01x03 - Blood For Blood

Episode transcripts for the TV mini-series "Texas Rising". Aired: May 2015 to June 2015.*
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"Texas Rising" is a 5-part mini-series based on the Texas Revolution against Mexico and how the Texas Rangers were created.
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01x03 - Blood For Blood

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I believe I'd like to get to know His Excellency better.

People won't forget what you're doing here.


Remember the Alamo.

All: Remember the Alamo!



Houston is on the run!

(Cheers and applause)

Private Lamar, we had a crisis with our gutless Commander.

We need to get an urgent message to the Secretary of w*r.

Houston: Señor Flores, I need a volunteer to infiltrate Santa Anna's camp.

Find out if Emily West is there.

♪ ♪

Our cause is lost, damn it.

The only-est thing we're gonna find in Texas is our graves.

I'm interested in a land grant.

Honest settlers have nothing to fear.

President Santa Anna protects all legal land owners.

If you want to k*ll Santa Anna, you will need this.

(Dramatic music)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(Soft music)

♪ ♪

Boy: This is our house?

Pauline Wykoff: A new beginning, darling.

Boy: We're really gonna live here?

James Wykoff: Well, it looks like it.

Boy: It's so big!

All ours.

Nobody else's.

Boy: Look over there!

Pauline Wykoff: We got a fresh start.

Someone's foreclosure is our opportunity.

Whoa, ho, ho, ho.

Is this really ours?


It's our home.


Lucas, wait!

Pauline Wykoff: Thank Jesus.

It's our good fortune.

Look what I found, Mama!

Oh, she's gorgeous, just like you.

My little baby doll.

Come on! Look at here! Come on!


Come on!


Don't get excited yet.

(Dog barking)

Come here, you little pup.

Come here.


What do we got here, huh?

What do we got here?


Isn't it strange someone would leave all this?


Well, don't go jinxing us now, woman.

It's bad luck to question good fortune.

'Course, darling.

Houston: I need Santa Anna's exact location.

I want you ride back out there.

You see any movement, I want you to hightail it back, you hear me?

Yes, sir.

Very good.

General Houston.

Details of Santa Anna's m*llitary movements.

He's divided his army.


Miss West gave you this?

Yes, sir.

San Jacinto.

And she wanted you to have this.

Very well.

Get yourself something to eat.

Yes, sir.

(Soldiers speaking Spanish)

Whispering: Come on, boy. Come on.



You don't mind if I call you by your Christian name, do you?

You may notice fellas around here call me a lot worse than that.

You can call me whatever you want.

Just don't call me late for supper.

If'n we don't take care of ourselves, who will, right?

Damn straight.

You know, I always say, what is so awful and wrong doing whatever we have do to survive these troublesome times?

Right? Right?


What if I told you I knew of a way that you would never have to worry about money again?


You planning on robbing yourself a bank or something?

(Imitates g*n)


Good God Almighty.

You really do have yourself a plan to rob a bank, don't you?

Well... (laughs)

Well, sh*t.

Gator: Let me guess, General.

We're retreating again today.

All that retreating's gonna wear him out.

He needs a nap.

You boys ever been to Galveston?

That's the port I sailed into.

Man: There's a bank there, gentlemen.

Tell 'em about the bank there, Gator.

Tell 'em.

Banco de Commercia.

Merchants betting on Texas set it up to the finance the revolution.

Right, Gator says it's just ripe for the taking.

It's pretty near, what, 100,000 in gold bullion? That right?

Aw, you're joshin'.

He's joshin'.

It'll be a while before we get there.

You got time to think about it.

(Rattlesnake rattles)

(Rattling continues)

Ah. Got you.


(Snakes hissing, rattling)

(Horses whinnying, men screaming)



(Both scream)




Man: No. Mister.




(Soft guitar music)

♪ ♪

Santa Anna: To this day it surprises me I've become the president of Mexico.

Why's that?

There are so many other things I could have done.

Like becoming a musician.

So what instruments you play?

I never had time to learn one.

But I'm very sensitive to all types of music.

It moves me profoundly.

I might as well have been a painter or a sculptor.


I love poetry.

But God in His wisdom decreed I should serve my country instead.


So I guess, if you're asking what instrument I play best... my answer is... the human instrument.

I hear they call you the Napoleon of the West.


