01x04 - Vengeance is Mine

Episode transcripts for the TV mini-series "Texas Rising". Aired: May 2015 to June 2015.*
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"Texas Rising" is a 5-part mini-series based on the Texas Revolution against Mexico and how the Texas Rangers were created.
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01x04 - Vengeance is Mine

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Santa Anna: We will divide the army into multiple divisions to pursue and destroy what's left of the rebel army.

I have vital news. Go.


(Girl screams)

What happened, boy?



(Horses whinnying)


Santa Anna: This is not the work of a ghost This is the work of a man!

Come to relieve me, Tom?

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't.

I can't think of one.

No! (Shrieks)

You want to k*ll me?

Houston: Gentlemen, what do you remember?

All: Remember the Alamo!

I am waiting.


(Dramatic music)

♪ ♪

(Militaristic bugles calling)

♪ ♪

(Indistinct chattering)

Houston: Gentlemen, let's be clear.

I would choose death before betrayal.

But there is no deceit in death.

Betrayal is the willful slaughter of trust.

Sherman: Sir, we saw the field...

Your orders were not to engage.

Your insubordination could have cost us dearly.

As of this moment, you are now reassigned to second infantry.


Now, get out of my sight.

Cavalry now belongs to Lamar.

Any objections?

We've bloodied them, Sam.

Perhaps we could regroup for a counterattack.

General, they're on the defensive.

Houston: I require trust from my officers.

Houston: Towards the Sisters here.

Take out the main barricade and several points beyond.

Line of infantry 1,000 yards wide.

First Regiment here.

Baker's r*fles here.

Sherman's regiment on the flank.

Baker: Well, I vote we receive an att*ck.

Houston: It's not up for a vote, Mosley.

Besides, that's exactly what Santa Anna thinks we'll do.

Now, you might reconsider.

We ought not to leave the security of the woods.

Hockley: Where are the w*r dogs now?

Houston: Colonel Lamar, I want your cavalry on the right.

Colonel Seguin and his Tejanos will man the rearguard.

Seguin: No. Unacceptable.

Understand, Juan, the courage of you and your men is not in question here.

There is such a deep-rooted hatred towards Mexicans that I fear your men may have to duck more than Santanista b*ll*ts.

The k*lling may become indiscriminate.

The blood of our comrades has earned us a place alongside you, General.

My company insists on a frontline att*ck, come what may.

Houston: We'll need a way to distinguish your Tejanos from Mexican soldiers.

We'll wear... goose feathers as long as we can sink our teeth into Santa Anna's neck.

I may have something else.

Let's use these instead.

(Birds chirping)


Karnes: Goll dang.

General Cos.

Deaf. Deaf!

Mexican reinforcements.

Best tell Houston.

(Soldiers chattering indistinctly)

Smith: They must've been marching all night.

Karnes: They got to be tuckered.

Best get before they see us.





(Yelps) They see us.


Excuse me, Señor Presidente.

General Cos' troops are all present and accounted for.

But exhausted from a long march.

They've been up all night.

So have I.

Your Excellency, we should att*ck now.


Houston wants us to att*ck so he can cut us down from the cover of those trees.

So we'll wait until Filisola and Urrea arrive?

Yes, with overwhelming number, we can surround them.


Houston will have nowhere to run.

Feed the men in shifts and let them rest.

Yes, sir.

Houston's skirmish yesterday made no tactical sense.

I don't like it.

Smith: General, we take that bridge, you won't have to worry about Santa Anna's reinforcements no more.

You'll be all by your lonesome.

You know I can't afford to spare you even one extra man.

Forgive me, but destroying that bridge will cut off our retreat as well.

Baker: That's a good point.

Then we'd better not lose.

Position a cr*ck squadron of dragoons to protect Vince's Bridge at all costs.

It's our lifeline.

Almonte: Would it not be better to abandon this position until we can rejoin all our armies and then pursue Houston on the offensive?


We have him!

Here and now.

Let his men sweat it out while our soldiers rest.

Almonte: Yes, sir.

What can I do to comfort you, Antonio?

Knowles, get your slack ass up.

(Water splashes)

Morning, sweet pea.

Princess is up.

Lazy old bitty.

Come on, now.

Saddled up your horse for you.

Beans: Come on out. There she is.

Come on, sweet pea.

Aww, looking pretty.

Gator: Hey, girl.

