01x08 - Punch Perfect

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The First Lady". Aired: April 17, 2022 - present.
The woman of the white house retell the story of the American leadership.
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01x08 - Punch Perfect

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- ♪ Just a little bit ♪

♪ Just a little bit ♪

♪ Just a little bit ♪

♪ Just a little bit ♪

♪ I ain't gon' do you wrong ♪

♪ While you're gone ♪

♪ Ain't gon' do you wrong... ♪

- Honey.

Oh, Mrs. O. Your face is lookin' fine.

Thank you.

So, fundraiser in the DMV.

- Yep. [SIGHS] The usual.
- All right, so the usual then?

We've been using a lot of heat
on your hair lately.

The edges need a break.

But you're really rocking
this natural look.


Could you wear this to the fundraiser?

You want me to wear this
to a DNC fundraiser?

So you want me to stroll on in there

in my Reem Acra
and Jimmy Choos rockin'...

- Yeah!

...my natural texture?

[CHUCKLES] You would break Twitter.

That's not the only thing I would break.



You know, it... it...
It do look good though.

- Hmm.
- But we're trying to get

these white folk to give us some money.

Mm, and scared white people

- don't open their pocketbooks.
- Mm. Mm-mmm. So...

[BOTH] Straighten the Black
right on out.


For sassy Sasha, french fries,
chicken legs. [CHUCKLES]

- Been working on the golf swing?
- Thank you for your information.

Yes, and I'm ready for a rematch.

Oh, you think so? Hey, honey.

Ah, Ms. Obama. So the next time
you're in New England,

please come join us at the club.

- You're gonna get on the course?
- Yes.

- She's not... [CHUCKLES]
- Mr. President.

May I steal your wife for a second?


Oh, if we could only have you
for another four years.

- That we can't do.

- [GUEST] Mrs. Obama?
- But, donations like yours

are an investment
in the future of the party.

Mrs. Obama. Mrs. Obama, I'm Jennifer.

Excuse me.

[JENNIFER] And it is an absolute
honor to donate today.

- Thrilled that you're...
- Jennifer, so nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- So good to meet you, too.

- Erica.
- Erica. Erica.

It is an honor to meet you, Mrs. Obama.

- Call me Michelle.
- Oh, Mrs. Obama,

I'm so glad you're here today.

We appreciate your generosity.
Gorgeous necklace.

Oh, thank you.
[CHUCKLES] That means a lot.

My daughter will be so mad
she's missed seeing you today.


At least she didn't assume I was a maid.



- Oh, my God.
- Mm.

[STAMMERS] It is funny

how you got two,
uh, uncomfortable Black women

bending over backwards
so she doesn't feel discomfort.

- Um, yeah.
- Right?

Two terms in office,

and she still don't know
what I look like.

I could've been Aretha Franklin,
and she would've said,

- "Hey, Michelle!"
- Uh, I mean,

probably more like Halle Berry.

- Nah, nah, nah. Oprah.
- Oprah?

- We all look like Oprah.
- Naomi Campbell.

- That's what you look like.
- What?

- You look real good, actually.

- So what time you gotta be up?


♪ This land is your land ♪

♪ This land is my land ♪

♪ From California ♪

♪ Well, to the New York island ♪

♪ From the redwood forest ♪

♪ To the Gulf Stream waters ♪

♪ I tell you this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Mmm ♪

♪ One bright sunny morning ♪

♪ Well, in the shadow of a steeple ♪

♪ Down by the Welfare office ♪

♪ I saw my people ♪

♪ I was wondering ♪

♪ If this land ♪

♪ Was made for you and me ♪

We have some returns now

from the states that have had
polls closed in them.

Uh, the polls aren't all closed
in any state yet in the country,

but here are some of the returns
that we have so far.

In, um, Indiana, we have
projected Ford the winner...



...the polls have all
closed now in Kentucky.

And electoral votes
for Kentucky are now,

by our calculations,
belonging to Jimmy Carter.

- [PERSON] Shucks!
- And peanut farmer.

Let's not be mean, Steven.

It's the truth.
His whole family farms peanuts.

