10x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "La piovra". Aired: March 11, 1984 – January 11, 2001.
An epic Italian crime saga of power, money, v*olence and corruption.
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10x02 - Episode 2

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- How are you doing?

- What a pleasure to see you, Silvia.

I've read you're only newspapers.

But otherwise I thought you forgot me.

How I would have? You taught me everything.

Without you who are now not enough.

I remember that you are taking all trifles.

You were very young.

Group mascot.

Sometimes I take nostalgia of those years.

Better not, Silvia.

They were dark times.


We are fighting ruthless enemies.

Terrorism, organized crime State trying to kneel.

And how many d*ad I cried.



Today I'm glad I can handle me Only my students.

And for my books.

And I know are people like you supervising legality.

Well, and I was retired.

I left prosecution.

I thought those days ended, but

- What?

- Here.

Take a look here.

Giulia is called Wednesday.

I think he was kidnapped.

Tripolli victim named Paolo.

And I.



Giuliei like father, Senator Mercury His name appears on the list of members Ramonte teacher association.

But that association was desfiinþatã a few years ago, it seems.


And many of its members were under investigation for months, but results were poor.

Most were cercetaþi for various crimes or crimes.

Yes, some were even convicted, but received little punishment.

In any case, now all about free.

And once the media no longer keep gaze directed toward them returned quietly to know activities and their and they continued their careers.

And you have reason to believe "they" and i am back periculo Ramonte was graduated from guilt and rehabilitated.

But there was a Court of Appeal who decided this.

Yes, but I do not contest the sentence.

I care about just what that girl said.

- Giulia told me about an archive.

- What kind of archive? Folders.

Information gathered from intelligence, State can and documents.

Secret documents that could highlight 30 years of mysteries of our country.

And again reached Ramonte in his hands.

Very likely.

But who owns one has a g*n although antaj enormous.

Perhaps conditioned life institutions.

An evil power.

- Did you talk to people from prosecution?

- Yes, but nobody listens to me.

Ramonte is now unattainable.

It is actually stronger than before.

I feel I can not quit even if This story will affect me private life.

I learned from you that we have responsibilities that we can not ignore.

And you .


you want to go before yourself? I'm here to ask for help.

I am not too important, you know? To me you are very important.


I did not mind.

In some moments, can not and must never stops you are.

Continue to listen to your consciousness, Silvia.

And I will find a way in which not only to give you moral support.

Thank you.

Thank you, sir professor.

No, no.

That let to me.

Just keep it until that person knows you.

- What do you want?

- To give you a picture, miss.

Sit on.

You must do one of the front, to show its best.

There are no photo!

- What you want from me? What do you want?

- Nemi have to sit and how much, Ms.

- Forget it! What do you?

- A photo.

The newspaper you read it.

- What is that?

- I do not know.

Why have you kidnapped? What do you want? Wait! I know who are.

I saw the hospital.

Are Dimitri's mother, is not it? Your son is very ill.

- How is she?

- Sorry.

And feels worse.

Doctors say that is serious.

Why are not with him? What do ã people knew?

- Why are you only you look?

- I am not important.

If you need something, tell me.

I order to be treated well.

Order from who? Who is hiding behind that room? Vanya, I am.

- Bye.

- Bye.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- I just made coffee.

Do you?

- Thanks.

- Everything went well in Rome?

- Yes.

More or less.

- Did you see the teacher?

- Yes.

And I was very helpful.

He told me that I was right.

I have to go ahead.

- And now, what will you do?

- Do not know.

For now I'm alone.

If things are like that as you say, how can you not help you any? Well, Ramonte was absolved of blame.

And nobody can touch him.

And Giuliei father remains silent.

Because I fear that I hurt you daughter.

Sooner or later you will be satisfied.

He and the hope.

I want to go to nag him.

I want to do to come the open field.

Want to Party are?

- Þii account the risk that you expose yourself?

- I can not do otherwise.

- Go in the laboratory.

See you tonight?

- Yes.

I think so.

- A, Alfredo!

- Yes?

- You've are about Anna?

- No.

I had the courage to call the institution after what happened.

S little girl felt very bad.

He promised that we will bring home.

And when there Hello?

- Hello, ma'am.

- I'd like to know something about Anna.

- I'd like to see more.

- I do not think is appropriate.

Little girl suffered a lot last time.

I was terrible disillusionment.

I know, I know.

It was difficult and for me.

But something totally unexpected occurred.

A serious problem.

But make sure that it has changed nothing.

And as soon as possible Anna can come to us.

