00x01 - Aprils & Andy's Road Trip: Spider

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Parks and Recreation". Series aired April 9, 2009 to February 24, 2015.*
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Public officials in an Indiana town pursue a series of projects to make their city a better town.
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00x01 - Aprils & Andy's Road Trip: Spider

Post by bunniefuu »

The spider

- April !

- April !

- There a spider in the car

Ludgate, here
is super scared of spiders

- Shut-up !

Everyone is scared of spiders

- I know, honey

As her husband,
it's my duty to protect her

- There web on me, I feel web on me

Look at me, look at me, get off, get off !

- She has the "arachnaconapia" thing

- Just get another car

- Think, I get it

No, just a squished blueberry

Spider is still on the ???

Repeat: the spider is still on the ???

- Stay back, what if it on you hair

or your butt

- Is it on me

Is it on me, right now ?

- No !

- Fine then, I hope you could lived with yourself

when we find a spider
and just our carcasses on the desert

Thanks for nothing !

- What ??? say ?

- He said to set the car on f*re

- Ok

- We got it

Got it contained

- Yes

- Oh my god !

Oh god !

Oh my god !

- What appened ?

- It flew

It can fly

- Ok, we give him like an entire hour
to show himself out


Our... cheeto based spider highway didn't worked

It did just attracted lots of ants

I k*ll it !

- Really ?

- I get it

I learned two things today

One : spiders are impossible to k*ll

Two : squished blueberries
looks exactly like d*ad spiders


- Let's go

- Let's do it !

g*n !
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