01x04 - Old White Men

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Dropout". Aired: March 3, 2022 - present.
Miniseries based on the podcast The Dropout tells the story of the rise and fall of the youngest self-made billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes.
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01x04 - Old White Men

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I searched for Richard Fuisz.

RICHARD FUISZ: If she ever wants to put

a blood-testing device
in someone's home,

she'll have to license my invention.

She's suing me?

It doesn't work.
It is not even close to working yet.

It's not supposed to work. It's a trial.

Did you do trials on
terminal cancer patients

with a prototype that didn't work?

I'm going to call for a vote of
no confidence from the board.

I need a $ million investment.

So the board will keep you as CEO.

And you can be COO.

We should forget
pharmaceutical companies

and try to target retail.

LAWYER: So, Sunny Balwani
provided you with $ million

to keep the company afloat,

but by , that money was also gone.

Is that correct?


LAWYER: And isn't it correct
that the Edison machine

was still not consistently
working in

when you pitched Walgreens

the plan to put your
device into their stores?

Did you share that
information with Walgreens?

under an ethics investigation

for accepting improper gifts, then...

means tuition hikes, and for...

set of national standards for math.

♪ Katy Perry's Fireworks playing ♪

ever feel like a plastic bag ♪

♪ Drifting through the wind,
wanting to start again? ♪

♪ Do you ever feel feel so paper-thin ♪

♪ Like a house of cards,
one blow from caving in? ♪

♪ Do you ever feel
already buried deep? ♪

♪ Six feet under screams,
but no one seems to hear a thing ♪

♪ Do you know that
there's still a chance ♪


♪ upbeat music ♪


Nice to see you.



Cold out there today.


Have a great day!

Alright, how we all doing?

Brian! Up top.

Oh! Mike. Alright.

- Are they here yet?
- Yeah.

Bring 'em in, Dave.

I'm ready to grill 'em.

We are ready to provide
you with the opportunity

to be on the cutting edge of healthcare.

Look, I should warn you,
I've been a physician for years.

So when it comes to people
claiming that they've invented

some big medical breakthrough,
I'm skeptical.

Dr. Rosen...

J, please, Dr. J.

Because I used to play basketball.


Dr. J. Dr. J, in ,

you had the foresight
to encourage doctors

and hospitals to transmit
records electronically...

- Intellihealth.
- Intellihealth.

Exactly. That was a breakthrough.

Oh, I don't know about that.

But it did win a Webby.

In .

Because it was visionary.

You've always understood that giving
people information on their health

is not only good for the world,

it can...

how shall I put this,
be very profitable.

And if Obama's healthcare bill passes,

millions more people will be motivated

to start prioritizing their health.

But look, Walgreens tried
in-store clinics in ,

and it was a bust.

In-store clinics makes
me think of sick people

waiting for a flu shot.

You're thinking too small.

What we want to offer
are wellness centers.

Here, the customer waits
for his painless, efficient,

low-cost Theranos blood test

in America's favorite drugstore.

He looks really relaxed.

Strong messaging.

And it's been approved by the FDA?

We are looking to make
strategic relationships

to move that along.

But I kind of agree with
Mark Zuckerberg when he said,

"Move fast and break things."


DR. J: Hey. Wade!

- Hey, J, what's up?
- DR. J: Hey. Up top.

- Yeah.
- Hey.

I'm busy with the Express Scripts deal.

I know you are.

Have you gotten a chance
to look at the proposal

for the Theranos pilot program?

I'm having trouble
getting traction on it.

Yeah. Well, we tried in-store clinics.

Oh no, no, no, no.
This wouldn't be an in-store clinic.

This would be a wellness center.

Wellness center.

- Yeah.
- What does that even mean?

Also, you shouldn't be eating
those pastries in the morning.

It screws up your metabolism
for the rest of the day.

Well, I'm not giving up pastries.

I lived in Geneva too long.

Here, why don't you let
me take it off your hands?

When did you live in Geneva?

Procter and Gamble,
he was the head of finance

- for all of Western Europe.
- He knows, Roland.

