6x10 - New York, I Love You XOXO

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Gossip Girl". Aired: September 2007 to December 2012.
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Privileged teens living on the Upper Eastside of New York City. You know you love me. xoxo
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6x10 - New York, I Love You XOXO

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And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell.

You know you love me.

X.O.X.O., Gossip Girl.

I need your passion for social upheaval to help me write the book about the Upper East Side.

That's what I want.

Are you sure that I'm the one person you wanna be with? You have always been the one.

Daniel Humphrey has just released the latest installment of his serial a chapter on our very own Serena.

Why would you write this now? You were supposed to be different.

I used to be.

Got me nowhere.

So now I'm the same.

What I want isn't in Brooklyn.

I have a plan.

I have this whole time.

I wrote two versions of the Serena chapter, and that's that's the nice one.

I prefer the nasty one you published.

I know I've hurt you, but I've never stopped loving you.

Well, excuse me if I don't fall for that, or you, ever again.

When I first met you, you had the perfect story to get New York's attention.

What, Gossip Girl's identity? I promised her I'd stop looking after she helped find Serena.

She set you up to protect herself.

What do you have to lose by going through your research one more time? So Lily's still with Bart? Yes.

The only thing that matters is that you finally know the truth.

I do, and I'm sorry.

What on earth do you have to be sorry for? It won't be much longer, I promise.

I have a plan.

How many times do I have to tell you? Bart is not stupid enough to leave any evidence.

Stop your witch hunt and leave New York for Moscow tonight.

What are you doing? I couldn't live with myself if anything happened to you.

Don't get on the plane.

I made a deal.

Those were my father's terms.

The coast guard is investigating the area where the plane went off the radar after sending a mayday signal.

I hope that wasn't the one Chuck was on.

He just tried to have his own son k*lled.

Who do you think they're gonna believe, the man of the year, or some sad, pathetic, little boy?! Uhh! Aah! No! Chuck.

Give me your hand! You know I'm all talk.

I would never really hurt you.

Everything you say is a lie! Charles, this isn't who you are.

Please, son! Aah! Come on.

We have to get out of here.

Guys, there's a situation.

What's going on? There's a body.

A body? Whose? I can't tell you that.

Okay, thanks.

Do what you need to do.

Don't tell anyone you talked to me.

Arthur's stuck out front.

They're stopping all the cars from the event.

Give me the phone.

Why don't you let me help you? I know a lot of people here.

If you can just give me a name You ask a lot of questions.

Maybe you should give me your name.

I have to take this.


Here's a lovely young woman who will tell everything that she knows which is nothing.



Are you Arthur? Excuse me, would you tell the pilot I'm gonna need another moment, please? Thank you.

When you're ready.

You dug up a lot of good dirt.

We just have to sift through it again.

You know the history.

I'm a fresh set of eyes.

The answer to "who is Gossip Girl?" Is right on this table.


What? Ivy says I need to turn on the TV.

We're told a man has been found d*ad outside an event where the Manhattan real estate community was gathering to honor their man of the year, Bartholomew Bass.

The name of the deceased is being withheld until family members can be notified.


Hello? Yes, this is Mrs.


What?! You've reached William.

Please leave a message.

Hey, it's me.

So you know how as long as Bart Bass was around, it wasn't safe to come to the city? Well, it's safe now.

Call me.

Shockwaves ran through this crowd moments ago as the news spread that the deceased was none other than Bart Bass himself, the man they had g adhered to honor.

Good night.

This comes on the heels of a series of bizarre events earlier tonight.

First, a false report that a Bass Industries jet had been downed.

Then Bass' son Charles caused a disturbance, requiring him to be removed by security.

Yes, this is Chuck Bass' limo, but he's not with me.

Where is he? I don't know.

I haven't heard from him since I dropped him off.


Bass often finds his own way home from these things.

All clear.

All right.

Chuck Bass is considered a person of interest in this case, as he's wanted for questioning, although we have no information on his whereabouts.

Now being a person of interest does not necessarily mean he's a suspect at this point.

What it means is that police feel he'll have information on this case.

By the time I got to the party, Chuck was already gone.

I didn't even see him.

So you, uh, missed the outburst where he accused his father of trying to k*ll him? I don't know anything about that.

Do you? She's not talking to you.

She's a minor.

