06x10 - Fair Winds and Following Seas

Episode transcripts for the TV show "SEAL Team". Aired: September 27, 2017 – present.
Series follows Bravo Team an elite unit of Navy SEALs, as they plan and undertake dangerous missions worldwide.
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06x10 - Fair Winds and Following Seas

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Previously on SEAL Team...

- What's going on, Jace?
- It's Clay.

- He's d*ad.

Our enemy is Iranian General
Afshin Rajavi.

We take out the general
and his ISR capability...

- We get to go home.
- RAY: That's our guy. Yep.

Havoc, this is . Jackpot.

Here comes our ride.

-SONNY: What the f*ck?

That's gotta be a company worth of guys,

- and they know we're here.
- There's no way out.

Havoc, this is . We got a bird down.

I say again,
our extract platform is down.

ERIC: Copy that, . Hold what you got.

Well, we're sitting ducks right here
waiting on orders from Command.

Okay. Let's hold it tight there,
let's move.

Our helo crew's gotta be in bad shape.

I'm not sure we're much
of a rescue party.

SONNY: No machine g*n,
one sn*per r*fle.

Guess we're gonna be seeing Clay
sooner than expected.


Sir, word from D.C.

JASON: Havoc, this is .

Crash site's about
two klicks out from our pos.

We can hold here, but enemy's
massing about one klick out.

ERIC: Understood, Bravo .

Orders from above, proceed to
the crash site immediately.

Recover all U.S. personnel
and sensitive material,

and stand by for exfil.

- How copy?
- JASON: Roger that.

Any of the crew alive?

Be advised, we've been unable
to reach them on comms.

Havoc out.


Two little f*ck, yards.

Yep, I got 'em.



We've been frag'oed,
gotta get to the crash site.

We got a shit ton of enemy
from us to there.

It's gonna be real tight
in one truck with that air crew.

[WHOOSHING, expl*si*n]

Bravo , what the hell's going on?

Truck just ate an RPG. It's gassed.

Ray, see if you can spot a vehicle

that's big enough to get us
all outta here.

On it.

I got one that'll work.

So, we haul ass to the truck
and we drive to the crash site.

That'll give Command enough time
to figure out our extract.

That crash site's gonna be
swarming full of enemies soon.

We gotta get there before that happens.

What's the call, Jace?

All the calls I've been making
recently have been f*cked.

There's no good call to make.

Split up the team.

Trent and I will take the truck.

You and Omar go to
the crash site and secure it.

Ray, you're a sn*per overwatch
with Brock.

Texas Prime stepping up.

Just make sure you get
a big enough vehicle

that's got a big g*n, got it?

About time I get to crush
some f*cking skulls.

Sonny, dial it in.

I just wish we had Clay's r*fle with us.

Let's do this.

Open it up.

BROCK: Bad guys bugged out
with the smoke.

Probably headed to the crash site.

You watch Jason's six, I'll cover Sonny.

You got a sh*t you can't make,
you call me over.

Roger that.


Bravo , this is Mako .

SONNY: Go for .

You have eight enemy headed your way.

Hold what you got.



They're locking down the area.

OMAR: Keeps us off the crash site.

I mean, we can route around this,
but it's gonna add ten mikes.

Yeah, we don't have ten mikes.

Okay, we gotta h*t these guys fast

or the whole militia's gonna
be up our f*cking ass.

I mean, us against five
won't be a problem,

but keeping it quiet will be.

Bravo , you got another
four enemy joining the party.


JASON: Mako , this is . You got us?

Hold, .

- How far out are they?
- Too far

for my pea sh**t.

And they got company.

Sonny and Trent are in
a tight spot, too.


[WHISPERING]: Shit, shit.

Switch with me.

I got you, .

I'm taking out the smoker.
Tell me when you're set.

We're set.

RAY: Stand by in three, two...


BROCK: Ray, I need you over here.

I can't right now, give me two.

Move, .




BROCK: and ,
another technical inbound.

Sonny's about to go loud
with a shit ton of bad guys.

Bravo , this is Mako .

and are jammed up. Advise.

- JASON: Your call, Mako .

I'll be back ASAP. Mako out.

Switch with me, come on.


It's gonna be tough to maneuver
without overwatch.