Anna needs certainty.

If you, at this time it can not give, is much better to leave alone.

But I can assure you that everything is as before? We still want that adopþie.

Juvenile judge decides interest only little girl.

Now, excuse me, but gotta go.

Yes, yes.



Little more tea? Poor Vanya Now you must take care of a patient.

You have to surrender forever.

Soon you will be better.


One can see that you'll do okay.

You'll heal, I'm sure.

- Thank you, my boy.

- Now I must go.

We will continue our game later.


Give me your hand.

I'm happy you're back.

Take her to Rittone.

Must give a person.

- Go away.

- Teacher how he feels?

- Sorry.

- It continued "treatment.

" Now go.

- I need money.

- You had an advance.

Rest, when work will be completed.

Excuse me, go where? Can not get at it.

I am a magistrate Silvia Conti.

I want to talk to the director.

I am.


I'm looking for a girl who was volunteering here, to you.

Giulia Mercuri.

A Giulia.

What happened?

- Where is?

- I thought you can help me To find her.

We expected it, as always, but he gave no sign of life.

Not even the phone.

He sought a even her boyfriend.

- Got a friend? What's his name?

- Marco Rittone.

Son's lawyer.

You know the? Find that Giulia is away in London but he has left no address.


- You did not told of this journey?

- Absolutely nothing.

I told her and her boyfriend.

Dima my child We lost another child.

- What is it?

- He was born with leukemia.

One blast victims that Russian nuclear power plants.


Hello? Hello I am Silvia Conti.

I want to talk to Marco Rittone.

- My son is not home.

- Hello, sir lawyer.

- What you want from Marco?

- A search on his girlfriend.

- Giulia Mercuri.

A know the?

- I do not know anything Giulia.

You let me know, approximately, when you saw it last time? What do you? Who authorized you Ask these questions to?

- Just wondering

- I have nothing to say to you, nor my son.

Goodbye, madam.

Serves your meal, Dad?

- Yes, yes, wine.

- Who was on the phone? None.

Dialing the number wrong.

Not likely to disappear like that, the unexpected.

- Who has gone to you?

- Giulia.

- Giulia?

- He went to London unexpected.

Because it has been at loggerheads with Marco.

If I disappear, and whenever I quarreled with your father, date makes it around the world.

You told me that, lately, was nervous, agitated, and invented the story so strange about her father.

She said that her father was in danger.

Your friend, Ramonte, thr*at him.

Marco, I have to be honest with you.

Any girl who behaves so is not good for you.

Who is? You serviþi sure.

I go to see.


- Hello.

Rittone lawyer?

- I am the son.

Can you give me me? I'm sorry.

I was sent I give to staff.

- Who's to say that looking for?

- Vanya.

Please come.

One moment.

Dad, it's for you.

- Who is?

- A certain Vanya.

- Hello, know.

- Hello.

One minute, Marco if you do not mind.

In fact, what is your father? coming to disturb him and at noon.

So? No Saturday can not You're still lunch?

- Who was that guy?

- Secretary of a client.

- Eventually, eat or not?

- Enjoy your meal.

- Commissioner Leonard

- Mr.

Prosecutor, good morning.

- You wanted to see?

- Let us make a few steps, you explain.

Is a slightly delicate matter.

I know Ms.

Conti was your Yes.

Find a girl.

A certain Giulia Wednesday, witnessed the incident.

In fact, you have any news about that girl? No.


Conti said it's gone to London.

At least the so says her father.

Actually, was not convinced.

I put to check at the airport And does not appear that he left.

- At least, not by plane.

- Look, the problem is just that.


Conti has no right to investigate this alleged disappear.

And until today, the Prosecutor, not come any news story of the abduction.

But I was made a little earlier.

- How do you see, is alive and good.

- Why? From that moment, her destiny up to you.

You have to hand something worth much.

Ramonte and is willing to pay with price you know.

Disk, is not it? Damn that the floppy disk allows it to read and archive.

It is only wrath Ramonte's crawler.

Did you hold a 30

-year but now wants back.

Just so.

For me it kidnapped daughter? I'm sure, and after you receive the disk, one you can embrace Giulia Sheet hour.

Excuse me, Senator, is time for medicine.

- Help you contact them?

- Let them.

Leave them all on the bedside table.

- What he knows about this story?

- I would talk to anyone.

Owes me everything, and Then is very afecþionat by Giulia.

- Let's hope that's true.

A word could also k*ll a your daughter.

I'll be back tomorrow.

I get that floppy and ends with all groaning.

