05x08 - A Kn*fe and No Coin

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Yellowstone". Aired June 2018 - current.
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Series follows the Dutton family who control the largest contiguous ranch in the US and are constantly under att*ck from enemies.
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05x08 - A Kn*fe and No Coin

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Previously on Yellowstone...

Market Equities will sue the state.

This state's gonna go bankrupt.

Sounds like an impeachable
offense to me.

I know how you feel.

So when I say that I am sorry, Monica,

I really mean it.

The Department of Interior
has approved two pipelines

through the reservation.

If there's nothing you can do
and there's nothing I can do

why are you telling me?

Because I know who's coming
after your office

and they'll use this against you.

If the state kills the herd,
will they pay you back?

I don't know how we rebuild
a hundred years of genetics.

Need to move our herd down south.

BETH: How much is that going to cost?

. a month.

I'll go with the herd.

You four are coming with me.


Somewhere where is doesn't
snow in the winter.

YOUNG RIP: He's d*ad?

Why didn't you just tell me
he fell off his horse?

You said never
to lie to you, so... I didn't.

There's a thing I could do

but if I do it, you don't ever
leave this place.

You'll be part of this ranch
until the day you die.




LLOYD: All right, ready?





What did he say?

About my daughter.

What did he say?


You k*lled him over it.
It must have been pretty bad.

He... He talked about her...

- He...
- Something sexual?


Something s-sexual.

Why did it bother you?

You're not my daughter.

Yeah, you should be shaking your head.

He was a good hand

and now he's gone because
he insulted you.

But he didn't insult you,

he insulted my daughter,
which insulted you.

Which leads me to my next question...

Is something going on between
you and my daughter?

Hmm, yeah.

That sure makes things a lot clearer.

The only time you fight
working for me is to protect

somebody on this ranch,

or the ranch itself.

And you will be surprised how
much fighting you'll have to do.

It surprises the hell out of me.

A long time ago, cowboys would drift in

and get work on some outfit,
then disappear.

A few months later, a whole chunk

of the herd would disappear.

It was the cowboys who started it.

You find out real fast
who's willing to ride

for the brand when they
learn they gotta wear it.

Our cattle stopped getting
stolen after that.

What that means today is...

You are committing yourself
to this ranch

for the rest of life.

And this ranch
is committing itself to you.


You will have a home
till the day you die...

or this ranch is no more.



that is something worth fighting for.

It's ready.

You're not staying?

Nah, this is between you
and the cowboys that wear it.

Don't worry, I'll know
what you choose tomorrow.

Didn't know I had a choice.

You always have a choice.

What's the choice?

Another ride back to Wyoming.

But you ain't coming back
from the next one.


♪ Maybe I'll be fast as you ♪

♪ Maybe I'll break hearts too ♪

♪ But I think that you'll slow down ♪

♪ When your turn to hurt comes around ♪

Holy shit!

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

You gonna hurt tomorrow!

Hurts pretty good now.

It's going to be a different hurt.


Here you go. Cheers, boys.

ALL: Cheers.


- Let's deal the kid in.
- Hell yeah.

Hell yeah.



Why do cowboys get up at
three in the morning

if breakfast is served at six?

Gotta get the horses saddled.

Takes you three hours, does it?

I don't want to be the last man.

So cowboys pride themselves on honesty,

but you start every day with a lie.

It's not a lie, it's like a...


So you admit it. Breakfast ain't at six.

No, we'll be unloading trailers by six.

Yes, and when we schedule
a surgery at seven,

we don't mean : .

Told you, it's a test.

So what time is breakfast?

That is one of life's great mysteries.

That's a good way to
miss breakfast altogether.


Back around noon. [FLICKS LIGHT SWITCH]

You forgot something, honey.


This is a test, too,
in case you were wondering.

Damn you, woman.

It's a quandary.

♪ Well, I don't think that the city ♪

♪ Moves slow enough for me ♪

♪ So I'm gonna leave now and I... ♪

♪ Ain't showing no warnings ♪

♪ And I know that mama said ♪

You missed breakfast, Jimmy.

