05x14 - Graduation Day

Episode transcripts for the TV show "X-Men: The Animated Series". Aired: October 31, 1992 – September 20, 1997.*
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Animated superhero television series follows Professor Charles Xavier and his band of courageous mutants.
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05x14 - Graduation Day

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(Theme music playing)

(People clamoring)

Gyrick: can't you see?

We are looking at the end
of the world as we know it.

For years,
I've been trying to warn you.

One: london '93,
millions in damage.

Two: their nuclear asteroids
slamming into our planet.

Three: mutant
"freedom fighters"

Level a town
in the former soviet union.

I've seen
what these monsters can do.

Don't be fooled

By bleeding-heart
mutant appeasers.

We are at w*r!

The human race
must take measures to survive.

We mustratify

The mutant containment bill!

"containment," mr. Gyrick?

Your precious bill speaks

Of taking innocent
american citizens...


...and treating them
like prisoners of w*r.

There has been much strife
between mutants

And traditional
h*m* sapien humans

With mutants
usually the victims.

Mr. Gyrick's t*rrorists

Were actually heroes,
risking their lives

To save hundreds
of innocent humans.

They aren't likeus.

They don't want rights.

They want to destroyus.

Let them finish.

We should not have come.

Battling this legislation
all of these weeks

Has completely exhausted him.

Mutants are human beings...


They wish only
equal protection
under the law

To be accepted as...

I've always wondered why you're
such a mutant lover, xavier.

Xavier the great peacemaker

Friend of poor,
misunderstood mutants.

Could charles xavier
be a stinking mutant himself?

Let's move it.


A mutant ringleader--
and irevealed him.

He looks just like us,
but he isn't!

None of them are!

I can't... Stop.


Gyrick: you see?

They're everywhere!
Trust no one.

Normal-looking people
who defend mutants
are mutants themselves!

Professor, are you all right?

It seems to be some sort of
energy disrupter

It must be attuned to the
professor's brain waves.

We must get him
to the blackbirdimmediately.



We're too late.

What's going on
back there, mes amis?

Is he goin' be all right?

Just fly the plane.

Step on it.

What's the point, hank?

I'm pleased to say logan,
that for once

Your extraordinary
senses were wrong.

The professor's determined mind
is fighting to keep him alive.

Why didn't we see this coming?

Gyrick has been after us
for years.

We should have known
the scum would try something.

Blackbirdto mansion.

Come in. Emergency.

We saw it televised, cyc.

How's he doing?

Listen carefully.
Prep the infirmary and med lab.

Get a video patch
directly from there

To moira mctaggert
on muir island.

-Every second counts.
- (Coughing)

they att*cked xavier on tv.

Magneto was right all along.

The humans won't rest
until we've all wiped out!

He was just one deranged guy.

We don't even know
if xavier was hurt.

It doesn't matter.
Don't you get it?

Xavier was as about as normal

As we mutants get.

He was famous, rich,
and human-looking

And someone went after him
in front of the whole world.

What are you gonna do about it?

w*r! I say we finally
give the humans

A taste of their own medicine.

I've been in contact
with mutants around the globe.

They're ready to fight.

Who is with me?

Yeah! We're with you!

Let's get them!
Smash them! Crash them!

Yeah! Let's go get them!

Jubilee, the professor
could not be in better hands.

Hank and moira
will surely pull him through.

Don't treat me
like a kid, storm!

I can handle the truth.

Easy, sugar.

Storm's just saying
what we're all hoping.

You can't ignore
our readings, hank.

It's a miracle we've been able
to keep him going this long.

Yes. We are only human,
for lack of
a better expression.

He's simply beyond the help
of medical science.

But, of course.

Beyond ourmedical science

But not beyond the aid

Of the superior technology
of the shi'ar.


How do you propose
to get a hold of lilandra

Without charles' help?

She's not just
across the street, you know.

Jean, perhaps in conjunction
with yourpowers.