Wade, tests off a
single drop of blood.

- Come on.
- WADE: Mm-hmm.

Let's bypass the review committees.

I don't know. Maybe.

We got, we got to get going.

Walgreens still sends
faxes to physicians.

Technically, secure faxes...

Yeah, well, we're in a recession,

and Facebook is valued at $ billion.

Rich, I love what you're doing, man.

- Twenty-two billion dollars, Wade.
- Keep that, keep that going.

This is the future,
and Walgreens is a hundred years old.

A hundred and nine, if
you can believe that.

Yes, you tried in-store clinics,

but you did it a full year after CVS.

- And now CVS owns that market.
- CVS?

Wait, wait.
Wait, Theranos is talking to CVS?

They might be. They're shopping it.

Wade, low-cost blood
testing while you wait.

They estimate dozens more
people in stores per day.

We're talking hundreds of
millions in extra revenue.

This is the kind of tech
we want our name on.

I need... Look, I
need to find a woman.


Okay. Hang, hang, hang right here.
Hang right here.

Excuse me. Hi, Dr. J.

Wade McClellan, our CFO,
the CFO of all of Walgreens.

I need a female point of view.

Now, excuse me.

Imagine a future where you
could detect breast cancer

before a mammogram at a Walgreens.

- That sounds great.
- See.

Yeah, I think you'd still
probably need the mammogram.

Thank you! See? She
says it sounds great.

See what I'm talking about.

Yeah. Alright, what
are their financials?

- I'm looking into it.
- They got a windfall of cash

when their COO, Sunny, um, Ba-Ba...

- Balwani.
- Balwani. Right.

Sunny Balwani got there three years ago,

and now they're just looking
for a more permanent deal

to, you know, keep investors happy.

So go out there. Where are they?

Palo Alto. California, baby.

Say what's up, dawg?

Go out there and check it out,
but hire someone who knows about labs

to take a look at everything.

Okay? Who's that guy we worked with?

[STAMMERS] Oh, uh, Kevin.

Kev-Kevin Hunter. Hunter.

Who's Kevin Hunter?



You know what? It doesn't add up.

Um, excuse me.

Hi, can I get a couple more pretzels,

- Jesus, Kev.
- What?

Hey, why isn't Theranos just going
for the straightforward FDA approval?

I went over this.

While they're waiting for
the FDA to come around,

they found a way to move
forward without them.

It's a workaround.
And it's a legal gray area.

If you say that the
tests are lab developed

and you can just bypass FDA approval...

Oh, thank you.

You storing those up for the winter?

They're free.

But look, if you, if you say
that the tests are lab developed,

that only works if the
blood samples are tested

in a certified lab,
not in a portable device.

They're going to have
food there, you know.

So then why are they claiming

that they're doing the
testing on a portable device?

- Do you see what I'm saying?
- Yeah, yeah. But it's just for now.

It doesn't make sense.


Did you happen to catch
the end of The Blind Side?

I didn't, I didn't watch it.

PILOT: [OVER INTERCOM] Alright, folks,

we're going to start preparing for
our descent into San Francisco.

It's a beautiful California day.

Sixty-five degrees.


Oh, hello, Cynthia.

You know my name?

Most people call me
Elizabeth's new assistant.

Tell me, how are things
in the carpeted world?

Excuse me.

We have to keep the lobby clear.

[QUIETLY]: Sorry. It
was nice meeting you.

Has anyone else noticed

there seem to be more armed
guards in the lobby than usual?

Hi, Brendan.

- Ian.
- Always wonderful to see you.

- How are you?
- Uh, where are the rest of the tests?

Well, I told you yesterday.

The assays aren't ready.

They're not reproducible in the device.

Huge CVs.

Okay, well, have you tried approaching
the problem systematically,

like with a staggered nested design

or are you having more
fun just complaining

and making tea and being
so f*cking British?

I'm having more fun
being so f*cking British.


BRENDAN: Do you have another mug?

