01x05 - Episode 5

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Sponsor". Aired: February 23, 2022 - present.
South Korean series follows four people who look for a sponsor to satisfy their desires.
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01x05 - Episode 5

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(Episode )

Do you... want to get married?

Don't you want to?

- It's not that, I...
- Don't think about anything else.

Just think about me.

If you listen to me, you can have the world.

You're so warm.

I can't back out now.

Even if I made the wrong choice, now I have to confirm my choice and move forward.

That's how I can satisfy everyone.

Now I'm just going to look at what's been provided in front of me.

Seung Hoon.

I don't like to share.

So make up your mind quickly.

I can't wait long.

What's wrong? Did something happen?

What's going on? Is it because of Jin Yeong?

I'm sorry.

I think I have to marry CEO Han.

I feel like you should know.

What about Jin Yeong?

What are you going to do about Jin Yeong?

Did you think this through?

Do you really love her?

As long as I marry her ...

I'll explain everything to you later.

When I make a lot of money, I'll bring you and Jin Yeong back.

Please take care of him until then.

- But-
- Noona.

I don't want to miss this chance.

Your drive was amazing!

It's not the same as before.

You haven't changed a bit!

Well, what can I say?

You're amazing as always.

Every wrinkle is a sign of grace.

As always, you're good at making people feel good.

I don't make up anything I say.

You don't say things that aren't true, but you don't say everything true.

You know our rule is to stay silent.

Don't reveal your secrets. Why do you make it sound so pretentious?

Your problem is that you're loose lipped.

What's so great about being foolish and showing your cards to the whole world?

Businessmen need to be honest. That's how you can gain trust.

Are you telling me to maintain a poker face?

I can succeed without disappointing you. ..

If you have anything to bequeath to me, quickly—

Don't count on it.

I'm going to leave the business to someone other than you.

There's a breakfast lecture ...

It wasn't enough to give to CEO Han but now you're giving it to someone else?

Do I have a new stepmother? Tell me!

Chairman Moon is coming to the breakfast lecture.

I can study corporate publicity.

We also get to learn. It's a win-win!

Mr. Moon's lecture is worth listening to.

Of course!

Tell me what you spoke about with the Chairman.

Are you sure you have shares in the company?

I think he's going to leave it to someone else.

Is that what the Chairman said?

Would I make it up?

I heard exactly what he said to David.

He plans to leave it to someone else.

Who else can it be other than me?

He probably said it to make David anxious.

I guess you trust the chairman.

If you believe it's more than %, it's not going to work out. That % is the deciding factor.

He is not on the same page as you.

How can you trust someone who

built a business with someone else's money?

I wouldn't spend my money that way.

I'm heading out.

Some companies are trying to recruit Seon Wu.

Has the wedding been announced?

They're only inviting a few people.

There are rumors spreading among reporters.

Keeping looking into and report back.

Yes, sir.

- How's your son?
- We set a date.

so he can have the surgery.

Before you go to the states.

- Sign first.
- Sign what?

- What is this?
- Isn't this what we verbally agreed to?



This is just an agreement that I do whatever you tell me to do.

I thought you would do anything to save your son.

Was it all an act? We can cancel this now.

Agreed: Park Da Som

If you do well, I can make you into a Hollywood star.

As early as tomorrow, I can set you up with an agent.

Where are you going to find something like this?

Park Da Som

Your signature is so pretty.

Alright, let's do a good job together.


You have a meeting today, right?


When it's done, come home. Let's arrange our schedule over a glass of wine.

If we want to get married this month, it's going to be busy for both you and me.

In this month?

Yeah. Why? Is that too soon?

Of course, that's not so. I'm sure there is a lot of preparation. It seems like a rush.

What is there to prepare?

Family and entertainment people.

I'm limiting the number of reporters invited and keeping it private.


Photographer Lee Seon Wu arrived.

Show him in.

I called him. I have a favor to ask of him.

Welcome, Photographer.

- How are you?
- Have a seat.

It seems like you're giving me a special welcome today.

It's a great day.

Seung Hoon and I have decided to be married this month.

Are you very surprised?

Yes, well, a little.

I knew you two have a special relationship.

