01x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for TV show, "Big Bet". Aired: December 21, 2022 - present.
Legendary king of the casino in the Philippines confronts unfortunate events after getting tangled up in a m*rder case.
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01x06 - Episode 6

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Did you get to take a look around Manila?

Oh, I, I was in my room the whole time.

The scenery here is really nice.

Agiles is not like this place at all.

It's a very tough area, so...

(inhales sharply)

did you conduct any investigations
in Korea?

No, I don't have any experience
in investigations.


Well, where did you work, then?

I worked at the Foreign Affairs Department
at headquarters.


Before that, where did you...


Oh, I've only worked at headquarters.


You see, he attended the cadet academy,

so he probably doesn't have
a lot of field experience.

Still, he got the Best Police Award twice.

(awkward laughter)

Right, uh, yeah...

Regardless of that, it's unusual

for the Philippine government
to allow something like this.

I'm looking forward to working with you.


I'll try my best.

(smacks lips)
Is there anything else to tell him?

Yes, sir.

Uh, the meetings will be held here
once every two weeks.

Everything work-related can be discussed
over the phone or email...

Okay. I got it.

When are you leaving, then?

I'm going to introduce him
at the National Police Agency

and the Immigration Office,
then I'll be on my way.

Well, then.

-I'll see you around.

Yes, sir.

YOONGI: All right.

We're done with everything now.


Wait, I need to go and get my phone.

-You can go ahead.

-I'll be outside, then.
-All right.

(smacks lips, sighs)

(light music)

You win anything?

Not really.

How much did you start with?

A million pesos.

Well, then you won a lot.

I was at eight million pesos before.
Damn it.

Then you should have stopped playing
right there.

My goodness.

You know it's not that easy.

(both laugh)




What are you doing here?

I wanted to see you,
and play a little bit too.

(both laugh)

Also, this is my friend from Korea.

Hey. Nice to meet you.

-Hello. I'm Oh Duseok.

(inhales sharply)

How's the thing going?

You know the investors
who I talked to you about?

They're coming here.


I'll set up a meeting right away
when they get here.

-When are they coming?


Then, text me the flight time and number.

I'll make you look really good.

Thank you, Moosik.


I'm going to go play a game.


MOOSIK: Have fun.


I heard that he's starting a casino
with some investments from Korea.

MOOSIK: Oh, yeah?


His company does pyramid schemes

and apparently, he ran away
to Hong Kong with billion won.

Hmm, I see.

You knew?


I laundered that money for him.

Then you worked with...


How do you think they'll start a casino?

They used my name, obviously.

And his investors sent him the money
because they saw my name on it.


Why didn't you tell me about that?

Why should I report to you?

Well, that's not what I mean.

(both chuckle)

Nothing's for sure yet.
They sent five billion already,

but I'll have to wait and see
if they actually have billion.

-Are you sure that he can be trusted?

Why would I trust them?
The only thing that I trust is money.

(phone buzzing)

(buzzing continues)

Hey, Mom.

SOJUNG'S MOTHER: Did you just get up?


SOJUNG'S MOTHER: What time is it there?

Come on, you ask me that
every single time.

It's one hour later here.

(Sojung's mother coughing)

(Sojung's mother grunts softly)

How are you doing these days?


And what about the new caregiver?
How is she?

Is she good?

(Sojung's mother coughs)

You're doing okay, right?

Mom, are you listening?


You need to exercise a lot.
Don't just sleep all the time, okay?

That way, you'll be out
of the hospital sooner.

SOJUNG'S MOTHER (coughs): Okay.


(smacks lips)



(door closes)

(soft music)

(indistinct chatter)

Will this go well?

Hey, isn't that Ilyung?





♪ Excuse, excuse me ♪

♪ Excuse, excuse you ♪

(both laugh)

-Welcome, Eunjeong.
-(exclaims happily)

(in English)
Welcome to the Philippines.

(in English)
Oh! Thank you, thank you.

(in Korean)
Have you been waiting for a long time?

-No, not at all.
-Wow, it's so nice to see you here.

That's what I'm saying.

