I know. I'm ben.
- I know.

I was just wondering if you
would mind signing my yearbook.

Can you give me just
a minute to do this?

Oh, yeah. Sure. I'll...

So this is what ben wrote.

"Dear felicity. I've watched
you for four years,

Wondered what you were like

And what was going on in your
mind all that time you were so quiet,

Just thinking, drawing
in your notebook."

"I should have asked
you, but I never asked you."

"So now, four years later, I don't
even know you. But I admire you."

"This makes me sound
crazy but I'm okay with that."

"So take care of
yourself. Love, ben."

Where are you going to college?

New york. What about you?

That's pretty unclear.

You went across
the country for this?

Well, it was a lot
more than that.

Wait! What are you doing?

If this is gonna work, you have to
leave the magic to me, no questions asked.

So this guy must have really freaked
out when he realized you were stalking him.

I... I wasn't stalking him.

And actually, he handled
it very well, considering.

Is my hair a disaster?
Please be honest

Because I have to live with
this picture for four years.

- That's a really long time.
- Hey.

- What are you doing here?
- Hi!

I'm... This is... I'm going...
This is where I'm going.

- I totally forgot
you were going here.
- That is so unbelievable.

I know this girl from high school.
This is susan. This is um... This is um...

- Um...
- Felicity.

Felicity. Wow. So
I'll see you around.

How could you write
that in my yearbook?


"I watched you for four years,
wondered what you were like."

You wrote those words to me. Even
the slightest behavior means something.

It's like physics. Nothing
happens without an effect.

- I never took physics.
- Don't say
you never took physics.

That's what you do. You play innocent
and you're charismatic and you smile

And you made me fall for
you and this is what's not fair.

- You knew it and you liked it.
- Do I like that you like me? Of course.

I told you why I came here,
you said you were flattered.

No, I was awkward.

I revealed a bit about myself in your
yearbook and you changed your college.

What are we talking about here?

I know you better
than you think I do.

- Oh, you do?
- Yes. I know all
about your brother.

- What?
- I read your application essay.

You read my essay?

Yes. I've done one questionably
immoral thing in 17 years.

Wait. How did you read my essay?

How could you make
me fall in love with you?

You're acting crazy. All
I did was be nice to you.

I never asked you to come
here. That was your choice.

How could think that you're in
love with me? You don't even know me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Of course it was really
hard being just friends.

- Given your intense feelings.
- Yeah.

Wh-wh-what is that?

Don't worry about this.
You just... Just keep talking.

Okay. I guess I wouldn't
have survived without noel.

He was the ra on my
freshman dorm floor.

Dad... All right.

Sorry but this isn't about
what uncle harvey deeply feels

I should be doing with my life.

Know what? I have to go. I'm
gonna get off the phone, all right.

Okay. Can I hang up now, please?

Thanks. Bye.

- Sorry! Oh, god!
- Sorry! I didn't mean to do that.

Uh... Felicity, right? I'm noel.

I'm the ra. I'm not a stalker. I'm the
resident advisor on the floor. Room 729.

Just stopping by to
say "yo" and "welcome",

And if there's anything you need
I'm kind of like the floor shrink

So just knock any time.

Have you ever felt like
there's no solace in anything?

Like wherever you
turn, you're just lost?

I mean, I've never felt so lost in
every conceivable way before.

Okay. Help me. Go. Start.

Um... All right. Well, uh...

This is what I think. You're
forgetting something very important.

You're forgetting who
you are in the equation.

You gotta know you're
gonna be fine. Okay?

- You think?
- I do.

Oh, no! Oh!

Oh, that really changes
my whole attitude about you.

Oh. So sorry.

Okay. Here's my speech. This
is the big speech from noel.

Uh... You mustn't
leave this school.

Why? Here's why.

Because this is a life struggle.
This is fate. This is a challenge.

If you turn away from this now,
you will, and I promise you this,

Be confronted by the same
issue five years from now.

Or ten. You'll be the fancy
doctor with the fancy practice,

You'll be married and you'll have
like four phone lines in your home,

And then boom, it'll grip you
like a blast of freezing cold air.

You know, "what
the hell is my life?"

And you'll be able to trace it back
to this instant. This very moment.

When that geek ra gave you
these four words of advice:

Stay in new york or perish.

Five... Six words.

Let me just um...
I just want to...

I mean, you don't...

Have... Feelings for me, do you?

Me? Honestly?

Do you?


The guy let you vomit on him. Of
course he had feelings for you.

Well, actually, I had
feelings for him, too.

Okay, now you're cheating.

No, I've finished writing now.

- You go first.
- These are words
from the non-cheater.

- "Street."
- Got it.

- "Take."
- Yep.


Excellent. "Clue."