Inform free.

calling client is not currently available.

We advise you to try later.

I think we should quit the queen.

That is a good idea,.

He can not escape me anything.

I feel park I would absent.

- What ideas? What are you talking to?

- I thought about my place.

To change the name.

- "Two Queens".

What are you advised me?

- What horror.

Even if you wash that local and never to set foot there.

No, Vanya.

I have not brought this house machine as a prince, as you get to become a whore, in a place like that.

I'll go to my place, when you feel better.

You will see that you, your opinion schmbi.

A you

-you like.

And ah


was also expected even few days.

I can not act without a warrant.

Yes, I know.

But that does not allow us Giulia abandon it.

Ask me your an embarrassing situation.

- I just want to respect some rules.

- Okay.

Then I'll return when I 'll have someone bring you are.

Hopefully we will not be other fatalities.

When did it happen? Today morning, early.

God took pity and took it from him.

God took him Dimitri mine.

She a bird was injured.

It was all my life.

Now I do not have anything.

But Dimitri's father? And he is d*ad.

Work on central nuclear.

He was among the first were contaminaþi.

He fought the disease with plenty of power.

He even had the joy to see him nãscându

-be son.

He had that joy.

I heard what you said about your son.

I was left alone.

This is your house.

Can you stay here, if you want.

How to know, no longer able, because my current health care to lead our Association.

And, therefore, ask that after my resignation, to be legally appointed president, lawyer Edoardo Rittone, as my successor.

In fact, I feel very well.

And they are almost healed.

Come Ramonte And we all know is not that much of and a.

I'll November are very grateful.

But you must understand, that the this time Because you are what you are one thousand.

Because my, my all, all 're Nothing without me there.


You do not even exist.

Nobody gonna deny the merits, Ramonte.

Nobody has forgotten what you owed.

But you were the one who taught us that individuals do not matter, counts only project.

For this is the need to give your resignation and surrender to our archive.

I spent practically your whole life putting together those documents.

We paid, got corrupted, I extorted, I k*lled Yes, and I got to k*ll To get those documents.

And now you want to give you you? No.

- Not us, Ramonte.

But the project.

- Tano Cariddi? What irony.

I thought our Tano not want to attend the banquet.

Had to insist.

I had insist that you be with us today.

Thank you.

Ramonte, please.

Do everything more difficult and painful.

Death is always difficult and painful.

Are dying.

I imagine that I'll oblige to accept.

Imagine that your giving.

Go and get floppy, Vanya.


Will not do anything if Wednesday will not floppy password that you can read them.

And Wednesday was forced to accept.

It was you, Vanya? Had to understand that you are Angel of the d*ad.


May I ask.

Do what you gotta do.

Do what you did before.

Until the end.

Why, Vanya? Why? For money? In a sign of respect for last his wishes, this sad ceremony will be celebrated in an intimate and very discreet, only in the presence of his friends dearest Association members, Professor Ramonte and dedicated much of his life.

What did Ramonte to others, I do not need to be reminded of the world.

can observe all even those with Russian inoase determinations and tragic they persecuted.

Yes, friends! Tell them spade a spade! Here, in front coffin of a man which was sh*t down infamy's enemies can not shut up.

And furthermore We can not forget.

You know all know how unfair and painful process had to bear and it has dried Professor energy.

all know you know, that some "friends" who have been close, left him when he was to prison, and he was sick.

here today, giving the greeting "Extreme" Ramonte teacher, feel that I can assure you, on behalf his friends and to tell them his enemies, ideas and his project are still live and up to date than before.

And personally say that it is an honor to receive his inheritance And to be his executor Testament.

I swear to act with all my strength I do like his work being forgotten.

That nothing will be forgotten.

- This woman is

- I know who he is.

Is Silvia Conti.

A brave woman.

United accusing dare to come here today.

I've finished my work.

- What do you here?

- But you? I wanted to see his friends Ramonte.

The new and old ones.

And you is not afraid to Be seen them? And that's exactly what I want.

I want to know that there is a person not forgotten And that is on their trail.

- It could be dangerous.

Why? Only are all know nice people.

- But I have answered the question.

- What am I doing here? A routine check.

Ramonte have many enemies.

One could have them come here to give greeting "Extreme" intentions with a bit of love as his.

Vanya Marinoff.

22 years unmarried.

Very popular in the gay club him.

Just opened a local to call specialized.

- In what was Ramonte relationships?

- He was professor friend.

Ramonte took him under his wing since he was still a child.

Remained with him until the end.

