01x10 - Chapter Ten: Final Girls

Episode transcripts to the show "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin". Aired: July 28, 2022 - present.*
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Spin-off follows a new group of disparate teen girls find themselves tormented by an unknown 'A'ssailant.
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01x10 - Chapter Ten: Final Girls

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Look at yourself.

Your face, showing off your body.

Please, Mom. All the

girls wear makeup and dresses.

Don't you see?

This is why you were hurt.

- You invited it!

- No, I didn't. Don't blame me.

What's bad about wanting to

go to a party with my friends?

Your friends?

I was invited. They want me

- and I'm going.

- No! No!

- Stop it, Mom! Let go!

- Ah! Angela!

Angela Waters!

Daddy! Oh my god!

- What happened? How did you

- Your mother happened.

Thank you, Mom.

- I was so, so scared.

- Me too.

But those jokers didn't

even end up pressing charges.

Was it Sheriff Beasley

who arrested you, Daddy?

One of his deputies.

Whole thing was trumped up.

Felt like a a warning, to be honest.

Wes, where's Chip?

Uh, in the booth. Why? Do you need him?

No No, just curious.

But I have a weird question for you, um.

Do you remember our summer series?

There was a night that we

showed "Jaws" and "Jaws 2."

Yeah, we were slammed.

And you and Chip bailed, if I recall.

Wait, Chip and I bailed?

I mean, I went to a party,

but where did Chip go?

I don't know. I assume the same.

- You okay, Tabs?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Wes, who's closing up tonight?

- Chip.

I'm goin' to Pittsburgh

for Romero Fest.

- Oh my god.

- Holy sh*t.

So, Sheriff Beasley r*ped Angela?

I also learned something

about Sheriff Beasley.

That he and my mom

dated in high school.


someone dug up my mom's body.

-Who would do that?

-My guess? Maybe Sheriff Beasley.

Wait, your mom and Sheriff Beasley?

Do you guys think Sheriff

Beasley could be A?

Maybe he k*lled my mom to keep her quiet

because she knew what he did to Angela.

I definitely think he

should remain a suspect.

I thought A was the train car guy.

Imogen, if your mom and

Sheriff Beasley were together

and he att*cked Angela,

that's our connection.

Even if he's not A.

Yeah, our moms had to have known.

Why didn't they say anything?

- That is the question.

- We need to try again,

but split them up so

they don't see it coming.

- Truth time.

- Take two.

After everything we talked about,

how could you not tell us

that my mom dated Sheriff Beasley.

Your mom had a lot of boyfriends.

We all did.

We were popular.

But why not tell us, Mom?

Davie only dated Tom

Beasley for a few weeks,

fall of senior year.

Okay, but did you know Sheriff Beasley

was the guy who r*ped Angela, Mom?

That was a rumor. Never confirmed.

It's a simple question, Mom.

Did Sheriff Beasley r*pe

Angela Waters or not?

That's what Angela said.

Did this happen before, during, or after

Imogen's mom dated him?

They broke up right after

Davie heard the rumors.

Okay, well

I think we should go to

the authorities, don't you?

For a crime that happened 20 years ago?

And with what proof?

No. Faran, I'm sorry,

but you and the girls need

to quit while you're ahead

and while we're all still in one piece.

Kelly, what's going on at your house?

My dad's f*cking spiraling.

He He knows what Mama

said to you, to both of us.

And now I am not allowed

to go back to school

until after Christmas break.

- Why?

- So I can't cause any more trouble.

I shouldn't even be

here. I had to sneak out.

We're basically under house arrest.


it's time you know the truth.

That your dad may be

at least partly responsible

for Karen's m*rder

- if not fully.

- Not this again, Faran.

Karen's death was an accident.

There's a crazy masked k*ller

terrorizing me and the girls.

Tyler Marchand isn't

missing. He was m*rder.

Also, Henry wasn't the one who

went after you in the auditorium.

That was A.

A is what he calls himself,

and A

pushed Karen

out of those rafters at the dance

for being a bully.

Karen was m*rder?

By the same guy who chased me?

I'm telling you now because A

is avenging the death of Angela Waters.

All the people who hurt her.

I know, it's a lot,

but I'll talk to the

girls at school tomorrow.

We, we will make a plan.

Figure out a way to get you and your mom

out of that house and

away from your dad.

Can you make it one more night, Kelly?

Do you think?

Oh my god, Tabby.


I didn't want to say anything

in front of the other girls.

But h-he's one of your

your best friends.

And we-we've

It's so f*cking twisted, but it adds up.

