02x03 - Chapter 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lupin". Aired: 8 January 2021 –; present.
A retelling of the classic French story about Arsène Lupin, the world-famous gentleman thief and master of disguise.
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02x03 - Chapter 8

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Run, Assane! Where is he? Guys! Are you OK? Did they hurt you?

-Who were they?

-Answer me, please.

I'm fine.

Dad was awesome.


-No, I can't let you say that.

-Why? You can see why.

He's dangerous.

-He uses others.

He stops at nothing.

-Not true.

It is! It's all his fault! I don't want to hear about him anymore! Understand? I don't want him to come near us again.

Do you understand? He's never kept a promise.

We can't trust him anymore.

This is the last time he puts you in danger.

You're in a great mood today.

What's going on? Can't believe she's not answering.

-She's his mother.

-And I'm his father.

I haven't spoken to the kid in a week.

She was desperate.

That's normal.

No, it's not.

She ratted me out to Pellegrini.

She went too far.

Stop it.

She had no choice.

She warned you.

She didn't give you up.

Good thing you're here to cheer me up.

You're my best friend.

Comfort me.

Don't tell me the truth.

Buddy, you should be taking it out on Pellegrini.

So, what's the plan now? Assane? Don't worry.

Pellegrini went after my son.

I'll do the same.

We've got work to do.



-Hello? Ganimard? Listen.

Monday, 10:00 a.


Café Paul, Place Dauphine.

Be there.

You got it?

-I got it.

-And come alone.


-Alone, Ganimard.

I'll find out if you talk.

-Bet you will.

-By the way

-Try cold water.

-Cold water? The stain.

It'll come out with cold water.

Here we go.

Bets are open.

Come on! Where's the ball? You can see the ball.

We're taking bets.

Doubling, tripling them.

-Where is it?





You win, sir.


-We should've bet.

Round two.

Come on, sir.

The ball's here.

Come on.

We're taking bets.





You've lost, sir.

-Too bad.

-Next time.

Can you see the ball? Round three.

-So, how much?

-We did good work today.


-Pretty girls.

-We're not so bad ourselves.


-Assane? How are you? Good.

-Juliette, you coming?


-What are you doing here?

-I was just thinking about you.

What's the holdup? Meet me here tomorrow? Yeah.


See you tomorrow, then.

See you.


You don't waste any time.

A complicated story.

-I'll explain later.

-Who's that girl? You know her? What are you doing here? Stop pretending.

Pretending what? You expect me to believe this is all a coincidence? What's the catch this time? The waiter is your father's security? Sir? May I take your coat? I'm not staying.

Very well.

Security agents aren't what they used to be.

I'm serious, Juliette.

This is going too far.

What is this about?


-Listen It's never been simple between our families.

But we're not our fathers.

That was between them.

Not us.

It's poisoning our relationship.

There's no catch.

You don't look well.

I'm trying to take your mind off things.

Don't feel like you have to stay.

That said, the food here is good.


-Would you like to order?

-Salmon, please.


-I'll have the same.

-Very well.


-Your appointment is here, sir.

Philippe Courbet.

-Hello, Philippe.


Come in.


-No, thank you.

Some wine, perhaps? Not what I'm here for.

Let's get straight to it.

Have a seat.

So Tell me.

Very well.

I've checked the financial situation of those attending the foundation's gala.

Assuming that 30% of the attendees won't donate Presuming that donors are less generous than they say, we can expect 10 million euros.

As you requested, 15% will go to the foundation.

-The remaining 85%



-Will go directly to me.

The money will be transferred to an offshore account.

I just need a few days with my team to finalize the contracts.

How old are you? How old are you? My age is of no importance, sir.

All that matters is that I charge 10,000 euros an hour.

It's expensive, but my clients get their money's worth.

They say you're the best.

So they say.

-I have one question.

-Tell me.

Is your daughter a part of this scam?

-Let's not use that word.

-Yes, of course.

Is Juliette Pellegrini involved in all this? No, she isn't.

Do you often dine alone? No, I was stood up.

Was it a date? I was supposed to meet a Canadian donor for the foundation.

And, well, he canceled.

Rich people love being philanthropists.

When it's about signing a check, no one shows up.

Do you donate? A lot more than you think, yes.

Don't worry, I've got plenty left.

-Too much, in fact.

-Stop it.

Money can't buy happiness.

Is that it? No, but let's say my life has become serious.

And there's no adrenaline left.

-Do you miss it?


Look at us now.

Hiding behind our wine glasses.

We'd never come to a place like this.

We would have.

We'd have left without paying.