[HOARSELY] Honey, will you
hand me my drink, please?

Mr. Ford, where in the world
did your voice go?

- He left it on the campaign trail.

I'm gonna make you a hot toddy.

- Thank you.

Carter is now ahead with

electoral votes, and Ford with .

It's okay. It's early, we have time.



Jimmy Carter has won in Mississippi.

% to %,

uh, we believe
the final returns will be.

And that puts Jimmy Carter over the top,

uh, to be the next president
of the United States.

He is the president-elect tonight.

He now has electoral votes.

One reason for this move
back to the Democratic party

may be that Watergate still
seems to be alive as an issue.

Carter voters in our sample

said Carter would restore trust
to government,

though Ford voters said
the same thing about their man.

And the Carter voters cited Watergate

and the Nixon pardon as a big reason

for voting for Carter.

Asked what they disliked about Ford,

again, the thing
those Carter voters said most

was that Ford had pardoned
Richard Nixon.


You fought an incredible race, Jerry.

- I'm very proud of you.


I love you.


[HOARSELY] It's, um...

perfectly obvious that, um...

my voice isn't up to par,

and I shouldn't be making

very many comments, and I won't.

Let me call on the, um...

the real spokesman for the family.


The president asked me to tell you

that he telephoned
President-elect Carter

a short time ago,

and congratulated him on his victory.

It's been the greatest honor of
my husband's life

to have served his fellow Americans

during two of most difficult years

in our history.

I still can't believe
it's coming to an end.

Do you know what you'll do next?

I'm not sure yet.

But whatever it is,
it won't hold a candle

to documenting my favorite First Family.


[SIGHS] Now, is there
any room in particular

you'd like to sh**t
these last few images?

Actually, yes.

- May I help you?
- No, I am perfectly fine.


- There we go.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, I should've done
this a long time ago.


I don't think there are many women

who have had the chance

to even sit at this table,

let alone dance on it.

Think you're probably right about that.

Here's hoping that changes.

- Mr. President.
- Hello, Jerry.

Is my wife dancing on tables again?

[BETTY] Oh, I was just...

celebrating all that we accomplished.

It's the perfect way to do it.

Mm. [SIGHS] Care to join me?


And give Chevy Chase more amm*nit*on?


[PRESENTER ON TV] Again, as at
the beginning of World w*r I,

we had proclaimed
our traditional neutrality.

Millions of Americans
were more interested

in Joe DiMaggio and the New York Yankees

taking four straight from
Cincinnati in the World Series

than they were in the deadly games

being played in Europe and Asia,

where aggressors were out to take all.

[ELEANOR] Thank you for seeing us.

You remember Martha?

Of course. Mrs. Hemingway.

It is very kind of you to take the time.


Mr. President...

[SIGHS] the SS Quanza

is filled with Jewish refugees
fleeing h*tler's regime.

They've been sailing port to port

looking to be granted asylum.

But even with the work
of the lawyer we've retained for them,

Jacob Morewitz, no one will take them.

If we don't get them legitimate visas,

they will be sent back to Europe
and a horrible fate.

As you know, Franklin, last year

the MS St. Louis was turned away

and innocent lives were lost.

We have an opportunity
here with the Quanza

to right that wrong.

We've exhausted every other
avenue, Mr. President.

- The ship is due here any day.
- Yes.


Thank you for bringing those to me.

A horrific plight indeed.

Yet still, I am afraid
I cannot help you.

[ELEANOR] Franklin, we cannot
turn a blind eye

to this atrocity again.

The people elected you to office to act.

The American people
have chosen not to act

in this European conflict.

Therefore I cannot act.

Mrs. Hemingway, again, I am very sorry.

I wish I could do more,

but right now my hands are tied.



Tell my two o'clock that I am ready.

Will you wait for me outside,
please, Martha?

Mrs. Hemingway, I am very sorry.

- Good day, Mr. President.
- Good day.

I think you are making
a mistake, Franklin.

Why is it the people that are
supposed to be the closest to me

cannot understand that
I cannot simply wave my hand

and make things happen?