After I defeated the Spanish at Veracruz, the Texas Telegraph started calling me that.

I have fought and won more battles than Bonaparte.

Mexican w*r of Independence, is that much different from what the Texans are doing?

But of course. Texas is our land.

Man: Your Excellency.

The Anglos are the invaders.

I just fight for the liberty of my people.

Man: Your Excellency.

You are needed.

I'm sorry. It's important.

They are frightened.

Lorca, they say, have risen from the d*ad of the Alamo and Goliad.

They believe his spirit comes for you and brings death to everyone around you.

It's a stupid Indian legend.

It's a peasant superstition.

But it's taking hold.

Señor, por favor.


On your feet.

This is not the work of a ghost or a demon!

This is the work of a man!

Just a man.

Get those men down from there.

(Speaks Spanish)

(Speaks Spanish)

(Metal scraping)

Woman: We need to talk to him. We need his help.

Man: Don't worry.

Woman: I'll come with you.

We'll talk to him right now.

Woman: All right.

Beg pardon.

But I gave these people my word I'd take them across the Sabine.

Thing is, Comanche are on the w*r trail to the north of us, and the Mexican army's loose between the coast and God-knows-where, coming this way.

We believe we'll be better off with you, sir.

On our own, I'm afraid these people might die.

I k*ll Mexicans.

It's hardly a one-man job.

If we got to die, we'd prefer to go down fighting.

My word is absolute.

No argument from me.

I'm Cole Hornfischer.

I... I never caught yours.

Well, we thank you, sir.

We thank you.

(Indistinct chatter)

Doc Ewing: Yeah, we were right.

Ankle's sprained, not broke.

Cuts and bruises about all healed up.

Told you the doc could fix you up.

Yeah, pretty soon you'll be able to run away from this feller.

He was very gallant trying to relieve me of my embarrassment.

Well, I hope you stay around awhile.

I could use all the help I can get.

Thanks, Doc.

Pardon me, nurse.

Doc Ewing: Sarah!

I got this real bad ache I want you to look at.

Have to be in private, though.

Doc Ewing: Sarah?

I can't talk to you.


I ain't gonna bite you.


Boy, your rudeness appalls me.

Under no circumstances are you to even look at my daughter.

You understand me?


Unless you're in dire need of medical attention, I suggest you just go on about your business.

I thought this is a free country, sawbones.

Least that's what I'm fighting for.

Just get on out of here. Go on.

Clear out of here!


(Upbeat fiddle music)

Hey, you're a Ranger.

Reckon you know all about g*n.

I know about a lot of things.

Who the hell are you?

You don't remember?

Name's Colby Pitt.

You and the Rangers swum me and my sister across the Lupe.

Swum half of Texas across that river.

You trying to break that p*stol?

No, sir. It's my daddy's.

Reverend's been keeping care of it.

But seeing as how I'm of age and my daddy being d*ad, he gave it to me to keep.

But the lock won't stay cocked.

You tried taking it to the blacksmith?

You know where I can find him?

Over in that tent there, snorting like a peach orchard boar.

What do I tell him?

"Fix my damn g*n, you lazy son of a b*tch."

Karnes: Tell him you ride with the Rangers.

If he hears that, he'll fix your p*stol straightaway.

Knowles: Or else, that man... let me tell you something... he will know that he can count on a thoroughbred ass-whupping. You understand?

Go on, get.

Go on.

Go on.


(All laughing)

What happened?

He thinks Houston's a blacksmith.

He's going in there.

Wait, wait, wait.

Watch, watch, watch.

Wake up.

What is it?

I need you to fix this here w*apon.

There's something wrong with the mechanism.

Without delay?

I'm a Ranger. Could be called upon at any moment.

Could use it for the common defense.

Go on, you son of a b*tch, fix it!

General awake?

General? General Houston?

That's the only general we have, son.

Man: Boy!


That was quick!

How'd it work?

Get it clean?

He don't look happy.

General Houston, I thought...

I mean...

I'm bust-out sorry and shame-faced for disturbing your sleep like a dumb, stupid idiot.

And I'm prepared to take the whuppin' I deserve.

Only, um...

Only what?

I'd like my g*n back.

Seeing as it was my daddy's and he was sh*t down by outlaws.

It's the only thing he left me.

Pawl needs adjusting.