"Crete." Which I know
is a proper noun. I just...

"Hick." And "hickey".

- Wait a minute.
- What?

- Oh, I'm just...
- Oh, no, we weren't...

- Yeah.
- Oh, god. I'm leaving.

I should uh...

I don't care what you're doing.

- I'm leaving.
- I'll call you later.

- I'll get the letters.
- Okay.

I think it's premium.

- What?
- You having a forbidden affair.

I'm not having a
forbidden affair.

I had you pegged for
this uptight, no-fun,

Like follow-the-rules,
kiss-ass bore.

That's actually much
closer to my personality...

You and the ra.

You just went up, like a notch.

What's going on?

I haven't thought about
any of this stuff in so long.

I just can't
believe noel's gone.

Would it be okay if we
just took a little break?

Oh. Uh... Sure, yeah. I need to uh... Get
some matches anyway. Take your time.

- Are we okay?
- Yes. I'm fine. Sorry about that.

- I brought you
these just in case.
- Thanks.

No problem. Let's not
talk about noel for a while.

Wh-what is that for?

Oh, nothing. I
just really like it.

Tell me about... This.

That's from dean & deluca, where
I worked all through college.

One of the great things
about in new york was,

I became friends with all these
people I'd never have met in palo alto.

- No! You're felicity's mother?
- Yes.


Oh. Your daughter's an angel.
You have no idea how much I love her.


- I'm javier. The manager.
- I figured.

Okay. This is so emotional!

For me.

Does this look
stupid or fantastic?

Is this good? Because
it hurts a bit in the back.

My ex-boyfriend
walked in. Nobody look.

- Where?
- I said don't look!

He's the cute one
over there, okay?

I had a crunch on him but
he fell too in love with me,

Then he became

- Benjamin,
pretend we're dating.
- No. There's no way...

No way!

Oh, and then for my birthday,
benjamin gave me a bubble bath,

With a lot of candles
and aromatherapy.

Benjamin, whisper
into my earlobe.

- Javier, I quit.
- You tease! You can't do that here!

Aren't I so lucky, going
out with such a hunk?

So lucky.

Oh, wait. No, that's not him.

All right. Watch your eyes.

Big flash.

- I should quit, too.
- Wait! What do you mean?

I mean it's not working.

Hey, you know what? Use this.

Meghan always uses my
hair when she does the spells.

You mean your crazy
wiccan roommate?

From what I've heard, you two do
not seem like such good friends.

No, I know. Meghan
didn't think so either.

What's it like
living with felicity?

It's like living with a tv that's always
playing little house on the prairie,

Only with more sweaters.

- Are... Are these yours?
- Yeah.

They were in my refrigerator.

I know. I haven't done that
since I was a kid. It feels so good.

Cold underwear in the morning.

Could you do me a favor and not
put your underwear in my fridge?

Excuse me. Diabetic here.

- What are you doing?
- Oh, hey.

- That's the last jell-o.
- It's the only thing I can
eat in this crap house.

- I was just about to take that.
- You snooze, you lose.

That's what you
should have told noel

When he threw a fit
about you and the student.

You are nothing but a
selfish, offensive freak show.

I'm sick of
everything about you.

Are you mad at me or something?

I just want my damn jell-o back.

Give her back the jell-o.

Elena seems like
she's got some issues.

I mean, unless you
really wanted that jell-o.

Elena was a great friend. She could
just be really tough when she wanted to be.

I'm warning you. Walk away.

Hey, come on. What now?

I could kick yo' ass.

- Really?
- Oh, yeah.



But deep down, elena was a
softie, especially about tracy.

I think I said "good" because I don't
want to be your boyfriend any more.


I want to be your husband.

Oh, my god!

- What did she say?
- She said yes.

And they planned this whole wedding.
Javier was the wedding coordinator.

Uh... But then this whole thing happened
and they didn't go through with it.

- But meghan and sean did.
- Sean? Who's sean?

Sean's just this amazing guy who
makes all these crazy inventions.

Milk-less cereal. There's
milk baked into every "o".

Water hydrates the evaporated
milk, and what do you have?

A really disgusting breakfast.

Here's a great one. Okay.

It's a combination sleep
mask-alarm clock. Okay?

Every mask has its
own personal alarm in it.

So you're just
laying in bed and...

It's your face going off. You're
not bothering the person next to you.

You just... Oh. Time to get up.

- How about "smoothaise"?
- Smoothaise? Smoothaise is terrible.

Think about it, okay? I'm
developing a condiment, right?

If there was no such thing as
mustard and I said, "what about mustard?"

Just read me what you got.

- Um... "Fat-tastic."
- Fat-tastic?

"Mustooze," "lardspread,"
"wasabigooz", "spice-o-rio."

The greatest party favor ever.

