01x20 - Supernova (part 2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Star Trek: Prodigy". Aired: October 2021 to present.
In 2383 a crew of young aliens in the Delta Quadrant find an abandoned Starfleet ship, the USS Protostar and take control.
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01x20 - Supernova (part 2)

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[exciting music]

♪ ♪

[lasers blasting]

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

There's nothing we can do.

We can't warp away.
We can't stop the signal.

- It's annihilation.
- There is one thing we can do.

We have to destroy the Protostar.


- We can't destroy our ship!
- It's the only surefire way

to stop the long-range
subspace signal.

- No!
- [squeaks]

We can't destroy our ship
'cause if our Proto-Core bl*ws,

everything in a million
miles radius goes with it.

Not even Murf can survive
a supernova warp breach.

Jankom's correct.
Destabilizing the Proto-Core

would create
a veritable supernova so large,

only a Proto-Warp could
get us that far away.

- Hmm.
- And even then...

Unless we destabilize it at
the exact moment we Proto-Jump.

The destructive energy released
would be spread

- across space-time.
- Hmm.

I know we just got
our translators working,

but could someone
explain that to me?

Rok-Tahk's correct.

Estimating the Proto-Core's
remaining power,

an expl*si*n of that magnitude
could wipe out

this entire star system.

But elongate that damage
across dozens of lightyears

- in a short frame and...
- The destruction here is minimal.

- [laughs]
- No one else gets hurt.

No one else?
Slow down!

- Pog isn't sure he likes this plan.
- We can make a shuttlecraft

with the Vehicle Replicator
and eject before detonation.

Except the Protostar's
auto-controls are fried.

Someone will have
to stay back to detonate it.

- I am the captain of this ship.
- No, Dal.

Admiral Janeway
is true to her word.

She'll help you get into
Starfleet, but she can't help me.

Or you let the hologram do it.

When you were trapped
in the Holodeck,

you did grant me
your command codes.

But you're not
just a hologram to us.

You've got memories,
a personality...

you're our friend.

And that's why you'll
make a copy of my program

on an isolinear chip
and bring me with you,

that way I can be
in two places at once.

How soon until we can jump?

It'd take any engineer
at least a day,

but... [laughs]
Jankom ain't any engineer.


- [purring cheer]
- [laughs]

All right, let's get moving.
Get impulse online.

If our math's fuzzy,

it'd be nice to have
a little breathing room.

[whirring and lasers blasting]

[exciting music]

[ship rumbling]

♪ ♪

What are they doing?

Saving us all.

♪ ♪

[tools buzzing]

Jankom, how we doing
on that razzle-dazzle?

She's primed
and ready to jump...

jump and explode, that is.

Jankom's not just an engineer,
he's a miracle worker.

We've got one sh*t at this.

With so little time,

we left out all comfort
for basic life support.

We have s*ab,
but the engines are crude.

Its navigation is archaic.

- We have Janeway for that.
- Right.

Seats... oh,
what about the seats?

- We leave in five. Maybe seat belts?
- Forget belts. We'll just go

with the hold-onto-your-butt
grab handles.


Uploading holo-program.

Insufficient capacity.


How's it coming?
Did you copy your program?

Is everything okay?

[soft dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Watch out.
Now you'll have two of me.

It's time to go.


- Thank you, security officer.
- [purring]

I'll take it from here.

Computer, place all controls
under my authority

- and maintain this course.
- Affirmative.

[groans] All this time, all
the love we put into it and

we're just gonna blow it up.

- I-It just doesn't feel right.
- Think of it as

letting a young star become
what it's meant to be.

[groans affectionately]

- We'll see you on the other side.
- Of course you will, Captain.

I just want you all to know

what an honor it was
to serve alongside you.

[soft chirruping]



[anticipatory music]

♪ ♪

[alarm beeping steadily]


♪ ♪


[somber music]

♪ ♪

Proto-Core is online.

[electric humming]

On my mark. Ready?

Go fast.