Congratulations, Seung Hoon.

Thank you, Photographer.

You had something to tell me?

I hope you will photograph our wedding.


But you wanted to keep it private?

But we should at least take wedding pictures.

I know you are busy,

but I am asking you for the best day of my life.

Would that be okay with you?

Of course, Chairwoman. I mean,

Chae Rim.

It would be an honor for me to capture the day when you shine happiest.


You're working with Lee Seon Woo?

Yes. I tried hard to-

Let him go.

Leave all of the company photography to David.

What are you saying?

David is also a photographer. Give the jobs to him.

Chairman, I don't understand-

Give it up.

Don't you know me?

Did you know that CEO Han and Hyeon Seung Hoon are getting married?

Heol! They are getting married when the ink isn't even dry on the divorce certificate.

- I don't think public opinion will be quiet about this.
- Does it seem like it's a rush?

Even though there has been a long-standing rumor that Park Da Som was separated,

if they are going to do it, it should be done quietly.

In any case, please investigate everyone around David and CEO Han.

I will.

It's so great we're eating together as a family.

How long has it been?

I feel good that a house this big is full.

I feel cramped because it's too full.

Brother-in-law, take good care of me.

- Don't make me laugh.
- Yu Min.

It's okay, Chae Rin. We need time to become close.

Stop pretending like you're friendly! (In English)

I know you're after my sister's money. (In English)

Yu Min. Please calm down. (In English)


- Why aren't you leaving?
- Yu Min.

Hurry! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Calm down. (In English)

Yu Min!

- Why are you foul-mouthed toward Seung Hoon? So rude.
- He's annoying.

What is? What annoys you so much?

I don't want someone else in this place.

He's not some other person. He's going to be your brother-in-law.

It's irritating to breathe in the same space and the same goes for eating.

Why should I? Why should I do that?

Yu Min.

Are you taking your medicine?

You promised you would take your medicine.


Can't just the two of us live together?

Like before, Nuna and I, we two ...

Yu Min.

I love him.

He is the first man I want to depend on from the time I was born.

Can't you understand and accept this

I don't want to.

I don't want to lose you to someone else.



How is Chairman Lee Yeong Seok?

Release it.

Release some of that bitterness.

I have a lot to ask you.

What's your relationship to Park Da Som?

We're dating.

Don't hurt her.

It lasts a lifetime.

You know that better than anyone. Isn't that right?

You don't want to have a drink?

I don't feel like drinking anymore.

So, are you going to sit very tight in Korea?

No one is interfering in Korea or the United States.

I like anywhere.

I can't fault you as you are the same as me.

I don´t even want to settle for anyone.

You did it well in Chaerin´s work.

I didn´t say thank you properly.

We´ve been seeing each other for the past twenty years or so.

Chae Rin meets me and I´m gone.

Yeah, I had a lot of happy times thanks to Chae Rin.

Are you sorry? For you, I´m leaving.

You´re doing well right?

She lives with Hyeon Seung Hoon.

I think she is going to get married.

Strangely, Chae Rin has wanted to get married since she was young.

She wanted to have a baby too...

Chairman, do you know that?

David is dating Hyeon Seong Hoon's wife.

I think they've been together for quite some time.

Parents don't know what wrongdoings their child does.

David too? I have to do something.

Kuoca Premium Blend

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♬ Don't pretend you're not. You're greedy ♬

♬ Your eyes show it. It's obvious ♬

♬ If you let me have everything that I couldn't have ♬

Go a little further


♬ I will make you shine ♬

♬ I can make, I can make ♬

One more time.

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You don't look well.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Hyeon Jin Yeong, right? Your son.

I accidentally found out at the hospital

that he is seriously ill.

Don´t run looking too far ahead, for Jin Yeong's sake.

I have to look ahead and run to survive.

After surviving?

It's not too late to think about it after surviving.

Yes, okay.

Hello. I am Park Da Som.

Father, please help her a lot.

You know about David right?

I heard you got divorced.

Please speak freely.

Can you just hush for a second?

After having lived for a while.

When you marry someone you think you can't live without,

you can't just separate after.

I don't know how you two got here but,

We've been seeing each other for over three years.