We do not have time
for this f*cking bullshit.






All right, look, we gotta move.

You got smokes?

- Yeah. One HC.
- Send it.


RAY: Sonny, stand down.

I said stand the f*ck down
right the f*ck now.


Three technicals and enemy...
You're not winning this one.

Well, somebody's gotta pay,
you understand?

Clay's gone, man.

And brother, you can be angry about it,
you can be sad,

you can make some kind of deal
with God over it.

But nothing is bringing him back.


Who's gonna take care
of Stella and Brian

if you get k*lled, huh?

I can't believe
you used my name on the radio.

You gotta cut that shit out.

, are we good?



RAY: Enemy's bugging out.

Frag out.

Lot of noise. Gotta b*at feat

- before their friends show up.
- Move out.

ERIC: Lieutenant Davis.

Didn't expect to see you back so soon.

Sir, what can I do to get Bravo home?

Well, your job's hard enough

without being Bravo's
unofficial guardian angel.

- It's being handled.
- Sir, I just thought...

Listen. I'm glad you're here,

but the machine is running right now.

Gotta let it work.


Blue. Blue, blue.

Glad to see you guys.
Pilots are trapped.

My arm's too banged up to free 'em.

Give me your egress kit, will you?

Hand it over. I'll cut the pilots out.

Got an assload of enemy coming this way.

- That work?
- I wish.

Hey, hold security.
I gotta cut these pilots out.



We need to take it to 'em
or they're gonna move on us.

We're not moving till we get
these pilots out.

You're the boss.

Bravo , where the f*ck are you?

I'm about to get in a g*n fight.

Mako , look alive.


and , you're clear.

SONNY: Thanks for the cover, Mako .

Aw, damn it.



Mako , this is .

Carpool's on the way.

Frag out!


That's it.

Grab your g*n, get in the fight.


Bravo , where the f*ck are you?


We gotta get off the X!

We're getting flanked on both sides.

Flank left, flank left.

Left is no good!

TRENT: Watch it, we're coming in hot!

Glad to see you in one piece!

- How bad is she?
- She's touch and go.

What's the call?

We're gonna win the fight first.
Hammer left.

Hammer left, hammer left!

Hammer left!

- Hammer left!
- Move!


Let's load up the truck.

Enemy's gonna regroup fast. Let's move.

Ah, she's not breathing,
need your blowout kit.

- Should be on her kit.
- It's not.

Hey, I got two.

Just pull the tab.


JASON: She's breathing.

We're up!

What's their status?

There's an issue
with the exfil platform.

Helos are grounded.

What the hell? Why?

The city is a hornet's nest.

They don't want to lose another bird.

She's correct, sir. Not sure
what options this leaves us with.

Let me work the problem, sir.

Grab your old workstation.
Make it happen.

Davis said it should be
another meters.


Shit. They're locking us in.

Pull off.

Jace, we got a checkpoint

between us and the actual point.

Not sure we got time
to find another way.

Suggestion box is open, boys.

I got an idea, boss.

- _




- That was a ballsy call.
- Ballsier for you to trust me.

Ah, who knew unicorns
were so damn lucky?

Davis's exfil platform
is just a few kilometers away.

Let's get the f*ck out of here,
let's move.



Hey, that spare med kit,

was that what you were working on
since Clay got hurt?

Yeah. Once again,

Obi-Wan Clay-nobi saves the day.


You know, now that we're
actually heading home, I...

I'm just not so eager to get there.

Yeah, it all, uh... all becomes real

once we touch down in Vah Beach.

It is one thing to lose
your brother on the b*ttlefield.

I mean, you know,
we're prepared for that.

It hurts, but...

But at least they d*ed,
you know, surrounded by the...

brothers they loved. [SIGHS]

Yeah, that's the part
that I can't shake.

That he just went out alone, and, uh...

...none of us were there with him.


I'm sorry we didn't make it
back for the funeral.

It's an important part of
the grieving process, and...

w*r made you miss it.


Sometimes the price of this job
is just too steep.


Naima said that, uh...


...he stopped that vet from torching
the Air Force recruitment center.

That's the first thing
that made sense in days.

Kid turned the g*n on himself.

Clay talked him down...