Anyone want some coffee? Look, Chuck likes drama.

Okay? He was probably wasted.

I'm sure it was just nothing, the usual father and son stuff.

And what do you know about his relationship with, uh, Blair Waldorf? Blair's relationship to Chuck is none of your business.

Besides, it's very complicated, with many ups and downs.

Would take long time to explain.

Look, Chuck Bass is missing.

If your daughter's with him, she could be in a lot of trouble.

What kind of trouble? Aiding and abetting.

Maybe worse.

Aiding and abetting what? You don't really think that Chuck had something to do with what happened to Bart? You mind if I check her bed, see if it was slept in? Yes, I mind.

You're not searching anything here without a warrant.

In fact, I think this conversation is over.

I understand you, uh, recently went to jail yourself, Mr.


Hate to see ya back there.

So I'm sorry, but nobody's gonna be saying another word without a lawyer present a lawyer who isn't me.

Well, this is outrageous.

I mean, it's not like Blair and Chuck k*lled the man.

Oh, no.

What? Oh, no.

Who is it? Room service.

I have terrible news.

Bart's d*ad.

What are you doing here? I don't know if you've heard, but, uh, a lot of people are looking for ya.

Blair, you can come on out.

Uncle Jack's here to help.


Uh, you're, uh, you're still in Manhattan, and you're here.

I spent all night reading and rereading, and then I realized I can't leave until I know if what you wrote is true.

It is, every single word of it.

Do you understand how I feel now? No.

No, actually, I'm more confused than ever.

Which one is the real you the one that wrote this chapter or the one in "Vanity Fair"? And "both" is not an acceptable answer.

You know, yeah, I still had a tracking device on your limo from back in the day when I hated you, and I thought it was a little odd when your limo driver made a midnight trip to a romantic inn in Windham.

Anyway you k*ll him or not? 'Cause if you didn't, running sure makes it look like you did.

Chuck did nothing wrong.

That's not entirely true.

I didn't help him.

Who shoved who first? Who got h*t? I I don't even know.

It was self-defense.

Bart tried to k*ll you on that plane.

I saved myself, then I fought back.

I I don't feel guilty, but that doesn't mean I'm not.

Anyways, Bart made it clear he owns captain Donnelley.

Can you help us get out of here? A a nice deserted island with no extradition treaties? We don't need money.

We can live off the land.

As much as I'd love to see you spearfishing in a coconut bikini, I, uh had another thought.

Were there security cameras on that roof? Bart turned them off.

Because he was going to k*ll you.

Who saw you up there? Him and Blair.

And I won't say a word.

Even if they t*rture me, I won't speak.

I, uh, had a different kind of t*rture in mind.


Spousal privilege means that a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband.

Not like this, Blair.

Why not? We're in love, and one way or another, we both achieved our goals.

And every trembling bone in my tired and scared body wants to marry you.

It's twisted but it's, uh, very you.

Jack is right.

Chuck and Blair hold hands? Chuck and Blair go to the movies? You said you never wanted us to be boring.

Well, we definitely aren't that now.

I was a stupid child when I said those things.

Life with you could never be boring.

Blair Cornelia Waldorf, will you marry me? Yes.

Yes, I will.

Oh! William, hello.

Lily, I am so sorry.

My deepest condolences for Bart's passing.


I'm still trying to process the news.

It's all very shocking and upsetting.

Well, without Rufus and your mother in your life, I thought you could use the support.

You know, the police are looking for Chuck, the press is on your heels, and you've got a funeral to plan.

Oh, God.

A funeral.

Well the good news is, we can do the same thing we did the last time Bart d*ed.

Honestly, I would be grateful to have you by my side.

I don't know how I'm gonna get through this day alone.

Well, let's start by getting you upstairs and getting you some of that tea you love so much.

Okay, you need to explain everything, from the beginning the very, very beginning.


Uh all right, well I'd been going to school with you guys for a while, but that night was the first night that I'd been to one of your parties.

Of course, I soon realized that I'd been invited by accident.

Hey, Matt.

No, n you know, my name's actually Good game against Trinity last week, huh? Game? Yeah, no, I'm not I'm not who you think I am.


Watch it.



But I didn't care if I wasn't supposed to be there.

One I got inside, I wasn't leaving because that's when I saw you.

I'd seen you before at school, on the steps of the Met, but I'd never seen you like this.

