01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "RIVER". Aired: October 2015 to November 2015.*
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"RIVER" revolves around a brilliant detective, whose fractured mind (suffering from a massive psychotic event when he loses his partner) traps him between the living and the d*ad.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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The Stevie that I knew, the Stevie I trusted, that Stevie was clocking up overtime, she was using police vehicles after hours, withdrawing substantial amounts of cash.

What was she up to?

She gave me? 10,000 that night... to look after her younger brother.

She was investigating something.

I don't care you're looking at me.

I care that, while you are, you're missing someone else.

Do you see ghosts?

Not ghosts.

I don't believe in ghosts.

Then what do you see?


The person that I thought told me everything, I can't trust her any more, so why should I trust you?

Because I'm alive and she's d*ad.


I had a second phone.

Four numbers.

A takeaway, Cristal Kebabs, called 19 times in seven weeks.

This woman, she used to come in here.

She used to always order...

22, 48.

FROM PHONE: Hi, this is Haider at Cristal Kebabs...

I pulled up some more footage, anything that was near Cristal Kebabs, over a nine-week period.

( g*n )

It's the same car.

She never told you? She never said?

I missed it.

I found them at her flat.

I'm wondering, maybe they belong to who did this.

You didn't think you were the only one, did you?

'Hi, this is Haider at Cristal Kebabs.'

Is everything in a pound shop a pound?

You can get a bucket for a pound.

What kind of bucket can you get for a pound?

Is that him?

No, I don't think so.

Let's go in.


Are you talking to yourself, General?

Police. Stay calm. Nobody's being arrested.

We just want to ask a few questions about a possible employee -- Haider?

There's no Haider here.

Would you mind putting that down please, sir?

Finish up here and let's question them further at the station.


Khaalid Mahmoud.

These your kids?

Ten, eight, seven, five, two.


OK, Khaalid, we'll do the rest down at the station, check your paperwork.

( Lights buzz )


What did you expect?

You thought she'd wait around for you?

She got lonely.

Love finds where it falls.

I would have known.

Huh? I would have known if Stevie was...

Stevie? Very nice.

Very pleasant lady.

22, 48 -- extra chilli.


We talk, she laughs, we talk some more.


You know the difference between me and you, River?

When she was lonely, I didn't turn away.

Whoa, sh*t!

What are you doing?!

( Horns blare )

Very kind lady.

I touched her in places you've never had the courage to go before.

The Pinot comes out, the tongue gets loose.

But what did she do so bad it made me sh**t her?

( He groans )


Come on.

We need to get back.


He worked for you.


No. No Haider.

'Hi, this is Haider at Cristal Kebabs.

'Your order's ready if you'd like to pick it up. 22, 48.'

So, who is this Haider?

No idea.

How many did you bring in?


We're talking to them now, but he's not there.

Only one of them is black, but he's lighter skinned.

And he has shorter hair, and his hairline is higher.

We haven't got him.

Two of them have full paperwork.

We're checking it now.

The third one, immigration status is pending.

He's clearly anxious.

We haven't got him.

Ira's questioning them further now, taking swabs.

Well, working on the assumption that she was having a relationship with this man, there's a high probability...

Yes, that we'll get a match from DNA on that toothbrush and razor with DNA from the blue Mondeo.

We can cross check that with their swabs.

We have four, maybe five images.

There must be more.

Other cameras, a wider radius.

Well, we can try but...

'Hi, this is Haider at Cristal Kebabs.

'Your order's ready if you'd like to pick it up. 22, 48.'

So, Khaalid, there were two messages from Cristal's, both of them from Haider, yet nobody seems to recall him.

You're from...?

Somalia, originally.

You've been here...?

Four years.

People come and go where you work?

Take a good look at the photo.

Is this Haider?

I don't know this man.

You may have forgotten him.

Not seen him for a few weeks.


No. Haider? No.

Sorry, man. Sorry.

Any headway on the other number found on Stevie's second phone?

The pay as you go number?

We've located where it was bought -- a phone shop near Lincoln's Inn.

( Knock on door )

Paid for in cash.

I'm getting nothing.

See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.

Forensics are ready downstairs.

I'll get them.

We make an appeal -- it makes sense.

Release the pictures.

I'll talk to press and PR.

This is crazy.

That raid will already have alerted him.

This will make him run faster.

Slug this out somewhere else.

You all right?


Did I see you at the theatre yesterday?


You got home then?


You didn't stay for the second half.

No, I...


You seem...

New lead.

We've got a good new lead on Stevie.


A possible relationship... so we're about to put out an appeal.

Well, if it helps...

No, it won't help.