Well, you certainly can't make
things happen

if you insist on sitting on them

while the rest of the world
is falling apart.

Eleanor, stop! Stop right there.

You need to stop thinking about
me like some man without a soul.

I can be emotional and practical
all at the same time.

[ELEANOR] You cannot insulate yourself

against people's suffering, Franklin.

- [ANNA] Mother.
- Anna.

- We must move the day along.
- Mrs. R,

your radio broadcast is in minutes.

Thank you, Tommy. Franklin.

Anna, please close the door behind you.


What did the papers say
about the photographs?

Hearst won't print them.
Propaganda through omission.

And Sulzberger's afraid
they will incite something.

What? Empathy? Action?

Panic, paranoia, anti-Semitism.

Not all fascists live in Europe.

Yes. Tommy,

who here grants the power to have visas?

I believe that is Patrick Malin

with the political refugees' committee.

Let me make a call.

Uh, Mrs. R, we really have to go.

- Yes.
- Thank you.

Well, don't lose heart, Martha.

I will think of something.

"It may seem to you

that a racial or religious prejudice

that does not touch you

is something about which
you need not concern yourself.

But unfortunately,

one prejudice engenders another,

and people soon find themselves

prey to fears of all kinds.

We must do all we can
to prevent the rise

"of racial or religious hatred
in this country."

Here at home,
outrage over the fatal sh**ting

of -year-old Trayvon Martin

is spreading now around the country.

On Wednesday,
marchers took to the streets

in New York City and in Miami.

Protesters are calling
for the arrest of the sh**t.

Cleveland police this weekend
sh*t a -year-old boy

who was seen waving a g*n
at a local playground.

The boy later d*ed.
The g*n turned out to be fake.

Attorney General Eric Holder said today

the Justice Department
is monitoring the case

of a New York City man who d*ed
in police custody last month.

[REPORTER] The dramatic cell phone video

shows -year-old Walter Scott

running away
from Officer Michael Slager.

The -year-old officer fires
eight sh*ts at Scott's back.

Thought that my brother

was g*n down like an animal.

It was just unbelievable to
me to see that.

[REPORTER] The amateur video
paints a different picture

than the one
that first emerged Saturday.

Authorities originally said
Scott tried to run

and the two men struggled
over the officer's Taser.

Slager said he feared for his life.

An hour after city officials
saw the footage,

North Charleston mayor Keith Summey

announced that Slager
would be charged with m*rder.

[SUMMEY] When you're wrong,
you're wrong.

And if you make a bad decision,

don't care if you're behind the shield,

you have to live by that decision.

[REPORTER] Late Tuesday,
Slager was denied bail...

Malia, you finished your homework?


Malia, you don't have to watch
every single one of these videos.

[CRYING] Mom, they sh*t him in the back

and left him in the streets
for four hours,

like his life just didn't matter.

I mean, how many more?

Trayvon, Tamir, Eric.

I-I just don't understand
why this keeps happening.

I know. Malia, I know.

Trust me, I understand, honey. I...

Mom... Look at us.

I mean, look at this house
that we live in.

If we can't make a difference,
who can? [SNIFFLES]


Aw, thank you! [LAUGHS]

And we appreciate you all
coming down to see our new home.

- Oh, of course.
- Been real nice here so far.

Cocktails with the neighbors
and everything.

- Oh!
- Yeah.

Whoa, the real life George and Weezy.

- Y'all really did move on

up out of the neighborhood
right into one of theirs.

Except the Jeffersons don't have...


Daddy! Daddy, look.

[SIGHS] Well, ain't that a bitch.

Come on. Get in the car.
It's time for us to go.

I am so sorry.

I think you could probably
get that buffed out.

- [SIGHS] That's some bullshit.
- Craig.

But... [SIGHS]

It's fine. It'll come out.

You know, just reminds me

of how gorgeous this beauty
really is. [CHUCKLES]

You know, sometimes when folks see

something they hate
looking so beautiful,

first thing they wanna do
is scuff it up.

But Robinsons,
we just buff that right out.

- Get in the car.
- You heard your daddy. Let's go.

[FRIEND] Well, have a nice easy drive.

