03x06 - sil*ncer

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir". Aired: September 1, 2015 – present.
A computer-animated series that takes place in modern-day Paris and revolves around the adventures of two teenagers who transform into their superhero personas, Ladybug and Cat Noir when evil arises.
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03x06 - sil*ncer

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[episode sil*ncer]

my good old friend Bob a wonderful to

see you

and you brought little save your Yves

with you to my peeps call me XY if you

don't mind mr. mayor

Xavier Eve sounds way too XY famous DJ

honor for the palace to receive such a

fantastic artist and his father does

that mean dinner's on the house then who

is the comedian enjoy your meal

Bon Appetit huh that's right okay we

need to talk about this special TV

appearance you're gonna be making you

know this will be a major promotional

event for you you got any new material

to premiere new ideas of course not dad

you know I never have any ideas so let

me hear what you've written

why me what you've come up with this



isn't it a bit similar to what you were

doing last year off my own music

nevermind no one will know the

difference anyway image is king

what kind of visuals you got going any

concepts anyway forget it I'll use the

same plan that's made me the rich man I

am today if you're short on great ideas

borrow someone else's and the stage

clothes you designed Meredith if we all

pitch in two weeks is more than enough

time to make an awesome video everyone





so awesome we're so in the moment this

sounds fun and totally sincere hey

Marinette still no news about the

contest maybe they didn't like our song

they must have received a ton of videos

you probably haven't made their pic yet

oh you better take a look at this guy's


but that's our original style your

unicorn in your mask

that's your melody it's your music

that's not there that should be you guys

up there on TV it better be a good

explanation we have to have it out with

Bob rosin XY

they're not here right now seriously

they're right there on live screen

you're not allowed in you don't have an

invitation and the show already started

our show


so tell me where did you get the

inspiration for this new material it's

nothing really

in five minutes you couldn't even sing

it the way you're supposed to be sung

and his mask isn't even a good ripoff

mr. Roth

my name is Marinette Suzanne King I'm

the one who sent you the kiddie section

video video what video I don't know what

you're talking about kid maybe I can jog

your memory the costumes the music the

dance moves they're all the same

there's no comparison this here is some

amateur Garage Band my son is a solo

artist you guys play instruments this

music is all digital our unicorn is much

cooler and our masks are nothing like

yours that's not true you copy

marionettes costumes it's the exact same

song you stole Lucas music do come on

let's not exaggerate now we may have

just been a little bit inspired that's

all inspired you flat-out stole you

didn't design this mask

Marinette did listen it's not too late

to do the right thing just tell the

truth and let Kitty section appear on

the show that's all we're asking

yeah first don't want to be in the show

then they'll be asking for a cut of the

profits no way never saw or heard of

cable division forget in Marinette it's

no big deal

let's just go no it's not fair I won't

stand by and let my friends work get

stolen if you want to tell the truth

then I will right now on the air like

these you do that I'll tell them you're

the copycats not me I've got all the

music biz eating out of my hand so who

do you think they're gonna believe me or

a group of nobodies don't

have a future in this business you'll

never make another costume and there

will be no more music for your buddies

because as far as everyone's concerned

you'll be the ripoff artists undetected

the echo of a very rare emotion the

anger of a creator whose work has been

stolen who also cannot bear to see the

one he loves suffer fly away my little

Akuma and evil eyes this pure soul

not quite so cocky now sil*ncer I am

Hawk more this man is the voice of evil

I'm giving you the power to silence him

for good all I ask of you in return

are ladybug and cat noir miraculous do

we have an agreement sil*ncer I'll take

your silence as a yes do you have any

idea how much work it took me to copy

your costumes


don't worry marionette I would never

hurt you I will use the power hawkmoth

has given me to restore justice

I will force Bob Roth to admit what he

has done to you and Kitty section cat

Noir and ladybug where were they when we

needed them as now sil*ncer is laying

down the law of silence you the most

extraordinary girl Marinette as clear as

a musical note that is sincere as a

melody you're the music that's been

playing inside my head since the day we

first met I won't let anything happen to


a declaration of love to you I think so

which is kind of weird coming from a

village perhaps a focus Marinette



you can't get away from me Bob rah

I will make you tell the truth live on

TV don't touch me

by warning you I'm well connected one

call to mr. Bush wah and he'll bring the

police for me what are you waiting for

oh come on stop messing around



you shouldn't have stood in my way



no lucky charm this time ladybug

you'd need your voice for that and I'm

the one who's got it


you can run ladybug but you can't get

away from me right mom

don't let her escape you sil*ncer she's


don't worry hokhmah now that I've got

ladybug voice I have a plan to get a

hold of her and cat noir erectus


Davian can't see this what is it

ladybug looks like we got a problem



meow milady sent me some messages that

she misses me where are you hiding Bob

raw you're definitely good at hiding but

you won't get away from me I've got

plans for you too


I'm right here m'lady