(both laughing)

This is my friend. Friend.


I'm Oh Duseok. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

How do you know him?

Oh, just...

-He's just a friend from my hometown.

Yeah. A friend from my hometown.

Let's go.
You should shower and have a beer.

-You must be tired.
-Of course.

I've got to drink a Miguel since I'm here.

-Yes, you should.
-Of course.

-Let's go. Let's go, let's go!
-That sounds great.

-Let's go.

Hey, get the luggage.
Let's go, go, go, go.

(both laughing)

-Here, Eunjeong. This is our car.
-Oh, okay.

(awkward laughter)

Now, what is this?


I mean, how old is this thing?

I know it doesn't look that impressive,

but there are only two of these
in the Philippines.

Oh, okay. Thanks. I've never been
in a limo before.

-I worked so hard to get this thing.


Oh, my! Wow, Kyungyoung!

I'm so touched.

When did you get these flowers?

(in English)
It's my pleasure.

(in English)
Thank you, thank you!

(in Korean) For dinner tonight,
how about some pork belly and soju?


-I'd like that.
-I'd like that.

-I'd like that.
-I'd like that.

(both laughing)

All right, please get in. Yeah.

-It's so, so nice to have you here.
-(exclaims happily)

Yeah, right?

(in English)
Hey, let’s go! Hurry up, hurry up!

(in Korean)
Kyungyoung, are those guys escorting us?

Are they real cops?

(in English)
Of course. Sure!

Don't be shy. Look at the sky!

-(siren wailing)
-(engines revving)

(siren wailing continues)

(Yoongi sighs)

YOONGI: I'm so glad that you came.

Whenever something happens over there,

we have to go through
all kinds of trouble.

It's too far
and the traffic is a nightmare.

Is Agiles a dangerous neighborhood?

Yeah, I would say so.

There's a lot of golf courses
and casinos in Caliz,

so there are a lot of opportunities.

That's why so many Korean gangsters
flocked there,

and they started fighting amongst
themselves to make a profit,

trying to intimidate the others.

Hey, make sure not to let them
underestimate you.

If they find out
that you're a detective from Korea,

then they'll try to scare
the crap out of you.

Are there a lot of sh**t around here?

Well, it's pretty easy to get your hands
on a g*n around here.

You should get one, too, Seunghoon.


-I'm fine.

You know,

some people even sleep
wearing bulletproof vests.


They say that percent
of the m*rder of overseas residents

happens in the Philippines.

And percent of that happens in Agiles.


welcome to the Philippines.


Why didn't you pick up my calls yesterday?

I went to bed early because I was tired.

Are you sick?

No, just tired.

Want to go get some samgyetang
with me later?


One second.


I was thinking I could be
an agent at the casino.

Why all of a sudden?

I just think that I'll like it.

Hey, this job is super stressful.

If you can't get customers,
you'll never get anything.

But that's better than handling
complaints every day at the front desk.



Can you ask Mr. Cha for me?




(indistinct chatter)


Oh, my.

My goodness, Mr. Cho.

JUNGGU: Hello there.

Oh, wow. It's been a while.

-How have you been?

Of course, as always.

This is Oh Seunghoon. He's from Korea.

This is the president
of the Korean community in Agiles.

Hello. I'm Oh Seunghoon.

-Nice to meet you.
-Hello. I'm Lee Junggu.


I've been waiting so long for you.

Wow, you look pretty reliable.

(all chuckle)

Mr. Lee is a consular assistant.

He'll be helping you a lot
during your stay here.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

I could say the same thing.

All right, okay.

-First, here's your room key.

Oh, right. Where's your luggage?

I'll get it right away.

Mr. Cho, want to go for a drink?
It's been a while.

Do you know someplace nice?

I've made a reservation at a place
that does really good goat stew.

Oh, goat?

-Excuse me, Detective Oh.

You should come back downstairs
after settling all of your luggage.

We're going to go eat some nice goat meat.


I, I'm just going to rest today
after unpacking my stuff.

You two go ahead.

Sure. You must be tired today,
so you should get some rest.

You can treat us next time.

Sure. I'll buy some drinks for you
next time.