- DANIEL: Hey, everyone.
- BRENDAN: f*ck me, here we go.

DANIEL: Listen up!

We are going to have some big
meetings in the next couple of days.

- Who are they meeting?
- DANIEL: High-level business!

They must be out of money. Again.

We are going to need you
all to stay in the labs

unless you are specifically
told you can leave.

What if we have to pee-pee?

- Or poo-poo?

It's just for a few hours, okay?

Oh, and tacos for dinner tonight?

IAN: [GASPS] Tacos!

Oh, tacos make everything better.

Thank you, Daniel!

Sunny's f*cking minions.

Uh, as far as the assays are concerned,
Frances knows where...

Oh, Frances doesn't work here anymore.

- What do you mean?
- I mean, Sunny fired her.

HR came down and marched
her right out the building.

- She got disappeared.
- Oh, you're kidding.

That's it. That's it!

Sunny, I have to speak with you.

I understand you've let Frances go.

She let her husband into
the lab without permission.

- She was punished.
- Punished?

These are scientists, not children.

I'm very sorry, but I have to say this.

Ever since you started working here

the, the joy,

the, the camaraderie has disappeared.

Elizabeth won't talk to me, all she
cares about is money and investors.

- This is a poisonous...
- Ian. We're done.

- I have a full day.
- Yes, I know you have a big meeting.

What is that meeting incidentally?
Who are you meeting?

Ian, we're done.

Project Beta. What's Project Beta?

You are on a need-to-know basis.

- I'm the head of chemistry.
- Go!


You don't need Frances.

Hire a new chemist.

Everyone is replaceable.

Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall ♪


Check it out. Wow.

Vidi vici.

I came, I saw, I conquered.

That's just I saw, I conquered.
There's no veni.

The "came" is implied.

♪ Suddenly I see Suddenly I see ♪

♪ This is what I wanna be ♪

♪ Suddenly I see Suddenly I see ♪

♪ Why the hell it means so much to me ♪

Hello, Walgreens.

Welcome to Theranos.

We're so happy you could make
it all this way to California.

This is Daniel Young,

senior director of Theranos Systems
and Computational Biosciences.

- He comes to us from MIT.
- Hey, nice to meet you guys.

Jay Rosen.

But call me Dr. J because
I used to play basketball.


Dr. J was a famous basketball player,

but that he's not. You're not.


- I'm Roland. Hi.
- Hi.

So do you want to get started
by showing us the laboratory?

I'm Kevin Hunter.

Walgreens hired me to
assess the lab and the tech.

Oh, uh, we didn't realize
that you'd be here in person.

Here I am.



where is the lab?

Why don't we, uh,
why don't we sign some NDAs,

and we'll have some snacks.

NDAs and snacks.


DR. J: This place is nice. Who
wouldn't want to work here?

I told you they'd have food.

Look, Clif bars.

Oh, please don't open that in here.
I have a peanut allergy.

Did they really think I wasn't
going to come and see the labs?

I mean, you don't think
this is suspicious.

DR. J: It's a start-up.

They're just figuring out some stuff.

- When I ran my start-up, I played...
- Yeah, when was that?

Back in the ' s.

I'm just saying, it's tough work.


But, wow, I can't get over this space.

Open floor plan. Very cool.

Do you have an open floor plan?

I have a pharmacy consulting
company in Florida, Jay.

DR. J: You should try it.

An open floor plan means
people can share, connect.

No hierarchy. Best idea wins.

A lot of security for a place
with an open floor plan.

Yeah, and I tell you what.

You don't have security like this

if you're not working on something big.

Right. That's right.

Dr. J, could I speak,
uh, with you privately?


- Hi.
- Hi.

This is about Kevin, isn't it?

Wade wants some assurances
that you guys are ready

to take this into stores.

We just need to look at the labs.

It can be fast. Why not
just get it over with?

This is serious.

I have to talk to you about
something very... sensitive.

Of course.

Does anyone need more juice?

Oh, you know, I'm all filled up.

My, my security ran a
background check on Kevin.

