01x02 - Episode 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Principal". Aired: October 7, 2015 to October 2015.*
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When a history teacher is promoted to Principal of a notoriously violent Boys' school in Sydney's south-west, his radical approach brings him into conflict and leaves his personal life dangerously exposed. But just when he seems to be making progress, a 17-year-old student is found d*ad on school grounds.
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01x02 - Episode 2

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Bashir: This place is a w*r zone.

Student numbers are at an all-time low...

You're animals!

.. and the department has been g*n to close this place down.

Who the f*ck are you?

Your new principal.

This is our last chance to turn this place around.

Hey, no offence, but the last sucker they sent ended up in a funny farm.

If you don't get a reality check, you might be joining him.

You thought about what you want to do when you leave school?

Join a g*ng.

Tarek, he is lost to me.

No, he isn't.

(DISTORTED VOICE) You know what you are, Bashir? You're scum. I know what you're up to.

Woman: We have information that Karim Ahmad's been selling dr*gs here at school.

Those dogs should get their facts straight.

You're a f*ck' d*ad man, Ahmad. And so's your f*ck' brother!

Sisi, come here. I wanna talk to you.

f*ck you!





I thought you said the deputy was turning off the bell!

We need to keep the Middle Eastern kids away from the Islanders.


Head them off at the stairwell at the base of the canteen.

I'll cover the one at C Block.

Tell them to go to their rollcall rooms.

And... and find Tarek. Find Tarek.


(GROANS) I couldn't get there in time. I tried and I fell.

Are you right? Can you walk?

Yeah. Ooh.

I'll meet you over at Admin.

Hey, stop. Stop. You boys need to go back to your classrooms now.

Back. Come on. Go, go, go, go. Sisi, let's get them back.

Rollcall rooms. Back to your rollcall rooms.


Man, you can't go out there.

Show him the photo.




Karim! Karim! Karim!



I need your attention, please.

One of our students... has been found d*ad on school grounds.

Classes have been cancelled for today while the police conduct their investigation.

If you have any property in lockers or elsewhere on the school grounds, you will not be able to retrieve it until tomorrow.

If you have a phone, please call your parents.

Let them know what's going on.

Let them know that you're safe.

Thank you.

Is that off?

Rina just went to throw up.

Matt, you'd better get out there.

Boxdale Boys, a struggling school in a suburb with extreme v*olence, is one step closer to closure today after a body was discovered on school grounds.

Man: Here he comes.

Woman: He's coming.

Apparently there was a body found, sir.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Can we just get a comment?

I'm going to have to ask you all to leave. Thank you.

You can't get them to leave, but you can lock them out.

But you have to let me in first.

Yeah, look, thanks, but...

Detective Bilic. Homicide.

Mr Bashir, is it true the deceased is a student? Is this g*ng-related?

Sorry, I can't help you right now. Thank you.

What was the cause of death?

Were they, uh, were they locked last night?

I lock them when I leave.

And how do you think he got in?


The kid. Any idea what happened?


The victim's car's been secured and we've got his father and his brother in the guidance counsellor's office.

Detective Bilic, Homicide.

Constable Norton, Youth Liaison Officer.

Any w*apon yet?

They can't stay here.

Well, I could get a constable to drive them home out the side exit.

Mr Bashir!

I've got to let the parents in.

Hey, this is a crime scene!

What's he doing?

Right, I need you to drive the father and brother home.

But first, you make sure that the guy whose car got torched doesn't go anywhere.

Everyone, just calm down, please.

Just parents, thank you. Just parents.

Mr Bashir's coming in in a moment, if you'd just take a seat.

A Year 12 student, Karim Ahmad, was found d*ad this morning on school grounds.

We don't know how or why this happened.

The police are doing their job, and I will continue to do mine.

You can take them home today, but we must have the kids back at school tomorrow.

There will be counselling available for those who need it, and I promise you that we will be there for them, just as you're here for them now.

We're all affected by this tragic event, and we're all connected by it.

All: (SHOUT) Mr Bashir! Mr Bashir!

When was the last time that you saw Karim?


I understand!

I don't understand why you ask us these questions instead of going to find who did this to my son.

Well, we need to know what your son's whereabouts were in order to work out who that person is.

Did you see him this morning?

No. I'm on night shift.

And what about you?


Um, I seen him before I went to bed last night.

What time was that?

It was about 10:30.


And did you notice anything unusual about his behaviour at all?

Uh, no.

Did he mention he was going out?

So when he wasn't here this morning, when his car wasn't here, where did you think he was?

He'd drive you to school, wouldn't he?

Well, yeah, like, sometimes. Like, if he was here.