Come back later. You'll find it serviceable.

Go on.


(Distant laughter)

Since you fine gentlemen have so much extra time on your hands, I have an assignment for you.

All: Sir.

Mount up.

All: Hyah! Hyah!

♪ ♪


(Men shouting indistinctly, g*n)


Get the wagon! Get the wagon!

Let's go. Let's find some more.

Let's find some more!

(All whooping)



Whoo! (Laughs)

Man: Nice sh*t, Knowles.



Damn it, Beans, why ain't you pack more vittles?

Didn't have none to pack.

How's Captain Smith expect us to do our scouting with bellies like empty saddlebags?


Why don't you go and ask him?

Don't mind if I do.

Give him a piece of my damn mind.

Well, keep it small, Beans.

You ain't got much to spare.

Wilkins: I heard that!

Stupid secret mission so secret they won't even tell us.

Tired of all this waiting around.

Y'all been chewing on what we talked about?

I don't want to hear no more about it.

You ain't got to make up your mind till we get to Galveston, Kit.

Already decided.

I ain't no bank robber.


But I ain't no damn snitch neither.


(Pleasant music)

Bigfoot Wallance: "Only law west of Victoria except God can serve as a preacher in a pinch. No sh**ting, no cussing, no fighting, and..."

Hays: "And absolutely no spitting on the god damn floor."

That's my horse.

Bigfoot Wallance: I wonder if that b*tch with my damn wrist cuff is in there.

Hays: You go right, and I'll go left.

Bigfoot Wallance: All right. I go right; you go left.

Ow! Whoo!

That's my girl!

Man: Whoo!

(Upbeat fiddle music playing)

Curls: Yeah!

Play faster!

Play better!

Man: Play it, fiddle man.

Curls: Whoo! Drinks on me, boys.

(Man laughs)

Give me my wrist cuff, b*tch.


Man: Why, you son of a...

(Both grunting)


(Both grunting)

(Metallic clattering)

(All grunting and smacking)


(Glass shatters)

(Horses whinnying)

Curls: Move your ass, Roy!

Come on, Curls!

We got to get out of here!

My horse.


They got my damn horse.

(Children laughing)


Watch it now.

Hey, Nate.

Stop it!

The first thing we got to do when it stops raining... we got to clean out that root cellar.

And we're gonna fix that door.

You and me.

Yes, sir.

All right.

Clean the cellar?

With all the work to be done?

Well, my woman wants her jams and jars fresh and cool in the summer.

Ain't that right?

Not in front of the children.

Y'all come out of the rain. Supper's ready.

Aw, Ma! Now?

Just keep running.

You do realize, sir, as Secretary of w*r, you are empowered to assume command yourself.

You certainly made me aware of that, Private Lamar.

Get yourselves a bite to eat.

Well, Rusk will dig Houston's grave now.

I'm most anxious to see his face when Rusk tears those stars off his uniform and sends him away.

Good riddance.

Good riddance.



Figured if it wasn't Santa Anna out there causing all that ruckus, it had to be you.


Come to relieve me, Tom?

It has been discussed.

Well, that's a surprise.

By Burnet?

By just about everybody.

Then do it, then, you son of a b*tch. Let's be done with it.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

I can't think of one.

'Course I thought you'd defend me.

I have been defending you for weeks, but nothing's changed.

Sam, the problem is you.

Relieve me of my command, Mr. Secretary, but do not insult me.

Whoever you put in my place will still be left with untrained, undisciplined soldiers and impudent, disloyal officers.

Sam, you said you'd hold at Gonzales; you didn't.

You said you'd fight at the Colorado; you didn't.

You swore to Burnet that the Mexicans would never cross the Brazos.

They did.

Burnet, now, there's the man with all the vision of a rotten stump.

What matters to me, Tom, is how do you see it?

Do I still have your trust or not?


If all you're gonna give me are excuses, well, yeah.

You leave me with very little choice, Sam.

Thief ever come back or what?

Wilkins: I'm still hungry.

Anderson: Yeah? Take this.

Thistle wort, dried chickweed, bergamot, sassafras... brew it up, drink it, you will not feel hungry.

Phew, what the dickens is that right there?

That sassafras will clear your liver and make you sh*t like a goose.

That a good thing?


So what's this big secret mission?