What will happen is that people will look at it and they'll wonder "Is that...?"

"Could that be...?" or, "Where was he at...?"

And nine times out of ten, when they finally make that call and admit their fear that their husband, or son, or lover is capable of m*rder...

Nine times out of ten, they're wrong.

They're wrong and they will put down that phone, and smile at the one they love, and... no-one will be the wiser... because the person to fear the most is the one to whom you gave all your trust.

I'm losing her.

She's changing.

You need to see me, today.

( Inaudible chatter )

It's not that you're losing me.

I haven't gone anywhere.

Razor and toothbrush... are a match to DNA found in the car.

It's him.

He over brushes his teeth.

Triple blade.

Gillette. Not cheap. Perhaps she bought it for him.

He doesn't rinse properly.


It blunts quicker.

They denied all knowledge of him?

There's no formal employment records at Cristal Kebabs.

Most of it's cash in hand work.

In fact, we're making assumptions he even worked there.

He did.

You don't know that. Haider on the message could be a completely different person from the man embracing Stevie on the CCTV.

Why would she give the number of her second phone to just anyone at a Kebab shop?

She knew him.

FROM TV: Police have released images of a man in connection with the m*rder of DS Jackie Stevenson in October.

If anyone has seen or recognises this man, they should call the investigation line on 08081 570 570.

( Prayer beads rattle )


Do you remember holding her in your arms?

The slip of her blood through your fingers?

I did that.

I watched you as you left the restaurant.

Talking together, arguing.

If only you hadn't let her go.

Let her cross that road.

Do you know how hard it is to k*ll someone?

Jimmy doesn't know what he's talking about.

I wish I'd sh*t her in the face instead.

( He gasps )

The public should be advised that we're taking this lead very seriously.

It could be an innocent encounter, so we'd like to talk to this man, or anyone who knows him, quickly, and rule him out as a suspect.

We also want to hear from anyone who recognises the blue Ford Mondeo involved in the incident.

OK, let's do this.

Key questions have already been boarded, but we need names and addresses of both the caller AND prospective suspects.

Be discerning.

Ranters and panters will call back.


Morning, Sir.

Blue Mondeo?

Over there.

Stevie: They've already stripped and searched it.

You're jealous.

I'm not jealous.

This isn't jealousy.

I'm just trying to find out the truth.

I'm trying to find out who did this to you.


Is it so surprising that I might have had a boyfriend?

You have your arms around him.

You're smiling and you have your arms around him.

Didn't you ever wonder?

You didn't tell, I didn't ask.

You weren't ever curious?

The thought that...

The thought that someone...

And that he then...

That he could be the person that did this to you.

If it was sex you wanted...

Then what?

And then you would have given it to me?

If that had been true, then we would have...

We would have had...

We're born alone, we die alone.

You all say that... but there's more to that quote, you know.

I couldn't take my clothes off with the lights on.

How was I ever going to take my clothes off for a man?

For just any man?

Sex is an itch you just scratch, but love... that's the itch so far down your back, you can't ever reach it with your own hand.

( Inaudible chatter )

What makes you think he was there that night?

Yeah. Sorry, can I get a name again?

If he's bed bound, it makes it a bit difficult for him to get out.


No, don't do that.

Well, have you asked him?

Well, if you think he's got a girlf...

Oh, he has got a girlfriend.

What makes you think he was there that night?

Yeah. Sorry, can I get a name again?


Nice, nice.

Loons and g*ons.

Are you enjoying pissing all over my budget as well?

You got anything?

Thames Path. Two days before.

A couple of sightings around the Isle of Dogs one week before that -- always on his own.

Four more with Stevie.

Various meetings, various places.

Normally in his car.

And this, with Stevie, four weeks before she d*ed.

Boss, Michael Bennigan, Bennigan Cars.

Will only talk to River.

Oh, didn't have your direct line.

It's good to see you.

I was hoping to avoid the state visit.

That's the problem with this country, it still bows down to its monarchy.

How's Frankie doing?

Oh, he's quiet, yeah. Quiet.

Missing his sister.

Jimmy's not come in today.

I called round, but his mammy said he's not even got out of bed.

I know him, the man on your appeal.

He came in, about a month before we lost Stevie, looking for a job.

I didn't make the link.

There's no dignity in ageing.

I've got two little hearing A*DS, cost me a thousand quid each.

I've got a prostate that my doctor sees as a money making venture and...

Wait. Oh, yeah.

"Haider Jamal."

Yeah, he was from somewhere in Africa.

Where was it? Erm...


Khaalid Mahmoud, dishwasher from Cristal's, he's from Somalia too.

That's it, yeah. That's it, yeah.

