01x03 - Episode 3

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cuffs". Aired: October 2015 to December 2015.
"Cuffs" follows the lives of front line police officers within Brighton and the surrounding area of Sussex serving within the fictional South Sussex Police service. The cases are both surprising and exciting.
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01x03 - Episode 3

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And you really think that's acceptable behaviour?

Broad daylight?

Kids, old people walking past?

A public toilet just down there in the park.

Why didn't you use that?

Needed a waz. I was desperate, man.

So desperate you had to urinate all over this man's shop-front?

Don't care. Don't like fruit.

(Oh... God.)

( He slurps noisily )

Mmmm, delicious!

It is. Actually.

Yeah, I can see that from the way you look like you want to throw up every time you take a sip.

So you ready for tonight? Big date?

Yeah. Yep. Yeah, yeah, yep. Totally.


It's just... I don't know what she's expecting.

If I need to do any prep or...



Y'know, what do I need to know about her?

I told you, there's nothing to know.

Alice used to work with her sister.

She's looking for a bit of fun.


Control, this is Kilo Two Three Zero.

Priority call, all units, we have an escaped prisoner on Nunhead Road.

Nah, no way.

Can't do this. Humiliatin', man.

Police radio: 'Lee McNair, dark trousers, dark top, about six foot, has exited the rear doors of a prison escort van which were bl*wn out using an expl*sive. The male has got onto a motorbike and is heading north.'

'Control this is Kilo Two Three Zero. We have sight of the black motorbike. Registration number Alpha Juliet Five Eight November Golf Victor.'

The motorbike is heading towards Woodingdean travelling at speeds in excess of six-zero miles per hour.

Kilo Two Three Zero, this is Inspector Webb, you do not have authority to break the speed limit.

'Boss, it's McNair!'


'You are authorised to follow the subject vehicle at speeds and in a manner consistent with the Highway Code.'

Kilo Two Three Zero are at the scene.

Please keep this channel clear unless priority.

'This is South Sussex Police, we have an ongoing incident with a prison van break-out.'

Ground units are following a suspect vehicle which is a motorbike.

Can you provide air support?

20 minutes...?

'This is Kilo Two Three Zero, we are heading north onto Dalton Hill.'

Kilo Two Three Zero, air support has been requested.

'Please continue with commentary while you have the vehicle in sight.'

The weather is clear, the road is dry.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero, we're approaching the south side of Dalton Hill.

Prison van break out, sir. Motorbike.

I've authorised a follow. NPAS are 20 minutes away.

Divisional Commander Vickers, South Sussex.

I am requesting an urgent NPAS.

This is a priority call.

This is Kilo Two Two Zero, we are in position.

'Stand by, Kilo Two Two Zero.'

'He's going over the crest of Dalton Hill -- you eyes-on yet?'

OK, got him.

Control, we have eyes on the subject vehicle.

No, I do not have 20 minutes for a transit, I need a chopper here now.

Control, this is Kilo Two Two Zero, subject vehicle is 20...

30 metres ahead of us.

70 miles away. Insufficient fuel.

Comms: 'Permission to engage?'

They need to increase their speed, sir.

Nah, it's too high risk to engage.

I have to consider the vulnerability of the rider.

A bank robber?



'All units involved, this is Inspector Webb.'

You do not have authority to pursue a motorbike.

We do not have air support at this time.

'All units to acknowledge, over.'

Come on!

( Motorbike accelerates )

( Siren continues )

It's a loss.

'A loss, a loss.'

We had an abandoned 999 call from this address.

Can we come in, please?

I'm sorry.

It's a mistake.

Even if it's a mistake, we still need to check.

Find out who called the police.

Are you sure you're OK?

Tell 'em we don't need 'em.

I'm all right.


Thank you.

If you don't let us in, we can use our own powers of entry to come in anyway, all right?

Just open the door for me, please?

Thank you.

( TV: screaming and g*n )

Do you want a tea.

I'm all right. Thanks.

Do you remember I came here before?

Couple of weeks ago?

The neighbours heard you screaming.

And it wasn't the first time.

They don't like us.

The little one.

The noise.

They were worried about you.

I'm worried about you.

Why did you call us, Stacey?

You made an emergency call to the police.

You must've wanted us to come here.

Those red marks on your face...

How did you get them?

I don't know.

You don't know?

I had a drink. I know I shouldn't.

I fell over.

You h*t the door?

Is that what you're saying?

Can you just get him out of here?

All right.

It's all right.

So what happened here?

See him. Camper.

