01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Tourist". Aired: January 1, 2022 -present.
A man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory, he must use the few clues he has to discover his identity before his past catches up with him.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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Hello? You have to You have to find me.

- Uh - There's not much time.

- Hello? - You have to I can't hear - Hello? - You have to help me.

You have to try to get to me before Look, you need to tell me what this is about, okay? What what what What is going on? I'm in an oil drum, and I'm buried underground, man.

You're what? Buried underground? Listen.

Listen listen! - The battery is about to die.

- Okay slow down, slow down.

Look, uh, how How do you know me? Okay, listen, Murray Waters.

We drove through Murray Waters.

Murray Waters? Where? You come get me.

You owe me that.

You're the reason I'm here.

Huh? Look for a a a f*cking waterfall.

- Waterfall? - Look for the waterfa No.

No, no.

Ah! F Agh! f*ck! You know absolutely nothing.


Remember that, and you will get where you need to be.

Now, maybe that's out in the field, like me chasing "bitterflies," as my pop used to say, or maybe you want to climb the ladder, make commissioner, like he did.

Doesn't matter, so long as you remember you know absolutely nothing.

Today's your first day with the Major Crime Investigation Branch, and this job is not about instinct.

It's about finding evidence.

This is not the time for Excuse me a second.

Hi, love.

How are things? Oh, forgot we ordered those.

Oh, that's good.

And Jimmy's exams? Are you kidding me? Yeah, it's hard to know, isn't it, with this stuff? Yeah well, I was thinking maybe, uh, lamb.

Yeah, you know that recipe, the Moroccan one? Do we have any, uh, ras el hanout? Or ra I think it's ras el hanout.

It's a it's It's a Moroccan spice.

Oh, sweetheart, I've got another call coming in.

I'll I'll buzz you right back.

Good morning, sir.

Nah, they'll wait.

Yeah, okay.





Okay, just one question.

Where the hell is Burnt Ridge? Jesus Christ.

Everything all right there? Fine.


- Here we are.

- Okay, thanks.

Hi, love.


So you, uh You left this in my car.

It's nice to see that you're making friends, though.

Do you know the way to Murray Waters? Um yeah, it's, like, a four-hour drive from here, why? f*ck.

Okay, good talk.

Sorry, I just really need to get there.

Something really weird is going on.

I mean, like, next-level f*cking batshit crazy.

It turns out, before the accident, I hid a hid a phone inside of this guy.

The phone starts ringing, so I picked up, and there's a man on the other end who says he knows me.

Probably should have said this before, but he He's He's buried underground.


Uh - yeah, that that is a lot.

- It is a lot.


Um Tell me on the way, and, uh, start from the beginning.

Wait, what? You you're gonna take me? Well, I wouldn't get too excited about it.

Seats are m*rder on your arse, air-con's f*cked, windows, they don't close, but, you know, for 100 bucks, I was pretty lucky to get one with a steering wheel.

But it's, like It's, like, an eight-hour round trip.

Yeah, I've got nowhere else to be.

Plus, uh, you are the most interesting thing to happen around here in a really long time, so Well, I'd have sh*t him on the roadside, but some assh*le saw the crash.

Well, shit, I don't know.

Maybe Look, call me when you got a clue.

Hey, boss.


What you doing here? I thought you was off.

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, it's Thing is, I just need to talk with you, Billy.

That's the thing.

Oh, I sure hate this.

I do.

Hate what? I I saw you.

I was coming back to the office.

I was gone ten, I think, and I'd left my headphones, and, you know, I I run You you know that I'm a runner, and Yeah, I came back to get 'em and you were Get to it.

You were driving the truck out of the lot.

The 2IV.

Next day, Charlie says, "Oh, there's been a break-in.

Someone stole 2IV.

" And I'm going, "Eh, what break-in?" 'Cause I mean, what What I saw.

Yeah, I know what I saw.

Still don't know why you're here.

You said it was stolen, but it wasn't stolen, was it, Billy? You just said it was so you could claim the money.

And and I'm loyal, me, man, yeah.

I I can keep a secret.

Take that shit to my grave.

Just that me and Elle were really hoping that we could take the boys to a nicer school.

- It's just - Okay, I get it.