I think I know many things about public and private life the patron.

Thank you, Mr Commissioner.

took place today morning Professor Ramonte funeral.

private funeral, were not mentioned in any obituary.

Speech funeral was held Edoardo's lawyer Rittone or testamentary executor.

Now, the man talked, which was considered by many a charity and the others a mobster and an assassin will have to face divine justice in which he always said that trust.

Those and will be judged and those people who die before he said fully rehabilitated.

Excuse me, Senator.

Will seek Mr Marco Rittone.

Good evening, senator.

Excuse me to bother you, but

- I sent your father?

- No, why? What What? Senator, I know well that you have not been agree with my relationship and your daughter But I'm very worried for Giulia.

It is not possible to disappear like that, without any reason.

- I loves you much, do you?

- I love it.

Giulia went through a time difficult.

Understand? He had to decide important.

Where is it? Why not answer my phone? I can not tell where your.

I do not know anything either.

But come back soon.

- You have to trust.

- What are all these mysteries? You are very young, Marco.

But be patient.

Giulia will return.


- The end is a matter of hours.

- I want to help you, senator.

No need to do anything.

If you talk to her Tell them I was thinking of her.

And expecting that one.

Goodbye, Senator.

Marco Marco, I must ask your pardon.

I judge you wrong, but Giulia return.

And so we can embrace again.

This is a private club.

To join you need an invitation.

I know.

I want to see Vanya.

Tell them that Silvia Conti wants to talk.

Come with me.

Wait here.

What? You have the wrong address? Or search senzaþii us I want to talk to you about teacher Ramonte.

I thought, after his death Your thirst for revenge will stop.

I never I never wanted death.

He d*ed in my arms, like to know.

But sure and tiaþi.

If you have never knew, have not I have come here to search.


You were seen with the teacher in the past days.

May I know why he d*ed? He was very ill.

But what we need to talk, Mrs.

? Are suspect, witness, questioned, what? It's a friendly conversation.

But I have friends "different".

Speaking of friends.

I know Professor and has received his villa members of the Association he was president.

Do not you know and when were those tinþã and who were at the funeral today? I have not ever seen any.

It was a meeting, let's say plenary, which was attended and a girl.

- A girl?

- Yes.


About your age.

And after what was at that meeting, disappeared.

Excuse me, what do I mix? He was old and a buddy of Professor, Doctor Tripolli Which, one day after, was struck and k*lled by a car.

Do you want to încetaþi May I Tell You this story?

- I really do not want to talk with you!

- Do not understand why are the so nervous.

I spoke to Mr Ramonte incessantly about yourself.

I always said to stay away from you.

And as this is my local, please take exit.

Thank you.

Excuse me, miss.

You loved you on Dimitri.

You played with him, and I treat wrong with you.

I imagine that you can not to do otherwise.

It was good to me and Dimitri.

He gave me work.

He allowed me to care for son.

Who is he? Is a man who suffered a lot.

Why keep me here? What does he want from me? Ramonte is d*ad.

- There is no reason was a þii.

- Actually, Ramonte not matter too much.

And then, archive it, without that disk, not worth anything.

Archive Therefore, it is now ours.

Marco Marco was in my yesterday evening.

- What did you say?

- She was afraid.

Yet I never said what was Giuliei happened.

I lay.

I still.

I was convinced that, with Ramonte d*ad will solve all your help.

I want to help you not understand But I can not do anything for Giulia.

Only you can save one.

What kind of father are you? Stay countries are life and your daughter for a trifle!

- In there.

- Where? In that frame, in.

But do not break the picture.

Now call him.

Here, the front with me.

Giulia should be issued.

Even tonight.

- Not like that simple.

- Make sure I know everything! For you, Ramonte The assassination of Commissioner Cattani.

Tell them that from now on, your enemy me! And give them an ultimatum.

As your daughter is in our hands, you can not give orders to anyone! You just þii your mouth! Because if you say a single words A convict to death!

- I remember it more.

Giulia is the only guarantee that a you will not have that caper.

We can not trust you.

Aldo! Aldo! What did happen? Aldo! O Lady! Aldo Edi! Edi! Hurry! Senator feels bad.


Senator, senator! Senator, what happens? In the pocket Jacket In the pocket Giulia Giulia Senator, Senator, answer me.

Answer me.

Dear friends, this day will remain etched in memory of us.

I was persecutaþi, încarceraþi, and pushed to the edge of social life.

Now, all that ended.

Today we can say that we become stronger as before.

That we owe a man understand that before us which is an avenue to we follow it, and above all which branches should be cut off because a tree can flourish.

