01x08 - East of Eden

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "American Gigolo." Aired: September 9, 2022 - current.
Exonerated after 15 years in prison for a m*rder he didn't commit, former gigolo Julian Kaye faces the challenge of picking up the pieces as the detective who put him behind bars tries to unravel the mystery that led to his incarceration.
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01x08 - East of Eden

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Dramatic music

Just let Panish do
his f*cking job.

He's our best chance
of getting Colin back.

What makes you think
that you can trust him?

I don't trust him,
and I don't f*cking trust you!

Is he mine?

Is Colin my son?

You're just mad
because your prize whore

f*cked somebody else.

"Sisters Lisa and Janet Beck."

[Sunday] The one on the right,
the older one?

Changed her name to Holmes.

It's Janet Holmes.

So Lisa and Janet, they...

They're sisters.

It was my last job!

You sent me out on it.

You gave me the f*cking slip
on that, Ren, you did.

I gave the slip, but Olga
gave you the f*cking job.

She was looking into Olga,
and you f*cking know it.

That's why she d*ed.

I got f*cking framed.

Come on, Andy. Andy.

Come on, Andy, breathe.

I can't keep going like this.

What is that supposed to mean?

That you're choosing him
over me.

[Sunday] He's my brother.
If you can't take it,

you can just leave.

We just arrested a guy
named Eduard Panish.

Does that name
mean anything to you?

No, should it?

Well, he's the one
who tried to frame you

for the Shannon house m*rder.

Well, I don't even know
who that is.

Why would he do that?

Richard Stratton's lawyer.

We caught him trying
to leave town

with $3 million dollars in cash.

I think it might have been
for a ransom.

Does the name Lisa Beck
mean anything to you?

She k*lled herself
in this house.

And you were there.
Julian told me.

Oh, yeah, Lisa Beck.

Julian's little girlfriend.

Damn, you were right.

He looks just like him.

Tense music

These zip ties are
a little intense, James.

Even for me.


Don't worry, kid.

We're gonna get you out of here.

I don't understand
why you want the kid anyway.

Sentimental reasons.

We good?

Let's go.

You're gonna be fine.

We're gonna get you home
in no time.

Why-why are you here?

I apologize for just
showing up like this.

I just wanted you
to know that your...

your attorney's been arrested.

- What?
- You aware of that?

He was caught fleeing town
with $3 million dollars.

And I thought if that money was
for Colin,

you're gonna need a new plan.

- I just wanted you to...
- [sighs]

Call McGregor.


Oh, God.

I'm sorry, but I just...

I didn't,
I didn't know what to do.

- And I want to help.
- I know you do.


I'm glad you came.

He knows, huh?

[Michelle exhales]

But I don't think he's...

he's fully processed it.


I don't think
I've fully processed it either.


This is, uh...

it's f*cking complicated, huh?

"Call Me" by Blondie

Color me your color, baby

Color me your car

Color me your color, darling

I know who you are

Come up off your color chart

I know where you're coming from

- Call me
- Call me

On the line, call me

Call me any, anytime

- Call me
- Call me

I'll arrive, you can call me any

Day or night, call me

Cover me with kisses, baby

Cover me with love

Roll me in designer sheets

I'll never get enough

Emotions come

I don't know why

Cover up love's alibi

- Call me
- Call me

My love, call me

Call me any, anytime

- Call me
- Call me

I'll arrive, call me

Call me for some overtime

- Call me
- Call me

My love, call me

Call me in a sweet design

- Call me
- Call me

Call me

For your lover's lover's alibi

Call me

Is that him?

[chuckles softly]

You can look.



He's 14 there.

That was his first
solo crossing to Catalina.

It was 22 miles, so...

Wow, he did that
by himself, huh?


You know, we took
a helicopter over that morning

and waited for him
on the other side.

It was the longest
two hours of my life.

I was just terrified.

But... he wasn't scared.

You know, he was born
to be on the water.

[phone buzzing]


Uh, excuse me for just...

just one second.

[phone beeps]

[line rings]

I have Colin.

Don't f*ck with me, Isabelle.

I'm not f*cking with you.
I'm helping you.

Just tell me
where I can meet you.

On one condition:
You keep my name out of it.

I know how chummy you are
with the cops.

And that's a deal-breaker
for me.

