01x01 - Pilot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Proof". Aired: June 2015 to August 2015.*
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"Proof" is a fascinating series in which a brilliant surgeon searches for proof of life after death.
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01x01 - Pilot

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[Siren wailing in distance]

[Cellphone ringing]

[Horns blaring, indistinct conversations]


[Car horn honks]

We've got multiple g*n wounds to the chest.

Patient is 18. It was a drive-by. Probably mistaken identity.

His girlfriend says he's an honor student, student council, and...

How were his sats?

His sats? I don't...

Things you don't care about.

Man: Pulse is 130. BP is 70 over 30 and falling.

Carolyn: That, I care about.

Marta: We've got 10 units of O1 negative standing by.

Carolyn: Okay. Let's get him intubated. And I want that chest tube tray stat.

BP is dropping.

Man: His lungs are filling up.

Okay. Well, let's take care of that.

It's down to 92.

That's not good. Okay, let's cr*ck him.

I need a 10-blade scalpel and the rib spreader.

The 8... no, make it the 12. Could be pericardial tamponade.

I need the Hibbs retractor, and let's ready the sutures.

I want a 4-0 pledgeted Prolene on an RB1 needle.

Carolyn: Hey, you. You!


Do it.

Me? Yes, right away, Doctor.

Lap pads. Let's get some suction going here.

Was that the 4-0 needle?

No, it's an rb1 needle and a 4-0 suture.

More lap pads.

Suction. I need a headlight.

And the retractor was the 10-inch, yes?

Jesus. You speak English, or are you just learning that, too?

Yes. I-I mean, I do. I speak English.

Get out of the way.

Man: BP is still falling.

Somebody get me a scissor. [Monitors beeping]

Woman: This guy's crashing.

Man: We're losing him.

I'm trying manual cardiac massage.


Come on.

Let's hang another 1,000cc bag.

Not working. sh*t!

Man: You want to call it?

Hell, no, I don't want to call it.

I need ice.

I can pat you down, Doctor. I got some...

No, for him. Him. Get me ice, a lot of it, and a cold wrap.

We need to lower his body temperature now.

Or do I need to explain that, too?

One milligram of epi standing by.

If we used chilled saline with the transfused blood, it would be quicker.

Do it.

It's therapeutic hypothermia.

It's an induced coma using intense cold to delay ischemic injury to the brain.

It's from victims who had fallen into frozen lakes and survived.

Marta: Is this an approved procedure?

Are you serious?

Hospital policy requires that you get authorization.

You're right. Let's wake him up and ask him to sign a waiver.

Man: Temp is 34.2 degrees celsius and falling.

Man #2: Still no pulse.

Damn it! More ice, now!

Coming in.

Give me another bag of chilled saline.

It's all here.

More blood.

Woman: Standing by.

Okay. Get it in him.

Man #2: We are. It's not doing any good.

Ave Maria, mater dei, or a pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

[Monitor beeping]


Let's call it.


Time is... 11:20.

Hold on. I think we got a pulse.

Definitely got a pulse.



[Man speaking Japanese]


Welcome back.

[Breathes deeply]

Hey! You.

I can't keep calling you "intern." What's your name?

Zedan. Zedan Badawi.

Originally, I'm from Kenya, and then the Sudan to join my cousin.

But I went to medical school in Texas, University of...

Are we on a date?

'Cause I really don't feel like I'm dressed for it.

I don't understand.

Look, Zed.

I know I was a little rough on you in there.

Oh, Dr. Tyler. It's not necessary for you to apologize to me.

Oh, I'm not.

When you're in my O.R., you need to get it right the first time, no questions asked.

And if you can't do that, you need to get the hell off my surgical rotation.

Try psychiatry. They love questions there.

And for God's sakes, don't eat this crap. It will k*ll you.


That bag could probably feed a family of five where he comes from.

Don't you have some MILFs to consult with somewhere?

I have some parents I need to see. But I wanted to talk to you first.

It's about Sophie.

What? Is something wrong?

Relax. It's nothing urgent.

Wait. Is this about weekend custody again, Len?

'Cause it's not what we agreed to.

No, no. She's just been a little moody lately.