-Sure, thank you.
-No problem.

I'll be going up, then.

-Get lots of rest.
-Sure. See you next time.

-YOONGI: You can just take my car.
-JUNGGU: Sure.

By the way,
did they butcher the goat today?

Yes, just this morning. It'll be amazing…

(in English)

Ah, where, where is the elevator?

Sorry, sir.
We don't have elevator, only stairs.

Only stairs?


(door creaks)

(light music)

(door creaks)

(horn honks)

(distant laughter)

(indistinct chatter)

Wow, they've got everything here.

It's even better than Korea.


Is this your first time
in the Philippines?


I've been to Manila before,
but never here.

But this place is even nicer than Manila.

It seems safer than I thought.

People always talk badly
about this place from the outside,

but it's actually a great place to live.

There's a ton of Korean restaurants too.

And grocery stores.
Everything is super convenient.

You're staying in Caliz, right?

No, she got a place in Agiles.

I asked him for it.

I mean, jeez.
There are so many Koreans in Caliz.

That's great. You should visit us often.

We only use pork
that's been imported from Korea.

Same goes for the beef.

I thought it tasted a bit different.
It tastes great.

It's good, right? Please enjoy.

-Wow, Younghee.

You've been running this restaurant
for a while, right?


I think I've been here
for about ten years.


That's a long time.


Oh, you don't have any steamed eggs.

-I'll get you some more.
-EUNJEONG: It's delicious. It's so good.

-ILYUNG: Thank you.

Sure, sure, sure.

Get us a big one.

Sure thing.

By the way,

how long have you two known each other?

-Oh, us?

He used to run a tuna restaurant in Seoul.

I was a regular.
That's how we became friends.

-You used to run a tuna restaurant?

Yeah. It was tiny, though.

Oh, you checked the money, right?


Kyungyoung took care of it perfectly.

Honestly, I was surprised.

-Actually, Moosik was a huge help in that.

(awkward chuckle)

I, I didn't do anything.

Mr. Cha, I know that it's impolite
to ask you this when we've just met,

but how much do you make from the casino?

Oh, well.

I make enough to get by.

There's a pretty big difference
between the peak and low seasons.

I can't tell you exactly how much I make.
I'll send you some data later, though.

Sure, okay.

Well, we're putting all
of our faith in you.

I'm looking forward to working with you.




(Eunjeong exhales loudly)

So, when we open a bank account,

can the money be transferred right away?

Hey, why don't we discuss that later on?

KYUNGYOUNG: There's the matter
of the additional remittance to deal with,

and I have things to discuss
with Moosik as well.

(awkward chuckle)


-Oh, okay. Sure.
-Let's do that. Yeah.



So those people think
that I have the money, right?

(awkward laughter)

Sorry, Moosik.
I should have told you earlier.

Hey, what did you do with their money?

It's in my casino account.

Well, where exactly is it?


Did you gamble it away?

No, I didn't.

It's still there.

Well, what did you do?
Did you forge the statements?

Those people are wanted by the police,
so they can't open a bank account here.

I'm going to be managing
their money anyway.

Regardless, how dare you use me like this?

Do you even realize what's going on here?

You've basically made me your guarantor.


Okay, I'm not going to mess around here.
Send me all of that money.

Send it to me before anything goes wrong.

I'm going to manage it from now on.


You see,

I have a lot of experience
with these things, okay?

If you make one wrong move,
then you could really get screwed over.

If you really want
to make this thing work,

then you need to listen to me.

If you don't, then I don't want
any part of this.




I'm leaving. Make sure
to wrap it up smoothly.

All right?





(indistinct chatter)

(in English)
You're the chief?

Yes, I am.

My name is Seunghoon.

My name is Sergio.

-Good to see you.
-Good to see you, too.


-Welcome to CIDG, Major.
-Thank you.

Looking forward to your service

to bridge the gap
between the Philippines and Korea.

Mm-hmm. Well, I’ll do my best.

Official work hours are to .


But you can operate
on your own time, freely.

Okay. So work hours are to .


Anytime, freely?

Got you. Thank you.