You're trying to squeeze me.


Yeah, maybe I am.

I sweat my b*lls off for you Years.

Now it's my time.

It's my time.

Well, okay, then.

We can make an arrangement, son.

But you're gonna have to promise me you're gonna take that with you to the grave.

Yeah, on my life, Billy.

Well, I I got something in that truck over there you're gonna want to see.

- Yeah? - Yeah, go take a look.

But you walk away with that, and we're done.

You keep your mouth shut.

What am I looking for? Uh, Helen Chambers speaking.

Hey, I'm Cath Bauri.

I'm a nurse at Cooper Springs Hospital.

You asked me to call if anyone came looking for that amnesia patient.

Uh, yeah, of course.

What happened? Who came in? Um, an American guy, cowboy hat and all.

He was kind of weird, to be honest with you.

It's it's just about that guy who lost his memory.

You're supposed to be off, aren't you? - Helping keep me distracted? - He didn't, um, leave a name or number or anything.

Sorry, Cath, um, I'm I'm not actually on duty today.

Uh, maybe you can call the station.


Oh, okay.

Um, I mean, you asked me to call you.

What if he knows who this bloke is? Have you got a charger? - Glove compartment.

- Excuse me? I Not you, sorry.

Um, I was just I'm sorry, and thank you for calling, and sorry.

Why's this person bothering you? You're not a ruddy detective.

'Cause no one else seems to care, and maybe I - Oh, dear.

- Oh.

Sorry about that.

It's yourself you're letting down, Hel.

Okay, look, moving forward, I want this burger wrapper to be like our testament.

Like our Treaty of Versailles.

That was, like, a like, a really important treaty.

Oh, I have actually heard I want you to keep this wrapper in the car.

And every time you look at it, I want you to remember we're in this fight together.

You're getting ketchup on me.

- Together.

- Right.


Still hasn't called.

It'll be okay.

No one deserves that job more than you.

Yeah, they really don't.

No one in the real world looks like that.

It's a myth is what it is.

- It's like Bloody Mary.

- Who? You've never heard of it? We used to dare each other in school all the time.

You you go into a bathroom and you lock the door, and you turn out the lights, and then you say "Bloody Mary" into the mirror three times.

And it's meant to summon the evil spirit of a woman in the mirror who claws your eyes out or makes you go nuts or something.

- You ever do it? - No.

No, can't see you doing something like that.

What's the holdup? Is there no way around this? Ugh.

You okay? I keep wondering if anyone's out there missing me.

Parents waiting for me to call or friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, hungry dog? But then I think, what if there isn't? What if no one gives a shit where I've gone? What if the only person who can answer any of this is lying underground suffocating to f*cking death? Do ever you think you're better off just not knowing who you are or what you've done? Yep.

f*ck this.

Come on! I don't know what you think you're going to achieve.

Movement? Progress? Who knows? - What the f*ck? - What is he doing? Mate, what the hell? These guys are endangered.

Got to let nature take its course.

Hey, some things are more important than your plans for the day, my friend.

These two must've got all the way out here from someone's backyard.

Now look at 'em.

Life happens.

You got to let it.


Hey! Hey, come on.

- Move it.

- Okay, okay.

I'm not wasting any more time.

They're done anyways.

You could've just waited Instead of looking like a dicksplash.

Feel better? - No.

- Mm.


Bloody Ma ry.


Hi, um, can I please speak to Cath Bauri? Speaking.

Oh, ah, yeah, it's Probationary Constable Helen Chambers.

I'm really sorry about earlier.

I would love to hear more about the guy that came in, the American.


Uh, right, yeah, well, I was just gonna say he didn't leave a name or number or anything.

He didn't say how he knew the patient? Uh, no.

When I told him the fella discharged himself, he wanted to know where he'd gone.

I offered to pass on his details, but he didn't want to tell me.

That's weird, right? Yeah, the guy was a real creep, to be honest.

Maybe I can, um, take a look at the CCTV footage, see where he went? Do you still have my card? - Uh, email's right on here.

- Honey? I'll have one of the boys pass it on.

Hopefully, this cowboy bloke will have some answers.

Um, appreciate it.

Honey, you ready? Sorry, still changing.

