01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Glory". Aired: December 30, 2022 - present.
A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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[moody, intense intro music plays]

[pained sigh]

Are you selfish, Dong-eun?

Why are you studying this late?

We're all waiting.

[Hye-jeong chuckles]

You coming?

Oh, right. Moon Dong-eun.

You want to study architecture, right?

Hey, ask me if you have
any questions, huh?

If it's construction, I'm knowledged.

[Myeong-o chuckles]

- [emphatically] "Knowledgeable."
- That's what I said, you crazy b*tch.

No, dumbass, you said "knowledged."

[Myeong-o] Don't try to teach me stuff,
you f*cking moron.

[Yeon-jin singing
"Two of Us" by Chae-yeon]

[solemn choral music playing]

[Dong-eun] All the feet
that walked next to yours,

ready to inflict pain...

All the lips that curled up with you

when you laughed at others...

All the eyes that looked on

with no compassion...

[Yeon-jin continues singing]

[cruel chuckle]

[solemn choral music continuing]

[Dong-eun] All the hands that held yours,

that broke me to pieces...

And your soul,

which laughed joyously through all of it...

That's how far
I'm planning to go, Yeon-jin.

I won't show you forgiveness.

And there will be no glory.

You crazy b*tch!

- Stop. Stop it!
- Why are you acting like a high schooler?

Did all your dreams come true?

It seems like you have
a pretty decent job right now,

and you married a wealthy, connected man
when you were young and pretty.

Are you living a happy life?

You have what you wanted. Right, Yeon-jin?

[people laughing]

- [woman] Careful.
- Be careful with that.

[all singing "Happy Birthday"]

[mouthing along silently]

[group continues singing]


[Yeon-jin] What are you trying to do?

You must've seen
that article about my marriage!

- What the f*ck do you want from me?
- Hey, hey!

You're not gonna k*ll her
right here and now.

There's a crowd of kids outside.

Be the bigger person.

She's still a kid.

- An angry little kid.
- [stifles laughs]

[Dong-eun] You guys
really haven't changed at all.

Neither has your friendship. I'm jealous.

Well, you've changed a bit.

In high school,
you were like a black-and-white picture.

You're more colorful now.

Think so?

I've got to get going, okay?

Looking forward to your next forecast.

I hope you don't mind
that I watch you, Yeon-jin.

[chilling music plays]

Anyway, nice to see you all.

By the way, Jae-jun.

How would you even know
what's "colorful" or not?

[menacing music plays]


[music swells, fades away]

Here's the bag.

You didn't come to work,

and you've been
ignoring my calls all day long.

You know what confuses me?

Why I keep giving you
all these f*cking paychecks

when I seem to drive my car more.


I passed out kinda drunk.

But anything else?

[frustrated sigh]

Find out what Dong-eun's been up to.

Uh, Moon Dong-eun?

Ah, that girl...

Yeah, that girl who you kissed once.

How long will it take?

By any chance,

did you ever sleep with that girl?

Did she have your kid?

Are you f*cking high?

Are you insane?

Have you finally lost it, you idiot?

[door opens]

Oh, is it gonna be us three?

It won't.

He doesn't buy me f*cking handbags.

[woman] Wow,
the view's so pretty at night.

Babe, should I just drop everything
and live here with you?

What's your name again?


[Jae-jun chuckles]

Sweet Ha-na.

You're not the sharpest tool
in the shed, are you?

Ha-na. Do I look stupid?

You can't even tell me your real name,

but you've got big dreams.

That makes me so f*cking sad.


Hey, Ha-na.

You call yourself a redhead, right?

[scoffs] Yeah.

Are you blind?

[menacing music plays]


[startled gasp]

Guess what two bitches I hate the most?

Anne of Green Gables
and Red Riding Hood Chacha.

And since you're a redhead too,

maybe I should show you
what I'd do to bitches like that.

- [panicked whimpering]
- Huh?