Cristal's? I don't think I know it...

Kebab shop, near the Bethnal Green Road.

Ah, well, no more takeaways. My cholesterol is sky-high.

No, his paperwork is obviously false.

You can see it pretty quick.

They come in here with their fake IDs and their licences, and I send them away just as quick.

Can I take this?

Yeah, sure.

Most of the drivers have their own cars, y'know.

I never saw his car myself, but I'm told it was a piece of sh*t.

My engineers said that it was...

Well, it t*nk of kebabs.

And when I offered to lease him an alternative vehicle, he didn't like the terms.

I quibbled his paperwork and he became aggressive.

It was a short conversation but, still, it stayed with me.

And then... when I saw the appeal...

I mean, they... they looked pretty close.

( Prayer beads rattle )

Were they...?

I mean, there was the inference in the appeal.

In some ways, I'm glad her father never saw this.

I was with him... when he met Bridie.

Pub in Kilburn.

I was set up with her mate.

And then, when Stevie became a police officer, people didn't trust Eric any more.

They thought he might inform and that crushed Eric. but, there again, he'd a harder time than me.

You never saw prison.

Well, I scrubbed myself up... eventually.

You know, my girls are all married now.

All privately educated.

I've got six grandkids.


You know, you'd think it wouldn't have h*t me like this.

How are you holding up?



You can't kid a kidder.

She knew him.

Oh, Frankie, are you off?

Tell your mammy I'll drop round later, see how Jimmy is.

Ah, will you not be smoking all round the front, lads, please?

Show a bit of respect, now, for the workplace.


Did you see the appeal?


Did you know him?

Mate, does it matter?

Does any of this matter now?

I know the kebab shop.

We used to go after Weight Watchers.

22, 48. I can't...

I can't.

In my head, she's not gone.

She's still alive.

If that was him... If this is him...

If this was the man who...

Could you identify him?

Not really.

I used to sit in the car and she'd go in, and pick 'em up.

She never told you about him?

I never even asked.

I never asked anything about Stevie and now she's not here... there's no-one to ask.

No-one remembers her properly...

I do.

I remember.

Stevie asked me to give you this.

Take it.

There's a couple of hundred quid here.

Daft bird.

What she do that for?

Even if they are both from Somalia, what does that prove?



You, boy, I see you chatting to yourself.

I have to pick up my kids.

I was 14 when I came to London.

The first ten minutes I got here, I got mugged on the bus from Victoria.

I was shaking so much, my mother thought I was excited but it was fear because I had a torn off page of a p*rn mag in my wallet and I was afraid the police would find the mugger, and the page, and arrest me.

I know you're scared to talk to me, Khaalid, but I think you know Haider.

It's Haider I want.

How did you meet?

My wife know his wife... from kids, before w*r.

He has a wife?

Back home in Mogadishu.

He come here for a better life for his family.

He washes up for a few weeks, but the owner...

He didn't like him?

The owner sees him talking to a police woman.

Thinks he brings trouble.

Did you ever get a sense of what they talked about?

I just thought, "She's a nice lady."

I just thought, "They laugh, they joke..."

She helped him out, let him sleep on her sofa for a couple of nights.

They were in a relationship.

No, no...

You seem very sure.

Maybe we talk to your wife.

I call, I call.

We can go straight there.
( He speaks Arabic )

This is my wife.

She understands enough, but she speaks hardly any English.

We were talking to your husband about Haider.

We're trying to find him.

When did you see him last?

( She speaks Arabic )

We haven't seen Haider for weeks now.

Maybe he got a job somewhere else, different city.

Thank you.

Are these yours?

Do you have a favourite?

( He laughs )

The little warrior.

( He speaks Arabic )

Do you know his wife?

Do you have any photos of the family?


He told you nothing about DS Stevenson?

No, no.

He has nothing to do with this.

He loved his wife.

Men who loves like Haider, men like that...

No, not Haider.

They're scared.

Eight and a half million people in this city.

12.5% of the population within a few square miles.

No wonder we can't find him... or get any peace.

One of the great invisibles.

I can't stand it here any longer.

They're starting to say I'm losing it in the press.

It's taken them this long to notice.

Come on, let's get out of here.

We can work at mine.


It's coming.


Yeah, already fed.




Well, we have 419 leads and I'd say...

At night, she knows he is watching Mr...

Can't even pronounce that name.

.. through his window and he deliberately built his extension facing the lady's house.

Out of the millions in this city, we've cornered the magic, nutty percent.

Grade them, one to five.

( Loud music plays )


I told Nina you'd read to her.

Fourth beer?

Third, actually.


It's my third!