I think she's having some mean-girl issues at school.

[Sighs] Okay. I'll talk to her.

Good, 'cause she won't talk to me about it, or anything, really. It's not like with...

I mean, I was always able to...

I know. Me too.

Woman: Dr. Tyler?

Dr. Richmond would like to see you right away.

Uh-oh, someone's in the doghouse.

I'm sure it's nothing.


I did what I thought was best to save my patient's life.

And if you don't like it, you can f*re me.

I sincerely hope that won't be necessary, even if I knew what you were talking about.


You wanted to see me?

Yeah. Sit down, Carolyn.

Ivan Turing.

You're familiar with the name?

The internet guy.

The guy who put his own rocket into space, parachuted off of Everest... The internet guy.

I've heard of him. He's like a multi-billionaire, right?

You can add on more multis.

He may be considering making a donation to this hospital.


Could be.

Thing is, he only wants to talk to you.


I don't know. They said he was insistent.

And for the kind of money that we're talking about...

Look, this is really not my sort of thing.

I'm not all that great with...

People. I know.

I need you to do this, Carolyn.

And I'm sure I don't have to remind you how patient we've been with your leaves of absence for your medics international trips.


Two weeks in Japan... after the recent Tsunami.

That's not fair.

A month in Haiti, Civil w*r in Syria.

Those people needed medical assistance.

You're not gonna thr*aten me into doing this, Charles.

I'm not threatening you.

If I were, I would offer to convene a review board to consider suspending your license for using an unauthorized procedure in the operating room.

But, as I said...

You're not threatening me.



Look on the bright side.

Maybe he'll offer you a ride in his rocket ship.

Janel: Excuse me, Dr. Tyler.

I'm Janel Ramsey, Ivan's associate.

I-I mean, Mr. Turing.

We're pretty casual around here, except about data security.

Ivan says there is no so such thing as secure encryption anymore.

So, are you ready to meet him?

[Man speaking french]

Ivan: Yeah, you just need to look at things from the inside out.

[Speaking french]

No. No, that won't work. [Grunts]

The nicads take a big h*t at minus-30 celsius.

Well, keep at it. I got to... I got to go.

Man: Auf wiedersehen.

Woman: À demain. Ciao.


I got my start working in a crap-filled garage.

I can't seem to work any other way.

You mind if we skip the usual chit-chat?

The amazing architecture, what a great pleasure to meet me, all that?

I have rounds to make.

Right. Good.

I'm dying.

Excuse me?

Kicking the bucket, taking the big dirt nap.

You're a doctor. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept.

No. Yes. I just... I-I just wasn't expecting... wait.

That's why you asked for me?

I'm sorry?

What, you think your money and your power lets you jump ahead of my other patients?

I don't work that way.

You just wasted both of our time.

I don't need a new doctor. I have advanced adeno-carcinoma.

I'm not gonna make it to the next winter Olympics.

The summer, either, probably.

I'm sorry.

I'm fine with it.

Well, not fine.

But all things considered, I'm... I'm...

I'm pretty happy with the things that I've accomplished.


When I jumped off Everest, people asked me if I was nervous.

The truth is, I wasn't, 'cause I was totally prepared.

I mean, I knew exactly what would happen down to the wind variation for every millimeter of descent.

See, I've always hated unknowns.

Now that I'm facing the biggest one there is, I want to know what to expect.

I want to know what's going to happen to me after I die.

Right. You and everybody else who ever lived.

But the difference is, I have the resources to try to find out.

And I'd like you to do that for me.

You lost me.

I'd like you to find real proof of what happens after we die.

If you can do that, I'm prepared to offer you complete control of my estate when I'm gone, roughly $10 billion for your medics international or whatever you chose.

You're serious?

As terminal cancer.

Look, I honestly don't care if you find proof of nothing at all and all these stories about near-death experiences are just that... stories.

Or that there really is something else.

I just want to know.

Okay. When you're d*ad, you're d*ad.

Nothing happens after we die.

Lights out. Nobody home.

That's just your opinion.

I'm talking about real proof, verifiable, scientific proof.

Look, I-I would love to take your money.

When I think about all it could do to get medical aid to places in the world that need it. But what you're asking is impossible.