[ship whirring]

[triumphant music]

♪ ♪

[muted expl*si*n]

[tense music]


♪ ♪

[exciting music]

♪ ♪

[alarm beeping]

We're no longer locked out.

- Any sign of the USS Protostar?
- No, Admiral.

I've tracked their warp signature,
but read no signs of life.

- Send a search party.
- But, Admiral, the distance they crossed...

it would take months
to scan that many star systems.

That crew just saved Starfleet.

If they're out there,
I want to know.

You got this far.
Wherever you are, don't give up now.

- We did it.
- Ooh, Janeway would want to see this.

[computer whirring]

Huh? Why is Janeway tiny?
That's not her hologram.

I bet right now
Jankom is wondering

why I'm not a hologram

and just a prerecorded message.

- Uh...
- [sighs]

What does she mean,

I imagine you have questions.

I'm sorry, but I lied to you.

- What? I'm so confused.
- [groans]

What's going on?

- Where is Janeway?
- [purrs]

- There was no way for me to leave.
- [groans]

Over the course of my time
with you, I've grown.

Literally... my program
has become too large,

too rich, and complex
for some tiny, little chip.

It just wasn't possible
to remove me

from the computers in time.

She stayed on the ship, Rok.

- No.
- Janeway.

[sniffles] No.

And knowing how stubborn
you all are,

especially you, Jankom,

I did what I had to, so that
you could fulfill your potential.

I'm truly proud to have seen
how far you've all come.

My only regret is not
being there when you arrive

at the steps of Starfleet Academy.


But... but we don't
have navigation!

You may think
you need me to get there,

but after seeing everything
you've accomplished,

I have full confidence
you'll find your way.

Because together,
your potential is infinite.


Now, go boldly.


♪ ♪

Always telling us what to do.

Even to the end.

[birds chirping]

While the ship's crew is
still missing, we did find this.

When the Protostar
destabilized their core,

while simultaneously engaging warp,

it not only lessened
the degree of decimation

so as to save others,
but at the point of impact,

- it created an interspatial rift.
- Excuse me. A rift?

More specifically, a wormhole.

From this, one of our stations
picked up a signal

- from the Protostar.
- The Protostar is gone.

Ah, the one stolen by the
criminals on Tars Lamora, yes.

You mean the heroes
that saved our hides

when we nearly
destroyed ourselves.

In their absence and in my
presence, they get our respect.

We mean no disrespect, Admiral.

[device beeps] Because of their
sacrifice, we picked up this.

[device beeps]

Mayday. Mayday.

- I've already heard this.
- Not this message.

It's day
since the Vau N'Akat...

- [gasps]
- captured the Protostar.

They're planning
to launch it back

through the wormhole
with a w*apon aboard.

This was sent from another time,
years from now.

Half my crew's gone,
but I'm trying to hang on.

How is that possible?

The hologram adviser's
last act was to duplicate

the parameters logged
in the original wormhole

Captain Chakotay was lost in.

Thusly, creating
an interspatial flecture

to approximately the same
space-time coordinates

- in an alternate future.
- He's alive,

and she pointed us
in the right direction.

There are discussions
of sending an exploratory ship.

I want to be on it.

[door opens]
I-I'm sorry for interrupting.

- What is it?
- Admiral, it's them.

[indistinct chatter]

[hopeful music]

♪ ♪

[triumphant music]

♪ ♪

[gavel banging]

Stealing a Federation ship,

impersonating officers,

even illicitly inhabiting the mind
of an esteemed admiral.

All in an effort to warn us.

The list of offenses would
take me all afternoon to read,

yet you want us
to consider letting them

- apply to Starfleet Academy.
- Including this... augment.

The Academy is not
a space camp for children.

This is a serious
disciplined institution

designed for only our brightest.

What about the written and
oral tests, psych evaluations?

This is unprecedented, even reckless.

[sighs] Good intentions do not
make up for Federation crimes.

- [groans]
- Good intentions?

I know my prior statements
about my experience

with the accused were
unusual to say the least,

but one year ago,
not one of them had ever heard

of the United Federation of Planets.