I... I don't... I don't understand.

We're going to need to search his room.


Nice watch.

Did, uh, Karim have a part-time job?

This Francis Parata -- Sisi.

He an enemy of your brother's?




What, just his... just his smart phone?

OK, well get me a data dump ASAP.

Thank you.

Just drop me off at the lights.

I can walk back to the station.

You know this Parata kid?


Any relation to the Parata k*lled in the drive-by last year?

That's his brother. His cousin's Pig.

The car rebirther?

He'd say removalist.

And what would you say?



I'm seconding you to the strike force. You're coming with me.

Oh, great.

Here they come. Keep together, OK?

Miss, I didn't do nothing.

You don't talk to her.

I'm asking the questions.

Don't talk to him. He can't make you.

I heard you turned up at the school, threatening the victim.

He b*rned my f*cking car, man.

So you've ticked the box next to motive. That's good.

What about the box next to alibi?

Or has your fat cousin done that for you?

Sisi was at my house last night. He fell asleep on the couch.

Yeah, watching telly?

Yeah. Ace Ventura 2.

Mmm. A DVD?

Yeah, a DVD.


I've got the original too.

I f*ck' love Jim Carrey.

Where's that one?

I, um, I lent it to the canteen.

One of my students, his mum works down there.

Um... Sami's mum.



When did you give it to her?

Oh, it wasn't me.

So you didn't give it to her?

Well, no. I sent a student down with it.

Which one?

I, um... I-I can't remember.

See, yesterday was crazy.

The Year 9s were running late and I only had three ovens working, so when the bell went, my muffins were still cooking and...

Um... I know she got it because she thanked me for it when I went down to pick up my lunch.

Aren't you meant to make sure they're all there before you go?

Well, I thought she still had it. I didn't...


Apparently the victim was a kid you interviewed regarding an incident at the local butcher.

Something about a smashed window and a cow's head.


Any idea why you kept that information from me?

Well, his dad didn't know about the allegations, so I thought under the circumstances...

Look, I know your stock-in-trade is stolen shopping trolleys, but this is a m*rder investigation.

And it's not that far of a stretch to understand that everything -- everything -- is relevant.

Is there any other information you've been babysitting?

There's a Kn*fe missing.

It might still be in possession of one of the tuckshop ladies.

Well, get her in here.


You-you shouldn't let him speak to you like that.

Well, you shouldn't let kids carry knives out of the classroom.

I give the Kn*fe back.

Well, it's not there.

Did you give it to a student?


Which one?

The black one.

An African student?

Now, you had words with Karim at lunch yesterday.

What was that about?

He is not a good boy.

My son is a good boy.

He tells the principal about Ahmad sells the dr*gs.

But he does nothing.

Are there any of the canteen?

I just started.

We only use these things in the case of a problem.

Any near the canteen?

Uh, yes, but it's broken, same as the one at the back of C Block and the one by the side gate.

Well, which ones do work?

There's the two in the playground, the two in the hallways and the one on the front gate.

Bet you're glad now they didn't let you get rid of them.

Whoa, whoa. Just take that back a second.

It's a bit late to be working in the canteen, isn't it?

She's a teacher, actually. Hafa Habeb.

Just a relief, actually.

Well, she helps out with the kids who stay back and do their homework in the library after school.

Yeah, well, quite a few of us stay late.


Just stop it there.

So you're the last one to leave.


I do a general check before I go.


Can you fast forward that for me, please.

It's Kenny Mavondo.

Norton, come with me.

Listen, what do you know about Kenny Mavondo?

Um... he's a good kid.

Don't you need a warrant to search a student's property?

By that I mean he hasn't been in trouble before, so...

Um, it's number 50.


Kid was k*lled with a box cutter. Kn*fe's not a match.

Can you pass that on to Bilic?

Hey, his guardian had to go back to work.

I was going to drop him home but he said he left his key here.

Kenny, there's some biscuits over there.

You'd be doing me a really big favour if you went and ate some.


There's a cut on his arm. We bandaged it up.

So they've cleared him?

No, he's still a suspect.

They can't question him any further until they have something more solid, like his prints on the ice.

His story is that Karim was using his locker to store the dr*gs.

(SIGHS) And what about the Kn*fe?

It's not the m*rder w*apon. He said he needed it for protection.

From who?

He wouldn't say.

All we're sure of is that he was using it to get into the library at night.

What for?

He's been sleeping there.

The woman he lives with is his third cousin.

She's feeding six kids on one income.


Kenny, mate, you can't sleep in the library anymore.

But if you get here early in the morning, I'll have breakfast waiting for you.

You have news?

No. But I brought you some dinner.

