22x44 - Getting Down to the Ire!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Pokémon". Aired: April 1, 1997 – present.*
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Japanese anime follows Ash a young trainer of fictional creatures called Pokémon.
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22x44 - Getting Down to the Ire!

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The Alola Pokémon League

has advanced to the semifinals!

'Kay, here we go...

Big brother!

- Big brother!
- Huh!

Hi there!


- Yay! Good luck!
- Yay! Good luck!

Now use Iron Head!

Way to go, Marowak!

I've been waiting for this!

Oh, no,
Marowak, get out of there!

Use Stone Edge!

Marowak, no!

In the first match
between Kiawe and Gladion,

Marowak and then Lycanroc were
eliminated from the competition.

With one Pokémon
left on each side, who will win?

Will it be Kiawe...
or will it be Gladion?

We'll soon find out!

Come on, Gladion...

Do it, Kiawe!
All the way!!!

Kiawe and Turtonator.
Gladion and Silvally.

They're all
totally psyched!

Show 'em how it's done!!!

I must win...

One of us
will battle Ash in the finals...

...and that one is me!


If you're prepared
for the challenge

[♪♪] Rise ot the challenge...


If you're a
champion at heart

[♪♪] Rise ot the challenge...

Take my hand

We'll train as one

And triumph together

[♪♪] Rise ot the challenge...

Nothin's gonna
stand in our way

Stronger and stronger

We'll rise to
the challenge of life


All right, ladies
and gentlemen, both Kiawe

and Gladion have one
Pokémon remaining!

I wonder which one of them

will make the first move.

Silvally, use Air Slash!

Take it on with Flamethrower!

Now, use Crush Claw!

Dragon Tail, go!

Use Crush Claw one more time!

Turtonator, use Shell Smash!

Using Shell Smash
allowed Turtonator to increase

both its speed
and attack power!

All right!

It's time...
to show them how it's done!

The zenith...

..of my mind...

..of body!...

..and spirit!

Like the great
mountain of Akala,

become a raging fire and burn!

Inferno Overdrive!
With every fiber of your being!


No way!!!

It's still up!

How can it be?

Withstand Inferno Overdrive...

Gladion changed
Silvally into a Fire type!

The mighty beast
Silvally is now shrouded

in a crimson garment of fire!


There is
no flame in the world that

can burn Silvally now.

Its being...
is the essence of fire!

Use Crush Claw!

Use Dragon Tail!

Turtonator, no!

Turtonator is unable to battle!

Which means,
Gladion is the winner!

I... can't believe it!!!
This semifinal battle was more

intense than anything
I've ever seen!

So, the Trainer
who will be advancing

to the finals will be...

You battled valiantly.

Thank you
very much, Turtonator.


Kiawe got really close.

Sure did!

So he didn't win! My
brother's still the coolest!

That's for sure!

Gladion, too.

Both of them
were amazing!

Yeah! Both of them were!

You know what?
You're right!


That was a battle.


You know what?

Up until now, I thought
my only rival was Ash...

But after this...

Truth is, now
I've got two. You and Ash!

I'll win next time!

I'll be waiting.

This is what a
Pokémon battle is all about!

got a real mess here...

A runner-up...

A second place...

If only you had
all been victory trophies,

then I know you wouldn't
have been treated this way.

That hurt!

That's right.
Keep 'em coming!

Next person! All right,

another twenty Manalo malasadas!
Here you go!

Come again!

Hey! At this rate,
we'll be able to build

two amazing robots!
Or three!

Hear, hear!

And all of that is the
culmination of sweat equity,

tons of tears, and
technological prowess!

A grand prize in a
world replete with the evils

of truth and love!

Extending our
reach to the stars above!!!

"Who's that Pokémon?"

He's Emoga.

Break it down, stir it up, ga!"

tear it down, mix it up!

Solid steel, break the seal,
do the deal, make it real!

Yo, yo, yo!

Hey, Boss,
where are you?

We're here to pump
you up before your battle!


Good luck! Win it!

Don't let your guard down!

Right. Thank you!

Beat that bully and
show him who's in charge!

I'm planning on it!