Smith: All right. That's enough.

It's time.

Knowles, mount up.

I don't know what's ailing you, son, but whatever it is, you leave it here at camp.

Kick up!

(Martial bugle music)

Hockley: The general is not to be disturbed.

Come no further.

Baker: What's he doing? Sleeping?

Hockley: Step away. Step away.

Sherman: He's awake for 56 days straight; Now he sleeps?

Lamar: If he truly wanted to att*ck, it should've been at first light.

The weather has been fickle.

It's in our favor now.

(Horses galloping)

Who the hell is this?

Rusk: Lorca.

(Horse neighs distantly)

Where's General Houston?

Lamar: State your business.

Saith Jehovah, "Raise your sword "with abandon and outrage till the rivers run red with heathen blood."


If you've come to bear arms with us, then I'll assign you to Colonel Lamar's cavalry.

I'll be assigned no man.

Be clear on that.

But we'll k*ll Mexicans alongside you till every brown breathing bastard lies d*ad.

Fair enough.

When I'm ready to att*ck, I'll give you a sign.

Watch for it.

"Vengeance is mine," saith the Lord.

Sam, you can't trust that loco.

This day, I'd ally with the devil himself.

I think you just did.

(Horse nickers)


(Knowles humming)



Quietly: Mind the horses.

All right. All right. All right.

Knowles, damn it.

Listen ti me.

Ain't you supposed to be with the horses?

I know. Just listen.

I was wondering, if we blow up the bridge, how are we supposed to get back across it?

We don't.

(Water sloshing)

You hear that?

Something's in the marsh.

(Water sloshing)

Man: Halt! Hands in the air!

Stop right there, or I'll sh**t!


Identify yourself!

We said stop!

It's me!

It's me, Manuel Flores.

Cease f*re! He's one of us.

Manuel, what news?

Santa Anna's army is resting.

His forces are tired.

Emily West says it's time to att*ck.

More reinforcements are coming.

And Miss West herself?

She said, "Tell General Houston it was right to wait, but att*ck now."

Very well.


(Martial bugle music)

Gator whispers: Easy.

(Both grunt)

(Loud thud)

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

Houston: You were born to live as free men.

One man took that freedom from you.

One man sent your sons and brothers to unmarked graves, your women and children left homeless and afraid, burnt your farmlands, reduced your cherished homesteads to ashes... one man, a tyrant, Santa Anna.

Today... today we avenge our d*ad.

We honor our loved ones.

Today we are one.

We are all sons of Texas.

We give Texas our allegiance.

We give Texas our lives.

In the name of Texas, ready your w*apon and unsheathe your swords, and follow me to victory!

(All cheer)

They're retreating.

So it seems.

Portilla: The cowards.

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

(Distant shouting in Spanish)


(Steady drumbeat)

♪ ♪

Whispering: Good. Easy. Good.

Come on. Keep it coming. Keep it coming.


Go on. Go on. We'll string the fuse.

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

(Distant bugle music)

♪ ♪

That's the last one.

Go on. I'll f*re it up.

Let's see. Let's see. Let's see.

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

(West screams, glass shatters)

(West gasping)

Houston: Tell 'em to play that song, Come To The Bower.

Let me hear it.

(Man whistling jaunty melody)

♪ ♪

(Jaunty drumbeat joins in)

♪ ♪

(Others join in whistling melody)

♪ ♪

(All grunting)

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

(Fuse hissing)


(Speaking Spanish)

(Martial bugle music)

(Fuse hissing)

(Soldier speaking Spanish)


(Horse neighs)

(Soldier speaking Spanish)


(Martial bugle music)

(Soldiers speaking Spanish)


(Horse neighs)





(Soldiers shouting)






(Fuse hissing)


Houston: Trail arms forward.

Quietly, men.

Keep it quiet.

f*re cannon.

Hockley: f*re!

(Fuse hissing, cannons boom)

Remember the Alamo!

(Soldiers cheering)

Soldier: Remember the Alamo!

Follow me!


(Man shrieking)

(Cannon booms)

(expl*si*n, soldiers scream)

Remember the Alamo!


Remember Goliad!


(Distant g*n)

(Men shouting and screaming)

Soldier: Remember the Alamo!

(Metallic clanging)


West: Antonio!

I have waited to see the look of defeat in your eyes.