What are you doing, standing there all by yourself? Don't you ever go to parties? I, um, yeah.

Sure, yeah.

I yeah, I went to uh, birthdays as a kid.

Well, my own.

I, um, I have a cousin who's Jewish, and her bar mitzvah was rockin'.



You were joking.

Yeah, I was.

No, so I mean, I was yeah, I was, too.

I was joking.

No, I wasn't.

I was her bat mitzvah was it sucked.

It was Hello Kitty-themed.

I love Hello Kitty.

So do I.

Uh I was joking again.

You probably should get out more.

Well, you see what happens when I do? And this is so bad? O.


G! Kati just puked on her Prada! She is taking pictures with her cell phone.

We have to go wish her happy barfday! That's amazing.

I wish I remembered any of that, but I don't probably because I had too much champagne.

Or because you thought I was a lacrosse player named Matt.

No, I didn't realize that.

No, but that's good news.

It's great news.

Yeah, just have the papers sent over.


Was that about the search warrant? It was about "The Spectator"" I mean, now that Bart's d*ad, my name's the only one on the loan.

If I can pay off what I owe, it'll be all mine.

That's amazing.

And if we can figure out this "Gossip Girl" expose, you'll have the perfect story to make it happen.


I just wish I felt like celebrating.

I'm sure Chuck's not calling 'cause he doesn't want to get me in trouble, but I really need to know he's okay.

If he's with Blair, he's okay.

She won't let anything bad happen to him.


Hold on one second, okay? Of course we have to get married in a courthouse.

Maybe we should get out of here.


We're just two crazy kids dying to tie the knot.

If anyone recognizes you, then that knot will become a noose around your neck.

I got the license.

Backdated, of course, lest someone suspects your union was motivated by something other than your tender feelings.

The Justice of the Peace is waiting for you.


Let's go.

Let's do this.

Blair, you don't have to.

I want to.

I know this isn't your dream wedding.

Last night's dress, no flowers, the cake from the doughnut shop down the street.

I already had my princess wedding.

There were enough peonies to last a lifetime.

Maybe you don't need flowers, but your mother, Cyrus, Serena you should be surrounded by the people you love.

You love me.

I love the both of you.

It is just not worth the risk of bringing everyone here.

Look, you might be okay with it, but I'm not sure I wanna start the rest of our lives this way.


Don't worry, Daphne.

I'm heading over to Dan's right now.

I know you need the final chapter today.


You Georgina Sparks? Depends on who's asking.


Jack Xavier Bass.

Chuck's Uncle Jack.

Don't believe I've had the pleasure.

Blair says when it comes to a scheme, your skills are second to none.

She doesn't exaggerate.

Then what are you waitin' on, Sparks? Let's see if the woman lives up to the name.

Oh! Thank you for letting me lean on you today.

I would simply be lost.

William! Ivy, right? I would hope, on a day like today, you would be able to give me some measure of peace.

Oh, if there is one thing you're not getting today, it's peace.

And now that William's here, we can tell you together.

You know, they say success is nothing without someone to share it with.

I have no idea what game this young woman is playing.

I don't believe I've even seen you since, um uh, Cece's wake.

What? We've been working together for months.

He's in love with me.

I have William's texts on my phone.

My children know how to make it look like someone sent them a text message when they haven't, so I'm sure you know the same tricks.

He he helped transfer Cece's money to me.

You can ask Lola.

Well, Lola's out of the country doing a film in Budapest, so unfortunately, she's, uh, not available.

I'm gonna go get the doorman.

What are you doing? I'm getting exactly what I wanted to be with Lily, the love of my life, the mother of my children.

And I thank you I truly thank you for the role you played in making that possible.

I'll tell everyone.

I'll tell the media.

The media? I don't think so.

You're a lifetime movie called "Nobody gives a damn: The Ivy Dickens story.

" I don't know what you have to complain about.

You got Lola's money.

Now go back to Florida, run along and be the queen of the swamp people.

You're the devil! All right, miss.

Don't make me have to call the police.

I loved you, William, with all my heart! I did! Ivy and Serena's daddy doctor? Didn't see that one coming.


What do you two want? You.

Look, don't be mad.

I came back because I wanna understand.

No, I'm I'm not mad.

