01x08 - O fundo do poço é o lugar mais quente

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lady Voyeur". Aired: January 2023.
Mini-series follows Miranda, an uncontrollable voyeur and extremely skilled hacker.
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01x08 - O fundo do poço é o lugar mais quente

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She's out, Paulo.

Of course she's freaking out.

I know you all know her as Cléo.

But now her name's Ana.

I needed conclusive proof before telling you about it.

But she's my daughter.

My Ana.

- Is this a joke, Vitória?

- It's not a joke.

My daughter will live here from now on.

That's all I had to tell you.

Excuse me.

Let's go, Ana.

Let's go enjoy our home.

See you all later.

- Does this make sense to you?

- No.

The police need to know about this.

What the f*ck was that?

Did you know about it?

Of course not.

I'm just as shocked as you are.

You think it's possible she got close to me on purpose?

Fernando, we have to talk to her.

I think she's using us both.

They're not going to just accept me, Mom.

It's not just that I'm a prost*tute, they were clients.

- Don't you see?

- So who cares anyway?

That's all in the far past.

And I will do anything to repair all the pain I've caused my Ana.

You'll never go without, my dear.

- I guess they'll deal with it.

- They will.


You know there's no honest person in this family.

Hey, Inês. Since the boss is on your case, go and interview the daughter.

I'll manage things around the station while you're gone.


I will. Thank you.

I, uh, finished checking the new software.

It's working now, but I'll keep monitoring it.

I trust your call.

So, uh your neighbor is my mother-in-law's daughter.

What a coincidence.

Yeah, um

Do you believe it?

- No way.

- Excuse me.

You can't just

You're not allowed there.

Don't even try to stop me. Hello!

- Rita?

- Hey.

What a nice place, Heitor.

It reflects your arrogance.

You think you own the world, don't you?

That you can do it all.

So you had to go and b*at up Rafael

after everything he's done

to help your sorry ass.

You're a scumbag, an assh*le.

That's what you are.

And you're probably very above it all,

a mafia boss and a predator.

All of it.

Lay a hand on him,

I won't care what you do to me,

but I'll f*cking k*ll you,

that much I promise, understand?

Stay away from him.

Come, Miranda. Come on.

Now, Miranda!

- You're going to stay by him? Really?

- Stop it. Calm down.

No, I won't stop! I won't!

I'm speaking to you. Come!


Whatever, Miranda. I warned you about him.

Rita! Rita!

- Rita! No!

- Ugh!

You're just not thinking, Miranda!

Will you get a grip, please?

My God, can't you see?

Are you f*cking blind?

- Calm down.

- Listen. Don't be fooled, Miranda.

He's trying to seduce you

and it's completely working.

And I can see it!

You know I've been

in that position before.

I woke up.

Now you wake up, my friend.

So, look, I don't know

if you actually believe I'm the monster

everyone is telling you I am.

Still, I'm asking you

to give me the chance

to prove that I'm different than that.

Get to know me and find out.

And we're home, Ana.


I put all your new clothes in your closet,

and I had everything cleaned.

Mom, I love how

you decorated everything.

I think I'm going to be so happy.

And I think that we'll be best friends.

Never a moment

of peace in this place.

It's absolutely crazy.

- I need to interview your daughter.

- Already?

I can't believe you even knew about her.

I'm Inês Cardoso.

I'm the lead investigator on Diana's case.

I need to ask you some questions.

Now's really not the time, okay?

I can do it, Mom.

There's nothing wrong

with answering some questions for her.

- Are you sure?

- Yes.

Can we speak in private, please?

There's nothing I can't say

in front of my mom.

Hmm. Okay.

You're aware of Diana's death, right?

- Yeah, I've heard and

- Hmm?

I'm sad for her.

I'll never get to meet my sister.

And what were you doing

the night Diana d*ed?

Having fun.

I was at this sex party, so

Ah. You were there as well.

You know who organized

the party that night?

Or the owners of the house?

I don't. Can't say I met them.

That party does happen

once a month though.

A new place each time.

Did you see Diana?

Have you ever been to

one these kind of parties?


The idea is to not recognize anyone.

Everyone is supposed to be anonymous.

At least the ones that wish to be.

What about Heitor? See him?

Yes, I did.

I saw him for a moment and that's all.

Who else did you see?


She was at the party, too.

Hey there.


I'm so glad you came to see me!

Did something happen to you?

Oh, no, I

You're upset!

Just hug me.

Oh, no! Oh!

Miranda, Cléo agreed to meet tonight.

Come on over. I think you should be here.

God, Rita.

I can't believe you went there.

Rafa, that assh*le needed a talking to.

But forget about it.

You're going to meet Ms. Penha.

Hi, Mom.

Listen up.

This is Rafa.

Go. Tell her hi.

- Say hi to the photo?

- Uh, yeah.

- Is this crazy?

- A bit, yeah.

I know that she can hear me.

And that she's listening

from above. All the time.

Now, Rafa. Tell her.


Rita's mom.

- I don't think she can hear me.