Well, we've been ordered to rendezvous with a couple twin sisters and escort them back to camp.

Elwood: Sisters?


Now, finally a task I can get behind.

(All laugh)

Well, I'll be damned!

(All laughing)

That enough to stop your whining, get you back to work?

Yes, cap'n.

I think so.

Light up a f*re and chow down!

Hot damn and hallelujah.


Hard ground must be awful rough on those big feet of yours.

You sure you don't want to take a turn on Ol' Faithful here?

I'd sooner ride on a spotted river turtle.

We ought to be hightailing to join up with Sam Houston's army.

Why the hell are we going to Victoria?

I told you.

We need to report them killings to the proper authorities.

What for?

Somebody's gonna find them soon enough without us getting all mixed up in it.

We're already mixed up in it.

Besides, you want to get your horse back, now, don't you?

You think the law is gonna do that for us?

Why not?

It's their job, isn't it?

Hardcase. You got a lot to learn.

How are them blisters?


Come on, hyah! Let's go.

It's best we just head out to meet up with Houston's army.

Huh... right after we settle up in Victoria.

I'll bet you boys come from Buckley's way station.

There was a sh**ting.


And you gonna tell me you're all just innocent bystanders.


Wilkins: I'll bet them sisters are getting all gussied up to meet me.

Elwood: They gonna catch sight of you and run a country mile, Beans.

Gator: Y'all think they're daughters of some big Texas politician or something?

Gator: How old are these girls?

Brand spankin' new!

Whoo, I like 'em young!

Gator: Aw, Vern, you like anything as long as she's breathing.



Gator: Yeah!

Man: Where they at?


They meeting us here?

The hell you talking about?

The girls, damn it!

Boys, meet the twin sisters, all the way from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Let me introduce...

Daphne and her equally pretty sister, Penelope.

(Man whistles)



Well, hello there, Daphne.


Aw, that there's Penelope, and she's mine.


Mexican supply convoy heading this way!

What are they hauling?

Couldn't really tell.

Vittles, maybe. Medicine. g*n.


Well, all right, then.

Let's see how fast we can get one of them sisters ready.

Tamp it down, Vern.

Little more.


Got 'em!

That... that's him!

You hanged him.

Well, where's that curly-haired b*tch he was with?

Took off... while this snot-nosed miscreant was sh**ting up the town.

So you know we're telling the truth.

Don't know no such thing.

You two could be part of the g*ng.

Well, where's the silver wrist cuff he was wearing?

Wearing what he got on.

Did you question him?

I don't believe in a lot of blabber between catchin' and hangin'.

For a lawman, you possess a bewildering sense of due process.

I make no apologies for frontier justice, if that's how I'm gonna keep my town in order.

Ghost town?

Oh, they'll be back.

Soon as Santa Anna whups Sam Houston's ass and squashes this senseless revolt.

You support Santa Anna?

That explains your idea of law and order.

You gonna hang us too?

Not till you confess.

We did nothing wrong. We ain't confessing to anything.

We'll see about that.


Man: Whoo! We're drinking tonight!

(All speaking at once)

Man: Got a special delivery from Santa Anna hisself!

(All speaking at once)

Man: Yeah, we got a case of Mezcal...

(All speaking at once)

Man: Yeah, come get your provision right here.

Wilkins: We got powder. We got sh*t.

Yes, indeed.


Wilkins: What do you need? We got it.

Compliments of the Mexican army.

Man: Come here, boys!

Ho to the master-at-arms!

Man: Your new w*apon, gentlemen.

(All speaking at once)

Compliments of the Mexican army.

Man: This ought to make you smile, boys.

Woman: Is there any molasses?

(All speaking at once)

I reckon you boys can use these on the front line.

Man: Yeah, we got us a piece of ordnance here!

Man: This is gonna turn the tide.


Houston: You have me engage Santa Anna's army with almost no chance of victory.

No, Sam.

I regard you too highly.

But they would.

Boy came into my tent.

Given the circumstances, he didn't recognize the commanding officer and ordered me to repair this.

My point being, despite his blunder, he came to the right place.

His faith, regardless that it was initially misplaced, will be rewarded nonetheless.

I ask for your trust, Tom.

That young boy gave it to me.

Baker: Uh, Mr. Secretary.

Uh, what are your orders, sir?

Ask him.