Did you know that he used to
work at Quest Diagnostics?

Oh, I thought it was serious.

Yes. We knew that.
That's why we hired him.

Well, between us, we have evidence

that Quest is trying to duplicate
our technology for themselves.

Really? What's the evidence?

I'm not able to disclose that.
I'm sure you understand.

P-people do these things.

Yeah. Sure. Corporate espionage.

So we're obviously a little
reluctant to have Kevin Hunter

walk through our labs at this stage.

Wait, you don't think that he's
still in touch with them, do you?

How long have you known Elizabeth for?

- A few years.
- Oh, that's great.

She seems nice.

- Okay, so, Kev,

we're not going to see
the labs today, buddy.

What? Why not?

You didn't give them enough notice.

Yes, I did.
I told your office two weeks ago.

I have to see the labs.

This, this is why you hired me.

It's the whole reason I'm here.

I can't do my job if
I can't see the labs.

Should we, uh, continue the tour?


Do you need something, Kevin?

I'm sorry, I...

Can I use the bathroom?

Let me take you.

- No, it's okay, I'll find it.
- Please, I insist.

You, uh [CLEARS THROAT] you
really don't have to do this.

I don't want you to get lost.

You coming in with me?

I'll wait outside.




You know, I am just trying to
do the job you hired me to do.

DR. J: Mm-hmm. Thank you. Very good.

- Is that Jack Dorsey?
- Who's Jack Dorsey?

DR. J: The Twitter guy.

- The Twitter guy?
- DR. J: It is!

Uh, it's not.

I need them to administer
a vitamin D test.

I need to see the labs.

- Hey, it's Wade. Hey, Wade.
- WADE: Hey.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi, Wade.

- How's everybody?
- You know, you don't have a chair.

- Go ahead and take mine.
- WADE: Where are we?

Fill me in. Oh.

- How'd it go with Express Scripts?
- Finishing that sandwich?

DR. J: Any closer to a deal?

How was your flight?

Who gives a f*ck how my flight was.
What's going on?

What's your assessment of the labs?

Would you like to tell him?


They're very concerned about security.

Okay? They have very strict protocols.

We didn't see the labs.

What do you mean you
didn't see the labs?

They give us a tour of
their offices instead.

And, uh, Sunny Balwani
showed us a sleeping bag.

Why didn't you see the device?

Honestly, they're concerned that
Kevin used to work at Quest.

- Quest is their main competitor.
- Quest isn't a competitor.

Quest doesn't even know that they exist.

They are paranoid.
He followed me to the bathroom.

- What?
- DR. J: But did you really have

to go to the bathroom?

- That part doesn't matter.
- Who followed you into the bathroom?

ROLAND: Sunny Balwani,

- the man with the sleeping bag.
- DR. J: Yes, yes.

But isn't the fact that they have

such tight security proof
that they are legitimate?

If they would administer a
test and show us the labs,

that would prove that
they're legitimate.

You don't know how these start-ups work.

No, I know how labs work,
and something is going on here.

Why, why are they not
actively seeking FDA approval?

Start-ups make deals before
FDA approval all the time.

- Right, but who is vetting them?
- Right.

All we know is what they
put in their own literature,

th-that Theranos has
been, uh, what is it?

Microgreens. Awesome.

- What's microgreens?
- Salad.

KEVIN: "Theranos has been thoroughly
validated over the last seven years

by a majority of the largest
pharmaceutical companies."

I called the pharma companies,
no one will even call me back.

DR. J: Look, it's a risk,

but everything is risky right now.

The economy is tanking.

Start-ups are the only
thing making money.

Look around this hotel.

Twitter is worth $ . billion.

- Twitter's not taking blood.
- UberCab was valued last year...

What's UberCab?

I believe it's where it lets
you pay for a cab on your phone.

- Right? Is that right?
- DR. J: That's right.

Jesus! I could have thought of that.

You could have used that, right, Wade?

What do you mean?

Because of that DUI you just got.

Come on, we can laugh about that, right?

We're out of the deal unless we see
the device, the labs, everything.