This is just the first formal introduction.

You know I have a hard time dating anyone.

But every time I see Da Som, I feel so...


You met before either of you were divorced if you met three years ago.

She has nothing to do with my divorce, Father.

Is this the same situation for you?

Why are you interrogating her like this?

Regardless of what happened, we're in love now.

You can't buy love with money.

You didn't think I knew?

I'm not ready to accept this relationship.

I'm tired. Let's go.

Go, Miss Park Da Som.

Da Som.

Sit down.

That's the girl you're sponsoring?

- Father!
- You little.

Someone you buy with money can't be a lifetime partner. They're property.

Please just wait without causing problems. I'll make sure to take care of you!

I'll be more careful.

You're home.

Did you eat?

How did you seduce someone like my sister, with that brain?

Can't be your mind, maybe your body?

You can say what you want to me but don't do that to your sister.

You stay out of my family business. (In English)

She's changed, 'cause of you. (In English)

You bastard. (In English)

Do you know?

Hello, have a seat.


Thank you.

What kind of photo that are you finding in a hurry?



Some people wanted to k*ll my father.

Your father?

Did you catch the culprit?

Not yet.

So where is your father now?

After the accident, he still hasn't woken up yet.

I feel like you're not the type of person who talks about yourself that much.

That's true. I never talked about this to anyone else.

Strangely, I told you about it.

If you want to say something, please don't hide

it. It'll eat you up if you keep it inside.


Pardon me.

Yes, I'm Lee Seon Wu.

Ahh, yes.

Please do that.

Getting a call from the hospital makes me scared.

Because I fear it could be a call from the hospital my father's in.

I am worried.

Can you please give me your phone?

Just give me.

I changed the ring tone.

Now you'll only be afraid when this specific ring tone plays.

Seon Wu.

It's not your fault that happened to your father.

You wouldn't have been able to stop it even if you were there.

Please don't blame yourself.

Your father wouldn't want

you to blame yourself either.

I have one younger brother.

He is mentally sick.

I think it's because of me somehow.

I also think it's all my fault.

I also told you which I don't want to tell anyone.

We have one thing similar.

in common.

Unfortunately it's guilt.

What is it? The photo.

Thanks to the professional, it turned out great.

Maybe I should be a model.

Lee Seon Wu?

Try making your enemies into friends instead of meddling and fighting.

You have to join hands with the enemy if you want to run a business.

But Lee Seon Wu is the enemy.

Don't say nonsense and just go.

I have a meeting to attend.

Lee Seon Wu is Chairman Lee Yeong Seok's son.


Some people wanted to k*ll my father.

Lee Seon Wu is Chairman Lee Yeong Seok's son.

Are you working together with Lee Seon Wu?

David is also a photographer. Give the jobs to him.

It's a Sehan beauty product.

Well, I guess there's at least one thing/i]

in common.

Please treat me to a drink and a meal.

It's scary to drink and eat.

A true winner is a person who can make an ally out of an enemy.

Lee Seon Wu, I'll make you join my side.

I've kept you waiting.

I kept my promise then.

A promise is like a credit card to businessmen.

The more credit you accumulate, the easier is it to seal the deal.

Don't you feel like you can't breathe

if you keep chasing your goal without stopping?

I think I'd feel like I'm suffocating if I lived like you.

Chae Rin,

I wish you'd just let go of your desires.

I'm sorry, but

I got my passion to give all of me back.

How can I get Lee Seon Wu on my side?

I know exactly why I'm meeting you

here today.

I didn't even start.

Chae Rin,

our relationship is different from others.

We're destined to end badly

the more we get to know each other.

I'm going to head out.

Are you saying you'd leave a woman alone?

Don't run away.

How long have you been like this, Father-in-law?

I'm fine. Why did you come?

Two men like you and I will just darken the room. She'd at least get you some water or something.

If you go around talking like this, you're going to get into trouble.

Women aren't flowers. Do you think women are made to bring you water?

Should I call you Ju Ah, your majesty? Oh, Ju Ah, your majesty.

Father-in-law, look at how he's talking! He's so rude!

I called in a nurse, so you two should head back.

I am already here. Why?

