01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Glory". Aired: December 30, 2022 - present.
A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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[moody, intense intro music plays]

[girl breathing heavily]


[continues breathing heavily]

[Dong-eun] Once upon a time,
I entertained this thought.

[GPS] You have now reached
your destination.

- [clattering]
- [man] What'd you do wrong? Answer!

What'd you do wrong?
Answer, you f*cking b*tch!

f*cking disrespect me again...

[Dong-eun] What if somebody, anybody,

had tried to come and help me?

[man] g*dd*mn woman.

- [man] Where're you going?
- [woman] No!

[woman wails]

[man] Think anyone's going to help you?
Think you can get away from me?

That's it. You're gonna die now!

Don't h*t her!

Please! I'm going to f*cking k*ll you
if you don't stop!

Seon-a, please don't. Don't do it.

Please. Your mom...
Your mom's taking care of it.

- Seon-a, I'm begging you.
- No, Mom, I have to! I have to, Mom!

You'll get arrested if you do it,
but I'll be fine 'cause I'm a minor.

- So move, please!
- Please don't do this! Don't!

[mother sobbing]

If I have to... I'll do it.
You shouldn't have to!


Please, stop.

You two bitches
have lost your g*dd*mn mind!

- [wails]
- Such a good role model, aren't you?

Such a good role model!
The greatest role model!

f*cking whore. I think you need
another b*ating, don't you?

Are you going to s*ab me with that, huh?

Huh?! Then s*ab me.

s*ab me! You stupid b*tch.

You guys are out of you f*cking minds.

All right. Let's do this now then, huh?

You want this, right? Huh?

So, where're you going to s*ab me?

- [screams]
- [Seon-a] Please!

[objects clattering]

[Dong-eun] If only I had a friend

- [woman] Don't touch Seon-a.
- ...or even a god.

- [man scoffs]
- You bastard.

Or the weather could change for me,
just for a second.

- [man] Why don't we all die here?
- And I could have a w*apon.

[sounds of struggle continue]



[car beeps]


[medical monitors beeping]

I gave you 12 stitches in all.

I'm gonna prescribe you antibiotics,
so no drinking or smoking.

Come on, I'm in high school.

Yeah, you're right. So don't start now.

Come back every three days.

Yeo-jeong, the attending's on his rounds.

Got it.

[man] Hey, Ms. Kim.

Can I have a tiny sip
of what you're drinking?

- My coffee, you mean?
- Don't give him any.

Make sure he doesn't
go near the vending machine.


[man] Has anyone told this man
it's better to eat while you're alive?

Jesus Christ.



[Dong-eun] Lee Se-dol? Who is that?

[wistful music playing]

Thank you so much for helping me.

You're going to be a great doctor.

Am I not seeing you again?

Wait, why?

I need to keep tutoring you.
You haven't beaten me yet.

[chuckles drily]

You're not the person
I'm actually trying to b*at.

I have to get going.
I should go tutor now.

Are you tutoring to save up for a house?

Tutoring isn't enough for that.

You're right.
You almost have to inherit one.

But even still,

how can you be
okay with goodbye after all this?

Just let me know, okay?
Whatever direction you're going.

I know.

You're trying to run away.

Even as we stand here,
you're still running away.

But I don't know
the place you're running to.

If I'm being honest, I also want to...

go run somewhere.

But I'm terrible at directions.

Isn't your mother the hospital chief?

Over at Seoul Joo General Hospital?

[scoffs] Haven't you arrived?

Ever since you were born,

the people around you would tell
this is what you're destined to be,

more times than you can count.

Every single morning,
I watch the weather channel.

When they refer to a winter
that's warmer than usual,

they call it a disturbance.

But thick fog is created

if the disturbance follows
a cold wave during the winter.

Since they stay where it's warm,

they don't realize how cold it is outside.

Life is peaceful and wonderful.

[phone chimes]


[woman] Where do you want to meet?
Just give me a location.

[paper rustling]


Some basic info is written
on the back of the photo.

I've included everything
I've collected so far.

What I want is
any information that's not there.

That includes anything
regarding Chairman Kim Sin-tae.


I'll work eight hours a day.

You can also just pay me minimum wage.

Anything other than that
should be paid to me separately.


But be aware,
not everything we do will be legal.

And my business will always come first.


This sort of thing will take some time,

but this way,
we won't get any blood on our hands.


Also, do you know how to drive?

I don't.

Then first, learn how to drive.


Your daughter.
Tell me, what grade is she in?

Ah, my daughter isn't
going to be any trouble at all.

She can handle herself. She's so grown up.

You don't have to worry about her. I'll...