It's a condom.

Oh, really? I've never
seen one of those before.

Not one of these.

Sean has a little too
much time on his hands.

No, he's just very enthusiastic.
And nothing bothers him.

Well, nothing except meghan.

- Do you think
you're dating bill gates?
- No.

I thought I was dating a guy
who was open-minded enough

To let his girlfriend pay for a
fun vacation because she can.

It's not the middle ages. It's
not like we're living in the '80s.

- All right, fine.
- What are you doing?


- What are you doing?
- Dr. Zwick said clucking
ends an argument.

We agreed not to do that.

You want to come to my bar mitzvah?
See my movie? Try my smoothaise?

Tell me you didn't just
wear that to temple.

No, I wasn't at temple. I was at
the fetish ball, looking for you.

- Oh, that's... Nice.
- No, sean, that's so sweet.

I don't want to talk right
now. I just want to change.

Oh, ass-less pants. Sean.

Wait! What are you doing?

Did you just say
"ass-less pants"?

Tell me about this.

Well, they're
just these tapes...

My friend sally and I used
to send them to each other,

And we'd tell each other
personal things, you know.

Things that we'd never
let anyone else hear.

So, where in california
are you from?

In my life. I can actually...

Sally, I would only
say this to you...

Could someone turn that off?

So after you listen to this
tape, you have to erase it.

Someone turn that off, please!

I can actually picture
what it might be like

To be with a man...

For the first time... Sexually.

If you're laughing at me
right now, I don't blame you.

- So, who did you lose it to?
- Is that really necessary?

- Len or noel?
- First of all, it's ben.

Ben? Really?

No, I meant that's his name.

So your first
time was with noel.

No. But it should have been.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Can I come in?
- Oh, yeah.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.


Can i... Can I get you
anything? Maybe a... Oh.

A bottle of water?

Ah! I fell on
something sharp. It's...

It's a hairbrush.

- Here.
- Hold on, hold on!

- What's wrong?
- Um... Uh...

I was just thinking we should
slow down, let me catch my breath,

Not feel like this is being
nationally televised, okay?

Noel... Whoa!

- I thought you locked the door!
- You didn't give me a chance!

- f*re!
- Okay, wait! Nobody panic!

It'll go out in a second!

Wait! Nobody panic!
We can do this.

- Your room is on f*re!
- It'll be out in a second.


The real problem was ben,

Because once we started
going out, he became interested.

So you got together with noel
and ben was coming after you.

No, he wasn't coming after me.

He was just... I don't know.

For some stupid reason I
have a hard time letting...



Especially people
that make me nervous.

I don't make you nervous.

Yeah, you do.

Anyway, that's... Just a fact.

It's part of who I am.

So... Here.

So what did noel
think about all this?

Noel was fine with
it... For the most part.

My god, I'm wickedly kicking your
ass, which I've always wanted to do.

- Here.
- Always. Ow!

- You did that on purpose!
- So sorry. I'm sorry.

- I'm very sorry.
- Damn it!

I'm sorry. I didn't do it on
purpose. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

You know what?
Here. h*t me back.

- What?
- Just h*t me. h*t me back.

- I'm not gonna h*t you.
- Come on. It's payback.

- I'm not gonna h*t you!
- I h*t you, you h*t me.

Come on. You always wanted
to kick my ass. Come on.

The thing is, there was
always this... I don't know...

I can't explain it... This...

This force between ben and me.

I guess it had been there
from the very beginning.

That is only an issue because
in that moment we did not kiss.

So it's like this big,
unanswered question.

Well, yeah. I think
you're exactly right.

But he had let me down too many
times and I just couldn't trust him.

It was a really hard time for me

And I ended up doing
some really stupid things.

♪ ..in a pot made of stone

♪ And which way we
choose is all up to our own

♪ And this isn't my decision
'cause I've got no place to go

♪ I'm sh**ting underhand I know

♪ And I'm feeling such a low...

And then it just seemed
like everyone had an opinion.

- About your haircut?
- Well, actually, yeah.

But that's not what I meant.

Benjamin has changed and you cannot
tell me that you have not noticed.

- I'm sure he has, but...
- But nothing!

You're blind to the new
benjamin for some reason.

You need glasses like me.

- Take mine.
- Javier, I don't...

Take mine. Go ahead, put them
on. Okay. You look nice, I think.

Now, do you see
the new benjamin?

And I did see the
new ben. I just...

I still saw noel, too.

So basically you had these two
guys who were in love with you.

I know, it doesn't seem like
a real problem, but it was.

I mean, I loved them
both. And I had to choose.


So, I uh... I walked
around almost all night

Trying to figure out how to
show you that you can trust me,

That I've changed, instead
of telling you, 'cause...