Call me if you get a consultation request
for Mr. Yoon in room 701.

Excuse me, Yeo-jeong.
Can I ask you something?

Ask me. He has to go now.

You can go, I got this.

I wouldn't be leaving
if you weren't the one in charge. Call me.

I'll be back later.

What's your question?

I heard a rumor
that Yeo-jeong's the director's son.

Really? He's the director's son?

Not the daughter, huh?

Because pink looks great on him.

Wow, so it's true, huh?

I just found out yesterday.

So then, Jong-heon, Yeo-jeong's father,

is the former director
who passed away, wasn't that right?

You're really gonna go there?

Just look it up online.

Did he really get m*rder
by the patient that he saved?

Today is the anniversary of his death.

- That's why Yeo-jeong went home.
- Oh.

But how do you know
the anniversary of his death?

Because Yeo-jeong's mother is
my second cousin.

Ah. What?

Shouldn't a doctor know not to smoke?

I have to do something to unwind.

You ate before you came here, right?

Are you drinking tonight?

Your uncles are already completely drunk.

- You ready?
- I'll write it now.

Use this.

It was your father's.

It's yours now.

Let's go. Your father is waiting for you.

[gentle, mournful music playing]


- [Sa-ra] I thought I saw a ghost.
- [Hye-jeong] Bet she showed up on purpose.

[Sa-ra] She knew what she was doing.
Nobody knows what she's up to?

Myeong-o, you should look into it.

[Myeong-o] Who's gonna pay me
for that, and how much?

[suspenseful music playing]

[Hye-jeong] Bring me
what I asked for, first.

[camera shutter snapping]

[grunts] The color...


Uh, show me that one.

[Hye-jeong] By the way,
are you okay, Yeon-jin?

What if weird rumors start spreading
online or at your work?

What if someone throws an egg
at you on your way back home?

Dong-eun is such a b*tch.

Sad face.

- This f*cking b*tch.
- [phone rings]


Hi sweetie, how was lunch at school today?

I'm about to head home right now.

[Ye-sol] Oh, okay. Mom, I spilled milk
all over my slippers at school,

so I'm barefoot right now.

You're barefoot now?

That's so dangerous, hon!

Did you tell your teacher what happened?

Our homeroom teacher
isn't Mr. Yang anymore.

What do you mean by that?

We're going to get a new one.

She's coming soon.


I didn't hear anything about...

I'll visit your school tomorrow.

I think you'll be happy.
She's your friend.

Huh? Who's that?

My new homeroom teacher.

Her name's Ms. Moon Dong-eun.

[tense music playing]

Your new teacher is Moon Dong-eun?

[teacher] Nice to meet you.

[Shin-tae] Please tell her

everything she needs to know
about our school.

- Mr. Principal.
- We will.

[Shin-tae] All right, thank you.
Make sure you take good care of Ms. Moon.

[Dong-eun] I'm going to be
your new homeroom teacher,

since Mr. Yang had to leave,
and I'm very excited to be here.

From this moment forward,

the following things
will be meaningless in this class.

Your parents' money.
Your parents' connections.

Your parents' jobs.

And please make sure you are
always following these rules.

You may not bully another student

because your parents own nicer clothes,
better cars, or bigger homes.

If you still decide to bully a friend,

I will make you and your family
beg for forgiveness.

The mother who bought your clothes,

the father who drives that sports car,

and the grandparents
who bought that house.

Let's make this a great year.

[students] We will!

[tense music continuing]

Let's brush our teeth.

Give me your toothbrush.

I wonder how she knows the chairman.

I mean, he introduced her himself.

Maybe she's a relative.

[scoffs] Come on, Mr. Kang,
are you trying to act like a good guy,

pretending to be all innocent and naive?

You proud of yourself?

I'm sorry.

She's f*cking him.


Hundred percent.

[engine revs]

You're Ye-sol's homeroom teacher?


