01x07 - The Snipe and The Clam

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kleo". Aired: 19 August 2022 - present.
After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a former spy k*ller is set free and embarks on a revenge spree against the people who conspired to betray her.
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01x07 - The Snipe and The Clam

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Andi? Dinner's ready.


Just wait a sec, please.
Let's not do anything rash.

Of course she's gonna
do something f*cking rash!

What are you planning to do?


No. Wha... Kleo?

Look, maybe it was
just a misunderstanding.

Maybe he was there to look out for you.
Maybe it wasn't him at all.

I was in shock.
Maybe it was someone who I...

You've got a f*cking machine g*n
in the kitchen cupboard?

Of course you have.
You're completely crazy.

You mustn't k*ll him. You can't.

-Yes, I can.

We have a deal!
You promised me. No more k*lling.

You k*lled Uwe!

That was completely different!

-That was self-defense!
-This is self-defense.

Okay, let's suppose you k*ll him.
Then what?

Where has all the k*lling got you?

Are you an inch further now?
Are you any wiser?

Are you happier?


k*lling doesn't get you anywhere. k*lling...




-Does this mean you won't k*ll him?

I just want to talk.

Good, that's exactly what I wanted, and...

Come on!

And we'll just leave that...

We'll just leave it lying there, yeah?

Don't you like it?

I'm sure it's good, but

I'm just not hungry.

I see.

I need to go to the doctor's.

Anja, wait.

Listen, what do you say we go away
on a trip before the little rascal's born?

Four weeks in Kühlungsborn, just us.
How's that sound?

And what about work?

I'll quit.

No one's buying Pralina stuff
anymore anyway.

It's just a matter of time
until they fire me.

But I'm going to start my own business.

Good idea. Yes. Insurance is good.

-Yeah. It's a deal, then?

When you get back,

we'll pack your things
and set off right away.

Today? So soon?

Of course. I'll be a free man.

That's a good start.


Anja, I love you.

You and our family,

is the best thing
that ever happened to me.


I love you too.

Hello, Andi. My name is Sven...

f*ck's sake, Kleo! What the hell?

What are you doing?

You promised me. Kleo!


-Why make deals if you won't keep them?
-Get inside.

I'm going in here,
but only because I want to!


Kleo, open the door!

The stupid cow!

Damn it, Kleo!
You shot me. You actually shot me!


She's just not a team player.

Why were you at the Café International?

Why was I there?

Uwe came here and said
he was going to do you in,

so I went there to protect you.

I see.

Oh man, then it's all been
a total misunderstanding!

So it really wasn't you who shot at me.

Because you would never do such a thing.

Shit! Kleo?

Kleo, are you all right?


What the...

Oh dear.

Did someone swap the b*ll*ts?

You lied to me the whole time.

It was all just an act.

And if you all hadn't trained me
to always be paranoid,

I'd be dead now.

Now I'll have to do
another thing I was trained to do.


Wait! Wait, Kleo.

Yes, I betrayed you.

I betrayed you because they ordered me to,
and I thought it was the right thing.

Now I know it was wrong.

We both know you'll have to k*ll me now,

so that's why
I want to tell you everything.

You can do what you want with it.

It was about Mielke's suitcase.

I already know that.

Comrade Frey...

fled the country
and offered the thing to the BND.

Luckily, we had
one of our own people there.

A double agent.


Who passed the information
back to your grandpa.

And Otto sent the best agent we had
to do the job.


What's in this suitcase?


Mielke came by some documents.

expl*sive documents.

He used them to blackmail powerful people.
He held all the cards.

What kind of kompromat?

A secret deal between...

Did you see his face?
How stupid he looked?


That's Ramona's Makarov.

Yes, it's mine.

You're Ramona.

Nice to meet you. Heard a lot about you.


What are you doing here?

I had to keep an eye on him.

He knew too much.

Anyway, you wouldn't have had the heart
to do him in, comrade. Right?

Otherwise, he'd be long dead.

It's not good
when feelings come into play.

Give me your g*n.

So you can sh**t me?

No, I can't.

I'm afraid I haven't been
ordered to k*ll you.

Give me your g*n
so this little man can live.

I think that's a very good idea.

Kleo, listen,
I know I get on your nerves sometimes,

but this knife is really very sharp.

Please put the g*n down. Please.

Okay, I will. But only because I want to.

Feelings again.

All right, go.

See you.


Who is that?

What's going on here?

We've got one crazy... Whoa!

The other one comes in and...

-Absolutely ridiculous day!
-Sleep well, little trumpeter.