He's your general.

Deaf, I need to send some Rangers out tonight... three of your best riders.

Colonel Baker, Colonel Sherman.

Yes, sir.

I hereby order you to serve in rear guard capacity.

Sam, that's a very bad idea.

You're most likely gonna engage Santa Anna.

Most likely I will, sir.

Pass it along!

Tomorrow, we march!

(All cheering)

Houston: Get a good rest tonight, men.

Prepare to face your enemy on the field of battle.

(Cheering continues)

Man: Santa Anna's gonna bleed!

West voice-over: Lord, I come to you alone... weak, sick at heart, and awful stained.

Why... why you put me in this time and place when so many suffer?

As a child, we had bad eating... stale bread and rotten meat fed to us in troughs like hogs.

Rough, smelly men... they came to me in the d*ad of night when I still slept with rag dolls.

You made those men covet me.

Made me beautiful.

That's a curse.

A plain black woman lives by her labors, has some kind of home.

A husband and children who love her.

Help her endure.

This beauty... it bring me plenty of men, but not one who loves me.

Not one who walks beside me in this world.

Learning me to read and write's supposed to lift me up, make me better.

Tain't so.

My heart grows so cold.

I don't feel nothing.

I'm burning alive in the f*re of my own rage.

I don't live.

I survive.

I exist.

But if my brother Jupiter loved Texas enough to die for it, least I can do is my part to liberate it.

No matter what it costs me.

On earth and in heaven.

I have become what you made me.

I do not ask for forgiveness.

The worst I must do lies yet ahead.

In the good book, you say there's a time to heal and a time to k*ll.

I know which time it is for me.

I'm asking you for the strength to see it through.

You owe me at least that much.

Judge me as you will.



Did you enjoy the cockfight?

I won.

I always win.

Well, I can always tell a champion cock just by the look in its eye.



Through the eyes, one sees into the heart... be it beast or human.

That man is fiercely devoted to you.

Why's he so jealous of me?

He was taken by Comanches.

The squaws took off his tongue and sexual organ.

He... he's never liked women since.

Well, then he certainly won't like this.

(Chickens clucking)

(Mysterious music)

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
Here, Papa.

Thank you, boy.


Go on, boy. Drink it up.

Who wants to plant some corn?

And peas and taters?

And squash and carrots!

And tomatoes and butter beans!

Whatever you want.

Nate, I think I'll finish up here.

You go on to town.

You fetch that empresario, Buckley, and tell him we want some seeds and supplies, and you tell him to put it on account.

Yes, sir. Right quick.

I want to be planting by morning.

Pauline Wykoff: All right, children, back to your chores.

Girl: Yes, Mama.

(Upbeat banjo music)

♪ ♪

(Sings inaudibly)

Drinks on El presidente Santy Annie!

♪ ♪

To Texas, gentlemen.

To Texas.

Gentlemen, to Texas and to victory.

♪ ♪

Hee hee!

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Man: Yee-haw!

Care to partake?

My pa would surely forbid it.

Well, I ain't asking your pa.

I guess you're old enough to make your own decisions.

Or ain't you?

I've had a nip before, you know.

Oh, I'm sure you have.


Doc Ewing: Sarah?

Oh, no. It's my pa.


I'd like a word with my daughter.

You ought to get on back to the festivities.

Go on.

Come on along with me.

Or are you gonna stay here with him?

I thought I told you to steer clear of that no-account scalawag.

Look, I see you talking to him again, I swear, I'll make you wish you hadn't.

You understand?

Is that why my mama ran off with that whiskey peddler?

Why you little...




Sarah, please!


(Houston chanting)

♪ ♪


(Continues singing)

♪ ♪


All that thunder and racket... not a drop of rain.

Hell, Sam.

Ain't really sure if I should report you or run like hell.

It's not a rain dance.

It's more of a combination w*r chant, purification ritual.

Cleansing my spirit.

Get my mind set.

That doing anything for you?

Not much.


Couple of my scouts came back.

Santa Anna's splitting up his army.

Just like your spy gal said.

Deaf, you ever miss something you never had and know you never will?

Doesn't stop you from missing them.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw Emily again.

Now she's, well...

I'll tell you this, the most precious moment that ever come in this world is when a woman loves a man just as he is.

That's it in a nutshell.

Good thing about talking to you, Deaf...