Sets himself up, waits for me to come along.

Then bl*ws me brains out.

Look, I've asked you...

Leave your game for a minute and tell me what happened here.

I'll tell you what happened.

She went mental, like she always does.

What d'you mean, "mental"?

She's a head-case, mate.

She's been on them anti-depressants for months.

Makes no difference. She gets all worked up and goes for me.

So you're saying that Stacey att*cked you?

We were having words.

She starts screaming, kicking out. I tried to get away, but... you know what birds are like, mate.

Vodka and hormones.

You stay in here a second, Reece, I need to have a chat with my colleague.

So what do we do?

Obviously, the priority is to get him away from her.

And how do we do that?

Nick him on suspicion of as*ault, criminal damage...

Get a female officer down here, talk to her, try and get a statement.


You see the doors?

He's taken off all the handles, so she can't shut herself in the room, hide from him.

Congratulations, we're trending!


"Hapless police lose dangerous prisoner!"

We did our best.

You think that makes a difference?

In half an hour, this nick'll be crawling with brass and a load of hacks cutting and pasting their headlines.

"Keystone Cops at it again".

Why do they always write that?

What are the Keystone Cops, anyway?

Silent film comedies featuring a g*ng of policemen known for their incompetence.

Boss, what do you want us to do?

I don't know.

Find him.


Three muggings in two weeks.

The first two picked up on CCTV, this last one called in by a member of the public.

I was jumped when I was a kid.

50p dinner money and a Curly Wurly.

Do they still have Curly Wurlys?

All the kids who were att*cked were from the same school.

None of them reported the crime.


Time to visit Lord Snooty's Academy for Over-Privileged Young Gents.

I'm a celebrity, mate.

And remember, you don't have to stay here if you don't want to.

My mum won't have us.

Well, we can move you and Tyler to a refuge?

Or if you do want to stay, we can change the locks, place a panic alarm, sort out a safety plan.

I don't know.

You have a think, and I'll be back in a minute. All right?

Did you get one of the door?


She's had too much to drink to get a statement now.

So I'll have to wait. Try again tomorrow.

You all right to finish up here?



I've got to convince her to go into hospital -- get her injuries looked at, photographed.



Yeah, I'll hold.

Do you mind?

'Lee McNair, a convicted armed robber who was being escorted to court this morning has escaped.'

Your dad doesn't look too happy.

'We don't believe McNair poses a risk to the public...'

Mum reckons he does that thing with his eyebrow when he's stressed.

'.. not to approach him but call 999 immediately if you see Lee McNair.'

You know, my kids' school... have to hold a raffle every time they want to buy new text books.

Obviously, we need these boys' names, so we can start taking their statements.

As I think I've already explained, I've not asked for police involvement in this matter.

Now as far as I'm concerned, it's been dealt with internally.



The muggers are still out there, sir.

There's other kids still at risk of being att*cked.

Yeah. And to that end we've taken precautionary measures.

Such as?

We've advised the students not to carry valuables and to cover their uniforms with hoodies when they're out in town.

Which is all well and good, but we'll still need the names of the boys.

Well, I'm sorry, but that's not something that I can help you with.

You want to protect the school's reputation?

Yes, I suppose.

How do you think that reputation would be affected if I were to march you out of here in handcuffs?

I'm sorry?

In front of your students, your staff, prospective parents...

I don't understand.

I will arrest you for obstructing police enquiries, if you do not give me the names of the boys in your school who have been mugged.

Now do you understand?

Were you really going to arrest him?


Control, this is Kilo Two Three Zero, we've located a burnt-out vehicle on Spithandle Lane.

Early indications it's from the prison-van escape.

Can we have CSI to the scene, please, and can you alert the Duty Detective Sergeant?

And although my client fully recognises the seriousness of the offence and takes full responsibility...

I haven't done nothing wrong!

Unfortunately, he seems to be deviating from the text.

I would ask your worship to consider my client's intellectual impairment as a mitigating factor.

In addition to his diagnosis of dyslexia, ADHD...

You calling me stupid?

My client has been medically evaluated as having significant difficulties controlling his impulsive urges.

Don't call me thick!

Out of the way, please.

'Scuse me, please.

Leave my boy alone!

( Woman shouting )

Get off me! Get off me!

Calm down. You're just making it worse for yourself.

What you arresting me for?

Let's start with escaping lawful custody.

Add the charge of ABH.

You know, you can be having the worst day ever -- and then this happens.

( Moretti laughs )

A ray of hope.

Do you think he cried?