On the weekends,
send her to the Seoul Station

on a two-hour train ride.

I will tutor her.

And you should also pay me
the same wage for tutoring her.

[lively, spirited music playing]

Thank you, ma'am.

I'll bring back some good news for you.


[tires screech]

I'm so sorry.

[alert chimes]

I thought I had h*t the brakes.

[car] ...and drive forward.



How far did we get last time?

Isn't it illegal for a teacher to get paid
for tutoring outside of school?

It is illegal.

But I never was a law-abiding citizen.

[lively, spirited music playing]


[Hyeon-nam giggling excitedly]

[car beeps]



Oh my God!

Oh, thank you!

[excited laughter]

Have you used a digital camera before?

[music trails off]

[car beeps]

This rectangular thing
is called an SD card.

I'll give you several of these things.

It goes in...

with a click.

Then you take a picture.

To get it out, press on this and click.
It'll come out.

Then you can leave it right in here
and I'll just come and get it.

Do you understand?

When should I give you the pictures?

They're all in here.

- Oh!
- Here. Try it.

There's so much I have to learn.

Oh, I feel like
I'm going to break this thing.

Yeah, if you try
to put it in there like that.

Make sure that the gold part
goes in first.

[Hyeon-nam sighs]

Got it.

I can't see what...


[shutter snapping]

[Dong-eun] Sometimes I wonder, Yeon-jin.

[shutter snapping]

Which of the two is stronger?

The solidarity between victims?

Or the solidarity
between the perpetrators?

[singing in Korean] ♪ Then sings my soul
My Savior God, to Thee ♪

♪ How great Thou art ♪

♪ Then sings my soul
My Savior God, to Thee ♪

♪ How great Thou art ♪

♪ When through the woods... ♪

[car beeps]

[Hyeon-nam in English] My pictures
don't look that great yet. Sorry.

I thought you might recognize her anyway.

[tablet chimes]


[mysterious, suspenseful music playing]




[bl*ws landing]

[students murmuring]

[boy 1 grunting]

[boy 2 exclaiming]

Say that again.

You couldn't shut up about it before,
so why're you quiet now?

What'd you say about my eyes?
The hell you say, f*ck?

What color is this, then?

Tell me what color it is right now!

He's knocked out. You can stop.

You f*cking p*ssy.
I'm colorblind, but I'm not blind!

I know that I knocked him out!

[Dong-eun] Looks like
you weren't a very loyal wife, Yeon-jin.

However, you try your best to hide it.

[woman] I told her it was
too dangerous to play with those.

Oh, it's fine.

Wow, Ye-sol! You've gotten so tall!

Yeah! I'm going to be
a forecaster like you!

This has been Ha Ye-sol
reporting the weather.

Hey, Mommy, are these heels green?

Oh... they're actually red.

Ha Ye-sol, look at Mommy.

The color of these heels
does not matter at all.

What's important is that they cost a lot,
and they're real hard to get.

And what's even more important
is that no matter how rare,

you can own each and every one of them.

The true value of something is
the number written on its price tag.

Not its colors, honey.

Do you understand me?

And I shouldn't tell Daddy, right?

[woman] Oh! Jae-jun, hey!

Here comes the owner of the club.

Wow! Look who we have over here!
It's been too long.

- Hola!
- Hola.

Ah, senorita. As beautiful as always.

[chuckles] If you would've called before,
I would've rolled out the red carpet.

Ah, sure you would.

When we were in Spain, we were
next door neighbors to Jae-jun here.

Ah, I'd like my friend to meet you.
I want her to be a member.

- Mmm.
- Consider it for me? Please?

Dramatic much?

Do I need to be considered
if we know I can afford it?

Have you enjoyed yourself?

Our country club has the best
golfing greens in the country.

There are some people
who have never been here,

but none only come once.

Exercise anywhere is great.

I did like the dumplings here.

It's really hard to get a spot in here.

Four current members
need to recommend you before submission.

- I swear. She is everything you want.
- Huh.

Her son is the CEO
of Jaepyeong Construction.

[tense, mysterious music playing]

[chuckles] If you give it to me,
I'll personally review it.

Sorry. I've gotta get going.

- I'll call you later.
- Sure, thanks!

Don't accept any applications.
I'm not accepting new members.

Oh, and...

[sighs angrily]

...don't sell dumplings there.

Throw that f*cking shit out.

[man] Yes. Got it, sir.


Park the car. Give the keys
to the Go house. Take the weekend.

Thank you. Have a good night, sir.

Mr. Choi is waiting for you.

Hmm. Thank you.

For the Jeongbok-dong development,
I've secured the land rights for you.