Joe! Joe, that's enough! Turn it down!

We're not drinking in the week, apparently.

Keep it down!

( Music stops )

I lost a colleague a month ago.

Dropped down d*ad in the gym.

What does that tell you?

Don't go to the gym.

No. No, no. It tells you that we need to find other careers.

I am dying from the inside.

Are you stoned?

Yeah. Yeah.

But don't tell Chrissie.

I think she can guess.

I hate my life.

I take satisfaction from the fact that, one day, they will have teenagers of their own.

No, thanks.

What has happened to you?

I'm a police officer.

And I'm a state-authorised judge. Go on.

No, thanks.

There was a time when you had some cojones, my friend.

Life neuters us all.

( Phone rings )

You're getting sloppy.

What's that?

Oh, you arse.

I've got seven years left... till I retire... a husband in midlife crisis -- he barely comes home any more, four completely ungrateful children to get through college, university... life... and they're the upside.

( They laugh )

I've lost a friend too, you know.

I should have realised.

I should have listened when she said she needed to talk.

I should have sensed something was wrong.

I ignored it, River.

I did, I ignored it... and you did too...

I'm going to make a move.


River, do you want to...?

Sleep on the sofa.

It's all right. Stay the night. It's already... silly o'clock.

I'm staying.

Yeah. Yeah, good.

Why don't you leave the car and I'll get you a... taxi?

You can't drive.

Thank you.



I can't remember the name of the band.

It was something by...

Oh, God, sieve...


( She laughs )

My head.


And you wouldn't sing it and, so, she got pissed...

She got off with Barry from...

Oh, God. Barry!

From the Crime Management Team.


Oh, God, yes.

Did she...?



I drove her home.

I put her to bed.


Oh, Stevie.

Yeah, I miss her too.

We're all shattered underneath, really, aren't we?

She said you'd do that.

Have you got everything you need for the night?



You don't know what to do.

A question that sometimes drives me hazy... am I, or are the others, crazy?

Let me tell you, from someone who knows you...

Knew you...

You're bananas.

Barking, barking mad, batty, bonkers, crackers, crackpot, crazy, crazed, delirious, demented, deranged, distracted, doolally, frantic, gonzo, cuckoo.

You've lost your marbles.

Non compos mentis.

Not right in the head.

Not the full shilling.

Nutty, nut, nut.

You -- off your trolley, your rocker.

Unsound of mind, out of your tree, unhinged, unstable, rabid, raving, wacko, raving loony tune.

Find your way through your insanity.

Find the order in your chaos.

Otherwise, how will you ever find me?

You didn't come and see me yesterday.

It was a long day.

We worked late into the night.

You seem restless.

If she was in a relationship...

If she was in a relationship with this man...

That would make you feel...?

That would make me feel... surprised... because she led me to believe...

I believed...

It's not right, the picture.

It doesn't look like my grandmother's lake -- it's too wide.

I could never have crossed that as a boy.

I nearly burst my lungs when I swam across it.

My lungs ached...

They ached.

My grandmother said...

She said that if I crossed the lake...

I'm not jealous.

I'm curious... because the last time I saw Stevie... she said that she loved someone.

I thought that someone was...

I thought that someone...

My grandmother, she gave me warm chocolate and bread... and she wrapped me in a towel and I sat there, warm and tired...

I sat there on her knee and she sang to me.

What did she sing?

It doesn't translate.

♪ Kristallen den fina som solen mand skina. ♪

Stevie always...

She used to get so mad.

I'd never sing for her.

Why did you follow me the other night?


( Bell rings )

It's Thursday.

They always test them on Thursday.

Cream: "My grandmother gave me warm chocolate and bread and wrapped me in a towel... and I sat there, warm and tired -- and she sang to me."

Such sentimentality, Inspector.

Such reinvention, sir.

Such a blatant disregard of the facts... but the truth is... you sat there on her knee, while your mother...

Your mother just left you.

You were a burden to your grandmother until the day she d*ed.

You weren't wanted there.

What did your grandmother call you?




A fairytale you've told yourself to calm you in the dark.

They're all lies, sir.

All lies.

All lies!

River, we can go back inside now.


I don't think...

I can't carry on today.

There's a group I run.

It's a couple of times a week.

We're meeting tonight.


It's a safe place where people can talk to the voices.

See them for what they really are.

You want me to sit there with all the mutterers and babblers?


Get rid of the can or you'll have to go, sir.

I'm not going anywhere, boy.

I'm staying... till someone is listening to me.

He won't leave the can.

That's fine, he can bring it in.

We now have a profile for Haider Jamal Abdi, originally from Mogadishu.