I can tell you anything.





(Horse neighs)

(Horses neighing)


(Neighing continues)


Shh! Get... get in the bedroom.

Go on. Go on.

Go. Go to bed.

Don't be standing behind me, woman.

Get to bed and lock the door.


Get the g*n. Get in the cellar!


(Glass shatters, man whooping)

(Both grunt)

(Arrows thudding)


(Both grunting)

(James Wycoff roars)



(Both grunting)


I got you. I got you.



I got you, I got you. It's all right.

You're all right.

Hang on.

Hold on.

Stay over there!

Stay over next to your brother, now!

All right. I want you to push this on you.

I want you to push this on you now.

(Dog barking)


I got to close that.


Kids, get back here!

Get back here!


(Dog yelping)




Okay. Come on!

Look out!



(Speaks Comanche)


(Both grunting and smacking)

(Metallic thudding, all screaming)

(Horse neighs)

(Dog yelps)




Miss Pauline.

(Flames roaring)

Elwood: Gator, you ever take a bank before?

Gator: Is a bullfrog's ass watertight?

Louisiana Canal Bank, '32.

That was me and the LaMelle brothers.

Elwood: The LaMelle brothers?


Elwood: I was upriver in the pokey with the LaMelle brothers in '32.


Maybe it was '31.


Hays: This here's what you call irony.

Bigfoot Wallace: Swear, Hardcase, you just plain bad luck.

(Laughs) Me?

Since I met you, I've been bushwhacked, robbed, almost k*lled, and now about to hang.

That's mighty kind of you, ma'am.

Thank you.

Did you do what the empresario said?

No, ma'am. He's railroading us.

Woman: I believe it.

My husband, Erastus, he's with the rangering company.

Deaf Smith, capitan.

Buckley: No mollycoddling the prisoners!

Giving you one more day.

If you're still reluctant to admit your guilt, I'm gonna have to let Clarence offer some encouragement.


Clarence is an artist.

Mister, he smacks me with that whip, he best not stop till I'm d*ad.

Fair enough, although a legal hanging would be much more civilized.

One more day, gentlemen.

Tell General Gaines to be prepared in the event that Mexicans venture into the neutral zone.

Sir, they're camped out by the border, but I'm not aware of any Mexicans active in the neutral zone.

Well, go out there and find them, son.

They're out there, I promise.

Mr. President, what if, in following the orders, General Gaines runs into the Mexican army?

Well, that'd be the luckiest day in Sam Houston's life.

Should Santa Anna follow General Houston across the border and into the States, we could certainly defend ourselves and give that arrogant peacock the b*ating he deserves.

(Nate panting)


Hey, help! Somebody help!

Man: Come on!

She's bleeding. Let's go!

Come on! She's bleeding!

(Speaking Spanish)

What happened, boy?




Rapido! Agua!

Una palangana. Ayudame.

This road'll take you back up to the Trinity and Nacogdoches.

Road here, Harrisburg, straight as a compass.

Houston: Very well.

Gentlemen, this way lies the Sabine River and the safety of the United States.

That way... Santa Anna and the Mexican army.

Which way, men?

What do you remember?

All: Remember the Alamo!

Remember the Alamo!

(m*llitary march playing)

♪ ♪

Rusk: You let them decide, huh?

Houston: A man'll fight harder if he thinks the decision is his own.

Besides, they know which way.

♪ ♪
♪ ♪

I am stuck in this Texas sh*thole.

Swatting mosquitoes.

Chasing rats.

These Texas rebels are too stupid to know they've lost.

I'm tired of this w*r.

I am going to end it.

Excellency, our scout report that Houston has turned around and coming this way.


The plains of San Jacinto.

They've apparently halted their retreat.


Bait the trap; eventually, the rat stumbles into it.

Honor and glory are upon us.

Santa Anna: Call up our dispatch riders and send for our generales.

This is our moment.

(Urgent trumpet playing)

♪ ♪

(Suspenseful music)

♪ ♪

Gentlemen, God delays, but he doesn't deny.

I believe He's given us our battlements.

Cavalry cannot operate in such thick woods.

Can't flank us through the marsh.

There's just the field between us and them.

If they decide to cross it, we'll pour f*re from these woods and cut them to shreds.

Hockley: Make camp in the woods by company.