Sorry, hank.

and the professor share

A unique
personal telepathic bond.

It allows them to communicate
across the galaxy.

That's one trick I
don't have up my sleeve.

Why doesn't he speak to us?

He will when he's ready.

He just sits up there alone
in that huge, empty fortress.

Why won't he lead us?

Look! Up on the balcony.

It's him! It's magneto!

Lead us! Magneto, lead us!

Lead us.

All: lead us. Lead us.

Friends, our moment in history
has arrived.

We all have felt
the sting of human hatred

Seen the disgust
smolder in their eyes.

We have groveled and hidden
like beaten animals

Anxious for a crumb
from a master.

We have lived too long
in darkness and fear.

No more!

Nature has made us superior.

We are the living future
of this mighty planet.

This world is our world now.

Take it!


It has g*n.

The recent global outbreak
of mutant uprisings

Has provoked an angry
local reaction.

Mutants have taken
to the streets in detroit

Where motor city police have
called on the national guard

To help put a stop
to the rioting.

In hong kong,
human/mutant clashes

Have caused authorities
to impose martial law.

Still no official word
from the mutant-occupied cities

Of tehran, ensenada, and duluth

But it is believed that these

Are spontaneous,
unorganized events.

Experts say
the mutant rebellion
will quickly dissipate

Unless it finds a leader--

Someone able and willing
to turn angry rioters

Into disciplined troops.

Meanwhile, a convalescing
charles xavier

Had these words
for his mutant brothers.

My fellow mutants,
if the att*ck on my person
has in any way

Provoked you to v*olence,
I beg of you, stand down.

There are always
peaceful alternatives.

Lashing out like this

You become as bad
as your oppressors.

So far, professor xavier's
heartfelt message

Of peace has had no effect
on the widespread hysteria.

For wjvk, this is trish tilby.

Your performance was
tres magnifique,professor.

The trick to coming off well
on television is to be yourself

Or then again, maybe not.

Nice timing, pal.

Thanks, morph.

You bought the world some time.

Hey, when the planet's
falling apart

Who'd want to be anywhere else
but with you guys?

We all know
who we have to take on next.

Oh, right...

One more little detail
to take care of.

(Machines beeping)

What about our transmission
to lilandra?

It would take nine months
to reach her.

The professor may not have
nine hours.

Yes. These machines
will keep him alive for a time

But I know of no treatment
that can offer any hope.

You wanted to see me?

I need your advice.

First time for everything.

Jean just used cerebro to do
a psychic recon
of the whole situation.

Mutants are streaming
to genosha.

You know what that means.

Magneto. It's the chance
he's been waiting for.

If we stop him
or even slow him down

His followers may lose heart.

With no leader, there's no w*r.

Yeah. It's what xavier
would have done.

Yeah. So?

So, we have to fight our way

Through a few thousand
angry mutants.

Or use my force field.


I was xavier's
first student, logan.

I won't let all he worked for
fall apart without a fight.

Out of the question!

We're not planning
to make it back from this one.

Cyc, tell her she ain't going.

Didn't do me any good.

I can't believe
this is happening.

Believe it, chere.

It gonna be a long day.

Remember, we can't let
ourselves get sidetracked.

We only need to persuade
one man.

These'll persuade him.

It will be better for all of us

If a live magneto
can help calm things down.

All right... For now.

Cyclops: we're over genosha.

Looks like standing room only.

Are you sure
you want to play it this way?

I'm sure.


Right on time.

They were worthy adversaries

But they could never
be part of our world.

Any time now.

(Jean yelling)

(All yelling and grunting)

You sure we had to do that?

You know he was expecting us.

Now, he won't be.

Oh, man.

Couldn't we have just
painted the plane or something?

Hey, tough guy, I thought

You liked getting
knocked around.

I prefer to dothe knocking.


One mutant army... Thataway.

Who's there?

You there.

I haven't seen you three
around here before.

Hey, it's a big island, bub.

