10x13 - Come Along With Me

Episode transcripts for the show, "Adventure Time". Aired: April 5, 2010 - September 3, 2018.*
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Twelve- year-old Finn battles evil in the Land of Ooo.
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10x13 - Come Along With Me

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[Laughs eviIIy]

[Warble, zapl]


J“ “Adventure Time“ J“

I Come on, grab your friends J“

J‘ We'll go to far-off
future lands J‘

J“ With Shermy and Beth,
the Pup Princess I

J“ The fun will never end r

J‘ It‘s “Adventure Time“ I

[Shermy beatboxing]

[Beth bl*wing raspberries]

You're doing it wrong.

Like this.


[bl*ws raspberry]

Shermy, this is silly as heck.


Beatboxing is for babies.

[Robotic voice]
No, it's not.

I am a man.

I don't know about that,

but you should start thinking
about your future.

[Grunts, groans]


[Normal voice]
What about you, Princess Zip?

What are your goals?


[Speaking alien language]

Ha! Princess Zip's
got a one-track mind!


[Birds sawing]

Prize Ball Guardian‘s back!

Let's get him!

Get that boulder!





Here it comes!



Boy! My knots suck!

[Birds sawing]

Yeah, I see you.

Hey, Sherm, you see this?


It looks like the Guardian
scuffed something up.


— Whoa!
- It's beautiful!

Let's take it home, and I'll
learn about it with my brain.

You and your brain!





It looks so old, Beth.

Whose do you think it is,
or was?

There's no markings on it
or anything.

I think we should find
the King of 000 and ask him.

What!? Beth!

The King of 000 is just a myth!

Come on, Beth!

That's what I thought, too.

But I was doing some research
at the library --


Not the library!

You can't make me!

Shermy, I have the book here.

I already checked it out.



He's supposed to have
lived in a cave

at the top of Mount Cragdor.

— Mm-hmm.

He's supposed to have

SHERMY: C'mon, Beth!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!


C'mon, Beth!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!

[Gasps] I did it.

I found him, the King of 000.

Welcome, friends.
I've been expecting you.

Because of my proximity radar.


Come on inside.

[Electricity hums]


King of 000, you must be rich!

Yeah, that's me, all right.

I‘m sure you're very thirsty
after yourjourn—-


SHERMY: Whoops.

This place is wild!

Huh? Oh!

This is crazy!

— Please be careful with -—

BETH: Sorry, sir!
My big feet!

SHERMY: Hey, Beth, look!
I'm a princess, too!

— BETH: Shermy!

— SHERMY: I—I think it's okay.

Be careful.

This stuff isn‘t ours.

- Uh...

-[Door creaks]
- Huh?

Well, goodbye!

Oh, no, no! Um...

Have fun on the other side
of this door.

But we came here to ask
about something.

No, don‘t worry about it.
Please leave and —-


[Wind whistling]

Do you recognize it?

Yeah, it belonged
to my best friend, Fred.


No, not Fred.

His name was...


He was an amazing hero,

and he was there at the end.

Do you know about
the great Gum w*r?


BMO: Well, get ready to have
your hair bl*wn back.

Hey, there it is again!

It's close.

Let me see!

FINN: It looks like Normal Man,
Betty, and...


- JAKE: Come on!
— FINN: Hey, just -—

— JAKE: Let me --
—[Both grunting]

Maja's got smoke coming off her.

You think they're with
the Gumbaldians?

I don't know,

but they're flippin'
freakin' me out.

Guess we better tell Pb, huh?

Yeah, I guess.

Hey, man, don't even worry about
all this w*r stuff.

I know we'll find a way
to fix this thing.

Come on.
You'll see.

BMO: And so the Princess
was mother to her own unc/e.

And that made him mad.

But she had friends,
and he had friends,

so they decided
to have a bad fight.

The biggest fight that 000
had ever seen.

Then it's settled.