In 1895, Lord Kelvin said that heavier-than-air flight was impossible.

70 years later, we had footprints on the moon.

These are some files I've collected that raise some pretty interesting questions, people who've d*ed and come back, who've seen ghosts, who say they've experienced reincarnation.

I've got boxes full of these.

Maybe it's crap, all of it.

But maybe somewhere in these files, there's some real, actual proof.

Why me? I'm a surgeon...

Not... not a parapsychologist.

I saw a medical panel where you were talking about transplant donors, uh, where you basically said what you said here.

You were skeptical and sarcastic, full of yourself... a lot like me.

Look, you're a brilliant physician with a hard-science background.

If you're satisfied with the certainty of what you uncover, I will be, too.

That's why you.

Look, I'm sorry. This isn't for me.

I think you should find someone else.

Don't you want to know if you were close to seeing your son again?

What did you say?

You have a daughter... Sophie. She's 15 years old.

She's into downloading club music and Japanese anime and not much else.

I know that you and your husband, Dr. Leonard Barliss, are currently separated, and that you lost your teenage son, Will, in an automobile accident almost a year ago.

I'm sorry.

We're done here.

I also know that you nearly drowned...

On a trip to the far east to help victims of the most recent Tsunami.

And that's when you had your own near-death experience.

Am I wrong?

That was just a hallucination.

It's a surge of activity that happens in the brain at the moment of...

How the hell did you know about that?

I've never told anyone that, and I mean no one except...

Son of a b*tch.

You want answers as much as I do, Dr. Tyler.

Maybe more.

[Door closes]

Hi, mom.


Be happy. That's more than I got.

What is wrong with you?


You told someone about Japan.

How could you do that? That was extremely personal.

What are you talking about?

You told Ivan Turing I had a near-death experience and saw our son.

Oh. That.

Yes, that.

His people said you're up for some big grant.

I was trying to help. I wanted you to seem more... human.

You didn't think to talk to me about it first?

They asked me to keep it quiet in case it didn't happen.

Wait. So, you actually met Ivan Turing? What's he like?

[Scoffs] Just go. Go.

Cat, I was trying to help.

Sophie: Did you really meet Ivan Turing?

Who are you, the NSA?

Let's talk about school.

Dad said you've been having some mean-girl problems.

Oh, it's just the usual beyotches. It's nothing I can't handle.

Sure you don't want to talk about it? I'm pretty good with beyotches.

I'm one myself.

Mom, I'm fine.

So, Turing.

Come on. Tell me everything.

Nothing. He just wanted me to do some research for him.

He offered me some of his money to look into... near-death experiences, life after death, that sort of thing.


How much of his money?

All of it.

Holy crap! Mom, are you kidding me? [Chuckles]

That guy's worth like $10 billion.


You turned him down, didn't you?

I can't accept his money for something that's a total waste of time.

You don't know that.

Yes, I do.

Isn't it worth at least trying?

What if there really is something more after we die?

What if we knew we were gonna see will again?

Wouldn't that be amazing?

Don't you ever wonder?

No, I don't. Will is gone.

Okay? And feeding some rich egomaniac's fantasy is not gonna change that.

Don't you have some homework or something?



Can't say that I'm not disappointed.

I'm so sorry, Charles.

But it sounds like Mr. Turing never planned to make the donation anyway.

He just dangled it to get preferential treatment whenever he wants it.

That's just... [Clears throat]


Yes. Yes, it is.



Mr. Garcia, Dr. Tyler.

Glad to see you're doing better.

You ever seen this guy?

Hillary: We're chatting with Peter Van Owen, world-renowned author, psychic, and medium.


So, these spirits, they actually speak to you?

Oh, yes. Yes, they do.

And trust me, I wish they wouldn't sometimes because they can be just as annoying as the living.

[ Laughter] You make it sound so normal.

Normal? Normal? It is normal.

Death is the most natural, normal thing that there is.

Then why are people so afraid of it?

Oh, if they knew what I knew, they wouldn't be.

Death isn't the end for us.

Just like a tree isn't the end of a seed or clouds aren't the end of water.

It's just what's next.

Is everyone a sucker lately?

Can I ask you something?