Kevin, take the lead.

Thank you.


This is spicy.

The client filed
months after she claimed.

It's open and shut.

What's wrong?

- Nothing.
- Ian.



They're holding secret meetings.

I don't understand what they're about,

but... I don't have a good feeling.

Elizabeth won't tell you
who she's meeting or why?

- No, no.
- You're the head of chemistry.

I mean, you've been
working there for years.

What I don't understand is that
Elizabeth doesn't talk to me at all.

Well, who will talk to you?

♪ Light techno music ♪


Ian, hi.

Listen, I know you're really busy,
but I just wondered, uh,

is everyone here yet
for today's meeting?

They're in the conference room.

Elizabeth's with Sunny
finalizing something.

They should be in there in a minute.

Were you going to that meeting?
I didn't have your name down.

No, no, no.
You, you won't see my name there.

Um, E-Elizabeth asked if I could
go over the presentation materials.

I just wondered if you had a copy.


Uh, she did say that I should ask you,
um, about Project Beta.

Project Beta. Absolutely.

Retail pitch deck tailored to Walgreens.


Or did you want to see
the one for Safeway?

No, this is, this is fine.

I never know what you guys are
doing down there in the labs,

but it's so exciting.

And Theranos is going to be in stores!

Let's see how the next couple days go.

Thank you, Cynthia.

Oh, I think they're coming out now.

Did you want to give her your thoughts?

Gentlemen. Hello, hello,
hello. Hello, Wade.

We are so happy you can join us here.

Great, thanks. But I want to
talk to you about why my...

Actually, we, uh, we'd like to
present to you something very special.

In World w*r II,

Walgreens put up a nonprofit
pharmacy in the Pentagon

to give servicemen the
medicine they needed.

And in the same spirit of patriotism,

on behalf of all of us here at Theranos,

we would like you to have this.

This flag was just flown over
the battlefields of Afghanistan.


ELIZABETH: General Mattis
has joined our board.

As you can see,
Elizabeth has signed the flag,

especially for you, Wade.

- You autographed a flag.
- This is great. Thanks.

But we need to see the labs.

Wade, it's not possible unless
we have a deal in place.

Shall we discuss over dinner?

- We have...
- Reservations right now

at one of the best
restaurants in the city.

Right now? It's : .

We have a private room.

For security reasons, we recommend
leaving at staggered intervals

so no one will see us together.

Oh, great idea. Should we?

I mean, do you want us to go first or...

ROLAND: Looks like this place has
some really good reviews on Yelp.

KEVIN: Does it say if they have,
like, teriyaki or something?

DR. J: Oh, don't ask for teriyaki.

- KEVIN: Why?
- There's teriya... they do teriyaki.

Yeah, but this is like the
premier sushi restaurant in town.

You don't want to order teriyaki.

- You can get teriyaki.
- I've never had sushi.

No, it's insulting.
It's like ordering a cheeseburger.

I had teriyaki in Tokyo. It was fine.

Hey, Wade.

- WADE: Hey, guys.
- ROLAND: Hey, Wade.

it's a big f*cking secret they're here.

I mean, that's the most
recognizable car I've ever seen.

It's cool, though, huh?

You know, Wade, it's really good
that they're being so careful

because you never know who's
watching you in Silicon Valley.

Jay, this is ridiculous, okay.
They're stalling.

And if they can't commit to
showing us the labs at this dinner,

we're walking, understood?

- Good.
- Okay? Alright, let's go.

- Thank you.
- Come on.

ROLAND: Give us some sort of a
signal if you want us to leave.

I think that's a Countach.
It's a style of Lamborghini.

They, uh, they gave us a code
name for the reservation.

Oh, Jesus. What?

Project Beta.

DR. J: So this is the
number one place in town?

Two steps.

- Hi.
- Hi.

SUNNY: So what are we eating?

Does everyone like hamachi kama?

Oh, my favorite.

It's yellowtail cheeks.

Um, you...

- Should we sit?
- Okay. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Okay. I'll go over here.



