01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Principal". Aired: October 7, 2015 to October 2015.*
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When a history teacher is promoted to Principal of a notoriously violent Boys' school in Sydney's south-west, his radical approach brings him into conflict and leaves his personal life dangerously exposed. But just when he seems to be making progress, a 17-year-old student is found d*ad on school grounds.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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This place is a w*r zone.

What the f*ck are you?

Your new principal.

If they can't fix a doorknob that's been busted for 18 months, how are they gonna fix this place?

Give me two weeks.

Have you seen Mum's necklace?

Sisi's girlfriend, I seen her wearing it.

Are you sure?

He stole it.

And then gave it to her.

You're a f*cking d*ad man.

Sisi, come here. I wanna talk to you.

f*ck you.


You said you'd keep them safe!

I'm sorry.

Sisi was at my house last night. Fell asleep on the couch.

Listen, what do you know about Kenny Mavondo?

Woman: It's not the m*rder w*apon.

He said he needed it for protection.

Why aren't you in uniform?

The principal says it intimidates the boys.

No wonder he asked for you.

He asked for me?

A few years ago, a female student made a complaint against him.

Inappropriate contact.


This is the night of the m*rder?

No, he didn't go in that night. He just called.

This is two days before.

Is that the husband or the wife?

6:20 on the fourth.

That was a Monday.

Well, the husband would have been at his other job We just spoke to him at 7:00 and he was home from work.

If they were having an affair. That's pretty risky.

Isn't that the whole point?

Wouldn't you go somewhere else?

Where's he gonna go?

It's not exactly like he can go to his place.

You'd be able to relate to that.

No, the husband, he could have found out.

Not on that night. They're both out at 6:31.

Pull their bank records. I don't care if he's got an alibi.

He might have paid for somebody else to k*ll him.

Oh, and I'll need your school files.

Just leave them on my desk.


I've got a duty of care to those students.

What does that mean? Protecting them from a m*rder charge?

Not everything in those files relates to your investigation.

Anyway, you don't want to waste your time reading about a kid who's tagged a train carriage or nicked some chips from the canteen.

I'll go through them and put anything relevant on your desk.

Sure. As you've got nothing better to do tonight.


Hi, Mum.

No. No. I'm not gonna be home for dinner. I've got to work late.

I don't... Just... I've got to go. Bye.

Let's do it.

The cops aren't going to do anything, bro. We have to.

Come on. We can't let them get away with it.

Shh. Shh. Wait.

Your brother's d*ad. He's f*cking d*ad.

And you're just walking around like nothing's happening.

I said wait.

Hey, Sisi.

Come anywhere near the funeral and we'll f*cking k*ll you.

Hey, Farid. Where are you going?

This is sh*t, sir. You said there'd be manoush.

I said we would see, if you turned up.

And I did. I could have still been sleeping.

How about a jaffle maker?

I can get one of those tomorrow.

O... only if there's baked beans.

And white bread, too. None of that bullshit with the bits.

You tell your mates spending their money on manoush every day, 8:55 every morning, breakfast club.

Today, you've got to put up with cereal.

Got any sugar?


(YAWNS) f*ck.

I wish I was in a g*ng. I could do with some sleep.

Did you go out last night or something?

My, uh... my wife is eight months pregnant.



Here we go.

The big guy's Dakan Malik. He went to Boxdale a couple of years back.

He dropped out after Year 10.

I dunno who the other guy is.

Yousef Boulos.

He's the one Middle Eastern reckon k*lled Sisi's brother but they couldn't make it stick.


We can't even question them.

I mean, the numbers Karim called were for burners that were chucked out weeks ago.

Call MEOCS, speak to Frank Ferguson and give him their names and any others you think might be in there and see if there's any overlap with their persons of interest.

It's Kalid Jamal.

Aham Hussan... and Abdul Elomar.




Oh, sh*t. sh*t. f*cking goose chase.

Tell him while he's at it to look up the names of everyone in there.

He hung up.

Oh, for f*ck's sake.


Hey. Thanks.

That's alright. Looks like you don't need the extra help after all.

Maybe Sisi's smarter than we thought.


Sir, why are the cops taking photos?

It's because you look so good in your school uniform.

Ladies, you agree?

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.




Hey, listen, thanks for doing this, especially as you can't even...

It's OK. It's my day off, not yours.


The guy with the tatts back at the mosque, he's with the g*ng that Karim was involved with?

Yeah. We're pretty sure.


Mmm. dr*gs, g*n, extortion, sexual as*ault. You name it.

They do what they like 'cause no-one ever presses charges.

Mohammad can take some of the boys.

But if you're...

How is he?

I can't even imagine.


Is your dad still alive?


You must never see him with all the hours that you work.