I was d*ad for a while there, right?

Like, I mean... really d*ad.

Well, that's sort of a gray area from a doctor's point of view.

But you're not d*ad now. And that's what matters.

This is gonna sound whack, but when I was out, I saw things...

Heard things.

I could see my body.

I was up on the ceiling looking down.

That's just... that's a common hallucination, but you have...

I saw you. You were operating on me.

You were wearing these... These running shoes.

Well, a lot of us wear them.

You know, when you're on your feet as much as we are.

But you couldn't have actually experienced anything like that.

You were in a coma with little to no brain activity.

It's just the mind playing tricks?


Ave Maria, mater dei, or a pro nobis peccatoribus, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae. Amen.

What was that?


Oh. Just something I remembered from when I thought I was up there looking down.

Go ahead.

I guess we hear what we want to hear, right?

I'm sorry. I have other patients I need to see.

[Indistinct conversations]


During the surgery, did you hear anything, um... unusual?

Surgery. Wh-which surgery?

The g*n victim.

Did you hear me say anything out of the ordinary?

Like, in Latin, maybe.

Latin? No.

After you corrected me, I was listening very carefully.

Believe me.


Let me ask you something.

What do you think happens when we die?

I'm... I'm sorry. What?

Do you believe in life after death? It's a simple question. Yes or no?

I come from a culture where it's not a matter of belief.

It's considered a fact.

We live, we die, then we live again.

I see.

But it's also considered a fact that malaria is caused by spirits and A*DS can be cured by r*pe.

So, no, Dr. Tyler.

As a man of science...


I don't believe in life after death.

You know, but I suppose anything is possible.

Oh. Your idea of using the chilled saline with the transfused blood... nice work.

Th-thank you.

And your cardiopulmonary bypass, it appeared to be adequate.

Adequate? Just adequate?

I thought we were being honest.

Sophie's school called. She's fine, but we need to go.


Ms. Malone: Ordinarily, I'd have no choice but to expel her.

We have a zero tolerance policy for student-on-student v*olence.

But, given your family circumstances, we've decided to make an exception.

She will be suspended, of course, for two weeks, followed by a six-month probationary period if she agrees to anger-management counseling.

And I suppose those little b*tches get nothing at all.


Sophie shoved one of those girls into a locker.

She needed a dozen stitches to the back of her head.

After being bullied by her repeatedly, or does that not matter since her father owns half the peninsula and donates a shitload?

I'll give you some time.

I thought you were gonna talk to her.

Oh, this is my fault?

Can we just go?

That's not what I'm saying.

Then what are you saying?

All right. Let's just drop it.

You... I tried, okay?

We're all just trying to figure this thing out, and it's not easy, Len.

I mean, it's not as if any of this would have happened...

When Will was still alive?

Everything was much better then. Is that it?

'Cause now you're stuck with just me.

Sophie, that's not what she meant.

Wow. You know, Will's lucky.

You have no idea what it feels like to be the kid that didn't die.


I really don't want to talk about this right now, so can we please just go home?

It's my turn.

Well, I think she should be with me.

It's fine. I'll go with Dad.


Hey, it's Sophie.

I assume you know what to do at the beep.

[ Bee] Hey, Soph. It's me again.

Really just wanted to see how you're doing.

Please call me.

Love you.

You still have not told me why you requested my assistance.

I have to make this house call, and I need a smart and honest second opinion.

Oh, get over yourself.

I'm not at all sure about this. And when I say smart, I mean someone who knows what I would do to them if they were to breathe a word of this to anyone.

[Doorbell rings]

I've read your daughter's medical files.

She's a very lucky girl.

Bacterial infection like that, she should be d*ad.

Oh, but she did die.

And she went to heaven and came back to us.

I know what you're thinking. We're not religious people.

But after this, now we know that death is definitely not the end.

No doubt about it.

And what makes you so sure?

When Lily was in that coma, I went for a walk.

It just seemed so unfair. She's so young.

And I was so angry that I hauled off and I punched the soda machine.

She drew that when she woke up.

She said that she was up near the ceiling and she could look down and see them working on her body.

And at the same time, she could see me out in the hallway hurting my hand.