Promise me, Julian.

I need your word.

I promise. Just tell me.


We'll meet you at the house.

Come alone.

[phone beeps]

I got to go.


There's something
I need to take care of.

Did you get McGregor?


You've been a busy man,
Mr. Panish.

You want to start
with framing an innocent man

for the Shannon house m*rder?

Or trying to leave town

with three million
in a duffel bag?

You shy?

Little quiet?
You don't want to talk yet?

Don't worry, honey,
I'll go first, okay?

We got you
for witness tampering.

We got you for kidnapping.

And for...
what was that other one?

Oh, yeah, m*rder.

I think you're
a little overzealous.

Is that so?

Your circumstantial evidence

couldn't convict me
of a traffic ticket.

Well, Mr. Panish,

I am willing to give it a sh*t.

I didn't k*ll that woman.

But I know who did.

I'm listening.

The same man
who's holding Colin Stratton

for ransom
in a motel across town.

His name is James McGregor.

He was hired to find the boy,
but in his pursuit

he accidentally k*lled
Shannon house.

Now he's demanding ransom

for Colin's return.

Hence the bags you found
in my vehicle.

The bags with $3 million dollars
in them?

That you were using
to get out of town?

Was that the same bags
you're talking about?

I want the address of the motel.

And I want his home address.


[tires screeching]

Up, up, up.

Go, go, go.


This place is
pretty spick-and-span

for something
that looks like you need

a tetanus sh*t to get in.

- It's clear.
- Yeah, thank you.

You smell that?

- [sniffs]
- Smell what?

[indistinct radio transmission]


Did you clean that room yet?

No? You okay?

Hey, can we dust for prints?

Maybe we get lucky.

And call Lopez, tell him I'm
on my way to McGregor's house.

Intriguing music

Come in.

You want something to drink?

Julian should be here soon.

You could wait out by the pool.

Beautiful day today.

How do you know him?


We grew up together.

Right here.

[chuckles softly]

You remind me a lot of him.

Ca... can I,
can I use the bathroom?


Down there to the left.

[breathing deeply]

[door opens]

- Hey.
- Hey.

Where is he?

He's in the bathroom.

He'll be out in a minute.

- He's in the bathroom?
- Mm-hmm.

What's going on, Isabelle?

What do you mean,
what's going on?

I got your son back
is what's going on.

You got my son...

What did you do here?

Hey, I got him back for you.

I'm not your f*cking enemy,
I'm your ally, Julian.

Why can't you just
stay out of my life? Why...?

Colin, this is Julian.


You okay?


You know, your...

parents are looking for you.

Is it, is it okay
if maybe I-I, I take you home?

Let's go.

Come on.

Somber music

It's that one.

[opens phone]

[phone beeping]

- [line rings]
- Oh, wait, wait, plea...

Please don't do that.

[phone beeps]

I can't, I can't go home.

- Okay.
- I can't see him.

Not yet.

Maybe I just call your mom?

Just to let her know
you're all right. Is...?

- Would that be okay?
- Okay.

Just take a seat.

[opens phone]

[phone beeps]

[line rings]

[phone buzzes]

John, where are you?

- I got him.
- What?



No, no, just-just
put him on, please.

- I want to hear...
- He just, he needed a second.

He just does.

Okay, okay.

Okay, um...


the beach house.

The beach house, just...

take him there.

- He knows the way.
- Okay.

[indistinct radio transmission]

- How you doing?
- Detective.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.


- Oh, look, the g*ng's all here.
- Officer.

- Hey, Lopez.
- [Lopez] Sunday.

Look it, that assh*le has
a better stereo than I do.

Looks like being
a douche bag pays off.

[Lopez laughs]

You know...

I find sociopaths

are a lot neater
than psychopaths.

Why, what's the difference?

Well, sociopaths tend
to dress better,

and they don't
really eat people.

What do you got?

Look at that.
.38, .45 and a hunting Kn*fe.

Is there another box
with a rope,

a lead pipe and a candlestick?

Bag 'em up.

Send the g*n
over to ballistics.

That was a good joke, you know?

Pulling back Clue from the '70s.
Look at this f*cking guy.

He's got better art
and stuff than I have.

Think we'll ever have
a house this nice?

I'm working on it.

You keep working...
Holy shit.