...got the g*n,
and the, uh, security guards

showed up at exactly the wrong moment.


You know, he saved the kid's life.

He d*ed a hero.

What's that vet gonna do with the years
that Clay won't get?


I hope he makes the most of 'em.

Thanks for always having our six, .



[CRYING]: Oh...

I've been working
on this med kit thing... thingy.

I hope it's, uh...

hope it's gonna help the next, uh,

guy that gets injured
on the b*ttlefield.


I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry, Clay.

I, uh, I should have been there.

All those times...

you swim-buddied me,

and I left you vulnerable to the sharks.

I guess what you asked me in Germany
after the ambush, that...

...that applies now.

I was just really hoping
you'd never need me to do it.

But I, uh...

I'm gonna look out for Stella,
and, uh, I'll look out for Brian.

Don't you worry 'bout them, bud.


Oh, man.

Rest easy, brother.


Oh. Oh.



It's just, I'm sorry as well.

It was strange having the
funeral without you guys, but...

Command just couldn't say
exactly when you were gonna be back.

No, it's not fair for you to
sit in your grief waiting on us.

Look, we're gonna...


We're gonna have a... [EXHALING]

We're gonna have a send-off for him, uh,

- at the Bulkhead, if...

...if you can bear it.

That's where I met him. I just...

There's too many memories to go
back there just yet, you know?

- Yeah.

Hey, I'm gonna hold you up
to that promise you made.

Sonny, there's nobody better

to teach Brian who his daddy was.

Yeah. Oh...

Oh, man.



I thought you were in Afghanistan.

I wasn't about to let you
deal with this all by yourself.

Does this mean that you handled
your unfinished business?


It means I can drop
everything in seconds

and run out of the f*re
if someone needs me more.

How 'bout you go take a shower...


Maybe you take a shower,
and then we go check on Stella?

Unless you've already talked to her.

Yeah, well, I know that I should,

but I'm the last person
she'd want to see right now.

Do you think he would want you

to be carrying around this guilt?

Clay told you you were not to blame.

Ah, but he's not here
to remind me, so...

Well, then, I'm going to.

Look, you go through this
at your own pace, but not alone.

This w*r's not going anywhere.

Clay is just a reminder
that collateral damage

is just not going anywhere, either.

Probably true, but...

I don't need you to protect me.

The fact that we both keep
running into the f*re...

...that should bond us, not condemn us.

Neither of us have ever
backed away from a fight.

Why start now, right?

I'm happy you're here.


Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Taking Rajavi out's a career maker.

I don't know what you're talking about.

We're both cleared TS/SCI,
so just say thank you.

A lot of good that clearance is
when an RFI is returned

with a fully redacted file.

Ah, the scourge of the black
Sharpie strikes again.

You need the file to hunt down
your next big whale?

Actually, I'm trying
to understand the events

around an ODA tic in Mali

that left one of the Navy's best
without a leg.

You threatening legal action?

It's more me curious about what
started the chain of events.

You looking for a cover-up?

More like peace of mind.

I'll see what I can find.

Thank you.



Omar, Mandy. Mandy, Omar.

Hi, nice to finally meet you.

- Yeah.
- I've heard a lot about you.

From this one?

- That can't be good.

So, you, uh... come to raise a glass

to a guy you barely knew.

Well, I came to support my brothers

who are going through some heavy shit.

You all get as ugly as you need.

I'm here for you.

- Appreciate you, brother.
- JASON: Careful.

You're making it hard
for me not to like you.

OMAR: Don't worry, we got plenty
of deployments ahead of us

for me to piss you off.


Senior Chief Spenser.

Stella told me y'all would be here.

So... You know I'm PNG'ed with Command,

but I was hoping I could crash.

SONNY: Sir, what are you drinking?

Scotch, by the bucket.

SONNY: Done.


We're real sorry about
what happened to your son.

Thank you.

Just, uh, wish I could have
looked after him better.

Hell, this ain't on you.

God knows I could have kept
a better eye on him.

He was lucky to have you
as a leader, you know.

More of a role model to him
than I ever was.

You know, it feels like
Clay taught us all plenty, too.

Throw a memorial for a guy tonight;

tomorrow, you get a medal
for saving his life.

How the hell is that for irony?

It's bullshit, is what it is.