I just Okay, have you ever wanted something so badly, but you just know you're not gonna get it? Oh, that's right.

I I forgot who I'm talking to.

Of course you haven't.

But that that was that was my whole life.

And the moment you walked away from me, I knew there was no way I could ever pull you out of your world and into mine.

But I couldn't give up.


The school trip to the "Intrepid" museum? Yeah.

I overheard two girls talking about you in your white dress, getting wet, and, um one girl thought that you would be laughingstock.

You know, and that and that everyone would be talking about you, but then her friend said, "that's the point.

You're no one until you're talked about.

" So you came home, and you told all of this to Jenny, and that was the beginning of "Gossip Girl"? So you've had the power to reveal her identity this entire time? Come.

We have a mission.

"We"? "We" who? What what mission? Do you two seriously not have any idea why I'm here? What have you been doing for the last 12 hours? So obviously, Gossip Girl's known you all since ninth grade, but it's doubtful that someone older would've cared about a bunch of freshmen, so she's the same age.

Or younger.

That's what we always figured.

But you went to different colleges after graduation.

She couldn't have followed all of you.

By that time, it didn't matter.

She'd already built up her network of sources.

I mean, she could've been anywhere in the world.

Like at Sarah Lawrence, where Eric Van Der Woodsen goes? Or maybe London, where Jenny Humphrey lives? I thought of that.

Eric maybe, but Gossip Girl was pretty brutal on Jenny.

I mean, no one would do that to themselves.

Are you kidding? Battling Blair, the fashion line even you had a crush on her.

Little J. was my idol in seventh grade.

But I get your point.

Is there anyone Gossip Girl ever went easy on? Someone she cared about? That could be a clue.

The only selfless thing she ever did was shut down after Chuck and Blair's accident.

Although, she did lead Dan and Blair to Juliet after Serena was drugged.

That was the right thing to do.

And wasn't there a lot of stuff that she knew but didn't post until Serena went to w*r with her at graduation? Maybe Gossip Girl was really our guardian angel.
Spotted Chuck Bass back in Manhattan.

We hear he's on his way to turn himself in.

Who's up for a little stakeout at the big house? Well, so much for that theory.


Jack? Come on.

Let's go.

Take your time.

I mean, whatever.

Come on, let's go! Did you just see what I saw? What are the chances that Serena, Dan, Nate, and Georgina Sparks all decided to check out the Warhol exhibit together? Zero.

Come on, ally.

Hey, mom! Chuck! Sorry I couldn't call.

You really scared us, man.

Oh! I'm so glad you're safe.

You know, just a little confused as to why we're all here.

Are you saying good-bye before you turn yourself in? Why does everyone look like they're here for a funeral? When you're here for a wedding.

A woman like Blair deserves to be married with style, surrounded by friends and family.

No Bass man would let himself be stopped by a little thing like a tristate A.



Hey, enough with the small talk.

We all have a job to do.

Blair and Chuck, stay out of sight.

Then we meet at the Bethesda Fountain and get married.

Miss Eleanor, go go get the dress! A and and the rings! The rings! You! You! Rings! And and, uh, mister Chuck and Blair are getting married?! This is the biggest "Gossip Girl" story ever.

" Oh, my gosh! You look amazing! B.

, the dress is perfection! Well, a lifelong relationship with Elie Saab does have its perks.

My mother did well.

Hey, have you seen Dan? I'm a little nervous.

The last time he was in charge of flowers, we ended up with Damien Dalgaard's purple tulip.

Well, speaking of, is Dan here as your date? I mean, after he published his hate piece, I'm surprised you're even talking to him at all.

Yeah, he had his reasons.

I don't know.

I'm I'm still trying to figure it out.

And come on, it's not like Chuck didn't do his fair share of terrible things to you.

Ancient history! And besides, Chuck is one of us, whereas Dan, despite his years of trying, never will be.

What does "one of us" even mean after all this time? He's friends with our friends.

We we both dated him.

His father married my mother.

His his new apartment is in my building.


, we all hoped that Humble Humphrey would overcome his Brooklyn roots to join a higher social strata.

I mean, after all, it's the American dream.

But let's face it.

In his case, the dream has d*ed.

Just give him one more chance.

You don't know the whole story.

I know what I need to know, and that is, Serena Van Der Woodsen will never end up with a powerless striver.