- I can't with you.

It just feels weird.

It's been so many years without Mom.

But it still hurts sometimes.

My mother was so sweet.

Beautiful, generous

But she had horrible taste in dudes.

I can't make the same mistakes.

Listen, Rita.

I'm not the best-looking guy out there.

I'm not educated or wealthy in any way.

But there's one thing I can say,

I'm gonna treat you right.


Promise to her now, to my mom.

- Promise to my mother.

- I promise, Ms. Penha. I do.

Hey, I think she nodded.

Hmm. I am assuming

you're here to welcome my Ana.

No, Vitória I'm here

to ask about my Lorenzo.

I know you've heard from him,

that you two keep in touch.

Please, I've talked to him.

But I have better things to do.

Don't you give me that.

I don't know where he's staying.

Your son called, I sent him money

and haven't heard anything else.

Why don't you go home?

There you are!

I'm so happy you called.

Mom, I told you

to stop bothering Vitória.

I'm okay. I'm living in Sao Paulo

at the same place. Okay?

Mom, please don't come looking for me.

If I need to talk to you, I'll call.

Want something to take the edge off?

No, thank you. Cléo's almost here.

Miranda, listen.

There was nothing serious with Cléo.

It was just for fun.

I want you to know it meant nothing to me.

She said she was a prost*tute,

and I was single.

I know, Fernando. I don't care about that.

But I think she's

hiding something. That's all.


speaking of her. She's here.

Hi, Cléo.


How're you?

I'm amazing.

Sorry, you guys.

It's just a habit, yeah?

Hey. For me?

You're so thoughtful. Thank you.

To you.

To us.

I'll be direct with you guys

Please do.

When I found out who my mom was,

I couldn't believe it.

I couldn't. And so I asked

Vitória for time to process it.

And during that time,

I got to know you, Fernando.

Got to know my family,

started figuring things out.

When we got closer

and you introduced me to Heitor,

everything went haywire.

So, what about

that video you sent Miranda

asking for help, though?

I was really desperate.

Put yourself in my place,

locked up in a hotel,

not knowing anything.

I had to get a message to someone.

You have to believe me.

That was my only chance to reach out.

As soon as I got there, I was drugged,

and I couldn't meet with you.

Heitor is really smart. He's a sadist.

I can't remember anything else.

So let's go to the cops.

Let's tell them about the scheme.

No, I can't just turn him in, okay?

- Why though?

- I can't. I can't.

He knew I was Vitória's child.

He didn't believe me.

At least at first.

Then he investigated and confirmed it.

Then he went and offered me

a pact of silence, you see?

And he let me go.

I don't know what he'll do

if I implicate him.

He could k*ll me.

Still, Cléo

why would he kidnap you?

Why would he take that risk?

It's part of his scheme, Miranda.

He likes to test the product

before selling it.

It's been so horrible, Miranda.

I wasn't the only one there,

there were other women.

God only knows what happened to them.

It's the truth.

Believe me. Can you do that? You get it?

I've overstayed.

I'm leaving.

Watch yourselves, okay? Yeah?

Heitor doesn't have any limits.

You make a good couple, guys. Very cute.

I wonder if I played Cupid.

Please watch out.

Nothing about that story

makes sense, Fernando.

What's going on here?

Do you believe she was even kidnapped?

She could be lying to us.

Miranda, if that's the case,

then Heitor is being set up.

Who knows? I never found anything on him.

Ah, this is so confusing.

And what about those photos

you found at his office, then?

Cléo was tied down and beaten up.

Why would she lie about that?

I never showed you those.

How did you know about them?

Let's forget about this now.

Let's focus on us. Enjoy each other.

November 15th.

Today I realized I got so caught

up in everyone else's lives,

I'd forgotten about my own.

How did Fernando know about those photos?

It's always smart

to double-check the crime scene

for any overlooked evidence.






DATE 10/12 - TIME 11:37 p.m.









10/12 at 10:48 P.M.


DATE: 10/12 - TIME: 11:37 p.m.




10/12 TO 10/13

If he was with the cops,

then who took those pictures?

- Hello.

- Miranda!

- Oh, Miranda, you're in danger.

- Hey, come on now, calm

Just come here.

Come here.

- What are you talking about?

- I heard everything.

You come here

and I will tell you everything.

- Come here!

- What?

I'm sorry, Miranda.

She had a heart att*ck tonight.

We tried to resuscitate her,

but we couldn't save her.

I'm sorry.

But she just She just called me.

She has to be okay. Grandma?


She was acting

strange all day, she was very agitated.

We found her on the floor.

She was already d*ad.

I'm sorry.

No. You're okay.


I'm here, now. It's Miranda.

Grandma, it's me.



Don't leave me here alone, Grandma!

What if I cook something special for you?

That's okay. Thank you.

Can I Can I be alone?

It's fine if you go.

I can take care of her, yeah?

No, Rita.

I just want to be by myself.

Miranda, please take care, okay?

Love you.