♪ That love'll always lead you home ♪

Apologies, sir.

Don't apologize to me.

I ain't the one with an empty stomach.

- ♪ And I been following ♪
- Yes, sir.

♪ This lonely road for way too long ♪

♪ So won't you pray for me tonight? ♪

♪ I been heading down a dark cold road ♪

♪ I been dreaming of a ♪
♪ Porch swing with some lights ♪

♪ Hoping I can find myself back home ♪

♪ Now, I'm breaking horses ♪

♪ Out in Tishomingo ♪

♪ And every night I lie there ♪

♪ And wonder where ♪
♪ Good men's dreams go ♪

♪ And most nights I wonder ♪

- ♪ How far train cars can travel ♪

♪ Or how far a man can go
before one's truly unraveled ♪

JIMMY: Come on!


♪ So won't you pray for me tonight? ♪

JIMMY: Come on, girl.


♪ A dark cold road ♪

♪ And I been dreaming of a ♪
♪ Porch swing with some lights ♪

♪ Hoping I can find myself back home ♪

Cowboys win!


♪ So won't you pray for me tonight ♪

♪ I been heading down ♪
♪ A dark, cold road ♪

♪ I been dreamin' of you by my side ♪

♪ Praying I can get myself back home ♪


Hup! Hup!



♪ Dance to the Rose Of San Antone ♪

♪ Just can't seem to let you go ♪

♪ I never felt so lonesome ♪
♪ When you said goodbye ♪

♪ And just like Pat, ♪
♪ The song and you make me cry ♪


Easy... Hey, easy.

I feel sorry for the cowboy
who's gotta to break you.

EMILY: All right. That's looking better.

Good girl.


You done yet?

Naw, we gotta work the two year-olds.

Be home around six.

All right. What do you want for supper?

Thinking maybe the same
thing I had for breakfast.

Baby, that's dessert.

You gotta have supper first.
You're gonna wither away from loving me.

That's not a bad way to go.

All right, I'll see you at six.



Ain't your feet sore from
being in them boots all day?


But uh, at least it's a dry sore.

Was that supposed to be a joke?

Yeah, people always
complain about the heat,

but then they say at
least it's a dry heat.

So I thought maybe...

Yeah, its a joke. [BOTH LAUGH]

Stay in your lane, baby.
I'll do the joking.

Okay, what exactly
is allowable in my lane?


- Foot rubs.
- Foot rubs.

Mama needs pampering.
Maybe some back rubs would be good.

So, my lane is mostly rubbing
you, that's not terrible.

Yeah. The whole freeway is fair game.

Better not be a freeway.

Better be a damn toll road
and I got the only token.

Okay. So you can joke.

I am not joking. I'm very serious.

Okay, I like you jealous.

Hey, I didn't say stop rubbing.

Your work day ain't over, Jimmy.


- Oh, thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Don't litter, baby.

I'll grab it when we go in.

You say that every day,
and then you never do it

and now there's a whole pile
of them sons of bitches.

A little bottlecap mountain.

I'm happy.


You should be.

I hope you're buying lottery tickets.
Lucky as you got.

All right, that's it.

- What you gonna do?
- Ooh, dumb question.

No, no, no!

That is out of bounds! Stop it. No!

You are not in a position to negotiate.


Okay, okay, okay...



♪ I'd be spinning my wheels ♪
♪ Going nowhere fast ♪

♪ Pocket full of sorrys ♪
♪ And an empty glass ♪

♪ All hat and no cattle ♪
♪ And some tumbleweed booze ♪

♪ I'd be bl*wing in the wind ♪
♪ If I didn't have you ♪

♪ I'd be a drunk ♪
♪ Without a drink to drink ♪

♪ A guitar with a broken string ♪

Hep, hep, hep...