Where are you going? The fountain is that way.

Yeah, I might be a little late for that.

There's something I gotta take care of first.

Something? Like what? If this is about the final chapter, you better not be giving it to "Vanity Fair" before I've read it.

I'm not giving it to "Vanity Fair".

What? Wait! Where are you going?! Stop it! Oh! Should I even ask what happened on that rooftop? The less you know, the better.


Then for once, I guess it's a good thing that I'm out of the loop.

Chuck! Hey! Sorry to interrupt your last fling, but I got the rings.

The choice was between Byzantine cross and Egyptian snake.

I assume, like attracted like, and you went with the snake? You know me well, nephew.


This is for you.

It's my final chapter.

You mean my final chapter, and it's not for you.


This is about Gossip Girl.

That's yours to publish in "The Spectator.

" I know you gave up your search to help Serena.

Now you have all your answers.

Dan, this is incredible.

I have to find sage.

I mean, she can run this down to the office.

Thanks, man.

I mean, this could change my life.

Mine, too, hopefully.

I should've known better than to back a horse from D.





All right, don't let anyone stop you or ask any questions.

Just go straight to my computer and start typing.

Post paragraph by paragraph if you need to.

Got it.

What is taking Gossip Girl so long? I don't know.

But if Gossip Girl doesn't care about out tip, I bet the police will.

Thea! The police? What? Chuck's a fugitive from the law.

If it's not on "G.


," at least it'll be on the news.

Hi, I have information on the location of Chuck Bass.

To quote Siddhartha, we are not going in circles.

We are going upward.

The path is a spiral.

We have already climbed many ste Cyrus, I think that is enough.

Perhaps we could skip to the "I do" part.

Where's the rings? Do you, Chuck, take Blair to be your lawfully wedded wife? Three words.

Eight letters.

Blair, do you take Chuck to be your lawfully wedded husband? One word.

Three letters.

Yes! Then by the power invested in me by the great state of New York, I now pronounce you man and wife! You may kiss the bride! Chuck Bass! Chuck Bass? You need to come with us.

You, too, Ms.


I'm with you.

Me, too.

And me.

Right on cue, Gossip Girl.

It's not Gossip Girl.

It's "The Spectator".

I'm shocked.

I thought it was Dorota.

What? Seriously? No way.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

That little b*tch! Hey, Upper East Siders.

Gossip Girl here, and I have the biggest news ever.

"Serena! You're back from boarding school.

" "Yeah.

Hi, Blair.

So I gotta go ".

Come on, Bell.

Can you just try a little harder? I'm sorry.

If I'm being really honest, Rachel, I don't think you can pull off high school anymore.

Thanks a lot.


Oh, come on! You are always on that thing.

This audition's really important to me.

Plus, the book is a best-seller and it has a built-in movie audience.

Dan Humphrey is a really good writer.




You are not going to believe who Gossip Girl is.


Gossip Girl is real? The Upper East Side was like something from Fitzgerald or Thackeray teenagers acting like adults, adults acting like teenagers, guarding secrets, spreading gossip, all with the trappings of truly opulent wealth.

And membership in this community was so elite, you couldn't even buy your way in.

It was a birthright a birthright I didn't have and my greatest achievements would never earn me.

All I had to compare to this world was what I'd read in books.

But that gave me the idea.

If I wasn't born into this world, maybe i could write myself into it.

I'd overheard enough conversations to be able to mimic the language of the Constance girls, but every writer needs his muse.

And it wasn't until that photo of Serena in the white dress that I knew I had something strong enough to actually create a legend and launch a web site.

Within weeks, I was getting dozens of e-mails with stories about Upper East Siders, so I posted them anonymously.

And then I got more.

Oh, my God.

Before lon it was a monster.

Everyone was sending tips.

I am so glad Gossip Girl finally got her b*lls back.

And when Serena came back from boarding school I wrote my first post about me Lonely Boy the outsider, the underdog.

I might've been a joke, but at least people were talking about me.

This is a hell of a thing you pulled off, kid.

I'm in awe.

I hacked it and stole it from him.

That makes me way more awesome.

No, you stole it after I shut it down.

And when you started it back up, I just stole it again.

I should've known it was you on the surveillance tape Diana sent me.

You were the only one who wasn't there with us that night.

And you're the only one who owns a hoodie.