Who was that you were talking to? Becky.

Um, more problems with Greg.

Maybe I should give Greg a call, see if he's okay.

He, uh, needs his space, apparently.

Ah, that is so Greg.

Yeah, I'll be back tonight, tomorrow latest.

Cheers, Sandy.

Cheers, I owe you.


You should see if they sell any shovels.

Why would I need Right.

Shovels f*ck.


Ah! Hey.

Hey! Hey.

Hey! Hello! Hey! Help me! Hey! Hello? Hello! Help me! Help me! Help me! Hello! Excuse me, do you know if there's a waterfall near here? - No.

- Let's split up.


Excuse me, do you know if there's a waterfall anywhere? Guys, have you seen a waterfall near here anywhere? Got nothing that looks like a waterfall? Nothing, no? Come on.

Excuse me, you don't know of a waterfall near here, do you? In the town, outside of the town? Anywhere? No? Waterfall? No? I really need you to think.

Waterfall? No? Nothing? Suppose there's a waterfall near here? I really need you to help me.

Do you know if there's one here? Haven't a clue.

That's great.

Haven't a f*cking clue.

Agh! Hi, sorry to bother you guys.

Do you know if there is anything like a waterfall? - Sorry.

- No? Okay.

"Great Outback Tours.

Your local experts.

" Hi, uh, we were looking for some help.

We're We're looking for a waterfall.

I hear Niagara Falls is beautiful this time of year.

- Your move, arsenugget.

- Yeah, I I know.

Don't rush me, dickknuckle.

I I mean, um, we're looking for a waterfall close to here.

Sign said you guys were the, uh, local experts.

Hear that, Arl'? These fellas looking for a waterfall.

I do, and I'm looking for a 23-year-old Polynesian lady who likes to cook.

- Jesus Christ.

- If wishing made it so.

How about anything that could be described as a waterfall to someone who's not from around here? Please, it's important.

Could be that place out in Karramundi.

- With the - Back sorry, before.

Where are you? Where are you now? - Karramundi Way.

- Yeah, the the post office? - Yeah.

- Go back.

- Go back? - Go back.

- Too far.

- Go left.



Can you guys help us or not? Oh, I'm sorry, mate, I just I thought I had an inkling, so to speak.

It it's probably nothing.

Don't worry about it.

How far is this Karramundi place? - 60K, maybe.

- Mm.

- It's hard going in the bush.

- Mm, mm.

- You'd need the chopper.

- Yeah, you'd need the chopper.

- But you can't take the chopper.

- Course not.

- Yeah.

- Why? - Storm coming.

- Stor Um, it It looks fine.

Storms out here will change in a heartbeat, mate.

And we don't fly in the storms.

Suck on that.

Look, lads, um, I need you to take us.

Whatever it costs.

It's important.

Why? Because it is.

Just wait for the storm to pass, and we'll be happy to take you, mate.


Show me which way.

Driving's not a good idea.

- The storm.

- Just Just show her.

Detective Inspector Rogers.

- You're Lemon? - It's Lammon, but that's okay.

I I get it all the time.

Hey, look lively, fellas.

This is Major Crime's top man.

Okay, I don't want this to be a "them and us" kind of situation.

Major Crimes and local police.

There's no them and us.

There's just us, more specifically me.

Yeah, I was so excited when they said they were sending the DI Lachlan Rogers.

Well, sometimes you draw the short straw.

Oh, no worries.

I mean, we're really lucky to have you on board.

This is well outside our usual.

I actually thought it was a gas leak or something like that.

It was Carter who figured out it was a b*mb.

Actually, I just said it didn't look like a gas pipe or nothin'.

And there were these bits and pieces, didn't look right.

All I said.

Look, our team's working with Cooper Springs, seeing what they can find on the expl*sive device.

First assessment, they're saying it's It's crude, it's homemade, and it's not a pro.

Um, meantime, what I'm here for is, uh is this stranger.

- Come again? - The report said that That two people left the diner right before the the blast.

A Luci Miller and, uh, all it said was, uh, "a man.

" Oh, yeah.

We don't have a name.

Why not? Oh, he doesn't have one.

He was in an accident a few days ago.

He woke up in hospital at Cooper.