You guys have a safe trip home now.



I thought you were coming Thursday.

[SIGHS] It is Thursday.

- Oh, dear.

How long do I have you for this time?

[LORENA] Mm, about seven hours.

Oh, hmm.

[ELEANOR] I'm sorry
I won't be with you later on.

Sara's having one of
her dinner parties tonight

and I'll be forced to trade small talk

with the British ambassador and his wife

over a plate of aspic or some such.

What is aspic anyway?

Aspic is

a lukewarm, gelatinous, punitive insult.

Oh, well. Mm. [LAUGHS]

- Delicious.
- Very. That was very good.

Clearly you should have been a...
A restaurant critic.


If I could just do this one thing, Hick.

If I could just help
these souls on the Quanza,

then that would be something.

I am sure you'll think of a way.

You always do.

[GUEST] The White House has become

something of a family affair these days.

The Roosevelts may well be

America's answer to our royal family.

- Absolutely not.

Well, that's why we thought
it might be nice

to have you to our private
dining room, Mr. Ambassador.

Please consider yourself
part of the family.

It's our honor to have you as our guest.

- Yes.
- Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Malin, Ambassador.

I believe that dinner is served.

If you would please join us inside.


- After you.
- Thank you so much.


Oh, hello.

Mr. Ambassador, you are over here.

- [AMBASSADOR] Thank you so much.
- [FRANKLIN] Hello.

[ELEANOR] It's so nice to
see you. Thank you for coming.

Mr. Malin, you're next.

Everybody, please sit.

Oh, look. Ooh, a photo exhibit.

- Oh.
- How modern. [CHUCKLES]

- My, May, what have you got?
- Oh, Lord.

Quite disturbing images.
What ones do you have here?

Mine are sort of...

Honored guests,

Ambassador Lindsay, Mr. Malin,

I would like to introduce you

to two personal friends of mine,

Martha Gellhorn Hemingway,
a brilliant journalist

who has provided
these photographs this evening,

and Mr. Jacob Morewitz,

a wonderful young lawyer

who is representing some of the refugees

that you will see in these photographs.

Some of these individuals are trapped

at this very moment on the SS Quanza,

having been denied the right
to safely disembark.

We feel very fortunate
to be here tonight

at this vital crossroads.

Had I known we'd be discussing
politics this evening,

- I'd have paced myself.
- And I wish I had not.


Earlier today, I was able
to win an injunction in court

for the ship to remain
in American waters,

but only for six more days.

Six days before these human beings

will be forced back to Europe,

where they will have a terrible fate,

not unlike some of the other
images you see before you.

And that is where Mr. Malin comes in...

Eleanor, you are
making our guests uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable dinner parties
are a British tradition.

- You can act, Mr. Malin,

even if my husband

and the other men
in this White House will not.

- Eleanor, enough!
- [MARTHA] Mr. President,

there must be something we can do.

I'm afraid there isn't.
My hands are tied.

Larger issues are at play
and Eleanor knows this.

Please, remove these photographs
from the table immediately.

These people are suffering.
They are dying.

If they were your children,
your parents,

uh, your brothers and sisters,
just think, what would you do?

Ambassador Lindsay, am I to understand

that Winchester City is
your football club of choice?

Unfortunately, it is.

Unfortunately indeed.
I've seen them play.


[ELEANOR] There we have it.

Just denying the reality
of the world around us

and enjoying the duck confit.

Well, I adore duck confit. [CHUCKLES]

As do I.

Our chef at home makes a quail confit.

He also makes the most
delightful deviled quail eggs.

Little teeny tiny things.

[SOFTLY] How can we be
so utterly complacent?


Eleanor, there is
no complacency in this room,

only decency.

And I do wish you would
exercise some restraint

so our friends can enjoy their dinner.

Ah, wonderful. Endive is here.

- I hope you all like endive.
- Thank God.

[MRS. LINDSAY] Mrs. Roosevelt,
is Bendel's in New York

still the place to go
for the latest fashions?

I did hear that they have
some lovely gowns this year.

Mrs. Roosevelt, would you join us
for a day of shopping in New York?