-Should we?

-You're crazy.

You can't improvise that.

-See? That's what I mean.


-You've become reasonable.

-Not at all.

I've changed methods.

And? Is the table under your name? It's in Velmont's name.

Who? Horace Velmont.

The Canadian who stood me up.

In that case Thanks for dinner, Horace Velmont.

-The check, please.

-All right.

Come on!



Hey! Your scooter! Hey! Shit! My scooter! The Pont Neuf, the quays along the Seine, you didn't do that on purpose?

-I don't know what you mean.

-Yeah Anyway, I loved tonight.

Thank you.

Me too.

-Too bad we can't stop time.

-Yeah, too bad.

Good evening, madam.

Good evening, sir.

Come on Can't believe it.

Come on.

Ben, you there? Claire, what are you doing here? Well, I was in the neighborhood.

-How are you?

-I'm fine.

-It's good to see you.

-You too.

Have you heard from Assane? Is he OK? Yes, don't worry.

-You sure?

-He's fine.


-Who is that? He's a friend.

A friend?

-Shall I introduce you?


Marc? So, this is Benjamin.



A beautiful store.

You don't have to be nice.

Assane's friend.

He won't like you.

We're dating, so I can't like his store? Indeed.

And how's Raoul? He's great.

Thank you.


-Well, we'll get going.

-I'll see you out.

Bye, Ben.

See you.

Excuse me? I'd like to give Claire a present.

I saw a bracelet.

-That one, there?


-Could you hold it for me?


-I'll come back for it.


That's nice of you.

Before it was a museum, Orsay was a train station.

The building sheltered prisoners during the Liberation.

I'd like you to tell that story to the children.

Of course.

Yes, it'd be wonderful if they had access to the auditorium.

We could also organize screenings, concerts, debates.

My assistant can send some suggestions


- Alice, I'm sorry.

-Please excuse me.

-No worries.

-Let's meet up outside.


What are you doing here? I'm working.

I was passing by, and I saw you.

-You don't believe me?

-I know you.

Assane Last night was nice.

Today could be nice too.


I loved that night We're not 20 anymore.

Like you said yourself, we can't stop time.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

-You all right?


What are you doing? I'm working.

How's that going?

-What's up?

-I have something for you.

Really? A small gift.

-Go on.

Open it.

-Thank you.

I bought it in Ben's store.

He recommended it.

Don't like it? Blame him.

You kidding? It's gorgeous.

I love it.

Thank you.

I'm going to take a picture.

I'll send it to Ben.

-Courbet, have you met my daughter?

-I haven't had the pleasure.

Juliette! You haven't met Philippe Courbet.


Nice to meet you.


He's building the framework to receive the donations.


Thank you.

Compared to everything you do, it's not much.

-See you.

-See you.

All right.

There's a package for you.

I put it on your desk.

ATTENTION: JULIETTE PELLEGRINI PISSARRO STOLEN FROM MUSÃE D'ORSAY We're all devastated by what's happened, of course.

The great sadness I'm feeling extends far beyond enthusiasts of art and culture.

All of France was wounded today.



Yes? Two gentlemen are waiting for you.

Yes, I'm coming.

-Hello, gentlemen.

-Hello, madam.

Some questions for you.


-Were you at Musée d'Orsay yesterday? Yes.

Why? A painting was stolen at the same time.

Did you see anything unusual or suspicious?


-Are you sure? I believe you received a package today.

No, I I'm sorry.

I assure you Don't worry.

No one's accusing you.

That's good.

Well, I'm at your disposal.

-If you need anything, don't hesitate.


Have a good day.

I'll show you out.

Assane! Are you crazy? You can't steal a painting and send it to me.

You don't like it? I'm serious.

The cops came to question me.

You said we couldn't stop time.

We can.

That painting is proof.

What are you doing? Dinner, the ride on the scooter, the painting What do you want? You.

You made your choice a long time ago.


Not the right one.

Claire is the mother of my son, but nothing more.

-I was wrong about her.

-Stop it, Assane.

Deep down, you're like me.

-You have feelings you won't admit to.

-Really? Look around.

No cops.

You didn't rat me out.

We're here together.

Because we want to be.

It might not be too late.

Prove it to me.

What? Prove it to me.

Not by stealing a master painting.

How? Claire.

She's pretty.

Pretty eyes, pretty smile.

-Not living the dream



-You don't know her.

I know more than you think.

You can find out everything on social media.

-You do that?


I noticed a few interesting things.

She has a boyfriend.

Not bad looking.

He gave her a bracelet.

And she clearly loves it.

I love it too.