Hey. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Don't let it stop you
from remembering Clay tonight.


Oh, you got a lot of nerve
showing up here.

- You hadn't sent us to Syria...
- You know what, Sonny?

f*ck you, enough.
He was my brother, too.


And for whatever it is worth,

I never stopped looking
for the truth on Mali.

It just took me longer than I'd hoped.


What, you... you found something?

Pulled a few strings,
and I finally got my hands

on the unredacted op files.

The battlespace commander
over there, Colonel Decker?

Same clown that rerouted your QRF.

Failed to change the comms channels

as frequently
as security protocols dictate.

You gotta be kidding me.

So SGS was listening to the broadcast

and knew we were coming through
to get an HVT.

And set up an ambush on the route.

No. Oh, g*dd*mn, that makes me mad.

And the w*r machine swept
his industrial-size f*ck

- under the rug.
- Gets worse.

They've nominated Decker

for a promotion to Brigadier General.

Clay's six feet in the ground
because of him,

and he's getting a-a star on his collar.

I mean... [CHUCKLES]

I would love... loveto look
this shit-bird in the eye.

So, if there's any way
that you can get me

- to Burkina Faso...

He's actually in D.C. right now.

He's, uh, pressing congressional flesh

ahead of the vote on his promotion,

and I am willing to make waves
to hold Decker accountable.

You know what, you've just...

You've worked so damn hard
to get where you are, and, uh...

Clay wouldn't want you to
throw it all away because of him.

What he would want... [SIGHS]

He'd want you to be
with Bravo right now, and...

...toast to his name.

Come on.

You sure?

We couldn't do it without you.


you're the only best friend I got left.


Let's go.

♪ I have tears beyond measure... ♪

You mind if take it?

Um, yeah.

You know, the floor's all yours.

The first time Clay stepped in...

Inside this place, he was years old.

Hell, it was my retirement party, and...

[CLEARS THROAT] ...I think we both

had a better time than we expected.

We started making plans
for the future, and, uh...

...well, the next day,
I broke his heart.

You know, when he became a SEAL,

I didn't really expect it
to bring us closer together.

You know, but then
all this shit went down

with Swanny, and... [CLEARS THROAT]

He wanted some help changing
the attitude towards TBI.

And, uh, working with him on that,

we were a team for the first time.

And then he brought me in here,
and hell, he broke my heart.

He said that he had
to shut it down because...

...'cause he was gonna get
in trouble with Command.

He didn't like
having to make that choice.

I know.

We were just looking forward
to getting back at it,

you know, fighting that fight.

Getting back at it?

Yeah, he was gonna, uh,
retire medically,

start rattling the cage
from the outside.

I was not a good father.

I didn't provide any stability
for my son.

But you all were the family
that he needed.

The family he deserved.

He loved y'all so much.

And I thank you. [SNIFFLING]

I thank you from the bottom
of my heart for that.

To my son, Clay, the best of us.

- Hear.
- Yes.

- Our brother.

♪ Oh, I always will. ♪


Hey. Kurt Decker. Is that you?

Do I know you?


You suck at security, Colonel.

At least no one d*ed this time.

It appears they kept it
simple like you asked.

Still think Emma and Mikey
should be here, though.

I don't even want to be here.

I don't want my kids
to suffer through this.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Ready for your close-up, Master Chief?

- He'd rather be in

the crosshairs than the spotlight.

Ain't that the truth?

I think we should take
our seats, all right?

Okay, let's go.

- You got this.
- Yeah.

Everything okay, sir?

You remember Colonel Decker?

Battlespace commander in Mali?

That asshat you stopped me from
giving a piece of my mind to?

He was as*ault last night.


By whom?

Investigation's underway.

Claimed his assailant
knew he was a colonel.

If this is someone in the m*llitary,

heads will roll.

Excuse me, sir.

Shouldn't you, uh,
be with the cake-eaters

instead of sitting
down here in the cheap seats?

I fell down.

I'd say you stood up.


If you're here to tell me I don't
deserve this medal, I'm with you.

That's what Ash told me.

I'm here to let you know
that that's bullshit.

Excuse me?

If you hadn't saved Clay that day,

then I would have had
even less time with my husband.