I hope you've got some good air freshener 'cause you're about to be h*t with the body odour of four teenage boys.


Thanks. I was going mad with all that free time.

What's going on?

Ursula put Rina off all paperwork and put her back to part-time.

We needed the funds to pay for new laptops. You weren't here.

May as well chuck that money out the window, that's what the kids are gonna do with those laptops.

Teachers need to be able to teach.

Miss, your car's too small.

Yeah, well, I don't plan on driving you around every day.

My uncle has a dealership in Burwood.

I could, uh, get you a good deal.

Thanks. But I like this one.

You need something with more doors, for your family.

Farid, stop pushing me, bro.

Why does Farid get to sit in the front?

I'm the best looking.

No, it's 'cause you're fat.


Hey, settle down. Settle down!

You know, Tarek's lucky to have mates like you guys.

What classes are you missing?

Double maths.

I could drive you back if you want.



What, bro?


Thanks, miss.

See ya.

sh*t. sh*t. sh*t.

Where did you get the necklace?

I found it.

Why do you keep perfume in here?

I don't like handbags.


I like this one.

You can have some.

I saw you at the funeral today.

Did you steal the necklace?


Where did you get it, then?


He gave it to you?

Does Sisi know?

He gave it to her for their two-month anniversary.

Man: (ON PHONE) What's the girl's surname?

It's Dragovic. I said you'd need to interview her.

I told her that you'd be careful.

Maria, get hold of the parents of Lucinda Dragovic?

We need to talk to their daughter.

Yeah, can you just... Can you be careful?

It's just if Sisi doesn't know, he's gonna ask why...



Man: Mate, it's too late. The order's gone through.

Listen, the good news is I've got one of those breakfast TV shows interested in doing a story on the kids receiving the laptops.

You know, sort of a feelgood thing.

No. Forget about it. Cancel it.

I'm trying to do you a favour here, Matt.

I mean, you could use some good PR.

I'll tell you what I can use -- what I already had.

A staff member to take care of the sh*t that gets in the way of teachers actually teaching.

OK, well, think about it like this -- the laptops will give them extra time.

Well, what do the kids get out of it?

Matt, I am not the enemy here.

Hi, Val. Is Sisi in today?

Yes. He's in maths with Mr Paglan.

Do you want the room number?

No. Thanks.

I might just... I've got some other stuff I need to do.


Hey, Matt.

Hey. I just need to talk to you about something.

Yeah, sure. What is it?

Well, here's not really the best place.

Well, here's where I've got to be.

Miss, your hair looks nice.


I thought maybe we could meet up after school.

We could go over your side of town if you want.

Best you make an appointment with Val.


Hey. Hey.

Do you want a doughnut?

Are you having a go?

What? No. No. No.

We were making loukoumades in class. I was just wondering if...

'Cause I'm a cop and I sit on my fat arse all day eating doughnuts.

I never said anything about you...

You mean calling me fat?

They're golden syrup.

f*ck off with your doughnuts.

Hey. Hey. You can't go in there.

Give me a break! It's my day off. I just want a Cherry Ripe.

Hopefully this is enough.

If they think that they're talking to the cops, it's gonna make things worse.

Why do you think the chocolates are so expensive?

Would you be prepared to make a statement?


Sir, do you have our recipe plans? I forgot to put one thing in...

Yeah, I'll be getting to that in just a minute.


OK. Yep.

Just keep the noise down back there, Kenny.

Sef can't concentrate up here.

Piss off, sir.

OK. Um... Tarek.

He's not here today, sir.

I think he's sick.

Sick of being in the same class as a m*rder.

Bilal! Do I have to call Miss Bright?

No. That's a pretty old phone you've got there, sir.

You should get a better plan.

The only plan I'm worried about are your recipe plans.

And from what I can see, they're reading really, really well.

So, good job, guys.

So, today, what we're going to do is make a shopping list, taking into account all of our pantry staples, including...

Oh, come on in, Tarek.

f*ck off, f*g.

Our pantry staples include, um... flour, sugar, rice, onions.

Can anyone think of any others?

Get the f*ck off me!



f*ck you! f*ck you!


Don't even look at me, Bilal.

Hey. Hey, let him go.

Matt, he's clearly on something.

I said let him go.


Don't f*cking touch me. Don't f*cking touch me.

I'm calling the police.


What do you mean no?

Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, just calm down.

OK, he's 16 years old. You call the police, that goes on his record.

The cops are here.

It wasn't me.

It's the detectives.

I'm taking him to hospital.

Sir, I have to pray.

Not now, Sami.

Sir, I have to!

Just go. Quickly. Quickly.

The rest of you sit down now.

How can I help you?

We're here to collect Francis Parata.

Um, OK. I'll just... I'll get him.
Man: Bilic with you?