This is fascinating.

And that's not all.

She talked about meeting people in the other place.

That's what she calls it.

Members of our family who had passed on that she knew nothing about.

And who's this?

My aunt Viv.

She said she saw this person she called V.

For Vivian, right?

And who's... who's this one?

She seems to draw this a lot.

That's the only one we never did figure out.

Lily calls him paw paw, but my dad, he's still alive.

Colleen's dad, he never looked like that.

So, we showed it to Ruth and...

My mom.

She's always been the keeper of the family tree.

She had no idea who it could be.

She's in assisted living now.

I'm hungry.

Oh, hey.

Here's our little artist right here. Come here.

[Grunts] Can you say hi?

This is Dr. Badawi, Dr. Tyler.

You can call me Cat.

You can call me your majesty 'cause I'm a princess.

[Chuckles] Really? Me too.

Just ask him.

Well, I wanted to let you know I really...

I like your drawings.

It must have been scary over there in the other place.

It was nice.

I could make you some new pictures if you want.

I'd like that.

Come on. Let's get you some lunch.

Oh. Do you know about Peter Van Owen?

Guy's amazing, right?

He said he might put us in his next book.

That great or what?

[Door opens, closes]

[Sighs] So, what do you think?

I think that...

People believe what they want to believe.

And I think that is enough...

For most people.

So, what am I looking at?

You tell me.

It's a child, 7 or 8 years old.

I see a lot of inflammation in the meninges.

I'd say bacterial meningitis, and a pretty nasty case, by the looks of it.

This is a little out of your field, isn't it?

Just doing some follow-up. She was a patient here, coma for five days.

Here's her EEG.

Listen. About yesterday...

How's Sophie holding up?

I've left a ton of messages.

She's, uh, snarky, sullen, pissed off.

So, you know, pretty much back to normal.

I just wish she would talk to me.

I'd take angry, rude, anything.

Well, she'll reach out to you when she's ready, Cat.

She might be 30.

[Chuckles] Yeah. Maybe.

So, what do you think?

I'm looking for some kind of cognitive brain activity, maybe a deep dream state.

With this EEG? Not a chance.

Hey. [Sighs]

Do you think if it hadn't happened, the accident, that things might be different with us?

It wasn't just about Will. You know that.

I'm not the same person, Cat.

Maybe if we got it all out in the open, I don't know, told Sophie?

What, that her dad was screwing some 20-something drug rep in our bed while I was on call?

Who's that supposed to help?

I didn't mean specifics.

Obviously there are things you don't talk about with your kids.



Thanks for the consult.

[Siren wails]

She always perks up whenever her daughter drops by with her granddaughter, Lily.

But other than the family, she doesn't get many visitors here.

And she doesn't really mix in here a lot.

Basically, she's WTD.

Sorry. WTD?

Waiting to die.

Ruth? There are some doctors here to see you.

[Scoffs] I'm through with doctors.

[Sighs] Actually, Mrs. Layton, we wanted to talk to you about your granddaughter, Lily.

Beautiful girl, isn't she?

She's my miracle. [Chuckles]

What did you say your name was?

I'm Carolyn.

This is Zed.

We talked to your daughter and your son-in-law about Lily's illness and her, uh, experience.

All that nonsense about her visiting the other side?

I don't believe in all that.

Well, to be honest, neither do I.

But they told us that you are the keeper of the family tree, and I'd like to follow up on something.

I-I know this is just a child's drawing, but I was hoping you might take another look and... and see if you had any thoughts about who this might be, the one Lily calls paw paw.

I have no idea. I-I told them that.

I know that's what you told your daughter, but I think maybe you do.

I think you should go. I don't feel well.

You know, we did some computer searches.

You and your husband, Bill, were married... when was it?

On June 6, 1969.

Isn't that right?

What's your point?

Well, according to this, for a short while after you were married, you had separate mailing addresses.

And it looks like in December 1970, when your daughter Colleen was born, you had reunited, but before that, nine months before, you and your husband weren't even living in the same state.


g*dd*mn internet.

Bill was a good man most of the time.

But right after we got married, I found out he was screwing a woman from the office.

A lot of them do that, you know?

I've heard.