I HOPE he cried.

( They laugh )

Right. Pinch the top.

That's it.

Got to stop the bleeding.

Your colleagues are laughing at me.

Especially the fat one.

Do you want to come back to the station, make a statement now?

Last thing I want to do, thank you very much.

I would like to go home, close the door and drink myself into oblivion.

You sure I can't help?

What would you do?

I'm a police officer, trained in, er, victim support.

I understand you've been mugged but you're OK, and keen to put it all behind you.

But we have a duty to catch who's responsible for this so that's why we're talking to you.

We've had a look at the CCTV footage.

A nasty little g*ng. Tooled up.

So is there anything you can tell us about them, anything... that you remember?

What sort of thing?

Physical description? Clothing?

What did they say to you? What did they steal from you?

Actually, it'd probably be easier if we do this alone.

These lads... You don't want an audience, do you?

Very well.

So, what exactly did they steal from you?

Money, about a tenner, and my phone.

What else?

I had a bit of green.

They took it out of my jacket. It was only a little bit.

Oh. OK. What about you two?

They steal weed from you, as well?

Easy pickings, eh?

Your headmaster knows?

Will I get a criminal record?

I want to be a barrister.

( Blurt of laughter )

Sorry about that, mate.

Do you know the muggers?

Have you seen them around town?

So you'd recognise them if you saw them again?

Suit? You're joking. Yeah. What would you wear that for?

It's called making a effort.


Jake, would you wear a suit on a first date?

Dunno. Depends.

On whether you wanted to look like a cheap pimp from Naples?

( He speaks Italian) Unbelievable.

I really think you should reconsider that.


Bit much!


'Miss Howe from Shoreham High. Is Corey sick today?'

No. Why?

'It was his GCSE physics mock, and he missed it.'

What do you mean he missed his mock?

'He didn't turn up for his exam. He'll be marked as a no-show.'

All right, I'll talk to him.

'I appreciate that, Mr Draper.'

Thank you.

Don't ask him for fashion advice!

Why not?

He probably wears a leather vest and nipple clamps.

That's nice! Diversity awareness.

For the benefit of the camera, that was a joke!

Look. You're gonna have to write the report.

I need to go home. All right?


See you later, guys.

See you later.

.. and that's why we need to catch Lee McNair.

And I want to say I appreciate you all staying late.

No doubt with all your hard work we'll have our man back behind bars before too long.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Sir, the letters of immunity -- if you could just check and sign for us.

You sure this is necessary?

These are young people who were mugged at Kn*fe-point.

With these, they'll talk to us, and we've got a good chance of making some arrests.

You know you'll have to seize any controlled substances these kids have still got on them.


Right. That it?

Thank you.

That's what eight grand a term buys you.

Guaranteed A-stars and no criminal record.
( Muffled choral music )

I'll meet you here.

All right?


( Boys' choir singing )

Here you go.

This is a letter to state you cannot be prosecuted for possession of cannabis.

We'll see you all at the station tomorrow.

Music: Black Lake by Bjork

( Music continues )

( Text alerts )

( Music continues )

Stacey, it's Jo again, from South Sussex Police.

Hope you're feeling better.

As I said, I'd really like you to come down today, as soon as possible, to take your statement.

So if you could call me back when you get this message, that would be great. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Right, this is a proper rogue's gallery.

All known street criminals, so I want you to take your time.

Have a good look.

Do you recognise any of them as your attackers?


And him.

And him.

Tom, just to confirm...



And him.


Nice, lads.

I can drop 'em back at the school, unless you want to?

Why would I want to do that?

Well, y'know, quick fumble with the matron for old times' sake?

Come on... How come you never said it was your old school?

In what way is this pertinent to the investigation?

Drive the boys back.

I'll bring in the suspects.

Go on. Down there.

( Sea gulls cry )

We're just asking the public to be vigilant, don't approach him but if you do see him, just give us a call. OK?

Thanks for your time, thanks for being patient.

Thank you.

She, er, she really liked my dad's cannelloni.

She asked for the recipe, which is like a big-time family secret.

Just hold it there for me, sir.

Look. She texted me.


Oh, no, no, no.

No. No, listen.

She said you were really nice.


And what's wrong with being nice?

What's wrong with paying someone a bit of attention?

Look, maybe you went a bit overboard. The suit.

Your mum and dad's restaurant -- it's a bit much.

Y'know what, that's it.

What you doing?

Bald tyres, dodgy plates. Y'know what? I'm not nice. Not any more.