♪ Without you I'd be a falling star ♪

♪ Without a midnight sky ♪

♪ A cowboy with no horse to ride ♪

♪ I'd be driving in the dark ♪
♪ With no headlights on ♪

♪ On a one-way highway ♪
♪ That didn't go home ♪

♪ I'd have to borrow from the ♪
♪ Devil just to pay my due ♪

♪ I'd have nothing worth ♪
♪ Having if I didn't have you ♪

♪ Be a drunk without a drink to drink ♪

♪ A guitar with a broken string ♪

♪ Without you I'd be the kind ♪
♪ Of lost that's hard to find ♪

♪ Walking through this world of life ♪

♪ A cowboy with no horse to ride ♪

Where are you taking them?

We leased some ground
in the panhandle of Texas.

What's that like?

Windy and dry.

But no... no brucellosis.

Well, at least they
won't be cold in the winter.

No. They're gonna be plenty
cold in the winter.


I want to thank you
for what you said to me.

It helped me more than you know, I've...

I've leaned on it every day
since you said it and...

every night.

You know, I think sometimes

God gives us tragedies
so we can pass along

how we survived it to the
next generation of sufferers,

[LAUGHS] if that makes any sense.

And maybe someday all that
knowledge leads to no tragedies at all.

What a world that would be, huh?

Yeah. What a world indeed.

I got something to ask Kayce,
but we both know

who wears the pants in your deal,

so, I'm just gonna cut out
the middle man and ask you.


I'm needed in Helena.

I need Rip with the cattle and
I have no one to run this place.

Next to the reservation
is what's called East Camp.

There's an old house there
that needs a little work,

but it's yours if you'll take it.

In exchange for what?

The ranch can't be Tate's some day
if the ranch isn't here.

I need his help.
I need it from all of you.

We can help.

Thank you.

That's all you ever had to do, you know.

Just ask.

Well, now I know.



How many is that?

There's eighteen.

We'll load up these four
trucks and we'll h*t the road

and I'll get Lloyd to load up
the rest and get 'em down there.

You figure out a crew to
help when you get down there?

[LAUGHS] Travis said he's got one.

I don't need him cowboying
on our show horses.

No, no, sir, he won't be
doing that now. I promise.

All right. You let me know
if you need anything,

Sorry it has to be like this.

Sir, it is what it is.

You know what they say
about cowboying...

if it was easy everyone would do it.

Yeah. [LAUGHS] It ain't that.

Can you come tomorrow
and get the rest on the road?

I need to ask my wife.

Yeah, you do that, son.

And whatever she says, you stick to it.


Tends to be the safest move.


You're stronger than I was.

I guess that's how it's supposed to be.

I love you, son.

You'd think he was the one leaving.

He is.


- Let's go.
- Sir.




Ladies and Gentlemen of the Legislature
and the Senate...


Thank you for coming. Thanks so much.

Good to see you.

Why so few councilmembers?

I find it hard to believe
they'd support a pipeline

through the reservation.

They won't stand with me.
Angela's got their ear now.


Well, this is getting interesting.

I must admit I'm surprised
at the support.

Assuming you're here to give it.

Well, this is how bad I don't
want a pipeline on my land.

I can only... can only imagine
you feel the same.

- You imagine right.

All right, so who starts this deal?

You're the governor.
I'll leave that to you.

Well, it's your land their
talking about wrecking.

All right. I'll introduce you.


JAMIE: I have called this
emergency meeting

of the Assembly to address an
egregious act of dereliction.

In canceling funding for the
Paradise Valley International Airport

and surrounding residential, commercial,

and mixed communities,

Governor Dutton has violated state law

and his sworn oath of office

to act in the best
interests of the state.

He has exposed the state to litigation,

which I have been
informed is forthcoming.

He has robbed the state
of billions in tax revenue

and thousands of jobs.

By doubling taxes on non-residents

and initiating a sales tax
on non-residents,

he threatens to extinguish

our state's single biggest
generator of revenue: tourism.

These are callous, calculated actions

that are only in the best
interest of the governor himself

and will have devastating consequences

for our constituents,

the people who elected us.

The reason we are here.

JOHN: Progress. It's, uh...

seems that's all ever talk about.