On behalf of all, I propose as our manager The Tano Cariddi.

We have a great opportunity in front.

A big project done.

But for us it does not have w*apon expl*sives, slaughters.

However, in the past have only led the victory of our enemies and to strengthen them.

There will be violated laws and the fought with them, because we will make laws.

Beneficial to our interests and major projects we develop.

We make Sicily to become a great "Porto Franco" the new global economy.

This is the w*apon that will allow us to reach our goal.

Archive Ramonte gathered on a together in a lifetime.

The teacher knew to look in the distance.

He was patient and meticulous.

On these disks, gathered day after days in the last 30 years Unfortunately many public and private powerful politicians servants and the obscure of State: magistraþi, cops, and industry, people willing Career and that young promiþãtori have made nonsense.

When they learn that they have at hand, begin to tremble and we want to buy silence.

Many of those who have turned his back will return to our service.

For some, we require adherence open.

For others, a silent availability at our mercy.

For all, its price will put to pay will be very high.

You need to transfer them in November power, holding them in our hands and leaving us and only us power control.

You know everything.

You have seen everything.

Want to cry and Giulia? Want to finish that and his father? I do not know anything.

And I got nothing.

I've done, simply, work.


You know very well that Giulia is in danger.

That was seized.

They and antajat and her father.

They terrorized to the point in which they lose and life.

Now that he is d*ad, life Giuliei not worth anything.

You can get rid of it out momentarily.

- What are you Tell?

- No, wait Marco.

What are you doing?

- What they say about Giulia?

- What is obvious, Marco.

You know how loved Giulia her father.

And you is not even here him cry death.

And will not come.

Because now in the hands a monster That it and the private right.

They kidnapped because I knew things terrible about your father.

And about "friends" his.

Because we are witnessing the death one of them.

And it was false, as are others, not see, do not hear.

Now, go! You do not stops you not even the d*ad girl! Who continue to accuse them of k*lled by your calumnies! Why are not all son story you, if you have less courage? Hold him and his same speech you held the poor teacher Ramonte.

That you were his advisor nearest.

Or testamentary executor.

Why do not you and your story? Ask them to talk to your Ramonte, His friends Giulia learned.

And for this was abducted.

And her life depends on you, Marco.

People who love, can still save.

- This woman is right, Dad.

- This woman is a crazy fanatic.


Not really, Dad.

And Giulia said.

What did he say? About a strange meeting home to Ramonte.

A meeting where you learn and you.

- Ramonte was your friend.

- Come, come.

did I not say anything, not to alarm you.

But largely it's true.

Giulia was kidnapped.

And you knew.

Did you know?

- What happened?

- I have contacted them.

" Just because I friend her father.

- What "they"?

- No, Marco.

The less you know, the better.

I have suffered long enough for this story.

What mixture of needles are criminals? Nothing.

"They" I know myself.

I am a very experienced lawyer, You know very well.

They asked me to do the mediator.

Father to persuade them to do what "they" wanted.

- And what they want?

- I do not know.

Do not understand I did not know anything? I was just an intermediary.

I did this only for your sake and for your poor friend.

And God knows how it cost me.

And they sent me to tell me Aldo that poor daughter A situation in which I do not want to think about, son.

I would do everything to be Giulia safe.

- We gave them money, we asked for mercy.

- And now?

- Now, where's Giulia?

- Who knows? Her father's death has complicated everything.

More than likely that, in this time will be issued.

That's it.

Now you know everything and I can hear your father.

I will continue to do everything possible We can embrace you and Giulia Sheet.

- Why not tell police everything?

- Are you crazy? If we do that Giulia is and the d*ad.


First you need to succeed IM to release Giulia.

The real danger is Judge that Silvia Conti.

In it, the Giulia, not one interested.

He just wants to gain because he was embarrassed in court.

For that, her career is finished.

Of interest to find a culprit that you throw in jail.

Stay away from that woman, Marco.

If you seek, refuses to talk and announce me immediately.

For the sake Giuliei.

Now go home.

I still have something to do.

I am.

Serious complications occurred.

Very serious.

We have to see.

- Please, Give this lady Conti.

- I do not mail and, you know?

- Please, is very important.

- But Mrs.

Conti knows?

- When you see it, will understand.

- Wait a little to call the commissioner.


I have no time.

I have to go, I gotta go.

- Wait a minute!

- Give it to God, please.

Is a wanton woman.

I said terrible things to my son.

He has terrorized and that the butler, I heard it.