He doesn't remember who he is or how he got there.

Uh, have you been looking for this man? Uh, no, not Not at the moment.


Uh, okay, so this man, uh, who's claiming not to know who he is comes into town, and shortly afterwards, something explodes.

You didn't think to connect those rather large dots? No, I didn't.

I mean, I I didn't know that he didn't remember who he was until a couple of hours ago.

And then, you know, I just thought it'd probably be best to wait till you arrived, you know? Priority number one is to find this person, okay, Lemon? It's Lammon.

Let's find this guy fast so I can go home.


We'll, um We'll start with Luci Miller.

All right, then.

Right, uh, would you excuse me a second? DI Lachlan Rogers.

Can you believe it? You know, I still don't get it.

What? You, in the middle of nowhere, driving towards a storm with someone you've never met.

Told you.

You're the most interesting thing to happen No, I know what you said.

What's that supposed to mean? I just mean, what kind of person does this for a total stranger? Coffee bean.

- What? - No.

When I was, um When I was about 12, I was complaining to my dad about exams or something, and he takes me into the kitchen and he gets out a potato, an egg, and a coffee bean, and he puts them all on to boil.

And after a while, he He gets the potato out.

Obviously, it's gotten softer.

Then he gets the egg out, harder.

And when I ask him about the coffee, obviously, it's dissolved, and I've just got a spoonful of coffee left.

Dad always said that you can be like the egg or the potato and try to fight all the shit that life throws at you, or you can just go with it, adapt.

You didn't answer my question.

I'm a coffee bean.

I go where life takes me.

It took me to you, and for some reason, I like you.

Could've just said that.

Would've been a lot quicker.


I've made a decision.

Not this one.

Well, you sure? I mean, it says thread count's 2,000.

- That's heaps, isn't it? - Look at the price.

We're not Kardashians.

Thread count's just a marketing tool anyway.

You got to consider finishing, construction, yarn size.

Well, yarn size isn't everything, you know? It's about what you do with it.



Ah, seriously, you're not gonna I'll be quick.

- Freddie, hey.

- I ran the CCTV the hospital sent over.

The car that cowboy hat guy got into is registered to Billy Nixon.

He runs a big trucking company around here.

Great, great, and you got an address for Nixon? Last I checked, you were probationary constable and I worked front desk.

Yeah, it's just, this feels like something else.

- Something big.

- Something that isn't your problem, you know? I get the biggest jug in my house.

It's 3 litres, just under, and I fill it with margarita mix.

- Excuse me? - That's what I do on my day off.

You're an inspiration, Freddie.

I'll text the address.



Well, can we focus now? We're down to deciding between these two here.

Actually, I have to go.

- What? - That was Becky.

She wants to talk about Greg.

What about our day off? The the sheets? We're supposed to return these today.

We have to make a choice.

I can be back in an hour.

Okay? Tops.


Nixon? Mr.

Nixon? I'm I'm Probationary Constable Chambers.

I was just hoping to ask you a few questions.

You got a uniform or badge? Oh, uh, yeah.

I have my police ID.


It's my day off.

That's why I'm Apologies if I seem mistrustful.

Only I've had bad experiences with people who ain't who they say they are.

Oh, right, yeah.

That happens.

I guess.

Um, so, Mr.

Nixon You know, my mother was a police officer back in the U.


of A.

It's fine work you people do.

It's It's fine work.


So, Mr.

Nixon, um, earlier today, you went to the hospital in Cooper Springs looking for a guy.

And you want to know what I was doing there? - Yeah.

- Well, I saw the accident.

I was gonna stop, but a couple of cars had already pulled over, and I figured not much I could do.

One of my drivers had taken a fuel truck up to Darwin Truck 2IV, and he hadn't checked in, see.

I was just out following that route.

Okay, um, so you saw the accident and Yeah, and it just stayed with me.

I was just wondering if that poor soul inside it made it out okay.

Sorry, so just to be clear.

You didn't know the guy inside the car? No, do not.


Uh, the hospital also said that you asked where he went.

- Mm-hmm.

- Well, just, why'd you ask that, Mr.