What? What do you got?

Well, the only reason
I remember is because

he had this really weird

tattoo on his hand.

And like I said,
it didn't match the suit.

You see that tattoo?


That guy was involved
in a m*rder 16 years ago.

Holy shit.

[seagulls squawking]

- Where is he?
- He's on the beach.

He's pretty shaken up.

[phone ringing, buzzing]


Colin? Colin.

Oh, Colin.

Colin, are you okay?
Are you hurt?

She's d*ad.

- I know.
- Elizabeth is d*ad.

I know, I know, honey, I know.

- I'm so sorry.
- Panish k*lled her.


I saw him at the motel.

Panish k*lled her.

There has to be
some explanation for this...


Panish does
what Dad tells him to do.

- No, no, no, listen to me.
- Yes!

Your father would never
have done anything

- to hurt Elizabeth, honey, no.
- Mom, I'm not...

No. You can't believe that.


Do you trust me?

I would never do anything
to hurt you.

I love you with
my whole entire heart, honey.

And you just have to believe me.

Your father would never have
committed this horrible crime.


I'm not going back there.

I can't, I can't do it.

He okay?

He's not.

He's not himself,
he's not right.

I should call Richard.

Give you some space.
Yeah, I'll take off?

I don't, I don't want you to go.

It's me.

Wh-Where are you?
I didn't even hear you leave.

I'm with Colin.

Wait, what?

How did you find him?

It-it doesn't matter.

Um, I wanted you
to know that we're...

we're together and he's safe.

Okay, you can tell me

all about it
when you get back home.

We're not, we're not gonna
come home right away.


Colin needs
a little bit of time.

You just have
to trust me on this.

Okay. Okay, okay, I... okay.

Michelle, please just

tell him I love him.

"Thrill" by Future Islands

I will.

[seabirds screeching]

Blue water

Black Bible

Old river

Is it okay if I sit?

Go for it.

I know you lost somebody, right?

You loved her?


I can't stop seeing her.

Every time I close my eyes,
she's just lying there.

Her neck's all twisted.

I just want it to stop.

Well, it's not gonna.

Just 'cause you want it to.

So what do I do?

You need to feel it.

Just feel it.

Just stop running away from it.

Maybe it fades.

Keep rising

Sounds really hard.

It is.

Keep rising

It is.

Oh, Tar River



How's he doing?

I think,
I think he's a little...

a little better.

Just had a shower.

That's good.

How did you find him?




You ready to go home?

[clears throat]

Let me, uh,
let me grab my stuff.


Hey, Julian, uh...

Thank you.


You, uh...

you guys take care
of each other, okay?

When everything settles,
I'll-I'll come find you.


[door opens, closes]

[crickets chirping]

Dramatic music

Good news.

The Stratton kid's back.

He's coming in with his family
to make a statement.

What about McGregor?

No, he's still in the wind.

Or in the dirt.

Either way... [clears throat]
we'll find him.

It's kind of early, no?

Well, it's never too early
for a celebration.

The .38 special you found
in McGregor's house

was used to k*ll Olga Desnain.

No f*cking way.

Apparently, before McGregor was

doing dirty work for Panish,
he worked for Olga.

Where's the motive?

You said she had dementia.

Maybe McGregor was nervous

that she'd start
spilling secrets so, uh...

he tied up loose ends.

It's kind of weak, I think.

[Clyborne sighs]

Come on, Sunday.

Take the win.

Do something for yourself, huh?

Book a spa day.

You earned it.

[Sunday laughs]

Spa day, my ass.


You can't think I wanted this
to happen to her, do you?

Well, hurting her also hurt me.

Maybe that's what you wanted.

Why would I ever want
to hurt you?

Uh, because you found out
you weren't my real father?

You listen to me.

You will always be my son.

No matter what.

I have loved you
since the day you were born.

And I will keep on loving you
until the day I die.

You have to know that, Colin.




I'm sorry.


- [crying]
- No.



I'm sorry.

I let us get to this place.

I'm the one who didn't listen.

But that stops now.

I will make sure that
Panish pays for what he's done.

We will.

We will make sure.

I think, uh...



Oh, I got to go lay down.

He helped.

Didn't he, bring him back home?


It should've been me.

I should have been there.

[chuckles softly]

I should have been the one.