Spread the word.

Man: Make camp by company!

In the woods!

Spread the word!

(All shouting)

Santa Anna: Fortify your position.

Houston is exactly where we want him.

Erect every tent we have in plain sight.

Build fires in front of each one.

Make sure they burn all night.

The rebels must not know we're not yet at full force.

Build barricades there.

Grab brush, everything we can find to protect the camp from a frontal as*ault.

Position a*tillery there.

Go down; stand out on the hill.

I want scouts in the field now!

Pull those wagons.

I want everything ready before sunset.

♪ ♪

Position the cannons here.

Right away, sir!

I want sentries posted there, there, on that rise over yonder, and directly across the river.

Tell them not to engage.

Rangering company's to reconnoiter Santa Anna's army.

Scout the proximity of any advancing troops.

Yes, sir. Hyah!

Sentries here, there, and yonder.


(Bugle call)

♪ ♪

My brave men...

Soldiers of freedom.

I know you are tired.

But by your heroic toil, you save the life of the man next to you.

If we are all willing to die for each other...

We will all live to see our homes again.

Viva Mexico!

All: Viva!

De vuelta al trabajo!

Once the defenses are in place, I'll att*ck.

What about reinforcements, your Excellency?

Santa Anna: The rest of our army's on their way.

(Bugle calling)

Baker: These appear to be defensive dispositions.

Houston can't still intend to delay.

If you believe in the power of aggressive tactics, you got the wrong general.

Men, get a good rest and a meal in you.

One f*re per unit, without exception, doused at sundown.

I want all w*apon serviceable and ready to f*re.

Blades honed razor-sharp.

Fresh powder and ball for every r*fle.

In addition to cannonballs, chop up horseshoes, wire, and any scrap metal on hand to feed the sisters.

Let's let 'em know we're here!

All: Yes, sir!

That is all.


Ah... shh, shh.


I'm sorry.

Man: I... I... I'll talk to him. I'll talk to him.

Make sure we got enough water.

Is it true?

Woman: They brought him in here.

With the Comanches running wild, we're gonna need a couple extra g*n.

Then you better go find some.

We ain't doing sh*t for you.

Not me you need to help; it's the good people of this town.

Besides, I've been reevaluating the evidence.


Few things I confiscated from those young brigands.

My wrist cuff?

Uh, no, but let's see...

There's a r*fle and a scabbard; saddle bags with some kind of initial... might have been an H.

Oh... oh, yeah, big brown stallion and what looks like a fine Tennessee thoroughbred.

Both: Our horses.

You help us get through this, I might recollect where I stabled them.

Why, you low-down...

You son of a b*tch.

Would have preferred hanging you and keeping the horses, but now, well, necessity requires your help.

Man: Take him alive.

Come on!

Karnes: I got him.

♪ ♪

Son, what you got in that pouch?

(Martial trumpet playing)

♪ ♪

Well, this is getting mighty old.

Elwood, you had best set your mind to hold this ground, or we will all be buried beneath it.

Elwood: Let's see.

Swamp in front of us.

Wall of pine behind us.

Black flag.

Devil music.

Whole mess of Mexicans.

That sound familiar to any of y'all?

You mean the Alamo?

Gator: Oh! Looks like someone just lit Knowles' lantern.

Wilkins: (Laughs) Here.

Houston's a damn idiot, I've told y'all.

It's a lost cause.

Shut it, Vern.

I've had enough of your whining, your gum-flapping.

You shut me up, then, you octoroon zambo.

Ain't a white man. Ain't a red man.

What is you, then?

I'll show you what I am.

Wilkins: Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Break it up!

All right. All right.

Get up. Get off him!

Come on, man.

Come on, that's enough!

Get off him!

Said that's enough, Vern.

Acting like animals.

Get up!

Get off me!

Pull them horns in 'fore you k*ll each other.

Man: Settle down!

Now, I'm trying to put together a nice meal.

Go get us some biscuits and molasses.

Ain't nobody ought to die on an empty stomach.

Man: What do you know? Anderson ain't perfect.

(All laughing)

Never seen no Injun fall off a horse.

Acklin: Rebecca.

Now, don't tell nobody.

Santa Anna's got us trapped.

You and Sarah need to find a safe place.

You know what he does to prisoners.

Whatever happens to you happens to me.