- We can take the train.

Well, I'll certainly
consult my schedule.




Close the door, please.

I asked you to arrange an
appointment with Mrs. Rutherfurd.

I do not see it in my calendar.


About Lucy...

I... [SIGHS]

After all this time, are you sure...

Of course, I'm sure. That's why
I asked you to arrange it.

Now, please get it done.


Anna, I'm sorry.

I-I don't expect you to understand. I...

And I know you think

I'm putting you in
a terrible position, but...


I... I need her.

I need something too.

I see.

Thank you.


Yes, the Rutherfurd residence
of New York City.

I'll hold.


This is Lucy Rutherfurd.

Hello, Mrs. Rutherfurd.
This is Anna Boettiger.

Anna Roosevelt. How are you?

[CHUCKLES] I am very well.
Thank you for asking.

And yourself?

Very well indeed.

Uh, the president has instructed me

to arrange a meeting with you.

[CHUCKLES] I'd be delighted.

Let me tell you when he's available.


Psst, psst, psst. Psst, psst.

There are just not enough hours
in the day.

[SIGHS] You do so much.

And yet somehow, it always feels
like a drop in the bucket.

Let's just enjoy each other...

while I'm here. Rest.

It's hard, Hick...

[SIGHS] ...when thousands
are being forced

from their homes every day.

Can you allow yourself just a...

Just a moment of satisfaction?

Do you know
what a concentration camp is?

- Do you?
- Yes, I do.

And yet you're fine
to while away the hours

drinking bourbon in the afternoon.

Where are you going?

To find somewhere else to while.

Don't leave, Hick.

I'm really beginning to understand

how your husband
and your children must feel.

Constantly judged,
scrutinized, abandoned.

That is an unkind thing to say.

[SOFTLY] I'm sorry.


Um, Mr. Malin for you.

Oh, yes. Mr. Malin.

Madam First Lady, I wanted
to thank you in person

for inviting me to that
rather uncomfortable dinner.


But comfort isn't appropriate
when discussing great suffering.

No, it's so true. Would you have a seat?

I've brought you the visas you need

for everyone onboard the Quanza.

- Oh, my!
- Human rights are indeed

not reserved for Americans.

Thank you.

I hope you know how brave this act is.


- Yes, I hope it was worth it.
- "Worth it"? [CHUCKLES]

[STAMMERS] There were ships
coming in all the time

and we've only
just gotten started here, so...

Unfortunately not. [SIGHS]

I have now been stripped
of my visa oversight.

- Oh, I am very sorry.
- All requests now

have to go through
Assistant Secretary Long.

Please, if there's
anything that we can do.

I'm afraid that won't be possible.

Mr. Long is so infuriated
by what we did,

he has vowed never to allow
a single refugee

onto our shores again.

Does my husband know of this?

Yes, I'm afraid so.

Well, thank you very much, Mr. Malin.

Thank you.


Missy, can you put me through
to Franklin, please?

Yes, I'll hold.

Pa is on his way.

He'll be here in a couple of hours.

Oh, good. Thank you, dear.

And Eleanor?

I'm here.


You know...

I never thought you were

the right wife for my Franklin.

I always pictured someone less...

[CHUCKLES] ...complicated.

You've always done what you believed in.

Nobody could fault you for that.

I'm grateful that Franklin found you.


An extraordinary man deserves...

an extraordinary woman.

Oh, Mother.

You're quite extraordinary yourself.


[SOFTLY] Thank you.


[PRESENTER] Deep inside Alabama

is a famous school
called the Tuskegee Institute.

It has graduated
many thousands into agriculture,

into science, into industry.

This school was the first of its kind,

and its founder, Booker T. Washington,

was a pioneer who broke open
a road for others to follow.

He lifted the veil of ignorance
from his people,

and pointed the way to progress
through education and industry.





Excuse me. It's Michelle Robinson.

Oh, hi, Michelle.

Uh, we were supposed to meet
minutes ago.

Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry.

Our meeting must've
just fallen through the cracks.

Please, come in.

I've just been so busy
filling out this report.