Overstayed his visa... over nine months ago.

Married, four children.

From all accounts, educated.

Lectured at the university there.

No criminal record, but he is our strongest suspect, so I want you to go back through the calls we've had post-appeal.

I want you to humour every one.

Every sighting, please.

We've made a shortlist of five strong leads, so it is very possible that Haider is our k*ller and these will lead back to him.

So, come on, let's get going... for Stevie.



( They laugh )

There is a very, very strong chance of me overdosing.

I left Tom still in bed.

He's due in court in... 20 minutes.

About last night...

It's fine.

No, no, it really isn't...

Why didn't you tell me that she wanted to talk to you?

She always wanted to talk.

About what?

Mainly you... if you're really interested.

I don't know.

I don't know. You logged in, you saw her duty hours, and that 10k, that was...

That was everything she had.

What was she investigating?

I don't know.

( She exhales )

Ira's about to question one of your leads.

Apparently he's brought his own beer. Do you want to watch?

( She laughs )

Mr Lumo, you called the appeal line with some information... so I'm listening.

I speak to the general, not to the hired hand.

Put the can away. That stuff plays havoc with your teeth.

You keep saying "professor".

Who's the professor?

I want to talk to him.


I tell the one who talks to himself where the professor is.

Where did you last see him?

Where all the professors go to hide.

River... there's someone to see you.

So, what can I help you with?

Do your parents know you're here?

Shall we call them?

I'm Tooxow.

I'm sorry. I'm John.


Good name.

How old are you?


Nine -- fine age.

When I was nine...

Don't you think your mother would be worried?

Where is she?

At home... crying.

Why is she crying?

I can't help you if you don't tell me why.

I'm frightened.

Last night, someone was trying to push open our door.


Because we're hiding someone.



Listen, my boy will leave his bike where he likes, b*tch.

Who are you calling a b*tch?

You! I'm calling you a b*tch!

Tooxow, don't ever run off like that again.

Where have you been?

We thought you'd been taken.

Where's Haider?

He's gone. He's gone.

Where is he now?

We were worried about Tooxow.

Haider went to look for him.

Suddenly, I see him outside running, running frightened.

You have to get him before they do.

He was helping your friend.

Now they will k*ll him too. I need to see his things.

Where do professors go to hide?

Where's the library?

Was anyone following him?

Leave that.

I dunno.

Thank you.



River, my friend... she told me we'd meet one day.

Call an ambulance!

Can you see me yet?

You can't blame yourself.

You saw my colour, you saw what was there on the surface and you made assumptions.

Everyone always does.

We come to this country so filled with hope, so grateful for the potential, yet still they say, "Why do we leave our door blindly open to these people?"

Bring in our dr*gs, criminals, t*rrorists while we breed...


But you migrated here too.

You see what people here do not see.

See the loneliness.

The isolation.

What it is like to be so far from your country and family.

What it is like to try and fit here.

How hard it is just to be.

You should get some sleep tonight.


Think it's true?

That Khaalid was right?

She was helping him?


Can you read Arabic?


A bit.

I've written up everything.

"My dear wife... please accept my greetings and respect. Please don't worry about me, dear bello, my beautiful. A dear friend once told me, 'We're born alone, we die alone.' It is only through our..."

( Phone vibrates )


This can wait.

His wife -- someone needs to tell her.

It's already done.

Whatever Stevie was involved in, the one person that could have helped us...

Whoever silenced them is as scared as hell.

Where do we go now?

I don't know.

I keep getting it so wrong.



'We're born alone, we die alone. Only through love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moments that we're not alone. Please do not worry about me, my dear bello, my beautiful, my love, my beautiful wife.'

Now, listen to me.

There are things I never told you.

There were things I did not spill.

How can a man...

A man like myself... how can he spill his heart into his mouth?

We're not built for this.

All I do know is... when I close my eyes, it is you who I see.

When I go to sleep, it is you I feel curled next to me.

So, it is raining today and all I can think is...

I miss you.

You OK?



Start again tomorrow.

New start. New leads.

We'll find who did this.

Otherwise, what are we good for?


( Phone beeps )

Oh, sh*t.

( She sighs )

Tom's not back and it's sodding parents evening AGAIN.

My bet is he's lurking around the chambers of Lincoln's Inn trying to find a bar after hours.


Hello, Tom.



( He laughs )

Hey... I'm meeting someone.

Ah, "someone."

Oh, at last.

Please, not a lawyer.

I'm still paying for last night.

( Phone dials )

( Phone rings )

Music: Maybe I'm Amazed by Carleen Anderson

♪ Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time ♪
♪ Or maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you. ♪
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