Any questions?


(exhales deeply)

No. Actually, uh,
I think I'm good for now. Yeah.

Okay, good.


This is Mark.

-He will take you from here.


Sir, if you'll just follow me, I'll...

You need help?

SEUNGHOON: Ah, no, it's okay.

It’s good to finally meet you, sir.

You know, you can just call me Hoon.

I’m sorry, sir?

Hun, that's my name. Just call me Hoon.

No, no "sir."

Just Hoon, sir?

Yeah, but, uh, without that sir thing,
you know?

So, I don't know, feels more like, um...

-We're partners?

More like buddies, I guess.


Okay, Hoon.

Follow me, Hoon.


Hoon, this will be your desk.

You wrote this?

Yes, I did.

Thank you.

-You good?



So, I guess this room, um,
has no air conditioner?

Oh, yes. The last director
took it away with him.

He took it.

He received it as a gift.
So when he left, it went away with him.

Wait, let me get you something.


-(door closes)

SEUNGHOON: Oh, shit.

Thank you.


(insects chirping)

Eunjeong, do you want cola or coffee?




Can you put ice in it too?

Don't drink it with the ice.

You'll get sick
if you eat the ice around here.

Open it for me.



This place is disgusting.

There's no air conditioner,
and there are bugs everywhere. Ugh.

(clicks tongue)


I can't believe you're eating that
after drinking so much.


Don't you think it's a bit weird?

What is?

You know, that guy from yesterday.

I don't think he knew what I was
talking about when I brought up the money.


Yeah, I thought so too.

It feels weird.

It's weird that Kyungyoung
didn't want to talk about it more.

What if Kyungyoung is lying to us?

So far, he's shown us some pieces of paper
about the bank account, and that's it.

ILYUNG: And that was in a picture too.
We can't even look at it.

You know, Kyungyoung isn't
exactly a regular old guy.

I think we trusted him too much.

I trust that guy Cha Moosik

more than Kyungyoung.


Let's just ask for our money back.

Ask who?

Kyungyoung. He's the one
who's responsible here.

Hey, do you really think
that he'll give us back our money?

-EUNJEONG: What a headache.

We've got a lot more money in Hong Kong.
Let's just talk to him.


I'm sure Kyungyoung also knows
he'll lose the big fish

if he wants to be greedy
with the smaller ones. He won't refuse.

You can talk to him, then.

Okay. I'll talk to him.

Make sure you are nice to him.


All right.


What the hell are you talking about?
They want their money back?


So, they started talking,
and then they were like,

"Kyungyoung's probably lying to us.
Let's get our money back."

They want to hold on to the money.

That's bullshit. Are you home right now?


Wait there. I'm coming.

(in English)
Hey. Where is my car key?

Car key!


Damn it. f*ck!

Here's your key.

-Where are you going?
-Shut up!


Shit. He's here. Hey.


KYUNGYOUNG: Come on, Eunjeong.

You want to withdraw your money?
Are you serious?

Well, we're also in a bind right now.

We need that money since we can't
get our money from Hong Kong.

Still, you've got to follow
some kind of procedure.

There'll be a significant loss
if you withdraw your money so suddenly.

-I said I'll absorb the losses.
-KYUNGYOUNG: Are you insane?

Why would you absorb a loss?

Do you think investment is a joke?

There's no need to yell...

ILYUNG: I mean, honestly.

This is pretty shady.

You haven't shown us
any paperwork, either.

(in English)
I show you account!

-I showed you your f*cking bank account!

What the f*ck did you say?

You little shit. I guess
I've been playing too nice with you.

Playing too nice?

Hey, bring me that money.

If you don't, you're not getting
a single coin from me.


Come on, this is a bit too much.
We're just asking for our money.

Too much? What's "too much"?

So you want all of us to get screwed over?

You want to just abandon everything
we have and die together?


That's why we're asking politely.

Like hell you are.

You ran away while doing a pyramid scheme.

You f*ck!

A pyramid scheme?

What else would you call it?

What would you have done
if I hadn't exchanged the money for you?

You would be penniless and in jail!