I don't know. I just think I've
used up all the words I've got.

I tried to think what
was the one moment,

The sort of turning
point where I blew it,

Where I could have done
the right thing but didn't.

It was the night we were
supposed to go see that movie.

- You remember. We...
- The gold rush. Charlie chaplin.

Yeah. I remember.

And I didn't show up.

Yeah. I remember that, too.

That's... That's the moment
I'd take over if I could.

So this morning, I called
around and I finally found it.

You know what that is?

Yeah. Yeah.

It's a film canister.

No, it's a time machine.

♪ He was one in a long line

♪ Of people imitating me

♪ So just forget the
things I used to say

♪ Chances are good but I
don't feel that way anymore

♪ It's hard to keep track

♪ But there's no going back

♪ Since I was born yesterday

♪ So let's pretend

♪ That we can start again

♪ We'll pick up
where we left off...


I chose ben.

And in the process,
ended up losing noel.

I just can't
believe noel's d*ad.

Maybe that's what was
supposed to happen.

- What do you mean?
- Maybe that's what
you came here for.

I didn't come back
here to k*ll noel.

No, not to k*ll him.

To let him go. You
love two people.

- But you have to make a choice.
- I told you. I did make a choice.

- Empty your pockets.
- What?

You're holding onto something. I
can't undo the spell until you let it go.

I forgot that I had this.

It's a... Key to
noel's apartment.

- We were supposed
to live there.
- Give it to me.

I know. This is scary.

But... Your story's not
over. Just... This chapter.

What... What you made here...
It will always be a part of you.

But you have to finish it.


- There's one more
thing you have to do.
- What's that?

Seal it off.

I told him all about noel
and about sean and meghan

And elena and javier.

- And about us.
- What about us?

I told him how I
followed you here.

And how you gave
me that necklace.

Remember when we watched that
charlie chaplin movie up on the roof?

Yeah. The gold rush.

You called it a time machine.


I guess I'm just
afraid to go to sleep.

I mean, I don't know what's
going to happen when I wake up.

I could still be here,

And then noel
would still be d*ad.

Or I could wake
up in the future,

And you won't be next to me.

If that happens,
will you forgive me?

I'll try but what if I
don't remember this?

- Listen to me.
- What?

I want you to
remember this moment.

I don't know what's going
to happen in the future,

But I'm sorry for what I did.

It was stupid, immature.

And it was unforgivable.

But you have to find
a way to forgive me.

I don't know how.

But you have to.

Because I don't want to
live my life without you.

I think she's waking up.

Felicity, are you awake?

- Oh, thank god. She's alive.
- Hey. How do you feel?

I'm... I'm fine.
What's going on?

- You were sick last night.
- Noel!

You're... You're okay.

Of course he's okay. You're
the one who had the 104 fever.

You were sweating and talking. It
was like the exorcist, only scarier.

Noel almost
postponed the wedding.

That's right. You're
getting married.

- To zoe, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, my god. I just had
the weirdest dream.

Oh, my god. I thought
you d*ed in that f*re.

Are you okay?

- Hey.
- Hi.

I couldn't get him to
go. Do you want me to...

No, no, no. It's okay.

You were actually
in my dream, too.

You rescued me
from a psych ward.

Oh, benjamin. Always our hero.

Can I talk to you? Can
you guys give us a minute?

It's fine.

- Noel.
- Hmm?

Um... You and zoe are going
to have a great life together.

- Thank you.
- Weird that she dreamt
noel was d*ad.

What do you think that means?

Can I stay, please? Promise
I won't say a word. Promise.

Okay, I get the message.
Say good-bye to javier.

You had a rough night, huh?

I guess so.

Look, I know you don't want
to hear what I have to say...

But I am so sorry
for what I did.

It was stupid and immature.

And it was unforgivable.

And I know this is an
impossible thing for me to ask,

But you have to find
a way to forgive me.

Because I don't want to
live my life without you.

Oh, my god. That's exactly
what you said in my dream.

What did you say?

I didn't say anything.

But I know what I was thinking.

Which was that I don't want to
live my life without you either.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

I know.

Does this... Mean...?

Yes. I forgive you.

♪ I will remember you

♪ Will you remember me?

♪ Don't let your
life pass you by

♪ Weep not for the memories

♪ Remember the good
times that we had?

♪ I let them slip away
from us when things got bad

♪ How clearly I first saw you

♪ Smiling in the sun

♪ Wanna feel your warmth upon me

♪ I wanna be the one

♪ I will remember you

♪ Will you remember me?

♪ Don't let your
life pass you by

♪ Weep not for the memories

♪ I will remember you

♪ Will you remember me?

♪ Don't let your
life pass you by

♪ Weep not for the memories

♪ Weep not for the memories ♪
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