Don't forget this could be the last time

You'll be with me at the right time ♪



Open your eyes

You can see that it's true ♪

Life's a game

You must follow the rules ♪

Hey, girl. It's Rita.

Open the door. It's been a whole week.




just let me know you're okay.

Please open the door.

Don't let it go

Everything will be right for you ♪


I went to the supermarket.

I got you some stuff.

I'll just leave it at the door.










- What is it?

- Hey. Miranda

Leave me. I'm not ready.

- Miranda, you shouldn't be alone.

- Hey

You can't isolate forever.

Okay? Open up.

Heitor, go away.

If I won't see Rita,

what makes you think I'll see you?

Do you have any idea how long

you've been locked in here?

A month.

Miranda, I know what you're feeling.

I know you're hurting.

But you can't give into it.

It's not what she would want.

I used to come here as a kid.

It's the perfect place for you to unwind.

I, uh, bought you clothes.

Get dressed.

You still work for me.

You should listen.

You own me now?

Do you know the concept of a "power void"?

You're not taking

control of your life right now.

You should be

treating yourself much better.

So, until you are able to do that,

yes, I own you.

Well, I'm here.

Satisfied now?

Not quite.

I'm getting there.

Let's go.

No more lying

I can't hide how I feel anymore.

Give me a dream

I'll give you the truth ♪

Shout it out, no time to lose ♪

So lay down

I know you can be so cruel ♪

So lay down

And kiss me in the afternoon ♪

Dreams come true ♪

Dreams come true ♪

Just tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Tell me now

The other side of the story ♪

Don't do that.

You're so You're amazing.

It's December 19th.

And I've really let my guard down.

Though everybody told me to stay away

something really strong

is pulling me closer to Heitor.

I've put all reason aside.

I think Heitor is doing the same.

Who can I trust now? I just don't know.


- Hi there.

- Good morning!

You're lovely

Heitor didn't

show up to work again.

He wasn't even at home last night

Gloria checked the whole house.

I keep trying to call, he won't pick up.

Yeah, Miranda's gone too.


Perhaps they left together.

Have you noticed the way

Heitor looks at Miranda?

She's your girlfriend.

You're together, aren't you?

You were smart enough

to break up with Heitor.

But you can be sure

that I won't let him take her.

There's more to this hacker,

don't you think so, Inês?

Am I right?

But don't worry, now that

I'm here, she'll tell us everything.

What the hell are you doing here, Nina?


It was simply an order

from your boss, Inês. You know?

f*ck off.

Don't lie.

- Are you here to supervise me?

- Supervise you?

He only sent me here to help.

It's been over two months, Inês.

I'm going to solve this case

and I don't need you.

Whatever you say.

But you'll have to deal with me.

Those are the orders, I'm afraid.

Tell me more about you.

Are you and Helena really over?

Actually, we never really started.

I like her but

it isn't love.

And Diana?

Diana betrayed me.

She made me believe I k*lled Bernardo,

lied to me.

She used that fact to get into my life.

Just awful.

The only good thing she gave me was Luísa.

So, you have never loved anyone?

Just one woman.

She was the one

who loved me most

More than she should have.

She was so possessive,


Her love just


She wanted me to herself.

She pressured me.

Didn't respect any limits, she

She was the most important person to me.

But no matter what I said,

she wouldn't believe me.

Her love was just

so controlling, you know.

And it just destroyed everything.

What do you mean?

She took her own life.

I watched her, as she said she loved me.

It was my mom.

Can you imagine what it's like

to live with that memory all the time?

I think it's because I had

to live through that kind of twisted love.

Now I can't fall in love

with anyone at all.

Love became something

poisonous in my mind.

An obsession

that causes pain and suffering,

and that'll always hurt.

It's not just a feeling.

It's a w*apon that can k*ll.

Did you k*ll Diana?

What are you saying, Miranda?

Even after all we went through together,

you still think I'm guilty, huh?

Hey, it's not that.


Fernando told me you were dangerous,

but I've found nothing.

I don't believe him!

So you're investigating me, Miranda?

Is that it?

- What do you want?

- I want nothing.

Then why did you approach me?

Was that all Fernando's plan?

Having you get close to me

to find dirt on me?

Confess, Miranda.

I'll find out myself.

Let's go back.

Let me talk to Miranda, Inês.

What for?

Inês, it's clear that she knows

more than she's letting on.

Go find her now,

and get her to start talking.

Now, Inês.

Well, someone wasn't gone long.

Ah, come on, Rafa. Come on.

I just need to work for a little bit.

I thought I said I would tell you

when it's the right time for us to do

I want you! Let me have you.

Otto? What are you doing?

I want to f*ck you, Rita.

No, Otto. Stop it.

You need to stop now. Get out.

We'll end up together, Rita.

Get out or I'll call the police!

I love you more than he does.

See. You're back.


Stop, stop, stop!



Who are you?

Rita didn't mention me?

I'm Otto.

Rolling thunder, calling low ♪

A muffled rumble

You see it starts to grow ♪

Like a teenage anger

Like a petal rose ♪
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