No. Why?

Mid East Crime got a match on one of our names.

Going on their terror watch list, went to a memorial service a couple of months back for a 41-year-old male, Isham Bivas.

He went to Syria to visit family and got k*lled in the crossfire.

I don't understand.

Well... his father, her husband.

Apparently the tuck shop lady's number shows up on their guy's phone records multiple times in the week leading up to the m*rder.

What's this?

CCTV footage -- to go back to the school.

Apparently Bilic pulled an all-nighter watching them.


Man: Miss!

You know it wasn't me, miss.

Settle down.

I didn't f*cking do it, miss. Why do they keep blaming me for this?

It's OK. They just want to ask you some questions.

Well, they took my phone.

They'll give it back. It's OK.

Your mum and dad are on their way.

No. No, Pig's my guardian.

Not today.

Oh, miss. But you know my parents do night shift. If they...

Pig said he was with you the night Karim was m*rder.

He was.

The problem is we've got security footage of him in a club in Parramatta.

I k*lled him.

That's what they all think.

It doesn't matter what I say, right?


I didn't do it, miss.

Did you talk to the butcher?

Yeah. Minimart extortion checks out.

Corroborated with some other local businesses who all say they've been heavied by the Sons Bazur.

Karim was probably their bagman.

Maybe they needed to get rid of him for skimming off the top.

Sisi's girlfriend thinks that he did it.

Did she say that?


But he's been texting her all day.

No reply.

He is OK.

I think the worst part is over.

I don't understand what is wrong.

He took a drug called ice.

Most of it's worked its way out of his system, but they just need to monitor him until he wakes up.

For all of this to happen, it's probably his first time.



Attention, please, teachers and students.

If everybody could assemble in the quadrangle now.

Oh, no, that's alright. No need to fill me in.

Have we missed anything? What's going on?

Just a Jesus impersonation.

I thought he was Muslim.

Samburg, shut up.


Attention, please, everybody.

I've just come from the hospital.

And there's a boy there in a bed.

A kid just like you.

He's got a drip hanging out of his arm, he's had charcoal pumped into his stomach to help him throw up.

But you know what? He's lucky because he could be d*ad.

Now, I'm not going to be taking any other kids to the hospital.

And I won't have any more dr*gs in my school.

So if any of you have anything in your bags or in your lockers, go and get it.

You've got from now till the bell goes off for next period to put them in this bin which Raymond is going to put at the bottom of the stairs next to the canteen.

And nobody's going to see anything.

Teachers are going to make themselves a cup of coffee.


I won't be watching. Not today.

But tomorrow, the next day, and every day for as long as you're here at this school, I will be watching you.

So this is your chance. And if you're smart, you'll take it.

And if anyone thinks they're going to get to what's in that bin before I do, well, just know one thing -- I will find out, so don't.


An amnesty on dr*gs.

If you want a fight about this, it'll have to wait 'cause I've got to get back to the hospital.

Yeah, I don't know if you've noticed, but there is more than one student at this school.

Tarek is not one student, he's everything about this place that is wrong.

And if we can't help him, then we haven't got a f*cking hope in hell.


Kellie, come on in.

Sorry, it's just I've got a flight to catch and I didn't have any time to pack this morning.

Is it just you living here?

Well, Matt and I bought this place together.

When we split up it was just easier for me to stay put.

I don't have a lot of time to look for a place.

You didn't seem surprised when I called.

Well, I heard about the m*rder.

I know people in Matt's position are under scrutiny all the time.

Like with the girl at Lakehurst.

That happened when we were just married.

Did you ever think that maybe...?


Matt would never do anything to harm anyone.

Yeah. He really cares about those kids.

That's easy for him.

Well, if you meet some of them, you might not think so.

It's harder for Matt to let someone be there for him.

He could never really let me in.

If you ask me, he never really got over the death of his friend back in high school.

It's just my theory, though. He'd never talk about it.

He just ran... all the time.

Do you remember his friend's name?


Dakan tells me you're a friend of Karim's.

That's right. I saw you at the funeral.

You don't look like a friend.

You look more like the guy on the news in front of the high school.

(SCOFFS) I'm the principal.

All the same to me.

What do you need?

You're sweating, man. It looks like you're missing Karim.


I don't want you or your dr*gs anywhere near those kids.

You wanna play with me?



What you do here, that's your business.

What I do at that school, that's mine.

And you so much as give a f*cking Panadol to a Boxdale kid after today, I'll make it my business that you don't have one.

You got a f*cking death wish or something?



Norton, better get down here.

It's the African kid, he's covered in blood.


One of your guys brought him in.

Apparently he att*cked someone with a Kn*fe. He's in the interview room.

DoCS are on their way.

And where's Sisi?