At the stroke of high noon,

when the sun is
at its most zenithist,

Banana Battalions three and four

will initiate
Operation: Shut the Door,

forming a pincer formation

around Gumbald's exposed
nether legions,

isolating his rear and ——

Um, excuse me?

Excuse me.
Princess, ifI may.

I think I have a plan that'll
put an end to all this tonight.

Ijust need a Bowie Kn*fe,
a snowmobile, a parachute...

- LEMONGRAB: [Groans] Terrible.
-...rubber gloves, and --

Mm! Terrible plan!

- Mm! No!
— But —— But my ——

My plan!
Hot air balloon!

Hey! Now's not the time.

Unless we win this fight today,

we all get to take a nice
Pep-Butt-style sponge bath

in Uncle Gumbald's

lobotomy sauce, understand?

- No.
— Not really.

Well, I do,
so we're doing this my way.

- Now...
— FINN: Um, Pb?

Finn, you're back.

How goes the scouting?


We saw Normal Man and Betty

flying around with Maja,
and they were chanting.

Hmm, very peculiar.

Hey, maybe this is,
like, a bad omen.

Like, to see the King of Mars,
um...up among the stars?

It's like a bad omen, and you
should call off the battle.

I think I heard that somewhere.


Low battery.

Please connect to power.



Long live Gumbaldia!
[Breathing rapidly]

[Cake Guy screams in distance]


That dang Gumbald
just peeped all my tactics!

-[Camera smashes]

He's left me no choice.

The att*ck begins now.


That dang Gumbald
just peeped all my tactics!

Well, that settles it, then.

If we know and she knows

and we know she knows we know,
which we do,

then we know we have no choice.

We must strike now.

Ladies and gentlemen.

To w*r!

[All murmuring]


A word?

All right.
Just make it quick.


Well, I know you're under
a lot of pressure here,

but I—I just wanna ask you
to reconsider.

I mean, I don't like to flaunt
my suffering cred,

but I've lived through
something like this once before,



I'm just not really tryin' to
help start that all up again.

I understand, Marceline.
I really do.

But I just can't see another way
out of this.

Look, I've gotta go.

Let's talk more
when this is all over.

Wish me luck, okay?

Good luck.

What if Pb's right about this?

Maybe she'll just go whup
Gumbald's rear,

and then things'll go
back to normal.

Nah, man.
She's wrong.

This is all wrong.

Even if she wins now,
this is never gonna end.

I can feel it.

It's like the whole world's
going crazy, man,

like we're living
in one...big...


One big nightmare.


Here we go.

[Chanting "w*r!"]

Banana Guard 5005, you're on!

—[Device cocks]
- Up we go.

In position, ma'am.

Codename Father's Brother
appears testy.


[Uncle Gumbald laughs]

More bananas!?

You're weird, Bubblegum!

You! Give me your lunch.

Got a banana in here?

Is this a banana?

Hey, niece!





I'm doing it!

I'm sounding the w*r horn!

[Air horn blares]


- What!
—[Air hisses]

Dang it, Finn!


He sees that you're serious!

Maybe he'll back down now.

Please listen to me!

We've been friends
for a long time.

Okay, Finn.

We'll give him one last chance.


Come on.

Here they come!

Hurry this up.
I want a w*r.

Hey, Fern.


Uncle Gumbald!

I demand that you de-escalate
your forces now.

Listen to yourself.

You're a toddler, Bonnibel.

Surrender or die!

- No!
— That's my cue!

- What?
- Hyap-pow!


They're d*ad!
They're actually d*ad!

And so they were d*ad.

No. Not d*ad.

What is this place?


Last resort!

Sorry, Pb, but you were acting
like total nuts out there.

Now you guys have to hash this
out in the unconscious world.

This is a dream?

Yeah, man.

You can basically do anything
in dreams.



Sneak att*ck!

If we destroy them here,

maybe they'll die
in the real world.


Not ifI destroy you first!

No! We need love, not w*r!

- Good idea.

Love bazooka!