Have some f*cking decency!

You little shit!

You f*cking b*tch!

Live a bit smarter!

Be smart!

I'm the one holding the reins.

So, don't f*cking mess with me.

Just keep eating, okay?

Do something!

Hey, get in.

I can't deal with those f*ck anymore.

(tires screech)

-(phone buzzing)

-Hello, Mr. Lee.
-JUNGGU: Hello, Detective.


What are you doing this evening?

I'm not doing anything special.

JUNGGU: That's great!

The Korean Association
is having an impromptu meeting today.

You should come.

JUNGGU: Uh, I'll introduce you
to our members.

This evening?

Oh, oh, yes, sure, sure.
I'll be there. Sure. I'll see you later.

-JUNGGU: See you later.


Oh, come on.

So, where are you living right now?

Oh, I--

JUNGGU: There was a nice place in Caliz,

so he just went ahead
and signed the contract yesterday.

So you're living in a safe place
all by yourself?

All of the nasty stuff is happening here.

You should be out here for patrol.


Actually, I'm not here to patrol.

My job is to work with the Filipino police

and try to prevent
any cases involving Koreans

and manage these things.

So, uh, yeah. I'm looking forward
to working with you.

You know, now I can feel
the power of our country.

It's different from back when
we first came to the Philippines.

Now they're sending over
a detective like this.

-They should have sent a few more.

How on earth is he going
to take care of everything by himself?


I mean, uh, yeah. I'll try my hardest.



I'm guessing that the Korean Association
here doesn't have that many members.

I mean, the Korean Association is usually
made up of local Koreans, right?

Well, uh, there were supposed
to be a lot more people here today.

But, yeah.

Uh, there are a lot
of people running businesses,

and also a lot of people who are
in the tourism industry.

They don't have a lot of free time.

-They're all busy.
-I see.

Also, the Korean Association
does a lot of things.

Uh, like, we have to find housing
for the Korean study-abroad students,

-and help them out with things, you know?
-Yes, of course.

(Junggu clears throat)

Then I'm guessing that

you guys have
an emergency contact network

for when an accident or something happens?

Well, the Korean Association
gets the call first.

For example, someone may get robbed
or something like that.

Well, we know
a lot of police officers around here.

And you need to do some lobbying
around here to get things done.

If you don't, nobody will lift a finger.

Oh, oh...

Okay, then. From now on,
you can contact me too. If you do that,

I'll try to take care
of the issue as much as I can.


Now, that's a huge relief.
You're so reliable.

Sure. Here, have a drink.

-All right... You're our captain now.
-Here. It's great to meet you. Yeah.

Same here. I'm looking forward
to working with you.

-(exhales loudly)

(sighs lightly)
Also, Mr. Lee,

do you know any place

where I can get electronics cheaply
around here?

MOOSIK: You said you wouldn't do this.

Please just do it once a month.


I just couldn't stop thinking of it.

It's all that I could think about
when I was in Korea.

I'm contributing to your sales, aren't I?

When did I ever ask you
to increase my sales?

I've told you so many times
that you'll ruin your life

if you get addicted to gambling.


Did I ever force you to start gambling?

It's not like I want your money
or I show any interest in it, okay?

I'm disappointed, Mr. Jung.

I can't believe that you're
misinterpreting my sincerity like this!

Sorry, sorry. I'm sorry, Moosik.

I should have spoken more carefully.

(awkward chuckle)

SUKWOO: And thank you. I mean it.


Honestly, I thought that you'd be happy.

What's there to be happy about
when you're obsessed with gambling?

-(awkward laughter)
-If I'm being honest,

I don't need your money to get by.
I make plenty.


I'm telling you all this
because you're like a brother to me.

Why would I want your money?

-(scoffs lightly)
-SUKWOO: Okay.

I mean, seriously. I get it.

But let me play for just a little bit.

I mean, it seems like such a waste not to
when I'm already here.

I just want to take a little break
after working so hard in Korea.

You understand, right?

Of course, I do, Mr. Jung.

Nobody would understand better than I do.
I know what you're talking about.