You k*lled my brother at the Alamo.


You k*lled Jupiter!

(g*n, West screams)

(Horse neighs)


Hold the line!



Hold ranks!


Almonte: Form a line here!

And f*re at will!

Follow me!

Soldier: Follow!

(Soldiers cheering)

No retreat! No retreat!

Stand and fight!

Go now! Go back!

Go back!

Go back!


(Horse neighs)


(Water splashing)

(Man screams, grunts)

(Water splashing)


(Coughs, gasping)

(Soldiers screaming)

No, no, no, no, no...


Soldier: Whoo-hoo!


Ride up, boys!

Spread out!


(Soldiers grunting, screaming)




That's it. I'm out of here.



Come on.


Come on, Kit.

(Kit groans)

Sit down right there, Kit. Get down.


Son of a b*tch!

Get, damn it!

Take this.

I'm coming back for you.

Hey! Hey, get off him.

Get off.

(Both grunting, smacking)

(Smacks, man groans)



Come on!


(Anderson whooping)

Mighty white of you, Flores.


(Both screaming)


Fight on, men! Follow me!

(Man grunts)


Soldier: Remember Goliad!


Remember the Alamo!

Arm the cannon!


That's Houston.

Turn the cannon, quickly!

Houston: Fight on, men!



(Fuse hisses, cannon booms)





Take my horse!

Rally your men.

Yah! Yah!



(Both grunting and smacking)

Soldier: Mexicans! Remember the Alamo!




(Man grunting and smacking)




(Both grunting)

(Karnes grunts, bones snap)


Captain Karnes.


I'm out of sh*t.

Stay put.

Surround him!

(g*n, swords clanging)

To hell with this.

Come on. Yah!

Almonte: That's their w*r secretary!

Surround him!

(Knowles shouting)

Rusk: That boy saved my life.

Damnedest thing I ever seen.


Soldier: Remember the Alamo!



Juan! You're one of us.

I am a Tejano!


I am a Tejano.

(Bugle sounding)

(All grunting and smacking)

I'll find Finisola!

You head west to Urrea!

(Man screaming)


(Houston grunts)

(Houston groaning)

(Both grunt, swords clang)

Lorca: If Jesus Christ himself came down from heaven today and ordered me to stop k*lling heathens, I would not do it!

I would not do it!

Rusk: Sam!


It's just a scratch.

The enemy's been routed.

We have to stop the k*lling.

Get the men under control.

Cease f*re! Cease f*re!

Cease f*re!

Cease f*re!

(Martial bugle music)

♪ ♪

Soldier: Boy, turn around!


We don't take any prisoners, soldier.

(Soldiers shouting, cheering distantly)

(Soldiers shouting, g*n)

(Thuds, coughs)

Soldier: Cease f*re!

Cease f*re!

Soldier: Cease f*re!

(Smith coughing)


Mind your f*re.

Cease f*re!

Cease f*re.

They're surrendering.

Cease f*re. Cease f*re.


(Speaking Spanish)

We surrender!

No surrender.

Stop this.

We surrender.

We surrender.

Remember Goliad? Remember Fannin?


Anderson, take these prisoners to...


Almonte: Your orders are to take prisoners.

The general's orders are to take prisoners.

Man: We'll take them just like the Mexicans did.

Who is it?

Give them room!

Coming through!

I thought we won.

Soldier: Those are prisoners, General.

Rusk: We did win, Sam.


Seguin: General Houston!

General, Texas is ours.

Sherman: An astounding victory, General.

Houston: What's your report?

Around 700 Mexicans k*lled.

At least that many prisoners.


What about our men?

Only 9 d*ad and 33 wounded, sir.

Rusk: 34... counting you.

And Deaf is unaccounted for.

Houston: Deaf?

Well, rally the Rangers.

Find him.

Yes, sir.

Houston: Has Santa Anna been captured?

We are hunting him, sir.

He must be taken alive. You hear me?

Without him, there's no victory.

We've won nothing.


Lamar: Keep searching, men!

Man: Down here!

Over here!

This way!

(Water rushing)



Mexicano. Mexicano!


Benito, you are one of the keepers of my champion birds.




My friends are all d*ad.

We lost.

We lost a lot of friends today.

Man: Put him down over there.

I thought you'd be hanging curtains and darning your fiancé's socks by now.

I'm not going anywhere yet.

Drink this.