Put down your w*apon,
or I'll bazooka you!



J‘ Dreamin' of imagination I

I Give me imagination J"

J‘ So I can dream of a kiss J“

I My dream... J“

Thank goodness
for a singing pot beast

to de-escalate the situation.

J“ Imaginary way J“


J” Dream I
— Oh!

[Poodle scatting in distance]

Oh, this sandwich
is way too much for me.

Jermaine always liked
splitting sandwiches.


Thanks, bro.

I'm gonna figure out
how to wake myself up

and take my revenge
on you sleeping chumps!

You're leaving me?

You're on your own, kid.


He's rooting into the ground.

Ready, aim.


You're supposed to be
having some kind of epiphany.


Here's my epiphany.
You've gone rogue on me!

I'm outtie five thou!

Fern! [Grunts]

Come on!
Snap out of it, man!


I don't need your help.

Jake, help me!

I want to help you,
but I can't lose this job.

[Fingers snapping]

Waiter, oh, waiter.



I'm going to fly around
and wreck things

until I feel better
or until I tire myself out.

Peaceful thoughts.



FINN: Fern!

It all looks so good.

[Fern screeching]

What's up with that bird?

Why are you looking at me, bird?

[Both scream]

Bad bird!


Everybody gets
an evil doppelganger but me.

I'll be your evil doppelganger.

Jermaine, you're the best!

[Both laughing]

[Both laughing]

Enough, Gumbald!

[Both grunt]

Pinch me.
I want to wake up!


We're ending this here.

So be it.

[Poink! Poink!]

[High—pitched whirring]


FINN: If you could just
calm down and be cool,

it would be a great thing
that there's two of us.

[Screeching, screams]


Why don't you just fight me
like a real butterfly!

We're two sides
of the same coin.

You'll never understand
what it's like to be me.

I'm tormented!

I'm also that sometimes!

Prove it.
Or I'll never stop fighting you.

[Both laughing]

Oh, geez,
how's he gonna do that?


Finn, we'll be right back.

Okay. Aah!

[Both laughing]

Come on, Little Gum.

Don't run away from happiness.

I'm gonna fix you.

No, no, no!

Just one drop.

Drip a drop.

I drip a drop.

Not gonna stop
till I drip a drop.



[Bubblegum laughs]

Drip, drip!


The juice!


[Giggles] What—what!

Call me...Princess.

What are we looking for?

I can't quite picture it.

But I‘m pretty sure
Finn buried it here.

In the underground balloon mall.

Remember how much
balloon animals

used to cheer Finn up?

- Yeah.
-[Speaks Korean]


Uh...Lady, where's Jermaine?


[Speaking Korean]

JAKE: Aww.

Sleepy puppies.


[All hiss]

And I'm done!

[Speaking Korean]

What? Oof!


Your farts aren't funny, Dad!




[Sniffing continues]


Oh, dang!

Is that Finn's vault?


Nightmare fart!

I t’s beautiful.


[All screaming]


Oh, why didn't I build
an armature?


I can help you, Princess.

Just listen to this.

Watch me do my Tiny Taffy dance!





Fern, come on!
I'm not fighting you.


[Both sniffing]

Oh, what reeks?

Repressed memories!

My vault!?
My vaultl?


—[Both scream]

See, this is our shared torment!

[Both screaming]

Dude, I blocked this stuff out
for a reason!

Well, now you know how I feel

about knowing how you feel
about —-

Okay, okay!
Just make it stop!

We gotta confront them head—on!

[Both gasp]


This is why I brought us here.

We can defeat him together.




So you're the nasty grass wad

that's been holding
my Finn boy hostage.

Without me, he's got no body.

So back off.

You sicken me.




I'm me again.

It feels like it's been years.



He was right.
I've got no body.

Ah, don't worry.

It's just a dream!


They're d*ad!
They're actually d*ad!

Never mind!
They're okay!


You really are disintegrating!

My bad.