I'm so sorry about that.
Here, please have a seat.

I'll be with you in just one second.


What am I looking at here?

Uh, my report cards, test scores,

a few news clippings
about my accomplishments.

Um, as you can see,
I've excelled in academics,

in extracurricular activities
and community service.

Oh, I almost forgot.

I'm also a member

of the National Honor Society.

[GASPS] Wow. Uh... Thi...

[CHUCKLES] I love this spirit.


I have... Um, yes.

I have some info
on some local universities

that I think would be
a great fit for you.

Oh. Uh, that's not necessary.
I already know where I'm going.

and then Harvard Law after that.


Well, that's certainly
a very ambitious goal.

- Yeah.

But I think it would be a good idea

to widen your search just a bit.

Uh, but that's where I wanna go.

I mean, why should I waste my time

applying to schools
I'm not interested in?

Well, your accomplishments
at a school like Whitney

are certainly... very impressive.

- I, um...

[CLICKS TONGUE] I'm not...

I'm not sure that
you're quite Princeton material.

- Um...
- Look, I know

your brother, Craig, is there
now on a basketball scholarship.

But I don't see any
involvement in athletics and...

Princeton doesn't give out
athletic scholarships.

How do you not know that?
You're a guidance counselor.

Okay. There's no need to
have an attitude, miss.

Remember, I'm here to help you out.

And my advice is that you consider

whether your school of choice
is the right...

culture fit. Hmm?

Think about it.
These are wonderful schools.

I'm so sorry.

I've got to get back,

but thank you so much
for coming in, Michelle.

I'm sorry. Uh, what exactly about me

isn't the right culture fit
for Princeton? Hmm?

Is it the way that I dress
or talk or my hair

or something else
you're just not saying?

Please, be specific.

[COUNSELOR] I just don't want
you to be disappointed.


- [SANTITA] Hey, Mich.
- Santita! Hey, girl.

- How you doing?
- I'm good. Can't complain.

Or I can, but I'm not going to.

[CHUCKLES] I hear that.

- Yeah, what's up?
- I saw your email

about the commencement speech
at Tuskegee.

Yeah, I already told them
that you were probably too busy.

I am too busy, but... [SIGHS]

...I wanna do it.

For real?

I will make the time.

Oh, they're gonna be over the moon.

I'll get my team to get in touch.

Oh, great. This is huge, Mich.

Thank you.

Bye, girl.


You are in some hot water with Val.

- Tuskegee?
- Uh-huh.

You're not consulting
the West Wing any more?

I know exactly how
that conversation would go.

"The West Wing is concerned
that white people..."

White voters might be scared
that a Black First Lady

is talking to a Black audience
about race"?

that's about the sum of it.

[MICHELLE] Yeah. So...

I probably can't stop you.

Damn right.

Well, hey, I understand that
it's a Black college, right?

But as you know, we're always
talking to a national audience.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

So, h*t 'em with those
hard truths, sure.

All right? But I think
it will be more effective

if you can tie 'em to
our common goals as a nation.

Just my two cents.

I want those Black kids at Tuskegee

to know that we feel their pain,
share their fears,

and that their lives matter too.

And I want our own children
to know how we feel.

And I want those news channels
to listen and eat it,

and to hell with their,
"This isn't the America I know."

- f*ck holding back.
- So you just wanna play

right into the hands of
the conservative media?

Just give 'em what they want?

Those m*rder happened
while we were here, Barack.

I know that, Michelle.

I am still a Black man in America.

You don't think I wanna pop off

every time I see another
unarmed Black kid get sh*t?

You know I wanna be out there
on those streets,

marching right along with those kids.

But that's not our reality.

- Because we're the First Family?
- Yeah.

But, Barack, we're
the first Black First Family.

And we've been called n*gg*r
in every way possible.

For once, let's be the n*gg*r*s.


[SOFTLY] Okay.

Now, how many of them...


Uh-oh, Craig. Mich just got home.

Look like something got her
good and mad.

[MARIAN] I'm gonna
see about your sister.


[CRAIG] Bye, Mom.