You said you'd keep them safe!

I'm sorry.

How does this happen? (WEEPS)

I don't know.

He is a good boy, my Karim.

Tarek, can you get some plates?

Who do this?

(SIGHS) I don't know, but I know that you need to eat.

You will help me?

They say that I cannot have my son.

I try to talk to police, but they do not understand, for us, the funeral must happen soon after death.

I'll have a word to the detective for you.


I try to get out of Syria, have a better life.


Thank you.


Woman: (ON TV) The woman of your dreams is only a phone call away.

Call 1300 SEX.

Call now for a good night in.



I hope that's alright.

Hey, we'll get a proper room set up for you tomorrow.

Any teachers give you a hard time, you tell them to see me, OK?

Oh, Matt. Inspector Bilic wants to see you.

What are you doing?


We closed the school yesterday so you could search.

The crime scene has been cleaned.

Any reason you didn't tell me that Karim was dealing dr*gs?


Well, apparently there was an allegation made against him by one of your teachers.

We searched his locker. There was nothing found.

Still worth mentioning, I would have thought.

Look, as long as you're still here, the school's on TV and parents keep kids away.

Can't say I blame them.

And without kids, the school closes.

And if the school closes then they've got to get on a train or a bus to go to another school, and spend money that their parents don't have.

And they're spending less time with their families.

And when kids spend less time with their families, then there's no-one telling them that they can be better than people like you think they are.

I don't suppose you confiscated Karim's phone?


Not his smart phone, his burner.

Maybe there isn't another phone.

Well, the k*ller might have gotten rid of it because their number's on it.

Now, in order to find the k*ller's number, we need Karim's number.

And since no-one is able to tell us what that number is... we're looking for the handset.

I want to find out who did this as much as you do, but I also want the kids coming back to school.

Now, next time, if you need something, maybe send Miss Norton down.

The boys trust her. That'd work well for both of us.

Now can you tell me when the body's going to be cleared?

They're a Muslim family. They need to bury him as soon as possible.

You don't ask for much, do you?


I wasn't sure if this was still happening today.

I've invited Hafa along this morning because we need all the help that we can get.

There's going to be some big changes around here.







Yeah, yeah.



If Ahmad was dealing in this area, here from Ferndel to Carlingford, he was either working for him or him.

But seeing as his cousin was his mortal enemy, of course, it was most likely this shitbag and not that one.

No way.

Reporter: (ON TV) A suburb shocked, not just by the horrific death of a teenage boy, but the school's response where it is alleged the boy was brutally m*rder.

The new principal of Boxdale Boys says he'd determined to focus on the school's future, not its past.

This is not a jail.

This is a place where boys learn to become men.

Men who respect themselves, and who respect others.

This is how we create community.

You have to tell them to trust me.

A kid was m*rder, Matt.

And the razor wire and bars didn't stop that.

If we don't want this happening again we have to change the way that we think.

We have to build something that they're proud of.

Mate, you know I know where you're coming from, but we're dealing with the department here.

They only read the headlines, not the fine print.

Well, then, you read it to them.

Hey, what's up, man?

How's it going, brother?

How's it going? Hey, when you coming back to school, bro?

Alright, listen, cops let Sisi go, man.

That's bullshit. We gotta do something.

Shut up, Salim.

I said we'll wait for Tarek.



Morning, boys.

You the boss man here?

I'm the principal, Matt Bashir. Can I help you?

Anything happens to him, it's on you.

Alright, I'll text you, OK?

What the f*ck are you looking at, bro?

Mr Parata. I could hear you coming a mile away.

Nothing like a good entrance, huh?

Thought about doing drama next year?

Sir, drama's for f*g, man.

What, like Sylvester Stallone?



You're not going to pick him up on that language?

I'd rather he picked a good elective.

Good to see you out here.

Don't get used to it.

I just thought I'd pop out and see if you'd changed anything else before seeing it on the news tonight.

Ah, Ms Habeb's running late this morning.

She meets the boys down at the station.

This is probably the last lot coming in now.

Hurry up, boys.

Farid, if you eat at Breakfast Club, you save on money and late detention.

Can't get a better deal than that, hmm?

You have manoush?

We'll see, if you turn up.



I'll head down to the oval.

Chase the smokers out of the bushes.


Did you know he was coming back?


Good to see you. You coming to boxing today?


He'll be there, sir.

Good man.

I thought, under the circumstances, boxing would be something you might reconsider.

I did.

We're expanding it.


I'm on hold.

Oh, sorry. Um, I have to go down to the school.

I've got a previous commitment.

Your commitment is to this investigation.

Well, I'll be working with some of the key suspects.