I'm here now so go ahead and fill me in

of course I should have thought of that

hey that's not very nice you're right

let's go we'll get your voice back and

talk ourselves out of this mess I don't

want to be caddy but I really don't know

what you mean we've got a major problem

I can't call out my lucky charm or say

miraculous ladybug ah you've definitely

got a point there

the magic ladybugs won't be able to fix

up all the damage caused by sil*ncer and

you can't say the D transformation words

which means we'll be a mute ladybug for

the rest of your life but it has its

advantages in a way now you'll never be

able to pick on my jokes

I'm kidding the lady don't worry you

always get us out of the worst fixes

meanwhile I'll be able to babble to my

heart's content critters Andre Andre

it's me I need you to sit in the troops

the one place in Paris you probably

never step foot in the sewers

don't worry I'll send the police in

right away man who's walking get me

officer Roger maybe I could imitate your

voice oh yeah okay I'll shut up now

check out your tongue no night at the

Opera you want to make sil*ncer say the

words lucky charm with the voice he

stole from you very smart now let's hear

how you're gonna do that don't even

think about it milady

it'll never work you're right though we

don't have much of a choice Thank You

officer Roger thanks for looking out for

your fellow citizens mr. OTT you're

under arrest

where are you taking me

there's orders mr. Bush wanna up in

French for a very long time

yes we're nearly there mister Thank You

officer what I wouldn't give

no I can take your voice Barbara and

make you say whatever I please but

that's not what I want I want you to

admit what you did to Marinette and her

friends with your own voice you never

I'd rather be silent you really think I

can't make you listen I can ruin your

reputation just like you threatened to

do with Marinette everyone in showbiz

knows me I'll make sure you lose every

single one of your friends I'll put you

in rhythm never sing for you dad you'll

never make another time for my music

okay I'll do it

I'll tell the truth dear viewers we're

back on the air for an exclusive

interview Barbara yes sir wait milady

it might be too early to pull off your

crazy plan could wait for Bob Roth to

actually tell the truth then justice

would be served for Kitty's section

wouldn't it

it would be revenge not justice and

being coerced into telling the truth is

meaningless you're right Lee you're not

much fun but you do have a point we have

to speak we might as well have a bit of

fun keep your nose out of other people's

business kitty or I'll silence you that

would be a shame considering how

alarians I am where'd he go

you're gonna have to do better than that

ladybug if you're gonna defeat this

supervillain isn't that you and cat

Noirs job missus all that bans fall

those Kitty watching mccollins none of

this would have happened if they hadn't

made such a fuss about their so-called

ideas oh no I can't find ladybug

anywhere here how will I ever get out of

this mess without ur lady if you've

gotten your voice back then you've

defeated sil*ncer it's safe to come and

find you yes yes there's no danger now

meet me outside the studio I'll wait for

you okay I'm coming I'll meet you

outside the studio door you've got to be

the dumbest superheroes ever how could

you let the bad guy in on your plan and

what's with this fake lucky charm I

thought it was supposed to be magic or

something but it's actually just some

crappy special effects

you took your time it's something hold

you up

you thought you had a didn't you

sil*ncer but you're wrong lady but still

has her superpowers that's impossible

I took your voice from you how could you

possibly have summoned us here this



I don't see how this is gonna work any

better than a lamp but at least you got

yourself a real with the charm

I'm warning you buddy I heard the last

from ladybug


judge this milady





no more irritating for you


my little butterfly you're right this

does have its advantages



what happened

you were Akuma ties but everything's

fine now

this is outrageous ladybug you tied me

up and imprisoned me in a dressing room

me I did that that doesn't sound like me

at all the ladybug and cat got you

serves you right

what did you think kid that I was gonna

tell everyone the truth that I stole

Kitty sections song and your

girlfriend's costumes so I could give

them to my talentless son huh you didn't

think that superheroes would come to

save me

uh-huh that's right they work for me now

what's up with you guys why are you all

smiling like that we're smiling because

you're on the air mister off everything

you just said was broadcast live

no joke in fact I love them so much that

I was just about to sign them to their

first record deal and now they're gonna

finish off this show with their very own

song I didn't mention it earlier to keep

it a surprise but it wasn't my idea from

the start we usually saved the good guys

from the bad e's but I've got my doubts

about this one you sure he hasn't been

Akuma ties nope he's like that all the

time and that's transformed back I love

when she calls me bad

you broke the laws of silence ladybug

but I'm preparing an act of vengeance

for you that will leave you speechless

and now please welcome the next big

thing in town did you really mean those

things you said when you were Akuma


I'm sorry Marinette but I don't remember

what did I say oh nothing it was nothing

at all your presence may have monster

kuma I don't know what I possibly could

have said I just hope it wasn't anything

mean because you're the most

extraordinary girl Marinette as clear as

a musical note and it's in series and

melody you're the music that's been

playing inside my head since the first

day we met declaration of love right

Tiki one of the most beautiful ones I've

ever heard

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