So be the one now.


Dramatic music

[dialogue inaudible]


- Hey.
- Hi.

Hey, you okay?

- Yeah, are you?
- [both laugh]

- Come on in. Yeah, I'm good.
- [clears throat]

How's, um...

how's Colin?

Colin's doing a lot better.

- Yeah?
- He's, um...

Yeah, he's talking to someone.

- That's good.
- A therapist.


Can I get you a, uh...

a drink or what can I get you?

- Oh, no, I'm okay.
- You sure?

Yeah. How are you?


you know...

I'm okay.

That beach house?

- I just...
- What?

I could never let it go.

Let's go in.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, it'll be fun.


- Oh, wow.
- What?

There's a lot of people
in there.

Okay, hey.

Watch this.

[deep voice] Watch this.

Hello. Welcome.

- Hi.
- Can you sign in for me, please?

I'm Julian Kaye
from the Sea breeze Group.

- And you are? Hi, Sara.
- Sara, Deluxe Realty. Hi.

Good, good.
Hey, listen, I'm, um...

We're a, we're a small
boutique company.

We're based
out of San Francisco.

We have extraordinarily
exclusive clientele.

It's all cash offers.

That's all we deal with.

I have somebody
very special with me today.

Um, we drove by,
she said she had a gut feeling.

And I will tell you, the last
time she had a gut feeling,

it was a very big feeling.

So, um, I'm just wondering,
is there any way

you think we can sort of clear
things out just a little bit?

Maybe get the lookie-loos
to kind of scram.

I want her to have
a sense of the place.

Really feel the space,
let her feel like it's hers

for a little bit.
You think we could do that?

And you said "all cash offer"?

Well, that's exactly
what I said, Sara.

- Give me one second.
- Okay.

Excuse me, guys, I'm so sorry.
I have a private showing.

Come here.

What if the kids come in?


Romantic music

[both breathing heavily]


You're missing the view.

I'm not.

So, what do you think?

I think about what?

- Could you live here?
- [chuckles]

I could live anywhere with you.


How are we gonna do this, Bell?


[busy chatter]


[Julian clears throat]

All right then, Lou.

Got something for me?

Here you go.

- Appreciate you.
- No doubt.

Damn, you just gonna make me
work around you, huh?


Take up that whole
g*dd*mn aisle, bruh.

Yep, mm-hmm.

[Sunday] Well, you're
a tough guy to get a hold of

all of a sudden.

I mean, do you listen
to your messages?

- [chuckles]
- Do you read your texts?

I mean, you could've
called me back.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

Did you know Colin's home?

- I did.
- Yeah.

You know, I didn't come here
to bust your b*lls.

Is that right?

- That's right.
- What'd you come here for?

I came here to tell you
that we found Olga's m*rder.


- Who?
- The guy called McGregor.

He worked for Stratton,
he worked for Olga.

He worked for everyone
but the f*cking Easter Bunny.

You know? I mean, Olga had a lot
of enemies before she d*ed.



Guess we're done, huh?

Thank you.

Maybe we're done.

What do you, uh...

what do you mean, Detective?

You know, I'm really good
at my job, Julian.

And... this stuff

with you...

I wanted to figure it
all out for you, but...

You wanted to do it for me, huh?

Well, maybe for me, too.


You know, I feel
like I was set up, as well.

I gave a lot
for this job, you know?

Relationships that just...

fell through my fingers.

All because it couldn't match
that feeling

when I closed a case.

Well, here we are at the end,

and I don't have that feeling.

Yeah, there's motive.


the way you were
in the middle of everything?

That doesn't sound
like business.

That sounds personal.

- What do you think about that?
- [scoffs]

What do I think?

I... I think I'm done.


Think it's time
for me to move on.

I get that.

Do you?

You know, Detective,
that "moving on"?

Not so bad.

I'll see you.


Look who's home.

What are you doing?

- What's happening here?
- I knew she'd love it.

- Hey, Mom, how's it going?
- [Stratton] Big hug.

- Is my car next?
- [Colin] Oh, yeah.

How much do I have to pay?

- Huh?
- How's it going?

- Oh, no, no, no. No, no...
- No? What's wrong?

- No.
- You don't want to hug me?

- No, no, no! No!
- You don't want to hug your son?