But what I'm saying is,

I just want you
to restrain yourself a bit.

Show some restraint.

Okay, okay. I'll restrain myself.

I'm going back after playing a bit,
so you should go, too.


See you then.

Wow, Boss.

You almost fooled me too.


Honestly, you should audition
to be an actor.

Don't restrain yourself.
I'm going to k*ll you if you do.

Damn it.


Don't you think
that we might need more agents?

What do you mean? We have
so many people here already.

Maybe we should hire some more
while business is still good.

No way. I'm not hiring any more.

-(phone buzzing)
-You're insane.

You're always just stick and no carrots.

(Moosik sighs)

(in English)
What's wrong?

Nothing, let's go inside, bro.

This way.

Tell me. What's wrong?

Just running an errand for the big boss.

Let's have some fun, bro.

Where is he?

This way.

(indistinct chatter)

(in Tagalog)
He's here.

(in English)

Thought you were d*ad, John.

Not yet.

But it's still early.

Mr. Cha.

How’s the old man?


Better than me, I guess.

What do we have here?

(smacks lips)

May I?


And you?

Why not?

Come on.

(in Spanish)
How's it going?

(in English)

DEALER (in Chinese):
Could somebody exchange these?

(playful music)

(in English)
Come on.

Did you shuffle these?

JOHN: You shuffle these?

I thought we were friends, man.

I gotta run.

MOOSIK: Cash out.

TRIAD EXECUTIVE: Leaving already?

My wife will k*ll me.


Are you staying?

Got to recoup my losses, bro.

See you around.

Good luck.

CHEN (in Chinese): He's just leaving.

WOMAN: Well, he won some money.

(in English)
Let's go. Deal the cards.

Who do I need to f*ck to get
a whiskey around here?

(thunder rumbling)

(ominous music)

(thunder rumbling)


(in Chinese)
I'm not having any luck here.


I'm not getting any good hands anymore.

I wish I had gotten that one card
last round.

(in English) And you’ve got mine,
Chen Chen. God damn it.

(in Chinese)
Oh, come on.

I couldn't make it like this
even if I tried.


I need to go to the bathroom
and take a piss.

All right.

(in English)
Gotta take a piss.

Me too.

Don't touch my chips.



(indistinct chatter)

(tense music)


Just wait till he comes out.

I need to take a leak, man.

Sorry. You have to wait.

Oh, shit.

Here will do, then.

(men grunting)


(suspenseful music)

(thunder crackling)


(both grunt)



(foreboding music)

(indistinct chatter)

Oh, Chen.


Don’t sell shares of any business
without permission from the big boss.

The rights of management
that d*ad f*ck had are gone.

Keep it that way.


(in Chinese)
I didn't see this one coming.

Watch your back.

(thunder rumbling)

(in Korean)
Hello, Ms. Ko.

You look pretty today.

Thank you.

But you look even more beautiful.

Quit flattering.

I'm going to Seoul next week.

Just leave my room as is.

Yes, ma'am.


I'm so sick of living in a hotel.

Take good care of this bad boy.

-Mr. Jung.

Is this all you have?

Uh, I won a lot a while back.

How much have you lost?

Not that much.

How much money did you give him?

-Ten million pesos.

I only borrowed million pesos, okay?

You're really pushing it, Mr. Jung.

You should really stop, now.

No. I'm going to play just a bit more.

I'm starting to win some money.

I think I'll be able to make up
for my losses soon.


I've got to get going.

You don't want to play?

You know that we're supposed to play golf
at eight in the morning tomorrow, right?

I don't think I can go golfing tomorrow.

Uh, I haven't been feeling very well
since yesterday.

-(Moosik sighs)
-SUKWOO: Can we just cancel that?

(Moosik smacks lips)

Sorry. I'll see you later.

What's up with him?

SEUNGHOON: What do you mean,
I can't put it under operating expenses?

I bought this so that everybody
in the office could use it.



Sir, you should try staying here
for a day.

I'm telling you, you can't live here
without air conditioning.

You know?

No, I'm saying...

I'm starting to think that this job
isn't a good one at all.