Chip was close by on both

nights we were att*cked.

Also now that the idea is in my head,

I can't shake the

feeling that it was Chip.

I mean, it's all

circumstantial evidence,

- but

- But there might be some real evidence.

Maybe, possibly.

What do you mean?

When I woke up that morning on

the beach after it happened

I didn't have my underwear.

If it was Chip

could he have taken them?

Kept them, for some reason, as a


Chip's working late

tonight at the Orpheum.

Can we get into his house?

- Hi, Mrs. Langsberry.

- I'm so sorry, girls.

Chip's at the movie theater working.

Oh, sh**t. Uh, we were hoping

he might want to hang out.

Uh, but now that we're here,

Chip did say I could use

his super-eight for my short.

Would it be okay if we grab it?

Of course. You know the way.

Good luck finding it

down there. It's a sty.

More movies?

Yeah, but weird, gross ones.

Oh my god, are they p*rn?

No, they're horror movies.

Hardcore rapey horror movies.

They were hidden in the

back of Chip's closet.

Like a dirty, little secret.

But otherwise no evidence. f*ck.

Tabby, your feeling.

How sure about it are you?

Sickeningly sure.

So, let's see how guilty

Chip feels about what he did.

Hey! What's up, guys?

What's wrong? Who d*ed?

No one's d*ed, but someone

probably is going to be arrested.

What? Who?

You, Chip.

For what you did to us.

I don't understand.

The night of Karen's

party, the one we went to.

When you left, after I turned you down,

you were drunk and upset.

Where did you go, Chip?

- I mean, home, I think.

- Or did you go to the beach?

Where I was, Chip.

You know, passed out helpless.

- Imogen

- What about the night I went

to that football party in the woods?

You followed me.

Then, when I was walking home

you r*ped me.

What? No, god, no. Jesus.

- I would n

- Chip, just, just stop.

Wes remembers you leaving the

movie theater after I left.

Greg remembers seeing you at the party.

Even if I was there,

that doesn't mean

Guys I would never.

You did. You r*ped

Tabby and you r*ped me.

And besides, we have proof.

What proof?

My baby, Chip.

Our baby.

We compared its DNA to

your DNA specifically,

and it

it is a direct match.

How would you even get my DNA?

The blood drive.

- You're f*cking crazy.

- Why did you do it?

Help us understand why you did it.

Or we can have this

conversation with my mom.

And Sheriff Beasley.

But we don't want that, Chip.

We don't want that for my baby,

we don't want everyone knowing, but

we do need closure.

So we can move on.

And you're the only person

who can give that to us.

So, again why, Chip?

All we want is to hear

it from you directly.

You owe us that much.

Tell us why.

You didn't want to be with me.

But you willing to go to

some kegger in the woods

with those jocks.

And then when I,

when I saw you walking

home, you were a mess, Tabby.

And I

I just wanted to be close to you.

You think that made us close?

What about me, Chip?

After Karen's party,

I went to the beach to be alone.

But you were there, Imogen.

I didn't, I didn't wanna hurt you.

- Either of you.

- But you did.

You did hurt me and you hurt Tabby, too.

How could you?

You you

were my best friend,

and you you stole from me.

I don't feel safe

anymore. I never feel safe.

If a guy gets near me,

I-I imagine the worst,

that he'll do what you did.

How many other girls, Chip?

None. None. I swear,

I swear. Just you two.

- Oh, you you swear?

- I swear, and I'll,

I'll never do it again.

No, Chip, you won't.

Because now that you've confessed

we're taking your ass down.

But I, but I-I thought that

That we would let you get away with it?

To have closure?

No, Chip, that was a lie.

This year has made us

very, very good liars.

And you, you are sick, demented.

You partnered up with me in health class

when you knew this baby was yours.

You told me you liked me

and you made me like you, too.

And then you let me kiss you.

That is not sick.

That is psychotic.

Oh my god. Tabby.

What-what the f*ck? Who is that?!

f*ck! f*ck this!


He hurt us.

The same way Tom Beasley

hurt Angela Waters.

Holy sh*t. Are you two okay?

Where's Chip now?

I have a bat and it's calling his name.

A is back officially.

- Oh my god, what?!

- I thought he was d*ad.

He showed up at the Orpheum

while Chip was confessing.

Took off after him.

Good. I hope A caught his ass.

Yeah, now if we could only get A

to knock on Sheriff Beasley's door.

Well, we did tell A

that Sheriff Beasley r*ped Angela.