Man: I need to clean this.

Get me some more water.

Do you love him?

Gavin's a goodhearted man.

He's decent.

Daddy loved him, promised me to him years ago.

Answer my damn question.


Man: Just get him some laudanum.


You don't want what I got to give, no way.

The next b*llet that comes my way might be my last.

Don't say such things.

You know, my whole life, people have been telling me what's good for me.

Man: Back over when you've got a minute.

You'd be a damn fool not to go with him.

No, you're the fool, Kit Acklin.

(Crunching, man screaming)
Houston: Where am I? Did they cut my leg off?

Doc Ewing: No, but your ankle was shattered. If sepsis sets in, you will die a slow, miserable death.

Any word from Emily?

Doc Ewing: No.

We got to get you to New Orleans.

If not, should you fall unconscious, I will have that leg off.

I'll take my chances in New Orleans.


(Distant g*n)


(Indistinct shouting)


(Distant shouting)

(Distant cannonfire)


Am I dying, padre?



Karnes: Deaf.


(Flames crackling)

(Distant banging)

(Loud banging)

Knowles: Oh-ho!

Well, chop my legs and call me Shorty.

Vern! Vern, ain't this swank?

Ain't this swank?

Close this thing.

Hey, take a look at this.

Take a look at this.

Breathes noisily: One second.

General Santa Annabella herself.

Ooh, well, hello there.

Hello. Hello, there.

The spoils of w*r, son.

We grab what we can hold, and we cut out of here tonight.

Yes, sir. Whoa, whoa, no.

I don't know.

Vern, Vern, hey, Vern.

You got to understand.

I'm a hero now.

I saved the w*r secretary's life.

I heard you tripped over a bunch of Mexicans.


(Thudding and grunting)



Holy sh*t.

(g*n cocks)

Colby Pitt: Surrender, Mexican, or I'll k*ll you deader than last Tuesday.

On your knees. On your knees.

Are you alone?


Hands up.

Hands up!

God damn. We can't get it all now.

Got to come back before we head out.

(Metallic clattering)


Well, goodness gracious.

What is this?

It's the mother lode... Santa Anna's treasure.

You snakes weren't gonna tell me about it?

Well, why should we?

We found it.

Lucky for me, so did I.

Karnes: That there must be El Presidente's tent.

Elwood: Cover this sh*t up. That's right.

All right.

Cover it up.

All right.

That's right.


Awful highfalutin.


Looks like this place done been looted.

We was just picking up a few souvenirs, man.

Spoils of w*r and such.

Well, you know that looting could get you court-martialed and sh*t.

(Laughs nervously)

What, you mean... even for a token or two for our loyalty to Texas?

Listen up.

All this belongs to the Texas government.

So if you don't mind, I'll take...

Captain, you all right?

Son of a b*tch.

Quietly: Damn.

Oh, lookee here.

Would you look at that?

Santa Anna must've buried that, right?

Must have.

All of it.

(Loud thud)

(Metallic clinking and thud)

Quietly: Damn.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Scattered cheering)

Man: Yeah!

(All cheering)

How about that?

Man: Vive, El Presidente!

Man: Yeah!

Doc Ewing: It's a tincture of opium, Sam, for the pain.

Quart of warm whiskey would work just as well.

General, you've got to see this.

He needs to rest.

I need fresh air.

Fetch my clothes.

Haul me up, Tom.

Hockley: By my count, we have over 20,000 pieces of silver and gold... all of Santa Anna's personal valuables, sir.

Seguin: General, we must give these to the people of Tejas.

Rusk: Gentlemen, there is no discussion on this matter.

Funds seized from the enemy belong to the newly liberated Republic.

Man: Another group going in.

Rusk: It all goes to Texas.

Karnes, that soldier there.

Bring him to me.

Karnes: Sir.

Flores, fetch Colonel Almonte.

Yes, sir.

Man: Move!

(Indistinct chatter)

Flores: Colonel Almonte...

Karnes: Come on.

So you're a private.

Si, señor.

Colonel Almonte, why do your men salute him?

Regretfully, I do not know all my soldiers, sir.

That's too bad.

Private Pitt, execute your prisoner.

Colby Pitt: Yes, sir.

Houston: No, private.

Put him up against a tree so his brains don't splatter.

I am Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Wait. He's Santa Anna?

And I am Sam Houston.