I thought that might be useful.

Well, while you're there, why don't you get all the security footage?

We've only been through the night of the m*rder and I want everything they have.


Yeah, OK.

Why aren't you in uniform?

The principal says it intimidates the boys.

Yeah. That's what it's for.

Well, I want them to trust me.


No wonder he asked for you.

He asked for me?


I'll continue to hold.



I'm going to class, sir.

Not today.

Sit down.

Did you really make it, sir?

Arms up.

Sit down.

Think I got a Kn*fe up my arse, sir?

Take a seat, Terry.

Can I see you for a sec?

He's in trouble now, sir!

Boys: Ooh!

I just need you down the gym.

What about my class?

I can fill in.

I thought you could help out Constable Norton with the boxing.

I see in your file that you used to be in the army.

You taught science too.

Anything's better than that lot.

You're welcome to them.

Hey, hey, it looks like sir got expelled!

OK, I'm going to take your class today.

So... history.

Lot of conflict in history, huh?

I guess you don't need your books to tell you that.

You've already seen conflicts right here in this school.

Plenty of it, and not just this week, either.

Conflict has been here for a long time.

Ever since I was a student here.

We have conflict in our own histories.

My dad, for example, he came to this country from Lebanon, to escape the civil w*r.

He saw his mates k*lled right in front of him.

You know what that taught him?

That taught him to hate.

Why the f*ck is he staring at us?

Here you go, boys.

Bilal, I need help marking the roll.

There's a clipboard and a pen over there.

Tarek, if you don't want to today...

What the hell is this? Some sort of day camp for girls?

Put the ropes down and get some gloves on.

The skipping builds their stamina.

What, so they've got the energy to k*ll each other after?

Come on! Gloves.

Sef, what are you doing? Put some gloves on.

Right, if you don't know what you're doing, just work on the jab.

It's pretty simple. Throw it straight, let the arm turn, yeah?

I'm from Sudan.

My father was arrested even though he didn't do anything wrong.

He got told to go to w*r, so he decided he would run away.

That's good. That's it. Good.

Hey, hey, whoa, whoa.

Defences up, yeah?

Feel that? You feel that? Hey? You like it?

My dad's Lebanese. My mum's from Syria.

They were born here but my teita, who lives with us, she was, um... she came out because there was fighting in her village.

And, you know, her family d*ed.

She didn't like my mum at the start, but you know, she ended up liking her because of all the sweets.

And now she's fat. So what can you do?

Sorry, he's, um, he's not answering his phone.

As per usual.

I think that's what he wants fixed.



What class are you meant to be in?

Food tech.

Off you go.

But sir said...

Ah, no excuses, mister. Go.

(MUTTERS) f*ck.


We're going to try something different today.

Mr Bashir thought that instead of continuing with our sauce module, that we each cook something that our grandmothers make...

Sir, what if you don't have a grandmother?

Well, it can just be something that your mum cooks. Or your dad.

My father doesn't cook. He's not a f*g.


The idea is that this is a family recipe.

No cooking today.

We're just going to make a plan.

So I want to know what the name of the dish is, who you're going to get to help you make the dish, and also what the main ingredients of it are.

Sir, I'm not allowed in the kitchen at home.

Well, just tell your mum Mr Karidis said it's for school.

Now, since I don't have to spend all night ticking tiny boxes to make sure you know how to cut carrots properly, I can actually go to the supermarket for a change.

That was a joke.

Really? Nothing to say, gentlemen?

Bilal, what's happened to you?

Miss Norton made us do boxing, sir.


Tarek, what's your family recipe?

He doesn't have a family anymore, sir. He took it away.

I didn't f*cking touch his brother, bro.

Do it!

No! Hey, hey! Come on!


Hey! Break it up! Break it up!

Oi, Tarek! Get back. Back.

Are you OK?

Yeah. Yeah. Thanks. Ah, I can take it from here.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm good.

Tarek, let's go for a walk.


That's why Sisi was in the library.

And how was I supposed to know that? Mental telepathy?

George OK?

Yeah, he'll be fine. Just a blood nose.

Fine? I wouldn't blame him if he laid charges.

He's not going to.

Thanks for your help.

No problem.

If there's anything else...?

I'll be in touch.

Hey, Val, I need the CCTV footage for the past two weeks.

For work or pleasure?


Now I think we need to think about getting you into another food tech class, hey?

Just for a little while.

There's only one.

Well, then maybe...

I don't want to go with the Year 9s!

They're not gonna get to go to Bon Gustos.

He should go with the Year 9s. He should go to f*cking jail.

We're gonna sort this out. For now, I'm gonna call your dad come get you.