The one I felt stupid about was graduation, when I asked Gossip Girl to meet me, and then Dan showed up.



I figured you'd be here waiting for Chuck and Blair.

We need to talk.

I should drink.

Me, too.

Uh, vodka on the rocks.

Big glass, not too many rocks.

Three olives.

Dan, I cannot believe you are the one responsible for all of this poison.

The damage you've done to your friends, to your family, to your own sister! Jenny wanted to get on "Gossip Girl".

She's known it was me for years.

If there's ever anything she really didn't want posted, all she had to do was ask.

You told the whole world about her losing her virginity! No, no, no.

No, she sent that tip in herself.

She wanted to get out of New York, but she didn't feel like she had the strength to leave on her own.

So she knew if Blair found out the truth, she wouldn't have a choice.

Her leaving town was the best thing that ever happened to Jenny.


I mean, look, dad, I I know I know I've screwed up, and plenty of times.

But I've always tried to do the right thing, like you taught me.

Tell me everything.

Dan was as hard on himself as he was any of us.

And he wouldn't have had anything to post if everyone hadn't been sending in tips.

I never sent in one tip.

Saint Nate.

Come on, what was the worst thing Gossip Girl ever wrote about you? If anyone should be mad it it should be me or me and Blair.

We're here! You're free! So everything's okay? Well, Cyrus is finishing up at the police station.

But we refused to talk.

And since there's no actual evidence that Chuck was even on that roof And no witness Except his wife.

They had to no choice but to let us go.

Bart's death will be ruled as an accident.

Thank you.

No, this is actually for her.

Miss Blair, I I so worried about you and, uh, Mr.

Chuck, and brain exploding from Lonely Boy news.

I need vodka.

We all need lots of vodka, Dorota.

And champagne.

My mother and Lily are at Citarella right now getting food.

We're gonna have a wedding reception.

And don't even think that you will be invited, Humphrey.

We read while we were waiting.

You have a lot of explaining to do.

What do you wanna know, Blair? What do you look so amused for? Uh, it's just that I felt the same way until I realized that I'm fine with it.

Fine? He stopped posting after our accident.

He shut down the site.

I mean, we always knew it was one of us, right? I always thought it was Dorota! You know, I actually thought it was Eric for a little bit, and then I thought it was you, Rufus.

My dad? Come on.

Hey! It could've been me.

I always thought it was Nate.

Did anyone think it could be me? My money was on the blonde broad in London.

Why do you all think that this is funny? Gossip Girl ruined our lives! Is your life really ruined, Blair? If you think about it, we're all on track to do exactly what we wanted to do.

But he schemed and lied and spread horrible stories.

Blair, I think you're just mad because Dan was the one who was pulling the strings all along.

This whole time, I had more power than you.

But what he did with that power was write a love letter not just to me but to all of us.

It made me realize I don't want to run away, that that you guys are my family, and I belong here.

And so does Dan.

Well, I guess that means it's all over now, that we can all grow up and move on.


Gossip Girl's d*ad.

Good to see you again.


Archibald, what do you say to speculation that you'll be announcing your bid for the mayor's race any day now? I say New York is the greatest city in the world.

Who wouldn't wanna be mayor? You'd be the youngest mayor ever in the history of the city.

Only if I win.

And I haven't even said if I'm running.

The polls already have you out in front.

I promise I'll answer any questions you have tomorrow, but right now there's somewhere I have to be.

Thank you, Mr.


You very good boy, help tidy up for party.

Look who's here! Daddy! Ah! There is my grandson! Henry! Come here, boy! Come here! Come here! Come here! Come on! Ah! How are you? The place looks great.

It was all Blair.

Thank you.


No, I told you that Tuesday is not soon enough.

I need the samples in the showroom by Monday.

Okay, I have to go.

I have guests.



Do you have any idea how many times I'd wondered if we'd ever make it to this day? And now here we are.

No doubt thanks to your wonderful parenting.

Mm! Oh, my I know.

I know.

Last-minute inspiration.

How is she? Oh, great.

Not nervous at all.

I am.

I need a drink.


Sorry I'm late.

Hey, looking good.

You may be rid of Dan Humphrey, but you'll never be rid of me.

There will always be someone on the outside, wanting to get in.

Who am I now? That's one secret I'll never tell.





, Gossip Girl.
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