I mean, the neighborhood
is so much more dangerous

than I thought it'd be.


Okay, fine.

What's wrong with him? Ugh.

(indistinct chatter)

-(in English) Hey, Mark.

Who was at the homicide yesterday?

The guys from the night shift, sir.

I wanna talk to them when they get here.

Yes, sir.

What case is he talking about?

Last night, four Chinese men were
g*n down at a gambling joint.

Seems like it was done by a professional.

A professional?


One of them was actually a higher-up
in the Chinese mafia,

and the other three were his bodyguards.

Someone took all of them down
at the same time.

Is that a common case here?

No, not really.

(phone buzzes)




Uh, hey, Mark?


Do casinos provide surveillance footage
to police here?

No, you'll need a warrant for that.

But you won't get one unless
it's for a homicide case.

Uh, what... what if I sneak in there
with a camera?

Which casino?

Let me see.

Uh, the one at, one at the Bolton?


Hoon, no. You better not.

Why? What’s wrong with that place?

That one's owned by Mr. Cha.

Cha? Who is he? Is he, is he Korean?

He's connected
to a lot of top dogs in the city,

so you better not mess with him.

So what are you saying? There's no way?

I'm saying, we better stop
this conversation right now.


(Duseok grunts in pain)

Are you okay, Kyungyoung?

(both grunting)

Hey, be quiet. You're so f*cking loud.

Look at all this f*cking dust.

(annoyed grunt)

This is a total mess.

Hold on a second. Shouldn't you
be in front of me, you little shit?

DUSEOK: I'm scared, Kyungyoung.

What the f*ck are you scared of?

-Hey, this is a great spot.

Look, this place is the best
that you can get.


Hey, take out the g*n.

Give me the f*cking thing.
I want to test it out.


Hey, start digging.

D-Dig? Oh, dig the ground? Okay.


(straining grunt)

-Damn. Oh, wow.
-(surprised grunt)

(both gasp)


Wow, this thing is cool as hell.

It's awesome. It's so f*cking quiet.

-Hey, you're no match against me!

I'm going to sh**t you!


Seriously, Kyungyoung! Are you nuts?

Hey, can't you dig a little deeper?

It's... it's so hard to dig here!

Look! It's not going in!

-Oh, you dimwit. Give it to me.

You suck at digging.

-Did you not go to the m*llitary?
-I did.

Just grab this,
and push it with your foot.

KYUNGYOUNG: Like this.

Ugh, there are so many roots.

(straining grunt)

-Well, shit.
-Told you.

Damn it. Whatever.

Whatever. Hey, it should be fine.

-Let's go.

-It's fine.
-Wait, you're just leaving?

Hey, Kyungyoung!

By the way, are you really going to do it?


Those f*ck are wanted anyway.
Nobody's going to report them missing.

Besides, just take a look.

Who's going to know?

Nobody will find out unless
they cut down this entire field.


Let's go.

Ugh, wait for me.

SEUNGHOON: Yes, hello?

Yeah, I'm at the lobby right now.


Hello, are you the person
from the embassy?

Yes, yes, I am. I'm Oh Seunghoon.
Nice to meet you.


-Shall we?

Is this your first time
going to the VIP room?

Yes, yes, it is.

Why did the embassy send you?

Oh, I'm not on duty right now.
I'm just interested in casinos.


What games do you like, then?

I like them all.
I like Baccarat and Blackjack too,

but I can't really play
this kind of games in Korea, so...

-That's true.

Are you in the Philippines
all by yourself?

Yes, I am.

What about you?

-I came here alone too.

I'm guessing that you've been here
for a while.

I can't even remember
how long I've been here anymore.


You must be lonely.

Well, I haven't been here for that long.



you should try to call your parents often.


When you're away from home,
you get lonely without even realizing it.

Your personality changes a bit too.

(elevator bell dings)

-Please, get in.

If you're planning on playing today,

would you like me to introduce you
to an agent?

Actually, I was just going to look around
for today.

My wallet is feeling a bit thin right now.

(upbeat music)

Wow, there are so many Koreans here.

Well, it's a junket run by a Korean.