Speaking of Sheriff Psycho

I had a clandestine meeting

with Kelly last night.

She and Mrs. Beasley

are both on lockdown

- until after Christmas break.

- No, f*ck this.

We need to go to the D.A. or call

the National Guard in or some sh*t.

Oh my god. It's from A.

"Your final round is about to begin."

"You broke our rule."

Okay, how does A always know

what we're talking about?

Does he have the school bugged?

- And what rule?

- sh*t.

A knows what I told Kelly.

- So, this isn't over.

- Nope.

But at least we now know that Sheriff

Beasley is the one that hurt Angela.

Though that still doesn't explain

how our moms are

involved in all of this.

And if A is punishing

the guilty for what

they did to Angela Waters,

wouldn't Sheriff Beasley be

the guiltiest of them all?

Someone must be guiltier.

Who's left?

Who else can talk to us about Angela

who can give us some insight?

Steppenwolves may I

have your attention, please?

Significant amounts of lead paint

have been discovered in Millwood High

Jesus, just when you thought this school

could not get any more toxic.

This place is a death trap.

If these walls could talk.

Safe for your return in the new year.

That's it.

It's not who can tell us

more about Angela, but what.

The Waters house.

We have to go back, search it for real.

- For what?

- Anything that might help us understand

how these pieces fit together.

Okay, so, what exactly

are we looking for?

What we've been looking for

since this nightmare started.

Clues to A's identity,

his connection to Angela Waters

whatever that might be.

What if A's in there?

Only one way to find out.

This place is even

creepier during the day.

I know, but no stone unturned.

Zeke did you leave the window open?

Do you think someone

else might've lived here?

Besides Angela and Mrs. Waters.

You mean possibly a

secret deformed brother

no one talks about, like in

"People Under the Stairs"?

Oh, can you not with the horror

movie references right now?

Holy sh*t.

- What did you find?

- Height markings.

Like you do for kids growing up, but

- two sets of them.

- Both initialed "A.W."

Wait, there's more

than one Angela Waters?

Guys, get in here!

You okay?

Yeah, but look at what we

found in the back of the cage.

What the f*ck are crayons

doing in an animal cage?

Was someone kept in it?

Let's keep looking.

We are so, so close.


Check this out.

Two sets of height markings, this photo.

Tabby's right. What if

Angela wasn't an only child?

What if she had a

"Time for the trial"?

A's at our school.

- Are we supposed to just go?

- Without telling anyone?

What choice do we have?

Oh my god.

- A has our moms.

- None.

No choice.

Okay? Come on.

Can you guys feel it?

One way or another,

this is ending tonight.

At least we're all together right?

Almost all of us.


"Tabitha Haworthe. Report

to the Film Classroom."

He wants us to split up.

- Should we split up?

- It's against horror movie rules,

but if he has our moms.

"All bullies must be punished tonight.

Starting with yours. A."

What the hell does that mean?

Only one way to find out.


What the f*ck?

Oh my god.

Madame Giry?

Jesus Christ, Mom.

No no.

I, I didn't

I, I didn't do what A asked.

Did you guys?

- I couldn't.

- Me neither.

Same, but what do we do

about them? Our bullies.

Let's just get through this.


Are you okay?


Definitely not.

Another text.

"Well done. You showed mercy.

"Maybe there's hope.

Gather in the auditorium.

The trial begins now."


- Stay back!

- Don't come any closer!


We're all here.

Now tell us the truth.

Are you Angela's brother?

He is.

His name is Archie.

Principal Clanton?

Yes Now, have a seat.


Where do you think you're going, Kelly?

It's dinnertime.


I have to help my friends.

Was I not clear?

No one is leaving this house.

I am trying to contain the mess

you and your mother made.

We can't just stay here forever.


Not forever.

What are you doing here?

I'm impressed with you girls, truly.

You uncovered the

identity of the man who

violated my poor Angela.

Wait, your poor Angela?

That's right My daughter.

And Archie here

is my son.

So, A is for Archie.

Not Angela.

Got it.

How did we not know

that you were her father?

- This doesn't add up.

- But it does.

How about I explain?

I grew up in Millwood.

I was classmates with Rose

Waters, Angela's mother.

As teens, we sang in the

school choir together.

Eventually, she took a liking to me,

and after spending some time together

Rose got pregnant with twins.

My parents didn't approve.

The Waters family needed money,

so we paid them off to

move to another town,

never to return.

I stayed in Millwood,

became a teacher here,

then, eventually, vice principal.

And that's when Rose Waters came back.