I'm gonna be a right... [He mouths: Bastard!]

Hello, mate.

Are you aware of the Highway Code?

Thanks for your patience, sir. Sorry about that.

( Sirens )

Dodgy kebab last night.

Yeah, really?

Not an appointment with a solicitor, no?

I can smell it coming off you, mate.

How dare you come in to work like this?

I'll be fine.

Yeah, you better be.

Or I'll send you home, write this up and put it on your file.

I said I was sorry.

( Revs car wildly )

All right, there you go, you've had your brush with the criminal justice system, now back to Double Maths.

Thanks for the lift, sir.

Don't call me "sir". It's Carl.

As in Marx?

Yeah. Yeah. Exactly like that.

Thank you, Detective. Will you be needing them again?

No, that should be it, thanks.

We've ID'd the muggers, taken statements...

Straight back to class then, boys.

I just need to search their rooms, remove and destroy their stash.

( Movie plays )

You understand the immunity agreement only covered the boys for possession.

This is evidence of dealing.

I'm going to have to arrest him.

( Phone rings )



Bit of a problem.

Tom Atu's just nicked a teacher's car.

Recording: 'Please. You have to come. Please.'

'Put it down! Please...!



Operator: 'Can you speak to me? Is there something wrong?


( Moffat stops tape )

Can you tell me who called 999?

Why did Stacey call 999?

Hurry this up, love.

( Lock buzzer )

( Lock buzzer )

That's my DV in five.

I want him in for the full 24.

We need to give that girl a chance to make a statement.

Right, that's a traffic offence report.

You've also got to present an MOT at a police station in the next seven days. Do you understand?

Do you understand?

Yeah, yeah.

Yes. Thank you.

Was he chatting you up?



Yeah, he was, I saw him! He gave you his number.


You're gay! You're not even looking for someone and you're the one who ends up getting a date!

Lino, it's not that big a deal.

Not today, Donna. Not today.

(We'll talk about this later, all right?)

Thanks for your patience.

All right, let's go. I'll call it in.


I've got it. Go! Go!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Control, this is Kilo Two Three Zero, we have a serious injury RTC with a decamp on Madeira Drive.

Driver is on foot, IC3 male, about 18, maroon coat.

We are not pursuing, we have a casualty trapped under the vehicle.

Hello, can you hear me?

My name's Lino, I'm a police officer.

What's your name?


Vivian... It's all right, Vivian. I'm here to help you, OK?

The ambulance is on its way.

We have a casualty under the vehicle.

Female, conscious and breathing but trapped and deteriorating.

I need an ambulance and the f*re service as a priority, please.

'Please be advised there has been a serious incident, no ETA on an ambulance at present.'

I'm cold...

Yeah. I know.

I know, it's the shock. But we'll get you out.

We'll get you warmed up.

You've just got to hold on a little bit longer.


Two on their way were diverted to more "serious" incidents.

I can't even get an ETA on any others.

She's trapped under the axle. Can't breathe.

We need to get her out. Now.

( Vivian groans )

Right, Vivian, you're OK. Come on.

Come on. Slowly, slowly...

We've got this. Eh?


There we go. Here, never thought you'd end up here this morning, eh?


So, where were you going today, then?

Vivian, keep talking to me. Where were you going? Today?


Son's coming... for dinner.

And what's he called?



Right, well you keep thinking about him. Keep thinking about Chris... and how proud he would be of you.

Cos if you were my mum, I'd be proud of you, being so brave.

Can someone... Can you get a towel or a blanket, please?

We need to keep this... this lady warm.

(It's OK. It's OK.)

(It's there, Vivian.)

(It's there. OK?)

( Siren approaches )

Thank... you.

Oi. Do you want to tell him to stop filming, yeah?

Come on, put that away, mate.

You might've noticed I'm in the doghouse with him.

Didn't notice.

Yeah... Came into work a bit worse for wear.

Heavy night, you know how it is.


I don't drink.

And which direction did he head off in?

He ran towards Duke's Mound.

What kind of state was he is in?

Sorry, sir. Didn't get a good enough look at him.

Had our hands full with the casualty.

( Dispatch radio: APB on runaway driver )

Right. There goes a lady -- man!

Oh, don't say that.

Oh, come on!

Just don't.

Kane: Call from CCTV.

Young boy matching Tom's description spotted on top of the multistorey.

Let's go.

Stairs or car?


This is DI Kane.

I have a suspected su1c1de attempt at Trinity multistorey.

I need a f*re crew and a negotiator as a priority, please.