Koreans usually come to junkets
owned by Koreans,

and Chinese go to junkets
owned by other Chinese.

I've only heard about junkets,
but seeing it in person,

it's a lot different
from what I had imagined.


This is the biggest one
in the Philippines.



The person who runs this place
is Mr. Cha, right?

Yes, do you know him?

No, I don't.

Well, that's him right there.
Would you like to go say hello?

Well, why not?

Mr. Cha.

-(smacks lips)
-SOJUNG: Hello.



What are you doing here?

I was showing a guest around.

Who are you?

Oh, I'm just an acquaintance.

Excuse me.

(in English)
Place your bets.

(in Korean)
By the way, how much are those worth?

million pesos. million pesos.

million pesos?

So . billion won?

If this game goes wrong,
we could all get screwed over.

(in English)
Player wins.

-DEALER : Place your bets.

(clears throat)

(in Korean)
What color are your panties today?

They're red.


Wow, red panties? You're so shameless.

(Youngmi laughs)

I usually don't wear them.

Oh, really?

You see, I'm wearing yellow.


maybe I'll trust you this once.

Excuse me, Ms. Ko...

Shh, shh, shh, shh!

EMPLOYEE (in English):
Excuse me, ma'am.

I need to confirm your bet.



EMPLOYEE: Okay. Correct.

Two hundred million pesos. Okay?

DEALER : No more bets.


(in Korean)
Blow on it.

(bl*ws air)

More, more!

Harder, harder, harder, harder, harder!

(knocks on door)


Sorry to bother you so late, Moosik.

What's up?

I'm just dropping by. I was in the area.

Come in.

What? Is something wrong?

No, it's nothing.

It looks like there's something.
Come on, tell me.

No, seriously. I was just passing by,
and I wanted to see you.

You little brat,
what the hell are you saying?

Hey, do you want something to drink?

Oh, sure. Can I have a beer?

Want something to eat?
I was going to have some cup ramen.

No, Moosik, you can eat. I'm fine.

(clears throat)

(clears throat)


I can tell that something's going on.

Come on, tell me.

I'll take care of it for you.

No, it's nothing.


You know who I am, right?

Then you also know
that I can save you, right?

Just spill it.

Is it the investors?



(Kyungyoung sobs)


Did you do it yourself?

I could smell g*n on you
the moment you came in here.

Did you do it with a g*n?

What did you do with the bodies?

They're at the sugar cane fields.

I was just so scared.

You buried them?

Yeah, one of them.


The ground was so hard to dig into.

Of course, you couldn't dig into it.

The ground must be rock hard there.

(Kyungyoung sobs)

I thought it'd be fine since it rained.


You did it by yourself?

No, I did it with a friend.

Those f*cking bastards!

Seriously, those f*ck made me
so f*cking mad.

Hey, what did you do with the evidence?

(sniffles, gulps)

(clears throat)

I threw it off the bridge on my way here.



Hey, look at me.

I'll make sure that you don't get caught.


If the Filipino police
don't start an investigation,

you won't face charges in Korea.

You know that, right?

(line ringing)

Jungpal, it's me.

I need a car. One that won't be tracked.

(melancholy music)

Get in.


Uh, Moosik, are you going somewhere?

Hey, don't you trust me?

I can make sure
that you don't get caught, okay?

Get in.


It was just a joke.


I was joking.

I mean, why would I...

I didn't do anything.

I'll just get going, Moosik.

Hey! Hey, Kyungyoung.

Hey, if you don't trust me,
I can't do anything to protect you.

But I can protect you if you trust me.

Seriously, I was just joking.

Why would I do something crazy like that?


I'm really sorry.





Run away as fast as you can,
and as far as you can.

Come on, Moosik.

Don't say that.

Seriously, I was just messing around.

Let me say this one more time.

You chose to do this, okay?

Sorry for telling you all that crap
so early in the morning, Moosik.

I'll get going now.

Enjoy your meal.

All right, then.

(engine starts)

Moosik, what's going on?

He dug his own grave.

There's been a m*rder.


(suspenseful music)

(coin clinks)

(closing theme music)
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