Bonnie, I ——

I'm so sorry for
what I put you through

for all those centuries.

The Candy Kingdom
was your dream,

and I took it from you.

Bonnie, that means
so much to me.

Come. From now on,
we'll live in peace.

Oop! Whoaa!

[Glass shatters]





He never was the epiphany type.

But I am willing to let
bygones be bygones.

Very well.

Two Candy Kingdoms it is!

ALL: Hurray!

And so, in the end,

they decided not to have
the big fight.

Oh! So, you meant,
like, the end of the w*r.

I thought you meant, like,
the end of the world.

No, no, no.

That happened next.

So I guess everyone's
just going home, huh?


[Humming, whirring]

We donked up for real.

[Humming, whirring]

Jake...what am I lookin' at?


we saved the clay.

So, maybe that big baby's here

to give us presents
for doing a good job.

[Wind gusting]

Okay, I'm not an expert,
but this seems bad.

You ain't kiddin', shrubs.

Oh, no.

[Camera shutter clicks]


What did you do?!

It wasn‘t me!

It's been real cool being in
this rogue's gallery with you.

Me and g*n
were gonna go, uh --


SIMON: Golb!

Look, Betty.

I keep seeing reference

to this mysterious entity
that embodies chaos.

That's great!
Come on, let's make sundaes.

Golb would say ice cream
is without meaning.

Just empty calories
devoid of purpose.

Good thing he isn't here, then.

His presence is felt in every
crevice where chaos lurks.

Imagine if we could somehow
harness all that dank energy.

BE'I‘I'Y: Hey!

You want some cherries
with that chocolate syrup?

[Chuckles nervously]

— Sure.

[Siren walls]

Have you thought
about using sliced almonds

for the sundaes?

I don't know who that is.


[All screaming]



Don't let it touch you!


—[AII screaming]
- No, I'm a loner!

Peebs, this is
the worst thing ever!

If somebody doesn't stop this,
it could be the end of 000!


You're right, Marceline.

I gotta do something!

Banana guards!

Oh, no.

Obey my command!

Flee for your lives!

If you fight, the demon will
just add you to its mass!

Can we flee in a panic?


[All screaming]

FYI, Princess,
I'm not going anywhere!

I'm also staying.

Thanks, guys.

I'm in, too.

This is a w*r I have to fight.

We all have to.

FERN: Me too!

I'Il defend 000 down
to my last blade.



Gumball guardians!

Yes, Mom.

Stop that monster!



Containing enemy!




Cake, pick me up!


- My friends!

It is time to set aside
past differences!

We must join the fight!

[All screaming]



[Warble, zap!]


Normal Man!
Come on, wake up!


Is that Ice King?

How do we stop these guys?


C'mon, Jake.


Ugh! My balance!

w*r is the worst, dude!



Sorry, Mom.

[Glass shatters]

[Gumballs thudding]

My guardian!

Ice King!
Ice King!

- What's up?
- JAKE: Ho—ho-ho.

How do I stop this!


You are the only one
who can stop this!

Betty's up there, trying
to harness the power of Golb!

We have to snap her out
of that trance

and banish Golb,
or we're all doomed!

If anyone can do it, it's you.

Sounds great!

I'ma save the world!



Enemy thr*at restrained.

They got him!

Awaiting orders.


Help me, Mom.

I'm turning nasty.

Princess, we came back to help!


Help us, Princess!



[Wings flapping]

Evil penguins!

Don't worry, guys.


I believe in you, Ice King!

I didn't think this through!

flap '

So this is it.

Oh, tender lad!

I give you the parting gift
of my lips.

I find your proposal [Groans]



You're welcome.

You have to stop this!

Go ahead.
Talk to her, I.K.

Oh, it's weird lady!

Hey, lady—

I'm diggin' your primitive
dance style!


You're supposed to stop her,
not encourage her!

You gotta dig deep inside

and find those magical words
to shake her outta that trance!

Get personal and emotional!

Personal? Emotional?