Nixon? I mean, it's just, you wanted to know if he was okay, so why does it matter where he's gone? Well a man makes it out of that wreckage alive, it's hard to believe, see? Hell, and I thought This guy's still in Cooper, this guy's nearby, wouldn't mind meeting him for myself.

Peace of mind kind of thing? Whatever you want to call it.

Ah, well, okay, then.

Um, thank you for talking with me.

Thank you for stopping by.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Is there something about this guy I need to know? You see I I I just went to the hospital to see if that fella's okay.

Next thing I know, there's a police officer coming around asking me questions.

It's just not in the normal run of things, you understand? I'm just following up.

You're not a detective, right? I mean, you're just a b*at cop.

No partner.

Just flying solo, huh? Thanks for your time.

Hey, it's me.

I'm gonna need information on a constable called, uh, Helen Chambers out of Cooper Springs.

Yeah, quick as you can, please, thank you.

You have one new voicemail.

It's me.

Are you still with Becky? Hear that? That's the sound of me on my own.

Just come home.

I've got a massaman curry on the go.

It takes all day to get the spice - We should close the shutters.

- You scared, are you? You're the one who should be scared with my bishop right up your arse.

Guess I'll do it.

Oh, Jesus.

Dust storm is comin' in.

Big f*ck or little f*ck? Big f*ck.

Big f*ck.

We got to stop.

I don't even know where I'm f*cking going.


- No, it's okay.

- Just Yeah.

Well, this is just f*cking perfect.

There's a guy buried underground and we're in here hiding from dust.

Can't see a thing in that.

I mean, I have no idea which way we're even heading right now.

You know that story you told about the coffee bean? - Mm-hmm.

- Your father never said that.

That's just, like, an old story, the kind you get in a self-help book.

It sounds better when I say that it came from my dad, though.

Why'd you lie? I like the story, so I borrowed it.

That's what people do, you know? Tell little white lies, make a version of themselves.

And what version of yourself are you trying to be in Burnt Ridge? What's that meant to mean? Well, you You're not from there, are you? You don't seem like you're from a small town.

Yeah, I, uh I moved here a couple years ago after things didn't work out with my boyfriend.

What happened? Um, we had a difference of opinion.

Jeez, this is a big f*ck.

So this guy you left Maybe he left me.

Doubt it.

It was never gonna work between us.

No, it was just one of those "falling into bed" "five minutes after meeting" kind of things.

Instant attraction.



I mean, you can't just screw all your problems away, can you? I guess some things just aren't meant to be.

- It's hot under here.

- Yeah.

It'll pass soon enough.

It's just a storm.

That's what my grandma used to say.

It'll pass, and you'll see the sky again.

And that's when the real trouble starts.

Shut up, Mariah.

Sorry, she's on her period.

Thought we already done this, Lammon.

I know, but this is Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers.

He's come down from Major Crime.

He's got a few more questions for you.

Okay, sh**t.

I'd ask you in, but Mariah's shit on the floor, I can't get the smell out.

Okay, look, uh, we're looking for the man who came into the diner right before the incident.

The incident? You mean the bloody great b*mb? - Yes, ma'am.

- Well, like I said to Lammon, I've never seen him before, but he seems to have buddied up with Luci Miller all right.

Really? How so? Well, she called earlier asking me to feed some stray dog she's taken a shine to.

Said they were headed to Murray Waters.

God knows why.

Appreciate your time.

- Do you know Murray Waters? - Yeah.

Tourist trap kind of place.

You fancy taking a drive up there? What, with you? Now? Well, if you got somewhere more important to be, I can go and get my partner.

I'd rather he coordinate on the ground here and I make the journey with a local, but No, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm I I'm in.

I'm I'm jazzed.

It's my sister's not gonna mind anyway.

It's not an important birthday.

Then get in the car, Lemon.

You know, it's actually Lammon.

What the f*ck? You're kidding.

Oh, my God.

That's Murray Waters.

So we've just driven in the wrong f*cking direction? Mm-hmm.

Whoo! f*ck! f*ck, f*ck! f*ck, f*ck, f*ck! He's probably d*ad by now.

- Hey, you don't know that.

- No, you don't understand.

He he said that I am the reason that he's buried underground.

- You're the reason? - Yep.

Well, now is not the time to give up on him, is it? Are you coming? - All right, lads.