Go away. Leave me alone.


Tom, I'm not going to do that, mate, because I don't think that's what you really want.

I do! I do.

Go away. I'm gonna do this.

I've k*lled someone. An old lady.

No, you haven't.

I ran her over. She went under the car.

She's got chest injuries. She's got a crushed pelvis.

She's d*ad!

She's not, mate!

You're lying. Just saying that so I don't...

Tom? Tom? Look at me.

It's bad.

I'm not going to lie to you, but she's not d*ad, mate. All right?

What about the dr*gs?

Bit of weed you split between your mates, doesn't exactly make you Scarface, does it?

Things are never as bad as they seem.


Everything's ruined!

I've got a kid... exactly your age.


Every day, she comes back, there's some drama, some big crisis, end of the world stuff...

Except it's not. Is it?

She's a kid.

And kids -- all kids -- make mistakes.

And sometimes those mistakes, they spiral out of control and you think that it's over, that it's irreversible, but the thing is, Tom, the thing that you learn... is that there's always a way back.

Unless you go over the edge.

You go that way, I can't help you.

But you stay here... we can talk about it, we can sort it out.


Where were you driving to when you took the car?

My mum's.

I want my mum.

Come on.

( Hawkins chats softly to Tom )


( He sighs )

[.. you'll warm up in the ambulance...]

Best days of your life, eh?

Not for him.

My father sent me to that school when I was seven.




Why would someone do that to a kid?

My mum d*ed.

The funeral was on a Friday, the following Monday, I was measured for my uniform.

Full boarder. Ten years.

Hated every second.

They said you were here?

Just wanted to say sorry.

For not coming in.

Doing a statement.

You don't have to apologise.

I know it's hard.

And nobody wants to force you to do anything.

We just want to protect you.

I'm sorry.

You don't have to live like this, Stacey.

It's your home, your flat.

Somewhere you should feel safe.

( Phone rings )


'Where are you?'

I'm here. Round the front.

'What you doing round there? I'm waiting at the back.'

I'm sorry.

'Stace, I am sick of waiting.'

I'm coming.

Better go.


I'm sorry you didn't feel ready this time.

But you know where I am, all right?

Hey, what are you doing later?

Why? Want to set me up with another blind date whilst you go home to wifey?

Er, no, actually, I was gonna invite you to Alice's open house tonight.

She's got an exhibit of her work at home. Sort of informal showing.

Tempting, but...

No, thanks.


Earnest lesbians, bad art?

Probably an under-seasoned vegan stew?

Only so much fun I can take.

Right. Whatever.

She wasn't invited anyway.

See you in a bit.

See ya.

All right.

Yep... All right, Mum. Calm down.

I'll be there as soon as I can, all right? See you later.

Can you believe that?

Seriously, what is the point?

Don't you dare.

What the hell?!

Don't you dare!

Get off me!

What's the matter with you?

Don't you dare judge!

Come with me. I want to show you something.



Aw, come on, what have you got to go home to, eh?

Your flatulent old dog?


Besides, I need a pint. I need to build up my strength.

Sandy's ovulating.

I don't need to know that!

No, and neither does she.

So, if she calls, we're working late.

All right.

( Music plays )


( Sociable hubbub )


So what were you going to be doing tonight? Revising?

I have got the board in three weeks, haven't I?

Well, that's the price you pay for chasing promotion.

Oh, did you hear your Liam made DI? Horsham.

Don't care.

Course you do. Your ex-husband?

The more you tell me you don't care, the more your eyes tell me you do.

You should be a detective. Seriously. You're brilliant.

Look, he's history. You've got to keep your options open.

This here could be your meat market. Your smorgasbord of male delight.

Oh, God, shut up, Carl. Just shut up.

Any one of these fine gentlemen could be the next Mr Right.

Shhh, now.

Is that...?

Lee McNair.

Yes. Yes, it is.

After you.

( Entry phone buzzer )

Hello, Mum.

Come in.

What is it?

Who is this?

This is Jake, Mum.

We work together.

Oi! Everyone stay where you are!

Took on a guy with a samurai sword.

I'm basically a warrior.


Put the shoe down!


( Screaming )

DC Carl Hawkins... Oh, come on...!


Someone left that dog here for you.

They tell me it's on cocaine.

Calm down. Calm down...!

Can you get on the radio?

Try and get hold of my dad? He's on call tonight.

Police radio: 'Kilo Two Two Zero, the Chief isn't on duty tonight.'

You must not watch this.

I'm warning you.

You can never un-see it.
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