It is a matter of hours.

He saw me, understand? He heard what's said Wednesday.

- He knows everything.

- What "everything"? I ex*cuted your orders, Tano.

- You have done many mistakes, Rittone.

- Yet we can fix.

Hopefully this time not never come.

I did everything to avoid it.

But not only get power minþii Tope you are iron, and needed f*re.

And it's time to play last book.

The most risky.

We will both to fix this trouble.

Each will have his share.

I will deal with last and worst.


But you me loves you, just me?

- Yes, only you.

- Why?

- For you're good.

not true.

Not good.

I can not allow kindness.

- I missed you, Alfredo.

- I was not the one who left.

Is this worse, because you are here and is like and how you were not.

- Silvia

- Do not you breeding and ez nothing.

And I park and be absent.

Will this story ever end? Are close to completion.

You have earlier later one of them will discover and i.



And will make a mistake.

You play with f*re, Silvia.

And you're alone.


I'm not alone.

I found people refuse evil instinct.

- They will help me.

- In a small mistake, you can k*ll.

I'm afraid, Silvia.

And that makes me me I feel alone.

GENERAL INDEX FILE INFORMATION chronological index State Offices and Ministries Ministry of Finance and entrepreneurs, parliamentarians And antajabili, corruptible Devianþi Sex economic addicts Truth.


For big occasions.

The appliance personal Counsellor, now is your turn Everything is here.

All our past.

Ticãlo and parties! police should be called.

Looking to get close.

He started.

Go! Observe motocicli are! Call the central! Call Central! Please at a party! On one hand

- How is Silvia?

- Sit still, Professor.

How much was not sh*t.

It has a few scratches.

You succeeded.

Wednesday's butler has left police station yesterday.

Envelope Is for Ms.


Obviously that is not made before The poor girls disappearance.

- How is Mrs.


- Ms.

Conti is well.

Worse is one of the agents Our.

He is serious.

- You know who was?

- Investigate all possibilities.

An att*ck, immediately after death Ramonte teacher.

Not seem a revenge? So far we have no evidence because that's about it.


Attorney, there is any connection that Butler's m*rder of before? I saw that is about same way, do not you think? I just started research.

It takes patience.

What happened, sir prosecutor? The city returned to fear? I always tried to conclude accounts with the past in a hurry and now paying the consequences.

Poor Edmond.

He was the only who trusted me.

Agents who accompanies me were injured? One was able to shock, but I and will return.

The other Is in a coma.

We hope you will be saved.

I'm sorry.

- It's my fault.

- No, ma'am.

Lives you're a wonder.

- Since when agents followed me?

- Since I realized that you do not you stop.

- I had no time to even know them.

- Q and do the job.

I can tell you what happened? Last time we seen Almost sent me.

- Say I was not authorized To bring up to date.

Order was to protect your with discretion.

Order from who? Your journey to Rome was not useless.

Your transfer was suspended.

You were reintegrated into the function.

Silvia, you need your apologies.

You were right.

Now I really an offense which to dwell.

Actually, both.

Ii k*ller and that poor boy, are and those who tried to k*ll you.

Now we should be synchronized.

What do you think would be their plan? Want to make a "clean market.

How I found out that not forgot, we did not only limited to protect you.

I changed even research.

And at that we have suggested, when we saw the funeral Ramonte's, that's why I was there.

One of my men photograph them the presence of all people.

Here are all.

Tano Cariddi.

This story will not end never.

- For nine years I knew no more of him.

- It seems that gone into nothingness.

His official position was controlled and a tab.

He worked even the secret services.

But I think, for years, it has not sought one.

And when there was even here.

Ramonte's funeral.

- Maybe it was Ramonte friend.

- Tano Cariddi has no friends.

But there does not seem too interested ceremonial If we look at this young man, friend with Ramonte.

Look at, even two passes.

Let him go to "get some" by Vanya.

Give me! Ma'am, I have not any interference!

- Give me!

- Move, move! Eat Mr.

Look at them well.

- And?

- A knowledge are? I do not too much of women.

Limit you answer me, if you do not mind.

I never saw it.

Giulia is called Wednesday.

Wednesday is the daughter of Senator.

I know him are? It's like I've seen several times at home Ramonte teacher.

Many people came to look for it tonight.

Tano Cariddi, for example, and he came, right? Who is he?

- It seems that you are in business with him.

- What business?

- I saw the church was

- What was the suitcase that shit? Commissioner I am honest citizen.

- I am here to cooperate with justice.

- Okay.

But you can not ask me to and a.