I'm not going anywhere.

sh**t, come here.

What are you hiding back there?

It's nothing.

Come on, what are you hiding back there?

It's nothing.

Come on!

What are you hiding? Come on.

Come on.

It's nothing.

Give it. Come on.

It's nothing.

Did you write me something?

Why didn't you tell me?

'Cause I didn't want it to be true.

Should've known I ain't that lucky.

So where's your fiancé now?

Gavin's up north setting up our homestead.

Best go be with your man.

Like I said, it ain't safe here.

What do you need this for?

So you can sh**t me with it?


It's for protection, Antonio.



You want to k*ll me? Huh?

That's what you want?


♪ ♪

Keep her under guard.

You men... place that barricade down next to the other one.

Fill up that gap.

You heard the general. Move!

Caught Santa Anna's dispatch rider.


Says here... (speaking Spanish) are en route to join him.

Cos' troops... only hours away.

I told you... squandering our opportunity.

(Cannon blasts)

That's just for show.

To let us know he's here.

Man: The prisoner! Stop him!

Houston: Damn it, get those (indistinct).

Steady on!

It's not an att*ck!

Man: What the hell?

Nobody said sh**t him.

He was at the Alamo.

And how do you figure that?

It was Colonel Travis' saddlebags.

Santa Anna: Adjust two degrees left.

Give them more to worry about.

Make sure they get no sleep tonight.


f*re those cannons back!

f*re those cannons back!

Not yet!

Let's answer his Excellency's greeting.

Hockley: f*re on my command!

f*re one!

f*re two!


Now we know they have at least two 6-pounders.

And officers who know how to f*re them.

Cease f*re.

(Trumpet calling)

He's done.

Made his point.

Man: All right, let's get it.

(Indistinct conversations)

What's gnawing at you, Sam?


I want you to take Karnes and ride out to Vince's Bridge.

Let me know if Santa Anna gets reinforced.

Man: I believe they are about to att*ck, your Excellency.

Santa Anna: They won't att*ck.

But prepare as if they will.

Yes, sir.

Send a squad of cavalry just to test them.

Yes, sir.

(Horse neighs)


I understand you're a better m*llitary strategist than I.

But before we're outnumbered, why don't we att*ck?

'Cause I'm not ordering one.

You may reconnoiter with your cavalry after sundown, but under no circumstances are you to engage.

Is that clear?

Tom, why don't you ride along with him?



Santa Anna: Almonte, dispatch.

Find out where General Cos is.

Almonte: Right away, sir.


Everybody in position.

You heard his Excellency.

Find General Cos.

k*ll me or let me go.

Yes, sir.

I done deserve a whuppin'.

But none of my previous masters used their fists.

They all had the decency to use the whip.

If I was gonna k*ll you, I had many opportunities to.

You know the only time a bull survives in the ring... is when he has been extremely brave.

You are extremely brave.


You're free... to go.

To join me in my tent.

You choose.

Me or Houston.

Man: Can't stop now, sir.

Let's go!

(All shouting indistinctly)

Man: Charge!

Come on!


Man: General, Sherman's attacking.

God damn Sherman.

The bastard's gonna cost us the w*r.

I ordered him not to engage.







Fall back!

Fall back!

Houston: Stay back!

Halt! Stay in the trees!

Form ranks!

Cover their retreat!

Man: Back to the tree line!

Take cover! You heard him!

♪ ♪

Fall back! Sherman, look out.

Sidney, get on a horse, you ass!

Get the colonel on a horse and fall back!





Damn it.


Get back. Get back!

Help me!


Come on.


Fall back!

♪ ♪

I am waiting.


Houston: Your orders were not to engage.

Now get out of my sight.

Would it not be better to rejoin all our armies and then pursue Houston on the offensive?

Why? We have him!

Deaf: General, we take that bridge, you won't have to worry about Santa Anna's reinforcements no more.

You'd be all by your lonesome.

I know who you are.

Then you know to leave me be.

Knowles: If we blow up the bridge, how are we supposed to get back across it?

Deaf: We don't.

This day I'd ally with the devil himself.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.

I think you just did.

Man: Round up men for a posse.

We got a rescue mission.

There's trouble somewhere. You want men.

You found Emily West?

Remember the Alamo!

Come on!



They may have cleaned you up.

I know you.
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