She wanted Angela to

attend Millwood High

to get a decent education.

Just Angela?

Rose said she wanted

Archie at home with her,

that he had a face

only a mother could love.

But no one could ever know

the truth about our past.

Rose understood and

she kept her promise.

And I watched my daughter

go from class to class

and then

Angela took her own life.

Not because of the

as*ault. No, afterwards.

Because of something you did.

Corey Bryant, Marjorie Olivar,

Sidney Haworthe, Elodie Honrada,

it's time for the truth.

You two never understood me.

Only Karen understood her father.

Not you and your mother.

We didn't do anything wrong.

But you

you as*ault a girl.

And Karen's d*ad

because of your actions.


What are you babbling about, Kelly?

You were right

to think that Karen

wouldn't k*ll herself.

She was pushed for being a bully.

Wonder where she got that from.

Someone is punishing people

for what they did to Angela Waters.

And what I'm realizing, Dad,

is that there would be no k*ller

if not for what you had done.

Karen would be alive if not for

what you did to Angela Waters.

You started this whole

f*cking nightmare.

Is, is what she's saying true, Tom?

You know it is, Mama.

You know it in your heart.

He k*lled Karen

as sure as if he pushed her himself.


Of course.

I am the villain.

I hurt Angela Waters

and now I'm the one

who k*lled Karen, too.

When I get out of here

I'm gonna sing like a bird, Dad.

You're not above the law.

And I hope

No, I pray

that when all of this is over,

you get what you deserve.

Do you know how many

b*ll*ts are in here?


Do you think you're ever gonna

set foot outside this house again?

No more!

I already lost one baby.

You will not take another.

Angela took her life not because of what

Tommy Beasley did to her,

but because of something else.

Something insidious that

happened right under our noses.

I think I know what Principal

Clanton's talking about.

These, uh

The pages are from my

mom's diary. They

They were with my mother.

It says "erase her" on almost

every page. What does that mean?


- Greg!

- Kelly.

- What's goin' on?

- I need your help.

- Are you, uh

- Now.

Okay, um.

- Come on!

- Let's go.

Please we need

to know the truth, okay? All of it.

Mom, if you know.

It all started when Angela

Waters was sexually as*ault.

Hey, Angela.

Sidney told us what happened to you.

I wanted to make sure you're okay.

- Do you know who did it?

- Davie

it was Tommy.

- What did you say?

- Davie, I'm so sorry.

It-it wasn't my fault. He did it to me.


Davie took it personally.

Tommy was her boyfriend,

so she had to pick a side.

Angela or Tommy?

She picked Tommy.

So, instead of helping Angela

she blamed her.

It's so obvious Angela's

lying about Tommy.

What if she isn't?

Don't be so dense.

She's clearly just

trying to get attention.

Like always.

I think it's different this time.

Angela's out of control.

And we need to teach her a lesson.

- What kind of lesson?

- We have to

ignore her.

Pretend she doesn't

exist. We're going to

erase Angela Waters.

Oh, not just us.

We're gonna get the whole

school to do it, too.

What are you talking about?

Turn Angela into a ghost.

Make her invisible.

As if she were nothing.

And that's what we did.

'Cause Davie wanted us to.

But things just kept getting worse.

There was one last epic humiliation,

one last nail that Davie wanted

to put in Angela's coffin.

An even more public shaming.

I'm sorry, Angela, for everything.

Especially for not believing you.

I've been a real bee-otch.

I wanna make it up to you.

We all do.

There's a rave

on New Year's Eve.

We're all going. You have to come.

It'll be fun. I promise.

And then

a fresh start. Okay?

When Angela arrived at the rave,

she was a mess,

like, she crawled through the woods,

- but Davie still made us ignore her.

- Please, I'm begging you.

Shun her.

Even though Angela was

clearly in distress.

Obviously, we didn't know

that it would lead to

That's what "erase her" means.

So, that's why my mom k*lled herself.

Or did you?

We sent her the gift.

The flyer.

A reminder of what she had done.

But my, my mom, she

she changed.

She did. She, she became

a, a different person.

A, a good kind person.

I mean, what she did to

Angela, it was horrible, yes.

But that isn't all she

was. She was so much more.

And you have to believe

me, Principal Clanton.

She changed. We, we can all change.

We can all change. Like you

said, we could be better.

Do better.

Even if she did change

it was too late to save Angela.

And since Davie Adams

took the coward's way out,

the sins of the mother

must fall upon the child.

- Archie.

- No!


My baby is innocent!