El Presidente, General, I cannot express how glad I am to meet you.

I ask to be treated as a general should be when made a prisoner of w*r.


We captured Santa Anna!

We must convene a tribunal and execute him.

Baker: Death by f*ring squad!

All: yeah!

(All talking at once)


(All shouting)

The conqueror of the Napoleon of the West can afford to be generous to the vanquished, no?

You should have remembered that, sir, at the Alamo.

At the Alamo, your defenders chose to die.

You offered them no alternative.




This is w*r, sir, and no one here is good or bad, just winners and losers.

I acted under the orders from my government.

You are yourself the government.

That's damn right.

Rusk: Texas formed a recognized government.

We are not pirates.

The rules of w*r applied.

General, why are we even talking to this m*rder?

He needs to swing.

f*ring squad, here and now!

All: Yeah!

All talking at once: Do it!


(Men shouting)

(Men shouting)

Houston: There'll be no f*ring squad.

Man: We want blood!

Houston: That cannot happen.

Alive, Santa Anna is of great value to us.

If we execute him, he'll just be another d*ad soldier.

Let us take our reparations.

Open his w*r chest.

Gold to every man in my command.

Equal shares for all those who risked their lives.

General Seguin, General Sherman, show the men.

Divvy it up.

Sherman: Yes, sir.

(All cheering)

General, we're taking him.

Retribution goes hand in hand with victory.

Present your prisoner.

I will not.

All right, fine by me.

We end it all now.

My only reason for living is to slay him.

Ride on out of here while you can.

Shut your mouth, boy.

sh**t me first.

You don't think I will?

Soldiers, ready arms!

Don't fool yourself.

Santa Anna will die!

It's just a matter of how many of us he takes with him.

You understand me?



(Horse neighs)


Come here, girl.

Come here.

You saved me today.

Oh, sweet girl.


(Horse whinnies)


Why'd you have to go do that for?

Why'd you do that?

I'm so sorry.

Crying: I'm so sorry.

Come on. Let's get you off that leg.

Let's get you off that leg, okay?

You do me a favor.

You do me a favor.

You wait for me. You hear?

You wait for me.

You'll be seeing me real soon.

(g*n cocks)



(g*n echoing)



(Indistinct chatter in Spanish)

(Distant galloping)

(Man screaming)

(All speaking Spanish)

Lorca: Get every one of them!

Every one of them!

Hey, come on!

(g*n, woman screams)

Come on!

(People shouting indistinctly)





No! He's just a child.

Nits make lice.

We're done k*lling women and children!

Then get out of here!

I aim to k*ll Mexicans, and I ain't done yet.


All right.

Just go, man. Go.


Come on, man.

Give me the boy.


(Thunder rumbles)

Houston: Any word from Deaf?

Flores: No, General.

And Miss West?

Nothing, sir.

Very well.

You wanted to keep me alive, no?

Once you are gone, these men will hang me.

Tell me something.

Your generals... will they retreat once they're informed you've been taken hostage?


Their orders are to engage.

Then I recommend you rescind those orders.

So you want Texas in exchange for my life, huh?

Sounds like a trade.

Rusk: Only President Burnett can negotiate a treaty.

Houston: Well, he can't very well negotiate if El Presidente here is d*ad.

Now, can he?

Woman: I'll need them vials.

(Indistinct chatter)

Kit, are you sure you're fit to ride?

Hey, now, don't fuss.

In case I need tending to, Doc Ewing's coming with the General.

I'll see you when I get back.

I certainly hope so... if you don't get yourself k*lled.

(Elwood whistling)

Doc Ewing: Sarah, you got my medical bag packed up yet?

I'll be seeing you.

Doc Ewing: Sarah!

Where you heading to, Vern?

w*r is over for me, Knowles.

I done my duty.

Had my fill of taking orders.

Might head on down to Victoria.


You want to know my guess?

You and Gator are going after that bank.

Gator's so full of bunkum, if he told me water was wet, I'd have to poke my finger in and feel for myself.

Kit didn't trust him.

You ought not to neither.

Well, I ain't robbing no bank.

I'm a hero now.

Got a reputation to uphold.

Well, if you want to ride your hero ass along with me, you're welcome.

Well... no, thank you, my friend.

I reckon I'll just stay put.

Good luck with that sh*t.

Tell them boys I say adios.

All right.