But I never talk about what
the word actually means...

It means "to proceed,"
"to move forward," that's all.

Typically we interpret moving
forward as better...

Better for us as a people,
better for the planet,

which is usually better
for us as a people.

And if we use it in that manner

I agree.

But when something benefits one
group over another group

you can't use that word anymore.

You must use another word.
You must use "bias,"

you must use "favoritism."

Running a pipeline beneath
the drinking water

of an already strained
and impoverished community

may be progress for the owners
of the pipeline

or owners of whatever
runs through the pipeline

or for those receiving it

but it could lead to disastrous effects

to the land and the people
this pipeline runs beneath.

Which is not progress at all.

And it is for those people,

and for the future of Montana...

And for that reason,
as governor of Montana,

I cannot support that endeavor
and will use the full weight

of my office to prevent
it from happening.

That the Attorney General's
office, under Article ,

and section
of the State Constitution,

is requesting a Senate
Tribunal seeking impeachment.


- I didn't expect that.

Me neither.

Well thank you, Governor.

You, uh, took my whole speech.

That's what I was going to say.


The President visited us last week.


He spoke about improving
the quality of life here.

He spoke of the schools, our
health clinics, our sovereignty.


WOMAN: Read this.

Oh my God.

Governor Dutton, can you
respond to the charges?

What are they saying?

Read this, John.


Governor Dutton, do you
have a comment, sir?

Have you read that report?

This is why I said he's not
fit for this office.

Don't answer any questions just leave.

MAN: Governor.

- It appears you got ambushed.
- Yeah, it looks that way.

If I'd known this was going to
happen I wouldn't have come.

So what do you have to say?



This moment isn't about me.

And I won't let it be.

The issues facing this
reservation are real.

Far more real than any theater
being played out

in Helena right now.

Keep your focus on the issue of
today because it will still

be one tomorrow. Thank you.



CLARA: He can't point to a single code
or conduct violation.

He talks about litigation
and damages but no litigation

has been filed so there's no
damages to consider.

His entire impeachment claim
is conjecture.

Sometimes conjecture is all
you need to get started.

Truth prevails.

It's not that kind of fight, Clara.

Truth won't win this one.

Well if truth won't win it,
I don't know what will.


I don't know how to fight with menace.

I'll teach you.


- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean?

My father's gone.
Why aren't you with him?

I'm on house arrest.
I can't go with him.

Well, you were with him
at the county fair last night.

I don't make the rules.
He said to stay so I stayed.

Oh. Well, I'll say this:

when you forsake feminism you go all in.

You're almost Amish.

I don't have a choice,
I'm f*cking stuck here.

Don't sell me that bullshit, Summer.

You were with him last
night at the country fair.

With his stormtroopers
on either side of us.

Well, you didn't look
like much of a c*ptive

sucking his tongue down your throat.

It's hard to play the victim,
Summer, whiles you're on top.

Why does it bother you so much that

I see in him exactly what you see?

I have no desire
to suck my father's face.

You know what I mean.

Where's your dad live, huh?

I'll go f*ck him.

Don't touch my Tito's.

I drink Scotch.

Course you do, with your
hairy f*cking armpits.

Oh, and let's get one thing clear:

you touch my peanut M in the freezer.

I will k*ll you in your sleep.

I sleep with a Kn*fe.
And I have a peanut allergy.

You know, we might make it through this.

If you're done insulting me

I have something I need to show you.

Come here.



And it is for those people,

and for the future of Montana,

that the Attorney General's
office, under Article ,

and section of the
State Constitution,

is requesting a Senate
Tribunal seeking impeachment.

The assembly voted to in favor.

Now, that subjects Governor John Dutton

to the first impeachment tribunal
in the state's history.



That f*ck.


So, branding's all over, huh?

You pulling out?

My family pulled about an hour ago.

You were working and
I didn't want to interrupt,

but I wanted to say goodbye, and...

I don't know, maybe
we could go and, I dunno...

If your family's gone
how are you gonna get home?