Okay? How, how, how does that

punishment fit the crime?!

It doesn't! That would

be wrong and you know it!

God, you are not any

better, Principal Clanton.

You erased her just as

much as our mothers did.

That's enough.

But for your baby's sake

we'll give ya a head start.

- What?! No!

- It's more than Angela got.

- I'd get going now.

- Imogen, run!

Oh my god!

Where do I go? Where do I go?

I know word's gotten around.

It's not gonna be easy

being the pregnant girl.

- Understatement of the year.

- But remember,

our house is your safe place, Imogen.

No matter what happens,

you can always come home.

So, what now? What happens to us?

We, with our sacrifice

are going to make sure

Angela did not die in vain,

and that what happened to

her never happens again.

What sacrifice?


Okay, but what happens if

I start getting contractions

in, like, gym class?

That's easy.

You breathe.

It's pretty f*cked up, you know?

- The double standard.

- What double standard?

Sheriff Beasley is the one who

r*ped Angela, your daughter.

Yet here you are going

after us instead of him.

Who do you think I'm

pinning all this on?

And don't worry, beyond that

Tom Beasley will get his.

Oh, he got his.

Holy sh*t, Kelly!


Somebody, help!

Please, get help!

- Tie him up!

- Are you okay?

Greg, are you okay?

Somebody, please! Help!

We're gonna play a

game called Hide and Seek.

You're gonna come up

with the best hiding place

you can think of,

and I'm gonna come find you. Ready?




No, no, no! No!

No, no, no!

Imogen! Imogen, are you here?!

Where are you?!

Is he d*ad?

I think so.

Also, my water just broke.

- My baby! My baby!

- Shh.

- My baby! A took my baby!

- Shh. You're having a nightmare.

Your baby is just fine.

In fact she's perfect.

Everything's gonna be okay.

What, what is it?

The creeper is here in the hospital.

He survived the stabbing.

Don't worry. He's

secure, and, and deputies

are monitoring him 24/7.

Also, Sheriff Beasley was

stabbed by Mrs. Beasley.

Oh my god.

He also survived.

And Clanton was arrested.

So was Chip.

I know it's a lot to digest,

but what's most important is that

you and your baby are safe

and healthy.

Could I

hold her?


You okay?

I know who my mom was in high school.

But I also know who she became.

And which version of her

I'm gonna hold in my heart

for the rest of my life.

Come here.

Okay favorite Christmas movie ever.

- Ohh.

- Mine's "Gremlins."

I know this game. "Home Alone."

Uh, "Home Alone 2."

- Uh, "Muppet Family Christmas"?

- Aww.

Does anything b*at "The

Nightmare Before Christmas"?


"Love Actually"?

- "Die Hard."

- Aww.


there is something

that I wanted to share

with all of you.

I'm gonna be checking into rehab.

I, uh, just wanted to spend the holidays

with Noa before going in.

I'm so proud of you, Mom.

Noa, you're welcome to stay with

us while your mom's in recovery.

- Ditto.

- The more the merrier.

We'll take care of her, Marj. All of us.

Me included, 'cause guess what?

Looks like I'm staying in Millwood


That's gonna make it harder

for me to sneak into your room.

I heard that, Prince Charming.

We'll figure it out.

Well, since everyone's

making announcements,

Elodie and I

are going to couples' therapy next week.

So, no more Red Ranch Motel for me.

Or me. Ever again. Like, ever.

I have everything I want IRL.

Can we finally declare

that #MASH is canon?

How is Chip already back at home?

His parents made bail.

Home for the holidays.

Piece of sh*t.

Imogen and I have been talking

and we want to press charges.

We want him to pay for what he did.

It won't be easy,

but I know some great lawyers

who will work pro bono.

And I'll do everything I can to help.

Thanks, Corey.

Anything and everything to

put this nightmare behind us.

Do you want me to

come with you tomorrow?

To meet the adoptive family?

I'd love that.

And road trips to Rosewood

are kind of our thing.

Done. I'll drive.

So what do you think of them?

They seem

pretty perfect, actually.

They've been wanting to

have a baby for a while.

I think they're both writers,

and one owns a bookshop.

Their names are Aria and Ezra.

Wait, Ezra? As in Ezra's Books?

I've totally been there.

The best part is

they're open to staying in touch with me

about the baby's life,

sending me updates.

That does sound pretty perfect.

So Imogen

what does your newly activated

mother's intuition tell you?

Do we think it's over-over?

Or is there a sequel in the offing?

I'm gonna say

it's over.

I got it!
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