What? Are you on
the yearbook staff
or something?

Who's your squad leader?

Wait a minute.

I know you.

You've been
to this island before!

He speaks.

My people, it is time.

I have heard your cries
for justice

And I now answer that call.

Coexistence with humans
was a dreamer's delusion.

The strong must flourish.

You are the next step
in man's evolution.

There must be
some hidden entrance
around here somewhere.

Found it.

Too long have we waited.

From this day forward,
weshall be rulers!

This is our righteous destiny.

This is why...

Hope we didn't come
at a bad time.

We're here to talk to you.

I applaud your miraculous

But nothing you could say

Would interest me.



After what they did to xavier

Why do you still fight me?

He'd want us to.

The humans
have condemned us all.


(Wolverine groans)

We must strike first
while we can!


Xavier wouldn't strike first.

He didn't give his life
so that you could destroy

Everything he held sacred.

What do you mean?

Xavier's dying.

But I saw his
televised message.

That was morph.

Xavier only has hours left
to live.



Oh... What did you
h*t me with, jeanie?

I'm not sure.

His magnetism intensified
my psychic field.

A sad ending to a great life.

Out of respect
for charles xavier

I will let all of you live.

Now, go before
I change my mind.

Wait a minute.

I just realized something.

How much do you love
charles xavier?

How dare you ask me
such a question?

He was my only equal.
I owe him my life.

What would you do

If you knew that you were
the only one on earth

Who could save his life?

Do not play games with me!

Listen to me.

A telepathic message
to lilandra

Is xavier's only hope.

You may be able
to supercharge his mind

Just like you did mine.

His brain waves
are electromagnetic.

You lie to t*rture me.

My legions await my command

Pledging body and soul to me.

With a single word,
I can remake the world.

I cannot leave.

Cyclops: you know
what you should do.

Why now?

My greatest enemy

And perhaps my only friend.

But I have waited all
my life for this moment!

Wouldn't he do it for you?

You're back.

Thanks, kid.

I missed you, too.

How is he?


The professor may
go at any time.

Is our unlikely savior
prepared to try?

Tell me what to do, mccoy.

Xavier must make contact

With the shi'ar empress,

But his mind is too weak.

Focus your magnetic
powers on his brain waves

And increase them
in gradual increments.

Though beware...

If he should pass away
while connected to you

The psychic stress may
destroy you as well.

I understand.

Hello, magnus.

Surely you have more
pressing business to attend to

Than nursing an old friend.

Nothing more important.

Thank you.


It seems I have
quite an audience.

Thank you all.

I'm grateful to...
Have the chance...

To say... Goodbye.

Morph, it's nice
to see you home.

In facing your fears

You have proven yourself
truly an x-man.


How often must the scoundrel
prove himself a hero

Before he believes it himself?


You are the future.

When I look at your face,
I see hope.


My beautiful storm,
mighty as a hurricane.

Gentle as a summer rain.

You honor me
with your friendship.

Wolverine, loner,
you have found a family.

Wild savage,
you have found dignity.

Cynic, you have found faith.

Rogue, unable to touch,
yet look around you.

You will find
you have touched us all.

Jean, first in my heart.

Your courage allowed
you to see things

No other human ever has

Yet remain the same
innocent child

I met so very long ago.


Is there anything
I can do, charles?

The friends thou hast,
and their adoption tried

Grapple them to thy soul
with hooks of steel.


Were I your father,
I would tell you

That no truer son
could ever be.

I am proud...

Proud of you all...

My... X-men.

Oh, my poor charles.

you are too late, lilandra.

For human science, yes.

You were correct, however

In assuming that we
shi'ar have techniques

Beyond your comprehension
which will be of use.

Then, he will survive?

Yes, but only
under shi'ar care.

I know you cannot bear
to see him go

But it is the only way.


Can he ever come back?

Perhaps not in body,
my children

But my spirit
shall remain among you

Where it was
always meant to be.

(Theme music playing)
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