[SOFTLY] All right,
now that your mother's gone,

tell me how's it going
with the ladies? [CHUCKLES]

[CRAIG] How much time you got?

So, what happened?

Counselor said I wasn't
"Princeton material."

That's what she said.

What do you think?

I don't know.

What if she's right?

Let me ask you a question.

Why did hearing that from your counselor

make you so angry?

Because why can't a Black kid
go to an Ivy League school

without playing a sport?

I mean, she's wrong.

And there it is. She's d*ad wrong.

And if there's two things

I know about Michelle LaVaughn Robinson,

she's sharp as a whip.

And nobody is gonna tell her
what she's not gonna do.

So I don't wanna hear any more of this

"What if I'm not good enough?"

Ma... [SIGHS]

You understand me?

Yes, ma'am.



I know many of you

will be thinking of the many heroes

that Tuskegee has produced.

The airmen who faced bigotry

even as they fought
for our country in World w*r II.

Perhaps you feel pressure
to live up to that legacy.

Pressure to meet
the expectations of others.

I get it.

And all that is gonna be
a heavy burden to carry.

It can feel isolating.

It can make you feel like

your life somehow doesn't matter.

And we've seen over the past few years,

those feelings are real.

They're rooted in decades
of structural challenges

that have made too many folks
feel frustrated and invisible.

As the first
African American First Lady,

I was the focus of speculations
and conversations

rooted in fears
and misperceptions of others.

Was I too loud, or too angry,

or too emasculating?

My indignities are nothing compared to

what many Black folks
deal with every single day.

Police brutality
and severe racial injustice,

decades of institutional inequality

playing out in communities.

Like you, I am pained

and exhausted
by these heartbreaking videos.

It is not enough to bear witness.

This w*r on Black people must stop.


She's really going for it.

Yeah, she is.

My daughters have taught me so much.

And I am inspired by the strength

and the fortitude of young people.

You are our conscience.

You hold us to account

and you urge us to do better.

And I want every one of you to know

your dreams matter.

Your hopes matter.

Your future matters.

You matter.


Thank you.


- [MICHELLE] Thank you.

Thank you.

[WILSON] Sir, if I may say,

you should be very proud of your wife.


Thank you, Wilson. And yeah...

Thank you.

...I am.

What do you think?
The, uh, Indian raw silk,

or Kravet silk?

Uh, the first one?

Hmm. Though the Kravet

does blend in nicely with
the evening light,

don't you think? Oh, I forgot to ask.

If... If it were up to you,
would you choose

wrought iron fireplace tools or brass?

What would the president like?

I haven't the foggiest

and since he's out of town
once again, I can't ask him.


I think you're right. Thank you, Bruce!


Thank you, dear. I missed you.

- Cheers, darling.
- Cheers.


Fresh lime
from our tree in the backyard.

Isn't that something?

Look at that.

We really are retiring
in paradise, aren't we?


House looks wonderful.

Yes, well, I can't take all the credit.

Agent Bruce has a pretty good eye.

I've got a couple other
quick trips this week.

I'm going to Detroit
for a speech at Stroh's,

and then over to Casper, Wyoming,

- for a golf barbecue event.
- When are you leaving?

I told you, Betty. Tomorrow morning.

I'll be back before you know it.

Now, mother.

- Don't "mother" me, Jerry.

Retirement isn't going
out of town every week.


[AGENT] Good night, ma'am.

Good night, John.





Oh, for Chrissake.


Well, hello there.
Hey, everybody, look who's here.

It's the First Lady
right in my own backyard!


Betty Ford. [SQUEALS]

It's Barbara Knickerbocker.

[CHUCKLES] I mean, Firestone.
Leonard's wife.

Barbara, nice to see you.

Oh, please call me Nicky.
Everybody else does.

Oh, we were wondering
when we would run into you.

I guess a party
finds everyone eventually.

- [LEONARD] Eventually.
- What are you drinking?

Oh, uh, gin and tonic.

[LEONARD] Gin and tonic coming up.

- [NICKY] We have that.


- Betty!
- To Betty!

[ALL] Cheers!




[MOUTHING] ♪ This last dance tonight ♪

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