Ye-sol was barefoot
because she spilled milk on herself.

Her tiny, little feet
were so small and soft.

This isn't a coincidence, right?

Not at all.

No part of my journey here
has been a coincidence.


I've walked into your trap, haven't I?

Right into your little trap.

[Yeon-jin exhales]


I thought you'd find
some shitty guy somewhere,

have a bunch of shitty children with him,

and live a shitty life.

But I'm impressed.

How long have you been planning this?

I'm disappointed you don't know.

I told you, you're my dream.

[menacing music plays]

I said I'd see you again. Remember that?

[phone chiming]

I bet you had fun every single day
as you made your way here.

Trying to get here
was really, really tough.

But I admit, it's pretty fun now.

I wish you had d*ed
back in f*cking high school!

Where would the fun be?

Even an evil b*tch like you
is living a great life,

so why not?

Then we'd never have met each other again.

And his is so fun for me.

Welcome to my classroom,
where I make the rules, Yeon-jin.

Oh, right. Of course you do.

If nothing about this was coincidental,

I'm sure you've got
some real f*cked-up rules.

But a nobody like you
doesn't stand a f*cking chance.

Okay, fine. Do your best.

Good luck.

[phone chiming]





[Hye-jeong] Apparently,
that teacher's d*ad.

[unsettling music playing]

[Jong-mun] So you grew up
to become a teacher?

You went to school?

Yes, Mr. Kim.

And it was all thanks to you.

So I came here to thank you.

Oh, uh, hey, I'll take that.

My father has asthma,
so he can't be near flowers,

especially lilies.

Then these can be
your congratulatory flowers.


I heard you passed
your School Inspector Exam.

[chuckles] How'd you find out
about that already?

I came here as soon as I found out.

I passed the first part of the exam,
and I just have the interview left.

I'm a bit worried about
the in-depth interview, though.

Come on, there's no need to worry.

Your family's full of great educators.

On the day
I tried to withdraw from school,

- you even took off your watch...
- Shut your goddamned mouth!

Uh, Dad, what...

You're nothing but a f*cking leech!

You're a piece of garbage, you b*tch!

Hey! Stop, Dad! Hey, hey!

Hey, do you really think
you'll be fine after ruining my life? Huh?


If I had known
that this was going to happen,

- I would have k*lled you then, you little...
- Jesus, Dad!

Mr. Kim, were you concerned at all
when you ruined mine?

Dong-eun, hold on,
you need to calm down as well.

Come on, Dad, go inside.

The neighbors might see you. Come on.

Those are all lies. Okay?
Don't listen to her!

Moon Dong-eun.

What is going on here?
What's this? What happened?

I decided to tell you
before I posted on the official forum.

[spluttering] Post what? What'd you say?

Of course, I know
that you didn't do anything wrong.


I didn't do anything wrong either.

And you're a fully grown adult now.

But you know...

I was only 17 years old.

[suspenseful music playing]

Did you do that?

You did that to Mr. Kim?

Well, what exactly
are you asking me about?

His death,

or his punishment?

- [siren wailing]
- [Soo-han sobbing]

[Soo-han] Dad!

Oh my God, Dad!

Oh my God!

[Soo-han] The congratulatory flowers
are here.

I'm a father too, now, Dad.

A father should do everything
for his child, shouldn't he?

What do... What are you...

[coughs] What are you...

I only have the interview left.

I'm so close to my goal.

And I'll try my best
to help you with that.

- Uh, I may have retired, but...
- [groans]

Can you open the window?

No, no, no.

Don't be like that, huh?

You know that rumors
travel fast in this industry.

Rumors spread,

and they become your reputation.

Take this back.


Soo-han, please open the window...

There's only one thing you can do for me.

You need to remain

a proud father I can respect,

the man who received
the Order of Service Merit.

- [Jong-mun wheezing]
- Do that for me. Please.