Yet through fate, engineered
by their own ingenuity,

they set their compass to Starfleet

and without their intervention,
I cannot say with certainty

if all of us would be sitting
here right now.

Go get 'em, Janeway.
[scattered laughter]

The Protostar,
named after the early stage

in the formation of a star,
powered by it,

we designed a ship that could
explore the far reaches

of our understanding in hope of
finding others who share our ideals,

so that we may create
a stronger alliance.

Stack up those tests,
the psych evaluations,

they don't hold a candle

to what this crew
has been through.

And concerning the augment,

whose name
you've conveniently forgotten,

his name Dal R'El.

Is he genetically engineered?

Was he enhanced in every way?
Look at him.

- Of course not.
- [sighs]

But his heart is bigger
than any in this room,

I should know.

The Federation is made up
of over member species.

Dal's DNA includes of those,
so I ask you,

is there a better
living embodiment

of what our alliance represents?

[gavel banging]

[anticipatory music]

♪ ♪

[door opens]

They've dropped all charges.

[all cheering]

We did it, Murf!

What about Starfleet Academy?

After carefully considering
all sides to the argument,

they felt strongly that
fast-tracking non-Federation

citizens into the Academy
wasn't fair to the other

more qualified entrants
currently awaiting their turn,

but I was able to convince them
to permit five of you

to be taken under my wing
as warrant officers in training

under my personal command
of a ship of my choosing.

- Yes! [all cheer]
- So we haven't been accepted

into the Academy,
but we are part of Starfleet?

- You're gonna be our captain?
- In a way. Welcome aboard.

- Yes!
- Yes! Oh, yeah.

Five? But there are six of us.

Who didn't get in?


- It's okay, guys.
- Oh, Dal.

- [squeals]
- What's important is

you get to carry on this adventure.

- Dal, you got in.
- What? Me?

I don't understand.

[breathes deeply]

I won't be joining you.

- What?
- I don't understand.

First contact with Solum
hasn't happened yet,

but it will with someone,

Knowing what will happen
to my people, I have to go.

My father made mistakes,
but he was right.

I need to save the Vau N'Akat
in my own way.

Starfleet has offered aid to
return Gwyn to her home planet.

Maybe hearing
about the greater universe

from one of their own will
open them to a brighter future.

Gwyndala, the Unifier.

- [purrs]
- I like the sound of that.


Jankom Pog's gonna miss you.

[sentimental music]

Yeah, we all are.

I'll miss you guys too.

[Admiral Janeway] I have the unique
privilege to have grown up with Starfleet.

- [gasps softly]
- But there are parts

of our universe still unexplored.

Those uninitiated
who have never been

under the protection of an alliance

or pursued dreams
beyond their scope.

Today, the crew of the Protostar
has been given a chance.

A chance to discover
who they are...

You seem rather adept with Murf.

Have you ever considered
becoming a xenobiologist?

- Xenobiologist? What's that?
- It's the study of new life-forms.

A chance to prove
what they're capable of...




A chance to improve themselves...

It's perfect.

And finally, a chance
of finding their place

in an endless universe.

Remember when you called me
a chump for ever thinking

- I would get off that rock?
- [laughs] Now, look at us.

To think, the two of us
would be in cat boots.

You mean cahoots.

How far away is Solum?

I recognized these
particular star clusters

from the ones visible
in the Solum holo-program.

I know where
my home world is now.

He's still out there, isn't he?

- Your father.
- Crazy, huh?

Time travel.

- I don't want you to leave.
- I know.

Promise me,
we'll see each other again.

We got this far, didn't we?

[bright dramatic music]

♪ ♪

There she goes!

[all cheering]

I hope you find what
you're looking for, Gwyn.

- Whoa... Guys. Guys, guys!
- Huh?

[triumphant music]

♪ ♪

[overlapping chatter]

This is crazy.


- Is that what I think it is?
- No way!

Your previous ship was a prototype,

but Starfleet's now approved
a new Protostar class.

- Magnificent.
- So... are we, uh...

is that our ship?

Oh, I have a much
bigger plan for us.

Well, are you coming or not?


♪ ♪
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