- You alright? Oops.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.

- DR. J: Okay? Alright.
- Yup.



So what's going on?

- Um...
- Ian, what is it?

Is it the, the cancer?


No, no, no. It's, it's...


I'm concerned.

Well, then I'm concerned.


Things have changed so much.

She's changed so much.

The voice, the turtleneck,
her whole demeanor.

And Sunny, problematic.

He's not everyone's cup of tea.

It's not just him.

What has she told you?

About Sunny?

No, about... what's happening?

At Theranos?

I know everything you know.

Ian, talk to me.

If there's something
wrong, I want to know.

- I brought you into this.
- I know.

I wanted to do this with you.

I know!

Well, then, so if
there's something that...

She's planning to put
the machines into stores.

With actual patients!

Patients, Channing!

Oh, this is about Walgreens?

Did you know about that?

Of course. I'm on the board.

And... and you're all...

you're all okay with it?

Of course, we are.

From what I understand,
the technology is almost there,

and once it's out there,

she wants to try to expand the board,

make some government connections,

try to fast track the
regulatory process.


W-what's, what's the problem?

What's the problem?

The technology doesn't work.
It's years away. People will be at risk.

Actual people, Channing.

Actual... people.

Do we put soy sauce on this?

Just, just so I'm clear,

when you're doing the PT test,

you're adding the tissue
factor during the CBC.

What about the anticoagulants?

That's proprietary information.

Well, is it proprietary information

that I know you're talking
to Steve Burd at Safeway?

Are you playing us?

Because Safeway is a grocery,

and we're a drug store.

So how wide a net are
you casting exactly?

As wide a net as we want.

Our technology is extremely valuable.

Really? Because I don't think
you're acting like a company

that's financially solvent.

I think you guys burn
through money fast,

and now you're groping
around for a lifeline.

We're not the ones in need
of a lifeline here, Wade.

Oh yeah?

Why were you a day late to our meeting?

That's proprietary information.


You were in the middle of
trying to renegotiate your deal

with Express Scripts.

Express Scripts is, what,
seven percent of your revenue,

and, and they know that.

And now they're gouging you

on behalf of the
pharmaceutical companies.

And you have to eat it.

So you're going to have to
find a new source of revenue.

For example, a wellness center.

Oh, you're good.

She's good.

Everyone is saying wellness,
what does wellness even mean?

- To be well.
- Guys, okay.

So what else do you know about us?

- Retail's in freefall.
- Yeah, it's a recession.

And yet CVS's share of
prescription revenue

has risen in the past year.

CVS sucks. We hate CVS.

Are you talking to them?
Are you talking to CVS?

As I said,
we are looking for the right partners,

partners who understand our vision.

So you're not going to tell
us who you're talking to.

I went to your website,

and I saw that you are
really embracing widgets.

Is that, is that how you're
going to compete with Amazon

because I think that you know, Wade,

that you need to make a big move

and you need to make that soon.

Well, I can't make any moves
until Kevin can assess the lab.

Yes, please.

Tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow morning.

- That's a guarantee?
- Can we get that in writing?


Uh, you'll have to excuse me.




I hear you wanted to speak with me.

Where did, where did you hear that?

From Channing Robertson? He called me.

Channing called you?

You went to a board member

behind my back.

But Channing is one
of my oldest friends.

You went behind my back.

I-I would have gone just to you, but...

Well, we don't speak anymore, do we?

And ever since Sunny started...

Don't blame this on Sunny. He's...

He kept this company alive, okay.

He understands the business.

You can't put this in stores!

You can't let people,

human beings,

be tested with this machine.

What... what do you want me to do?

I'm trying to keep your research funded.

It's not about my research!

We need a long-term contract.

No. No!

Which we couldn't get from
pharmaceutical companies.

- No.
- So now we're trying with retail.

You must get your money from
somewhere else. You've done it before.

I don't need your advice on this, Ian.

You don't understand the business.

And you don't understand the science!

You don't understand the implications

of what you're doing.


You're wrong.