And he would have never
gotten the chance to be a dad.

Which he loved, so much.

I want you to know
that I never took a second

of that time for granted.

And I'm here to see you honored
for giving it to us.

So, thank you.

And I know that Clay...

Clay challenged you at times,

but that's only because he...

he expected so much from you.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

ERIC: The President of the United States

takes pleasure in presenting
the Navy Cross

to Master Chief Jason Hayes,

United States Navy,

for service as set forth
in the following citation:

For extraordinary heroism
and courage in action

against insurgent forces
on the rd of March, .

After being ambushed by enemy forces

facing overwhelming firepower,
Master Chief Hayes

made a solo run to clear
an enemy ridgeline position.

He then used insurgents' w*apon

to eliminate a second enemy position,

allowing his men to concentrate f*re

against a final enemy position.

Bravo Team survived the ambush
with a full headcount,

thanks to Master Chief Hayes' disregard

for his own personal safety.

SOCOM Deputy Commander
Admiral Michael Rivas,

on behalf of the President
of the United States,

will now present the Navy Cross

to Master Chief
Special Operator Jason Hayes.

May I say something, sir?

It's your ceremony.


Thank you.

This is, uh... It's quite an honor.

SEALs push themselves to places

that others won't go.

And when we get there,
we stand and we fight.

Well, there's one fight that
I've been running away from.

Clay Spenser may have
gotten home from Mali,

but he's not here today
because of that ambush,

an ambush that he never
should have been a part of.

He should have been home
with his family.

Instead, he was with Bravo Team,

watching our backs.

'Cause he knew that I was compromised.

So, while Clay was
watching his team's back,

I was watching my own back,

worried that Command would discover

what this w*r has done to my head.


I hid my traumatic brain injury...

...and Clay Spenser
paid the ultimate price for it.

So much for, uh, disregard
for my personal safety.

Clay Spenser tried to change

the m*llitary's outdated views on TBI,

but he was told to stand down.

So today, I'm picking up
that fight for him,

because this w*r machine has
to stop ignoring this problem

and start protecting the protectors.

I don't know if coming clean
is gonna change anything, but...

...hell, if it saves the next guy,

then maybe I'll be
a different kind of hero.

Like my brother...

...Clay Spenser.


It's the right thing to do, baby.



You know what's even more fun
about being on a plane?

Is jumping out of one, just like this.

"Whoosh," just like your daddy.





Definitely gives us
something to live up to.

[SIGHS] Every day, baby,

we'll make his name mean something.

And then, before anybody knew
what your daddy was doing...

- Yeah, yeah!

He got up on top an anti-aircraft g*n.

And he blew the bad guys away.

I guess that's no worse
than Little Red Riding Hood.

Good thing this group will
protect him from nightmares.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, baby.


The issue, Master Chief,
isn't just operating

with a serious injury.

The way you revealed
your truth so publicly,

you embarrassed Command and the Navy.

My intention was to save lives, sir.

Off the record, what you did
was the ultimate act

of sheep-dogging.

But you created one hell of a mess

and left us no choice
but to stand you down.


Warrant Officer Perry,
your character reference

for Master Chief Hayes has been
reviewed and considered.

I need to amend my statement, sir.

This is neither the time nor the place.

- You're dismissed.
- I have PTS, sir.

Capture and t*rture will do that to you.

I've been handling
the symptoms on my own

as I have continued to operate, sir.

If you're hoping to make a point

about what does
or doesn't render an operator

unfit for duty, Warrant Officer,
you've miscalculated.

And now, this Command will be losing
two seasoned operators.

I breached a lot of doors,
fired a lot of SAWs.

The only time I notice
the ringing in my ears is...

is when it stops.

Headaches, more often than not.

TRENT: Vision gets blurry.

- Trouble balancing.
- Breacher's syndrome.

- Angry. All the time.
- Memory lapses.

- TBI.
- Tinnitus.

- Can't sleep.
- PTS.

- Arthritis.
- Dizziness.

- Thanks, brother.
- Anxiety.

We got your back, brother.

And no one is saying anything
that isn't true.

- PTS.
- What's Command gonna do,

- pull all our birds?
- CTE.

- Migraines.
- Like you taught me, boss-dog...

always improve your fighting position.

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