Hold it right there!

three are from Team Skull!

I heard what
you all just said.

No way Guzma's
gonna lose to a loser like you!

Yeah, you heard what he said!

You can hear, can't you?!

The Boss
has never lost, ever!

Hey, anything can
happen in a Pokémon Battle!

In this Pokémon
battle, you're gonna lose.

Like taking
candy from a baby!

Ash is going to win!

The Boss will win!

It's gonna be Ash!

I'm telling you, it's the Boss!

Ash will not lose!

Stop it!

The Boss!

Boss, get a load of this!

They're like, "Beat
that bully no matter what!"

They called you a bully!

It makes me so mad,
I could scream!

What was that?

See?! It's like you
weren't even there, little boy!

So that's what all
that staring was about?!

I got a little... scared.

All right, let's all cheer
for the Boss one more time!


Time to clean the house
and take out the trash...

Knock it off! You'll
break the Boss's concentration!

We will?! Right...


Please begin
your preparations.

It's time?

So the kid staying
at your place is up next...

and he's battling
against Guzma.

Thank you for your assistance.

I just hope that this
doesn't become a problem...


Island challenges
and grand trials...

I'm sick and tired
of all those old customs,

and I get why you want
to replace them

with something new.

But I'm not allowing
any Pokémon League.

Because the strongest
Trainer is already a done deal.

Then why
not just join the League?

I'd like to see you prove

you're the strongest at
something other than talking.

No way!
I'm not interested in that.

Cancel the League,
or I'll cancel you!

Okay, Primarina.
Let's cheer them on.

Now you give
it everything you've got, Ash!

All right, Team Skull,
let's pump it up by turning

things up for the boss's battle!


Semifinal round,
the second battle.

Guzma versus Ash.

The rules are the
same as the first battle

of the semifinal round!
That's all!

Are both Trainers ready?


All right. Battle begin!

'Kay, Torracat!
Use Fire Blast!

Use U-turn.

Guzma suddenly switched

out Scizor by using U-turn!

Use Liquidation.

dodge it, Torracat!

Torracat had the
advantage over Scizor, but...

You're exactly right, Sophocles.

Scizor is
a Bug and Steel type.

Torracat definitely had the
type advantage against it.

That's what the U-turn was for.

He stays really calm.

And also,
being a Water type,

Golisopod's got the advantage.

That Guzma.
He's pretty shrewd...

Let's wrap this up!


Torracat, dodge it
and then use Fire Fang!

Use Throat Chop!

You okay?!

Use Fire Blast once more!

Use Liquidation!

Use Liquidation again!

Dodge it, Torracat!

Use Flame Charge!

Use Pin m*ssile!

Fire Fang, let's go!

Throat Chop, now!

Revenge, go!

Use Flame Charge!

Use Pin m*ssile!

What an incredible
back-and-forth barrage of moves!

My eyes are having
a hard time keeping up!

Yo! Yo!

Break it
down, stir it up, tear it down,

mix it up! Solid steel,
break the seal, do the deal,

make it real!
Yo, yo, yo!


You can win this!
I know it!

What is Ash going to do now?!

I told you
to wrap this up quick.

Use Liquidation!

Use Revenge!

Nice going, Torracat!

Use Fire Blast!

Use Liquid...

Dodge it, Scizor!

Scizor is unable to battle!

Unable to battle!
Unable to battle! Unable to battle!

Unable to battle!
Unable to battle! Unable to battle!

Torracat has
roundly defeated Scizor!

If they beat
Guzma's last Pokémon...

Ash advances to the finals!

Ash... Please
don't let your guard down!

Golisopod, get out here!!!

Why are you acting
this way?! What are you doing?!

You could have
finished this by yourself!

Look what you've done!!!

Calm down, Guzma. Please!

It's your fault
they got Scizor! NOW WHAT?!

How will you fix this?!

Are you all right?

Guzma's Scizor
was the first to be eliminated!

All that's left is Golisopod!

Losing isn't an option.

So now,
who will advance to the finals?

Will it be Ash?
Or will it be Guzma?

Their fierce battle has
not yet been decided,

as the journey continues!
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