And? You stole from the Musée d'Orsay.

You can steal a bracelet from your ex.

You can do it.

A rare model.

Can you track it down? The bracelet was in my possession for a bit

-I sold it.

-To whom?

-I could buy it back.




-You sold it to Claire.


-Not exactly.

-What do you mean? Did you or did you not? The guy she was with bought it from me.


-I didn't like him.



-And why not?


He was very nice.

-There you go.

This bracelet is a rare piece.

You won't find another one like it.

So if Juliette wants it, you'll have to steal it.

From Claire.

-Where are you going with that makeup?


I ran into Céleste's mother.

You were chatting with a young Black man yesterday.

You seemed to know him very well.

I said you didn't know any Black boys.

Though I have a pretty good idea.

I forbid you to see him.

-Who said I was




We've nothing in common with those people.


Not bad.

So? What do we do now? I'd like for us to start over.

No more lies.

You're right.

I'm a reasonable guy.

I'll return the painting.

And Claire's bracelet.

We've never been allowed to be together.


-You know that.

I don't anymore.

Your father.

-He's always been against us.

-Stop obsessing over him.

-What do you want?

-To live our story.

You want me to choose between you and my father? I didn't say that.

He framed my father 25 years ago.


-You don't know the whole story.

Go see your mother.

She knows.

My mother has nothing to do with him.


Go see her.

She'll tell you the truth.

Once you've heard the truth, you'll do what's necessary.


-What's this? The name of a cop.


A trustworthy guy.

Your mom can talk to him.

We missed our chance when we were young.

Now we know what we want.


You know where to find me.

Remember? Here, you have Pissarro's The Seine and the Louvre.

Right behind, Toulouse

-Lautrec's masterpiece.


Pellegrini went after my son.

I'll do the same.

Aiming for the daughter.

We've got work to do.

Hi, I'd like to book a table for two tomorrow evening.

A table near the window.


Of course.

My name's Horace Velmont.








Thank you, sir.



You'll call Juliette and pretend to be this Velmont.

I'll tell her the foundation's amazing.

That I want to make a donation and meet her.

I'm flying back to Montreal, so I'll offer to meet that very evening.


Yes, that would be wonderful.

We could have dinner together.

The rest has to come from her.

That's the key.

Come inside.

I'll cover my tracks.

She'll never imagine The food here is good.

Is the table under your name? she was manipulated.

In Velmont's name.


-Horace Velmont.

In that case, thanks for dinner, Horace Velmont.

Come on! We'll pay the waiter so he won't come after us.

Pay the bill upfront.

Hey! Your scooter! And compensate the delivery guy.

Then Magic happens.

She has to believe I'd do anything for her.

She'd do anything for me.

Even betray her father.

I'm following so far.

-How are we going to steal the painting?

-We won't.

We'll make her think it was stolen.

Watch this video about the Notre

-Dame f*re.

You change the banner.

There you go.

We're all devastated by what's happened, of course.

The great sadness I'm feeling extends far beyond enthusiasts of art and culture.

All of France was wounded today.

I'll send her fake notifications.

I have guys to play along.

What do you want with Ãtienne? Don't worry.

 No one is accusing you.

That's good.

We need a forged painting.

I'm counting on you.

It shouldn't be a problem.

So, really we're not the ones trapping Pellegrini.

His daughter is.

What's going on, dear? Assane Diop told me to come see you.

I've been kept in the dark for too long.

I need to know.

Your father needed money.

He found the perfect scapegoat.

Diop's confession didn't earn him a reduced sentence.

Your father lied.

Why didn't you say anything? Or report him? Why? Because he was the father of my daughter.

You loved him so much.

I didn't want trouble or to deprive you of him.

Mom This needs to stop.

You have to tell the truth about Dad.

Talk to the police.

I don't know.


Go see this person.

Tell him what you know.

It's the only thing to do.


All this for a coffee date.


All this for a coffee date.

Are you Ganimard? Yes.

I'm here for my daughter.

I promised her the truth about her father.

Great, but who are you? Anne Pellegrini.

If you could sign just here.

And here.


Sir What is it? Police, Mr.


We have a search warrant.

You're under arrest on suspicion of fraud, obstruction of justice.

We'll be questioning you about Babakar Diop.

You're kidding? Come on.

My cane! LIVE


-Where are you?

-I'll be a bit late.

What are you doing? Pellegrini's been arrested.

It's official! I have to go see Juliette.


Don't make that mistake.

It's over, Assane.

It's done.

I won't be long.

See you in a bit.

Good evening, sir.

Good evening, madam.
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