- Storm's gone, let's go.

- Hell of a storm, hey? - No, let's go.

- Now.

- One sec.

No! You How about now? That was a seven-hour showdown, and I was just about to No, you weren't.

Can't do anything with a pawn.

Insurance waiver, "not my fault if I k*ll us all" "'cause I'm still drunk from the night before" kind of thing.

- Just a joke.

- Hilarious.

Okay, let's do this.

Ah, good brush work.

Ethan, I lied.

I was off on that case.

The guy who lost his memory.


I was watching that.

I've been carrying on like a pork chop.

I didn't tell you 'cause you don't take me seriously.

Okay, Treaty of Versailles.

You and me, like you said.

We're in this together.

My ride's here.

Wh you're going out? Martin called.

- I got the promotion.

- That's great.

I said I'd go have a drink with the fellas.

Greg called while you were out, told me you weren't with Becky.

I already knew about your big fat web of lies.

Ethan, come on.

I can help this guy.

While you were out playing detective, I was sitting here on my lonesome.

Okay, I I turned to share the good news, and you weren't there.

Why should I take you seriously? You're just a traffic cop, not even a very good one.

Your delusions of grandeur are just embarrassing.

You can be really selfish, you know? Don't wait up.

Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary! Wait.

So 30 minutes, right? We have to get out before it gets too dark.

- Anything? - I have no idea.

- Hey, stop.

- What? Jesus Christ.

So the office sent through the photograph? Yeah, appreciate it, Sergeant.



Sorry about that, I've got a bladder the size of a kitten.

You know, Murray Waters isn't that big.

I mean, even the locals could find Luci Miller and this bloke.

If something's worth doing, Lemon, you do it yourself.

Sooner it's done, sooner we can all go home.

It's just that it's getting dark.

Do you drive much in the outback? - Yeah, a bit.

- We try not to drive at night because of the kangaroos.

They're attracted to the headlights.

They come jumping towards them, and bang! Look, a lot of kangaroos die on this road at night.

f*ck the kangaroos.

Is he, uh Yeah.

What are you doing? Shit.

Battery's d*ad.

There's nothing else in his pockets.

How can you just search a d*ad man like that? I don't really have any other choice.

This must have been clogged up in the storm.

Whoever put them in here, they didn't mean to k*ll him.

Where are you going? Get a charger for this.

Right, what are we gonna say? To who? The pilot, the cops.

The truth.

I came out here to help you, okay? I I don't need to be caught up in any of this shit It's too late.

- Need to call the police.

- What? Why? - What's going on? - I, uh I, uh You know what? Doesn't matter.

I can deal with it when we get back.

Let's g*n it.

What are you doing here? You're not on till tomorrow.

Ah, I'm not.

Do you have a squad car for me? No, 'cause you're not on till tomorrow.

No worries.

I'll I'll just take my own.

You know you're not on till tomorrow, right? Hi, you've reached Ethan Krum.

If you leave a message at the tone, I'll be able to connect with you shortly.

Thank you.

Ethan, hey.

Um, hope you're out celebrating with a few beers.

Listen, I, um I'm not coming home tonight.

Going to a place called Burnt Ridge.

That guy from the hospital, he's in trouble, and no one round here seems to give a crap.

I know you don't think I can do this, but I can.

I can help him.

I I need to do this.

I hope you can understand that.

Call me.


You're welcome! Hey.

Slow down.

It was you.

That signature on the insurance form, it was signed the exact same way as the note.

You wrote this.

You're the one who brought me to Burnt Ridge.

Still not stupid, then.

You know me? Yeah.


I, uh I know you.

Who am I? Sure you want to know, Elliot? Yeah.

That's your name.

Elliot Stanley.

And I'll ask you again, are you sure you want to know who you really are? 'Cause, mate, you're You're not gonna like it.

- What are you doing? - Taking you to the police.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Oh, you know what? I think I will.

Maybe you can explain to them and to me just what the f*ck is going on here.

Okay, although I'll probably have to tell them about the part where you k*lled someone.

Yeah, told you you weren't gonna like it.

Elliot Stanley.

Don't you want to know? Where are you going? I need a drink.

Yeah, that's fair.
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