You lily-livered weasel.

How in the hell am I supposed to take this bank by myself?

Well, why don't you recruit Karnes and Anderson?

Houston: Tom, I want you to ride on ahead to Burnett.

Formalize our agreement with Santa Anna.

Buckley and Seguin will take charge of the army while I'm away.

Rusk: You get that leg healed up, Sam.

Texas needs you.


You just gonna leave me behind, is that it?

Well, I'll be damned.

I'd about given up on you.

I had to lay Charmaine to rest.

Karnes: Partner, damn.

You look like something the cat dragged in that the goat wouldn't eat.

Right here.


Let it out.

Let it on out.

Houston: Private Pitt.

The man that captured Santa Anna ought to make a damn good Ranger.

Your first assignment: Take Captain Smith home to his wife.

Yes, sir.

Sorry to hear about Charmaine.

Smith: Anybody fetch me a new mount yet?

Doc Ewing: Get a wagon and lay him down in back.

You're in no condition to go, Deaf.

What'd you say, Sam?

You need to look me in the eye.

I said you're not going.

And who's gonna look after your old crippled ass?

Karnes will take command of the Rangers.

Just gonna throw me away.

Is that it?

Go home, old friend.

The Republic of Texas is grateful for your service.

Go on.

Doc Ewing: All right.

Colby, get him in the medical tent.

Got to get Houston to New Orleans and Santa Anna to his peace talks.

You take care of yourself, Deaf.

Houston: Let's move out.

Smith: Sam.


I'll tell you when I'm done.



(Fly buzzing)

Doc Ewing: You just had one, Sam.

That's quite enough.


You think you are a man of destiny, but all I see is President Jackson's puppet.

All I see is a man in a chicken coop.

I am defending my people against pirates like you, stealing our land.

History will sweep you aside with a footnote.


Better a footnote than a whole book of abominations.


No difference with what you did in San Jacinto.

We are men on opposite sides, yet there is much we share.

A love of our countries, a love of... other things.

A remarkable woman, Miss West.

An extraordinary woman, especially in bed when she's screaming with pleasure.

I hear women are quite skilled at pretending that sort of thing.

"Oh, Antonio, yes, yes, more.

Give me more."

Give him another one, Doc.

He's wrestling with what defeat tastes like.

(Water splashing)

Colonel Portilla's got Emily West.

Wants to trade her for Santa Anna.

A whore for a chief of state.

Portilla is losing his mind.

Give this back to him.



(Speaking foreign language)

Yes, sir.



Get ready.

God is with us.


Beads and whiskey always worked for me before.

Whoa, whoa. Keep your head, mister.

Else you're liable to lose it along with your scalp.

Everything's set.

I need my volunteers.

Woman: Get out there, Phineas.

You be a man.

All right.

I can give you Clarence and the other Negroes.

Best if I stay back and watch over the children and womenfolk.

Bigfoot, let's meander.

Well, move it.

(Horse whinnies in the distance)

Must've hanged your president by now.

When I know that's true, I'll use you for my men's amusement.

And where will you go?

Texas... they'll hang you for Goliad.

In Mexico, they'll sh**t you for San Jacinto.



(Speaks Spanish)



(Fuse hissing)


(Horses neighing)

(Native Americans whooping)



Now! f*re!

(g*n, whooping, and horses neighing)

f*re. f*re!

(g*n and whooping)

f*re, boys. f*re!



Come here, boy. We did it!


We drove them off.

Everybody good over there?

All cheering: We done it!

(Distant cheering)

I'll be damned.

It worked!

Slicker than snot on a doorknob!

Woman: Blessed be the saints!

Saints, hell.

Thank Jack Hays.

Come in.


Come in!


Come on in.


(Flesh sizzling)


(Faint music)

♪ ♪

That music, is it for me?

You're famous, Sam.

Savior of Texas.

You've got to stay put.

You're gonna bust open your damn stitches.

People want to see me.

Help me.

Damn it.

(Houston grunting)

Put your leg over here.

(Houston grunting)

Consarn it, Sam, you can't put any weight on that leg.

That's why I'm leaning on you.

(Jubilant music and cheering, faintly)

♪ ♪

I got him.

(Jubilant music and cheering)

♪ ♪

Thank you.

(Crowd chanting "Houston!")

Thank you!

Give me your hat.

My hat? Why?

Thank you!