And I've reached
an agreement with the city

to open the Go square as soon as possible.

I guess changing the company
slowed us down.

[indistinct chatter]

You know, most young people

aren't very interested in things like Go.

[chuckles] You don't see that often.

If you look over there, Mr. Park,

the owner of the ribs restaurant
is absolutely fuming

because he's lost two rounds in a row.

They're betting 20,000 won per round.


How'd you even catch that?
He went down by...

[tense music playing]

[bystanders mutter]

[man] You have to get
the group there first.

You won't find any help over there.

Give up and you'll only lose
by ten territories.

[player sighs in frustration]

- Hmm.
- [bystander] Wow, she's good.

[player] g*dd*mn.

Got him good here.

[player] Ugh, I can't believe it.

[bystander] Wow, that's impressive.
Very impressive.

Wow, she's very good. Incredible.

[mysterious music playing]


I'm in Seoul right now.
Tomorrow, I'm off and I'm bored.

[bright, upbeat music playing]

Oops. Wrong number.

[car honks]

Is he insane?

[music stops]


You smiling because
you thought I was Jae-jun?

Shit... that's f*cking funny. [laughs]

Just open the door now!

[Myeong-o] You picked
a good one this time.

iPad's in the back.

Are you allowed
to drive Jae-jun's car whenever?

I bet you say it's yours to pick up women.

Without some perks,
this job would be shit.

Six. Nine.

Six. Nine. Six. Nine.

The password.

- What a number, huh?
- Ugh. So gross.

He just got a divorce,

and he owns a ton of property and shit.

He even owns horses in Jeju.

Oh! Oh my God, I thought he was joking.

f*ck me.

Can you find out a little bit more
about this guy's ex-wife?

What she looks like. Family. Anything.

For 300,000 won, how long would it take?

What's the rush here?

Four hundred fifty thousand won.
I'm a busy man nowadays.

He wants to go to Jeju with me soon.

I have to decide
if I'm sleeping with him or not.


Of course you have to.
I'm sorry, all right?

[chuckles] Gotta make sure.

What a slut. Oh God.

[scoffs] Shit.

You're not worth cussing out.

Do you know the one place
where class distinction is crystal clear?

It's in a plane.

First class, business, economy.

While the only thing
dividing them is a curtain,

no one's allowed to cross it.

The hell you saying?

I'm saying people like yourself
will never be allowed to cross it.

You're not getting paid enough
to buy a proper meal.

But I will.

[menacing music plays]

Stop the car.

Well, Jae-jun's car.

[music halts]

[introspective music playing]

Still playing with that?

The match was already over,
but she dragged it out.

Why, though?

Who did?

At the Go house.


I'm going to rest for a bit,
then I'm off to work.

That thing gives me such a headache.
How can you play it?

It can be a pretty compelling game.

Why do you smoke
even though it's not good for you?

Got it.

Then, why did you marry a woman who smokes

when you yourself don't smoke?

Aside from smoking, you're compelling.

Both for fun and to look at.

[Yeon-jin laughs]
That's what I like about you, sweetie.

You answer every question I ask you.

I wonder, you went on blind dates
with at least three women, including me.

Why was I picked?

You had the least amount of clothing on.

And though you were
wearing the least, it was all Dior.


You're so out of your mind.

For such a nice boy,
you sure can act like a real bad guy.

Hurry up, Do-yeong.

There's very, very little
I'm wearing tonight.

Five minutes.

[train horn blares]

[PA system chimes]

[announcer over PA]
May I have your attention?

In the interest of safety,

please stand behind the platform
as the train approaches.

The train will now be approaching.

[gentle music playing]

Are you real?

What do you mean?

I dressed up.

[phone chimes]

[Dong-eun] We'll start in ten minutes.

[gentle music continuing]

[Yeo-jeong] Did you pass your exam?

- Yeah.
- Ah. Of course you did.


Ah, I might be too late.

Thank you.

Semyeong was hosting a conference,
and I went with some professors.

Have you been well?

Kind of.

I heard you went into the m*llitary
as a medic.

Yeah, but it's been forever
since I've been discharged.

But how did you know?

From those old guys at the park.

They said the lazy kid went to go serve,

and that he'd come back a new man.

So you kept going to the park, then?

Did you want me
to write you a letter or something?

Are medics even allowed to get letters?

- They usually get a lot of love letters.
- Did you get a lot then?



Not big on letters.

So, what brings you to Semyeong?

Are you working there now?

Not yet, no.

I had some business there.

Is she with you?

She's been staring at you for a while now.

I probably should get going now.

Me too.

And by the way...

back then,

when we were
playing Go together at the park,

I was going through
the coldest season in my whole life.