Don't lie through your teeth. It's not like you'd do anything.

You're going to want to leave before even an hour has passed.

Please take her with you and go.

Are you really okay, Father-i-law?

How did you know Father-in-law wasn't well?

CEO Han.

She should have told me first!

I was probably listed as a guardian and that's why I was contacted first.

Do you think he finalized his will?

It's not something I can discuss with you.

It makes my frontal lobe break out in hives.

We're on the same page.

What do you mean on the same page? It's no time to discuss the will!

Come on!

You are on the same page on this!

Look at those muscles. They're getting bigger.

Why are you suddenly in a depressed mode?

Are you still having trouble sleeping?

I'm worried about sending Jin Yeong to the US.

Talk to CEO Han and get counseling before it's too late.

She'll be so angry that I'm going to therapy because I'm worried about my kid.

Is it okay for you to come here?

I made some time to work out.

Life is hard.

Don't make useless excuses and listen to me.

You're going to the gym?



Check the recording and confirm with me later.

Yes, Ma'am.

Bring me Seung Hoon's schedule.

Yes, Nuna.

Seung Hoon, is it okay for me to go to your house today?

Jin Hyeong wants to come with me to see you before he goes to America.

Is that all right?

Of course. Naturally.

Try guessing.


Jin Hyeong.

Talk to me for a moment.

Hang out with Jin Yeong for a bit.

Stop that.

This is not your house. Play quietly.

Isn't this Dad's house?

Yes. Let's play quietly.

What's this situation? Didn't you understand me?

Jin Yeong stopped by for short while before going to America because he wanted to see me.

It's rude to visit suddenly without calling ahead.

Even if it is within my family, don't I require that manners be minded?

Is that why your brother swears at me in English?

- What?
- He misses his father

and she wanted to see how her brother was living. It's the first time she came since we got married.

Have they come where they can't come?

That's not it. To contact—

If they had contacted you, would you have told them to come?

This is not somewhere you live alone.

Both Yu Min and I are here.

Let's have dinner together.

That's not what I mean.

What do you want me to do?

I already have a headache from work. Do I have to pay attention to your family too?

Aren't you going to pay any attention to them?

You should have invited them first.

Ahjumma. Ahjumma, make a snack and bring it upstairs.

Excuse me? What?

Why is she so slow? I said make a snack and bring it upstairs. Okay?

Snack ... what kind of snack?

Don't you know how to put cheese and fruit together?

Yes, I know how to do that.


Don't do that.

What are you thinking? (In English)

You're not going to live here, right. (In English)

Cut it out, you brat.

I get annoyed whenever you talk in English.

Shit. (In English)

That's awful of you. (In English)

Don't you understand Korean?

Seung Hoon. Don't fight.

- Seung Hoon.
- Let go of me! Let go!

I haven't liked you from the start.

Seung Hoon, don't fight.

What are you doing? Aren't you stopping?

- Let me go!
- Stay out of it.

- Let go.
- I said to stop.

Eonni, I can't believe you're going to America.

Why? I'm so happy the date is set.

I don't know how women feel.

Sometimes you said you just want to work

Sometimes you said you wanted to save your kid. Is that maternal love?

How can I not have maternal love when we lived in the same body for ten months.

We breathed together, ate together, and slept together.

By the way, is the money sufficient?

I received it as alimony.

But it is so much.

I hope there won't be any problem.

As long as Jin Yeong's surgery succeeds.

As long as you're okay.

Have some.

Seung Hoon was at home for a bit yesterday.

Are you sure?

I took a photo of him and his sister coming out of the house.

Do you want a report on Park Da Som as well?

I thought David was taking care of that.

They've been back and forth for Jin Yeong's treatments.

They seem to be staying at the apartment with her sister.

Keep an eye on them. Check if Seung Hoon and Park Da Som have been meeting each other.

Yes, Ma'am.

Good bye.

Please bring me Hyeon Seung Hoon's schedule.

You must be cold.

Is it warm now?

I guess greed makes people like that.

At first he was earnest and bright.

He lost that brightness now.

I can't breathe.

I want to draw.

It's so pretty just like you.

I like it.

Ji Na.

I only need you to be okay.