Iet him on Cariddi.

Now Giulia'm interested.

Are two weeks when he disappeared.

- Wednesday is a rich man.

- No.

And not just the rich.

- Try a different explanation.

- Do you? Test your me? If you want, one can help.

Before her disappearance, Giulia I phoned that her father told her about the existence a specific archive held by Professor Ramonte.

But you certainly have not heard to and talk about something.



So you did not have to know where that this archive contains secret files, documents reserved

- Do not understand.

Do not understand.


- But that countries are arrested You understand? I want to go.

I want to get out of here.

You should tease him.

Maybe sooner or later, will fail.

- No.

No time.

- Lord, look away reality.

He knows what we are interested.

Maybe the girl is already d*ad.

We need to make a last attempt.

Are you willing to post your countries are? It was nice if you see your work, Mrs.

! But now you'll have trouble! The wind has changed! You can not get an honest citizen in his own house and has a.

Process times were done Marketing! Anunþaþi them and your friends! People like you must be careful, lady.

Very careful!

- I hope you know what do.

- And I hope for you.

I repeat to you do not know how much time: Mr, here the front, I have not changed only a few words in my life.

And the party were: "Hello" and "Good evening.

" Yes.

Both he and team knowledge on Ramonte, but I do not think that's an offense.

But this time you went too far.

- Get it here.

- Rittone sir, to go.


Will not end like that, to know that.

That one I'll pay.

Speak with those who pulled me today morning.

Only they know the.

- Are you okay?

- Yes, but you? Very good.

See that woman has nothing in hand.

You, the guy inside, do not knowledge are not you ever seen him, not know who is.


- But

- Do what you say.

Everything will be fine.

See you soon.

You stay on the chair!

- With you I finished.

- If I talk like that nice To enter the other witness.

Please, I shows up.

You do not mind I brought that and you? No, of course.

Marco, you know that the investigation disappearance a person who you know are good.

Giulia Mercuri.

My assumptions are as follows: she was kidnapped in order antajãrii and her father.

And yet that is in hand Her kidnappers.

And my father has to blend? Your father and Wednesday were apropiaþi.

Tend to think of the act as an intermediary with the kidnappers.

What does this mean? Dad is an experienced lawyer.

And certainly can where he was asked to mediate.

You're right.

Precisely to clarify that we are here.

You know you're the man?

- May you and other questions?

- Marco, I'll remember that we do not have time.

Giulia is in danger.

- Not this man I ever saw.

- I'll ask you! Look here.

Who gave you? How have you reached? Was it you? You came home to me a few days after Giulia gone!

- You said that someone sent you

- Calm down! Calm down! Stay calm.

Calm down I do not know this guy.

- I know nothing of the envelope and photo.

- Nobody said that the envelope was made photos! But, just is! And you have made these photos! He and the is? This girl I never saw it.

I just went envelope.

I do not know anything.

Your father saw these pictures, Marco.

And it's led to him Wednesday.

Marco, is everything all right? Rittone Sir, you are retained the.

You are suspicious for complicity the kidnapping of his daughter Wednesday.

What? What did you say, Marco?

- What you need, Dad.

- You? What? What story I told you my boy? May have invented what falsitãþi time? The woman got you trapped.

Not understand, Marco? A trap! Look at that woman! Now go have a search for Giulia? Vanya will never speak.

Dies of fear.

And I do not think I know where Giulia.

Let me talk with my father.


- Association Report: Incorruptible Date of birth

-? Re the session

-?, Category

-?? prison for m*rder wife attenuated due to capacity low intellect and will Everything And tiau everything.

SOTH: Esther lynx

- Assassin Esther receives this ring as a sign of love and my fidelitãþii.

the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Tano receives this ring and you a sign of love and my fidelitãþii.

the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Dad Need to know the truth.

And I must tell you it.

You can not help me ierþi ever, is not it? You do not know what it means to go in that mechanism.

I'm not interested in your justifications.

You always have to remunera and movements.

But tell me what's with Giulia.

Where is Giulia, Dad? I do not know.

I know only that the man who keep it seized a Cariddi Tano.

And he lives up in an old castle Etnea the hills.

Here, look at.

Are some small homes.

Apparently, they are all abandoned.

Þarcuri remained only for goats.

And there, what is? Little closer.

Are the ruins of a castle.

I think that was abandoned when it was open the other mouth of the volcano.

Rittone not talked about an abandoned castle.

We link with headquarters the police for the latest revelations investigation relative tragic facts were spent in the city.