I have my truck here.

- You can drive?
- Of course.

How old do you think I am?

Wait... How old are you?

No, I didn't mean, like, 'can you drive'

of course you can drive, it's just...

I don't have truck, just a dumb cowboy.

What time you done working?

You don't have school tomorrow?

It's summer. Nobody has school tomorrow.


You're done with school?

I mean, uh... it's more
like school's done with me.

Well, I can wait for you,
if you want me to.

I'd like that.

That's a lot to unsaddle.
You want a hand?

I ain't too proud to say no.

- Okay.
- Come on.

Grab that one.

I got two pots of coffee on.

Grab your mugs and get 'em filled.

It's not cold in Texas, is it?

You think it's cold here?

You gonna freeze the fuzz of
them little peaches down there.

Coldest I ever been is prowling heifers

on the Pitchfork in January.

Pack everything you got.
Your long Johns, your jackets.

There ain't no trees to break
the wind where we're going.

And you won't call a
twenty-mile-an hour wind

a wind after a winter down there, guys.

Better than here.
They're damn near to Mexico.

It's colder than a mother-in-law's heart
down there, boys.

- I'm telling you.
- Just pack it.

It's better it lives in the
truck than not to have it at all.

You gonna miss me?

I don't know
how to answer that considering

I was forced into this relationship.

If you love something,
Teeter, set it free.

I mean f*ck that.
He lucky I ain't chaining his ass

to the f*cking radiator.

I don't know if going back to Texas

is gonna be the best thing
for her speech therapy.


There it is, a zinger
from the cheap seats.

RIP: Shit, Ethan, I've known
you ten years,

and you finally said something

That was pretty f*cking funny.

You get all them dresses packed?

Don't start that f*cking shit.

They all gonna fit in there?

Don't f*cking start it.

He's got 'em in a hanging
bag in the trailer.


All right, y'all, let's roll.


RIP: Lloyd.

I got it handled here, brother.

I know you do.
You need anything, you let me know.

You, too man.

Adios, boys.

See you, guys.


ETHAN: Play a little hold em?

LLOYD: Hell, ain't got
nothin' better to do.



I'll fly out and see you in a week.

I love you.


- See you in Texas.
- See you on Texas.


[WHISPERS] I... love... you.



It was the perfect speech,
it was the perfect delivery.

Everything about it was perfect.

- And you got the votes.

He's gonna fight.

I don't doubt it.



Oh, shit. It's my sister.

Just ignore her. She'll go away.

You don't know my sister.



Shit. Jesus.

- Jamie?
- There's a term for this, Beth.

It's called breaking and entering.

There's a term for
the reason I'm doing it:

it's called career su1c1de,
and you f*cking just did it.

Get the f*ck out of my house!
Out of my house!

- Get out!
- f*ck you, Jamie!


Tomorrow, you will
call a press conference

and you will resign from office.

Do you f*cking understand me, Jamie?

You will resign or I'm
printing photos for the sheriff.

No, you're not.

Doubt me. Doubt me, Jamie.

I am begging you.


How many bodies

has your father put in the same spot?

Turn me in and you turn him in.

Have you thought this through?


Wait, did you even know?

Did you think I just picked a turnout

on the Wyoming border
at f*cking random?!

There's a century's worth
of our family's secrets

down at the bottom of that canyon.

You want to see how fast they
take the ranch from us then?

It'll straighten your f*cking
hair, that's how fast.


Ask him. Ask your husband.
Where the train station is,

and how many times he's been there.

You want to know the real price
for protecting the ranch?

I don't think you do.

If the goal is protecting the
ranch from future generations

of which you have none,

then monetizing the ranch
is the only option.

The airport was the only option
and you f*cking know it!

You're a business woman.

How's the cattle business
treating you, Beth?

You see any long term plays there?

You know all of this!

And you can't convince him.

Well, I am guaranteeing the
ranch is passed down to Tate,

to my son. To their children some day.

That is the promise that I made,

and that is the promise I'm gonna keep.