I understand exactly what I'm doing.

You're fired.


You can't...

We built this together.

I-I'm part of this.

No, we don't share the
same vision anymore.

I need to work.

I, I want to work.

Your belongings will be
sent to your home address,

and you will sign the paperwork

that the legal team
sends to you immediately.


Go. You need to, you need to leave.

I don't need to be escorted out.

It's protocol.

♪ Opera blaring over loudspeaker ♪



ROCHELLE: When did you get home?


What's going on?

How much did you drink?

She fired me.

What? Who fired you?


I went to see Channing

- to tell him what was going on.
- Mm-hmm.

And it turns out he can't keep a secret.

Jesus Christ!

f*cking Channing.

And the, the silly thing is

I thought she was my friend.

You need to lie down, Ian.


You need to sleep this off.


I believed in her.

I looked in her eyes and I thought,

I thought I could see the future.


- Sleep, love.
- I'm pathetic.

No, you're not.

I believed in her.

♪ Opera continues ♪


DANIEL: What's going on?

Get back to your labs.

It's against protocol to talk to
anyone outside your department.

Did you fire Ian Gibbons?

Get back to your lab, Brendan.

If you fired Ian,
you'll have to fire me.

You want to fire me?

You might find you'll have to fire
a few people, isn't that right?





- Hello.
- Ian.

Ian, hi, it's Sunny.

Elizabeth feels terrible
about what happened,

and she'd like you to come back to work.

What? El...

Elizabeth wants me back?

SUNNY: She does.

And we all know how important
you are to your team

and to this company.

We need you, and you need us.

IAN: And, and will I still have
the same position I had before.

Uh, they're both here.

We'll talk about it
when you get here, Ian.

It's good talking to you.

ROCHELLE: What do you want to do today?

- WADE: Then I worked out.
- DR. J: That's great.

I... so I did use the gym.

Good protein and then you worked out.

- Yeah.
- That's great. I swam.

No, I did the whole thing. I did...



- Is that...
- Steve Burd.


What the f*ck?

What the f*ck?

♪ Dramatic music ♪

Hey, guys. If you don't mind,
can I have you come wait

in the brainstorming room?

What time is it?


We've been sitting on these
balls for an hour and a half.

She doesn't get to treat us like this.

We're f*cking Walgreens,
and we're walking!

Whoa, hold on. Give
'em, give 'em a chance.

I've given them a chance, Jay.
Too many chances.

Enough's enough.

Oh, there you are. We've been sitting
here for over an hour and a half.

I'm so sorry for the delay.

I, I wanted to deliver
the news to you in person.

I don't think that this
is going to work out.

What do you mean?
What's, what's not going to work out?

- The partnership.
- What?

I think that Walgreens is a
little old-fashioned in culture.

Which I absolutely respect.

But we need synergy.

And I'm not feeling a synergy here.

Your reputation is about to eat shit.

- You know that, right?
- Before you go,

we're going to need you
to sign another NDA.

Well, congratulations,
Steve, I guess you won.

Good luck with that
one. What a nightmare.

What the hell are you talking about?
She turned us down.

I thought she went with you.

CYNTHIA: Your flight will start
boarding in about minutes.

Will the car be waiting
for us in Boston?

Yeah. A limo will meet
you right on the tarmac.

And it should be an
hour drive after that.

Oh, and you're already
checked into the hotel.

Okay, thank you, Cynthia.

Have a nice trip.


CVS is an hour from Boston.

f*ck this, man.

f*ck her. We're done.

- Well, I'm relieved.

♪ Do you ever feel like a plastic bag ♪

♪ Drifting through the wind,
wanting to start again? ♪

♪ Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin ♪

♪ Like a house of cards,
one blow from caving in? ♪

♪ Do you ever feel already buried deep?

♪ Six feet under screams but
no one seems to hear a thing ♪

♪ Do you know that there's ♪

Okay, stop the car.

- What, what?
- Roland, stop the car, man!

- ROLAND: Okay, okay!
- Stop the car.