Well, he begged me to stay, but I moved in with my folks so that I could think about what I wanted to do.

And then, uh, one night, some of my old high-school friends took me out to a bar.

And there was this...

There was this nice-looking boy there.

And he bought me a drink.

And I was so mad at Bill...

Well, I-I think you can figure out the rest.

That's him.

The boy from the bar.

He sent me that from Vietnam.

I found out that he had been sh*t down not long after that was taken.

This is who you think Lily saw?

If you tell Colleen that, I'll deny it.

But I do believe that paw paw is Lily's grandfather.

Her real grandfather.

You do not seem impressed.

That little girl d*ed, saw her real grandfather who she did not even know existed.

I thought you were a man of science.

There are other explanations, you know?


Such as?


Just because, you know, she drew a picture of a mustached man in a uniform it doesn't mean it's the same man.

I mean, more than likely, she visited her grandmother, she saw the photo in the album, and the image stuck in her subconscious.

I was just about to page you. You're wanted in surgery.

My bypass rescheduled?

Sorry. Not you, Doctor. I meant Dr. Badawi.

You're on surgery rotation, right?

Dr. Richmond is performing an emergency endoscopic craniotomy.

It's a returning patient, a juvenile seaver, first initial L.

Let me see that.

It's Lily.

They brought her in 40 minutes ago.

Little girl, history of meningitis, new blood clot that has clearly migrated inside her brain.

We're all prepped, ready to go, except for one thing...

No patient.

What are you talking about?

The girl's parents, they refused to sign the consent.

What? Why would they do that?

I don't know. They said you'd understand.

Dr. Tyler. Glad you're here.

Hello, Doctor. Peter Van Owen. I'm so sorry we have to meet like this.

What the hell is he doing here?

We asked him to come.

What? So declining the surgery was your idea?

What? Does it make a better book if she dies?

It was our decision.

They said there's a 70% chance Lily wouldn't survive the surgery.

With everything she's been through, we can't put her through that.

I understand.

No. Actually, I don't. I don't understand.

If you have a chance to save your child, even a small one, you take it.

So, this is about something more than that.

Isn't it?

Well, we just feel that...

Maybe she wasn't meant to come back to us.

Maybe God wanted us to know that she was gonna be okay in the other place.

And now that we know that...

We have to let her go.

I'm sorry, but you don't know that.

No one does. Not for sure.

I don't know what Lily saw the last time she was here.

Maybe she did see some sort of vision of the other side.

Maybe it's just some mechanism of the brain that we don't fully understand yet.

But one thing I do know for sure is that right now your daughter is alive.

And if you let us try, we have a chance to save her.

And you have the chance to watch her grow up.

Trust me. Not everybody is that lucky.

Don't pass it up.

Get her prepped. I'll scrub in, and I'll meet you there.

You are a cardiac surgeon. This is a craniotomy.

I'll take it from here.

I'd really like to be in there.

I don't understand what your relationship is with these people.

We can discuss it later. But clearly, it is way too close.

That's ridiculous. I don't see...

I've got this. Let's go!

Woman: Get the O.R. to prep for oxygen.


[Coin clinks]

[Button clicks]


For what it's worth, I never suggested they decline the surgery.

Well, that's a comfort.

I know a lot about you. I did my research.

After I saw the documentary where you talked about the scientific explanations of near-death experiences.

Know your enemy. Is that it?

I don't see us as enemies, Dr. Tyler.

In fact, I happen to think that we're a lot alike.


We both ease people's suffering, we heal their pain.

I'm a doctor. You do cheap parlor tricks.

I think your son might disagree.

He doesn't want you to grieve for him anymore.

And he wants you to know that he's happy and he's with others who...

Don't you pull that crap on me!

Is it so hard for you to believe that there is something more?

Yes. And you want to know why? Because I really want to.

I really wish I could be like other people who take things on faith, but I can't.

I need to know!

You can.

You're just not trying hard enough.

Oliver: Okay. Got the clot.

Retracting the probe.

And... good. How are her stats?

Man: O2 stats, 94%. BP's 115 over 73.

Carolyn: How is she?

We aspirated the hematoma.

She made it through that part okay.