The greatest thr*at
to that ranch is our father.

And you know that, too.

So I will remove the thr*at.



You'll take your approval anywhere
you can find it, won't you, Jamie?

I bet you are one expensive hooker.

You enjoying your marionette?

Every inch of him.

Okay. So, it's w*r.

The w*r's over, Beth.

No, Jamie.

w*r is just beginning.


And this just in.

Wolf Watch, the environmental
group that funds

the radio collar studies
of wolf packs in the park

has just issued a press
release claiming that they

have recovered radio collars
from the Prospect Peak wolf pack,

and they say that the data indicates

that the wolves could have been k*lled

on Governor John Dutton's
Yellowstone Ranch,

which borders the park.

So far, no comment from
the Governor's Office.

When it rains it pours, huh?

They never reached out for comment.

And nothing indicated they
were k*lled on your ranch.

I mean, this is, this is...

It's a h*t piece, Clara.

They smell blood in the water.

- Who smells blood?
- Everyone.

Maybe you should take them
to the train station.

The what?

Could I have a moment with my daughter?

Have a seat.

No, I'll stand.

What do you want to know?

What is it?



It's the trash can
for everyone who's att*cked us.

It lays in a jurisdictional d*ad zone

in a county with
a population of exactly zero.

Hence, no jury of your peers,

and no court for a change in venue.
Why are you so surprised?

Where did you think the men
who att*cked you in your office

and att*cked our ranch went?

You're shocked we found
a way to circumvent

the consequences of defending ourselves?

I'm shocked we need a way.

But we do. We always have.

And unless we're willing to walk away
from one hundred and twenty years

of our family bleeding into this ground,

we always will.

Jamie knows about it.


Okay, I'm going to repeat that, Dad.

Jamie knows about it.

I'm aware, Beth.

He will use everything
that he knows to destroy you.

He has made it clear.

Yes, I believe he has.


If there is a place our enemies go

and nobody ever knows they went, Dad,

and they will never come back...

then I think that's the place for Jamie.

What do you think, Daddy?






I bet.

She's a real piece of work, your sister.

Oh, yeah.

She's a monster.

She always has been.

She used to s*ab me under
the dinner table with a fork.


No reason, just for the fun of it.

Actually, she's done it as an adult.

I would hardly refer
to your sister as an adult.

What do you think she'll do next?

The truth?


I'll think she'll try to have me k*lled.


Come on...

You really think so?


Do you... do you know anyone...

or, um...

is there a group

that has experience with
this kind of situation?

You assign yourself security, Jamie.

That's playing defense.


What if I want to play...


There are companies, yeah.

There's one in New York,
and there's one in Virginia.

How are they?

They're professionals.

They're not h*t men.

It will look like a...

heart att*ck or a car accident.

Perhaps I could meet with them,

and see how they would handle this.

Jamie, you don't want to do that.

You tell me what you want,

and I will meet with them.

See, if you're going to go
after her, you just might...


You know.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.



Hey, hey, hey.

What's so funny?


You're smiling like
the cat that ate the canary.

Oh. Didn't know I was.

You got a big, old shit-eating
grin on your face

like you spent the night
in some girl's arms.

- I do?
- Yeah.

They starting younger and younger.



- Morning.
- Morning.

Just a couple more trucks
and we can go home.

Can we stop by the East Camp
on the way home?

How do you know about East Camp?

Your father told me.

Said it was ours if we wanted.

If you'd help out while
the cowboys are gone

and he's in Helena.

Is that what you want?

Here's what I don't want.

I don't want to go back
to a rented house

and stare at a nursery
that isn't filled.

And I don't want to take it down.

I'd rather move it.

Start over and try again, you know?

Be nice to have something of our own.


We'd be living under this again.

Well, I live under it anyway.

East Camp is not much of a house, baby.

Yeah, but it would be ours.


In my vision, the choice that I saw,

was between this place and you.

Was East Camp in your vision?

Well, maybe this is the way
we have both.

Okay, we'll take a look at it then.


Kayce, bring up another load.





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