Soo-han, open the window...

Oh my God! Dad, Dad!

Mr. Kim brought that on himself.

I didn't do anything.

And if you want
to look for another culprit,

that would be you, not me.

You f*cking b*tch.

[chuckles wryly]

Right, that's it.

I'm so glad
that you haven't changed a bit.

How about now,

we discuss what actually brought you here?

About your daughter.

Ye-sol is innocent,
soft-hearted, and kind.

I guess Ye-sol

will really be your punishment after all.

I'll f*cking k*ll you.

If you even touch
a single hair on Ye-sol's head,

you are f*cked.

[sarcastic chuckle] I'm so curious.

What will you do?

You've already broken my whole body.
You've already crushed my soul.

Is there anything left for you to do?

[tense music playing]

Transferring Ye-sol?

Don't even think about it.

Because I'll just move schools with her.

From now on, you are going to suffer.

Just like I did.

[tires screech]

[tense music continuing]

f*ck this!

[agitated seething]

[Hye-jeong] How much should I give
for Mr. Kim's mourning?

f*ck, his wife texted me again.

[Sa-ra] 100,000 won for schoolmates,
500,000 for friends,

1,000,000 won for pet dogs,
50,000 won for your homeroom teacher.

[Hye-jeong] How much
will you give at my wedding, then?

[Sa-ra] One hundred.

[Hye-jeong] Oh my God.

[Sa-ra] Won.

That b*tch...

[suspenseful music playing]


[snoring loudly]

I'm sorry to ask, but do you mind
holding the umbrella, sir?

The wine that the secretary's office
told me to give to you

is in the passenger seat.

It's from Mr. Shin, from Hanjinmaru.

Oh. You can drink that.

If Mr. Shin sent it,
it's worth over a million won.


Oh, no, no, I can't do that, sir.

Well, it looks like my hands are full.

I can't take something so expensive that...

I don't know how to drink this.
It's such fine wine, sir.

I should be the one
telling you that, which I am.

So I don't know what the issue is.


Buy some really cheap wine
at the convenience store.

Buy some cheese too.

Drink the convenience store wine first,

then that.

Then you'll learn how to drink it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[pensive music playing]

[entrancing music playing]


[Dong-eun] Do you know
what I used to wish for?

Hi, Daddy!

Oh, my sweet angel. My treasure.

Oh, baby.

[Dong-eun] I used to wish that one day,

I would be able to forget
your name and your face,

and that I wouldn't even remember you.

That I'd be able to say

"Who was that?"

if I happened to run into you somewhere.

Think about how sad all of it is.

My entire world is all about you.

And because my world is all about you,

the world that your daughter
will live in from now on

will be all about me.

I promise I'll take responsibility
for that resentment,

in return for my revenge.


[footsteps approaching]

How did this happen? Who did this to you?

I got the picture
that you sent over to me,

along with the photo you sent of So-hee.

Thank you so much for that, ma'am.

Of course, I needed to.

I was young back then, too.

Were you close back then with So-hee?

Can I have some pads? Ones without wings.

Yes, one moment.

[pharmacist] Here's the hydrogen peroxide
and the burn ointment.

4,700 won.

[Dong-eun] No.


When So-hee was getting bullied,

I was

a bystander.

And then later, I became a victim too.

And that means that now,

I'm going to be the perpetrator.

It might be a little too late,

but I can't stay a bystander.


will this be the start
of a long battle for you?


Well, the only thing I can tell you is

I hope you win.

I was rooting for you
back when you were 17 years old,

and now that you're 35,
I'm still cheering you on.

Thank you.

I will

make sure I win this time.

[train horn bl*ws]

There you are. You had me worried.

Why would I not show up now?

- Heard you met with the others.
- You didn't tell them, did you?

That you met me.

Why would I tell them about that?

I've bet everything I have on you. All in.

So, listen,

you're d*ad if you drag me
into some half-baked scheme.