Lee Sepn Woo is here right now.

There's nothing special going on right now.

Continue to watch them and report back to me.

[President Park:
-Corporate hunter
-Dad's friend
-Sehan Beauty -Acquisitions Fund]

He stayed in that position even though he had no right.

Simply put, that position was out of his league.

Chairman Park
Business hunter/David, Father's friend/Sehan Beauty/Acquisition fund

Han Chae Rin:
-Sehan Beauty
-Ju Ah

First witness to the last incident

Do you want to be my competitor?

I got my passion to give all of me back.

: started Beauty business.

Han Chae Rin Started Modeling


This is a rumor from the Daily News.

Han Chae Rin was sponsored.


It could be a rumor but I don't think it was intentionally spread.

In the wrong hands, it could get out of control.

It would be an excuse to take her down.

CEO Han seems to have a lot on her hands.

There were a lot of rumors around Hyeon Seung Hoon too.

Well, she knows how to handle the media.

This could be a small tip but CEO Han has more enemies than it appears.

I only got a glimpse but she's a pretty tough boss.

Are you referring to her time at Sehan Beauty?

There were tons of rumors back then too.

I've been looking into that as well.

You're going to look into it yourself?

No, I was just having a look at things.

Do you by chance know who her sponsor was?

I'm not sure.

Han Chae Rin knows a lot of people.

It could have been anyone.

I see.

I think I know who it was.

I put a lot of work into this hotel.

I heard from my father.

You only like the best.

Is that what he told you?

That's right, I started from the bottom and now I'm here.

Like your father, I grew like a flower in a greenhouse.

During a time that it was unimaginable.

With nothing?

The weak are naturally taken out.

All I did was save him.


Is that what you call tramping on the weak to move up?

That's an excuse made by the weak.

That is the place of the owner.

Being able to see and turn the wrong choice into the right now.

That's why I'm the owner.

Are you referring Han Chae Rin?

Oh of course. I can make you like Ms. Han.

Why do you feel the need to keep telling me this?

Did I tell you?

Being able to see.

I want to see if you're the real thing.

I'll turn it down.

I have no interest in being spoon fed.

I'll get going now.

Young Seok did a good job of raising him.

[CEO: Han Chae Rin]

Chairman, what brings you here?

Profits are up.

Your company is doing well.

It's all thanks to you, sir.

You look good.

Do you regret your decision?

No, sir.

Then you need to start paying for the choices you made.

Seon Woo came by. Sehan Beauty's Lee Young Seok's son.

Yes. I'm aware.

Do you know that Seon Woo is the owner as well?

This is the company I built.

- All of a sudden-
-You built this company with someone else's money.

The rightful owner showed up so you need to return it.

I can't do that.

Do you think I'm asking for a favor?

- Chairman.
- I'm here to give you notice.

Seung Hoon, say hello.

This is the Chairman I work for.

Hello, Chairman.

This is the man who did something great.

Happy to meet you.

Thank you, sir.

It's best when the married couple both have great abilities.

I will do my best sir.

Father, you were discharged?

You remember Da Som.


I'll go with you.

Have a safe trip!

David is lacking in a lot of ways.

Please help him out.






He wants what?

I gave my blood and sweat to this company.

The things I did to get here. Now he wants to take it all?

Go ahead and try me.

I'll k*ll everyone.

♬ It digs deep into me sharply ♬

♬ I've melted deep into your head and I'm filling it up ♬

♬ I lock you in my heart entrapped ♬

♬ I completely fulfill your desires ♬

♬ Behind the shadow ♬

I can't let that happen. No one will take my company.

Do you want to go to work with me?

Why are you staying with CEO Han? I'll take care of you.

You lool fantastic after meeting the right woman.

What do they call this again? Habitual.

What the hell are you doing?

What the hell? Let me go.

Do you think you're a good mother?

Do you think Han Chae Rin will just sit back and take it?

You came quite far just to exercise.

Let me see. Are you hurt badly?

I must dirty my feet if I want to step on someone.

I'm going to continue working with CEO Han.

The company is like my other-self.

Chairman, please change your mind.

♬ I should have asked them to hold my hand ♬

♬ It digs deep ♬
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