Just like a fan—fic!


"I feel like nothing was real
until I met you.

I feel like we connect.

And I really get you.

IfI said,
'You're a beautiful girl'”...

Would it upset you?

The way you look tonight,

I'll never forget it.


ICE KING: J‘ Oh, oh, Fiona! J“

f Your fist has
touched my heart I

You're trying to stop me?!

When I'm this close
to harnessing

the most powerful force
in the universe

and finally saving you?!

Yeah, I guess.

Right, Finn?

[Inhales sharply]



Emotional supercharge!

My ti--


Ice King!


Burn, burn, burn!


Pb, get me some backup!




It‘s headed this way!

I'll take down this beast!
Fern's way!





No, no, no, no, no!










You're okay!

My armor has an emergency ——

You scared me.


Even back when
we weren't talking,

I was so afraid something bad
would happen to you,

and I wouldn't be there
to protect you.

And [Inhales deeply]

I don't want to lose you again.

Hey, I'm a tough gum.

Nothing never happening
to me, never.

I know, I'm...

Girl, you phrased that so weird.

I might have a concussion.






Simon, your crown!

What's...happening, lady?

Don't panic, but I think
Golb is digesting us.

Breaking us apart,
layer by layer,

down to our essential forms.

ALL: Aah!

I'll get us outta here.



It's good to see you, Simon.

It's good to be seen.

Hey, Ice Simon!

Use the crown
before we're totally crushed!


It‘s not working!


Finn, it's hopeless.

You can't punch your way
out of his guts.



[Metal creaking]




Okay, Jake.

You can do this!

You can stop ‘em solo!

They‘ll be talking about
this fight for years!

And by "they,"
I mean BMO and Shelby.


This is for you!




What's all the ruckus out there?


It's up to BMO to save the ——


[Footsteps thudding
in distance]


[Breathes heavily]


Okay, bud.

There's no reason to freak out

just because the treehouse
is gone!



Aw, no, man!

Your little face!

Shh, Shh, Shh.

It's okay, Jake.

You always try to protect
me and Finn.

But sometimes we are
going to get hurt.

How about today,
you let me be the papa?

J“ Time is an illusion I

I That helps things make sense I

J So we are always
living in the present tense I

I It seems unforgiving
when a good thing ends J“

r But you and I will always
be back then J“

I You and I will always
be back then I

J“ Singing will happen I

J‘ Happening, happened J“

I Will happen J“

J‘ Happening, happened J“

I“ And we'll happen
again and again J“

J‘ 'Cause you and I will always
be back then J“

[Demon shrieks]


I You and I will always
be back then I


What‘s up with him?


You better hush up
while my baby boy is sleeping!

Keep singing!


I Will happen J“

J‘ Happening, happened J“

I“ And we'll happen
again and again J“

J‘ 'Cause you and I will always
be back then J“


Oh, man!
He hates music!

Ugh, duh!

Golb is discord.

It's the harmony!
Harmony hurts them!

My art is a w*apon!


I need you all to harmonize
along with BMO!

I wrote this for my son, Jake!

I“ If there was some
amazing force outside of time J“

f To take us
back to where we were J“


J‘ And hang each moment up
like pictures on the wall J“

J‘ Inside a billion tiny frames J‘

I So that we could see it all I

J“ All, a” J“

J“ It would look like J“

J‘ Will happen,
happening, happened J“

J‘ And there we are
again and again J“

J‘ 'Cause you and I will always
be back then J“

I don't know if we can k*ll Golb
with music, Pb




I always figured I'd go out
saving somebody.

Hey, no one gets to choose
how it happens.

The most important thing
is that we're here together.

Shh, Shh!

- Do you hear that?
I Happening, happened J“

- It sounds like Jake.
I Will happen J“

J‘ Happening, happened J“

Oh, it is Jake!

Look, we can leave this way!

Betty, we're saved!

Go. There's something
I have to do first.


I figured out
what's wrong with the crown.