His parents come and got him. Couldn't get a confession.



Hey, Kenny.

Where's my dad?

He came.

It's pretty good here, hmm?

No phones, no Skype, no laptops.

No boys to yell at.

But the food's pretty sh*t.

Not like yours.

It's not even as good as Bilal's.

And we both know he only did food tech because he thought it'd be a female teacher.

Are you hungry?




Open up. It's Sisi.




One of the older kids at his foster home's been abusing him.

Yes, Joseph Kimbe, 18, on remand for as*ault and sex offences.

Well, if you knew about that, why didn't you report it to DoCS?

We didn't know about it and neither did they.

Maybe that's why he stole the Kn*fe.

He wasn't at home.

He was sleeping at the school.

Maybe there's more than one person he's afraid of -- a g*ng member, a r*cist.

A kid that was bullying him, a teacher.


Oh, sh*t. How could I miss this?

He was only there for a minute. I'm sure there's an explanation.

Well, he said he runs.

Yeah. His wife said that too.

You mean ex-wife. Play it again.

He looks like he's just been for a run.

Yeah, but why run in the middle of the night?

Kenny didn't say anything about him, either time.

Does he have anything to do with the kid day to day?

There's a breakfast club.

Breakfast club?

Kenny didn't want to go home, we know why now.

He was just making sure he had something to eat.

Getting him something he needed.


So that he'd trust him.

Nick. Alright, mate?

This is the kid that I was telling you about from my school.

He's gonna give you a run for your money one day.

Hello, mate. I'm Nick.


Good to meet you.

I'm gonna need you to run the pass while I go out and sign for a delivery.

I'll just be a sec.

Man: Order up, table 16.

That looks like my mum's kibbeh.

Is she the reason why you like to cook?

She'd be proud of you, you know, what you're doing in Mr Karidis's class.

Your dad will be too.

Maybe he wasn't today, but he will be... if you try him.

It's up to you.

You don't have to use the whole tin, you know.

Oh, sir.


I'm not the one who's gonna be cleaning it up when it overflows.

Oh, sir.

Maybe I'll give you the day off tomorrow.

Oh, si...



Oh, sir.

Did you see Kenny today?

No, sir.


Where the f*ck is she?

So, it's M-A-V-O-N-D-O.


Where's he gonna go?

There's a residential care unit not far from here.

By not far, you mean...

He'll have to change schools.

Given the circumstances, the current situation with his guardian and that there's no next of kin...

Have you got my details?

Yeah. On the police liaison.

Listen, I'll talk to Legal Aid.

They'll assign someone for the further questioning tomorrow and we'll organise someone to bring him in.

What time do they want him?

First thing. 9:00. 9:00's good.

OK. Good. We're done here.

Kenny, do you want to check this over, make sure I've done everything right?

I'll check with my colleague in the car, see if they're ready for you.

Do you want to take this?

Kenny, you need to check that she's spelled your name right.

And if you want to put me down as your emergency contact...

Mrs Langworthy?

I was wondering if you could tell me if your son Chris knew a Matt Bashir.

Better not get that sh*t on my shirt, yeah?

My mum just washed it.

Bilal, focus on your own dish, please.

Sir, it's not fair. I've got nothing to do.

Well, you missed the last couple of classes, so I don't have a recipe plan to get ingredients for you.

How about you just walk around, see what everyone's doing, and get inspiration for your own dish?

Sir. I'm not sure whether the whole tin goes in or just the pineapple.

Well, why don't you ask someone else from Samoa? They might know.

Sisi's not here.

Alright, let me have a look.

So, what? This whole thing goes in there like a pastizzi, does it?

No, sir, it's paifala.

I'm just saying.

Hey, sir, wh... why isn't my name here?

Oh, God.

It says it's for work experience but, uh, my name's not there.

Tarek, can we talk about this later, after class?

Why isn't my name there?

Look, after yesterday, I just don't think it's a good idea anymore that we send...

You said I could go to Bon Gusto's.

Until you can prove to me that you are able to work in a safe...

This is bullshit.

They were great mates.

Matt would come up the farm sometimes.

Sounds like you knew him pretty well.

He didn't get on with his dad so he spent a fair bit of time here.

Seemed like a nice kid.

But you never really know what's going on in the head of a teenage boy.



Tarek! You can't go in there.

What's going on?

I'm going down the station to help these men with their investigation.

Sir, Mr Karidis said that I can't do work experience.


Tarek, I can't help you right now.

You know, I never trusted cops as a kid and you just reminded me why.

Did you k*ll Karim?

What do you reckon?

Don't answer the door. If Tarek gets in touch, you call me.

You've being accused of improper conduct with a student in the past.

And you have formed close relations with a number of vulnerable young students including the victim's brother.

I can't help you.
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