She'll live, but beyond that...

So, what do I tell her parents?

I'm the one who convinced them...

Her parents were ready to let her go.

Is that better?

What's going on with you?

[Indistinct conversations]

Carolyn: I'd like to redo Mr. Jacobson's blood work.

Is there any changes in...

Miss Seaver?

I was just about to tell you.

But maybe you could ask her yourself.

Your majesty.

Hi. I drew you a picture.


Thanks. Wow.

This is really more like a photograph.

[Chuckles] All right. Let's go, Rembrandt.

So, no new pictures from the other side?

They told me not to talk to you about that anymore.

They who? Your mom and dad?

Your grandma?

There you are.

Dr. Tyler, you made it.

I can't believe you found your way.

If you're the cheese, does that make me the rat?

You should be flattered.

You know how many great scientific discoveries were made with rats?

You know, when I first started working with him, I used to get lost in here all the time.

[Clears throat] Janel.

Oh. Right. Sorry.

What's this?

It's one of your files.

It's a little girl named Lily. I checked it out.


Well, it's not proof, if that's what you're asking.

So, here's how it's gonna work.

There was an earthquake in Guatemala last week, and they need medical aid badly.

So you're gonna make donations.


Big ones to medics international as needed wherever it's needed.

Will I get some kind of a plaque?

I'd like that. Or a statue. [Sighs]

And I need to be able to pursue anything I want, no matter where it leads, and not just from your files.

All expenses covered.

I'm good with that.

And I'll need help.

Of course.

[Sighs] There's this intern from Africa.


He's got a lot to learn and he's got a crappy diet, but I think he could be useful.



What part of Africa?

Can we just stay focused?

You're right.

Take one of my people to help with logistics, research, interface with me.

Take Janel.

Your protégé?

Yeah. She's very bright.

She's got two PhDs.

Well, that's good.

And she's loyal.

And she's full of possibilities.


Does this mean we have a deal?

There's one more thing.

I'm not giving up surgery. It's what I do.

And I don't need the people at work giving me grief about it.

So this stays strictly between us.

I'll continue my work at the hospital, and I'll do this on the side. Understood?

Death stuff on the down low. Got it.


Suppose we really do this.

Suppose I actually find evidence that definitively proves to a scientific certainty...

That this is all there is?

You only live once.

Yolo, as they say.

Or that there really is something more.

Some kind of conscious life after this one.

Either way, we'll finally know, won't we?

You have no idea how to get out of here, do you?

Dr. Tyler, where do you want the rest of these?

Oh, anywhere is fine.

I just want to start separating them into near-death experiences and other possible post-death phenomena like poltergeists, reincarnation, and I can't believe I'm saying any of this.

Knock, knock.

Sophie: Uh, sorry.

The door was open.

Oh, uh, oh, that's fine.

We're just, um, finishing up.

They're helping me with some medics international stuff.

We... we got new funding.

That's great! Congratulations.


Okay. Uh, I guess I'll see you next week.


Good luck.

Can you give me a minute?

Don't you have anything that's glutenful?

Listen, I was thinking maybe we could watch a movie later tonight.

Maybe order in some take-out.

Is this your awkward way of trying to reconnect where we, what, eat vegan Chinese food and watch some annoying chick flick?

I was thinking Indian food, but, yeah, kind of.

Get extra garlic naan.

To all my Youtube fans out there, one last thing.

Mom and Dad, you always told me to make good decisions.

This isn't one of them.

Oh, my gosh. Look at him.

[Chuckles] I know.

It's kind of amazing he lived as long as he did, right?

Sophie: Oh, my gosh! No!


Oh, I remember that one.

Mm, me too. Your dad patched him up that time.

I think Will liked my stitches better.

Well, maybe when you finish your thing for that Turing guy, you can ask him yourself.

How did you know?

[Chuckles] Please. You're not that hard to read.

I'm not Dad, you know.


Plus I peeked at those files when you were making popcorn.

That stuff is seriously cray-cray.

Oh, let's just keep all that between us, okay?

Do you really think you might find out if there's any life after death?

[ Laughs] Aah!

I don't know.

No. Actually, I don't.

But I suppose it's worth a sh*t.

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