It reset, just like us.

It's in its primal
wishing form now.

Who cares!
Leave it!

This world will end
unless Golb is banished.

So, I'm gonna make...a wish.

Guys, it's clenching!

We'll make the wish
after we escape!

I have to do it here.

The crown could revert
once we leave.

I gamed it out.

But I can't...

I'm sorry for messing
everything up.

Wait! Betty!


[Breathing heavily]

I wish to banish Golb
from this world.



I wish for Golb to disappear.

I wish for Golb to disappear!

No! He's too strong!

Even for the crown.

[Breathing heavily]

However it has to happen,

I wish for the power
to keep Simon safe.

Slide faster, you ding—dongs!



[All screaming]

[Rumbling continues]

[High—pitched whirring]

Hmm, check, ple——

We heard there was a w*r.

She did it!

[Chuckling] Yeah, Betty!



What has she clone?

[Golb growling]

[Electricity humming]


Well, great!
I don't like this guy, either!

No. Betty?


Betty! Oh, my.

My Betty, my princess,
why did you -—


You're back.

It's what she wanted more
than anything in the world.





- Wenk.
- Jump him!

He's gonna wish to be
all space villain!


He's a big evil alien
stuck in a penguin!

Oh! I see.

Wenk! Wenk!

w-w-w-w-w-w --

[Talking gibberish]

Say, where's g*n,
my beautiful child that I love?

Oh, never mind.

I think he just wished
to be Ice King?

[Drum solo]

And for some drums, I guess?

Yeah, this is fine.

Phew! [Chuckles]

Hey, Finn.

I'm not doing so good.

Oh, no.


Ijust wish I could see
the treehouse one more time.

Yeah, dude, of course.

Let's go there right now.

That's okay.

Just promise to plant me there.

[Wind whistling]

You feel ready?



Hey, Finn.

[High—pitched scream]

Excuse me.
Hi, Pb.

I just wanted to come
say "thank you"

for disobeying my orders
this morning.

I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

See you tomorrow.

You're getting tall.

Good night!

Night, Pb!

That's the end.

I thought this story
was about the end of 000.

Pretty much.

But what happened to Phil
and Jake after that?

Or Princess Bubblegum?

Eh, you know.

They kept living their lives.

Thank you for visiting
the King of 000.


BETH: The king was very polite
for a king, don't you think?

SHERMY: I wish we could
find that little fern tree,

see if that story is true.

The tree would be
a big tree now.

It's, like,
a thousand years old.

Oh, a big tree.

Hey! I know where that tree is!

C'mon, Beth!

I came pretty close to biting it
back there.

I never would have gotten out
of there without your singing.

It's amazing how strong
that song was.

Music is powerful, man.

It speaks to a primal pit
in our brains.

It makes anyone wanna get up
and get their knees goin'.

Gotta get 'em pumpin‘,
pumpin', pumpin'.



What do you think, Music Hole?

Jake's right.

A good song can really
wrap people up in a mood,

better than any words alone

Actually, I've been working
on a new song myself.

It's about a really specific
feeling that‘s hard to describe.

Would you like to hear it?

- Sure!
- Yeah!

[Music hole clears throat]

J“ Come along with me I

r And the butterflies and bees J‘

I We can wander
through the forest I

I And do so as we please I

I Come along with me I

I To a cliff under a tree I

I Where we can gaze
upon the water I

I As an everlasting dream I

I All of my collections I

I I'll share them all with you I

I Maybe by next summer I

I We won't have changed
our tune I

I We'll still want to be I

I With the butterflies
and bees I

I Making up new numbers I

I And living so merrily I

I All of my collections I

I I'll share them all with you I

I I'll be here for you always I

I And always be with you I

I Come along with me I

I And the butterflies and bees I

I We can wander
through the forest I

I And do so as we please I

I Living so merrily I

Check it out, dude.

Very pretty.


Lift that sword, Shermy.

- Awwww, yeah!

This party is so crazy!
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