Just one nutjob after another!

Don't you have
any normal people in the East?

Why can't you all just communicate?

Kleo, who was that?


Are you all right?

Kleo, we need to go. Now.



Dopi, cool. Cool of you to come.

When a friend calls, I'm right there.

You've got a problem?


I sensed it.

-In here.
-Amazing. The connection between us.

Yeah, totally amazing.

Dopi, our club, the location you found...

Awesome. I'm telling you,
it'll blow everyone's minds.

Yeah, I know.

I also know
how we can pay for the location.

-Not just for one night, but forever.

I can finally fulfill my mission.

But it might mean someone...


I need to do something
that isn't quite right.


Classic dilemma.

Just like a Greek tragedy.


-Iphigenia in Tauris.

But listen, your mission,
it's g*dd*mn important.

Yeah, well...

More important than anything.
No question what you should do.

Think of the people on Sirius B
who believe in you.

Think of your princess
who's waiting for you up there.

Dopi, the sign.

They've sent me the sign.

Holy mackerel!

You loved him, right?

Kleo, it's really none of my business,
and I'm very sorry for your loss...

but we need to talk about
where we go from here.

Was he able
to tell you anything before he...

Before she...

Anything that could help us?

He said there was a double agent
at the BND.

I'm sorry?

A double agent at the BND?




A few days ago,
a BND agent came to our house.

She wanted to talk to my grandpa.


Anne Geike.

"Anne Geike."


That's her.

She's the one who showed up at our door.

That's our double agent.

Reinhard-Gehlen Street, Pullach.

-We're going to Pullach.

Jenny, what...

Because I was... I didn't see you.

I was in the basement.

Are you kidding me?

You've brought
a Stasi assassin to our house?

-I'm calling the police.


Please trust me.
She's completely harmless.

We're sort of working together.

Sven, I don't give a shit
about this woman!

My God, you don't come home for days,
you don't call, you don't apologize.

I've no idea where you are, okay?

What am I supposed to tell your son?

Do you even realize
you're destroying our family?

Honestly, right now,

I have more important things to do
than have this conversation with you.

I know things are difficult between us,
but let me solve this case...

I slept with Frederick.

You what?

I had sex with Frederick.

At least he was there for me.



Mark, wait.


-We're going through a rough patch.

-But we'll get through it, okay?
-Dad? Dad.

I'm 16, okay?

I'll be fine if you two...

Well, in case you...


You don't have to stay together for me.

A relationship
can get stale eventually, right?

-I mean, it's really no surprise

if you or Mom have the odd, stray shag.

"Stray shag?"

Stray shag.

-Who taught you that expression?

Stray shag? I've never said "stray shag."

Yes, you have.

Ms. Luxemburg.

Hi there, little brother.

You've got a great kid.

I told our informant Sven Petzold

to stay close to the suspect

and to let us know about her plans.

The border police confirmed

they entered the Federal Republic
at the Rudolphstein/Hirschberg checkpoint.

This is Jenny Schneider,
Sven Petzold's partner.

And the other person in the picture,
Frederick Lembech,

Sven Petzold's colleague and best friend.

Never trust your best friends, huh?

We can assume that the target
is in the Federal Republic,

probably in southern Germany,
in Munich or the surrounding area.

So they're very close by.

Yes. Maybe closer than we'd like.

Thanks very much, Ms. Sun.
Excellent groundwork.

Please put all of that down
in your report.

I'll take over from here.

I'd say, "Let's call it a day."

Okay, guys?

This is Geike. Kleo Straub's here.

Yes. Here in Pullach.

You said you were on top of this.


Why me?

Are you threatening me?

Yes. Understood.


Min. Good briefing.

See you tomorrow. Bye.

By the way, I was in the archives,
looking up the Big Eden case.


I went through a few files.

I thought,
with a Stasi assassin in West Berlin,

we might have a file in there too.

And did we?

I'm glad you asked.

There was a dossier, actually.

But it's disappeared.


Yes, strange.

But I did find something.

An invoice. Hospitality expenses.

Hospitality expenses.

From the Big Eden.

Submitted by you.

Yes, that's right. That was me.

Why didn't you tell me
you were at the Big Eden that night?

I would have liked to,
but that dossier is classified.

You understand that, right?

And the fact that the invoice
ended up in the archives

must have been an oversight.

Yes, that's what I thought too at first.

But then I wondered

why you gave this job specifically to me.

It was your turn.

Yes, that could be the reason.