Firework continues ♪

- Hey, Wade!
- I don't know...

Wade! Wait, wait.

What the hell is he doing?

♪ 'Cause baby, you're a firework ♪

You have got to make an offer.


No, no. After all that.

Oh, I know, yeah. He's
throwing a Hail Mary.

WADE: It's too risky.
I've got to present to the board.

- I've got to take it all...
- Oh Jesus, this guy, shit.

He's so relentless.
Sir, please lock the doors.

Excuse me. Is this a meeting?

If it is, I feel like
maybe I should be...

She's going to CVS.

No, she's bluffing.

Maybe she is bluffing, maybe she's not.

We still haven't seen the labs.

We'll see the labs.
I'll make sure of it.

But that's not what's
going on here I think.

I think that you're scared.

I'm not spending millions on this
just because you call me chicken shit.

No, I'm saying I'm chicken shit, too.

There's kids here running
billion-dollar companies.

It's all changed, and
everything's changing.

KEVIN: f*ck.

It's a new world.

These kids, they don't overthink,
they don't get bogged down

in the way things
always used to be done.

They don't want review committees,

They want to get things done now.

We're old, Wade.

We're dinosaurs.

It's just like that song.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

drifting through the wind
wanting to start again?

- What?
- The truth is, they're coming for us.

And if you walk away now,

they'll run right over you.

Hi. Thank you.

Wade, I'm just, I'm telling you,
I think it's too dangerous.


Oh, thank you.

You're so great. Thank you.

- MAN: Welcome back.
- IAN: Please.

We should, um,
we should get back to work, eh?


- MAN: Mr. Gibbons.
- Yeah.

I need you to follow me.


- This is your new desk.
- But-but my lab's downstairs.

Will-will this get me into my lab?

Will I be able to work in my...


♪ Melancholy music ♪

MAN: You know, in the mid-' s,

under President Reagan,

I, I worked on the
issue of Soviet Jewry,

trying to win their
freedom from the USSR.

And there was one particular person

I had met in Moscow

but lost track of.

A refusenik, as they were called.

I thought for certain she was dead.

But one day,

I'm in my office in the White House

and the phone rings,

and there's this familiar
little voice on the other end.

And she says, "George, it's Ida,

and I'm in Jerusalem."


at least one person was better off,

and I had something to do with it.

In the end, what matters most,

what moves you the most, always,

has a human face.

That's a beautiful story.
Thank you for sharing it.

I don't know why I've been rambling on.

Forgive me.

I haven't thought of it in years.

But I guess there's something about you.

You know, that's exactly why
I think Walgreens and Safeway

both decided to invest millions
of dollars in the company.

Because of the human element.

We are looking to make
a strategic connection

in government

to move along the regulatory
process with the FDA.

If you would even consider it,

having George Shultz with
us would be a game changer.

Me? You want an old man?

I'm years old.

Mr. Schultz, you are

a force of nature,

and it's inspiring just
being in your presence.

I must say,

I have never met anyone quite like you,
Mrs. Holmes.

WADE: I want to thank this guy,
Dr. Jay Rosen, get up here,

Get up here.

Come here. Come on, come on. Come on.

Now we got to thank this guy

for his hard work to make
this partnership a reality.

Amazing. Amazing. Project Beta!


You know, we're still waiting to get
those sample tests on the device.

When do you think we'll get those?

Come on, Elizabeth.

DR. J: Elizabeth Holmes.

- Paging Elizabeth Holmes.
- Elizabeth Holmes.

Since you created
something special for us,

we wanted to create
something special for you.

Are you ready, Roland?

Hit it.

What I Like About You
playing on loudspeaker ♪


♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ What I like about blood ♪

♪ You just need one drop ♪

♪ One drop, baby ♪

♪ Put it in the box and then ♪

♪ You get your results ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Low-cost testing for all the blood ♪

♪ Tell us all the things
that we want to know ♪

♪ Well, it's true ♪

♪ That's what I like about blood ♪

♪ Yeah ♪


DR. J: Yeah!
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