- Give me a hug.
- No! [Laughing]

Aah! [laughs]

[both laughing]

No! I'm soaking wet.

[children shouting in distance]

Somber music

[seabirds screeching]

- [chuckles]
- Hey.


Is this the spot?

Here we are.

- [laughs]
- Is it...?

- Yeah.
- Right there.

No Rufus though.

- I know.
- Yeah.

Sweet old Rufus.

He was a good boy.


That was supposed to be...

the beginning
of the rest of our lives.

And it all went sideways.

[both laugh]

I admit it though.

Not sure if timing was
every really our, uh...

our forte.

[both laugh]


dramatic music


Something's changed.

Colin and...


They're just...

You know, they're finding
a way back to each other.


I'm worried that if I leave...

if I leave now...

Colin will leave, too.

And I can't... I can't do that
to either of them.

I mean, he raised him.

He was there for him...

before he knew about you.

And after.

I never, uh...

I never wanted to be
a bad thing in your life.

I don't, I don't want to...

I don't want to get in the way
of you and your family.

I would never want that.

I know. I know.

What about you, Bell?

You gonna be okay?

You know, like you said,

I guess timing never really
was our thing.

[seabirds screeching]

[sultry music playing faintly]


Why do you hate me?

I don't hate you, Isabelle.

- You don't hate me?
- No.

[whispering] "Get the f*ck out
of my life, Isabelle."

Now you can't drink with me,
and you can't even look at me.

Look at me. Look at me.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for what?

For that night you got out.

But f*ck, we grew up together.

You don't want to be friends?


- Stop.
- You don't want?



- Please?
- Look, I'm...

I'm just trying to...

trying to do something here.

Isabelle, I just...

I can't be a part of your world.

Not anymore.

Suspenseful music


Look, I, uh...

I got to get back to work.

To work, yeah. [laughs]

I've seen you
in that restaurant.

You know,
with your little hairnet,

taking out the trash.

You think one day
you'll make it to busboy?


Been trying to call you all day.

- [scoffs]
- Iz?

You okay?

He's gone.

He's not coming back.

I know.

Why is he pushing me away?

He thinks we set him up.

Janet Holmes.

That's why he's been, uh,
icing us out.

- He told you that?
- Yeah.

And what did you say?

Come on, girl.

I told him
that I'd never hurt him,

neither would you.

- No matter what.
- Hmm.

But, Iz, I got to know.

Did we?

Did you have something
to do with it, Izzy?

- Suspenseful music
-Look, okay.

The past is the past, all right?

You're my sister.

I will defend you
until my dying day, okay?

But, look, if something did
go down back then...

...I've got to know
the whole truth.

[Young Isabelle]
I'm Isabelle.

I'm Olga's niece.
She's the queen,

which makes me a princess.

And do you know what that means?


It means that one day
you're going to belong to me.

you ripped out my heart!

[both laugh]


Come on. It's not...

It's not goodbye.
I'm gonna be around.

I hope she loves you
as much as I do.

All I did...

was love him.

I know.

"Kiss the Sky" by Shawn Lee's
Ping Pong Orchestra

[camera shutter clicking]

I hold my head up just enough

To see the sky

And when we go, we won't go slow

We'll put up such a fight

When they fade
into the dust and into ash

But all the children know

For sure this pain
will surely pass

Strong and wise

And you are love

And when the tide it comes

You will float above-bove

And you will be one day

Exactly what you are

Just keep your head held high

Kiss your fist and touch the sky

Too late
to keep the world from dying

It's not too late

To spread the love you have

One day...

- Could you live here?
- [laughs]

I could live anywhere with you.

I know that we'll be there,
little girl

The sound we hear
it is our hearts

They are in time, in time

They're marching clear and swift

The b*at forever...

[Isabelle] Do you think one day
you'll make it to busboy?

It gives us hope,
it gives us strength

You know, to carry on

Keep fighting till the end

And past the end
you will be strong...

You make women feel like

they are the eighth
f*cking wonder of the world.

[Lorenzo] He can do shit
that nobody else can do.

To spread the love you share

You're the gigolo.

One day, ooh, ooh, ooh

We'll all be there

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yes, we will

[engine revving]



- Julian.
- Hi.

You're a sight for sore eyes.

[both chuckle]
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