But when we were playing Go...

that was the only thing
in my life that kept me warm.

So if you think
that I might have a kind heart,

then you're the one to thank.

[heartfelt music playing]

Just wanted you to know.

That's where I work now.

Just in case you're ready one day.

Have a safe trip.


[woman] Excuse me.


Is this your main residence?

You live in 301, right?

You should know I own this building.

I'm aware of that, ma'am.

Do you not live in your apartment?

Your utility bills are
always the lowest here.

- I always pay my rent on time though.
- And I know that, dear.

I was just wondering
what was going on in there.

You were so desperate to live here,

but you've been
leaving it empty for months now.

I haven't been sent to Semyeong just yet.

But I'm trying my best.

[Hyeon-nam] I know
we're not supposed to meet in person,

but I have a video to show you.

So I'll meet you in the car.

[door opens]

I thought you were
coming in from the front.

Ah! I'm so sorry. Got it.
I'll remember this next time.

I had to zoom in a ton to get it,
so the quality isn't great.

You'll need to look closely.

- Here.
- Thanks.

There. There. There, you see?
You see? Just look.

- Here.
- [camera beeps]

"Hey, sir. Why don't you
sit up front with me today?"

- I'm not sure what this is.
- [sighs]

"Hey, baby.
Sit up front with me. Come on."

Wait, was the driver's name Jo Su-hyeon?

[gasps] How did you know?

[sighs] It was never a woman.


There was a box
of erectile dysfunction medication.

I guess gender doesn't matter
as long as you last.

So we should have focused on the age.


Sorry. You get so serious
at the weirdest times.

[stops laughing]

What's wrong?

Did you think I couldn't laugh
because my husband beats me?

I might get h*t, but I'm a happy person.

Oh Jesus.

You should have
told me about that earlier.

- Tell what?
- That you're a happy person.

You see, I don't want to laugh with you.

Why... Why not?

I'm afraid I'll forget
what I'm supposed to be doing

if I let myself laugh.

Ah, I'm sorry. I didn't know that.

I'll be careful.

Maybe this is why I get beaten up.

Don't say that.

Well, I guess I just really love
working with you.

I'm a happy person
who never gets to be happy.

I can breathe now, so I can't stop now.

Don't worry, ma'am.
I'll make sure not to bother you.

Well, let's go!

[sweeping choral music plays]

[Dong-eun] How come she and I...

No, how come we have to
work so hard every day?

Working hard is so tiring.

I'm so sick of working hard, Yeon-jin.

[woman] It's ready, miss.

[doorbell rings]

[door opens]

How have you been, Mr. Kim?

I'm Moon Dong-eun.

You're who?

From Seonghan High School.

The Dong-eun who dropped out
back then in 2004.

Don't you remember me?

[hesitating] Who are you?

Oh, hi, Su-han.

It's nice seeing you.
What brings you to this neighborhood?

Dong-eun? What are you doing here?

This is my dad's house. He's my father.

Oh, is that so?

Wow. This must be fate, then.

I used to be
a student of your father's, long ago.

Right? Don't you remember me now?

Oh, almost forgot, Mr. Kim.
Now, I'm a teacher like you.

What'd you say about...

my son?!

- Say it again? What?!
- [bl*ws landing]

[menacing music playing]

Why'd you wanna meet here?
Siesta would've been better.

Did you know that even in high school,
this building was abandoned?

And it still is today.

Enough with the small talk.

You're trying to get revenge here,
aren't you?

Yeah. I am.


You don't even seem scared of me, huh?

Why aren't you after me, then?

I can't get revenge on you
if you have nothing.

All the others have something to lose.

You have nothing to lose.

Wow, you'd say that to my face? [chuckles]

This is the perfect height
to fall and die. Watch your mouth.

I know.

I stood on that ledge once myself.

- Because of you guys.
- Shit, are you threatening me?

- At least you can get scared.
- You really are asking for it, aren't you?

- Remember Yoon So-hee?
- What?

So many rumors were
going around about her.

About how she k*lled herself
after she left.

You should remember that at least.

You used to say "Dong-eun's here,"

but you probably said "So-hee's here"
before that.

[suspenseful music playing]

So-hee fell from this exact place.

But she was pushed.

[loud clatter]

What the hell? No! No! Not me, huh?

I wasn't the one!

I know.

So go get some money
from the person who actually k*lled her.

I have the info you want.

Well, who was it, then?

I told you. My business
comes first and foremost.

There was so much f*cking dog hair,
but I got them.

Ten, with the roots attached, right?

So, hey,

did you... have Jae-jun's kid or something?

