01x06 - Resolve

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Tales of the Jedi". Aired: October 26, 2022 - present.*
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Animated anthology series collection of shorts featuring parables built around Jedi from the prequel era.
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01x06 - Resolve

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[choir singing dirge]

[dirge continues]

[Organa] You shouldn't
have come here.

There's nothing you
could have done.

For either of them.

Why risk it?

She was my friend.

[comms chatter in distance]

There's a patrol coming.

You must leave.

- Where is your ship?
- The river.

This way.

[comms chatter]


If you need anything, you
can contact me with this.


I'm tired of fighting.

[comms chatter]

[security clone] You there!

What can I do for you, officer?

[security clone] Let's
see some identification.

Of course.

[security clone] Senator
Organa of Alderaan.

[Organa] That's right.

I'm afraid no one is
allowed back here, Senator.

Imperial orders.

Forgive me. It's easy to get
lost with all that has happened.

Still, we have a duty. Don't we?

An obligation to uphold,

when we're able.

We'll have to escort you back
to the procession, Senator.

I understand.

And if you should ever need
anything, please contact me.

[engines powering up]

[droid beeping]

[village sister] You
just leave me to it.

This is my payload, not yours!

I'm just telling you, you gotta hurry
up. We're gonna break for lunch.


You're piling them
up too high. Again.

I know what I'm doing.

[bell chiming]

Break time. Break time.

Hey, droid. Finish up!

- You can't leave it like that.
- I'm hungry!

[droid beeps]

[shrieks, beeps]


Very lucky, child.

[droid beeps]

[droid whirring, beeping]

Ashla, come sit with us.


No one can keep up with
the Imperial quotas.

It gets more difficult
every season.

In the beginning, you
all welcomed the Empire.

Not as warmly as you.

Emperor Palpatine brought peace.

Through persecution.

Not citizens like us! Only
rebels who threatened the Empire.

No one is safe.

Only if you aren't loyal.

We are safe.

But not because of the Empire.

[droid beeping]

Don't forget, we have to take the
harvest over to Mon-Hella tomorrow.

That path can be dangerous.
Is your brother coming along?

No. But we'll be fine, won't we?

[whispering] Master Jedi.

You shouldn't say such things.

I saw you push the
bales clear of me.

You have it wrong.

Why didn't you tell us?

There's nothing to tell.

[whispering] Don't
worry. It's our secret.

I'll meet you near the
field. At first light!

[droid chirping]

Now, remember, don't accept
the first price they offer you.

- I know. Haggle.
- [droid beeps]

Don't worry.

See you tomorrow.

May the Force be with you.

[droid beeps]

Prices were so low,
they're bleeding us dry.

I couldn't get half of what
they offered us last season.

[droid whirring]

[beeps, whimpers]

You claim a Jedi was here,
and yet, I find no one.

I promise you. They'll
be back. I turned her in.

I-I should be rewarded.

You lie to me and
expect Imperial favor?

[Ahsoka] He's not lying.

And who might you be?

Let them go.

- She's the Jedi!
- Stop it!

See. I told you they'd be back.

So you did.

Here is your reward.



Can it be?

You're supposed to be dead.

Looks like I shall be rewarded…

Ahsoka Tano!



Look! Look what you did.

Look what you did!

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I know.

More will come.

- You're going to have to leave.
- How? Where?

[ship approaching]

[engines roaring]

- [hatch opens]
- [boarding chamber lowers]

Please, this way.

I was beginning to
think you lost this.

Things have only gotten worse.

Are you sure you are ready
to get back into the fight?
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