Edoardo lawyer was Rittone transferred to prison.

Catu and they have been made and his Vanya Marinoff, a young Slavic, owner of a local night.

Both are accused of complicity and seizure of persons and yet they committed an offense, not yet know why and how a bloody old story that seemed closed forever.

Commissioner Corrado m*rder Cattani.

All right.

Squadron helicopter was alerted the commissioner.

Are prepared to overflown zone all day.

Torri to come to the volcano with the machine, and he would guide them and the others.

I come with you!

- Can not remain here.

- Agreed.

You come to k*ll me? Yes.

You're courageous, Giulia.

Are the and a.



to and the quality.

You're generous.

You loved your dad up there that you sacrificed your life for him.

I like to have kidnapped him and antajaþi.

- Let constrângeþi to silence him.

- It's all over, Giulia.

- Your father is d*ad.

- Not true.

Not true.

What do you mean d*ad? Who did it? And he loved you more.

Not supported the idea that your fate depends on it.

You have k*lled him.

Why did you let to die without me? You are bastards, all you are some K*llers! You were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

You never saw anything would have to see.

But I I've never wanted to hurt your.

I just wanted To sterilize your courage.

A small surgical operation.

You're just a m*rder! You must die, Giulia.

Because game is over greater than you.

Because the game is power.

Power That exceeds everything yourself.

The only thing which I had never, the value for which we fought and refined my own intelligence and I k*lled their passions.

See you power is a god insatiable.

He claims blood sacrifices.

Challenging, I'll stick by small obstacles that should be removed.

I mean people who believe chopped to defeat evil.

Devoraþi those who are afraid.

To have qualms of conscience Women petty pride and stubborn? Are only some women neânsemnate little proud and stubborn! How are you! And as Esther! Esther There I loved only one woman in my life.

And was the and a.



Like you.

She stubborn.

And pride.

Was about your age.

And it was beautiful.

- Full of life.

- You never loved, is not it?

- I also loved you?

- What you know you love them? And to me? Even you You feel my grip when I'll take lives.

Esther Esther Why did you do that? I would gave up everything for you.

Esther You must be my treatment.

Just you! You let me alone? I could heal you! Calm down.


- See that top?

- Yes, I see.

Are the ruins of a castle.

Here Charlie 1 by a wind.

If you hear me, know.

We are in flight.

We are in the north


Nothing pointed to this side.

just come from the east.


- Hello Silvia.

- Tano.

- Yet I recognize your voice?

- Release a Giulia, Tano.

We come to you.

She's your is good, you know? Not only do girl.

- You and Ramonte's archive?

- Let Giulia archive and give me that.

Me and you are two survivors.

Now is the time to lay down our side.

Our time has passed, Silvia.

- Goodbye.

- Listen, Tano.

Listen! Tano Answer! Answer! And to sleep next to you and to wake up next to you

- No.

And need to, your smile, need to touch you I take everything as horror.

- You know? I always betrayed.


- Not true.

did I spy business, floppies Your.

You k*lled!

- Not really gave him information which they steal from you!

- Enough enough, you did your thing! Not really

- Commissioner Cattani!

- Tell me that's not true!

- Yes.

- Tell me that's not true! He knows everything And I'll tell you tomorrow what are A pig f*cking Like others You got nothing! 've Got nothing When a drop, which was the lake to evaporate I think the other drops that is d*ad.

In fact That he lives up in the clouds.

And it is meant to return the ocean.

But other drops where not to know.

Will remain the same opinion.

Listen! Approaching helicopters.

- Come, quick! Come!

- And I will k*ll you.

Now what? No.

I will.

Let's go!

- Where you going?

- Let 'em go.

Leave and you.

Come! Over here! Where fly sees something.

A parabolic antenna on top semi

-ruined castle.

Is and a car.

See someone.

If you can coborâþi you, do it.

Give me your position.



We have found.

- Go! Run! Ask for help.

- Come and you.


Maybe he still has need me.

Stops! Stops! Giulia! Nothing.

I found nothing here.

- You found floppies?

- No, ma'am.

Fly above hills.

See something north.

- Can you tell me what is?

- A red car Which goes to the volcano.

A car.

It must be him.

Let's go.

To exit it a man.

- Get out!

- No, you can not land.

We just to track.

To take a position as close the floor.

Mouth is going to crater.

S crazy? He was right.

It's all over.

Giulia receives this ring as a sign of love and my fidelitãþii the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Marco receives this ring as a sign of love and my fidelitãþii.

the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is important gentleman?

- Yes.
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