[Dong-eun scoffs]

You'd have his kid before me.

I'll call when I've confirmed this.

[Dong-eun] I didn't forget you, Myeong-o.

Of course you also have something to lose.

Just one thing.

Your life.

[medical monitor beeping]

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

[woman sighs]

Do it on her arm, not her hand.
She says it hurts if it's there.

Come on, Sa-ra.
Hurry and wake up to detox.

You need to go to the exhibition.

[Sa-ra moans] It's too bright.

Are you an angel?

Enough. Now hurry and get up.

You have a special exhibition today.

[Sa-ra groans]

If you're gonna smoke, at least
smoke something with a weaker smell.

There are slim cigarettes, you know.
What? Your dealer can't do that?


[elegant classical music playing]

Hey. I want that one.

Send it straight to the club.

You know shipping's separate,
dear customer?

- Rich ones are always greediest.
- After taxes, I pretty much pay it back.

My talent's basically for charity.

Since you only pay income tax,

you don't know there are
other people in a different tax bracket.


[glass ringing]

[woman] Sa-ra?

Hey, hide my drink.

This is Mrs. Jang,
the wife of Buil's chairman.

Oh, hello!

[Mrs. Jang] These paintings
are stunning, dear.

I wonder how Ms. Lee was blessed

with such incredible talent
from our wonderful Lord.


She bought three pieces already.

Oh, thank you, ma'am.

- Please come with me.
- Oh, sure.

[Jae-jun] Wow.

How the hell can you bear
to put up with that? Tell me, Ms. Lee.

[simpering laugh]

So, I'm getting
a f*cking funny award next month.

You should come
and get embarrassed with me. [giggles]

You should come too, Ms. Lee.

Stop it right now.

So what award are you getting, hmm?


[Hye-jeong] Incredible.
This place has hardly changed.

- [line ringing]
- My first time back.

Really? You never saw
the gym teacher again?

Hye-jeong broke up with him.
He was pissed.

- Were you not back in Korea yet?
- Mmm.

Paris, watching Lovers in Paris.

Each episode took four days to download.
Still watched it all though.

Loved it all.

Why isn't this assh*le answering?

He has something I need.


You can't reach him, also?

Ah, shit I need something from him, too.
No idea where he is?

He probably got drunk
and passed out somewhere.

I should've fired that idiot already.

[footsteps approaching]

[footsteps clacking loudly]

Wow. It's been far too long, you guys.

How's everyone been? [gasps]

I swear I've seen her before.

Wow, it's been forever since the six of us
were all together, huh?

Don't you mean the five of us?
Myeong-o's not here.

Ha! Moon So-hui? That's it.

It's not her.
Moon Dong-eun and Yun So-hui.

I heard after she dropped out,
she went to work in a factory.

What're you doing here now?

You're not an alum, like we are.

Sorry, but I feel bad I can't recall
our fond times with you.

Anyway, it's good seeing you, So-hee!

I told you, it's Dong-eun.

I actually come to this gym
every once in a while.

But it seems today I've got
all my friends together again.

[tense music playing]

How have you been, Yeon-jin?

I love watching your weather reports.

Whenever I watch it,
I think, "You just look so good."

And you?

How have you been doing lately?

I just got a new job,
so I've been pretty busy with that.

Got some new clothes. Ate sashimi too.

[Dong-eun] You're chairman
for the Semyeong school district?



And who are you?

Did you dig through my trash to find this?

I'm sorry, but there was no other way.

The name of your driver is
Jo Soo-hyeon, right?

Do your son
and future daughter-in-law know

that their inheritance will be divided
and shared with Jo Su-hyeon as well?

Are you trying
to thr*aten me right now, woman?

[chuckles drily]

I apologize.

What I need is something
you can do quite easily.

All you have to do is bring me onboard
to teach your first grade's class two.

I'm more than qualified for the position.

Currently, I have
an apartment in Semyeong,

and I have already
submitted my resignation to my school.

Transfer school?


May I start at the beginning
of the new school year?

[birds chirping]


[intricate, suspenseful music playing]

[emcee] Now, we will begin
the award ceremony.

Our first award goes to Park Yeon-jin,
an alumni from the 23rd graduating class.


From now on,
every single day will be a nightmare.

Each day will be
disturbing and terrifying.

You won't be able to stop me
or make me disappear.

I plan on becoming
a very old rumor of yours, Yeon-jin.

[applause trails off]

Let's give it up for Yeon-jin!


You're so incredible, Yeon-jin! Ah!


[spirited applause]

[low, menacing music builds]

[applause fades away]

[menacing music continues]

[moody pop outro music playing]
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