04x35 - Night Animals

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Peppa Pig". Aired: 31 May 2004 –; present.
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Adventures, mishaps and friendships of Peppa Pig, her brother George, their parents, and the other animal families who make up their town.
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04x35 - Night Animals

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Peppa and George are having a sleepover
at Granny and Grandpa Pig's house.

Grandpa, where are you going?

It's bedtime.

Don't worry, Peppa.

I'm just going into the garden
to collect slugs and snails.


Granpda doesn't like slugs and snails

because they eat his vegetables.

And the best time to find them
is at night with this torch.

Can George and me come too? Please.

Okay. Just this once.

Put your coats and boots on.

Peppa and George are wearing their
coats and boots over their pajamas.

You carry the bucket, Peppa.

And I'll hold the torch.

Don't stay out too late, Grandpa Pig!

Okay, Granny Pig!

We'll put all the slugs
and snails in the bucket.

One little snail.

Two little snails.

And a slug.

Slugs are yucky.

Here are Grandpa Pig's chickens.

Sarah, Jemima, Vanessa and Neville.

Hello, chickens.

I need to put the chickens to bed.

- Night-night, chickens.
- Night-night, chickens.


Why aren't the slugs and
snails in bed, Grandpa?

Because they're up all night
eating my vegetables.

Some animals eat in the daytime,
like my chickens.

And some animals eat at night, like...

Mr. Fox.

Hello, Grandpa Pig.

Putting your chickens the bed, are you?

Oh, yes.

Nice and cozy in the henhouse.

Jolly good.

Well, I'll be on way. Good night.

Good night!

Now, as I was saying,
some animals eat at night, like...



There's a little animal in your bucket.

Yes. It's a hedgehog.

They like to eat slugs and snails.

Hello, hedgehog.

He's rolled into a ball.

Yes, Peppa. He is very shy.

Come on, Mr. Hedgehog, don't be scared.

I like hedgehogs.

They are very good at keeping slugs
and snails off my lovely lettuce.

- Bye-bye, hedgehog!
- Bye-bye!

Are there anymore night animals, Grandpa?

Yes, there are moths.

They look like butterflies.

Butterflies that come out at night.

They like the torch light.

When it goes off, they leave.

When the light goes on, they come back.

- Can I try?
- Okay.

Bye-bye, moths.

Hello, moths.

Bye-bye, moths.

And if we leave the torch off,

we can see another very tiny night animal.


Look up at the sky.

Is it a sh**ting star?

No. That is a firefly.

Is it on f*re?

Ho-ho, no, Peppa.

It has a tummy that glows.


Are there any big night animals
in your garden, Grandpa?


What's that?

It's a big night animal!

It's Granny Pig.

There you are.

Granny, Granny!

We've been saying hello
to all the night animals!


But now it's time to say goodnight to them.

Good night, night animals!

And it's well past bedtime
for you, little piggies.

Yes, Granny Pig.

Good night, little ones.

Good night, Granny.
Good night, Grandpa.

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