You eaten yet? [crunches]

It won't take too long.

We can make it long. Let's get some food.

What do you want?

[Myeong-o] Excuse me.

One bottle of soju.

Eat something.

Already ate.

Show me.

Want a drink?

I already had some.


Sa-ra's drug account book.

The guy Hye-jeong's obsessed with.

And the hair I gave you?


For real? Jae-jun has a kid out there?

- Where?
- That's my card to play.

You take this.


Why am I going to a mortuary?

- This a better card to play?
- It is if you're just looking for money.

When you're there,
you'll see who's waiting.

[mysterious music playing]

So, this is gonna make me some money,


This is D-3. Right here.

PROCESSED ON 12/15/2004

This means...

So-hee has been kept in here
for over a decade?

Yeah, she has.

A hundred million of unpaid bills.

The police concluded it was a su1c1de,
but her parents still don't agree.

And the parents haven't been
picking up our calls.

We can't remove the corpse
if the family members don't consent.

Can I, uh...

Can I see it now?
You know, uh, the corpse?

Oh, I don't think...

- You're not family, are you?
- No. Uh...

We were friends.

We hung out a lot in school.

Then you need to be accompanied
by a family member.

This is a big problem for us too.

So just try to convince
the family members, will you? Huh?

About her body.

It's fine if they give up on it,
all right?

[Dong-eun] You want to know
what I want, Yeon-jin?

Do you think I could use
Myeong-o's butterfly wings

to cause a hurricane?

Too bad that he doesn't have
any wings Yeon-jin.,

You and I both know

he doesn't deserve
anything that beautiful.

[dogs barking in distance]

Myeong-o is nothing but an SD card.

And I put him in the camera

because I need him
to take a picture for me.

[sighs] This really gonna
make me some money.

Moon Dong-eun,
you're a lot more interesting now.

ROOM 701

Did Mr. Yun get moved from room 701?

Oh, you didn't know?
He suddenly went into shock this morning.

[sorrowful music playing]

[Yeo-jeong pants]

[woman] Oh, are you okay?

Isn't that hot?

No, I'm okay.

[music intensifies]

[coffee splashing]

[breathes heavily]

[door keypad beeping]

Ye-sol, did anyone mess with you
at school today? Did anyone h*t you?

Mommy, what's wrong?

Even if your teacher does something
as punishment, that's not okay.

Did anybody put something
really hot on your body?

Why would anyone do that?

That's so mean.

You should be scolded, then.

I'm going to play Among Us
with my friends.


- [panting]
- [door opens]

[Hyeon-nam] Must visit
on Fridays once a week.

Around three out of five pictures
I take are in focus now.

[suspenseful music playing]


[chuckles wryly]

[music trails off]

[enchanting music playing]

[Dong-eun] You know, I learned
the game of Go very quickly, Yeon-jin.

It's a game with a clear purpose,

where you can win if you take the house
that your opponent carefully built.

It's beautiful.

You haven't been here for a while.

Yeah. I was working.

And what do you do for work?

Backstabbing naive men,
making them cry, ruining lives.

[chuckles dryly]

You get a lot of money from that?

No, not really.

I'm a pretty good person.

Where did you learn how to play Go?

At a park somewhere.

[sighs] All your answers are unexpected.

[dramatic music builds]

It's 20,000 won per round?

Final move.

There's no way I can win.

You gonna wire me the money, right?



That was pretty fun.

Fifty thousand.

One more game?

[dramatic music intensifies]

[Dong-eun] By the way, Yeon-jin.

Do you want to know
the real reason why I like to play Go?

Wouldn't that be gambling?

Would it?

When you play Go,
you pursue your desires in silence.

You seduce, and you fall.

You strip each other bare.

And if your opponent doesn't reciprocate...

well, then...

it's just a game of Go.

Gambling sounds fun.

[moody Korean pop song playing]
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