(Crowd cheering)


(Crowd cheering)


That was my best hat.

♪ ♪

Be careful.

Pauline Wykoff: I need fresh air.

The wound will reopen.

(Exhales loudly)


What will you do when you're strong again?

Go back to Tennessee?

I came out with my husband and kids to find a better life.

I got to stay.


(Men coughing)

Forbear, Don Antonio. Forbear.

Portilla will come to save us.

If I owned both hell and Texas, I would rent Texas and live in hell.

Girl: Mrs. Smith!

Mrs. Smith, we got your husband!

Captain Smith is here.

Please, give me a hand.

Smith: We did it, darling.

Texas is ours.

Are you all right?

Come here.

Hey, hey, that's him, ain't it?

Captain Smith?

Yes, sir.

Captain Deaf Smith, fresh from San Jacinto.

w*r is won, mostly.


We managed to miss it in search of a trinket.

Ain't a trinket.

Hell, if Texas does to us what it did to him and Samuel, we might ought to give California a sh*t.

(Faint choral music)

♪ ♪

(Baby crying)

(Doors clatter open)

(Congregation gasps)

(All murmuring)

Christ washed the feet of lepers.

Thank you for coming.

This is a special moment in the life of my grandson.

(Baby crying)

(Choir singing softly)

♪ ♪

(Doors creak)

(Doors close heavily)

(Baby crying)

Salute, Louis.

You remember me, mister?

Yes, ma'am.

Unfortunate what happened.

You sold us that place knowing the Comanches were running loose.

As I recall, your husband inquired only of the Mexican turmoil.

The subject of Indians never come up.



What the hell are you doing out here?

I told you to get back in there and finish that g*dd*mn...

(Shouting indistinctly)

(Doors creak open)


(Door creaks open)

(Door creaks and shuts heavily)

Anderson: Colby.


Round up men for a posse.

We got a rescue mission.

Where is Deaf?

Over there.

Show the way.

Man: Can't go with you. I'm sorry.

Got my belly full of k*lling.

I'll shoe your horses and fix your tack free of charge anytime you want.

Woman: Erastus is done rangering.

Let him know peace in his final days.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

We're just here to look after his well-being and to pay our respects.

You think I don't see?

There is trouble somewhere.

You want men.

There's been a kidnapping.

Yeah, the lady who helped us b*at Santa Anna.

You found Emily West?

You get back in that bed.

I've got to take a country leak, woman, unless you want to mop up this floor.


Deaf. This is...

Captain Smith, name's Jack Hays.

This here is Bigfoot Wallace.

It's a real honor to meet you, sir. I...

Are you the Tennessee turned up and saved this town from the Comanches?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

That was nice work.

Thank you.

Hey, come on.

Deaf, we're... we're not here to give you any trouble.

We... we don't want to cause a commotion.

We just don't want to...

Though we could use your advice.



Don't marry a woman that can whoop you.

She'll make you piss yourself.

Portilla's got her. Don't he?

That's right.

I think I remember seeing him ride off.

I figured she was d*ad.

Didn't tell nobody.


I'm gonna need a new mount.

Anderson: Done.

Woman: Excuse me.

Deaf, no.

If you go out that door, we know you ain't coming back.

Lupe, darling, I am coughing blood and farting dust.

Now, I reckon I can die in that bed watching all your caterwauling, or I can die as I've tried my damnedest to live all my days: Like a man.

You done real good keeping me around this long.

Can you do one more thing?

You mind fetching me my clothes?

Those look real good.

Mind your chores, and you be a comfort to your ma, you hear?

Now, when you get older, well, I'm gonna expect you to account for yourself.

Texas is gonna need a young lady like yourself.

All right?

I'm mighty proud of you.

There ain't words for how much I love you.

Anderson: Make way!

(Knock at door)

Man: Sam.

Your enemies are conspiring against you as we speak.

Burnet: He and Houston want to annex our Texas.

If you would accept this...

It must be used for good.

Your land is now forfiet as well as the collateral...

You can't have Nate.

What about this one?

Shoo, shoo, in the kitchen.

Santa Anna's whore doesn't eat with decent folk.

I very much like your house.

It would suit me.

They may have cleaned you up.

I know you.

What do we got to do to join up with a ranger company?




And I suggest you finish up your little party here and come with us and get back home and fix Texas before it's too late.
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