Or you wanted the whole thing
to come to nothing,

and that's why you gave me the job.

You've never trusted me
to do anything, right, Anne?

"All warfare is based on deception."

That's how the saying goes, right?

You left so quickly last time.

We weren't able
to say goodbye properly, comrade.

May I call you "comrade"?

After all, we work for the same firm.

What firm?

Okay, that's exactly
what we're not gonna do this time, okay?

Hello, Ms. Geike.

The Stasi apparently
had a double agent in the BND.

We assume it's you,

and we just wanted to have
a quiet chat with you about it.

My grandpa was your commanding officer.

We even worked together,
'87 at the Big Eden.

I eliminated Frey,
and you took the suitcase.

Where is the suitcase?

You know what's always irritated me?

You lot in the Stasi.

You were always so f*cking arrogant.

Thought you were smarter than the other
covert branches, but you weren't.

More snitches than actual citizens,

yet you sleep through
the collapse of the GDR.

She's right.

And now your crappy department
no longer even exists.

But I'm still here.

And I have no intention
of going down with you.

You know how much money
I've made doing all this shit?

A paltry 15,000 Western marks.

Stop whining.

Your pathetic GDR is going down,

but I'm not going to jail
for treason for you, for 15,000.

I promised the guy down there
I wouldn't k*ll any more people.

Sven, can I make an exception?


Okay, go ahead!

Let's talk. Talking is our privilege.


Let her have it!


Kleo, what's going on?

You stupid bitch.

Oh well.

You set her on fire?

No, she set herself on fire.

Why did you set her on fire
before she talked?

I wanted to talk to her,
but then one thing led to another.

Shit, Kleo. I think this is serious.

She's pierced an artery or something.


You'd be dead by now.


Our beautiful TV tower, of all things.

I bought this pile of shit.

I don't know,
maybe I'll leave it standing for now,

until it's worth something.

But it's all just junk.

-What is it you want to do?
-A gallery with a stand-up bar.

A gallery, here?

-A club.
-A club?

A club. Don't you know what that is?

What kind of club?

Well, music, dance beats, techno.

I don't really get it.

A disco.

A disco here? Who would...

Well, whatever you want.
But payments are to be made monthly.

And people stripped to the waist.

-I'll pay in advance.




Dopi, dude, awesome!

Okay, now what?

Where is the suitcase?

Easter Island.


Look for anything to do with Chile.

Look here. I'll look upstairs.


It's just a feeling.

Why Chile?

My grandpa had connections in Chile.

Why... I... She's crazy.

She's completely...

incapable of...



That was easy.

Kleo, I've got something.

She was in Chile in 1987.


She knows Jorge?

This is Jorge.

Who's Jorge?

A comrade from back when.

A comrade or a "comrade-comrade"?



We need to go to Chile.
The suitcase might be there.

Come on.


-Yeah, well...
-Here is...

The bag can't have vanished.

I put it there myself.


Could anyone have taken it?

You robbed me.

-What goes around, comes around.
-Thilo, you don't steal!

"Here we will be trained as agents,

capable of carrying out diversionary acts
in the area of operations,

individual acts of terrorism,

capture of individuals, reconnaissance,
destruction, appropriation."

You could've just asked me.

The money doesn't matter to me,
but we need it now.

I had to do it.


Kleo, there was a sign,
and I have this mission.

What mission?

From up there.

Sirius B.

-That's where he's from.

The f*ck are you talking about?
Sirius B's a star.

No one comes from there.

Yes, they can.
There's a princess there too.

She waits for me. But I can only go back
to her once I've fulfilled my mission.

I needed

the money to get back home.

Kleo, do you understand? Back home.

My home. I need to go home. Just like you.

Yeah, but we needed the money too.

I was gonna use this to buy
a smoke machine. It's yours, a gift.

"A gift."

That'll do.

I'll get the tickets.


What tickets?

I need to go to Chile.

I'll be back.

But I won't be here anymore.


"When the snipe and the clam grapple,
it's the fisherman who benefits."

That's another saying for you.

Thanks for everything.

Hey, hang on.

I'm coming with you, right?

You don't have to.

You said I was coming with you because...

We're going together because
you want me to, don't you?

Why would I want that?

Are you kidding? What do you mean why?
Because we're a team.

Because of the suitcase and all that.

We... You like me.

Well, you need me at least. Right?


She likes me.

Comrade Minister.

My God, you're huge!

We have a problem.
I can tell you that much.

Pick up the suitcase from here
before someone else does.

Thank you.

And what about Kleo?

k*ll her.
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