Does he know that you're here?

He'll be worried about you.

No, he doesn't. He hates me.

Tarek, that's not true.

Yes, it is.

'Cause I'm not Karim.


This is my phone number, OK? I don't give this to students.

But I'm trusting you with it.

Anytime you want to talk, I'm here.


CCTV from the school.

Where is everyone?

Sweet hairy Jesus.

Oh, they're doing background checks on anyone Ahmad came into contact with in the past 24 hours.

That'd be half the school.

Yeah, well, we're starting with the adults.

I've found out something very interesting about your principal.

It seems a few years ago, a female student made a complaint against him.

Lakehurst Girls.

What was the complaint?

Inappropriate contact.

The charges were dropped, but, uh, where there's smoke...

How's that cut on your arm? Hmm?

You know we've got stuff in the sick bay.

Fresh bandages or whatever.

If you need them, they're there. OK?

And if you ever want to talk about cereal, or homework, whatever, I'm here, OK?



Hurry, boys. To the late room.

Oh sir, this is bullshit. We're, like, a second late.

Nice shoes, Terry. Looking good.

Sami, you're walking today. Where's your mother?

At my house. With the cops.

.. to come and just, you know, tell us what our rights are...

Ursula called a staff meeting because of what happened to George.

He's a union rep.

You're staff. You should go.

I'll do the oval today, but it's your turn tomorrow.

My hijab starts to smell like cigarettes.

Sir! I need to talk to you.

Sure, Sami. What's up?

Not here. In your office.

That's his number.

It's Karim's. The one for the dr*gs.

You realise I'm going to have to show this to the police.

Well, you tell them to leave my mum alone.

You little snitch. You're gonna pay.


Your brother was a dog.

Now everyone will know!


Hey, get off him! Hey, get off him.

He bashed Iraj to get Karim's number.

You find Iraj and see if he's alright.

Don't give it to 'em, sir, please. Don't give it to 'em.

Well, it's too late.

I'm going to drive him home.

There's no point dragging his dad out here again.

Why are they talking to Alma?

I can meet you after, if you like.

Don't tell him, Miss.

Tarek, you could have really hurt Sami.


That Karim was selling dr*gs.



They were just reinterviewing key suspects.

I think now Bilic has got the burner phone records, he'll leave Alma alone.

Why would they think that it was her?

Religious differences.

The Ahmads are Shiites. She and Sami are Sunni.

Alma and Karim got into an argument the day before he was m*rder.

(SNORTS) Over a packet of chips.

Yeah, well, Bilic is a big fan of the small detail.

(CLEARS THROAT) Oh, this is nice.

Didn't know you lived over this side of town.

I don't.

You scared of being seen with me by your mates at the station?

(CHUCKLES) Well, I don't think any of the blokes I work with have ever been to a place without a big screen TV.

(CLEARS THROAT) Um, so where do you live, then?

Bankstown. With my parents.


My mum needs help looking after my dad.

They like what you do?

Not really.

Well, I do.

You used to teach at a school near here, didn't you?

Lakehurst Girls.

It came up at work.

They were just doing routine background checks on everyone.

What do you want to know?

Sorry, it's... it's none of my business.

One of my students was having a hard time at home... and she looked to me as somebody safe and reliable.

One day she stayed back from class and started crying.

She wanted me to hold her, but I couldn't.

I just stood there.

I wanted to give her a hug but I knew that it would be taken the wrong way, so when I did nothing... she felt like I'd betrayed her.

She wanted -- I don't know -- to punish me.

So she told the principal that I touched her.

But the charges were dropped.

She apologised.

Her parents sent her to boarding school, which probably just made things worse.

Obviously she's... a high-risk kind of kid, so if you wouldn't mind, don't say anything.

That's one thing I didn't expect when I started as a cop.

Every day you're in these situations with these people where they're... they're really vulnerable.

And their emotions kind of get all over you.

What did you expect it'd be like?

I don't know.

Jumping out of a plane with a g*n and a parachute.

Going undercover as a surfer to bust a g*ng of bank robbers. (CHUCKLES)

Anyway, I've got to get going.

Oh, it's my shout.

You can get the next one.



Well, I'm that way, so... see you.


Miss! You know it wasn't me, Miss!

Sisi's girlfriend thinks that he did it.

I'm wondering if you could tell me if your son Chris knew a Matt Bashir?

Don't f*ck' touch me.

Maybe there's more than one person he's afraid of.

A kid that was bullying him, a teacher?

Matt: You so much as give a f*cking Panadol to a Boxdale kid after today, I'll make it my business that you don't have one.

You got a f*ck' death wish or something?
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